The Wings of Eagles (1957) Script

I guess down at Pensacola they still talk about the day of the Admiral's tea party.

It was one of what came to be called

"Spig's Big Days."

Spig Wead and I were in Annapolis and World War I together.

But all along, Spig knew he wanted to fly and I knew I wanted whatever Spig wanted.

So we wangled our way into the first regular flying class the Navy ever had.

Not bad, not bad, not bad.

Question, Mr. Dexter.

The same question, Mr. Wead?

The same question, sir. Same answer, Mr. Wead.

I suspected as much, sir.

What was the answer, Mr. Wead?

We are not to engage in solo flight until our instructor feels we are ready, sir.

And the reason, Mr. Wead?

Planes and funerals are expensive.

They cost the taxpayers money, sir.

Attention. I shall see you at the Admiral's tea party.


Come on, let's go.

Spig, will you quit riling him?

Hey, Price.

Hey, can these things really fly?

Where did you fellas leave your motorcycles?

Mac, there's no smoking on the base.

What about you? Cigars only.

How do you like that? What's the Army doing around my plane?

Who cares what the Army's doing, Spig?

Min told us 3 o'clock. She's waiting. The Admiral's tea?

Hey, you!

You wanna buy her?

This pile of junk? Can anybody get it up in the air?

Why don't you just hop right up in there with me and we'll find out?

Now, why don't we just do that?

Trip over your spurs?

Put your foot here. One foot there. Back over here now.

Spig, you idiot! 'Jughead, let's go.'

Go where? Taking the Army for a ride.

You're taking the Army for a ride?

Just like that? Just like that.

You've never been at the controls by yourself before.

Right now, this minute, you owe six payments on your furniture three on your Stutz Bearcat, two on your baby.

Know what happens if anything goes wrong? A court-martial.

They'll kick you out and I'll wind up a second-class seaman the rest of my life, like this dope here.

Think of the future, Mr-- Shut up, Pincus.

Spig Wead, never listen to anybody else.

Just do exactly what you wanna do all the time.

Alright, you wanna fly that thing? Go ahead.

Kill yourself. You'll wind up busted and broke.

I can always join the Army.

Why don't you be quiet just once in a while?

Mr. Wead wants to fly, didn't you hear him?

Get a line. Hurry up. Get a move on.

Ready, Army? Ready, Navy.

Crazy idiot, Spig! No, don't do it!

'Spig, don't!'

Alright, Johnny. Where is he? I told him 3 o'clock.

Did I have to specify what day? Who's that idiot?

That's Spig, honey.


Hey! Hey, how much time have you had?

About 11 seconds. What?

Eleven seconds.

The Admiral's tea party was this afternoon.

I couldn't help it. I tried to tell him.

I did everything I--

I did everything I could!

Get that crash boat. Yes, sir.

Let's go. Now.

Come on. Let's go. Let's go.

Put it down, down, down.

Hey, there's my crew.

Let's buzz 'em.

Oh, no!

Come here!

Look it there.

Hey, lookie there.

Hey yo!

Hey, did you ever fly through a hangar?

No. Oh, no. Oh, come on, fella. No, no!

Neither have I.

That's my wife.

I'm sorry, ma'am. I did everything I could.

Hey, let me have the stick. What?

The stick. I'm taking over.


What's the matter? We're out of gas.

Well, set her down, you idiot!

Watch this landing.

No, on the water! On the water!

Hang on.


You alright, sir?

Sorry, shorty, I missed it.

You alright, Spig? Give him a hand. Get him out of here.

Are you alright?


Afraid? So am I.

Pardon me, ma'am. Please? Please.

Wead...the Admiral would like to see you in his quarters immediately.

Yes, sir.

Won't be home for dinner, hon.

Good! I hope they throw the book at you, page by page!

I hope they throw you--

Captain Hazard? Yes.

General Ricketts' compliments, sir.

He would like to see you at once.

'That's all you got to say?' Yes, sir.

'Nothing more to add?' No, sir.

'Whole truth and nothing but?' Yes, sir. you know that you're the biggest liar in the United States Navy?

Yes, uh, no, s.. Yes, sir.

That's all.

Thank you, sir.

'Mr. Wead.'

Attention. Carry on, gentlemen. Carry on.

Mr. Wead, from Annapolis with your commendation for war duty this is a record that any officer might envy.

That is, up until this episode.

'You've confirmed the facts presented to this board?'

'Yes, sir.'

Any statement you'd like to make prior to the board's action?

'Yes, sir.' Make it.

Charges against me boil down to doing something I'd never done before.

How else will we get aviation for the United States Navy?

This all may be true but it doesn't seem to have much bearing on this case.

Sir, it is the case.

At least, it's mine.

And I think it should be yours.

Hi, Min. Hi.

Hi, Commodore.

I borrowed a little of ol' Spig's corn whiskey.

Sure, that's okay. What else have you got to do? Here.

What are you all clobbered up about, Min?

If Spig gets bounced out of the Navy--

Spig bounced out of the Navy!

Look, Johnny, Spig just joined the Navy.

I'm married to it.

I run the mess hall, I swab the decks I chip the rust.

You're afraid that they'll kick Spig out of the Navy.

I'm afraid that they won't.


I think he's feverish.

Now, I owe you my life. You owe me nothing.

That's what I meant.

Good evening. Good evening, Mrs. Wead.

So they didn't kick you out after all.


And you spent all of next month's pay celebrating.

Wrong. I won the first-to-solo pool and I am loaded.

Hey-- No cracks.

The squadron decided that flying with the Army was as close to solo a sailor could get.

And this, my titian-haired darling is what I brought for you.

First prize.

Commodore's sick. Commodore?

Where's the Commodore? Hiya, little ol' fella.

How do you feel, little ol' boy?

Look what your dad brought you. First prize for the first crash.

Hey, let's get out of there.

You know, this crib's getting a little small for the ol' Commodore.

Hey, Min... this kid is sick.

The doc's in there. He'll be okay, Spig.

Sure, Mr. Wead. Them little kids get everything.

You know, colds, measles. Yeah, sure.

I had the mumps myself, six times. It don't mean anything.


Sorry, Spig.

Anything we can do? No.

But he can do her some good.

Stick around.

Congratulations. Thank you, sir.


We sort of split up, Spig and I did after graduation.

He became a hotshot pilot, alright.

Hotshot with a plane and...a baby carriage too.

In those years, Spig was only little brass.

But after all,where would big brass be without little brass?

'Good morning, sir.' Good morning, Jack.

