The Witness (2018) Script

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LEE Sung-min KIM Sang-ho JIN Kyung KWAK Si-yang

a CHO Kyu-jang film

$30, right away.

THE WITNESS My child was hit by a sedan here.

You get hit by the front bumper, so leg first, then head.

How can he say he hit the head first then the legs?

Even if my child's too young, they only listened to the driver...

Thank you. Not at all.

Where was I?

My child could go blind.

You know my kid, right?

She's messed up, and he gets away with a fine?

Mr. Han, you know a lot about this stuff.

Shouldn't it be reinvestigated?

He should be properly punished, isn't that right?

She wants to trust the cops again, but why should she?

I told her to settle instead.


But you said the investigation results were odd too.

Nothing good will come out of digging into it again.

Don't go around saying stupid stuff.

I'm already stressed out with work stuff as is, why get her hopes up?

She's not a nobody, and I felt bad for her.

Bbibbi, come.

I asked Park for a favor, to look into it.

Is that so? That's my hubby!

And Eun-ji? - eating dinner.

She won't go to sleep until you come home.

I'll be late today - Again?

Everyone knows about our new home, I gotta treat them.

Or they'll burst in for a drink.

No way, not a chance!

I was up all night because of the deadline.

Don't even think about it.

Don't have a drunken fit too!

I got it.

Don't stop anyone from leaving!


Mr. Han! The man of the night!


If you bought a home, you should've said so!

You know how it is, you're paying rent to the bank, cheers!

My place is great!

Let's go for just one more drink!

Let's share a cab. See you tomorrow!

Yo, Kim!

Are you gonna leave too?

Ever been to my neighborhood? It's got a mountain!

When you whistle, magpies...

I hate mag pies.

So unsentimental...

Did I startle you?

I'm so sorry.

I was in a rush...

I live on the 6th floor.

We recently moved.

I hope I don't surprise you again.

I heard a scream.

A scream?

You didn't hear it?

I'm not sure.

It's alright, thank you.

Not at all.

Neighbors have to

Help me!

Someone help!

Hey, buddy.

Let me put this down.

Did you miss me?

Help me!


Whatcha doing?

Go to sleep.

Always causing a ruckus when you come home drunk.

Why don't you sing too?

Sleep on the sofa.

Don't come.

You better wash up.



Take me... to the hospital...

Such a nuisance.




Jesus! What are you...!

Were you dancing with the bat in the middle of the night?

What are you doing?

Why aren't you changed?

Aren't you going to work?

What happened?

Honey, let's go check it out!

Don't go!

Why not?

No point of joining the circus.

But the cops are here and everything.

You wanna ruin this morning's mood?

Why did something happen as soon as we moved?

Make sure to pick her up after kindergarten.

I always do.

Keep the door locked.

Alright, alright, just go!

Hey... Wait...

Wait! Stop!

He's a troublemaker, raising hell all the time.

He's called 'Cola'.

He lives on the 4th floor, a bit of a mental case.

He helps his granny out by recycling those at the junk shop.

What a headache.

But even so, he scared me.

My heart's beating so fast, what the hell?

Aren't you the new tenant on the 6th floor?

I'll bring it over before you come home.

I understand, thank you.

Sir, there weren't any reports overnight.

That was on, though.

Everyone was probably asleep.

Should I question the tenants?


Dress like a detective, will you?

It's cute.

Dress the part.

No security cams were installed except the parking lot area.

We've requested Gwacheon Police for security cams on roads facing here and here.

I'm told the victim wasn't a resident there.

Yes, sir, considering the violent nature of the crime, he wasn't after the money either.

Why did this lunatic kill in an apartment complex?

Someone must've seen something.

Question the tenants and bring me witnesses.

There aren't any.

What do you mean?

There must be hundreds of tenants, how is that possible?


We'll need additional support, it's a huge area to cover.


This is an apartment.

Keep a low profile so the tenants don't complain.

Got it? Yes, sir!

Especially you!

Why are you snapping at me?

The crime scene is right in front of many family homes.

The crime scene is right in front of many family homes.

But, aside from the fact that the victim wasn't a tenant, But, aside from the fact that the victim wasn't a tenant, that could potentially solve this case. that could potentially solve this case.

Why are you so jumpy?

I reviewed your request, come see me later.


