The World of the Married S1E5 Script

Episode #1.5 (2020)

(A World of Married Couple)

(A World of Married Couple)

(All characters, organizations, places, and events are fictional.)

I, Lee Tae Oh, swear to love and respect Ji Sun Woo... for the rest of my life.

I will never lie no matter the circumstances.

I will never lie no matter the circumstances.

Sun Woo, you're the only woman in my life. Don't you know that?

Please don't lie to me.

And I will forever stay honest.

And I will forever stay honest.

I swear.

I swear.



All those words were meaningless.

Da Kyung, please answer your phone.

Are we really going to break up like this?

(Are we really going to break up like this?)

Can we please meet up and talk?




I don't know it was that we were determined to protect.

But now,

there's absolutely nothing left... between us.

(Buzzhill Hotel)

(From: Buzzhill Hotel, To: Sinwon-ro, Nam-go, Gosan City)

When did you come home?

At dawn.

We hadn't met in a long time, so we had a lot to talk about.

Was there a place that was open until so late?

After the seminar, we grabbed a hotel room and drank there.

Joon Young, let's go. I'll drive you to school today.

Is this Buzzhill Hotel?

(A World of Married Couple)

(Episode 5)

We look forward to working with you.

I also look forward to it.

I heard you're very competent.

We opened a new department, and we're very excited about it.

There she is.

She's our associate director.

I told you about him last time.

He's our newest psychiatrist.

I'm Kim Yoon Ki. I've heard a lot about you.

I'm Ji Sun Woo. Welcome to our hospital.

His first day of work starts tomorrow.

He'll be using Dr. Ma's old office.

Oh, I see.

Dr. Kim, let's have some tea before you leave.

Sure. Okay.

What do you think of Dr. Kim Yoon Ki?

Isn't he pretty handsome?

He's single. He got divorced, and he has no kids.

If you like him so much, why don't you give it a shot?

Should I?

Are you still mad at me?

Why would I be?

Hey, what's up?

Is Sun Woo at work?

Of course, she is.

Have you noticed...

something strange or different about her lately?

What happened now?

Didn't you make up after you sent her that flower basket?

Flower basket?


(Capital, Capital Adjustment)

I don't understand any of this, so explain it to me simply.

Simply put, T.O. Entertainment is an empty shell.

They're behind several months on rent.

He didn't even pay the workers last month.

How could there be no income?

They've been busy with event planning.

What's the point, when expenses are higher than revenues?

Tae Oh can't even calculate simple profit and loss.

They're about to go bankrupt.

He said he had an investor.

He met with a Chinese buyer too.

Was that all a lie?

The Chinese buyer fell through long ago.

He seems to be talking to a potential investor, but it hasn't been confirmed.

He's pretty much waiting for rain during a drought.

What about Tae Oh's personal account?

Did you check?

Does he not have one?

This is the most I can do legally.

I can't access his personal accounts without proper cause.

Even the bank president wouldn't be able to.


You couldn't find out?

If you'd give me some time...

However, high risk, high return.

This needs to be a two-way street.

Forget it.

I assume... this is your limit.

Do you really not need me?

Tomorrow night.

I'll wait at the same place.

Do you want a drink?

Was someone here?

A close client.

What's up? You didn't say you were coming.

You said you were pulling another all-nighter, so I brought you fresh underwear and a shirt...

I thought you were very busy.

I was taking a break.

It's been a while since you came. Let's have dinner together.

What's wrong?

I went to the hospital this afternoon.

Are you sick? The OBGYN.

I'm fine.

You scared me. Did you go for a checkup?

I want to have kids.

You say that randomly. Cooperate with me.

You didn't want kids, so I cooperated.

It's your turn to cooperate with me.

We finished discussing that already.

Are we really husband and wife?

Think it over.

I'm not just throwing it out there.

(Incorrect password)


I looked at your phone.


I was thinking of getting a new phone.

Want to see it?


I wanted to see how heavy it was, that's all.


I have what you asked for.

(Da Kyung, please pick up. Is it really over? Let's meet.)

(Da Kyung, please pick up. Is it really over? Let's meet.)

Good morning. Hello.

Did you not get enough sleep? Your eyes are bloodshot.

I'm a working mom which means it's impossible to get enough sleep.

Superwoman complex can be dangerous.

You need to stop being a perfectionist to be happy.

Dr. Kim!

Dr. Ji.