Did you see this? Yes, sir.

What are we gonna do about it? Jack, who's our best pilot?

I don't mean the best throttle jockey or the one who flies by the pit of his stomach or by the seat of his pants.

I mean our best brain.

Capital B-R-A-I-N.


Get him. Yes, sir.

'Give me my shovel.'

Come on. Give it to me.

Quiet, kids. Go on upstairs and take your bath.

Just a minute, young ladies.

Come back here and pick those up and take them upstairs with you.

Come on. Now, hurry up. Hurry up.

Come on. Go on, get moving.

See that you wash yourselves clean.

Good afternoon, Miss America.

Here, among your unpaid bills, I find a communication.

From Washington. Washington, DC.

I'm not going.

Stay broke and keep moving, that's the story of our lives.

Spig, you've got two daughters.

And they've lived in seven different houses in seven different stations in seven different years.

Back and forth across the country and in and out of it.

Well, I'm just not gonna move them anymore.

Well, have a drink.

Pensacola, Coronado. What's the difference between houses?

It's a big difference to me. 'Cause I've got to live in them.

Alright. One of these days, you'll have a nice, big, fine gold-braided admiral's house and you can live in it forever.

No, Spig. I'm a little tired.

I wanna relax a little bit, I wanna drink a little bit and I wanna spend a little more than we can afford.

Okay, you've had your say.

Let's throw the kids and bags in the jalopy and get on the road.

We haven't much time. Okay.

You take the high road, and I'll take the low road.

And we'll see who gets to the poorhouse first.

But my road leads here. Right here.

'It's like you got a shiny desk'

'with a great big drawer marked "Navy"'

'and a big drawer marked "flying."'

And a tiny little drawer marked "Min."

Et cetera, et cetera, et cetera, and so on and so on.

Well, there's not much air in my drawer, Spig and I'm finding it pretty tough to breathe.

I think you're getting too big for your drawers.

No, no, no, ma'am. I'll give you a clue.

Coronado, California. C like in "crap game."

Yes, ma'am, I want you to keep trying.

Stick and stay, bound to pay.

That's my way, Susie Mae. Hey, Spig.

Beautiful? Is it on the level?

Ask me when we get to Bombay, Paris or Hong Kong.

Which reminds me. Since when you been cutting orders on me, boy?

Not me, Johnny. Me and Admiral Moffett.

Pincus, what's bothering you? It's my foot, sir.

When you win a bet from him, his feet hurt.

I keep my money in my shoes.

Every time I pay, it hurts-- Knock it off.


Wead, did you announce this? Yes, sir.

Do you like it? Yes, sir.

War and football draw the biggest crowds.

So now we'll have an Army-Navy race around the world.

The whole country will be sitting in on it.

Congress is sitting in on it.

In fact, Congress is sitting on it.

They've ordered a special hearing tomorrow for you and me.

Shutup and get off the phone, you stupid--


Evening, sir.

Hello, Pincus. Good evening, sir.

How's the wife? Fine.

And them lovely kiddies? Fine. Nice to see you.

Yes. Yeah. It's-it's.. I got her, Spig. Sir.


Hello. Min?

Yeah. Did you get my wire, hon?

It looks like we're gonna be gone about a month.

Oh, you know how I am about writing letters.

They all sound like interoffice memos.

Tell her you love her.

Looks like we'll be back here a couple of years.

Why don't you move on out?

Of course, I miss you. That's what I'm trying to say.

I found a swell apartment, hon.

Just great for the kids, about a block from a kindergarten.

'Of course, it'll be a little noisy.'

'It's right near the airfield and my squadron's planes--'

Well, anyway, I finally got her.

Well, I didn't.

'Round the world.'

Come and see this.

Thank you. With one flying by.

Thank you, sir. Your hat, sir.

Here's to your health, Wead. Thank you very much.

Please, gentlemen, gentlemen. This is a private party.

A private Army party.

And a very nice party too. Right?

Yes. Cheers to you.

Alberto. Yeah?

Tell them to come right out here, it's an emergency.

Is that beer? Yes.

In prohibition?

Don't you know it's illegal? I just work here.

Well, you should watch yourself.

Carson. Yes, sir.

Compliments of the Army Air Corps.

Sir. Boy.

Spig, don't you think we oughta blow?

We're gonna stir up a mess here.

Where's your curiosity, Mr. Price?

This is a rare opportunity to study the species

"Homo sapiens."

Subspecies Army.

To General John J. Pershing.

To Calvin Coolidge.

To Spig Wead. Who's he?

The gentleman who sent us the beer.

Spig Wead. Mr. Wead.

Sorry. To Mr. Wead.

To our landlocked Congress.

May they quit smoking cigars for a month and buy us some planes.

To celebrate being selected as the Army flight team to beat Navy around the world.

Good evening. Good evening.

Spig, let's go on out of here.

Don't be so rude. Our host is about to make a speech.

Continue. Thank you.

Gentlemen...I think we'd do well now to make plans for our victory dinner.

'Right?' 'Right.'

Every race implies a loser as well as a winner.

And I think it could only prove, once again, Army sportsmanship to invite the Navy losers to our victory dinner.


I presume that each team will have the same number of men.

Correct, mister? Correct.

Each of you, then, will invite your opposite Navy number.

For the occasion, consider him as your big brother.

As a representative of the Navy I think a few words are in order.

Very few.

It is 25,000 miles around the world.

We expect to finish 12,500 miles ahead of you.

End of few words. Thank you. Wait a minute, wait a minute.

The trouble is, mister, you've got nothing to fly.

We won't need much more than a kite to beat you.

May I make a suggestion? Please do.

Why don't you fly this?

A few more words are in order.

You're our guest.

What manners!

We grace your party, we drink your liquor and I suppose this is supposed to be funny.

A matter of opinion.

Well, the liquor was pretty good.

And the cake is nice.



Thank you for the party, gentlemen.

Thank you and thank you.



Here, buddy, hold this.

Hey, let's quit. We're even.

Police. Police.

The kitchen. The kitchen.

I can't think of an excuse. Not a thing.

I'm going to say that I forgot my wife's birthday.

She clobbered me. They can't argue with that.

Sure can't. But me, I can't think of a thing.

Go ahead. You go ahead.

You afraid?


So we were discussing..

Mr. Wead.

Captain Hazard.

Mr. Wead. Captain Hazard.

'Information has reached me through certain channels'

'that you two gentlemen have met.'

Just for the record, are we at war?

Where did you get those eyes?

