The World of the Married S1E11 Script

Episode #1.11 (2020)

(A World of Married Couple)

(A World of Married Couple)

(All characters, organizations, places, and events are fictional.)

Ji Sun Woo.

If only we never met her.

Darn it.

You and I...

Our lives were ruined...

because we met her.

Once he brings the money, you and I will leave Gosan.


Let's go where nobody knows us... and start over, okay?

Okay, Hyun Seo?


No... No?

No. I don't want to.

I said I've changed.

I won't hurt you anymore.

Please... Don't leave me, okay?

You can't leave me.

There's no hope for us.

There isn't?

Even if we win the lottery,

we'd still have no hope.

If I stay with you,

my life will always be a mess, just like today.

So please...

let's stop.



Hyun Seo.

Hyun Seo.

Hyun Seo.

(Min Hyun Seo)

(Ji Sun Woo)

Please stand back.

Come with me.

Wait. I need to check something.

It may be the person I'm looking for.

It's a man.

It isn't the person you're looking for.

No good will come of staying here, so let's go.

(Friday, January 3rd, 1am)

Did you get hurt?

No. I got something on me.

(Episode 11)

Mom, did you hear?

Someone died at Gosan Station last night.

Who says? It was on the news.

Everyone's going crazy about it on social media.

Hurry up and eat or you'll be late for school.

But if you went all the way to a train station, wouldn't you jump onto the tracks?

Isn't it strange how they jumped from the rooftop?

Didn't you say you have an English exam today?

People think it wasn't suicide.

What do you think?

You'll concentrate this time, won't you?

You made a mistake last time because you got distracted.

It was a question you knew too.

(A Man in His 30s Falls to His Death at Gosan Station)

Someone fell from Gosan Station and died.

He died in the heart of the city...

(Doctor Kim Yoon Ki)

Can we talk for a moment?

Come in.

Where were you last night?

At the office. With who?

By myself. When did you leave the office?

I'm not sure.

Around 12:30am?

It shows that he left the office around 10:30pm.

That's the time recorded on our security system, and there are no records of him returning.

Why do you ask?

I heard someone died at Gosan Station last night.

I heard it was Park In Kyu.

How did you know that?

I was passing by because I had some business to attend.

Darn it!

I'll kill that jerk.

But I heard someone fell to their death there.

What is this?

What happened?

And that's where I saw you.

You just happened to be at Gosan Station... at the time of the accident, and you just... happened to see me?

That's right.

It just happened coincidentally.

How did you know... it was Park In Kyu who died?

I said, how did you know it was Park In Kyu who died?

Aren't you going to answer me? I saw him fall.

He's the one... you reported for breaking into your house and blackmailing.

So? I didn't think it'd be good... for you to be at the scene.

Do you think...

I pushed him?

That didn't occur to me.

Anyway, the police know you're not on good terms... with Park In Kyu.

I thought something troublesome might happen later.

That's why I took you away.

You thought so far ahead.

You sure are a quick thinker.

I tend to be that way.

Is that all? Why?

Do you have any more questions?



I'm so sorry, Dr. Ji.

I ruined everything.

Where are you right now? What happened?

It wasn't me.

It wasn't me, Dr. Ji.

He appeared...

out of nowhere.


Who are you talking about?

The police called you just a moment ago.

They want to question you as a testifier.


They said you were the last person Park In Kyu spoke to on the phone.

Is this true?

Lee Tae Oh.


That man named Lee Tae Oh.

(A World of Married Couple)

(CEO Lee Tae Oh)

Are you hungry too, Jenny?

Your husband is stalking me.

I'm trying to get rid of her from our lives.

Okay. Here.

Give one to the rabbit.

Where did it start to go wrong?

You shouldn't have stepped back so easily from the start.

You should've stayed for better or worse.

Sure you have your pride, but you were left with nothing.

Only other people benefited from what you did.

Are you saying it was wrong to get a divorce?

What are you saying?

I'm talking about the associate director position.

I heard Kim Yoon Ki declined the offer.

It was presented to him on a silver platter.

Do you know anything about why he declined?

If you're so curious, ask Dr. Kong.

Just tell him you want the associate director position.

Gosh, how could I do that?

Yes, Ye Rim.


Hey, Sun Woo.

Do you have time to chat?

(Son Je Hyuk Chartered Accountants)

Sorry, I'm a bit busy right now.

The police came.

Remember the guy who broke into Ms. Ji Sun Woo's house?

Was it him?

You were the one who called the police.

I'm not sure.

I bumped into him in the dark.

So I didn't get to see his face.

Have you seen this scarf before?

What should I do, Sun Woo?