There's something I promised Dr. Kong when I transferred here.

I promised him I'll be in charge of his staff's mental health.

I'll provide free consultation... whether it's stress from work or from daily life.

That's why I spoke to you like that.

If it offended you, please forgive me.

I see. I will.



(Ko Ye Rim)

Actually, I really want a baby.

But Je Hyuk's strongly against it... and I don't know what to do.

If it's about that, you should talk to Dr. Sul.

I don't think... she'll understand me since she's not married.

It's a sensitive matter between married couples.


don't have anyone else to talk so frankly about this... aside from you.

I'm thankful you think of me that way, but...

I wonder why Je Hyuk is so against it.

How is his relationship with his parents?

His parents are ordinary people.

They don't really meddle in our business.

Why don't you get a couple's consultation?

Our hospital recently got a new psychiatrist.

He'll be against that for sure.

He won't listen to me.

It's not something that can be forced.

I hope you two can find a middle ground.

I'm sorry. I'm not really helpful.

How is it for you?

Are things good between you and Tae Oh?

Every couple has problems.

We're not any different.

That's the way it is with most couples.


Didn't you see me yesterday?

I went to Je Hyuk's office.

I think I saw you while leaving.

I did. I saw you too.

Aren't you curious why I went?

Je Hyuk... is a great financial advisor.

Sorry I snatched so much of your time when you're busy.

If anything happens which you should know about,

I'll tell you everything.

I'll get going.

Let's meet at 8pm. I'll wait for you.


Get out. Get out right now!

Hyun Seo.

You promised to stop taking these pills.

Don't you know who made me take those?

I had stopped taking them.

I don't need these if you're not here!

It's because of the pills, isn't it?

I was wondering how that doctor convinced you.

It was these pills.

You're crazy.

What are you thinking?



It's not like that.

I didn't say anything.


Let's meet at 8pm. I'll wait for you.

Darn it.

Yes, I know.

My goodness. Dr. Ji.

I'll see you girls next time. Okay, bye.

Hello. Hi.

What brings you here?

I came to meet my friends from school, and we had a lot to catch up on.

What about you?

Well, I'm also here to meet someone.

My goodness, what a coincidence.

You and I must have a really strong connection.

We ran into each other before at the restaurant.

And we meet again in Seoul.

I know, right?

I need to get going now. Okay, go ahead.

Dr. Ji.

I'd like to invite you over to our house one day.

What? You let us join you for dinner, and I'd like to return the favor, so you should come over with your husband.

Does that sound okay?


I'll see you soon. Goodbye then.

My husband seems a little suspicious.

Do you think he knows that you're preparing for divorce?

He keeps trying to unlock my cell phone.

I'm worried that he might be onto something.

Try to buy some more time. Maybe 2 to 3 weeks.

2 to 3 weeks? Yes.

Before you proceed with the division of property, you can file for provisional disposition and seizure.

That's going to take about 2 to 3 weeks for the court... to revise and approve.

The notice will go to your husband after about 2 to 3 months.

I'll try my best.

Although I'm not sure how much he has.

The receiver cannot be reached. You will be directed to...

You're home.

You're late.


Je Hyuk, what are you doing here?

I came to talk to Tae Oh.

Just a second.




What are you doing?

Why didn't you show up? I waited for you.

I never said I'll be there.

Tae Oh doesn't know... that you're getting ready to file for divorce, does he?

Or maybe he noticed something.

Do you want me to ask?

Don't worry. I haven't told him anything yet.

Do you really think you can blackmail me with that?

I don't want to define it as blackmailing.

We had a lot of fun that night.

Don't you agree?

220,000 dollars.

Tae Oh wired some money to his slush fund account.

And he also got 100,000 dollars for his mother's death benefit.

In total, he has 320,000 dollars.

What do you think?

Isn't this a pretty good deal?

I'll deal with it with my lawyer.

You can stay out of it.

Doesn't that take a few months?

And you'll even have to divide that money with him.

I can easily help you get every single penny.

But I also have the ability to ruin everything.

I'll leave you guys to talk.

Would you like some beer? Sounds nice.

In total, he has 320,000 dollars.

I can easily help you get every single penny.

But I also have the ability to ruin everything.

What do you want?

Aren't you going to bed?

Did Je Hyuk leave?

Yes, just now.

What did you guys talk about?


About life.

You should go to bed without me. I still have some work to do.

You're always late these days. Are you busy?

