The World of the Married S1E3 Script

Episode #1.3 (2020)

(A World of Married Couple)

(A World of Married Couple)

(All characters, organizations, places, and events are fictional.)

Didn't you miss me?

We haven't met in a while. Let me see you smile.

If you have nothing more to say, you should leave.

I'm busy. I need to get back to work.

Should we get married?

If you think you're responsible, don't ask.

It took a while for me to prepare everything.

You know I can't live without you.

Let's get married, Sun Woo.

I promise I'll make you and our baby happy.

I'm not doing this because you're pregnant.

It's because I love you, Sun Woo.

I want to share... my life with you.

Let's live together.

Da Kyung.

Da Kyung.

Da Kyung!

What are you planning to do?

Why do you want Tae Oh to know that she's pregnant?

He should know. He's the father.

He should take responsibility. It's only right.

What if he says he will? Do you plan to divorce him?

Is that what you want? What?

I'm worried about you.

Don't worry about me.

I'll decide whether or not to keep it.


I'll leave it to you.

It doesn't matter that I'm pregnant.

I won't use that as an excuse to latch onto you.

Don't jump to conclusions.

What are you trying to confirm?

I want to see Tae Oh choose.

Not because we're married or because of Joon Young,

but me, Ji Sun Woo.

What matters is whether or not you love me.

If not, what's the point of maintaining this marriage?

Am I wrong?


I'm sure he wouldn't choose her unless he has lost his mind.

I'm sure he'll end it. He will.

You know I can't live without you.

I don't want to hide.

I'm going to call whenever I want now.

I'll call more.

I'll see you whenever I want. Of course.

Don't you dare hang up on me again.

It'll really be over.

I'll never do that. I promise.

Trust me.


Prove it.

The infection worsened.

Her BP is bad too.

Aren't you giving her fentanyl?

We're giving her the highest dosage. We can't up it any more.

If we do, her heart may stop... and she may fall into a coma.

Is there any other way?

You know we've done everything we could... medically.

Sorry for making you come... when you're busy.

Should I tell Tae Oh to come?

It's okay.

It's not like he can do anything even if he comes.

Why cause him concern?

I'll leave once you fall asleep.

With men, if you embrace them with a broad mind, they will get back to their senses eventually.

You know... you and Joon Young are the world to Tae Oh.

So... Even if I'm gone, please take good care of him. Please?


I think you should go home, doctor.

She needs to rest.

You're home.

Go wash your hands.

Call Joon Young.

I forgot.

Oil splatter doesn't wash off.

Thanks. I'll be careful.

Were you able to resolve that urgent matter this morning?

How long do you plan to keep it from her?

It's time to sell Sun Woo the truth and end it with Da Kyung.

The moment Sun Woo finds out, it's over.

She'll demand a divorce for sure. I can't tell her.

And she won't let me see Joon Young.

I can't imagine a life without Sun Woo.

Then end it with Da Kyung as soon as possible.

Forget it. You'd never understand.

What's so complicated?

When I'm with her,

I feel alive.

My creativity gets going. I get inspired.

I'm fond of her and cherish her.

I love her.

What about Sun Woo? Naturally, I love her too.

What gibberish is that?

The human heart doesn't feel just one emotion.

You don't stop loving just because you're married.

My love for Sun Woo and my love for Da Kyung are different.

What drives me mad is...

that I love them both at the same time.

What insanity is this?

How could you love two people at the same time?

Don't you think you're shameless? You don't understand, do you?

You wonder how that's possible, right?

But you don't know until you've experienced it.

My heart is sincere... to them both.


Will you keep this going?


I got it resolved.

I felt bad all day long about how I ran out this morning.

When I thought about it,

I realized you had a reason to think that.

I've been inattentive, haven't I?

I'll be much better... so you don't worry.

Is there nothing for me to worry about anymore?

Definitely not.

There's absolutely nothing to worry about.

(A World of Married Couple)

Yes. You're at an advantage.

If he hasn't realized that you know... about his affair, that makes it better for our side.

It's a good condition to be in as we make preparations.

Did you secure evidence to prove his affair?

No. Not yet.

If you can find direct evidence to prove their sexual relation, the game would be over.

For example, underwear, condom, or a picture on the bed.

Don't go to a detective agency for help, though.

If you got the evidence illegally, it won't have legal power.

You could be violating Information Communications Network Act... or Protection of Communications Secrets Act.

They could counter claim against you.

I'm sorry? If you install... security cameras or a GPS, you could get in trouble too.

You could get a criminal penalty for it.


what do I have to do?

It's okay to tail your husband in public places.

Take many pictures too.

If you can capture them entering a hotel, it would be perfect.

