The World of the Married S1E6 Script

Episode #1.6 (2020)

(A World of Married Couple)

(A World of Married Couple)

(All characters, organizations, places, and events are fictional.)

(Episode 6)

Joon Young.

Divorce isn't necessarily a bad thing.

No Eul also had a hard time accepting it at first...

I'll be right back.

Joon Young.

Joon Young.

Did my mom ask you... to convince me since she's going to get a divorce?


I'm just worried about you. That's all.

I just feel bad.


Why do you feel bad?

Do you know something?

Things will never be the same again.

Our marriage. Our son.

You're the one who ruined everything!

Do you finally get what you've done?

What did I do?


Your viciousness is what ruined us.

You know how sad it is to grow up without a dad.

How could you say... you'd do that to Joon Young in front of me?

You have no right.

You have no right to take his dad from Joon Young.


You're done already.

Joon Young saw everything.

He saw what you...

and Da Kyung were doing.

Sun Woo... really is something.

I knew for a while now... that you were having affairs.


They never lasted more than a night, so they weren't affairs.

I guess it's more of an addiction.

Why are you acting this way if you knew already?

Because it's Sun Woo.

Why is that different?

Did you sleep with her?

I only enjoy them physically. I never have feelings for them.

In that way, Sun Woo is no different from other women.

Don't tell me you think I like her.

Are you proud of yourself because you didn't have feelings for them?

Do you...

hate me that much?

It's not that I hate you.

"I hate boredom" is a better way to put it.

What did you do while I was bored?

Shouldn't a couple fix each other's inadequacies... and find fun together?

I can't seem to do that.

There's nothing left to talk about then.

Fine. I'm the problem.

I admit I'm not normal.

Are you...

even sorry?

Why are you here like this?


I'm really sorry.

Did you really go out with me for my dad's money?

If even you believe what that psycho said, nothing I say now will matter.

The chairman invested in my work.

He decided based purely on my passion and work.

Put the cigarette out.

Put it out.

It's bad for the baby.

I can... give up everything.

My mom, my dad, and everything I enjoyed thanks to my dad.

Da Kyung.

The choice is yours now.

Thank you.

Thank you so much.

Did you see him?

Why are you doing this to me?

I said...

I would tell you everything...

if a situation arises that you need to know about.

You are so sickening.

You think you're so cool, don't you?

You probably think others think the same, but get over yourself.

You are garbage. That's what you are.

What about you, who went on a trip with my husband's mistress?

You're garbage just like me.


Did you want to get revenge on me?

Is that why you slept with my husband?


You must have wanted... to destroy our marriage because yours was destroyed, but no.

You failed.

You couldn't save your marriage, but I will save mine.

This won't threaten our marriage at all.

I don't care one bit... whether or not you get divorced. I simply... wanted to tell you the truth.

Because that's how I felt.

Because deceiving even you, whom I considered a friend,

made me unbearably sad.

You are a total fake.

I have never...

considered you a friend.

Is that right?

Had I known that was how you felt,

I would've been less sad.

You're home.

Where's Joon Young?

My daughter and I'll get going.


Mi Yun.

Thank you.

Where's Dad?

He won't be coming home.

Until when?

(A World of Married Couple)

We won't break up anymore, right?

Of course not.

We'll sleep in the same bed together, and wake up together too.

We can stay together all day long, right?

I'll stay by your side all day.

By our baby too.

I'll be a supportive wife.

Your film...

is going to be a huge success.


Is there a problem?

I have a feeling the production might not happen.

What do you mean?

As you already know, your father's really upset.

His investment will be pulled out, so unless I find a new investor...

Are you saying... you don't have any other investors?

The thing is, making a film isn't that easy.

I see.

(Speed Quick)

Hello, are you Lee Tae Oh?


Could you sign here?

Here are your documents.

Thank you.

(Application for Uncontested Divorce)

(Wife: Ji Sun Woo)

Who was that? What is this?

This is ridiculous.

Don't waste time and take care of it fast.

No fool would agree to give up on all the money and his kid.

You lived off of the money I earned until now.

There was never a thing you owned.

Who raised Joon Young while you were in training?

Don't you remember?

I played a part in helping you get your license.


If you want to play it that way, I won't go easy on you.

What are you going to do about it?

You founded a company with my money, then you pocketed a slush fund.

I'll charge you for embezzlement.