Screaming? Yes.


I'm not sure...

There are so many crying street cats at night here, so I can't be sure.

And even if it was a scream, we just assume someone's fighting, why should anyone care? we just assume someone's fighting, why should anyone care?

We pretend not to hear, nor see anything.

Take care.

Tenants here are well educated.

Had someone seen it, they would have reported it already.

We're all law-abiding citizens!

I see.

Should you take the cart out of the grocery store?

I'm gonna take it back, it's really close.


So the prosecution office requires my bank info?

But you said the report came from the bank.

No, I'll check it myself.

This is the police by the way!

Hello? Hello?

Stupid idiot. What happened?

Chinese scammers are taking Korean classes.

He sounded like a Seoul native.

Why be so polite to the scammers?

They know my number and address, who knows what they'll do.

I checked it out, I feel bad for the kid.

What did you tell her?

I told her to settle.

But she wants the case reopened.

Come on, you know better.

You know the police will never go back on a report.

I know that... I feel it for the kid, but it's best not to get

Keeping the door locked?

Yes, of course, thanks to the murder.

Hubby On my way now.

Look at the time!

I thought kindergarten ends at 3.

I treated my friends to lunch because of the new house.

Are you nuts?

Why does lunch take so long?

It was just today let it go.

Isn't her kindergarten remote?

Is she waiting by herself?

Her teacher's watching her.

What's with you?!


You heard a scream?

Yes, it was really late.

What time?

2 AM or so.

And then?

I went to the living room to see where it came from.

Did you see anything?

I was about to...

And then?

The light went off.

Who did?

Who turned which light off?

The living room light, my mom did.

Sweetie! What're you doing? You got a class!

Ma'am, we're the police.

It's about the murder case. I don't know anything.

2 AM...

Let's go. Yes, sir.

How are you, pal?

I'm home.

Mr. Han's back.

Anyway, so you understand? Yes, of course.

Do me this favor. Certainly.

I have to go next door too.

You two resemble each other.


Take care. Bye.

Good bye.

Who was that?

Head of homeowner association, she left us a form to sign.

Why does she want your signature?

Take a look.

What is it?

Police/Media Blockout Agreement Police/Media Blockout Agreement Police/Media Blockout Agreement

'As a tenant of this apartment, I agree not to cooperate with...'

What's this?

Since the dead girl wasn't a tenant here, they just want this case to go away quietly, they're not wrong about rumors damaging the neighborhood.

Bunch of hypocrites!

No one bat an eye when landslide prevention was the issue.

I know, right?

It's a disaster waiting to happen.

Sir, please just sign it.

You do it.

The owner has to sign.

Can't even report when a girl's dead?

It's like abetting a murder.

What if this brings down the house value?

We barely bought a home and you want to bring it down?

Shut up and sign it.

All the murderers can come here to kill from now on.

I married Captain Justice.

If you saw the killer, would you report?

Of course I would.

Even if the killer saw your face?

I'm hungry.

Anonymous Report: Gwacheon Apt. Murder Case

I witnessed the killing from my home

as a tenant

I witnessed the killing that night.

Please understand that I cannot reveal my identity.

Why did this bastard have to kill here?

There are traces of a chase through the hill.


According to a paper boy, he saw a man run down the hill at 2 AM.

The time matches the scream heard by the middle schooler.

Which means the time of death is 2 AM, but 911 call center received a call at 4 AM.

From the victim's phone.

A call?

It ended without saying anything.

Maybe it wasn't the victim.

According to the autopsy report, the fatal hit happened at 4 so she probably was the one.

Then the victim was alive for 2 hours.

What was the killer doing during those hours?

He left then came back.

No other reports?

None, sir.

A stroke of good luck.

What is?

If there was a report before the victim's death, the media would be all over us.

How fortunate...

She could've been saved had someone reported then.

Thank god no one called.

How could you say that in front of the rookie?

Come with me!

Yes, sir.

Why you...!

Why are you always so on edge?

It has been found that the victim of the Gwacheon apartment murder was alive for 2 hours, causing a great shock to all.

My gosh, then the killer left and came back to kill her?

What a psycho!

Are you okay?

What? Why?

You're worried too?

But the apartment wasn't named?

...he came back to deal a killing blow.



Who is it?

It hung up.


Hello? Hello?

