The World of the Married S1E2 Script

Episode #1.2 (2020)

(A World of Married Couple)

(All characters, organizations, places, and events are fictional.)

Sun Woo.

You're in big trouble now.


Because from now on, you're going to be... the only woman I ever love.

It will last forever.


Sun Woo.

Sun Woo.

Sun Woo.

He's adorable.

I will love you... forever.


Everything was a lie.




What? Did you find the camera?

Give it to me. I'll take the pictures.

Tae Oh. Hey!

Hey. You could just open it like this.

You're so impatient.

(Happy Birthday Sun Woo and Joon Young)

It cut through the cake. What a shame.

It's just a rice cake.

(Episode 2)

Happy birthday!

You're so cool!

Happy birthday!

Stop that.

We just wanted to use my birthday as an excuse... to have dinner with alumni.

A time of amity and gratitude.

Of course, this thoughtful idea... wasn't mine.

It's my third year running an event planning business here... purely because it's my hometown.

If it weren't for our alumni, I would've shut down long ago.

Do Chul, the councilman.

Sang Hyun, the Merchants Association chair.

Where's Je Hyuk?

Je Hyuk, who helped set it all up.

Here's a special shout out to you.

Hey, hey, hey. Drop the fake gratitude act, and thank the one person you're truly thankful to.

Sun Woo.


Meeting you was the best thing that has ever happened to me.

Stop that. I'm jealous.

You support even my idiotic dreams... and embrace my anxious soul to give it peace.

Sun Woo. I love you.

That's more like it!

More than I can express.


He says he loves you.

You should say something in response.


Let's hear her speech!

Speech! Speech!

Speech! Stop it!

Speech! Speech!

Speech! Speech!

Speech! Speech!

Come on, say something! Speech!


She's so bold.

I'm jealous!

They're so sweet.

You're the star today.

Enjoy yourself.



Let's drink.

I must hide my devastation with hypocrisy and lies.

This is pure torment.

You made it. Hello.

I heard the news. Congrats. Thank you.

What can I do... about this torment?

It must be... fair... and perfect.

(A World of Married Couple)

I mean it.

Why would I lie?

Is everything okay?

It's perfect.

You and your husband are still like newlyweds.

Maybe you'll have a second child.

What about you?

It's fun.

It's all old people that you don't even know.

What's so fun about it?

Drink up. Let's drink until we drop.

Je Hyuk's drinking a lot.

This is nothing.

Da Kyung is a Pilates instructor at the studio I go to.

She is?

You should come with her sometime.

Women have to stay in shape as they get older.

Before you know it, you'll sag and gain weight.

I'll help you so you don't strain your joints.

I'll do that.

Be right back. Okay.

Drink. Are you anxious?

What? What did this punk say before?

"You embraced my anxious soul"?

This punk's drunk.

Take care of him.

You don't know what true anxiety is, jerk.

What's wrong with you?

I'm right.

You don't have to worry about being fired.

Your wife never nags that you don't make money.

You live in luxury thanks to a rich and successful wife.

Why are you anxious?

What do you know?

Seriously. Stop it.

You guys always do this. I know.

Fill us in.

Why is that successful and perfect Dr. Ji... so devoted to someone like you?

Teach us your secret.

Don't you want to know too? Hey.

You're drunk. Stop it.

This is a happy occasion. No, no.

Stop it. Hey.

Explain it to me.

How does she embrace your anxiety?

Does she do her best day and night?

Je Hyuk... Hey!

Hey! Stop it!

Stop it!

Get off!

Darn it.

Take this off.

That annoying jerk.

What did he say?

You don't need to know.

Who were you talking to earlier?


Yeo Da Kyung?

Who is she?

She's Mr. Yeo Byung Kyu's daughter.

Don't you know her?

Did they come with their daughter? I wondered who that was.

I meant everything I said earlier. You know that, right?

About what?

That I love you.

What's the matter?

Did you drink too much?

I better head home first.

Are you going to leave?

I feel like throwing up.

Can you go home alone?

Joon Young.

Joon Young!

He's having fun with his friends. Let him stay.

I'll make sure to look after him.

Should I walk you to the parking lot?

It's like a mask. That's what it means to be a married couple.

Don't make me laugh.

If she's like your mask, how is she the best thing in your life?

How can you love her beyond words?

You're too young to know, but...

Don't treat me like a child.

Now I know you were playing with me.

For Busan!

Busan! Busan!


Does it look like we came all this way as a joke?

Look at me in the eyes when you answer me.