Should I not have said anything to the police? Did I make a mistake?

I see.

I'll call you back, ma'am.

I need to see a patient.

What did you say to the police?

Don't ask.

It's none of your business.

(Son Je Hyuk, Ko Ye Rim)

I didn't even think of hiring an attorney.

Don't make it sound like you're doing me a favour.

I'm the one... who's giving you what you want.

I'm letting you go... so you can live however you want.

What if this isn't what I want? Then can I just rip this?

I don't think...

I can live without you.

You don't need to feel sorry.

I really mean it.

I guess you don't believe me.

Make sure you come to court.

What did you say to the police?

What happened?

It's not about me.

It's regarding Sun Woo.

Do you recognize that scarf?

It's mine.

I gave it to Min Hyun Seo.

Why do you think...

Park In Kyu was holding onto this when he died?

I don't know.

I'm also curious myself.

When did you last meet Min Hyun Seo?

It was at Gosan Station.

She was heading to a friend's house, and I said goodbye to her there.

That's when I gave her my scarf.

I see.

You'll have to get investigated as a witness pretty soon.

Of course. I'll fully cooperate.

Call me if you have any other questions.

Was he here to see Dr. Ji? What's going on?

Hello, sir.


What's going on? A detective just came by.


The person who died at Gosan Station... must've been Dr. Ji's acquaintance.

Why does she always bring trouble to the hospital?


May I talk to you for a moment?

The associate director?

That's what you want to talk about?

I'm already going through enough. Let's talk about it next time.

Based on my years of experience and level of contribution, I think I'm more than qualified.

I really worked hard, sir.

I know you worked hard.

Then you should give me a chance.

I'd love to give you a chance.

But you're still single.

What? Why are you so ambitious... when you don't even have a family to feed?

Dr. Kim is single, too. My gosh, come on.

Men and women are different.

So it's okay for a guy but not okay for a woman to be ambitious?

I'm not being greedy. I'm just trying to survive.

Dr. Sul, listen to me.

The hospital is already in a mess because of Dr. Ji.

I don't need you to add onto that.

I'm not very happy... with how you're behaving right now.

You're acting as if you only care about yourself.

Women always cause so many problems. My goodness.

You're right. I'm a woman.

And I'm single.

But I worked just as hard as the others, if not more.

Because I don't have any children whom I can rely on after I retire, and I don't have a husband to protect me.

And I can't believe you're treating Sun Woo like this.

You already demoted her so you could get that donation.

But now, you're even treating her like a nuisance?

Why? Do you think she's some kind of a criminal... because a detective came by to see her?

No, I never called her a criminal.

Every time something happened at the hospital, she stepped up on your behalf and took care of everything.

But now, you think she's just a troublemaker?


Is it because she's single? Dr. Sul!

Why are you overreacting today? Then tell me... why you think women are troublemakers... and why you think it's a problem for women to be single.

My goodness.

Hey, we don't have a future at this hospital.

Why in the world... did you get a divorce?

(Gosan Station accident)

(Gosan Station accident)

("A Man in His 30s Falls From the Rooftop at Gosan Station")

("Male in His 30s Falls From Rooftop, Where Was He That Day?")

(Park In...)

(Park In...)

(Death at Gosan Station)

("A Man in His 30s Falls From the Rooftop at Gosan Station")

(An unknown man fell from the rooftop of Gosan Station at 11pm...)

(There's a possibility that he could've been murdered.)

I've been here before.

Tell me how to do this.

There we go. Let's go.

Let's go forward, forward Why are you still sitting there? Get ready to go to the gathering.

You can go without me today.

Hey, remember that guy who died at Gosan Station?

Mr. Cha's wife told everyone to come saying she knows something.

What does she know? How would I know?

Let's go and hear what it is.

I can't believe this.


I'll do it.

(Gosan Station Parking Lot)

Where were you last night?

At the office.

What time did your husband come home last night?

I'm not sure.

Around 12:30am?

Do you know your wife used my girlfriend... to keep a tail on you?

The last person...

Park In Kyu spoke to on the phone was Lee Tae Oh.

Who reads newspapers these days?

He's wasting his time.

Da Kyung!

Aren't you coming?

Hey, huge news. Huge.

Get over here. What?

Just get over here. What?

Hurry. What's up?

Joon Young.

I heard the cops went to question your mom.

Hey. Don't tell him.


It's his mom. I'm sure he knows.

The cops? Why? The Gosan Station murder.

I heard the dead guy was your mom's lover.

Did you know?

Really? His mother's lover?


Not everyone who is questioned is guilty.

He may have been Joon Young's mom's patient.