Why doesn't he say anything?

Give it.



Our apartment's on again.

Did we get calls like this before?

No, probably a wrong number.

It's on again, what do we do?


Where's Bbibbi?

Bbibbi? In the room?

Bbibbi? - Bbibbi!

Where are you?





I met most of the tenants, but no one saw anything.

No surprise.

What is it?

Police/Media Blockout Agreement Police/Media Blockout Agreement I don't believe these people.

It's safe to assume that... the tenants here will never cooperate.

Where are we going? 4th floor.

What for?

3 people weren't asleep at the time.

How do you know?

Security cam.

Mrs. Choi Seo-yeon?

Mrs. Choi Seo-yeon?

Anyone home?

Is this Mr. Han Sang-hoon's home?

Do you remember when he came home?

No, I went to bed early.

What time did you go to sleep?

About midnight...

I woke up and saw him here.


May I borrow a pen?

I forgot mine. Sure.

Police/Media Blockout Agreement

So around what time did he arrive?

Around 2, but I'm not sure.

Around 2? 2 AM?


Do you remember what he did when he came home?

I can't seem to remember, I was quite out of it.

I went to get some water, and he was drinking beer, turned the lights off.

Lights? Who turned it off?

He's not himself when he's drunk.

What were you doing?

Checking to see if a face is visible from here.

Are you implying that my husband saw the killer?

No, just in case he saw anything.

If you remember anything else, please call me. Sure.

Thank you. The pen...

Oh right.

Sorry about that.

Your daughter?

You're adorable, bye.

Please find Bbibbi.


She wants me to find something.

Our pet dog disappeared.

Show me.

Since you roam here a lot, if you see her, call us.

Please Find Our Dog I certainly will.


Thank you again.

If you've seen our dog, please call the number below...


Did you make the Bbibbi flyer?

Did you get a call?

You can't put our name and number so recklessly!

How can anyone contact us without them?

Okay, let's talk back home.

My apologies.

I didn't mean to startle you.

You're quite jumpy though.

Did you find your dog?

I'm a cop.

Aren't you Mr. Han Sang-hoon?


You know about the murder case, right?

I heard you came home at 2 AM that night.

Did you see anything?

I was quite drunk, I didn't see much.

You suddenly turned off the light when your wife came out.

Why did she say that...

That never happened.

Your wife mentioned it, so I wanted to check.

Could you look at some photos?

At every crime scene, it's mandatory for us to take photos of everyone.

Do you know that some of these psychos come back out of curiosity?

It's understandable.

It's natural for tenants to come out for the show.

We excluded the tenants and the media,

and were left with this man.

Have you seen him?

I'm sorry.

What is it? I'm busy!

We found the guy in the photo!


From the photos in front of the apartment.

Excuse me.

Where are you now?

Park Sang-tae, 32 years old, the victim reported him for stalking her once.

Where was he on the night of the murder?

He was with her 2 hours prior to her death.

Okay, I'm on my way, I'll see you there.

Yes, sir.

"B3! Block him there!"

"We're all downstairs!"

What?! You should've split!

What happened?

Anyone upstairs?

Yes, sir!

I got him...

I got you, bastard!


You son of a bitch!

Park Sang-tae!

Park Sang-tae! Stop!

You two, go around!

And get the key!

Check the doors.


Yoon Hee-won


This is Hee-won's phone.


Who are you? Hello?


So-called 'Gwacheon Apartment Killer' whose daring killing shocked us all, committed suicide while being chased by the police this afternoon by taking cyanide.

When the victim broke off the relationship with the suspect, he committed murder...

Murdered in front of hundreds of homes

What's all this?


Was it the chief?

What is?

The media got the story only a few hours afterwards, with all the juicy details.

National exposure is not a bad thing.

The chief got to close a big case at the tail end of his career.

It ain't too bad for us too.


But the case's not solved.

It did, though.

A vicious killer who killed in an open space has this kind of sentiments?

It's pretty obvious this guy's a psycho.

Look at it.

How likely is it to find the murder weapon at the killer's home?

Is that really important? What percent?!

May be... Murder weapon found!

5%, asshole.

Murdered in front of hundreds of homes

It's not him...

Who is it?

I'm from #405.


A few nights ago Right! One moment please.

Afternoon, what brings you here?

