The World of the Married S1E12 Script

Episode #1.12 (2020)

(A World of Married Couple)

(A World of Married Couple)

(All characters, organizations, places, and events are fictional.)


(Missed call: Husband)

The receiver cannot be reached.

(Ji Sun Woo)

(Ji Sun Woo)

It looks like there's a problem with your plan, Dr. Ji.

It doesn't seem like things are going as you planned.

You're right.

All my efforts were for nothing. I didn't expect this.

What are you going to do?

At this rate,

your son-in-law will become a murderer.

I'm sorry to disappoint you, but I don't care about his future.

I only care about my daughter.

Your daughter can just get a divorce.

But what about your granddaughter?

She'll be labelled... as a murderer's daughter for the rest of her life.

You and I... are on the same boat regarding this issue.

Although you might not want to acknowledge that.

What should we do now?

You're also one of the suspects.

Don't tell me you forgot about that.

Don't worry about me.

You just need to choose whether or not...

you're going to save your son-in-law.

I know this feels uncomfortable.

I understand.

But we got a report, and we need to do our job.

So please tell us where you were that night.

You need to tell us, sir.

If you stay quiet, it might get you in trouble.

Why isn't he saying anything?

Do you think he really did something?

I'm also getting suspicious.

He needs to talk in order for us to know.

What... What brings you here?

You didn't need to come here for questioning.

Ms. Min Hyun Seo already told us... that she dropped your scarf at the station.

I'm here for Mr. Lee Tae Oh.

That day,

when Park In Kyu died,

he was with me.

Mr. Lee and I... were together.

We were together in my car at the parking lot.

That's not what Ms. Min said.

That's not true.

Mr. Lee was with me by the emergency exit.

In Kyu fell from the rooftop after he went up there.

You say he went up there, but that's just your opinion.

An assumption or opinion... isn't enough to make someone a murderer.

Right, detective?

Yes, of course.

But since there's a witness, it's inevitable for us...

to investigate what happened.

He was with me at that hour.

Do you have proof?

It's his wedding ring.

I found it in my car.

I'm... his alibi.

Is that good enough?

The ring?

Why do you ask?

I can't tell you anything in detail because it's an investigation.

If you want to help your husband, just give me an honest answer.

When did you notice... that your husband wasn't wearing his wedding ring?

It was missing ever since that night.

And I also don't know where it is.

Okay, thank you for your cooperation.

(Episode 12)

Let's talk.

I met with Chairman Yeo before coming here.

Was that...

all you were in that family?

Did you dump Joon Young and me...

to be treated like that?

You said you'd take care of it. Why must I get a call like that?

You won't get a call like that again.

Did you...

clear your name?

Yes. Thanks to Sun Woo.


Isn't it funny?

Right? Doesn't this totally stink?

The person who came to save me... was none other than Sun Woo.

You said she may have killed him. I know.

She could've been suspected instead, but she took on that risk in that situation to come.

Why? What for?

Does she still have feelings for you?

Because of Joon Young!

Because I'm Joon Young's dad!

But Da Kyung.

I'm... also Jenny's dad.

Am I wrong?

How great would it be if you could get over someone that easily?

You'd better brace yourself.

Ending your relationship won't be as easy as you think.

At least that's how it was with me.

Did you sleep well?

What's wrong? Do you not have an appetite?

Give me a minute. I'll make you some toast.

Don't bother.

It'll be a minute.

I said not to bother.

Park In Kyu?

It was determined to be suicide and the case was closed.

It was suicide?

The autopsy supported it, and given the circumstances, his family hasn't protested, so I think that's how it'll end.

I see.

I'm sure you were very worried, but there's no need.

Our apologies for causing a disturbance.

Why did you do it?

I said to trust me.

I told you.

I didn't want to hurt you.

I was making sure no one would get hurt.

If you hadn't stepped in, it would've ended more simply.

So was the conclusion...


That In Kyu died... because of me, because I broke up with him.

Don't feel guilty.

He chose that route himself.

It's over now.


It's over for me,

but what about you?

What will you do now?

You should...

worry about your own future.

Do you know why I couldn't free myself from In Kyu?

Because I pitied him.

He was a despicable human being, but I couldn't dump him because I pitied him.

That's how I ended up here.

But that's what I saw in your eyes last night.

You knew it was wrong.

