The Woman (2011) Script


J watch what you say to your friends j they might be listening

j and watch what you say to your enemies... j you're a lifesaver. You know that, belle? Thanks.

Deanna wants to talk to you.

What makes you say that, belle?

She just was telling me.

If Deanna wants to talk to me, she'll come and talk to me.

I'll take one of those burgers when those burgers are ready.

Are these burgers ready yet, belle? I don't...

I'll check.

Good. Hey, keep an eye on darlin'. She's after that clapp boy again.

Dammit, darlin"!

No! No!

Deanna. Chris.

So, what's on your mind, sweetheart?

I told you! No more kissing.

It is inappropriate. Do you hear me?

Yeah, I hear you, you're yelling in my ear.

Can I have my radio back now? We'll see.

What are you gonna do, Jenny? Hold her.

Stop it!

Are you gonna cry to your momma, like a little baby?

What's the matter, Jenny, uh? You wearing diapers?

Let's see it! Stop it! I'm gonna tell!

Like a girl, you're gonna tell.

You need your diaper changed, Jenny?

Ow! Shut up!

I spend as much time as I can with ed up at the home, but I'd like to spend more.

That's understandable.

So what I wanna do is I wanna sell it all off, get myself a nice little one-bedroom up around there, so I can be with him these last few months.

I don't think he's got much more than that.


If you're really wantin' to sell, I'm glad you came to me.

So you just come by the office on Monday and we'll start drawing up some papers.


I can't give you the world for the place but I'll give you a fair price.

I know you will, Chris.

That's the good thing about old friends, you don't have to worry about gettin' a lube job.

How'd you do, bud? Eight out of ten, dad.


The last one and once before that. Oh.

I think I got the hang of it, though.

Gotta hit your free throws to win ball games.

I know.

That guy's got a major thing for peg.

He's pretty much a douche. They went out like one time.

Is that so?

Watch the leather.

So you didn't go in once, huh? Chlorine makes my hair gross.

Well, we wouldn't want that, now would we?

You fed the dogs yet?

Brian will do it when he gets up.

The dogs can wait.

It's kinda nice when it's quiet like this, isn't it?


J I see you walking down the street in your little black shoes j and I'm thinking that I know I gotta make you mine j in my head I got a song and I know it won't be long j cos I know it's so right, there's no way it could be wrong j I'm standing next to you knowing what I gotta do j and my stomach is just twisting with emotion j my legs are going numb, everything I say is dumb j and I realize it's just imagination j you look at me with a smile only for a little while j but it feels like our eyes just met for a year j girl, I know I wanna date you, love and marry and then hate you j I wanna go for a ride that lasts 100 years j yeah, yeah, I'll take that chance j yeah, yeah, wanna go for a ride

j yeah, I'll take that chance

j wanna go for a ride j

How's the average? 7-10. Pretty consistent.

Good. That's good.

Did you catch anything?

Does it look like I got anything?

I should turn down the ham. Fine, you do that.

Then you come along with me, babe.

Me too? Sure, sweetie. You too.

Follow us, son!

Watch your step.


I want you guys to move all this junk from the south end to the other side of the cellar and just sweep up the floor.

Before dinner? Yes, before dinner, peg.

Why? Because your dad asked you to.

You don't have a problem with that, do you, Brian?

No. Where do you want us to move all the stuff?

In the dump trailer.

If it's small and burnable, put it in the burn barrel.

You're gonna need some gloves. There's a couple pair in the barn.

Have you fed the dogs yet? It's peg's turn. I had morning.


Fine. I'll feed the dogs. I'll go get the gloves.

Is there mice down here?

Could be.

Should I get some cheese?

No, I don't think that's a very good idea.

Belle, you organize things around here.

With three of you, shouldn't take very long.

I've got some things to do at the house.

Chris? Huh?

Why are we doing this?

You'll see.

Trust me on this one.

What's he doing?

Peggy, you scared the hell out of me.

Sorry. I couldn't sleep.

Well, try. You have school in the morning.

What's dad doing?

Go to bed, Peggy.

It's late.

Good night, mom. Good night, honey.

Devil! Devil!

Hey, I don't wanna hurt you!

Ok, so who can tell me what a scalene triangle is?

Three unequal sides. That's right.

But we forgot to raise our hand again, didn't we, Jackie?

Sorry, miss raton.

So what other kinds of triangles are there? Name them for me, guys.

Peggy? Taking copious notes as usual, right?

Just some notes, yeah.