Sometimes they ask for details when investigating a case.

Running your mouth without knowing the details... is extremely ignorant.

I'm right. They are dating.

They're definitely dating.

Where are you going?


Joon Young.

What was...

Dr. Ji's relationship with the man that died?

A divorcee and a younger man. Isn't it obvious?

Oh my gosh.

Isn't what obvious?

I don't want to say it out loud.

The Gosan mommy groups are going crazy.

Don't tell me you believe such a groundless rumour.

Why is it groundless?

Dr. Ji's item was found at the scene.


Did Ji Sun Woo kill him then?

How do you know that?

My husband looked into it.

Unfortunately, our son Hae Kang is close with her son.

So we have to stay informed.

Ye Rim, you don't have kids, so you don't understand how we feel.

Politicians must be careful... of malicious gossip above all else.

A politician's wife shouldn't go around speaking so carelessly.

I don't say a peep elsewhere.

It's because I trust everyone in our association.

Of course. We should know.

Everyone here is involved with Ji Sun Woo one way or another.

Furthermore, she's a member.

That's right.

If we can't exchange information during such an important time, the association would be meaningless.

"Exchange information"? What a euphemism.

In reality, it's just hearsay.

What's with you today?

You keep crossing the line.

Oh dear. Is that how you took it?

Shouldn't you head back to the hospital, Dr. Sul?

I set the hours during which I see my patients, ma'am.

I'm high enough to do that.

I have something to tell you.

I'm going to court tomorrow.

My divorce will be finalized a month later.


You should've just scared him and ended it at that.

You don't even have kids. You'll be all alone.

I'm sure he learned his lesson.

Give in and take him back.

It's not an act to scare him.

I'm really...

getting divorced.

If you ask why I'm getting divorced, I'll tell you whenever you want.

So please don't ignite your imagination.

Okay, then.

I'll bow out now.

You can talk about me freely.

I'll find out... what happened.

I guess this group is almost finished too.

Ye Rim!

If you're trying to stop me, don't bother.

Why would I stop you? That was so cathartic.

You did great.

Let's go for a drink.

How are things with Mom?

Did she go to work today?

Of course, she did.

What time did she get home last night?

Was she home very late?

Why do you keep asking?

Of course, I should ask.

I need to know whether or not she's doing a good job raising you.

What's wrong?

Joon Young.

Why did you get divorced then?

Why did you come back?

You're the problem.

You're the one who cheated and left us.

You're the one who got married as you pleased.

You're the one who was wrong.

Take care of your problems on your own.

Stop annoying me.

(Kim Yoon Ki)

The person you have reached is not available.

Please leave a message after the tone.

What's the matter with you?

We've met before, haven't we?

I think I saw you with Chairman Yeo a few times.

What are you trying to do?

Why are you tailing Ji Sun Woo?

I have no idea what you're talking about.

This is getting interesting.

Is that incident related to Chairman Yeo?

(Wild Rabbit)

In Kyu called Lee Tae Oh... and demanded him to bring money.

Where's Park In Kyu?

I'm going to kill him, so hurry up and tell me where he is!

Let go of me!

I was so scared.

That's why I told him...

In Kyu's on the rooftop.

I never imagined... such a thing would happen.

It was him.

But you didn't see it with your own eyes.

He's the one who killed In Kyu.

But will people believe you?

I know.

I have no money or connections, so who'd believe me?

That's why I ran away.

I ran like a coward.

The police must be looking for me too.

If they find out I was with him until the last moment, what'll happen to me?

You'd be at a disadvantage... since you had a fight with him.

It wasn't me.

It was Lee Tae Oh.

Tae Oh has Chairman Yeo behind his back.

He'll try to stop Tae Oh... from getting charged at least for his daughter.

It'd be best not to take any rash actions.

People won't believe me, but they'll believe you.

I want you to hold onto it.

You're... the only person...

I can trust now.

You'll help me, right?

Until I call you,

stay here and don't let anyone see you.

You trust me, don't you?

What is it?

I had dinner with Joon Young.

Why did you come home so late?

I was contacted by the police to come in for questioning.

They already came to see me and left.

You were at Gosan Station yesterday, weren't you?

I saw you there.


Are you trying... to frame me as a murderer now? Watch what you say.

You're Joon Young's mother. Yes.

I'm glad you said that.

I'm Joon Young's mom, and you're Joon Young's dad.

So be honest with me.

Park In Kyu...

Was it your doing?

Someone saw you go to the rooftop.

Who says?

Don't tell me...

Min Hyun Seo said that.

Are you two working together to frame me?

Why would I do that?