If you missed the chance to capture a picture, you could get a court order... to ask the hotel to preserve the security footage as evidence.

Are you telling me...

to tail him myself?

If it's too much work, you should look through his computer or his phone.

Sometimes they exchange secret pictures... or even videos of their intercourse.

I'll think about it.

Are you sure you want a divorce?

Once you see your husband in bed with another woman, you can never go back to how it used to be.

That's why you should be prudent.

Will you just turn a blind eye to it and accept it as a fling?

Or... will you really get a divorce?

(Divorce Law Center)

(Family and Divorce Attorney)

(Family Consultations and Divorce Suits)

(Kim and Park Divorce Lawyers)

That's crazy. Yes, it's cool.

I know. Come on. Gosh.

What was it like when your parents got a divorce?

It was really noisy.

They would scream and throw everything.

My dad even smashed the door.

So? Is it better now?

Why do you keep on talking to me?

I keep on making mistakes because of you.

I'm sorry.

How does it look like to you?

What do you mean? How do I look?

I think you look okay.

You're right.

If it got quiet after they were fighting, it means they're not getting divorced, right?

Why are you curious about that?

They might be acting quiet only in front of you.

Isn't it uncomfortable staying in a motel?

It's not bad.

I'm used to it now.

What about your boyfriend?

Is he still bothering you?

He hasn't contacted me.

I'm glad.

Thanks to you, I got rid of that horrible man.

How did it go with you?

I'm thinking about it... with all of my might.

Are you going to forget about it after only thinking about it?

I told you.

Getting a divorce isn't an easy decision to make.

You told me people don't change.

That's what you said to me.

Just let me know if you need me.

I'm telling you to use me anytime.


That won't happen.

I hope you won't need me, but just in case...

You never know what will happen.

Are you sure you want a divorce?

("Understanding Mathematics")

("Master of Maths")

(Best in Law)

("Alimony and Property Division During a Divorce Suit")

("Master of Maths")

You're buying two books?

("The Encyclopedia on Pregnancy, Childbirth, and Childcare")

Here you go.

You must've decided...

to have the baby.

He promised to tell his wife in two months... and get divorced.

Can you really trust a guy... who's cheating on his wife?

Our relationship isn't just a fling.

We've been together for two years, and he still loves me a lot.

If you're so sure about him, why wait two more months?

Because I trust him.

I wouldn't have come this far if I wasn't this confident.

Is Tae Oh still seeing that woman?

I don't know. Why?

I got a feeling... that Sun Woo knows.

Are you sure?

It's impossible for guys to keep cheating on their wives... without having us find out about it.

Women have crazy intuitions.

How scary.

I know, right? So you should also be careful.

Gosh, I'm always careful.

Take your mind off it.

Whether Tae Oh gets caught or not is none of our business.

Okay, let's do this.

Hit a single! Hit a single!

Hit a single! Hit a single!

Hit a single! Hit a single!

He promised to tell his wife in two months... and get divorced.

With men, if you embrace them with a broad mind, they will get back to their senses eventually.

Our relationship isn't just a fling.

We've been together for two years, and he still loves me a lot.

Nice! Run! Go!

Okay! Nice! Yes!


You know... you and Joon Young are the world to Tae Oh.

Okay, one more point!

Have you made up your mind?

Have you made up your mind?

Then first, you need to check your husband's financial status.

You haven't been here in a long time.

(Financial Transactions)

Your husband always came instead, so it's been a very long time.

I heard you're busy with work.

From now on, I plan to come myself no matter how busy I am.

I feel bad that my husband has to handle everything.

Your husband can't notice anything until you check everything.

Act normal like everything is okay. Do you understand?

There's not much for you to check since most of your bank account... is now being managed by your husband's company.

But you do have some overdue interest.


Well, I'm talking about the mortgage loan.

It's been overdue for four months, so I thought you came for that.

He took out a mortgage loan?


It's already been about three years.

He told me you're busy... and brought all the necessary materials himself.

The law is different now, so it's no longer possible.

But back then, all he needed was a power of attorney.

We were told that you had agreed to everything, so we just followed the procedure.

My husband seemed to be struggling these days.

I guess it was because of the loan.

He must not have told me because he felt sorry.

Oh, I see.

Is there anything else I need to know... other than that?

I need to know in order to prevent future problems.

Please tell me.

He also took out... a policy loan under your son's name.

Are you also not aware of that?

(Balance: 9.85 dollars)

(Balance: 11.29 dollars)

(Balance: 7.93 dollars)

(Balance Owing: 15,457 dollars)

(Gosan Department Store 9,800 dollars)



What are you doing? Nothing.

I was looking for something.

No Eul said she hated leaving her friends.

What do you mean?