Does my love look like a joke to you?

I know you're lying.

Do you have any idea how miserable I feel right now?

It's only an act.

My true heart belongs to you.

Fine. If you don't believe me, I'll tell your father about us right now.

Are you crazy?

Get things sorted out with your wife first.

All right. Just wait...

Just wait for a little while. You have until tomorrow.

To say "marriage in name only" is so old-fashioned.

Monogamy... leaves you no choice but to have a marriage in name only.

How can you sleep with just one person all your life?

What a perspective.

Don't you agree, Mr. Yeo?

Not really. I live with someone that's ever-changing.

Gosh, honey. I really can't relate.

There are many good couples like us.

Dr. Sul, you should find yourself a nice partner.

How about you two?


Are you happy together, or are you putting on a show?

You tell them. How are we?

Why do you think we don't want any kids?

Once you have a baby, that's the end for a couple.

We decided to be passionate about each other until the end.

Is that why you won't have any kids?

Don't you agree, Mr. Yeo?

You might not know this, but sometimes, kids can make a couple more passionate.

You just don't know it.

(Ovulation day)

Joon Young!

Joon Young!

Where are you going?

I'm going home.

Did you fight with a friend?

No, I just want to go home.

Where did your dad go anyway?

What? What is it?

We received an email from China.

It looks like...

What? What is it about?

In short, they decided not to invest in our project.

You better talk to them as soon as day breaks.

(To Sun Woo, Happy anniversary. Love, Tae Oh)

Joon Young.

What happened?

Did you come home alone?

He came with me.

Maybe he had a fight with his friends.

I asked him what happened on our way here, but he won't tell me.

(Baseball camp with Dad!)

Would you also like a drink?

Sure. Sounds good.

I thought you left because you weren't feeling very well.

Were you drinking by yourself?

I figured I should leave... so Tae Oh could relax and enjoy the party.

By the way, what's with that luggage bag?

I'm going to throw it away.

Even that photo?

Yes, I don't really like it.

After I hung it up on the wall, it kind of felt a little silly.

I had my fun, so it can go.

Why do you look so uneasy?

Do you have something to say? No, not at all.

By the way, about Tae Oh. Yes?

Why did he and Je Hyuk fight?

They always fight.

From what I heard, Je Hyuk provoked him... saying he must be happy to receive so much love... from his competent wife.

I don't get why Je Hyuk is so jealous of him.

But then again, he's been jealous ever since you moved to Gosan... after you gave birth to Joon Young.

You're exactly the type of woman he's always wanted to be with.

I wonder if he has feelings for you.

What do you mean?

We were drinking a while ago, and he said... he thinks it's impossible to sleep with only one woman.

My gosh.

You should've seen Ye Rim's face as she heard him say that.

Is that funny to you?

No, I mean...

I just couldn't believe what was coming out of his mouth.

So I'm just saying I was dumbfounded to see him say that... when his wife was right next to him.

You don't care about other people's feelings, do you?

You don't care if people are miserable or not.

You just watch everything from afar and have fun.

What do you mean I have fun?

How could you say that?

You had fun when you told me that I'm being oversensitive, didn't you?

You told me it must be hard to live with a handsome husband.

Do... Do you...

Do you know everything?


I also know... that you warned Tae Oh that I might go after him.

Don't get me wrong.

You see... Listen.

He told me that he's going to end it.

He asked me to keep it a secret until then, so I had no choice.

You have no idea how angry I was at him.

When was that?

About a month ago, he called me out for a drink... out of nowhere.

Something felt a bit weird, so I asked him a few stuff, and he eventually told me everything.

I'm really sorry I didn't tell you.

But I swear I didn't lie to you on purpose.

It was tormenting for me, too.

You guys must be really good friends, seeing that he even shared that kind of secret with you.

I don't think of that jerk as my friend.

You're my friend.


Are you sure you're my friend?

Of course.

Then from now on, you'd better think before you act!

What do you want?

Did you safely take Joon Young home?

If you were so curious, you should've called earlier.

What about Sun Woo? How was she?

Are you kidding... My gosh.

Don't ask me.

She's your wife. Why don't you ask her yourself?

Stop getting a single woman involved in between.


(Friend requests)

(Uhm Hyo Jung)

(Accept friend request)

(Uhm Hyo Jung)

(Uhm Hyo Jung has shared a post.)

(Yeo Da Kyung: You'll always be prettier than me, Mom.)

(Yeo Da Kyung: You'll always be prettier than me, Mom.)