How are you going to do that? Don't worry.

The employees who didn't get their paychecks... thanks to their incompetent boss decided to help me.

(Application for Uncontested Divorce)

How does she know my address?

Did you tell her?


Since when did she...

How much does she know about us?

She gives me goosebumps.


Where's Min Hyun Seo?

She quit.

Don't lie.

I mean it. She quit a few days ago.

Where did she run off to?

Where's Hyun Seo?

Where did you hide her?

Why are you asking me?

I thought you two were together.

Why aren't you sending me the money? Hurry up and send it.

I don't have any money.

If you want to report it, go ahead. I don't care.

Are you pushing your luck?

You already have a criminal record for assault and fraud.

If you want to add another charge for blackmailing, I won't stop you.

Do whatever you want.

I won't just sit and watch.


Hello, Dr. Ji. Hello.

Good morning.

Did something happen? Something feels strange.

Hurry up and take a look at the hospital's website.

Our website?

It started late last night.

Nurse Kim first noticed it and requested it to be deleted.

But the more they deleted it, the worse it became.

It's spreading in community blogs and personal social media accounts.

It spread so much and is out of control.

I only found out a while ago.

I don't know who it is, but they definitely want to give you a hard time.

Do you have anyone in mind?

Who could it be?

Could it be Mr. Ha Dong Shik?

Or is it someone else?

Hey, who was that man who came to see you before?

He didn't look like a patient.

Could it be him?

My goodness.

What's the point of finding out who wrote these?

It's fine as long as it's not you.

You tend to be too sensitive these days.

I only said it out of concern.

It's normal for patients to make complaints.

It'll quiet down in time.

You should go back to work.

If it started during the night, it could be your husband too.

Why would he do such a thing?

If your reputation gets ruined, it'll put your husband in a favourable position.

You said he doesn't want to give up on your son's custody.

So who do you want to live with?

Haven't you decided yet?

Stop being so annoying.

I need to go to the office.

I'll talk to my dad and convince him to invest in you.

This isn't the right time to talk to him about money.

He might not even approve of our relationship.

Let me take care of what's urgent first.

Just hurry up and get a divorce.

I should get myself a lawyer so we can rewrite the agreement.

I'm not going to let her have everything she wants.

Why can't you...

give up on your son?

Because he's my son. Then what?

What do you plan to do with him?

He'll live with me. Then... What about our baby?

How do you expect me to bear with that?

I'll take care of it, okay?

Hey, you two.

Where is Min Hyun Seo?

Why are you asking me?

I don't know where she is.

You guys used to talk to each other all night.

And now, you're acting like you don't know her?


Why are you trying to start a fight with a stranger?

How is she supposed to know where her neighbour is?

"A stranger"?

Do you know your wife used my girlfriend... to keep a tail on you?

What do you want?

Do you want to get a divorce?

Just tell me. I'll get a divorce if that's what you want.

I'm not getting a divorce.

I don't have a job or any kids.

If I don't even get my dad's money, I'd be left with nothing.

You're going to forgive me... because you won't be able to get his inheritance...

if you get a divorce?

Not getting a divorce doesn't mean I'm going to forgive you.

Get changed.

Then what do you want?

I don't care how you feel.

Just do your best as my husband.

And I want you to cooperate so we can have a baby.

Okay, fine. I'll stop seeing other women.


I'm not going to have a baby.

Who's my next patient?

There aren't any more patients, Dr. Ji.

The other patients cancelled their appointments.

What should we do, Dr. Ji?

Should we call the cops?

If he's here to get treated, you can send him in.

Then I'll be there, too.

The cops told me you refused to press any charges... and that I don't even need to compensate for the broken computer.

Is that true?

You came here to check that?

No, I came to apologize.

I'm sorry.

I decided to take your advice and see a psychiatrist.

That's great.

I wish you all the best with your treatment.


You're a great doctor.

I came here to tell you that.

What do you think? Not too bad for my first time, right?

Did you tell him to compliment me like that?

Not at all.

Ji Sun Woo speaking.

Come in.

You asked for me?

I told you everything I have to say, so I'll be off now.

You should've given me my money when I asked for it.

Sir. Is it true... that you assaulted and threatened that man to have him placed... in a mental institution against his will?

He assaulted my patient.

It was an act of self-defence. Then... what about the fact that you asked your patient to tail your husband?