So what other kinds of triangles are there, peg?


Guys... Um... please, may I be excused?

Yes. Of course you may.

J you began to come around j and I hoped that you had all affairs in order

j before they turn out all the lights j and I hoped that you had all affairs in order...

Are you ok, sweetie? Yeah.

I just had to come and get my stuff.


J before they turn out all the lights j great shot, cyndi!

Yeah! Go, Brian!

You're too good.


What's up, cyndi?

There's something sticky like glue in my brush.

Hang on one sec.


It's ok, cyndi. I'll help you.

Ow! That hurts! Sorry.

It's ok. Thanks for trying.

Damn it!


That is not civilized behavior!


Dammit. Dammit!

Argh... fuck!

Oh, god!

So, um... you like to bite.

You can't understand a word I'm saying. I get that.

But I'll bet that you can guess...

That I am more than just a little bit upset with you right now.

So I need to make sure that you understand...

Just who is in charge here.

I've got kids to raise around here, lady.

And disobedience is not something I want them to witness.

They're very good kids,

but... if you're not going to be nice...

If you are going to be disobedient...

Then I can't do that, now can I?

Plus, I need to feel better about losing my finger.

Ok, I'm gonna go to the house for a minute.

I'm gonna bring the wife and kids.

And you be nice.

Be nice.

I feel better about losing my finger now.

One shot.

I heard you. What were you shootin' at?

You'll see.

What is that new tune? Where is it from?

Korya. Ko-rea?

I like it. Me too.

You'll spoil your dinner. Not a chance.

You say that now. I certainly do.

Ok, everybody.

Who wants to go down to the cellar with me?

What do you have in there? A mountain lion?

This is a hell of a lot better than a mountain lion, son.


What... what is this?

God only knows where she's been living, peg.

In the woods. In caves.

We're gonna help her.

She needs a big band aid.

That's right. That's the first thing we're gonna fix.

She's been wounded. We'll get right to it. Ok.

We are all going to have to share in the responsibility of taking care of her.

Ground rules.

No touching.

I learned the hard way that our friend here likes to bite.

She bit you? She took an inch off my finger.

Swallowed it.


What are we gonna do with her?

We're gonna train her, Brian.

Civilize her.

Free her from herself, from her baser instincts.

This woman thinks that she is an animal.

And god only knows how she got that way, but we cannot have people running around the woods thinking they're animals.

It isn't right. It's not safe.


Yeah... yes?

Could you, um... run up and put together a bowl of cereal or oatmeal or something simple?

She's gotta be hungry. The only thing she's had to eat since I captured her is...


And peg, um... go up and get the first aid kit.

I wanna see to her wounds.

Ok? Ok, let's go, girls. Come on.

Better than a mountain lion, son? Do we really get to keep her?

We do.

Now, I cannot stress this enough.

For the moment, everyone keep your distance.

What is that, belle? Is that oatmeal?

Yes. Good. Good.

It's nice and nutritious. Just go ahead and set it down, ok?

So, belle, you're gonna set it down...

But not too close. Good.

And now, Brian... I want you to bring the rake.

Ok. Now push it toward her.

Be careful not to spill it. Come on.

There you go. Great, great.

Everybody, that's teamwork.

Ok? Everybody did their part.

See what I mean about keeping your distance?

I guess next time we need to use rubbermaid.

I'll clean it up. All right?

If she gets hungry enough, she'll eat.

Ok, look. Here, huddle up. Here.

This is our project and it's a secret one.

Now, I shouldn't have to remind you to keep your mouths zipped, but I'm doing it anyway.

We're all gonna have to share in chores with this one.

It's the same as taking care of the dogs.

Someone's gonna have to clean up after her and so on.

Your mother and I will take care of anything, um... overly complicated.

Right, hun? Yes.

Ok, then. Well, dinner time.

She may not be hungry, but I am.

Ok? We'll work out the details later, ok? Let's go eat.

Is everybody ok with that?

Everybody ok? Yeah? Ok. Let's go.

Some salt?

Are you in there?

Well, when I'm sad I listen to my radio. Wanna hear?

J yeah, it's true, yeah, I know j as these types of ideas go j this one's as bad as they can get j I asked your mom to ask the pope j he handed down a papal note j like a newborn then he laughed all bloody and lovely j this type of news, you can't just put it back j cos this thing I know that you know that I know j and my friend, I love you all the more for that j cos now I know this thing that no one knows I know j except for you and me and crazy sewer rats j that's another story j anyways, there ain't no going back j now I know what you've got beneath your hat j

J wake up, babes, there's so much more to know

j everything you see is just for show

j don't need to put a target on your chest j I really think you're smarter than the rest... j how are things at school, kiddo? Oh. Hi, dad.