(Yeo Da Kyung has shared a post.)


I'm sorry. I'm drunk.

I'm drunk.



was the most perfect birthday ever.

I mean, yesterday.

Let's be happy.

Let's be happy.

Let's not be sick.


Make me some honey tea.

(Baseball Camp with Dad!)

Dad can really go this time, right?

Last year, he said he could go for sure, but something came up last minute.

What if he does that again this year?

I can't trust Dad.

Dad will go to camp with you this year no matter what, so don't worry.

(Baseball Camp with Dad!)

(Joon Young)

I drank way too much.

What time did I get home?

Sit down and eat.

How do you feel?

I feel much better.

That's good.

Eat quickly and sober up. You have a busy day today.


Don't tell me you forgot.

Of course, I remember.

Have fun. Thanks.

Me too.

Did I do anything wrong last night?

Urinating standing up?


I didn't think I drank that much, but I blacked out.

I feel sick too.

You enjoyed yourself, so you should pay the consequences.



I tried calling again, but...

What did they say?

They said they'll cancel the investment.

What should we do?

Okay. Got it.

(Message: Keep your promise)

(Message: Keep your promise)

Keep your promise.


(Delete message? Delete, Cancel)

Get ready, Dad.

He said not to be late.


Got it.

The chairperson threw fit, asking why we're not doing anything.

I can't cover for him anymore.

He didn't show up for work half the month without calling in.

Did the board say anything else?

They'll follow the disciplinary committee's decision.

Everyone's here, so shall we begin?

Since the board appointed me head of this committee, I will lead the disciplinary hearing.

Dr. Ma, let's start by hearing what you have to say.

What are you disciplining me for?

I never misdiagnosed anyone in my 25 years here.

Do you know how many people in Gosan are my patients?

Dr. Ma Kang Suk... I... founded this hospital with that stupid chairperson.

He opposed you because you were a woman, and I talked him into appointing you!

You ingrate. What?

You'll discipline me?

Dr. Ma, please calm down.

The board that cares only about profits may like you, but I'm the only doctor here who actually heals people. Got that?

Dr. Ma, are you inebriated?

What? I asked if you drank alcohol.

What does that matter?

I'm not here to treat patients.

Ma Kang Suk, your employment is terminated as of today.

Due to your excessive absence for two months... and alcoholism, our hospital can no longer trust you to treat patients.

Hey, you.

Sun Woo.

You know we gave you many chances.

No hospital will condone an alcoholic doctor.

I lost my one and only family.

Do you think that will never happen to you?

No matter how hard it was, you shouldn't have forgotten your obligations.

You cold-hearted snake.

Are you that confident?

I'll be watching... because that day will come to you too.

He's the real ingrate.

Are you sure about this?

(Dr. Sul Myung Sook)

What happened?

I told her she couldn't get an abortion.

The baby's father stopped talking to her... after she told him she's pregnant.

What can we do?

We have to stick to the rules.

Did you talk to Tae Oh?

I thought you were leaving him.

You even packed up.

I haven't talked to him yet.

Are you going to keep on acting like you don't know?

Until when?

I'll wait until Joon Young goes camping.

That's not important.

He's been waiting for it for two months.

I can't punish my son for what his father did.

Are you sure it's not you who needs more time?

Sure. It's an important decision to make.

You should be prudent and think about it seriously.

Send in the next patient. Okay.

Yeo Da Kyung.

Please go to room number one.

My mom kept on recommending me to get your consultation.

Let's go in.

What on earth is going on?

What seems to be bothering you?

I'm aching all over, and it doesn't seem to go away.

Since when?

I think it's been about 2 or 3 weeks.

Allow me to lift your top.

Do you have any coughs or phlegm?


Do you drink or smoke?

I don't smoke.

I drink time to time.

I haven't been drinking recently.

Are you sexually active?

Do I have to tell you that too?

It's one of the basic questions, so answer me honestly.

Is there anyone you're seeing on a regular basis?

Or maybe... you have more than one?

Just one.

We don't meet every day. We meet 2 or 3 times a week.

He's married.

Does his wife know?

She has no idea.

I see. Are you sure about that?

He says his relationship is like wearing a mask.

He says he's unhappy... because his marriage is nothing but a shell.

If he's unhappy,

why won't he get a divorce?

I'm sure it's complicated.

They have a kid, and there must be money issues too.

That's why getting married is such a headache.

I'll draw some blood.

Don't nurses usually do this?

I sometimes do it myself.