I wanted to ask you something.

I see...

Please come inside.

This isn't him.

What do you mean?

You saw him, right?

That's why you looked up I don't know what you mean...

I don't understand what happened that night...

Do you get calls?

Hangs up when you answer.

Look at it again. What's with you?

It's not him, you know that.

Please let go of me!

I saw him.

He's still around this neighborhood.

You know that!

How should I know?

Come with me!


To the police!

I'm too scared to go alone, please come with me!

You saw him too!

I didn't see anything! Let go of me!

I'm gonna call the security!

Please! Let go! Now!

Please! Let go!

Sir! Let me go!

Don't touch me! Let go!

Please leave.

Good bye!









Honey, what are you doing there?

What are you doing?

- Daddy? What's with your dad?

Come here! What's wrong?

Hey, stop it!

Come here! Why?

Move your butt!

Daddy, it hurts!

What's with you?


Mr. Han, going somewhere with your family?

Ah, yes, yes.

Heard that we got the killer?


I'll let you two chat, we'll go inside.

No! Don't go!

Should I come back later?

No, no, please don't go!

Remember him?

Was it him?

What does he mean?

It's not him, right?

Shake if you can't talk.

Or just eyes.

I don't know.

Mr. Han...

How many times must I say?

I really don't know! I didn't see anything!

You got the killer!

Then why are you harassing me?! Why!

Eun-ji, baby, it's okay.

Why are you shouting?

Detective, he doesn't know anything!

My apologies.

Eun-ji, it's fine.

Don't cry.


I'm sorry, baby, daddy's sorry.

Let's talk later.


Bbibbi! It's Bbibbi!



Where the heck were you?

Bbibbi, where did you go?

For having 2 prior charges for stalking the victim, and that he was with the victim 4 hours before the killing, he became the prime suspect, and on the 19th, I mean 12th, 1900 hours, - we arrived at the suspect's home, Shouldn't you be working?

But the suspect attempted to flee by crashing...

Look at you, you're so pretty.

Eun-ji? Yes?

All packed? Yes.

Good girl.

Missing Person

Don't you live on the 6th floor?

Yes, I do.

She's my wife.

If you see her, please give me a call.


Did you find anything?

A sedan was reported missing at 1 AM.

What kind?

Black Grandeur, plate number 2110.

Okay, thank you!

What are you doing with my laptop?

Hold on.

What's the matter with you?

Why didn't you show me this?

What's the point of working on a closed case?

You know who she is, What about her?

Someone who likely saw the killer.

She went missing 3 days ago.

Since when did the homicide team take on missing persons' cases?

A stolen black Grandeur passed this intersection between 11 and 1 AM, right?

You think the brass will get the axe if mistakes during investigation are exposed?

Fuck that, the rookies will get all the blame!

Stand up, asshole!

I understand what you're saying,

but you can't put any more of these up.

Someone keeps tearing them down.

If you want to post them up, you gotta get permit.

The permit?

Where am I supposed to get that?

You're being too selfish.

With everything that's happened here, what'll people say about this neighborhood when they see this?

Why'd they say anything?

Why'd anyone bad mouth a man looking for his wife?!

I shouldn't say this in front of everyone, but you're ruining this area's reputation because she ran out on you!


Reporting it to the police should be enough.

We all feel for you, but...

What are you waiting for? Take the flyers from him!


Return them when he gets the permit.

Don't just stand there, are you deaf?

I hear you.

I'm sorry about this, but the tenants...

Where am I supposed to get the permit?

Don't ask me that. Wait a minute?

What's wrong with you all?!

Give them to me. Hold on a sec.

Give me! Stop it!

Thank you.

What's the matter with you?

You may be too new to understand...

I noticed that the man who collects papers only took down his flyers.


You don't know? His name is Pil-gu.

Don't know what you mean.

He's right there!

That's Jo Pil-gu.

You bought him cola and told him to get the flyers.

Am I wrong?

What are you talking about!

Would you be okay with your husband doing nothing to keep the house value high when you go missing?

I wouldn't.

Honey, let's go.

What should we have for dinner?

How's bean paste soup?

Isn't this weird?

What is, sir?

He cleaned the car before torching it.

If you think it's weird too, then say so.

Don't be all pissy.

Sir, I found the GPS.

Just gotta get the flash drive.