You're a good girl, peg.

And I know it's hard sometimes being your age, but you've got to remember to look at things on the bright side.

You're gonna get your license soon, right?

Your grades are good, aren't they?


And you're gonna go to college.

Think about that.

Ok, dad.

I love you, kiddo.

I love you too, dad.


That woman.

Do you really think we should be doing this?


Let's go to bed, babe.

Toby, how are you? Good morning. Perfect.

Good morning, Mr. cleek. Good mornin', Dorothy.

So, how did it go with Mrs. oldenberg? Is she satisfied with the papers?

Signed them right away. Fine, that's fine.

You have lunch with Deanna at noon, court at two, then a 3:30 with the oll company reps.

Ok. Are the ludlow files ready? I just have to print out this last one.

Ok, fine. Well, look, when you're done with that, just bring 'em on in here, along with another...

Cup of mud and we'll get into it, ok? Thank you, Dorothy.


Ok. Ok. First some stretching, then eight laps, ladies.

Tracy, pick up the stretching.

Not feeling well again today, peg?

There's something going on with her.

This last month or so she's really changed.

They do at that age.

Yeah, but, you know how they're all dressing these days, with the short skirts and the skimpy blouses?

Hadn't noticed.

Point is, that's how she used to be too, you know?

She's a very pretty girl.

She ought to be... Flaunting it?

Yeah, dammit. Flaunting it.

Did you flaunt it?

I'd have made you pop your fucking zipper, Mr. wolf.

J all you need is your voice j cos the world is so dark j but there's light deep inside you j we all have been hurt j and we all have been lied to j distracted before we know j we're distracted and so it goes...

Hey, belle. Hi, darlin'. How are you two doing today?

We're fine. You? Good. Good.

Yeah, we... we measured Bonnie again this morning and she has grown half an inch already.

Can you believe it? God!

So... do you wanna barbecue again some time soon?

I don't see why not.

The weather's been perfect for it, hasn't it?

Yeah, so, um... Your place this time?

Oh, um...

The place is just a darn mess.

Yeah, well, with little ones around, how can it ever not be, right?


Hey, I gotta run. See you soon, Vic.

Ok, um... listen, maybe [I'll pop in for a coffee sometime.

Surprise you.

J cos the world is so dark j but there's light deep inside you j we all have been hurt j and we all have been lied to j distracted before we know j we're distracted and so it goes

J cos the world is so dark j but there's light deep inside you j we all have been hurt j and we all have been lied to j distracted before we know j we're distracted and so it goes j distracted before we know j we're distracted and so it goes j so, after you finish that,

then we'll send the initial check. Ok? Will do.

Mr. cleek, may I say something?

Of course, yeah.

It's none of my business, really, but...

In this economy, are you sure you're not overextending?

Have you ever known me to let things get out of hand, Dorothy?

No. No. No.

That is a wonderful perfume. That's new, isn't it?

You like it? I do.

I like it very much. That's very nice, yeah.

Oh, no! Oh...

What did you do to your yourself?

Oh, I got too close to a sweet smelling lady and she just...

Mmm... Hey! Gimme some.

That's not a very nice way to ask.

Please, momma? I love you.

At the table.

What kind of cookie do you want? I want little men.

Hmm... this one?

No. Oh.

This one? No.


Do you think that animal lady would eat little men?

I don't know. I don't know if she's ever had cookies before.

Then why is she here?

Papa's helping her. You heard him.

Can I have another one?

Brian! What do you think you're doing?

Just wanted to see if she was ok.

Is that what you want me to tell your father?

Want a little man?

Hey! Your supposed to eat the head first!

Not me. I chop 'em.

Thanks, sis.

Well, hell, Deanna, I hated to have to write a check, it cost me a good neighbor, but if somebody had to, thought I could be of service.


Sure. No, think nothing of it.


No, belle and I'd be happy to help you with one of those bottles, no, but we can't tonight. No.

Um... we... we have a family thing tonight.


Another time, right?

All right. Good girl.

Ok, I'll be talkin' to you, Deanna. Ok, bye-bye.


Could you not?

I mean, I...

Don't forget about the dogs. It's Brian's turn.

Bri? On it, dad.

Grab the poop shovel while you're at it.