I have a lot of work.

Why were you late today?

Do I need to tell you everything?

Stop being so unusual.

You never really cared about my work.

Be more attentive to Joon Young.

Be honest with me.

You want to kill your husband, don't you?

It'd be boring to just get a divorce.

You should get your revenge first.

Don't you agree?

Mr. Ha.

Just give me the word.

I'm more than willing to help.

Thank you for what you did.

But you can take your mind off it now.

This is regarding my family, so I'll take care of it on my own.

So please just... Why would you ignore my goodwill?

No, I'm not ignoring your goodwill.

I'm just trying to draw a line. Why?

Why would you ignore me?

I helped you.

I can take care of it for you.

Mr. Ha.

Calm down.

This is so upsetting!

This is between us.

It's between us.

It's between you and me, okay?

Let me go! Who are you?

Let me go!

Let go!

You can't do this to me.

You'll regret doing this to me!

Let go!

Are you hurt?

Dr. Ji? Careful.

Be careful. Are you okay?

I'm not just a patient!

We're more than that!

We're on the same side!

Don't do this.

Dr. Ji? Get it together.

Dr. Ji.

He saw... internal medicine doctors and dermatologists in the area...

and started coming to me about a year ago.

He seemed to have obsessive-compulsive disorder,

so I was recommending that he see a psychiatrist.

He won't listen, right?

He thinks you're the only person who understands him.

It seemed quite progressed.

Did you not notice at all?

It's the first time he got violent.

I'm shocked.

It's not impossible for patients to become hostile... toward a doctor, but... did something happen that could have triggered it?

It's not unprecedented.

You're being too presumptuous.

I'm always strictly professional with my patients.

Please watch what you say. You don't know anything about me.

Thank you for the tea.

Did you hyperventilate in the past too?

Have you ever hurt yourself?

That's absurd.

Did you ever suffer... from post-traumatic stress disorder that you never got treated?

So? Shall we talk here?

We can go somewhere else too.

I'm a bit impatient.

Either throw away what you have... or give it to someone else. I don't care.

Don't bother me again.

I'll report you for blackmail.


You must love the law.

Fine. I'll just follow the law too.

You prescribed meds for Hyun Seo and made her follow your husband.

Can a doctor do that?

If they find out you threatened to send a healthy person... to a mental hospital on top of that, what will happen to you?

Dr. Ji Sun Woo.

What happened to the gutsy doctor... who bragged about her connections... and threatened to forge my psych evaluation?


Are you scared now?

It was to save my patient... from her assaulter.

Don't give me that garbage.

You still want to act like a doctor, is that it?

You're not qualified. You know it.


What do you plan to do?

I have plenty of people I can report you to.

Your hospital. Doctors' association. TV studios.

Get it for me quickly.

You're running out of time.

30,000 dollars is cheap... for keeping your medical license, isn't it?

Call me.

It's 30,000 dollars. Don't forget.

She isn't picking up? It's off.

What should I do? Should I go by myself?

No, no. Wait.

I'll be right there.

(Sun Woo)

The person you have reached is unavailable. Please leave...

How could she forget he's waiting for her?

Seriously. Where is she?

Do you not know where Mom went either?

She must have gotten an urgent patient.

Eat up.

I can't stand her.

What? I hate people who look like her.

Why aren't you eating?

Dad. What?

I need to go to the men's room.

Are you two still fighting?

It's not like that.

Just tell me what time she left work.


You didn't break up with Da Kyung yet, did you?

It's not that.

I told you, it's completely over with Da Kyung.

But Sun Woo has been acting really strange these days.

She gets cranky whenever I talk to her.

She also stayed out overnight...

What? She stayed out overnight?

No, forget it.

I said, forget it.

Anyway, we can talk later.

Mom's mad... because you did something wrong, right?

No, it's not like that.

I didn't do anything wrong, and Mom...

I'll take care...

I'll take care of it.

Don't worry about a thing, okay?

I'm innocent.

Why are you telling me to go home? Do something about this punk.

How many days has it been?

It's over for him. Come on.

How about some fruit?

Bring it. The owner is not here.


You do it. Are you sleeping?

Hey, is it supposed to rain today?

They didn't say that in the forecast.

I'm sorry.

You'll have to pay next time.

(10 dollars)

Come on.

I'm a great drinker.

See how heavyweight I am.

You should've called the police.

Why did you do such a crazy thing?

