The World of the Married S1E10 Script

Episode #1.10 (2020)

(A World of Married Couple)

(A World of Married Couple)

(All characters, organizations, places, and events are fictional.)

Let me go.

I can't do that. I already saw what you did.

I said let me go.

Can you tell me why you did this?

Why do you care?

What's going on?

Is this your car, sir? Yes.

Hey, aren't you Dr. Ji's son?

Hey, wait... It's okay.

Don't bother.

Excuse me.

But may I ask who you are?

What kind of emotion do you think is left between those two?

Hatred? Resentment?

Is it something along those lines?

It could be an obsession, pity, or affection.

But I can't quite tell yet.

One person needs to break down in order for it to be clear.

If there's any flame left, we should pour more gasoline to check.

I just want my daughter to be happy.

Must you really see this through?

Even though you don't know what might happen?

Don't you also want to check?

From what I know, you're very fond of Dr. Ji.

You're mistaken.

I don't have any personal feelings for her.

All I did was make her feel comfortable around me... so she would engage more in counselling.

That's quite unexpected.

That's how I can find out what she's really thinking.

Do you know how it feels to loathe someone?

You just can't stand seeing that person around you.

Either that person needs to die, or you need to die.

One person needs to disappear in order for the hatred to end.

I don't know about others, but I know exactly what you mean.

What you're feeling right now...

is love.

Shut your mouth.

Do you think I'm anything like you?

Dad, how do I look?

Son, you look amazing.

Gosh, who do you take after?

I take after Mom.

Mom's here.

You look beautiful. You're so pretty.

I'm one lucky guy.

My goodness.

Okay, let's start the shoot.

Isn't she gorgeous? Gosh, stop it.

What? It's true. You're beautiful.

Gosh, you're being so corny. Stop it, Dad.

Okay, fine. My goodness.

But seriously. You look really pretty.

What are you doing here again?

Where do you think you're going?

If you have something to say, we can talk outside.

Is it okay... if your wife finds out that you keep coming here?

How long are you going to harass me like this?

All I want is to live comfortably in my hometown.

Is that too much to ask?

That's what I want to ask.

You're the one who's harassing me.

What were you watching?

You're the best.

I love you.

Did you not throw this away yet?

Do you watch it whenever you can?

Don't tell me... you were hoping I'd come back to you.

Just the sight of you makes me uncontrollably angry.

Thanks to you, I have a prior for assault... and had a restraining order keeping me from my only son!

It still makes my blood boil.

What are you imagining about me?

And what are you expecting from me by coming here...

at this hour?

Just be honest.

Ask. Beg. Tell me what you want from me.

Although that won't change anything.

I don't know what I may do...

if you keep resisting.

So I beg you...

please disappear from my life.

I'll be fine if you're gone.

Without you,

my life is perfect.

Sun Woo.

Look at these pictures.

We're perfect, don't you think?

Without you, my life is perfect.

(A World of Married Couple)

I'm glad you're here. Good thinking.

Our success rate is just as high as most hospitals in Seoul.

It isn't too late, is it?

Obviously, it's not early.

We'll know the details once we run some tests, but we have a pretty good success rate with harder cases.

You know stress decreases your chances, right?

First, shall we begin with the basic tests?


How long must we wait?

My appointment was for a while ago. Why won't you check?

I have a dentist appointment.

You're making me late.

We're sorry. Please wait a short while.

We can't just wait endlessly. What are they doing?

I don't have time. What's going on?

Dr. Ji isn't in yet. She isn't here yet?

Darn it. Did you try calling?

This has never happened before.

Doctor. I'm sorry.

I'm sorry. We can start right away.

Give me the charts.

Dr. Ji. Are you just getting in?

You're late. Yes, a little.

She must have drunk again last night.

Ha Neul. Yes?

Please escort them. Yes, doctor.

Hello. Please come with me.



This is Ms. Ko Ja Sung. Hello.