I forgot my wife's birthday, and she clobbered me.

'And you?'

Me, I can't think of a thing.

Well, gentlemen your round-the-world race is canceled.

The Army flight will take place because they asked for it first.

But no race.

The Navy appreciates your position, senator.

Good. You can't win. Might as well be a good loser.

However, I'm not sure the entire Navy shares that view.

Permission to speak, sir. Fire away.

It's our training. We're not taught to be losers.

Good or otherwise.

And now we are losing carriers that we need and planes to fly from them.

'Someday we may lose something bigger than that.'

If you can't develop both services impartially you're either shirking your duty or you don't know what it is.

Well, son, there's a lot of things we don't know.

'But here's some of the things we do.'

Now, we've got a country yelling "pacifism" at us...disarmament.

The world is gonna live together like one big happy family.

There'll be no more war.

The Army and the Navy are going out of business.

Now, you..

...outside of the clubs and barrooms.. fight maybe one war in a generation.

Well, we have to fight those voters every blamed two years.

Now, you want us to cancel that flight for the Army?

No, sir. That stunt may get them the bombers they need for their service.

You just want to nail down the Lexington and Saratoga?

Yes, sir.

'Not just a mockup, like the Langley.

Well...they tell me there's more than one way to skin a cat, admiral.

That'll be all, gentlemen. Yes, sir.

By the way.. the record, who won that fight?

The Navy. The Army.

Oh, boy, where is the ladies' retiring room?

Right in there, ma'am. Come on, girls.

Black eyes. Swimming pool.


Now, what's this new scuttlebutt you're spreading?

International seaplane races, sir.

The United States has never won them nor the Schneider Cup that goes with the winning.

I'm aware of that, Wead. Alright, let's play the races.

We'll hit the public and keep hitting 'em.

You okay it, sir, and we'll bring the Schneider Cup home.

Fill it with champagne and jam it down the Army's throat.

Yeah, that would be nice.

There's only one thing wrong.

Why let the Army drink our champagne?

That's your daddy up there with the goggles.

See your daddy? He's the one beside--

Daddy. Him?

Yes. Daddy.

Daddy. Daddy.

Will you shut up. Oh, drop dead.


This one is for old Dave, the first to cross the line.

Let me drink to old Dave. Hear, hear.

Speech, speech.

Give me that cup. Yeah, pass it on.

This is a happy cup, inside and out.

And here's a toast to all of you who brought it back where it belongs.

You're a great crew, each and every one of you.

Even Carson there, who slept all through the race.

Oh, I know, Jughead, you were up 96 hours

'getting the planes ready.'

But seriously..

...I want to thank every one of you from the bottom of my heart.

It was a long back-breaking job.

And those that flew know what they owe to the others.

If it hadn't been for the cooperation and the teamwork--

What's a record?

I told you, it's something nobody else ever did.

Would it be a record if daddy came home?

That would be a world's record.

We don't want anything. We're broke.

We've already got a carpet sweeper.

It ain't paid for. It isn't paid for.

Don't you kids ever read the newspapers?

I'm your daddy.

Hey, Pickle Puss, come here. What is it?

Remember.. Go and ask.

Are you the funny man with the goggles?

I sure am, honey.

Oh, daddy.

And I've got a present for each one of you.

Now, there's one for you, and one for you.

Where's your mother? At the bridge club.

Oh, the bridge club, eh?

Oh, they're beautiful. Who's getting your supper?

I am, of course.

Do you want some? What is it?

Ah, chicken a la king. I sure do.

Out of a tin can.

I'm hungry. Want some?


Then you just sit down right there.

I was going to.

Shall I call you daddy?

You better. Me too?

You too, Pickle Puss.

Here, wait a minute, let me take that.

I'll serve you.

Sit down, sit down.


You forgot something. What?

Now, I lay me down to sleep.

I pray the Lord my soul to keep.

If I die before I wake, I pray the Lord my soul to take.

Goodnight. Goodnight.

'Goodnight who?'

Daddy. Daddy.


Sleep tight.

Hi. Hi.

'"Home is the sailor, home from the sea."'

"And the hunter home from the hill."

Well, they cooked their supper and then I threw them in bed.

How'd it feel?

Great but I blackmailed them.

I brought them some beads.


...go ahead, get over with.

Ask me where I have been.

Oh, I know where you've been. You've been playing bridge.

You got behind.

The winners go to dinner and the losers stay to play.

I know how it is.

I was going to phone you, and then I got a cute idea.

I thought I'd come in unannounced.

To tell you the truth-- Why don't you?


I've been thinking what a heel I've been..

...about you and about my own kids.

I don't know. When I do something, I go all the way.

Living, gambling, flying. I tap myself out.

I guess that's the way I want it to be.

Maybe, even, it's the way I am.

Star-spangled Spig.

Damn the martinis full speed ahead and don't give up the ship.

Have a drink.

Listen, Min, I'm trying to say I've been a fool.

First class, senior grade, gold braided.

So have I.


Let's change it.

Let's grow up before our kids do.

We'd better hurry up.

Phone's ringing.

Oh, let it ring.

Why not? It's probably just Washington.

Oh, I forgot.

Do you know that you're in the arms of the newest lieutenant commander in the United States Navy?

Star-spangled Spig.

And a squadron leader.

All I know is I'm in the arms of a fella named Spig that I'm nuts about. about getting back to your necking with a little more enthusiasm?


Mommy, do you know whose lap you're in?


Daddy's. 'Daddy's.'

Go ahead, shake hands with him.

How do you do? How do you do?

Why don't you go to bed?




Spig, what..

Don't, don't move me, Min.

I can't.. My back.

'No feeling.'

Naval hospital.

Bilateral paralysis resulting from indicated fracture of the fifth cervical vertebrae.

You mean my neck's busted?

That's it.

How bad is that?

Not good.

What are my chances?

If I operate right away, about four to one.

What are we waiting for?

Permission from you and your next of kin.

I'm my next of kin, let's go.






Pressure is dropping, doctor.

CC adrenalin.

'CC adrenalin.'


Can you hear me, Wead? Yes.

Open your eyes, Spig. Can see you anything?


He's taking the dive. Hey.

What's the matter, Mr. Wead? Can't you ever win a fight?

Carson. Yeah, Carson.

Trying to keep me alive. That's right.

Well, you're doing it, thanks. Your welcome.

Get him the hell out of here.

Ma'am, throw this under your belt.

Make a new man out of you.


Who are you? Me?