Because you did it. You killed Park In Kyu.

Am I wrong?

It was you who went up to the rooftop after scaring Hyun Seo.

After that, Park In Kyu fell down.

He was already on the ground when I went up there.

It has to be one or the other.

Either Min Hyun Seo killed him, or you killed him with her.

Do you think...

that makes any sense?

Are you telling me I'm wrong? You're wrong.

Can you swear it on Joon Young's name?

Don't get him involved in this.

I didn't do anything wrong enough to deserve this.

It wasn't me either. It's true I went there furious, but I wasn't the one who did it. Okay?


Neither of us did it. Right?

It must be Min Hyun Seo, then.

Let's just say she did it.

Are you crazy?

Are you sacrificing that poor girl so you can get out of it?

Are you trying to frame her as a murderer?

I'm saying this so both of us can get out of it.

Don't you get it?

Hey, Lee Tae Oh.

Thank you. Bye.


I'm glad I ran into you.

Just think about what would be the best for Joon Young.

All right?

You... promised to give me the associate director position.

Hey, be careful. You'll fall.


You jerk, come back here.

You're so cute.

Myung Sook. He's a jerk.

Hey, you.

Why is he here?

Did he come here to get on your nerves again?

He just came to see Joon Young.

We're going to have another round of drinks.

Do you want to join?

I have to talk to my friends about something.


Do you have a lot of homework?

Should I make you some snacks?

I don't need it.

Did you have a nice dinner with Dad?


Go to bed early if you're tired.

Don't worry. I'll figure it out.

Okay. I'm hanging up.


He's in the eighth grade. Just let him be.

It's useless to worry about him. He'll just think you're nagging.

She's right, Sun Woo. Come here and have a drink.

Where did you guys get so drunk?

Did something good happen?

We're no longer part of the women's association anymore.

So we had a few drinks to celebrate.

What did you just say?

She's going to get a divorce.

We both signed the papers.

And we're going to the courthouse tomorrow.

Our marriage will finally be over in a month.

Don't look at me like that. I'm really happy right now.

Why are you crying?

Even Sun Woo is trying hard to hang in there.

I'm surprised by how easy it is.

It's so futile.

All I needed to do was sign a piece of paper.

I wonder why...

I gave myself such a hard time by trying to protect this marriage.

Is marriage...

this meaningless?

I mean, there's nothing left.

My marriage is over, and I'm totally empty-handed.

Does it mean nothing... to be married?

How great would it be if you could get over someone that easily?

You'd better brace yourself.

Ending your relationship won't be as easy as you think.

At least that's how it was with me.

Whatever the case, I'm so happy that you guys are single now.


Stop crying.

And you.

Don't lose your fight.

And as for me...

I'll continue to be cool.


Sun Woo.

Be careful.

People think you're the one... who killed that guy at Gosan Station.


You know what? Just forget it.

When did you ever care about what other people think?


Pretend like you didn't do it even if you did.

And you should become the associate director again.

Just get what you want and be a queen.




We're the best.

Why are you still up? It's late.

Did you know the guy...

that died at Gosan Station?

Who told you that? I heard a cop went to see you.

My friends told me at school.

He was my patient.

That's why a cop came to see me.

You didn't kill him.


Of course not.

My gosh.

Then why are people suspicious of you?

They're just bored.

They're just people who enjoy talking behind people's backs.

I'm sure you also have a few friends like that.

It's mostly about the same person though.

Why can't you live a comfortable life?

Why can't you be normal like the other moms?

And what about me? Why do I need to live like this?

I didn't even do anything wrong.

I never told you to get a divorce.

And I never told Dad to marry another woman.

I never wanted any of that.

This is all on me and your dad.


Nice. It's a hazard.

It feels as if you're starting from zero again.

I didn't get to practice a lot because of Jenny.

I'm going to bother you to play once the weather gets nicer.

I'd love that.

You'd better keep your word.

Is everything okay with Tae Oh?

Every time you ask me that, it makes me feel like I'm waiting to get graded.


I'm sorry.

Things can't always be great.

I finally learned that after I got married.

I didn't know that before.

You can break up with him whenever you want.

I'll take care of you and Jenny.

I know... you still don't like Tae Oh.

I know that.

I want to take responsibility for the choice I made.

I don't want to give you and Mom a hard time because of my marriage.

A dad means everything to a daughter.

And Jenny should have a dad.

You get what I mean, right?

No, I don't.

Let's just play nine holes today.

Why? Is it not fun?

I want to go home early so I can eat with Tae Oh.

Oh, gosh.

What time is it? Are you crazy?

Why did you sleep here?

