The Woodsman (2004) Script

On your left.

On your right.

You must check in with your P.O. once a week.

Your P.O. is entitled to visit at any time.

You cannot come within 300 feet of--

You must register immediately upon return--

Hey, Bob.

It's good to see you.

That's Mary-Kay.

Look, the only reason I'm doing this is 'cause I know you did good work for my father.

So you be here on time. You do your work.

I don't want any kind of problem, period.

God, that looks awful.


Now, this looks good.

Mmm. Want some?

Homemade. No, thanks.

You won't taste a better chicken salad in town.

I said no, thank you.

I'm sorry. I-- I got to get back to work.

So, how are you adjusting? I'm adjusting okay.

And your new apartment? Apartment's okay.

How's the job? The job's okay.

Do I take "okay" to mean you feel good about working there?

I said the job's okay.

That's right. You did.

Vicki! Fuck you, asshole.

Come on. What's wrong, huh? Kiss my ass.

Boy, you still think fast.

You don't need to think fast to handle a beer.

Well, it took some talking to convince your super I was a relative.

Yeah, well, I told her all my relatives were good-looking.

Jesus Christ, man, it's good to see you. Yeah, you too.

You look good. Damn good-- considering you're an old man now.

Feels like the whole world's gotten younger.

So, you're doing okay?

Yeah, I'm okay.

How's business? Booming.

Can't keep up with the work. In fact, I just hired a few new guys.

Just-- Just until, you know, we catch up.

Living across the street from a grade school. Jesus.

Something wrong with that?

Mmm. I'm just thinking of the noise.

It's the only landlord in town who'll take my money.

So, how's Annette?

A little tense.

You know, you're the only member of the family still speaking to me.

Yeah, well, I remember when they all gave Annette shit... because she married the brown-skinned boy from down the street-- except her brother.

And what about Annette?

I'm workin' on it.

So how old is Carla?