The World of the Married S1E8 Script

Episode #1.8 (2020)

(A World of Married Couple)

(A World of Married Couple)

(All characters, organizations, places, and events are fictional.)

A window broke.

They need a new one as fast as possible.

Aren't you coming?


Something must've happened.

There aren't any CCTVs in the back of the house.

So it's hard to know what caused the window to break.

We reset the security settings.

And we'll patrol the area for a while, so don't worry.


You heard that, right?

It was nothing. You don't need to worry, okay?

We filed your report.

Someone will come early tomorrow morning... and replace the window. Okay.

We'll be off now.

Thank you. No problem.

Isn't it weird? What?

That just happened right after...

Tae Oh moved back here with his new family.

You're being absurd. I'm going to take a shower.

(Front Door)

Who is it?

It's me.

Why are you here at this time?

Let me in.

I called Dad.

Are you okay? Were you hurt?

I'm fine. I'm not hurt.

(Episode 8)

This way, at least it'll keep the cold air out. Right?

I could've done this much, Joon Young.

No need to feel bad.

Call me anytime if there's anything I can do to help.

This requires a man's touch.

That won't happen, so don't bother.

We've been fine without you.

Don't be like that. Why don't you let Joon Young... stay with us for a while?

It's too dangerous here. There's no security.

Who knows what will happen again and when?

It will not happen again.

Don't worry, Joon Young.


Please leave if you're done.

That's right.

You forgot your bat.

I'll go now.

Lock up.

His ears hurt.

His ears hurt?

Got it.

What took you so long?

Sorry. You're still up?

Jenny has a slight fever, so she's being clingy.

Is that right, princess?

Why weren't you answering your phone?

Did the meeting just end?

I stopped by to see Joon Young.

Their window broke, so I fixed it for them.

Tae Oh, you're one loyal punk.

Exactly. So do your job in the middle.

I'm trying to repay you for all your help.

Don't you fret.

Dr. Kong is a greedy man.

But... are you really determined to kick Sun Woo out?

Are you sure that's what you want?

You're making me sound like a total scumbag.

I'm just trying to do a good deed, that's all.

(A World of Married Couple)


Nice. Nice.


You're good.

I practiced.

If I start something, I like to do it right.

She takes after me, so she's good at everything she does.

Who's next? I am.


This is delicious.

I hear the land prices of plots by TO Pictures' set... is going up right now.

It's not just the land price.

I hear the premiums for the commercial properties... in the area more than doubled.

My husband says the mayor will personally attend... the groundbreaking ceremony of the set.

Gosan's economy is about to shoot up thanks to it.

Of course, he'll attend.

I'll pay for lunch today.

Naturally, I should pay.

It's my initiation into the association.

Mr. Lee Tae Oh has already paid the bill.

Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh.

He did? Yes.

What is this?

It's a gift from Mr. Lee.

He ordered it in advance to give everyone one on your way out.

My gosh. How sweet.

This is how my son-in-law is.

All he thinks about is Da Kyung.

Mr. Lee is so thoughtful.

Thank him for us, Da Kyung.

I will.

The housewarming party was sufficient for an initiation.

This is a bit much.

We're all here to enjoy each other's company.

If your husband gets involved... and unilaterally pays for everything and things like that, it seems contrary to the purpose of our gatherings.

I see. Did it make you uncomfortable?

Listen, Ye Rim.

A person shouldn't be too stiff.

You shouldn't disrespect a person's good intentions.

Well, she isn't wrong.

Ye Rim has a point.

Let's pay for our own meals without using our husband's money.

That's okay, isn't it?

Thank you for the thought.

Thanks for lunch, Da Kyung.

I'm going to take mine. Thanks.

How annoying.



No, no. It's okay.

I took it saying it was for me.

Take it.

Okay, then.

What's this?

I was in Seoul yesterday and thought of you.

You can't do that. I can't accept this.

My husband will throw a fit.

It's between the girls. Dr. Kong doesn't need to know.

Someone like you should really be the associate director.

Help me then.

I'll set something up soon with Chairman Choi's wife.

We let that runt in although she wasn't good enough.

How dare she?

Tae Oh must have spent a lot of money.

You should compliment him.

You used to hate him so much.

It would be so much nicer if he didn't have that kid.

There's nothing we can do about that.

We need to cut all ties he has with them.

Gosh, what a headache.

Where did I put it?

What is he doing?

I swear it was here.

Are you sure you lost it in the classroom?