Can it be recovered?

We'll have to try.

Other than next stop, how many more left?

This is the closest location, there's a church, subway station and a residential area...

What? Residential area?


Is that so?

Address? 12-1, right here.



It looks vacant.

Sir, look.


Leave it.


It looks deliberate.

Look up the owner. Okay.

He's here.


It's him.


Look how he entered the house.

Grab him?

No, this is all circumstantial.

It's not enough to lock him up.

A witness at this point would be perfect.

Is this him?

We found the real killer.

But no witness to testify.

Those who could've seen the killer, were you and Mrs. Choi Seo-yeon who lives on the 4th floor, but she went missing.

And there's another.

Jo Pil-gu.

Sir, you know that kid who took the mail?

Cola? Yes.

Do you know where he is now?

He was dragging his cart so probably at the junk shop.


Thank you, thank you.

It's a hot day, drink this too.

What's wrong?

Don't like coke?

Granny likes this more.

Wow, you're a good kid.


No, it's okay!

I'm giving them to you because you're a good kid.

All? Yeah.


Cola! I live in #403! #403!

I know, I know, I know!

Don't you recognize me?

We met the other day, I live in #606!

# 606, I live in #403.

Right, right, take this, give them to your granny.

Granny's waiting.

I wasn't trying to take them, they're all yours.

I got something to ask you.

Did any cops come see you recently?

No cops. I see.

They'll come soon, and show you a picture and ask if he's the killer.


Just say you don't know him.

Or the killer will come after you.

No, that's no good.

That's why!

You saw him, right?


The one who killed the girl with a hammer.

The guy with the hat.

Hammer, hat.

Right, hat.

Did you see him too?

Yes, I saw him.

Did you?

Yes, I saw him.

I knew it, goddammit, why did you have to see him?

The hat is here. What?

The man with the hat.

He's here.

Son of a bitch!


Det. Jo, stop it! Let him go!

Mr. Han, let him go, he's a cop.

A cop!

Mr. Han, why are you here?

It's him, right?

I put my man on him, and with your testimony, we can arrest him right away.

I don't know.

I don't fucking know!

A woman was brutally murdered in front of everyone, and you saw it.

Since you chose to stay silent, he's still walking the streets!

Then another woman went missing!

Why is that my fault?

With him out in the wild can you protect my family?

How can I trust you when you got the wrong guy?!

That's why he has to be arrested now!

Fuck that!

Your fellow tenant Mrs. Choi,

she could still be alive.


You just have to decide.

Mr. Han.

Det. Jang! Det. Jang!

We lost track of the suspect.


Where did Jo Pil-gu go?



Cola! Cola!



Jo Pil-gu!


Jo Pil-gu! Cola!

Jo Pil-gu?

Mr. Jo?

Jo Pil-gu! Cola!

Mr. Jo?

It's okay, he's alive.

Cola! Hey!

Wake up, you gotta go see your granny.

Send me an ambulance.

Open your eyes, come on.

In Surgery

You must think I'm selfish.


My wife, my daughter, and an apartment I bought with a mortgage are all I got.

This is too much for people like me.

It's just too much.

The missing woman downstairs.

She's dead.



That's why you've been...

Why didn't you tell me any of this?

I'm sorry.

I just wanted to... protect you all.

You, Eun-ji, this house...

I thought it'd pass if I close my eyes.


the dead woman downstairs,

asked me to report it together to the police.

Had I gone with her then...

Had I done that...

I have to go.

Keep the door locked.

Hurry back.

Get a move on!

Hurry up! Let's move!

Move out!

Let's go.

He was killing her

with the hammer.

I was... afraid he would come after...

Han decided to testify.

Is Song still there?

Yes, he's here.

We're on our way.

I went downstairs to return her phone, and then...

Song Tae-ho!

Song Tae-ho!

2nd floor! Get over here!

Song Tae-ho, you're under arrest for murder!

Get down!


Take care of him!

Get an ambulance!

He's leaving...

He's getting away!

What happened?

Where is he?


You lost him?!

Who the hell are you?!

Don't you know what he's capable of?

He must know that I reported him by now!

How could this...

What will you do now?

What can you do for us?

How will you protect my family?!

Honey, listen... Mr. Han.

Don't come outside, okay?

Something wrong?