I'm the new corpsman assigned to take care of Mr. Wead.

Glad to cooperate with you. I mean you just call..

Hey, you're pretty. We'll see about this.

Yeah, you do that.


Yes, sir, Carson. Excuse me.


I'm your new nurse, that's why.

I'm gonna see you through this little trouble.

Now, listen, do you know the fix that you're in?

No, do you? Yes, I figured it out.

Now, I'm gonna brief you.

Well, go ahead, brief.

Alright. Now, look.

This here is the spinal cord.

It's just like the main cable on any three-phase circuit.

And when you stunted down them stairs you busted five-sixth of it.

Can it be spliced? What?

Can it be spliced?

These croakers around here will tell you it can't be done but I'm telling you it can.

You remember the manual said I couldn't splice rudder cable?

One-sixth left.

Right and that one-sixth is gonna be enough.

We're gonna learn that one-sixth to carry the whole load all the way down to these feeder circuits.

These medics never saw no one wire around a bad magneto post.

That's true.

Doctor, you heard him. He gives me a chance.

I heard him.

But you don't?

Well, we never give up hope.

We'll do the best we can.

Carson, when were you busted back?

Hey, Mr. Wead, he recognized me.

Do I have to have him around? You want him, Spig?

No, but I guess he'll have to do.

I've assigned Miss Crumley to your case, Wead.

Fine woman, fine nurse.

Anything we can do, Miss Crumley, just give a buzz.

This is Miss Crumley.

How is he, Carson? What do you expect?

Can't get him to eat, he won't sleep. Hasn't eaten a thing.

Hasn't touched the juice, a piece of toast soup or something but he don't wanna touch nothing.


Hi. Hi.


Oh, they're fine.

Do they know?

Big one does.

Little one thinks you just took off again.

Oh, uh...she's worn the beads around her neck.

Is it raining?


Those doctors, did they tell you it was no go?

Look, Spig, they haven't given up hope. Don't you.

Oh, it's got all twisted, Min.

It's stay broke and never move.

I won't let you believe that.

You always yelled that I moved around too much.

Maybe you were right.

You know what else you said that was right?

"Damn the martinis, full speed ahead."

Well, you be like that, Min.

You be on your own from now on.

Don't talk like that, Spig.

You'll-you'll be alright again.

No, don't pity me.

I never pitied anybody so I don't want any.

Sorry, Spig. You're right.

And don't pity yourself either.

Get out in the world.

Be alive, take your turn. I took mine.

Alright, Spig, let's have it.

What are you trying to tell me?

We were just about through anyway, Min.

We'd lost it, it got away from us.

Whatever it was, and we both remember..

...the good part, the fine time..

...let's not louse it up and let it be something bad and hopeless just because we couldn't keep it.

I'll bring the kids in. No, I couldn't take it.

Will you tell me when?

I'll tell you when.

The big one..

...she's like me.

Don't let her get away with a thing.

And Pickle Puss..

...little old Pickle Puss, she's like.. you.

Love her hard. She's lost without it.

So long, Spig.

So long, Min.

Good luck.

'Good morning.'

Is it still raining? Raining in California?

Besides, don't knock the rain. It makes the corn jump up.

Cows eat the corn, boom, you got porterhouse.

I went to Tijuana, got us some of that panther sweat.

Medicinal panther sweat.


Besides, if we didn't have any rain we wouldn't have any ocean.

No ocean, no Navy.

No Navy, no retired pay.

You and me would have to go to work.

You about ready to get started?

Why not? Okay.

Now, that brain of yours is like a generator.

What we're gonna do is generate that power right past that break in your spinal cord, way down here to these feeder circuits they call nerves.

Now, we're gonna start with this big left pinkie.

You feel that? No.

Well, anyway, that's it.

Now, you start saying, I'm gonna move that toe.

Come on, mister, say it.


Move, you little dead stump-- No, say it nice, say it nice.

Come on, say it, mister.

I'm gonna move that toe. I'm gonna move that toe.

Alright, say it again.

I'm gonna move that toe. Alright, louder.

I'm gonna move that toe. Say it again.

I'm gonna move that. Keep saying it.

I'm gonna move that toe.

Believe it.

I'm gonna move that toe. And again.

I'm gonna move that toe.

Louder, once more.

I'm gonna move that toe.

Knock it off, take a little rest.

Anything happen? Well, not yet.

Let's put some oil in the crankcase.

Don't be impatient. We got lots of time, Mr. Wead.

We're gonna.. That's enough.

We're gonna stick right at this.

Mm, start saying it again.

I'm gonna move that toe, let's go.

I'm gonna move that toe. Come on, loud.

I'm gonna move that toe. Alright, believe it.

I'm gonna move that toe. I'm gonna move that toe.

Again. I'm gonna move that toe.

Believe it, I'm gonna move that toe. Come on, go.

I'm gonna move that toe.

Go ahead.

I'm gonna move that toe. Good and loud.

I'm gonna move that toe. Come on, Mr. Wead.

I'm gonna move that toe. That's it, you got it.

I'm gonna move that toe. That's it, go on.

I'm gonna move that toe. Go again.

I'm gonna move that toe. Once more.

Get that man's name.

Wait till you see what I got.

I kicked myself all the way back from that joint for not thinking of this before.

Wait till you get a load of this, we got this whipped.

Tell me, what do you see in there?

'Dolores, room 8--' 'No, no, no.'

'Down here, down here, can you see this, ah?'

'Yeah.' 'Alright, look at this.'

'Do you see your big pinkie?' 'Yes.'

Alright, keep your eye on it.

Now, let's get started, come on, same old thing.

I'm gonna move that toe, go ahead.

I'm gonna move that toe. Right, say it.

I'm gonna move that toe. Come on, mean it.

I'm gonna move that toe. That's right, now.

I'm gonna move that toe. I'm gonna move that toe.

I'm gonna move that toe. I'm gonna move that toe.

♪ I'm gonna move that toe, right ♪

♪ I'm gonna move that toe ♪

♪ That's right and I'm gonna move more chorus ♪

♪ I'm gonna move that toe. Go, Mr. Wead ♪

♪ I'm gonna move that toe, there you go ♪

♪ I'm gonna move that toe, go ahead ♪

♪ I'm gonna move that toe ♪ Come on with a little rhythm.

♪ I'm gonna move that toe ♪

♪ I'm gonna move that toe ♪

♪ I'm gonna move that toe ♪

♪ And I'm gonna move that toe, you got to ♪

♪ I'm gonna move that toe, boy ♪

♪ All of God's children got toes, so move it ♪

♪ All of God's children got toes, let's move it ♪

♪ Well move it, all of God's children got toes, let's move ♪ Doctor's here, sir.