Just as I covered for that jerk and protected him, that's what you were doing... to Lee Tae Oh.

Be careful.

There's no guarantee that you won't end up...

like me.

Is it over already? This easily?

Depends on your point of view.

I'm sure the police investigated thoroughly, right?

I couldn't let Joon Young be a murderer's son.

Plus, Tae Oh wouldn't do that.

I'm a selfish human being too.

Depends on your point of view.

Be careful of Chairman Yeo.

He'll only look at things the way he wants to see them.

I'm sorry I worried you with a disgraceful problem.

If I want to get a good shot, I need to get distracting thoughts out of my mind.

But, such thoughts are impossible to get rid of.

I just have to control them.

So, what are your future plans?

There's an investor... who's interested in the script I'm working on right now.

We're having meetings. What about Ji Sun Woo?

I thought you said... you'll make sure to get rid of her.

Are you just going to let things be the way they are?

Whether she lives in Gosan or not, I intend on not running into her.

Every time I run into her, Da Kyung and I get into unnecessary misunderstandings.

Are you saying you'll make Da Kyung an excuse...

to keep Ji Sun Woo by your side?

I did all kinds of things while trying to make her leave, and I was wrongfully accused of murder.

How much more do I have to do before you trust me?

Park In Kyu fell at 23:12:45.

If you look at the time below this footage...

The time Mr. Lee went up the emergency stairwell... was 23:13:38.

According to these times, it was after Park In Kyu fell.

Do you have time on the weekend?

Let's play a round of golf with Da Kyung.

I'm sorry, sir.

I don't think I'll have the time.

My mom says... that man died because Joon Young's mom dumped him.

Was he really her boyfriend?

That's crazy.

No way. Who'd commit suicide for being dumped?

I can't understand it.

Was it really suicide, though? Hey.


It sounds like you're talking about my mom.

So what? I'm curious.

I'd like you to say it to me if it's about my mom.

Forget it. Darn it.

I said, tell me. I couldn't hear you properly.

Hey, why do you want me to tell you?

Didn't you see the news?

What you talked about wasn't on the news.

He jumped to his death because he was dumped by his girlfriend.

That girlfriend was your mom.

Who says? My mom.

Everyone in the neighbourhood knows this too.

He was my mom's patient.

She shouldn't gossip if she doesn't know anything.

What did you say, jerk? Your mom... is an expert at gossiping.

She makes up lies all the time. Do you want to die?

Go ahead and hit me.

What is it? Are you scared?

I said, hit me.

What are you doing? Let go of each other!

Darn it.

Why are you home?

Didn't you go to the academy?

Are you feeling sick?

What happened?

I won't know unless you tell me.

Can't I miss a day?

Do I need to have a reason?

Will just a day be enough?

Will you be okay tomorrow?

How long are you going to be like this?

I don't know. Just leave me alone, okay?


I told you not to be so sluggish.

I moved fast today.

It's late. You should go.

Make sure to eat dinner.

I will. See you at home later.

Be careful on your way.

Mi Yun.

Long time no see. Ma'am.

Have you been well? Yes.

No Eul, are you going home?


Good timing. I'm about to go too.

I'll drive her home. Is that okay with you?

No, you don't have to do that.

It's on the way anyway.

Are you okay with it, No Eul?


Thank you for giving me a ride.

You're good to your mom, so I wanted to drive you as a treat.

All we have are each other.

I wish Joon Young... would get along with me like you do with your mom.

I think he's disappointed in me. He never talks to me.

How is he at school?

Is he doing okay?

He was being pettish today and didn't even go to his academy.

I wish I knew what happened so I can make him feel better, but he never says anything so I have no idea.

You don't want to talk, do you?

Guys can be childish.

The other boys kept on saying ridiculous things.

Like what?

They were saying that the man... who died at Gosan Station was your boyfriend.

Who said that?


Gosh, Associate Director Ji.

Right, you're not the associate director anymore.

What is it? You never call me.

I was a little surprised.

Are you that curious about my boyfriend?

Why would you talk such nonsense in front of a child?

It's not like you saw me with my boyfriend.

What's wrong? Have you gone crazy?

You should watch who you're dealing with.

Your husband wants to become a politician, right?

Should I sue you for defamation and contempt?

Or, should I start a dirty scandal?