I'm sorry.

I was late because I wasn't feeling well this morning.

I understand. It's because you have a lot on your mind.

I'll be careful.

Tell me if it's too hard. I'll adjust your workload.

There's no need.

I've done my job without a hitch, and I will continue to do so.

Do you know... whether Kim Yoon Ki has a personal tie... with Chairman Yeo Byung Kyu?

Why are you staring at me? Do you need to say something?

I thought it over, and I think you're right.

What matters most to me right now is Joon Young.

Which gets me to my point.

What do you think about being the associate director?

If you'd take on the role, I'd be able to step down without worry.

I like things the way they are.

It wouldn't help the hospital much.

Someone who's more zealous than I am should do it.

Are you really not interested?

No, I'm not.

Is everything okay?

There are a few more to go.

Maybe we should've come sooner.

You would've worried less then.

It's okay. I'm not worried.

Even if we can't get pregnant...

I'll be grateful to you.

Mr. Son Je Hyuk, come in.

I'll be quick.

Have a nice day. Thank you.

(Phone, Min Hyun Seo)

The person you have reached is not available.

Hyun Seo.

I'm worried, so please text me at least.

(Hyun Seo. I'm worried, so please text me at least.)

I'm stepping out for an hour.

Adjust my appointments for me.

Sorry? Sorry?

Why does she have so many personal matters?

Women can never keep their personal lives... out of the workplace when anything happens.


Oh my gosh. You don't mean "women", but Sun Woo.

It's unfair if you lump us all together.

Please wait a few minutes. Okay.

Ms. Ko Ye Rim.

They're ready for Ms. Ko Ye Rim. Did she go somewhere?

I'll look for her.

I told you not to come looking for me.

You met with Park In Kyu, didn't you?

Don't try to fool me.

I changed my number... and tried to hide.

Somehow he found me again and showed up.

Hyun Seo.

Do you need me to help you?

He can't find out I'm seeing you.

Hurry and leave.

Also, don't ever come looking for me again.

I thought you were going to the washroom. What are you doing?

Who is that? Is that Dr. Ji?

What brought her here?

Is it her day off?

What was that? Is she going to ignore us now?


We can meet there before we head over to Da Kyung's together.

Okay. Bye now.

Your dad cannot go a day without seeing Jenny.

We better ask your helper to prepare dinner.

I should call Tae Oh to come home early too.


We'll escort you to the massage room.

This person asked for you, Hyun Seo.

Hey, Yes? you lost weight. Yes.

Don't go on a diet. Please give me a strong massage today.

I need a strong one.

Aren't you going to escort me?

Please follow me.

Did you try calling? Yes.

Did you look everywhere? Yes.

Where did she go?

What's the matter?

Did something happen?


It's Je Hyuk and Ye Rim.

They came to get consultation and tests done for infertility.

Then Ye Rim suddenly disappeared without a word.

She disappeared suddenly?

Gosh, she won't pick up.

Where did she go?

What is it? What are you doing?

If you're free, do you want to grab some drinks?

No, not today.

Why not? Are you busy?

I'm a little dazed right now.

Let's talk later.

Good work.

Since when did you start working here?

Were you still in contact with Ji Sun Woo?

Did she tell you...

I'm a member here?

I worked here for a bit over a year.

It took me a while to get my license.

I heard that you moved back to Gosan recently.

I didn't think I'd run into you here.

Do you still report to her... about what I do?

Are you nervous?



I heard you got married, but you don't look happy for some reason.

I guess I can understand.

A man who cheated once... will most likely cheat again.

"And some very big snakes..."

"and meat-eating fish live in the river."

That's it for today's class.

Now everybody, don't forget about your homework... that's due tomorrow.

That's a one-page essay on the Amazon. All right?

I'm not taking anything late, so make sure you do it. Okay?

Everybody, have a nice day.

Have a nice day. Have a nice day.