Still at it, eh?


You know, you can overdo those exercises.

You mean, I could kill myself?

No, I'm just saying you could overdo the work.

Well, I don't care too much anymore which way it is.

But one of us is gonna give, either me or that big toe.

You may just be right.

You're sleeping better, eating better.

Carson. Yes, sir.

This is against regulations, but I feel it might do him good.

Alcohol, sir? Oh, no, no, whiskey.

Is it intoxicating? No, just a little, few drops.

I couldn't do that. Maybe just a few drops in orange juice.

It's not habit-forming? No, no.

Alright, sir, trust me. Keep it under your hat.

See you, Spig. Keep it up.

How's your patient? Still alive.

I'll drop in to see him.

Alright, hit it and hit it hard. I'm gonna move that toe.

I'm gonna move that toe. Another doctor, sir.

And Miss Crumley.

Good evening, Wead. Good evening, doctor.

Well, quite an arrangement.

My idea, sir.


I was talking to the commander of the base about Carson's temporary duty.

Well, what did he say?

As far as they're concerned, they hope he never comes back.

Will you excuse us, Miss Crumley.

Yes, doctor.

Carson. Yes, sir.

This is against all medical ethics, Carson.

But the slightly debilitating effects of alcohol are more than compensated for by the physical stimulation and the marked psychological benefit to be derived.

I was thinking the same thing myself, sir.

In other words, a good slug of booze won't hurt him.

Give him some of this. All of it, sir?

No, no. A spoonful at a time?

In water or orange juice? Grapefruit.

Grapefruit juice, right, and if it doesn't upset Mr. Wead we might have another bottle for next week?

We'll see. Right.

But keep it under your hat. Trust me, sir.

I can make better booze than that in a bathtub.

Alright, let's go.

I'm gonna move that toe. Come on, Mr. Wead.

I'm gonna move that toe. That's it.

♪ I'm gonna move that toe, move it ♪

♪ I'm gonna move it ♪

'I'm gonna move that toe.'

'I'm gonna move that toe.'

'I'm gonna move that toe.'

'I'm gonna move that toe.'

I'm gonna move that toe.

I'm gonna move that toe.

I'm gonna move that toe.

I'm gonna move that toe.

'I've got to.'

'I'm gonna move that toe.'

'I'm gonna move that toe.'

I'm gonna move that toe.

I'm gonna move that toe.

I'm gonna move that toe.

I'm gonna move that toe.

I've got to move that toe.

I've got to move it.

I gotta move that toe.

I gotta move that toe.

I gotta move that toe.

I'm gonna move it.

I gotta move it.

More? Please.

Now, you enjoy that nice fresh air.

His wife. Alright.

Good morning.

Well, look at you, pretty soft.

All you gotta do is lay there, look at children in the park.

Pretty ships out in the bay. What're men with legs doing?

Oh, they're trying to learn to use their heads.

The millionaires are back from Florida and the bums are out of the poolrooms.

What are you reading? Dames, murder, what?

Love. Oh.


Writes like he'd used my big toe for a pencil.

You don't like any books I bring you.

Even the one I swiped from the chaplain the one that was banned in Boston.

If you don't like my literature, try writing some yourself.

It's not a bad idea. No pictures.

As far as I can make out, writing is like telling lies.

Only they wrap it up in fancy paper.

You're the world's greatest natural born liar I ever met so why don't you try it?

Eight months. Oh, quit bellyaching.

Eight months and it seems like eight years.

What are you crying about? You were 4-1 not to be here at all.

You were about 100-1 never to be puffing a cigarette about 500-1 not to be propped up here like Sultan of Pandemonia.

A million-to-one not to be able to sign your name on your paycheck which incidentally after the allotment for your wife and kids, came to 94 bucks.

I gave 10 bucks to each of the charge accounts which left us 14 fish. Here you are, sign it.

I'm broke. 'Broke? You are busted.'

Come in.

Oh, well, hello Alice or is it Agatha?

Or is it Dolores? No, it couldn't be Dolores.

'Hey, that's not bad.'

'That's the best yet.'

The best yet. Well, let's get to work.

'Who sent the flowers?'

'Sent what?' 'Those red roses.'

Not me, I'm not in the habit of sending flowers to men.

Let me know if you can see it alright. Okay, there.

Now, we gotta concentrate.

Was there a card in them? No.

Okay, now, when you think-- You sure there was no card?

I told you there was no card. Use your brain for a generator.

Let's push that power all the way down right down here to these feeder nerves.

Right, right in here, okay? Got the idea?

Alright, now, let's concentrate.

Oh that's it, that's the idea.

It moved.

It what?

Mr. Wead, I-I saw..

The foot.

Do it again. What?

It move-move..

Hey, nurse, doctor, anybody..

He moved, he moved his toe, Miss Crumley.

Why do you have her husband coming through the door with a gun?

Did the guy ever get away with it?

I'd have been dead a long time ago.

You're late. Here, right off the boat.

Scraped off, ha ha.

Hi, Mr. Wead.

Gee, you look great, just great.

Thanks. Sitting up in bed and all.

Still writing them stories?

Arab sheiks? Murder?

Now, I believe in miracles.

That's all that happens, except there.

'What's that, Spig?'

Twenty for 20. 20 stories, 20 rejections.

I'm batting 0-0-0.

But you're batting.

Let's have it straight, doc. You're gonna retire me?

I'm afraid I am.

But we've got some good news for you, Spig.

Good news.

Here you are, sir. Wheels for legs.

Doctor, permission, please.

Ms. Crumley has made a request which is strictly against naval regulations.

But if my colleague concurs.. Oh, by all means, doctor.

Uh, permission granted. Thank you, doctor.

This is elderberry wine that my aunt made back in Wisconsin especially for this occasion.

Well, Ms. Crumley, thanks. Thanks.

Wind.. and...sea.

And elderberry wine.

Simple things, eh, Jughead? Sheer poetry.

Now, Mr. Wead, sit back and close your eyes.

What for? Because I said so.

Take a look.

The Saratoga.

The first real carrier. Yep. Pretty, ain't she?

'She's a beautiful lady.'

Who's upstairs?

Mr. Price. That's his squadron.

They've been out on maneuvers.

Take me back. What?

I said, take me back.

As you say, Mr. Wead.

Let me have that tape. Right. Thank you.