I know countless ways to ruin your husband's future... in a single strike.

How does that sound? It sounds fun, doesn't it?

If you ever let Joon Young hear something ridiculous again, I'll crush... you and your husband.

Did you decide to keep it off now?

Tae Oh.


Okay, just a second.

These are for you. Thank you.



Will you please take your stuff?

Thank you.

Hey, wait. Let me go inside.

Hey, nice timing.

I'm hungry, too.

Did you know I'd be here?

You should've ordered some beer as well.

Shouldn't you be at work?

If you don't take your stuff today, I'll just throw them out.

So keep that in mind.

Ye Rim.

Are you depressed?

No, I'm taking a break.

Do you always order food like this?

What do you care?

Do you sleep well?

Why don't we both go to the hospital... and meet Dr. Kim for counselling?

Stop talking nonsense.

Just take your stuff and go home.

Why are you suddenly nagging at me?

Did you meet Hae Kang's mom?

What did you say to her?

That's between me and his mom.

It's none of your business.

Mom, please!

If something's wrong, you should fix it right away.

Why would you struggle all by yourself?

Don't let him tease you anymore.

It'll only make him look down on you.


I'll let you know.

Hey, Joon Young. Joon Young.

Did you come here to see your mom?

Your mom needs to work and take care of you at the same time.

Her life must be so hectic.

Did you eat dinner?


My mom thinks we should go on a family trip.

When are you free?

Not anytime soon. I'm too busy.

I got rid of the blanket here.

You should sleep in our bedroom from now on.

Bring it back. I need to work all night.

How long are you going to...

Hey, Joon Young.

Are you doing well?

Me? Yes, I got off work.


Oh, really? That's great.

Sure. That sounds nice.


You must be having a hard time these days.

Your dad roughly told me everything, so I know what you're going through.

What did he tell you?

That rumour... about your mom.

It's not true. I know.

I know it's not true.

But the problem is that people think it's true.

But Joon Young.

I bet your mom is also having a pretty hard time.

I don't want to talk to you about my mom.

I don't have any negative feelings... toward you and your mom.

I actually want the two of you to be happy.

But unfortunately, things like this keep happening.

I'll be honest with you.

If I were your mom, I'd want to leave this place.

She probably says she's okay, but I'm sure it's hard to bear with those rumours.

There's only one reason why she can't leave.

It's you.

She's enduring all this for your sake... because she's a mom.

It's because she's a mom.

I get it now that I've become a mother myself.

That's how mothers are like.

So I've been thinking.

Why don't you move in with your dad?

Your mom is a competent doctor.

She'll have a very successful career once she leaves Gosan.

You know that.

Are you telling me...

to abandon my mom and live with my dad?

I'm saying you should think about... what will be best for both you and your mom.

You're a middle school student now.

You're old enough to think about that kind of stuff.

Plus, your dad wants to live with you.

And I'd be happy to do that, too.


Good job, Sun Woo.

Mr. Cha's wife needs to learn her lesson.

She was intimidated, wasn't she?

I bet she was scared.

I couldn't just let it slide.

So I went there and gave her a warning.

But Joon Young got really angry about it.

He yelled at me.

I don't know if it's because he's a son, but it's getting harder to handle him.

I also wonder if it's because he grew up without a dad.

You should be grateful that you don't have a kid.

I know you can't live without Joon Young.

You're just bragging, aren't you?

Did it show?

(Lee Tae Oh)

What do you want?

Where are you?

I need you to come home.

Oh my gosh.

Why are you so jumpy? It's only me.

Why are you naked?

I got sweaty after cleaning, so I washed up.

Why did you do that? I never asked you to clean up.

Leave if you're done.

Oh no! What? What's wrong?

Find me some underwear.

I thought it would be wrong to take him when you weren't home.

What do you mean?

What are you doing?

I'm done packing.

Can we go now?


You should go if you want to,

but you should tell Mom first.


Are you saying you'll go to Dad?

I thought it over, and I feel like you can't live a comfortable life because of me.

How could you say that?

I live for you.

Don't live for me.

The more you do that, the harder it is for me.

I can live with Dad.

I think that would be best for both you and me.

Did you pressure him?

I saved you,

and this is how you repay me?

Joon Young called me and asked... if he could live with me.

I'll keep him with me for a few days and talk to him.