(Yoon No Eul)

Lee Joon Young, I need to talk to you.


Are they dating?

Maybe they really are.

What's going on? What is this?

Are you two dating?

Did you see that?

Will they become the first couple in our class?

Why do you care if I steal and do stupid things?

What you're doing... has lots to do with me.

You shouldn't do that even if other people do it.

You should tell Hae Kang the truth... and promise you'll never do it again.

Just go and tell him I stole it.

I don't care, so do what you want.


Darn it.

It's because of people like you...

I get blamed too.

Because of troublemakers like you, kids of divorced parents are criticized.

Do you have to make it that obvious?

Lee Joon Young.

Do you...

have something going on with Yoon No Eul?

No way.

Are you two really dating?

Are you crazy?

Then can you help me?

I like her. Can you help me?

You're closer to her than I am.

Jenny is making me curry.

Of course, I came home early since your parents are coming.

Where are you?

I'm almost home, and my parents will arrive soon.

I'll see you soon.


Jenny, your mom is almost here.

Make me curry. I'm starving.

Yum. Yum.

What? That can't be your mom.

Let's go see who's here.

Come on.

(Front door)

(Front door)

Did he pick up or not?

What are you doing here?

How dare you come here?

(Front door)

I'm also sick and tired of doing this.

So hurry up and give me what you promised.


I'll call you tomorrow, so leave.

Leave right now.

(End call)

Hey, Jenny. I'm home.

Was someone here?

Yes, he wanted me to subscribe to a newspaper, and I said no.

Who reads newspapers these days? He's wasting his time.

Right, honey?

I'm going to get changed.


My goodness, look at her eating chicken.

She eats so well.

Look at you.

Have another sip of water. Drink it slowly.

There we go.

Da Kyung, you should eat, too.


Do you need something? No.

I'll look after Jenny. You should eat comfortably.

Jenny, let's eat outside so your mommy can eat.

Come on. Go on.

There we go. My goodness.

Your dad never helped me look after you.

Tae Oh is very considerate when it comes to stuff like this.

Enjoy your meal. Okay.

Jenny, let's go play.

Come on.

She's adorable. Look at her. This way?

Let's go.

About Tae Oh...

It looks like he still keeps in touch with Dr. Ji.

Yes, I know.

Tae Oh tells me everything.

He always tells me what it's about.

And that doesn't bother you?

Their son lives with her, so I should understand.

I expected that much when we decided to move back here.

What is it?

Are you worried because of her?

I'm not bothered by her.

So you shouldn't be bothered by her either.

I trust Tae Oh, and things are fine between us.

Do you remember what I told you when I let you marry him?

I told you that you're always free to come back if you're not happy.

Yes, of course. I remember.


You know I love you, right?

No, not really.

Hey, Mr. Lee.

I'm sorry to call you at such a late hour.

Can you withdraw 10,000 dollars in cash... from the emergency fund tomorrow?


Have it ready before you get off work.

Would you also like a glass?


Someone told me...

that once a cheater is always a cheater.

I bet you've also heard of that.

Does that... bother you?

How about you?

What we had wasn't just a fling.

It doesn't matter what people say.

We both know they're wrong.

Don't let them hurt you like that.

It hurts to see you upset like this.

You're right.

I was always proud of our love.

But why now?

We're even married now.

So I don't get why I'm so bothered by that saying.

I don't care what other people say.

It's just that I can't stop thinking about it.

That's what bothers me so much.


(Missed call from Hubby)

(Ko Ye Rim)


Ye Rim.


Where did she go?


Honey, what happened?

I came to my parents'.

You should've called and said you were going.

I looked all over for you.

What happened? Is something wrong?

Why weren't you answering your phone?


I heard some good news.

Will you be named the associate director soon?

Where did you hear that?

It's our job to visit hospitals.

The walls have ears.

Just wait.

Soon, you'll be coming to our hospital often.

Yes. You're the best.