Okay, Arizona, let's go.

Right there. Hold it. Right there.

Okay, sir. Here you go.

Hold that one. Alright, sir. Up you go now. One.

Alright, Pincus, heave at it. There we go.

That's it. Take it easy up there, sir.

Alright? Right.

Here's yesterday's mark. Let's try and pass that one today.


Come on, pick 'em up, lay 'em down. That's it. One.

Let's try with the other one.

Oh, Mr. Wead. That's it. Try the other one.

Stand on it. Don't cheat with the crutches.

Come on, try. Stand up on 'em, sir.

Come on, pick 'em up.. Shut up, Pincus.

Pick 'em up and lay 'em down. Listen.

That's it. That's it. One more.

I can't make.. Come on, sure you can.

No distance to go at all. We did this yesterday, come on.

You're doing beautifully. Pick 'em up, lay 'em down.

Come on. That's it. Stand on that one, Mr. Wead.

That's it. Don't cheat with those crutches, I'm telling you.

That was wonderful. That's it.

Pick 'em up, lay 'em down. That's it.

Just say it to yourself. Pick it up and lay it down.

Pick it up. That's it. And one more.

Hold on right there. Give me another piece of tape.

That's yesterday's mark. Now, today, here's where we go today.

No, I think that.. You're gonna make it. Come on.

Come on, pick 'em up, lay 'em down. Come on.

A couple more. Pick 'em up.

Let's try one more. One more. One more, just one more.

Just one more.

He did it.


Hiya, Spig. Hey, John Dale.

How are you, boy? Home is the sailor.

You're looking good. You're looking as stout as a mama mule.

Thank you. I'm walking or toddling.

Yeah? Say, I brought you some flowers.

Red roses? Well..

Sure. Red roses. You brought 'em for me?


Thanks. You're welcome.

Hey! What's this? You finally made it. Congratulations.

We're gonna have to celebrate that and wet 'em down.

Maybe, we'd better wait till I get 'em paid for.

'Say, Spig, did you see her out there?'

Yeah, I saw her.

She's a beaut, ain't she?

She sure is.

Travis wanted me to tell you, Spig.

You helped us get that ship. You can help us again.

We need a dozen more just like her.

What do you want me to do, go back to stunting?

No. But yesterday, a man came down from Hollywood asking about a carrier movie.

He asked the old man, the old man dumped him in my lap.

I was looking around for the next lap to put him in when I remembered what you once said about getting the public on our side.

Getting them to help us out with the moneymen in Congress.

I figure a lot of the public would go to see a good movie about carriers so I...tossed him a couple of bones and he wants to talk to you.

He wants me to write about carriers?

Why not?

How does he know I can write? Well, he knows he can't.

Yeah. Well, I'm a...writer without a reader.

That's not exactly what I told him.

Hey, that's good.

Hold onto your hat and cross your fingers. We're still..

Well, hi, Mr. Price. Hi, Jughead.

Oh, congratulations. Your uncle get re-elected?

Show him the mail. Here it goes, Mr. Frank.

That's a bill, Mr. Frank, a bill.

Milford, Austin, Carson. No! Not that.

"Mr. Frank Wead Jr."

What is it? Another rejection? It's got a different envelope.

They didn't send the story back this time.

Open it up. Open it up.

You open it.

"Pay to the order of Frank--" "Frank Wead Jr., 100 bucks."

I told you, you let the husband out with a gun, you'd get lucky.

One hundred bucks. We're rich. May I congratulate you, sir.

Me too. Congratulations. This calls for a celebration.

How about a drink? I couldn't be party to that.

Well, under the circumstances..

Well, under the circumstances.

Would you like these in a vase, sir?

No. Just leave 'em right here.

To the first story. To Mr. Price's stripes.

And the red roses.

Pretty good liar, aren't you, Johnny?

And three swell guys.

I'm Commander Wead. I think Mr.--

I'm sorry, but Mr. Dodge..

I believe he's expecting you, Commander Wead.

Thank you.

'Commander Wead is here.' Ah! Blast it, Stonewall.

I told you I was at conference.

I'm not supposed to be disturbed under any circum..


Come on in.

Well, come in, come in. It's good to see you.


Go ahead and sit down, make yourself comfortable.

You've to kinda watch that couch.

It's got a hidden spring in it that surprises us sometimes.

Watch that door.


Familiar? Well, Commander.

I find that about this time of the afternoon a little drink's good for you, good for the pump, you know?

Here you are.

I used to make excuses when I drank in the afternoon, too.

Funny thing, a man always makes the loudest excuses to himself.

Yeah, that's a fact.

That sure is a fact. Right here, commander?

There you are.

Commander of a portable typewriter.

That can be lot harder than handling a battleship.

I found that out. Hmm.

Well, I know you haven't had much experience writing..

...and none at all in pictures, but I've heard about you.

Sounded like you were just the man I wanted for a story about the Navy.

I don't want a story just about ships and planes. but a story about officers-- And the men that run them.

That's exactly it.

For example, did you happen to know any chief petty officers?

Do I? Hand me that cane. Sure, here.

No, I'm kidding.

Well, I-I want this story from a pen dipped in saltwater not dry martinis. You know what I mean?

Yeah, damn the martinis, full speed ahead.

Like to take a crack at it? That's why I'm here.

Good. Come on, let's go. Can I give you a hand?

No, no, I'm alright. Oh, I'm sorry. Sorry.

I didn't know he'd been injured. Why didn't you tell me?

Give him that office there and see he gets everything he wants.

Commander, what do they call you? Spig, isn't it?

That's right. Mind if I call you Spig?

Not at all. This is Ms. Jackson.

'Stonewall Jackson, Commander Wead.'

Hello, Commander. Hello, Stonewall.

You mind if I call you Stonewall?

Not at all. She's been here for 22 years.

She's my barometer. If she likes your script, I throw it away.

Wouldn't know what to do without her. Now, go to work. Oh..

You didn't ask about your salary.

Well, I figure you'll pay me what I'm worth.

What you've to worry about is that I'm worth what you pay me.

It's a deal.

Well, wait a minute. Is-is that all?

Well, what do you need? Pencil and paper?

Well, what do I write about? People. Navy people.

Hey, what's the big idea?

Laugh...that off, will you?

Hey, what's the idea? That was on the level.

It was! I came down here to knock your block off.

Oh, yeah? Yeah.

That's it. Fight.


'Get out of here.'

Well, that was very.. Oh, nice work.

Tell George that was a good job of directing.