I must've told the driver the wrong address.

I'm craving for your homemade hangover soup.


I'm so happy about the fact that I don't have to cook.

Stop talking nonsense and just drink water.

I don't know if it's because I slept here.

But I slept really well last night.

Shouldn't you go to work? I should.

But I need to drop by Sun Woo's office first.


One of my school friends is a cop.

This isn't his jurisdiction. He works somewhere else.

Anyway, I drank with him until late last night and found out some stuff.

This is very strange.

Strange? How?

Gosan Station has cameras all over the place.

But the server was being inspected that day, so they have no footage.

From noon to midnight. For the entire 12 hours.

Of all days, it was when they were doing an inspection?

No. It was because of a sudden error.

It wasn't scheduled.

That's why the police can't conclude it was suicide.

Because it seems suspicious.

Maybe Chairman Yeo was behind it.

No way.

That's a bit much, Ye Rim.

Frankly, in a tiny city like this, someone with his authority can pull off a lot of things.

You know that.

For Chairman Yeo, it would be a breeze to control the police chief and avoid warrants.

Don't you agree?

This is the original. There are no copies.

You and I... must take this with us to our graves.

What about Da Kyung?

She didn't say much after asking what time Mr. Lee left the office.

She can never find out.

We must bury this as quietly as possible. Got that?

Do you think burying it is the best for her?

Sorry, sir.

No, no. You're not completely wrong.

Let's decide which is best... after watching this.

What should we do about Ji Sun Woo?


What's wrong? Do you have something on your mind?

No. There's no need to concern yourself.

You have so many things... that I shouldn't know.

My head's spinning because of Park In Kyu.


You said you had nothing to do with it.

I may...

have to bring Joon Young.

You're so mean.

"No. It can't be. It had better not be."

Do you know what I tell myself countless times a day to hang on?

But all you talk about is Joon Young?

What are you talking about? Where's your wedding ring?

Did you decide not to even wear it anymore?

What was that bloodstain on your shirt?

Why were you at Gosan Station that night?

Tell me.

What happened at Gosan Station that night?

I understand why you're being like this, but it wasn't me.

I didn't do it.

Yes, I was at Gosan Station at that time.

But I didn't even see that punk.

By the time I got there, he was already on the ground.

Go and tell the police that.

That will do.

Ji Sun Woo was there.

What do you mean?

Are you saying... she killed him?

I don't know for sure.

However, I am suspicious.

Either Min Hyun Seo did it or they did it together.

Then they sent me to the roof to frame me.

Why don't you tell the police?

She's Joon Young's mom!

How could I make my son's mom a murderer?


Will you protect someone who may have killed a person?

Because she's Joon Young's mom?

Let's bring Joon Young home first. Okay?


Sorry I couldn't be honest with you because I didn't want you to worry.

But it really wasn't me.

Please believe me, Da Kyung.

Make me...

believe you.

Why are you following Sun Woo?

What are you up to, Dr. Kim?

I saw Lee Tae Oh that night.

I hope you won't mess with Sun Woo... just to cover up your son-in-law's crime.

If that's what you plan to do, I'd have to tell everyone what I saw too.

What is it that you want to say?

Come in.

Did you want to frame me as the murderer?

When we look at the circumstances and the witnesses, Tae Oh is more at a disadvantage than me.

Actually, my connections in Gosan... are very few.

I'm not someone powerful enough to manipulate a case.

Why would I do that? I wonder why... there is no security footage from that day.

I'm not from the police. How should I know about that?

Don't you agree?

Then we'll just... check the station's security footage from the next day... to see who took the footage.

They should have a record of it.

What is it that you want?

Both Tae Oh and I...

shouldn't become murderers.

Because Park In Kyu...

committed suicide.

Are you Mr. Lee Tae Oh?

I need you to come with us.

I'm at the police station.

I'm sorry I made you go to a place like that.

I decided not to become a nuisance to you anymore.

Starting from now, I'll take care of my own problems.


(Lee Tae Oh)

Let's go.

It looks like there's a problem with your plan, Dr. Ji.

(A World of Married Couple)

I'm sorry, but I don't care about Lee Tae Oh's future.

What do I have to do to make you believe me?

Do you know why I couldn't escape from In Kyu?

Because I pity him.

He wasn't like that when he was with me.

But he somehow looked content.

She's enduring everything just because of you.

Because she's your mom.

Both of them were struggling to hold on.

You should let go of him first.

Although they're full of hate for each other, I doubt she can open her heart to someone new. At least not now.

What if I told you I regret getting remarried?

What if I told you it's plain and I've gotten sick of it?

Will you tell me the truth too?

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