I know we had problems, but how could you... ask your patient to tail me?

You're a doctor.

Why are you here?

I'll be honest.

I'm really worried about my wife.

Did you see all those posts on the hospital website?

First, why don't we check who uploaded them, sir?

Someone's obviously trying to frame me.

You're the one who's trying to frame me.

How long have you been planning to get a divorce?

Dr. Ji, are you getting a divorce?

It's my private life, sir.

Well, you've obviously crossed the line.

What you did is not only against medical ethics, but it's even bad enough to receive criminal punishment.

If people find out that you used your patient for personal purposes, it'll inflict huge damage to the hospital!

I'll receive whatever punishment...

that I deserve. But can we please...

talk about this without my husband? He doesn't even work here.

Okay, fine.

I know I made a mistake by cheating on you.

But you put a tail on me and even assaulted and threatened someone.

None of that is normal.

How do you expect me to trust you with Joon Young... when you're not completely sane?

Is this about Joon Young?

You want to make me seem insane... so you could take him away from me?

You're obviously not normal.

What are you talking about?

Does Dr. Kong know that both your parents died... due to an unexpected accident?

Did you tell him that the accident was suspicious?

Shut it. You told me yourself... that your mom was strange that day.

That she, who was driving, may have done it on purpose.

That she was having a really tough time... after finding out your dad was cheating, and...

Are you...

confident you won't end up like your mom?


May I request a psychiatric evaluation of Dr. Ji Sun Woo?

I think I'll need it in our custody hearing.

You scumbag.

You won't get your way.

Dr. Ji!

Sun Woo!

What are you doing?

What are you thinking?

(Gosan Grade School)


Get up.

Ma'am. Mr. Lee.

Where's Joon Young?

His mother just picked him up.

Is something wrong?

I'm sorry, but I'm in a rush.


Where are we going?

(Find My Child)

(Find My Child)

(Find My Child)

(Restricted Area)

(Find My Child)

(Restricted Area)

(Find My Child Cannot find child)

Why did you turn my phone off?

Give it back.

(Beware of cliff and windy roads Fasten your seat belts)

It's dangerous. Stay still!

Give it back. Give me my phone!

Joon Young. Give it to me!

Give it to me! It's dangerous.

Are you insane?

I'll buy you a new one, so sit still.

Where are we going? Answer me!

I'll explain later.

I'm calling Dad.

Give me that.

Give it to me!

You're not in your right mind!

Joon Young.

(Sun Woo)

Hello? Where are you?

Dad. Dad! Joon Young.

Lee Joon Young!

Mom. Look ahead. Look.


What happened?

Joon Young, are you okay?

Joon Young!

Joon Young!



Hang up. Are you with Mom?

Now. Joon Young!



The phone is turned off.

My son is missing.

I can't get through.

How many times must I tell you?

His mom took him out of class.

I can't reach her either, that's why!

I think they were in an accident.

I'm asking you to check. That's why I called.

What do you mean, call after the accident happens?



Get out.

Joon Young.


very angry right now.

I'll apologize... for yelling at you and for throwing out your phone.

I'm also sorry for bringing you here... against your will.

You know... why I'm acting like this, don't you?

It's because Dad has another woman, right?

So what? What about it?

He betrayed us.

You know everything, don't you?

He betrayed you, not me.

That woman's pregnant.

Dad doesn't need us anymore, Joon Young.


Did he say he'll live with her?

Does he love that baby more than he loves me?

It's okay.

We can live happily on our own.

It won't be a problem even without him.

No. I don't want to live with just you.

Do you not want to?

Don't get a divorce.

You can forgive him this time.

Just forgive him.

I can't.

Dad decided to live with that woman.

How can we live without Dad?

You're always busy.

You care more about work than me.

It was Dad who stayed with me.

You were never around.

Don't you know why I lived that way?

I did it for you.

I did it so I could give you everything you need.

You're the most precious thing to me.

You're all I have.

Don't you see that? Don't lie to me.

I'm going to go to Dad.

Where is he right now?

If you go to him, I'll die.

Will you still go to him?

Don't you care if I die?

Answer me.

Tell me you'll live with me.

Answer me!

Let me go.

I'm scared.

Answer me!

Is this your son's?

Yes, it is.

It's Joon Young's.

We checked where he last had a signal, and it was here.

This is as much as we can do.