Congratulations, Commander.

How'd you like that kid?

Great. Sign him up.

Spig, I've been thinking about that title, Hell Divers.

Great title.

We'll have to take it up with the Hays' office.

You can't say hell on the screen, you know?

Listen, Spig, you might just as well face it.

Writing is the loneliest job in the world.

There's nobody there but you.

And I'll give you 50.. I'll give you 100-to-one your play won't be a success.

You're not listening to me. Do you blame me?

Not a bit.

Spig, I know the stage, I know the screen.

I've toured every tank town from East Burlap, Maine to West Burlap, Oregon.

I even played in this thing once.

'Ulysses?' 'Yep.'

You played in Ulysses?

Bowling Green, Kentucky. I played Robert E. Lee.

Look, you got a beautiful home here, half paid for, half empty but no. You got to go to New York and do a play.

I'll give you 1000-to-one you have the worst flop that ever hits Broadway.

'Nice going, Mr. Wead.' Thanks, Joe.

Looks like you got a hit. Jughead!

Yes, sir, Carson, late of the U.S. Navy.

I thought you were running a chicken farm.

I was running one. I gave it up. Chickens get up too early.

Early to bed, early to rise. Might as well be dead.

Big playwright now, huh? Rich as Croesus.

Never had time to drop a guy a line. Not even a Christmas card.

Okay, Carson.

So I'm a stuffed shirt? That's right.

So I'm a horse's rump? Correct.

Well, that was yesterday. Where're we going now?

We're going to a saloon, where else?

My chicken ranch was six miles from my nearest neighbor.

She was a Polish lady that weighed 258 pounds.

And when she started looking good to me, I blew.

What you gonna do with your loot?

You know who it's for. For who?

The kids. Who else?

How are they doing? Well, they're both in school but I'm gonna get them out there with me.

Well.. old can we get?

You ever hear from her?

She's doing fine.

Has a job in San Francisco, and she's happy.

'Is she married?' Yes, to me.

Well, you're gonna get the kids, why don't you get her?

Buy yourself a yacht, take a trip around the world.

'I'll sail it for you.'

I'm no good for her.

'Remember when they gave you two chances to live, slim and none?'

'But you made it.'

And I can remember you had two crutches and 14 bucks which you parlayed into a fortune.

Of course, that's before you became fat and baldheaded.

'Them days, all you ever asked for was a chance.'

Do you think I've got a chance with her?

Well, what makes you think you ain't?

Come on.

Where're you going? We're going to the airport.

I'll send you to San Francisco. After that, you're on your own.

Give me that, rich guys like you never pick up a tab.

Come on, we got 46 minutes to catch that plane.

Just a minute!


Hi, Min.

Big playwright.

Huh. Huh.

I was gonna call you, and then I decided to get cute again.

Here, let me take your coat.


Here, let me help you. No, I..

Sure, go ahead.

Well, what are we gonna talk about?

You heard from the kids? I hear from them every week.

That's how I know about you.

'Your pictures, your plays, your books.'

Somehow, you always manage to stand out in their letters.

Second year college. Yeah.

Spig.. mean an awful lot to them.

Why don't you have them with you for a while?

I want to. That's one of the reasons I'm here.

I think you should. I think they need you.

And I need them too.

And I need more than that.

I need you.

Hard to believe?

A little.

Just believe it, Min.

Don't analyze it or...take it apart or look at it too hard.

I've done all that.

Just believe it.

I don't know, Spig.

I've made a new life for myself.

At least I can be what I am and what I want to be.

I've got somewhere, small-- Sure, sure. You're somewhere.

The kids are somewhere, and I'm somewhere but we're really nowhere unless we're together.

If it isn't a family, it''s nothing.

I don't know. Maybe, it's..

...too late. Maybe..


O'Faolain, Bridy.

Bridy O'Faolain.

The widow O'Faolain, if you please.

What're you dressed up for? Where you going?

To mass on the Sabbath, and it wouldn't do you harm someday.

And perhaps, you're going to confession, too.

I might. And what put that in your evil mind, pray?

This room.

The kitchen.

And the bar.

And the ashes.

And the dust. Unmitigated sloppiness.

I'm guilty. We're both guilty.

But we're gonna reform, O'Faolain.

Because in just a few seconds, I'm going to pick up that phone call my wife, and she's coming here to live with us.

Herself? Herself.

Your wife's coming here? She is.

Oh, God bless you.

And God bless her for her foolishness. Oh!

'The poor girl, I'll save me beads for her.'

Long distance?

I want San Francisco.

Sutter 2-3969.

Crestview 4510.

How long of a wait?

Yes, ma'am.

I'll be right here, thank you.

The radio. The Japanese. Pearl Harbor.

What are you talking about? The newsboy just told me.

The Japanese bombed. Turn on the radio.

'...appeared over Diamond Head and launched an attack'

'on the giant U.S. Naval base at Pearl Harbor.'

'The planes appeared utterly without warning'

'apparently coming from aircraft carriers'

'which had been moved forward during the night.'

'The enemy craft were over the island of Oahu for one hour'

'and 20 minutes bombing the naval base and nearby..'

'The White House has just announced that'

'one old battleship capsized'

'several others were hit, and a destroyer was sunk.'

'American casualties were said to total 3000..'

Turn it off.

'...of which 1500 were killed.'



Did you hear it?

I just turned off the radio.

Of course, you'll try, Spig.

Well, I'll try. You know, I've got to try, Min.

I'll go there.

To Washington.

Talk to them.

Maybe they won't have me, I don't know.

If they don't have you, Spig...I will.

'Well, that's all I need.'

That's all I've got, Spig.

I said that's all I've got.

Bye, Spig.


'...well, goodbye, sailor. I..'

Stop. Stop. Stop. Stop!

And you want active duty?


I've never been under fire. You know that, sir.

'You looking for a thrill?' Just a fight.

Spig, let's talk like what we are, old friends.

Old, I said. Even a sailor must do it, get old.

Like Nimitz, Halsey, and Pete Mitscher?

'Spig, you know better than this.'

War gets fought at a desk just as it does on a flattop.

It gets won and lost by logistics.

Ah, I'll let you in on something.

Every plan we ever had is down at the bottom of Pearl Harbor.

'Yeah, we lost our Sunday shirt.'

Well, that bad? 'Yeah, that bad.'

Now, you see this?

Well, this is sort of a flattop.

I'm sticking my neck out. You want one, you can have one.

I'll try it for size, Admiral, and thanks.