Shut up!

You want the goddamn hose?

Hey, girl.

Why don't you come out and eat?


You little bitch!

Peggy, can I talk to you for a sec?

I don't wanna be late for next period.

I'll write you a note. Have a seat for a sec.

Are you all right?

Yeah. Why?

Nausea. Baggy clothes.

Miss hindle tells me you've been sitting out of gym for weeks now.

Hey, I'm not stupid, Peggy.

Why don't you just mind your own business?

You are my business.

I'm gonna eat you!

Where have you been? Playing with the dogs a little.

Have you? Yeah.

I do that sometimes.

Huh. So, are we ready, belle?


Ok, then. Grab the buckets.

So how are we doin' today?

I hate to do this to you.

But with you I'm not taking any more chances.

We're gonna scrub her down, pop?

I've never seen or smelled anything that nasty before.

Well, your mother and I are gonna scrub her down, but first you're gonna clean up her mess.

Me? Grab the scoop shovel. Get a rag.

I guess we're gonna have to keep doing this until... we can get her, you know...

Potty trained? Exactly.


But I can help.

Shut the door.

Ok, let's go.

Get a bucket.

Thanks. Thank you.

Bastard! Demon!

Maybe we should let that cool off a bit before...

Belle, we both know the only way to get something clean is with good hot water.

Otherwise, we're just shuffling germs around if we use cold or... hell, even lukewarm.


See? Good.

Look. Lookie there.

Belle, I'm gonna need that other bucket.

Get the other bucket.

Don't look at me like you're jealous.

This has to be done, belle.

Would you bring the other bucket, please?



Good eye, belle.

I think I've got...

Yeah, I've got everything I need down here to fix that.

Oh, that... that's a good start. Thanks.

Ok, um... I'm gonna need you to get Brian.

Tell him to go to the wood shed and I want him to get, um... a log.

Tell him to cut it at six feet.

We can't clean her down here, we're gonna have to take her outside.

Ok? We're gonna need peg too. Thanks, belle.

You got it?

That's perfect. It's perfect. That'll do it.

Listen, go in the house, get your mom and peg.

Can I help? No, you've done enough already.

Dad wants you. He wants peg too.

Well, go get her.

Hey, peg!

Dad wants you!

Brian, go up and get her. Do not scream in my house!

Sorry. And go up to your room and stay in there while we're working, do you understand?




Peg! She's not clean.




Ladies, go get the towels and get that first aid kit.

Ok? Let's go.

You're learning.

J you're not who you say you are j but that doesn't matter to me j I'm not who I say I am j that's why you're perfect for me...

Dry her off.

Is it safe now?

Yeah. Don't worry.

Says the man with nine fingers.

Go ahead, hun.

Dry as a bone now.

We don't want her coming down with something.

Hun? Give me one of those cotton balls and, um... soaked in peroxide, please.

This is gonna hurt.

Ow, ow.

J and you could lie to me j always and constantly j I'll tear them all apart j to match your wounded heart... &

it buttons here and here, so you don't have to... Undo her or anything.

That's great.

Why don't you throw it on her?

It's ok, she's not gonna do anything.

This is just all new to her, that's all.

She's a little scared.

She has a lot of scars. What do you imagine she's been doing?

Maybe some day she can tell us. I don't think she likes it.

She's never had a dress on before, belle.

You probably didn't like it the first time you had a dress, huh?


She looks like one of those... Polygamist wives, doesn't she?


Whoa, slow down, slow down.

Thank you.

Thank you.


Thank... you.

Tank... 000.

Tank yoo.

Read my mind, babe.

Your kids still giving you a hard day?

No, they're fine.

What's with the paper?

It's a phone number and an address.

Peggy cleek's parents.

I'm pretty sure she's pregnant.

You are not thinking of telling them, are you?

Well, shouldn't I? Could make things worse.

It's gonna be very obvious very soon.

It's your call. I gotta go lock up.

I'll be back in a sec.

Hell, it never fails at dinner time.


Peg, would you see who that is, please?

I was on the phone all day.

Don't make that noise, hun, don't make that noise.

'Please leave a message.' dad? I don't like that noise.

'Hello. This is Genevieve raton, ' and this message is for Mr. or Mrs. cleek.

"Your daughter Peggy is a student in my geometry class..."

'Message erased. You have no new messages.'