What if he really reports what happened?

You must be feeling great.

You wanted to see me crumble.

You talked big to me, but look at you now.

I ran to him with a pair of scissors in my hands... because I wanted to kill Lee Tae Oh.

Of course, I wasn't able to follow through.

You should leave with Joon Young and start a new life.

Gosan is Tae Oh's hometown.

You know very well I don't have anywhere else to go.

I lost both of my parents at once...

and became a pitiful girl who was left alone.

Do you know how long it took me to get rid of that label?

What I have now were all built up here.

This is my son's hometown,

and now it's also my hometown.

I realized it when I heard the man threatening me... to reveal about Tae Oh.

Now I know what I feared the most.

Once we get a divorce,

I'll once again become a woman whom people pity.

It'll be the same for Joon Young too.

Who cares what other people think whether it's pity or not?

Are you sure you can refrain from feeling sorry for yourself?

Wake up.

You must resent him as much as you loved him, but it'd be dangerous to go any further than this.

One wrong move... and you could ruin your life like me.

I'm off to work now.

I cooked breakfast, so don't forget to eat it.

Have fun at school.

Hyun Seo.

Make sure... that lady doesn't do anything fishy.

And keep in mind that it's the only way you'll live.

Are you going somewhere?

I'm going to stay with my parents for a while.

I'm going to move soon.

Did something happen?

I broke up with him.

You should also break up. Stop letting him control you.

Or just call the police.

I'll see you. Stay well.

I'm sorry.

I should've hidden the sleeping pills.

Here are the medical certificates... regarding all the injuries I've seen on you.

(Family Love Hospital)

I'm done helping you, right?

Now, give me the money you promised.

Do you have a plan?

Don't worry about me.

You probably wouldn't want to see me again.

Da Kyung told me... that she broke up with your husband.

She packed up and left today.

What do you plan to do now?

Da Kyung.

Please open the door if you're not sleeping.

Are you really not going to eat?

I'm glad you decided to go on a diet.

But who starves to lose weight these days?

Come outside a bit later. I'll make you a Cobb salad.


Miss. You can clean up the dining table.

Okay, ma'am.

Why? Isn't she going to eat?

No. Why is she so depressed when she came back on her own will?

You should talk to her later and make her feel better.

And ask her why she quit work.

I'm just happy that she's back. Just let her be.

Once she finds something she wants to do, I'll support her as much as I can.

Yes, I know that.

But I just can't seem to tell what's on her mind.

And why does she look so tired?

It's so upsetting.

Do you think she's sick?

Tae Oh, it's me.

Why are we going so far away to eat?

We can go somewhere nearby.

No, we can't do that. Someone invited us to dinner.

And she asked me to bring you.

Who? You'll find out once we get there.

I'm sure you'll like it.

Who sent you flowers?

Was it a patient?

Didn't Je Hyuk tell you?

He told me it was for client management.

That punk said that?

What a crazy jerk.

Why would he send flowers to someone else's wife?

I know, right?

(Ji Sun Woo)

(Ji Sun Woo)

I'll see you tonight at the same place.

(Son Je Hyuk Accounting Firm)

Should I tell you something interesting in advance?

The person who decided to invest in Tae Oh's business... is Chairman Yeo Byung Kyu.

Aren't you coming?

Sun Woo, what are we...

The chairman's wife invited us to dinner. Isn't that great?

You always wanted to become close with Chairman Yeo.

You'd better thank me for it.

Sun Woo!

Hold on.

Fix your shirt.


Oh my gosh. Dr. Ji.


We came.

What brings you here?

Is someone here?

Dr. Ji. Hello.

Hello, sir. Hi.

You invited us over.

That's why we came.

Did I say it was today?

That's what I thought. Was I wrong?

Oh no.

What? Did you forget an important engagement like this?

No, I...

I... I'm so sorry.

Where's my head? It's fine.

We can just leave. No, no.

I'm the one who brought it up.

I can't let you just leave.

Please come inside.

Please come in, Dr. Ji. Yes, come in.

Come in.

We can just eat what we have.

What a great house.

I really like it.

Thank you.


Thank you.

He designed it himself.

You have a great eye.

My wife did the interior decorating.

I thought I saw her artistic style.

Take your time and look around.

I'll get lunch ready.

Give me that.

Thank you. I'll keep it safe.

Come this way.

Did you design your house in Jeju yourself as well?