Want to grab coffee?

You have a guest. He's a friend from high school.

Hello. I'm Woo Ho Sang.

You're the assistant director, Dr. Ji Sun Woo, correct?

I've heard a lot about you.

He's good friends with Tae Oh too.

I see. I'll let you two talk.

Why did you say that? You made her uncomfortable.

What is there to be uncomfortable about?

Excuse me.

Who is that in Dr. Sul's office?

He looks familiar.

He's from Jaeho Medicine.

He's a medical equipment sales rep.

He's coming often recently.

Thanks. My pleasure.

Dr. Ji.

Can we chat?

(Family Love Hospital Director Kong Ji Chul)

I'm thinking of making...

Kim Yoon Ki the associate director.

Sir. The chairperson and I... discussed it and decided carefully based on the circumstances.

Please follow the hospital's decision.

Was it Chairman Yeo Byung Kyu? Dr. Ji.

Was it Chairman Yeo?

We're receiving a donation in TO Pictures' name.

100,000 dollars a year for 10 years.

The board has to approve it, but that's just a formality.

Train Dr. Kim and pass everything off to him... little by little before the official announcement.

The director paged me. Do you know what it's about?

What's wrong?

What is it?

Congratulations on becoming the associate director.

Please take charge and do your best since you have to do it anyway.


Associate director? Me?

I didn't want to believe it.

I didn't realize Kim Yoon Ki would swoop in for the kill.

I suspected him ever since he stuck to you, smiling... and acting like he was being considerate.

His treating Joon Young was all part of his plan.

I feel so betrayed.

You must feel worse.

I understand you donated a large sum, but it's improper to meddle in HR matters of the hospital.

I'd like you to leave Gosan.

I'll provide whatever amount you need to start over.

You've crossed the line.

There's no line I cannot cross.

I plan to do anything and everything for my daughter's happiness.

If it's for your daughter's happiness, you should've kept Tae Oh away.

She was young and smart.

Don't you think it's a waste?

It is a waste.

Her becoming a mom at such a young age, and a problematic husband.

That's why I'm removing all the obstacles in her way.

And that is me.

Someone still hung up on her ex-husband... doesn't belong near my daughter.

With this, I no longer have a line I cannot cross either.

Since I must protect my son and myself.

You know Gosan is in the palm of my hand.

It would be best for you to do as I say.

Dr. Ji. Hello, ma'am.

What brings you here?

You're clearly not here to golf.

I came to see someone.

I heard the news from Dr. Kong.

I heard you're resigning from your associate director position.


I'll get going.

I feel sorry for you since you had to leave after working so hard, but you should let work stay at work.

It doesn't look good for him... to be seen with a divorced woman at a bar late at night.

It could damage his dignity.

People might think it's indecent, and I feel humiliated by it too.

He withdrew 10,000 dollars in cash from the emergency fund.

How much is it in total?

Up to now, he took 40,000 dollars.

The person you have reached is not available.


(Where are you? What's wrong?)

At least tell me the reason.

Why are you...

(At least tell me the reason. Why are you...)


The person you have reached is not available.

Darn it.

Joy. Where is Joy?

She quit.

She doesn't work here anymore.


(Lee Tae Oh)

I told you to be good to your wife, didn't I?

What are you talking about?

Joy... has a temper, doesn't she?

What is this?

Is this your doing?

I didn't push you to do anything.

She wanted to date, so I was reminded of you and gave her a tip.

I didn't think you'd fall for the trap so easily.

Don't blame me for being a fool.

This happened... because you're a jerk.

How do you know Chairman Yeo?

Come inside to talk.

Do you want some tea?

I said, how do you know him?

Did you eat dinner? What did you conspire with him?

He asked me for a favour, so I'm consulting him.

What did he ask you for?

Did he ask you to do a psychiatric evaluation on me?

Were you promised the associate director's position?

How can you call yourself a doctor?