Don't worry too much, okay?


Your briefcase.

I'll come by often.

Joon Young!

Joon Young.

Can we talk before you go?

Please look at me.

You should say bye to Mom.

Forget it. Let's go.

Come in.

I'm glad you came. I'm sure we'll get along just fine.

Go up.

Thanks for understanding.

You should call Mom and tell her you got here safely.

She'll worry.


It'll be easier for her without me.

She won't have to put up with strange rumours because of me.

Strange rumours?

What rumours?

Nothing is just between the adults.

The kids know everything.

It's more annoying being told to ignore it all.

Did you meet Hae Kang's mom? What did you say to her?

Mom, please!

(Lee Tae Oh)


Did you talk to Joon Young?

He thinks you're putting up with those rumours because of him.

He says he's fine, so if you don't want to live here, you can leave.

Did he really say that? That I can leave?

Why did he suddenly say that?

Did you say... something to him?

I did not.

I don't know why he thinks that.

He said... he's fine if he has me. That's all.

It'll be only for a few days. Keep your promise.

We have no choice if that's what he wants.

Don't give me that garbage.

Just make sure Councilman Cha doesn't run his mouth.

If you still hang out with him knowing your child is hurt, you're not qualified to be Joon Young's dad.

Got that?


Did you sleep well?

You should eat breakfast. It's almost ready.

I'm late.

I'll see you later.

Wait. I'll give you a ride.

It's okay. I can go alone.

But you said you're late.

Let me drive you.

Don't you need some breakfast? I'm okay.

You'll be hungry before lunch.


Just buy something to eat.




Are you on your way to school?

Did you eat breakfast?


What's wrong with your voice? Do you have a cold?


Call me from time to time. I almost forgot your voice.

Are you doing well?

What about you?

I'm doing well except that I miss you.

I have to go.

Okay. Do well in class... and have a fun day.

By the way, when are you coming home?

I'm hanging up. Let's talk later.

Okay. Let's talk later.

My wife asked if something happened to you, Dr. Sul.

She says you don't call her anymore.

The hospital's associate director position is out of the question now, so why would I call her?

You're unexpectedly snobby.

No, I'm quite open about being a snob like you.

That's no reason to tell others about what we talked about.

Do you know how embarrassing it is for me to see our nurses?

That's why you should've given it a lot of thought... before saying what you did.

Hey, Dr. Sul!

Good morning.

This is a suggestion I'm making for business reasons.

Dr. Kim, do you want to get married?


To get any approval from this hospital, you have to be married.

If you're single, you won't even get a promotion.

Right, Dr. Kong?

What should I do, Dr. Kong?

Should I register a marriage?

You're so sour.

The nurses are complaining too, so he's in a bind.

You should stop making fun of him.

He should officially apologize... whether it bothers him or embarrasses him.

He should apologize to all the women working here.

I'll support you in silence.

We can register our marriage.

What are you thinking about?


How's Joon Young?

Is he doing well? Yes, he seems to be doing well.

Do you want to go see a movie?

You must be lonely alone.

Maybe another time.

What are you doing in here?

Why did you just take him in?

Do you think it'll be easy to raise someone else's child?

He's not someone else's child. He's Tae Oh's son.

I can't understand you either, but I really can't understand Dr. Ji.

How can she send her son here? She's so shameless.

Stop it.

I suggested it.

That's why I'm asking why you did that.

Why are you making more trouble?

Don't say that.

To be honest, what did he do wrong? It's the adults who did wrong.

Also, I'm partially responsible.

I want to find a good path for Joon Young, so please just accept it.

You're my daughter, but sometimes you surprise me.

Hey, Tae Oh.

I'll go over after picking up Joon Young.


You still sound like a newlywed.

My son's at home right now.

You should take care of your son even if you're divorced.

You're a good dad.

What is it you want to talk about to bring you all the way here?


My book concert is coming up soon.

("Communicating Is Having a Vision")

Are you slowly preparing to go into politics?

While we're on that, I want you to become my sponsor.

Out of all of our classmates, you're the most famous.

You'll agree, won't you?

I'm not sure. I'm preparing a new movie, and I have to focus on Joon Young.

It's hard to make the time.

There's no need to make time for this.

Just let me put your name down, and you can just show up.

If I'm going to get involved, I should give it my best.