J you make me act like such a fool j yeah, you make me bend the rules j and I'm beginning to think that you really don't suit me at all

j girl, you keep me out of sight j of involvements, satellite j and it really depends coming out with your friends j if I'm one of those you invite j it's all right j cause if I'm cool you will see the light j and if I'm true you will see that I'm right j you will see that I'm right

J well, I saw you out last night j you and your boyfriend had a fight j to take your running to me cos it's easy to see j that he doesn't treat you right j and I might j cause if I'm cool you will see the light j and if I'm true you will see that I'm right j you will see that I'm right j you will see that I'm right j and you will be all right

J cause if I'm cool...

J you will see the light j and if I'm true you will see that I'm right j you will see that I'm right j you will see that I'm right j and you will be all right j

J first, you wanted to be left alone...

Darlin', turn that down.

J but you end up feeling lonely...

Peggy, what are you doing? It's time for school.

Come on, I'm driving you today.

I don't feel so good, mom.

Can I stay at home today?

Peggy, there is nothing wrong with you.

You got a half-day today, huh? Yep.

What are you gonna do with all that free time?

Uh-uh. Uh-uh.

Well, don't do anything I wouldn't do. Ok, dad.

If I get up I'm gonna be sick.


I don't want Brian here alone after school, anyway.

J you wanted to belong j but you grew so cold to all the people who wanted something from you j took without asking always needing more, more, more...

Hey, Brian. What's up?

A bunch of us are going to the movies. Do you wanna come along?

I gotta head home. I got some stuff to do.

Ok, then. Maybe next time. Sure. Next time.

Bye, Brian.

J just wanted to be happy j yeah, that's what really hurts

j that's what really hurts

j that's what really hurts

j but you end up feeling lonely

j and you end up feeling cold...

J that's what really hurts

j that's what really hurts j

Who the hell doesn't like cookies?

What the fuck?

What the hell are you doing, Brian?

You're in trouble now, you little shit!

Get out of here! You're sick!

I'm so sorry...

About all of this.

Thank you...


Darlin', go to your room. Why? I didn't do anything.

Honey, this isn't about you. This is about your brother.

Go to your room, good girl.

Do you know what your son did?

Do you wanna know?

I'm not sure I do.

He didn't think anyone was home today.

So he went down there. With her.

Had her dress off. Had her naked.

He was touching her.

And touching himself.

If peg hadn't caught him at it there's no telling what would have gone on down there.

Is this true, son?

Peg caught him! Didn't you hear me?

Why the hell are you asking him is it true?

Calm down, belle.

He had one hand on her and the other down his goddamn jeans, Chris!

I'm telling you to take it easy.

You better look at me when I'm talkin' to you.

Is this true?

Ok, so no one was hurt?

N... no.


No one was hurt.

He's a boy.

He's an adolescent. Adolescents have urges.

Boys will be boys.

And, you know, now that she's cleaned up, I have to say, she's not half bad to look at, you know what I mean?

I can't fucking do this anymore!

You... you can't do this to us, Chris.

Have you lost your mind?

You can't just stand there and smile when your own son thinks it's ok to...

To what?

You are an officer of the court!

She is a human being!

Do you know what would happen to all of us if you got caught?

Just what's going on with the goddamn dogs out there is enough to put you in prison.

Anophthalmia, belle.

It's your shame.

Anophthalmia, you remember that? Do you?

I never condoned what you did.


You can't just keep putting one thing on top of the other and expect to get away with it forever.


I've... I've had it!


So what are you gonna do? I mean, what... what is your plan?

What? I don't...

I just would like to know.

What the fuck you think you're gonna do about it?

I'm... I'm leaving.

I'm leaving you, Chris. Hmm...

And I'm... I'm taking the girls with me.

You can have your little rapist son to yourself.

You're already teaching him every goddamn thing he needs to know, aren't you?

You can damn well burn together, the two of you.

But you are not hurting my girls anymore.

It's over. Right now.

You can't do this to us, Chris! I can't do this!

I can't?

I can't?

She'll be fine.

She's ok.

Get a cold cloth for your mother, peg.

Peg, let's go!

Why don't you answer the door? See who it is.

Miss raton? Peggy. Hi.

You gonna invite me in?

Um... this really isn't the time.

Sure it is, Peggy.

Hey, I'm not here to hurt you.

I wanna help.

You can't help. Well, how do you know that?

I just do.

I know doctors, counselors, all kinds of people.

I said this isn't the time, miss raton!

Peg, where are your manners?

Hi, come on in. Thank you.

Miss...? Raton.

Raton. I remember. Yeah.

Um... geometry. Yes.