Were there any reported accidents?

No, none.

He seems to be with his mom. You should wait at home.

Let's go. Get in.

(Sun Woo)

Where are you? Come home.

We'll talk in person.

Where's Joon Young?

Where is he?

Joon Young!

Joon Young!

Where's Joon Young?

Are you sure you want to live with him?

Did that woman agree?

Are you going to tell Joon Young to call that woman... you cheated with as his stepmom?

You make me sick.

Didn't I apologize enough?

How much more should I beg?

You don't realize it, do you?

You never apologized.

It's over now.

You can't see Joon Young anymore.

What's that supposed to mean?

You shouldn't have talked about my mom.

I barely managed to forget about it.

But you made me remember everything again.

Cut the nonsense and just tell me... where Joon Young is!

What did you do...

to Joon Young?

You're the one who destroyed our family.

But he took your side.

Stop being crazy if you don't want me to kill you.

Why don't you just go ahead and kill me?

I don't want to live anymore!


No way.

Tell me I'm wrong.

There's no way you would've done that.

Tell me I'm wrong!

I can do anything...

to make you suffer.

How do you feel to have lost your child?

You're the one who made me do this.

Do you understand?

You crazy witch.



You darn psycho.

Joon Young.

Thank goodness.

Joon Young.

No, it's not what you think. Joon Young.

Listen to me, Joon Young. Don't call my name.

I'm not your son anymore.

Sun Woo. Sun Woo.

Sun Woo. Sun Woo.



Mom! Hello? 911?

We need an ambulance. Hurry. Mom!

Someone got severely injured.

He agreed to all your terms.

(Divorce settlement agreement)

The court also issued a temporary restraining order.

(Lee Tae Oh, Ji Sun Woo)

You finally got what you want.


(From The National Health Insurance Corporation, To Lee Tae Oh)

(Writ of Garnishment)

My wife was really shocked that day.

So she wrote some stuff on the online notice board...

of the hospital website out of anger.

Please let me apologize on her behalf.

This is a small town, and your reputation matters.

What she did... was very disrespectful to you.

And I know...

that it will only remain as a civil case.

But can you please not sue Da Kyung for having destroyed your marriage?

What... do you need me to do?

Are you proposing a deal?

My goodness, look at her. She's so brazen.

She's unbelievable.

I know. I can't believe she still lives here.

She's ruining the reputation of our neighbourhood.

She's shopping for groceries after having destroyed a family?

She's got some nerve.

My gosh.

Will you look at her? What is she even doing here?

This card was declined.

That can't be. Please try again.

(Swipe card)

(Transaction denied. Please try again.)

It was rejected.

How can you suddenly freeze my credit cards?

You said to stay out of it.

Doesn't that jerk give you money for expenses?

Must you go this far?


Can't you help Tae Oh? He's talented.

He'll succeed if you support him.

Is that why he bled his wife dry all these years?

Da Kyung. Why are you such a poor judge of people?

Shut it and get out.

I'll pretend I don't have a daughter.



Please, Daddy.

Da Kyung.

It's not too late.

Break up with him.

If you do, Daddy will take care of you... and the baby.

Listen to me.


I love him.

I can't leave him.

He hit his wife in front of his child... and was arrested for assault.

But what? Love?

Have you lost your mind? It's not like that!

That woman set him up.



Pretend you don't have a daughter anymore.

I won't come back.

I reported...

In Kyu for assault.

The lawyer says he won't get out easily because he has... several priors.

That's good.

It's thanks to you.

I didn't do anything.

It was all you.

You showed me by example...

how to get out of it.

I used your situation.

I'm the one who said to use it as much as you wanted.

Why did you do it?

What about you?

You were the first person to help me...

when I was being hit.

Why did you get so involved and go so far...

to save me?

Did you go out?

I think the hospital director made a big miscalculation.

Psychiatry is going to be a big minus in our profits.

Should I go out and market myself if I want to stay on?

Divorce is like a war, right?

There's no winner or loser.

I know from experience.

Albeit it was unconventional, I found out the source of your trauma, so why don't you try receiving treatment for it?

I'm pretty well-respected in Seoul.

I'm fine.

Do you have experience treating alcoholics?

I would like to make a referral.


(Doctor Ji Sun Woo)

How's your injury?

Are you okay? I'm okay.

It's all better.