This might sound strange, but I did it for you.

I had to find out what Chairman Yeo was thinking.

He's someone who can threaten you anytime.

You're crazy.

Stop fighting them back when they provoke you.

How can you say that after stabbing me in the back?

I don't care about the position.

I'll step down when the time comes.

It can't be helped at the moment... since I have to convince Chairman Yeo.

I have to protect you.

I believed you.

That's why I showed everything inside me without hesitation.

But how could you sell me off?

You're not a doctor!

Don't you ever get close to my son again.


Yes, Joon Young.

When are you coming home?

I'm almost home.

Is everything okay?

I think something happened... at Ye Rim's house.

Calm down.

Please, listen to me.

Ye Rim. Please, Ye Rim.

Why are they fighting?

What's going on? My goodness.

Please stop.

Stop doing this.

Please stop.

I think the man wronged her.

Ye Rim.

Please. Let's talk about it.

I'll send the divorce papers to your office when they're ready.





Ye Rim.

I'm sorry.

I was out of my mind.

Please don't do this.

Let's talk face to face.

I'm sorry about everything...

What's going on?

What did you do to make her so angry?

It was Tae Oh.

Tae Oh did this.

I know what I did was wrong.

But it was a trap.

I fell for his trap.

What are you talking about? I don't get what you're saying.

He was the one... who made her seduce me... and gave her Ye Rim's number so she could send her photos... of us in bed together.

It was all part of his plan.

You never know what he might do to you.

So you'd better be prepared.

If you don't want to be in my shoes, you'd better stay alert.

That jerk...

has gone nuts.

I don't know what I may do... if you keep resisting.

So I beg you...

please disappear from my life.

What brings you here? You didn't even call.

Today's your day off, isn't it?

Let's go.

Go where?

You'll see.

Come on.


Pick one. Choose what you want.


They're all so pretty. I don't know which one to choose.

How about this one?

Can we take a look at this one? Sure. That's a great choice.


Hyun Seo, give me your hand. What?

Try it on. Oh, okay.

What do you think?

I think it's pretty. Do you like it?

Yes, it's pretty. Right?

But it looks too expensive.

(872 dollars, 1,102 dollars)

We'll take this one.


Do you know how much this costs?

I can afford this much.

After we check your size, you can come back for it in a week.

Just a second. Okay.


This is going to be our wedding ring.

So please be careful with them. Okay.

(Family Medicine Doctor Ji Sun Woo)

Here are the test results.

Oh, dear. I was right. You have the flu.

I'll prescribe you some medicine. You should get some good rest.

No wonder I felt so tired and lethargic.

Would you like an IV?

No, it's not that bad.

By the way, did you hear about Ye Rim and her husband?

The entire neighbourhood has been talking about them.

She even put the house up for sale.

I guess she's going to get a divorce and leave Gosan.

I didn't know that.

Getting a divorce isn't always the right answer.

Young people these days... think of divorce so easily.

Maybe she finds it meaningless to hold onto a broken marriage.

It's not easy to live as a divorced woman.

People get suspicious the moment you have a drink... with your boss outside of work.

People are still quite biased.

I'm sure you know that better than anyone.

Two years ago,

I should've accepted that our marriage was over.

I tried so hard to make it work, but it was just an empty shell.

I remember... proudly telling you that I'm going to protect my family.

But look what happened.

I shouldn't have...

gotten the two of you involved between me and Tae Oh.

I feel so sorry.

I don't know what to say.

Now that it's over,

I finally realize... that I wasn't holding onto our marriage...

out of love. I was just being obstinate.

I learned that it's useless to be obsessed... and that it only worsens your pain.

Sun Woo.

You should also...

stop thinking about Tae Oh.

Free yourself from him.

Just forget about everything and leave this place.

Who cares if he wants revenge? Just don't interact with him.

But you're still here fighting back.

And that just seems like an obsession to me.

What's marriage?