How did you know?

I heard the rumors.

It must have a similar vibe as this house.

Sure, many people from Gosan visited.

That's the second floor.

May I take a look around the second floor too?


Honey, that's rude...

Not at all.

Why don't you look around too since you're here?

Sun Woo.

You're being rude.

What? The chairman said to look around.

You shouldn't touch their things.

It looks pretty expensive, doesn't it?

Sun Woo.

Oh no.

It slipped and broke.

That's why you shouldn't touch... other people's things.

What are you doing after barging into someone else's house?

What do you mean, "barging into"?

You're quite rude.

We're your mother's invited guests.

How about some wine while we wait...

What happened...

I'm sorry. It was my mistake.


It has a great aroma.

Dr. Ji brought over a great bottle of wine.

I put in a lot of thought in picking it out.

There's a wine my wife and I had recently.

It was a Chateau Louvelet Mar...

Marton. Yes, that's the wine.

It has the same aroma as that wine.

But I think this one that Dr. Ji brought is nicer.

Okay. What should we toast to?

The happiness of the two families.

That's nice. Okay.

Okay. How about this?

To Lee Tae Oh's investor, Chairman Yeo.

How did you know?

Does that matter right now?

Won't you toast with us?

I don't want to.

Sure, then.

The wine is really nice.

Dr. Ji, you're acting a bit strange today.

Are you having a tough time with something?

I guess so. It is tough.

Oh no. What could it be?

You have such a happy family.


Is this fun for you?

She's under a lot of stress. I apologize.

Stop drinking.

It's because of my husband.

He cheated on me.

Stop it. Let's go.

I'm sorry.

We'll excuse ourselves.

Sure. That will probably be best.

I guess your parents don't know yet that you're pregnant, Da Kyung.


did you just say?


Who? Your daughter... had an affair with my husband and got pregnant.

You weren't aware of that... and made a huge investment.

It's a misunderstanding, sir.

I'll explain it somehow.

Da Kyung.

Da Kyung?


He's running away like a coward.

That's what Lee Tae Oh is like.

The one you were head over heels for is not more than that.

Watch the way...

you talk to my daughter. You should've... taught your daughter to be more careful.

She shouldn't have touched someone else's husband.

She shouldn't make moves on a man with a kid.

No matter how easy you are, only terrible people... break up someone else's family.

Are you crazy?

You're really crazy!

Stop that right now!

I'm going to ask you... to leave right now.

Chairman Yeo... Shut your mouth!

Thank you for the meal, ma'am.

Ji Sun Woo!

Did you...

have to do this?

Did you have to come here and make a scene like this?

That's why I gave you several chances to come clean.

It was you who ran away every time.

Are you blaming me now?

Were you always this low?

Are you happy to have made all this chaos?

Does it make you happy to have ruined everything?

This is only the beginning.

We still have things to do.

What else can you do here?


Don't even think about seeing Joon Young again.

He's my son!

How dare you say that?

If you decided to have fun with another woman, you should've been sure enough to never see your son again.


I admit I made a mistake. I couldn't help it.

But I never intended on leaving my family.

It's not a crime to fall in love!


"Love"? Everything was already settled!

If you hadn't done what you did, the investment and Da Kyung... would have been settled well.


slept with Je Hyuk.


I said, I slept with Je Hyuk.

Did you want to get back at me?

Is that why?


At first, I wanted to get my revenge.


it felt thrilling once we started.

It didn't feel that way...

when I was with you.

How can you do this to me?

Are you out of your mind?

Je Hyuk is my friend!

How could you sleep with another man?

What's the matter?

Does it make you mad?

Does it disgust you?

Is the feeling of betrayal driving you crazy?

Whatever it is you're feeling right now,

make sure you don't forget it.

Because that's what I felt.

(A World of Married Couple)

Joon Young saw everything.

He knows about your relationship with Yeo Da Kyung.

Why can't you give up on your son?

What kind of lunatic would agree to give up his money and child?

Did you sleep with her?

You already knew everything.

Why do you sound so startled?

I don't care how you feel. Just do your best as my husband.

We checked the place where the last phone call was made.

And that's where we found it.

How does she know where we live?

Did you tell her?

Do you really want to live with Joon Young?

I know I made a mistake by cheating on you.

But how do you expect me to trust you with Joon Young... when you're not completely sane?

Do whatever you want.

But I won't just sit back and do nothing.

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