You'll get the result in two hours.

What are you testing?

You have a light fever, so we're checking for viruses, cold, allergies, and also STDs.

Are we finished?

Bring me your urine.

Don't you use protection?

What do you mean?

You're pregnant.

You're only seeing one guy.

So you know who the dad is.

You must be in a pickle since he's married.

This is why being married is such a headache.

(Ji Sun Woo)

I want to go to the OB-GYN.


(Obstetrics, Sul Myung Sook)

What are we going to do about her?

Did she go talk to you?

What did she say?

She asked me... not to tell anyone.

Not even Tae Oh?

No, she asked me not to tell him anything.

Why not?

She wants an abortion.

What should I do?

Tell her that you can't.

It's the hospital rules.

What if she decides to have the baby?

Are you... really going to break up with Tae Oh?

Are you going to get a divorce?

What's going on in that head of yours?

Why do you think she talked to you?

Why would she tell you when she doesn't want Tae Oh to know?

I guess she figured it'd be easier to talk to me... instead of going to another hospital since I already know the story.

If she wants an abortion,

does that mean she's going to end it with him?

They've only been seeing each other for three months.

She's only 24 years old. Why would she want a baby?

And why would she want a baby with a married man?

Let's do it. I'll do the surgery.

She wants to do it. Dr. Sul.

Do you want to license to get suspended?

Sun Woo, this is about you.

The girl who's having an affair with your husband is pregnant.

Whatever the case, she can't have an abortion at our hospital.

Let's stick to the rules.

Do you seriously... care more about your job even in this kind of situation?

You're unbelievable.


He hit the ball! Run!

Go! Run!

(Gapyeong-gun Little League Baseball Park)

(Lee Joon Young)

Come on! Run!


We did it! Nice job!

I asked for a lot of whipped cream.

Thank you.

(Pregnancy Test Kit)

Hey, Joon Young.

Are you having fun?

Mom, I hit the ball and reached first base.

And at the end, the score was a tie, but I scored a point and won.


It must've been exciting.

Yes, I did well, didn't I?

How is your dad? Why? Do you want to talk to him?

No, I just asked.

Joon Young, you're not sick, right?

No, I'm not a kid.


Have fun with your dad.

Do everything you didn't get to do last year.

I'll talk to you again.


Hello, sir. I'm not late, am I?

No, sir. Okay.

I had no idea that you even sponsor... a little league baseball team.

It's nothing grand.

I just... really like baseball.

He sponsors a lot of other organizations.

You do so much for the development of our region.

You're really amazing, sir.

Councilman Cha has to work so much because of me.

That's nonsense, sir.

Go ahead and take a look around.

Excuse me.

Is Min Hyun Seo not here today?

She hasn't been coming to work ever since yesterday.

She apparently doesn't feel well.

What's wrong with her?

I have no idea. I think it's because of her boyfriend.

But she rarely talks about herself.

Help me.

Please help me.

Why did you drink so much?

Hyun Seo, get back here!

Let me go!

What's your problem?

Hyun Seo, get up.

I said to get up! Now!

You are some piece of work.


Do you know her?

Pack anything you need... right now.

You're getting me mad.

Hyun Seo.

Have you lost your mind?

Antisocial personality disorder, intermittent explosive disorder, impulse-control disorder.

What stupid gibberish is that?

There are plenty of illnesses I can diagnose rats like you... who repeatedly assault their girlfriends.

She deserves to get beat.

You know nothing.

Stay out of it, old lady.

You must not have understood.

Note this for future reference.

Someone with a psychological illness who may hurt himself or others... falls under a special law... and can be placed in a mental institution against his will.


Are you saying you'll say I'm crazy and have me institutionalized?

How dare you threaten me?

I'm not a stupid old lady.

I'm the associate director of Family Love Hospital.

I can get fellow doctors for help, and I can ask for support from countless reporters.

One psychiatrist's evaluation of you... in Hyun Seo's consultation records, and your life is over, kid.

Why did you suddenly come by?

I went for a drink because I was frustrated.

I heard you called in sick, so I went just in case, and...

Did you...

find out who that woman is?

She's pregnant.

She's pregnant?

What a disgusting situation.

She wants an abortion.

That's a relief.

At least it means it isn't serious.

I wonder.

It's a fleeting affair.

He's just physically attracted to a young woman, nothing more.

That's how men are.

What will you do now?

I left, but...

I'll stay in a spa for a few days... and then go back.

Do you want...

to waste your one and only life... because of a jerk like that?