The name's still Jack. Farrington, get him a uniform a desk, and a drink. He's going to work for the first time.

Aye-aye, sir.

I'm alright.

'The carrier, Hornet.'

'Notice the hits by enemy action.'

'Three Kamikazes.'

'Two hits.'

'One forward..'

' mid-ship.'

'Not a chance.'

Notice the abandon-ship drill.

'Morale excellent.'

We have only one carrier left, gentlemen.

Repeat, one carrier left.


And more on the way. Well, they won't help..

They won't help now.

Every battle we fight depends on the big carriers.

But there's a limiting factor, planes and crews.

Can't carry enough. There oughta be a way to keep 'em in action.

Yeah, but how? Well, it's a simple thing.

It keeps...going around in my head like a forgotten name.

What do you do when you're stuck like that, Levi?

Well, I go through the alphabet backwards, sir.

I take a long cold beer.

Back in Hollywood, we cut to the seventhcavalry.



I've been looking high and low for you.

Well, what do you know?

Yeah, my uncle got re-elected. You got your command.

Task force. Combat, you lucky dog.

Say, and you, I have been calling your hotel and you haven't checked in for three days.

What're you doing, sleeping on this deck?

Well.. I've got three hours to kill.

I got a jeep outside. I'll buy you the tallest, coldest beer--

You got a what outside? A jeep.

That's it. That's the forgotten name.

Jeep, Jeep carriers.

It was there all the time, I knew it'd be simple once we thought of it. Hand me that...Liberty ship.

Give me a chair. Drag up a chair.

That's it, Johnny.

Jeep carriers.

That's the limiting factor.

Spig, I haven't got too much time..


So long, partner. So long.

That's what we've been needing.


John Dale.


At ease.

Soryu, Akagi, Kaga. I know all that.

Wead? Yes, sir.

Let's have it.

These big combat carriers are still the spear-point of battle.

But now, backing them up, we have these jeep carriers loaded with planes and crews.

If the big carrier loses a plane, she radios back and a replacement is immediately underway.

The big carrier stays in action.

You can get this on paper? Yes, sir.

I like it. Write it up.


Cut me some orders, boy.

Welcome home, sailor. Hello, Jock.

How are you feeling? Like an old fire horse.


Thanks for everything. Thanks for nothing.

Well, there she is. She's all yours.

Oh, I want you to say hello to an old pal of yours.

Doc. How are you, fella?

Oh, half-man, half-worm, and half-wit.

Well, I got the last chapter of the book.

Come on, Spig, I'll show you to the royal suite.

Knock it off.



I don't believe it.

How'd you wangle this? Same as you.

Drag, pull, juice.

I know where the bodies are buried.

You buried them.

Thanks, Jughead.

So you finally made it.

Come on, let me show you around.

I got the crap game. And everything else.

You look a little beat up. Yeah, too many soft chairs.

Living off the fat of the land, eh?

Well, the sea will bring it out.

Don't worry. I'll make a man out of you again.

And the next time you walk in that door, sailor, salute.

Aye-aye, sir.

Hey, wait. This is pretty nice, huh?

You and me and old Jock and the doc.

All we need now is Pincus. Whatever happened to Pincus?

He made it. Back to the old Arizona.

Pearl Harbor? Yeah.

You know where we're going? Got a general idea.

You're gonna see yourself some action, sir.

'All hands, man your battle station.'

'Pilots, turn your planes.'

Yep, plenty of action.

You're gonna see island grabbing the hard way.

'Step by step on the Tokyo road.'

'You'll see us pounding away with everything we've got.'

'And them pounding back at us with everything they've got.'

'Crash on the flight deck. Crash on the flight deck.'

One in on the deck..

'We'll see if your jeep carriers can send replacement planes'

'fast enough to keep the big carriers in their slugger.'

'Because the big carriers are it, sailor.'

'High, low, jack and the game.'

Nine minutes, 56 seconds. You owe me a sawbuck.

Good job, Spig. Swell show.

We'd had your plan at Tarawa, we could've saved casualties.

When you gonna sleep? You've been going for 54 hours.

I'll sleep after the party. The party's as good as over.

I'm as good as asleep here. Captain, make him go to bed.

Go to bed. No, sir.

Here's the Oscar, sir.

Uh, we've got them now. Listen to this, Jughead.

"Formal resistance has collapsed on all fronts as of 12:42.

"Vigilance against die-hard individual action

"will be maintained, but your commander is signaling

"Washington that Kwajalein is ours and signals each of you, well done."

A clear path to the Marianas. A clear path to bed for you.

Haven't even got under fire. Get under the sheets.

Captain, make it an order, will you?

That's an order, Spig. I'll fix the coffee.

No cream, no sugar.

'General quarters. All hands, man your battle stations.'

I-I guess I forgot to stick out my hand.



Wait a minute, wait a minute.

This is a game you have to think.

Use my brain little bit when..


Relax. Hi.



I had to get to battle. Worried I got you killed.

I'm a Gemini. You can't kill me until after 17th of the month.

Anyway, Frank Merriwell Jr. had to...see action.

Oh, you did me a favor. I'm a wounded hero.

They're even gonna give me a medal. I got a month at Waikiki in the sun and the surf. Gin rummy. Gin.

And those beautiful nurses.

Do you remember the nurse you had in San Diego?

Ms. Crumley. I want you to meet her son.

The name is, McGuffy, sir. McGuffy Crumley.

Put the black king on red ace. He even cheats when he plays.

Is there anything you need?

Yeah, but you ain't got it out here.

Well, look, Jughead. I'm trying to say is--

You don't look good, yourself. Why don't you move over?


Well, I..

Drop in and see a guy, will ya?




There it is, Spig.

Looks like a...drunken grasshopper.

It's all good? Lousy.

How long does it say?

Three days, three months, three years.


Why not?

Like to have you do me a favor, Johnny. lf I can. Even if you can't.

Try me.

A lot of people went to some trouble to get me out here.

I know.

I don't want them to blame themselves.

Why should they?

I don't know why. I just don't want it.

What do you want? You to snip a little red tape.

Go on.

I'd like to go over the side quietly.





Let them think I was beat up.

Alright, Spig.

Will you get a load of all the brass over there?

Yeah. Army brass too.

Present arms!

Well, Spig. Thanks for the ride, Jock.

Good luck, fella. That'll do at the side.

'Order arms!'


Thank you, sir.

Shorty. Hiya, Spig.

No cake? No cakes.

And no swimming pools.

Good luck, fella.


So long.