She had to transfer here... because her parents got divorced.

I think I'd hate it too... if you and Dad got divorced.

I don't want to get transferred... and I don't want to move.

I'm just saying.

I'm working late tonight. I have to revise a script.

Don't wait up. Go to bed first.

(Record Video)

Once you see your husband in bed with another woman, you can never go back to how it used to be.

Sun Woo.

What are you doing here?

Is something wrong?

You suddenly said you had to work late, so I wondered what it was.


Are you okay?

Did you eat?

Should I get some coffee?

We just had some.

But... are you really okay?

Sun Woo.

Sorry for the interruption.

What brought you here?

What should I do?

You had a hunch too, didn't you?

You knew Tae Oh had another woman.

Sun Woo, I... You knew everything... yet you want me to take care of Tae Oh?

How could you do that to me?

I told him to get things sorted out... without telling you.

Tae Oh promised he would too.

What else can I do?

It's too late to sort things out.

That woman is pregnant.

He promised me he would protect his family... no matter what happens.

He said he would never leave his child behind... like his father did.

It'll be fine as long as you can stay strong.

Just forgive him for this single mistake.

If you forgive him, it'll all pass.

A "single mistake"?

You resented your husband all your life.

How could you tell me to forgive him?

You're a mother too.

If Joon Young did the same thing, do you think you'd be any different?

You have to forgive him... if you care about the future of your child.

He got a loan behind my back by putting the house as security.

He even got his hands on his son's insurance money.

How can I forgive him for the future of my child?

I wanted my son to continue to have a dad.

But after listening to you, I realize it's impossible.

What if I forgive him and Joon Young becomes like him?

Hey. Sun Woo.

I... I'll get a divorce.

He'll be kicked out penniless.

He won't ever get to set foot in this neighbourhood again.

He won't ever get to see Joon Young again.

Got it?

My son lived a tiring life... while living with someone so high and mighty like you.

You can't blame Tae Oh.

You didn't give him any space to breathe.

He wouldn't have cheated on you if you allowed him.

Are you saying...

it's my fault?

Is that what you're saying?

My heart is broken for my son.

He lived all his life without a father.

Now you're separating him from his son too.

I won't let that happen.

You can get a divorce after I die.

If you want a divorce, kill me first.

You can't die, Mother.

You should watch...

how Tae Oh plummets.

You can watch while lying in this bed.

(Medical Test Results)

You look thin and tired.

Did something happen?

You have high blood cholesterol.

You might have fatty liver too.

It's not serious enough to take medication for, but you shouldn't neglect it.

You need to change your diet first.

You should exercise on a regular basis too.

Is golf enough?

No. You need to sweat at least 2 to 3 times a week.

I'm embarrassed.

I feel like you found out I'm not so attractive.

Your condition isn't so bad for someone in his 40s.

I'm glad.

By the way, why do you always get your check-ups elsewhere?

You could get it done here too.

I need some courage to get it done here.

I'd be naked under a gown. I think I'd feel strange... seeing you like that.

Is it because of Tae Oh?

What about Tae Oh? I'm just asking.

It looks like he's having trouble finding an investor.

I thought maybe you're worried along with him.

Is the company in a bad financial state?

If you ask me that seriously, it's hard to answer.

I don't like the way Tae Oh acts, but he's still my client.

Just like how a doctor is obligated... to keep a patient's information confidential, an accountant shouldn't talk about their clients either.

I'll call you once I get the blood test results in.


Call me if you ever need a friend to drink with.

You can consult me for advice.

Why didn't you pick up your phone?

I was with a patient. Why?

Tae Oh called me.

He's on his way to his mother.

He's asking you to come right now.


The funeral will be held at Family Love Hospital's funeral hall.

I'll ask the staff to send... The receiver cannot be reached.

You will be directed to voicemail.

You will be charged after the beep.

(Lee Tae Oh)

We really don't need to go.

My gosh, will you stop complaining?

Okay, fine. My gosh, seriously.

Da Kyung. What are you doing here?

Are you going somewhere? I don't think we need to go.

But your mom keeps insisting.

Your alumni sent us a notice about the funeral.

We can't just ignore that.

Dr. Ji's mother-in-law passed away.

We'll be right back.

You should sleep over, Da Kyung.

Let's have chicken and beer. Okay.

My gosh, you're unbelievable. Let's hurry.

We'll see you later. Okay.

My goodness.

You can go to room number three.

(Rest in peace, From Son Je Hyuk)

This way.


Wasn't his mother healthy when she was at the nursing home?

Yes, exactly. She died so unexpectedly.

I don't mean to upset the deceased, but Sun Woo must feel less burdened now.

Yes, you're right.

She collapsed when Joon Young was just a baby.