No, everything's fine.

Mr. Han, we can... Lock the door!

Mr. Han Taxi!

Sir, we shouldn't be turning right.

That road is under construction.


Are you alright?

It's nothing.

The car behind us, doesn't it look like it's following us?

I'm not sure.

What are you doing!


Stop it!

Are you nuts? You wanna die?!

I'm sorry, I really am!

I thought someone was following us.

I don't believe this!

Let's, uh, get moving.

What's that?


Reverse! Now!

What the hell?! Reverse! Faster!

Back up! Back up!

Shit, are you okay?

Can you breathe? Sir? You okay?

Son of a bitch!

You bastard!

Why are you doing this?

He said he'll let my wife go if I kill you.

Your wife is not coming back!

He told me you were there when he took her.

And you didn't do anything?!

Is that true?

You asshole, you deserve to die!

How could you?

How could you!

Your wife is dead...

You lie...

When I got there, she was already dead.

You're lying!

Die, you bastard!

Mr. Han, are you okay?

Please! Don't shoot!

It's okay! He's Mrs. Choi's husband!

What's going on?

I'm so sorry,

He said it didn't matter whether I kill you or not.

He said instead of dying, it could be fun to live because he can't die,

like me.

Mr. Han! Mr. Han! I sent my man!

To your home!

Wait! I'll come with you!

Mr. Han!

Who is it?

I'm from the station.

I wasn't told about a visit.

I came to guard your home, Mr. Han will be here soon.

Could you look at the camera and show me your ID?

I really am a cop, you can call the station.

Please leave a message after the beep.


I can't seem to contact my husband.


He left before me.

Did he say he was stopping somewhere?

He said he'd be back soon. Please, come inside.


This was outside the door.


Eun-ji, go in here.

Stay inside and don't ever come outside, okay?


Baby, listen to mommy!

Don't ever come outside, okay?

Crystal clear as shit.

Eun-ji, go back inside! Stay in there!

Stay back...


Eun-ji, run!


Eun-ji! - Mommy!

I'm here.


Somebody, please!

Eun-ji, baby,



Mommy! Eun-ji, close your eyes!

Eun-ji, you have to run.

Just run! Run away!

Run away now!

Don't do it! Please!

Please don't do this.

Please don't...

Who are you? Please help!

Who are you?!

Help us!


Eun-ji! Daddy!

Eun-ji! Eun-ji! Sweetie!


Honey... Daddy.

Honey... I'm sorry.

I... I will be right back, okay?

Where are you going?

I have to end this.

Please don't go, honey...

Warning: Do not enter during rainfall

Come out here, asshole!

You son of a bitch!

Come on out!

Aren't you after me?!

Come on out!

Fucking bastard...

I should've killed you.

Annoying bastard...

Let go! Let go!

Let go!


You son of a bitch!

You bitch!

What are you?

Answer me! Are you the devil?


Die, you bastard!


Excuse me? Are you okay?


Did you kill them all?

In front of my home...

Son of a bitch...

Using this as an opportunity, many are looking into the causes and measures to counter the murders committed against social minorities.

But Song was never abused by his parents as a child, and although he was poor...

Here you are. Hello there.

Isn't today your discharge?

Yes, I'm going back to work tomorrow.

You're a diligent man, have some coffee.


What's gonna happen to Mr. Choi?

Well, you know, that was just a car accident.

The killer also shows no sign of mental deflect.

How do we explain his violent behavior...


Why do you think he killed so many people?

There is no reason.

The way I look at it, there is no reason.

You eat when you're hungry, he killed because he wanted to.

We live alongside these lunatics.

So is everything okay now?

That's great to hear.

Be careful with that! I'm sorry!

Are you serious?

He didn't say anything.

Sure, let's get together! Take care!

It's snowing so much!

Honey, honey.

So-yun's mom says thank you for helping to reopen the case.

Did you know about it? Of course I did.

Why didn't you tell me?

What's there to tell?

Sweetie, isn't dad cool?

So cool. Stop it!

Moving on a snowy day?

It'll get better soon though.

I feel bad since you're leaving just when you settled in.

Me too.

How much did you sell it for?


It can't be under $400,000.

It's not under, right?

I'll ask the realtor.

You'll live well if you move on a snowy day.

Take care!

Help me!

Please help!