What if his life is totally dependent on me?

No one would take him in other than me.

He just takes it out on me now and then because life stinks.

He's not a bad guy deep down.

I'm going to make him a good guy.

People don't change that easily.

Didn't you ever think that he may kill you?

It's because I love him.

Here you go.

Be careful not to get it infected before we take the stitches out.

Stay here for a few days.

I'll find you a place to live.

Don't even think about going back there.

What about you?

What... will you do now?

See you! Bye!


I could've hit a home run.

You would not.

You would've struck out. How dare you give me lip?

You punk. That hurts.

Give up. Fine, fine.


You must have had fun. You look happy.


How were you?

Miss us?

Welcome back.

You were quick.

I'm a pretty fast runner.


Still... Nice. Yes.

The steaks are here.

Thank you for the food.

Thank you for the food.

Cheers. Cheers.

I wish you good health.

I was playing catch with Hyun. Okay.

So... I threw it really hard, like this.

But he got hit. Where?


That must have hurt. What did he say?

So that's why he was running all funky.

Right? He looked awkward.

He says his relationship is like wearing a mask.

He says he's unhappy... because his marriage is nothing but a shell.

Dad, let's play that baseball game after.


Can we play a baseball game for just two hours after dinner?

No, just one. Just for an hour.

Can we play for an hour?

It'll only be for an hour. Please.


Yes! Okay! Yes!

Hurry up and eat. Okay.

I love steak.

It's so delicious.

It's because I love him.


Who is that?

Where's Joon Young?

He left a bit ago with his friend.

Is work going well?

The investor... requested me to adjust the script.

Aside from that headache, it's not bad.

You have...

another woman, don't you?

What did you just say?

I want you to tell me the truth.

We talked about this when we first got married.

We thought we might fancy other people after a while.

We promised to be honest with each other if it ever happened.

Do you remember that?

If you admit to it... even now...

and get yourself sorted out, I might be able to forgive you.

For a moment, you were... just physically drawn to her.


Although it's just a fling, it's hard for me to endure.

I bet I'll become dull about it one day since life is long.

But, I can't forgive lies.

Lying would be truly betraying me.

So be honest with me.

Are you...

seeing another woman?

Did you ask me if I'm seeing someone?

Me? Cheat on you?

I know you are.

You did this last time too. What's the matter with you?

There's no other woman.

Please don't lie to me.

Who do you take me for?

Is this how weak our trust is?

Stop lying to me!

Stop disappointing me! It's me who's disappointed!

How can I speak to you when you're not making any sense?

I'm a busy guy. Why are you wasting my time?


Sun Woo.

Sun woo, you're the only woman in my life. Don't you know that?

You're overworked... and stressed.

It looks like your emotions are unstable.


You must be right.

Are you okay?

You just said...

I'm the only woman in your life.

That's right.


That's good.

That was enough of an answer.


Have your breakfast.

I have to go upstairs and get ready for work.


(Sul Myung Sook)

(Tell Tae Oh...)

Tell Tae Oh...

Da Kyung's pregnant.

(Tell Tae Oh Da Kyung's pregnant.)

You want me to tell Tae Oh?

(You want me to tell Tae Oh? Do you mean it?)

Do you mean it?


What are you thinking?

What are you trying to do?

Call Tae Oh in five minutes.

(Call Tae Oh in five minutes.)

I asked you to keep your promise. Why aren't you answering me?

I told you not to contact me on this number.

I'll call you later.

I'll call you later. Let's break up.

What are you talking about?

Why do you want to break up?

I bet you didn't even bring it up to your wife... although you promised me to talk to her.

I will. I'll talk to her.

But not now.

Once our investor is confirmed and I start shooting...



Who was that?

They had the wrong number.

Is that so?

If you're done, put the fork and the dish in the dishwasher.


Why do you look so startled?

Aren't you going to answer that? What?

(Sul Myung Sook)




What... What did you say?

Okay, I got it.


Something urgent came up.

I should get going.

What was it about?

It's nothing important.

(A World of Married Couple)

The moment Sun Woo finds out, everything will be over.

I just want to know if you love me or not.

Are you planning to get a divorce?

I want Tae Oh to choose for himself.

I want him to choose me.

The moment you see your husband with another woman, things will never go back to how they were.

Call me if you need someone to drink with.

He told me that he will never abandon his own child.

It's hard to have control over how you feel.

Then hurry up and end it with Da Kyung.

What drives me crazy... is that I love them both at the same time.

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