It won't be helpful if I'm being sloppy.

I'd rather not do it at all... then have you get upset over it.

What is it? Do you need your father-in-law's approval?

Let me say one thing since you came here as a friend.

You should watch your mouth in front of your kid.

You know very well our sons are friends.

Didn't you think Joon Young would hear about it?

Why are you bringing up our kids?

You should've been more careful since they're involved too.

Don't you agree?

I'm not saying what Sun Woo did was good, but you disappointed me.

My son was hurt.

Stop bothering several people, and ask Chairman Yeo yourself.

It's not me you need. It's him you want.

Come on, Tae Oh. Don't live like that.

Especially if you want to work in politics.

It'd be humiliating.

How's Da Kyung?

I thought she might be anxious, but she's completely fine.

She wants to treat him well.

I guess this might be better if we don't want to get involved... with his mom.

You should check on Da Kyung often... to make sure she's really okay.

She has no experience with raising teenage boys.

It won't be easy for her.

You look great.

Look at you.

It looks great on you.

It caught my eye the moment I saw it.

Doesn't he look amazing?

Here. Do you like it?

I think it looks nice.

You look amazing.

Joon Young, you should've gotten that coat.

It looked good on you.

Why didn't you want it?

Maybe he doesn't wear that kind of style.

I guess I still have a lot to learn.

Next time, I'll try to choose one that you might like.

Try to get along with her.

She's trying hard to get along.

Is that really necessary?

Do I need to win her favour if I want to live here?

No, that's not what I meant.

We're a family.

How do you expect me to think of her as family?

Isn't that a bit too much?

If you don't think of her as family, what are you going to think of her?

If you keep acting this way, it's going to be hard for us to live together.

Let me know if you don't want me here.

I can leave whenever.

Sun Woo.

Is it too late for this?

You're always welcome.

Come in.

Did you decide where to go?

Seoul. I'm going to live near my parents.

You told me they won't easily approve of your divorce.

But I guess parents just can't help it.

They just think I'm a foolish daughter... who made a foolish choice.

Should I leave as well?

Does Joon Young want to live with his dad for good?

To be honest,

I saw Joon Young today.

He wasn't like that when he was with me.

But with them, he somehow looked content.

He looked comfortable, too.

They seemed like a family.

That's something I can't give him.

I guess you're right.

He's all grown up.

You need to respect what he wants.

If he wishes to stay there, tell him to stay.

Let's be honest.

You also need a break.

Remember what you told me last time?

You said it's hard to cut him off even though you guys got a divorce.

I think you guys have been... holding onto each other for way too long.

You should be the one to end it properly.

And the best way to do that... is for one of you to leave this place.

Je Hyuk... seems to visit pretty often.

I don't know... why he keeps coming here.

He's so annoying.

Do you think he wants to start over?

What do you want?

Ye Rim.

Should we start dating?

I don't know.

(Doctor In, Job consulting service for doctors)

(Eunwoo Medical Foundation, Yeongang University Hospital)

Dr. Ji, let's go eat.

What were you doing? You look really flustered.

Hey, let me see it too.

What were you looking at? An internet shopping mall.

What kind of shopping mall?

Dr. Kim, hurry up and take her to a restaurant.

Aren't you going to eat?

I'm expecting a call from a patient.

So I'm going to eat a little later.

She's been so down ever since Joon Young left.

How many times do you worry about her a day?

I worry about you, too.

So we're both just colleagues to you?

Do you really expect me to believe that?

Do you think I might get a chance to be something more than that?

What do you think, Dr. Sul?

Sun Woo only cares about Tae Oh.

She might hate him.

But I don't think she has room in her heart for anyone else.

At least not yet.

But you never know what might happen in the future.

I'm starving. What should we eat?

Hurry up and eat.

Your dad will be late today.

And Jenny's mom had to go somewhere.


It's past my working hours.

So can you do the dishes yourself?


See you tomorrow.

Joon Young, how was school?

What are you eating for dinner?

Call me before you go to bed.

(Joon Young, how was school? What are you eating for dinner?)

(Study Abroad Programs)

(United States)

(International High Schools)

(Great Britain, Ireland)

Honey, play with Jenny once you wash up...

What is this?

What is all of this?

Are you thinking of sending Joon Young abroad?

Is that why you said we should bring him?

Why not?