And what's divorce?

Some people stay married... even though they know it's an empty shell.

On the other hand, I let go.

We're no longer together.

So I don't get...

why we can't be free from each other.

It's not like that with everyone.

That's all on you.

If you keep fighting each other, this will never end.

I personally think... you're no different from Tae Oh.

Take it.

What's this?

Will it be enough if I give you this much money every month?

You can quit working here whenever you want.

I'm capable of making a living for you.

What do you think? Do you see a future with us now?

Isn't this enough to impress you?

May I ask what kind of a job you got?

Why are you asking that?

Don't you trust me?

Where are you staying?

(Min Hyun Seo)

In Kyu came to see me.

Are you okay?

He has a lot of money.

I think your suspicions were right.

Do you know where he is right now?

Can we talk?

That's quite the scar.

It wouldn't have scarred... if you had treated it right away.

Did you see a doctor?

Say what you came to say.

I don't feel like talking to you.

I know...

Tae Oh hired you to do what you did to me.

Breaking into my house, using Joon Young...

to threaten me. All of it.

Do you have proof? The scar on your face.

How much did Tae Oh order you to do?

Did he say to threaten me until I leave this town?

Or did he say...

to kill me?

Have you no fear?

Should I... finish what I couldn't do before? How much did he promise you?

Was it worth your future? What gibberish.

I'm asking if it was worth your future.

Who are you to talk about my future?

You're the reason I went to jail!

You're the one who has to pay... for the things that you do.

Didn't you learn from experience?

Do you think Tae Oh will take care of you for life?

Tae Oh put you up to it, right?

You did as he instructed, right?

Tell me the truth.

Then I'll ask the police to go easy on you.

Get out of my home.

Tell me that Tae Oh hired you to do it.

I said to get lost.

I knew it. No.


Give it back!

Give it to me!

(There are no audio files)

Give it back!

Please stop, In Kyu.

You're still too young...

to ruin your life.

Get lost...

before I kill you.

Can we talk?

That's quite the scar.

It wouldn't have scarred...

Did you record him?

I did, but I couldn't get him to admit it.

Get in.


Min Hyun Seo quit.


She went out and when she got back, she suddenly quit... and packed up her things and left.

We're stunned too.

Did she say where she was going?

I don't know.

I think she was moving to another city.

Something like Ulsan or Busan.

Hyun Seo!

Hyun Seo!

Min Hyun Seo!

Hyun Seo!

(Lee Tae Oh)

What do you mean, you want more money?

I gave you everything you asked for!

Our arrangement is over.

Ji Sun Woo took Hyun Seo!

Bring me 30,000 dollars before I tell her everything... to Dosan Station. Right now.

I'll go now.

Don't do anything if you want the money.

Darn it!

I'll kill that jerk.

Do you have a place to stay?

I have a friend in Ulsan.

She says there's an opening at the factory she works at.

I plan on going there.

Forget about everything that happened here,

and live a good life there.

I won't contact you anymore.

I won't either.

Don't even think about coming back here.

Thank you.


Let's go.


(Min Hyun Seo)

The person you have reached is not available.

Please stand back.

Please stand back. Gosh.

My goodness.

How did this happen? I feel sorry for them.

This is so scary. Please step back.

(A World of Married Couple)

I heard someone died at Gosan Station last night.

Let's leave Gosan... once he brings me the money.

Do you really think we have hope?

It's time that you stop.

Let me go. I think it's the person I've been looking for.

Did you see that person fall?

I was there passing by.

Do you recognize the scarf?

The person who died at Gosan Station... must've been Dr. Ji's acquaintance.

Do you think I pushed that person?

There are tons of CCTVs at Gosan Station.

But they just happened to be checking their server that night.

They said none of the footage got recorded.

We can't let Da Kyung find out.

We need to keep this to ourselves until the day we die.

Are you Mr. Lee Tae Oh?

You need to come with us.

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