Joon Young was shocked too, wasn't he?

That psycho jerk.

How dare he beat you up?

Good job.

You can live with a cheater, but not with someone who's violent.

Sorry about everything.

I took our my annoyance at you.

Don't be. I'm the one who's sorry.

I really wronged you in so many ways, Sun Woo.

Hey, have you heard?

Tae Oh is leaving Gosan.

The rumours have spread everywhere in this tiny city.

How could he stick around?

He must have some shame. He's moving somewhere no one knows him.

Anyway, congrats on your new start.

I wish you only happiness going forward.

You should date if you find a nice guy... and show that jerk.

Don't jinx me.

I'm sick of men.

See you.

Joon Young?

I'm home.

What did it mean... to be married?

What did the times we shared mean?

What was the point of attacking each other so cruelly?

Because we loved...

Because we hated each other...

In the end, because we're all human...

So many questions floated around in my head.


I decided not to ask questions anymore.

(Family Love Bazaar)

(Two years later)

(Help Your Neighbours)

(Organized by Family Love Hospital and Gosan Women's Association)

(Book Bazaar)

(Free medical check-up)

(Free medical consultation)

(Gosan Women's Association)

(To: Jin Sang Hyun)

(To: Director Kong Ji Chul)

(To: Director Kong Ji Chul)

Thank you. Take care.

Mr. Kim Ki Ja?

Please go into room number two.

Ms. Kim Soo Jung.

You can go to room number three. Okay.


(Doctor Ji Sun Woo)

Is it serious?

Should I just get admitted?

Your fever came down, but you still have the coughs.

Let's keep on taking the medication for a few more days.

How's your insomnia?


It's not bad enough to impact my daily life.

Are you handling it with medication?

Don't tell me you self-diagnosed and gave yourself a prescription.

Are you trying to treat me?

I don't intend on doing that, but I'm just curious if you're intending on using other methods.


It's an easy and healthy method. What do you think?

(Family Medicine Doctor Ji Sun Woo)

Are you good enough to get rid of... someone's insomnia at once?

Do you want to check?

I'll try it.

Although I don't know when that'll be.

Anyway, thanks for your advice.

Are you playing games again? Hurry up and go to class.

Yes, ma'am. Yes, ma'am.

Hold on, hold on.

Nice. What are you doing?

Where are you, son?

Hey, just eat it.

Look at this. Hey, hey.

It was a mistake.

(How did your test go?)

How did your test go? Why aren't you answering me?

(How did your test go? Why aren't you answering me?)

I'll head out first.

(Doctor Sul Myung Sook)

Dr. Ji.

What is it? Do you have something to say?


Don't take this the wrong way, okay?

What is it? Why are you so hesitant?

It's about Tae Oh.

When does his restraining order end?

It was for two years, so...

Right? It's almost over, isn't it?

You're right.

I wasn't paying attention to it, so I forgot about it.

Why do you ask?

I was suddenly reminded of it.

Does Joon Young talk to his dad at all?


You know he hates his dad.

I see. I'm glad.

See you tomorrow. Okay.

Are you home? Yes.

That smells good.

What is this?

I'm not going to go. What about you?

Of course, I won't go.

Why would I go?

I'll go wash up. Okay.

Joon Young, why didn't you pick up your phone?

I forgot I turned it off.

Yeah right. I know you were playing games.

Do you think I wouldn't know?

Come on, I just finished my exams.

Guess where I went today.


The new premium housing complex.

I went to take a look because I heard it's really nice.

Why? Are we moving?


But it was really nice.

Forget it. I like our house now.

(To: Lee Joon Young)

(Gosan Premium Luxury Town Houses)



Hello? Mom?

I said I have to go.

(To: Lee Joon Young)

(You're invited to Jenny's house party.)

(A World of Married Couple)

I heard he's back.

The entire neighbourhood is talking about Tae Oh's new movie... and how he's back.

You look great.

I knew you'd still look amazing.

What are you doing?

We haven't seen each other in a long time. Don't be so cold.

He was brazen enough to invite everyone in Gosan.

Most people who got invited probably won't attend the party.

I always knew he was an amazing person.

But I didn't know he'd become this successful.

I bet the associate director will get jealous once she sees this.

How could you think of coming back?

I came back to Gosan for a good reason.

When I'm indebted to someone, the right thing to do is to pay back what I owe.

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