Ever since then, Sun Woo had to pay... for her mother-in-law's surgery, hospital bills, caregiver, and nursing home.


When did Tae Oh ever do anything that makes good money?

Sun Woo paid for the house and his entertainment company.

Sun Woo really is amazing.

Of course.

You guys have a point, but let's not badmouth Tae Oh today.

His mother won't be able to rest in peace.

Je Hyuk is all grown up now.


I'll leave it up to you.

We're expecting a lot more people soon.

Why are you so drunk?

I know you're sad, but you still need to keep your manners.

I don't want Joon Young to see you like this.

He'll learn from you.

Put this back on.

Fix your tie.

And do something about your shirt.

Dr. Ji.


Joon Young.

I'm sorry for your loss. It must be very hard for you.

I'm sure she went to a better place.

Yes, of course. That's what we also believe.

Thank you. Thank you for coming.

Come this way. Let me escort you.

(Bae Jung Shim)

Here you go.

Let's go.

Over here. Hello.

Hello, sir. Hello.

We can sit over there. Don't get up.

Don't get up.

Hello, sir. It's good to see you.

His mother was a very beautiful woman.

Oh, come on.

Oh, I see.


Are you okay?

Can I...

Can I go get some fresh air?

Will you be okay on your own?

Dad's right over there. You can go ahead.

(Press the button for the parking pass.)

Are you okay?


You know a lot about culture, and I bet that's why you think differently.

I really love your idea on that. Me too.

I think I might do well if you help me out a little.

I'll consider it.

Okay, sir. Okay.

Sir... Look at him.

Let me talk to him, too.

Sir, do you remember the ski resort I mentioned last time?

What do you think about demolishing it... and replacing it with an apartment complex?

I personally think it might work... if we take care of the issue.

He's been thinking about it for a while now.

What do you think? Mr. Lee also has an idea for...

Have you talked to Tae Oh?

Are things still the same?

My gosh, what a jerk.

What if...

I get divorced?

Do you think you can live as a divorced woman?

What's the big deal about that?

Everyone gets divorced these days.

Yes, it's become a lot more common.

But why do you think divorced women... are reluctant to tell people that they're divorced?

You don't know how much it sucks to live as a divorced woman, do you?

Tae Oh may be the one cheating while you did nothing wrong.

But people will still badmouth you behind your back.

People will wonder what your problem is... and be suspicious of whom you meet every night.

Even you were suspicious of Tae Oh's secretary... because she was a divorcee.

My mom went through the same thing.

After she got a divorce, she went through so much... and got judged by everyone as she raised me on her own.

But on the other hand, my dad... got remarried and lived happily ever after with his young wife.

Karma? Justice?

They're all lies.

The woman is the only one whose life is ruined after divorce.

So... think hard about it before you make a decision. Okay?

See you later.

Please wait a few minutes. I don't think he went far.

Did he say anything?

I think he went to see a guest out.

He should be back soon. Okay.

Let's wait a while more. Okay.

We should give our condolences first.


Do you know where my dad is?

Did you see him? What?

Where's Tae Oh?

Tae Oh?

Why don't you go look for him?


Stay here.

He'll be back soon.

(Messages: Sun Woo)

(Messages: Ye Rim)

Sun Woo, there are guests waiting.

Where are you?

Give my office a call.

Thank you.

Where did he go?

How could the head mourner leave?

No, not on a day like this.

(Funeral Parlour)

(Funeral Parlour)

What am I doing?

Marry me, Sun Woo.



That punk. What happened to him?

Darn it.


Go upstairs and get some rest.



Sun Woo.

Thank you.


Who are you?

I just moved in next door. I came to say hello.

Thank you.

(Everything on Having a Happy Pregnancy and Childbirth)

Take care.

Excuse me.

How far along are you?

Only three months.

Are you pregnant too?


Do you want to come in? Let's have some tea together.


Are you confident you want a divorce?

Sun Woo.

If that's the case, you can't let your husband find out.

Not until everything has been prepared on our side.


It was really hard, wasn't it?

I was able to take care of the funeral thanks to you.

Mom will be thankful to you too.

I love you.

You know that, don't you?


I know.

(Everything on Having a Happy Pregnancy and Childbirth)

(A World of Married Couple)

I noticed that your daughter is seeing someone.

I saw you watching them from the parking lot.

Are you upset about something?

I think something came up at work.

Don't wait up for me.

Did it ever occur to you that she might be acting... like she doesn't know anything?

I had no other choice yesterday.

Calm down for now. I got rid of the baby.

We won't have to see each other now.

There are two kinds of men in this world.

The one that cheats and another that gets caught for it.

Men aren't the only ones who have instincts.