It's not so bad for his future.

I brought him because I wanted to keep him by my side.

He came to live with his dad.

How could you try to send him away?

Don't you think about how this may hurt his feelings?

You have a child of your own.

How are you so selfish?

I'm selfish?

He's not your kid, right? Tae Oh.

Do you think Sun Woo would let him go that easily?

Did you forget what she did to get custody?


Telling you that she killed him?

Do you think she did that for custody? Don't make me laugh.

She did it to beat you. To kick you out of this city!

(International High Schools Great Britain, Ireland)

How long will you make the kid watch the adults fight?

And you know he's uncomfortable here.

It's a much better environment for him, and it won't bring him any harm. Why is that being selfish?


Are you saying this is all for him?

It's much better to study in a good environment... than being hurt, going back and forth between divorced parents.

You need to be rational about this.

What's the best thing for him?

Do you not have any friends to call out?

Look who's talking?

You clearly have nowhere to go.


I heard you got a divorce.

Do you still go over?

It's still the adjustment period.

It's over already.

You can't put it back together.

Now that she's gone, I can't live without her.

What choice do I have? I have to try something.

It's like a habit.

You got used to it. That's why it's comfortable.

You're right. I'm used to it.

But now that it's gone, I realized...

I used to think I needed passion for it to be love.

I was such an idiot.

It's like oxygen. Like water.

Something you can't live without.

I realized that's love.

I lost her because I made a mistake, but I'm going to get her back.

I don't want to regret it like you do.

Do I look like I regret it?

You don't look happy, that's for sure.

Stop by when you have time.

I packed some of Joon Young's things.

Who is that? Your wife?

Sun Woo.

I think...

Sun Woo is considering leaving town.

I'm sure he didn't pack everything he needed because he was rushing.

Tell him to let me know if he needs anything else.

Are you really leaving?

I'm considering it.


Isn't that what you wanted?

It was.

I'll talk to Joon Young,

and leave if he wants me to.

Can I trust him with you?

I thought he meant he didn't want me to worry about him,

but I feel like maybe he wants me to leave.

A mom the kids gossip about... must be embarrassing.

I'm sure he's sick of it.

I think it's best for him that I keep my distance.

But I'll take him back... if and when he wants.


Do that.

Do you want some?

How's that marriage?

Do you still love her dearly?

Why don't you tell me?

What was marriage to you?

And what did love mean to you?

To me, marriage...

was a delusion.

The fence that protected me... and the stable foundation my life was built on...

I thought no one would be able to break... what I thought was wholly mine.

Love was the start of this delusion...

and the end to my pains.

It could've been a passing affair.

Had you let it be one.

Are you still telling me it's my fault... that we turned out this way?

I just... gave it a thought.

If you forgave me then,

what would it be like now?

You should go. It's late.

What if I told you I regret getting remarried?

That love wasn't any different.

Would saying this help?

Once love became marriage, everything turned out to be the same.

What if I told you it's plain...

and I've gotten sick of it?

Will you tell me the truth too?

What truth? That you regret what happened.

For not forgiving me.

For pushing me away and for making me a jerk!

Tell me you're regretting it all.

Tell me you still have feelings for me.

You're crazy.

It doesn't make sense otherwise.

Why did you come all the way to the police station... to become my alibi?

Why did you say such a lie for me?

Be careful.

There's no guarantee that you won't end up...

like me.

You should leave. You're drunk.

Weren't you actually waiting for me to come back?

You were waiting for me to go on my knees and beg... to get back together.

Isn't that what you were waiting for?

I told you to leave. That's why... you used Joon Young as an excuse to stay here!

Even at this moment, you want to be in my arms!

I know it's killing you.

Am I wrong?

You're insane. Are you saying I'm wrong?

Am I really wrong?



Should I... go back to you?


Protect that marriage.

(A World of Married Couple)

(A World of Married Couple)

All of these problems started because of the divorce, right?

You're not even sure.

Did you have to ask him when he was going to school?

Do you think it's puberty that made him do this?

Could I see Joon Young right now?

It's over anyway.

You saw each other's bitter ends.

Why are you seeing him again after all that?

You making amends... won't resolve everything.

You must know this well since you're a doctor.

Kleptomania needs medical attention.

Don't rush to leave here.

Are you sure... you can raise him well without me?

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