Geometry, that's right. I met you at, um... parents' night.

Yes. Please, have a seat.

Can I get you anything?

Are you thirsty? Would you like some...

No. Soda pop or coffee, nothing?

May I speak with you and your wife privately, Mr. cleek?

Please call me Chris, miss, um... raton.

Chris. And you are...?



Genevieve. That's a beautiful name.

She's really not feeling very well. She's having herself a little power nap.

So this is about peg, I gather? Yes.

Then I suppose she should hear it. My son as well.

We have no secrets in this family, miss raton.

Brian? Come here, son.

I've observed some... distressing behavior as of late, Mr. cleek.

Hmm... Chris.


Peggy isn't looking well.

She's had to rush out to use the ladies rest room several times during class.

Her studies are off, and she's taken to wearing clothes that are much too big for her.

Well, she does like to wear my sweats.

Does Peggy have a boyfriend, do you know, Mr. cleek?


And I would know if she did.


I believe that, um... Peggy is pregnant, Mr. cleek.

Pregnant? I am not!

What makes you think that Peggy is pregnant, miss raton?

Well, she's showing, Mr. cleek.

Not very much right now, but that won't last much longer.

Do any of your colleagues concur with this opinion, miss raton?

I would... I wouldn't know. I haven't discussed it with them.

I thought it best to come directly to you and your wife.

It was good of you to do so.

I thought teachers were supposed to listen, but you're not very good at listening, are you, miss raton?

Because I told you Peggy does not have a boyfriend and that if she did I would know about it. Did I not say that?

Well, yes, but...

So you're accusing... Brian?

He's just a boy.

Absolutely not!

So you're accusing me?

No. No, I...

Um... No. You're accusing me?


You come to my house and you accuse me of something like that.

I said nothing of the sort, Mr. cleek.

I know you didn't say anything of the sort.

It's what you haven't said.

You think I'm stupid?

Do you think I'm stupid?

No. Miss raton?

Yes? You don't really...

Think that I would wanna miss out on heaven, do you?

Hey, Brian? Would you get the rope?


Daddy! Daddy, please stop!

Daddy, please, please, she's my teacher!

Please, she's my friend, daddy!

Your friend? Your friend, is that what you said?

Well, your friend just came to expose you for the little slut whore that you are!

Daddy... daddy, you can't!

You can't! Ow!

Daddy, you can't! Daddy, you can't!

You can't! You can't! You can't!

I am so fucking sick of 'you can't' from the women in this family!

Your mother, your idiot sisters, you!

Please, let me go. I swear I won't tell on you.

Yeah, I know you won't.

You know what?

Make that all women.

Make that all women.

Because you're leeches, every one of you suck a man dry, who works like a dog every day and you suck him dry!


Stop this! Shut up, lady!

Do you know what you're good for, peg? Do you?

You and every other whining bitch, you're good for one thing and one thing only and half the time you're miserable at that.

You think I don't know who you are?

You think I don't know?

You're no different than that thing... That thing in the cellar.

That's where you all belong! Each and every cunting one of you!

Oh! No! No!

Brian, I lost my composure there.

I got a little emotional.

Never let emotions get the best of you, ok?

Ok. Good.

I want you to get the door, son. We'll handle this one right away.

No! No!

No, please, help me!

I swear I won't tell!

Hold on to her! I got her, dad.


Momma, what's happening to the doggies?

It's ok, come here, honey.

Go to your room and lock the door.

That's a very bad idea.

Bad idea.

Can you say anophthalmia?

Oh, yeah, sister, let's see what you can do!


Peggy? What have you done?

She doesn't even look real anymore, does she, dad?

She does to me, son.

Listen, I want you to go to the house, wake your mom up.

Get some cleaning supplies, some lawn and leaf bags, ok?

They're never gonna be able to eat all this.

Sure, dad.

Get me a soda pop while you're at it.

Get jacked up on that caffeine...


Stay with me, ok?

I want mommy! I want mommy!

Shit! He's got his keys!

Ok, don't drop that.



Hey, it's the lady and sister.



For the child, mother.


J let's set sail with the animals j gotta get up to the big botanical j gotta get outta here, gotta get outta here j feel my life is too mechanical j what if I'm wrong? What if I'm right?

J really doesn't matter if I sleep through the night j am I a fool? Am I crazy?

J work real hard but I'd rather be lazy j gotta get outta here, gotta get right j even if I had the power of flight, oh j I'm so tired j I can't leave the ground j