I don't know. I couldn't find it when I went to the academy.

Did someone steal it?

Just tell the teacher.

The teacher would never help me find it.

I bet I'll get scolded for bringing something I shouldn't have.

This is so annoying.

Mom's going to kill me when she finds out.

Did you drop it somewhere? No way.

Did you check your locker? I looked everywhere.

How was the gathering?

Was it fun? Yes.

I thought it'd be boring to hang out with old ladies, but it was unexpectedly fun.

Mom was impressed with you.

She told me to compliment you.

It was nothing.

Thank you.

Thanks to you, I feel more confident.

Are you going to the office?

Yes. I won't work too late.

It's not that...

I don't like Joon Young.

I need some time to get close to him.

I know.

Don't worry. I'll take care of him on my own.

Let's invite him to dinner sometime.

Thank you, Da Kyung.

(Chairman Yeo)

I heard you told the hospital you'd make a donation.

Is this true?

I was going to tell you once it was confirmed.

I'm sorry. Just because I gave you a title... doesn't mean you have control over the company's money.

So? Where are you going to get the money to donate?

I was planning to discuss it with you, of course.

If you won't give me your approval, I'll call it off.

Are you sure you can straighten everything out?

Do it properly if you're going to do it.

Yes, sir.

I'll do that.


It wouldn't be fun... if you're breaking down already.

It's not what it seems.

There's something I'm thankful to you about.

You know it too, don't you?

Be careful.

They're not the type to back down.

(Ji Sun Woo, you should leave this place!)


Hello, Dr. Ji.

You forgot to take the documents... you were planning to review.

Should I drop them off for you?

Did I leave them?


I'll go back.

(Family Love Hospital)

The person you have reached is not available.

(Family Love Hospital)

Are you here, Dr. Ji?

Have you seen Joon Young?

(Doctor Kim Yoon Ki)

(Doctor Kim Yoon Ki)

Dr. Ji, isn't today your day off?

Joon Young.

What are you doing here?

Why can't you answer me?

What are you doing here without me?

What about you? Why are you here?

You even follow me now?

Are you hiding something from me?

Dr. Ji, please calm down.

Dr. Kim, you tell me. What's going on?

Is there something wrong with Joon Young?

Will you please stop? He's a minor.

Why are you seeing him without a guardian?

Please just stop!

I feel suffocated every time you act like this.

Do you know that?

Joon Young!

What's wrong? What's going on?

Wait. Let me go.

You need to give him some space.

Even if you go after him, you won't be able to do anything.

Why didn't you tell me anything?

If you knew about this, Joon Young wouldn't have come to get counseling.

Joon Young.

Open the door.

Come out and eat.

You need to eat.

Should I bring something to your room instead?

Okay, fine. I'll be in my room.

Let me know if you're hungry.


I'm going to have dinner at Dad's place tomorrow.

He's been coming to me for about six months.

He feels guilty about the divorce.

He thinks it happened because of him.

That's nonsense.

He knows we got a divorce because of what his dad did.

Why would he blame himself?

Kids who have divorced parents tend to easily blame themselves.

But with Joon Young, it's a little different.

He found the memory card that he threw away in your room.

He told me it had a recording of your ex-husband's affair.

He thinks that's how you found out that your ex-husband was cheating.

What should I do?

What do I need to do?

I told him numerous times that it wasn't his fault.

And he's gotten a lot better.

I had no idea what was going on inside his head... because I was too busy taking care of myself.

It's all my fault.

I should've kept it out of his sight.

Trust him and just wait. I'm sure he'll overcome it.

He's very sensitive and smart.

You should let him meet his dad for the time being.

It'll help him overcome the emptiness that he felt.

But of course, that's going to be hard for you.

Should we spend Christmas in Jeju Island?

It's because you want to play golf, isn't it?

If you think it'll be too cold, we can do something else.

Golf sounds nice.


I'll reserve a hotel.

Since we're on that subject, let's get you some new golf clothes.

Yours are all out of trend.

That'd be nice.

Did you enjoy your meal?

My wife liked it very much.

Your sign, please.

Would you like a receipt? Yes.

Thank you, sir.

Are you done? Yes.

Let's go. We hope to see you again.


It was nice, wasn't it?

Are you listening to me, honey?

I'm sorry. What were you saying?

I think someone's spying on Joon Young's house.

Stop caring about them.

The ones who had an affair... have a kid together now and are happily married.

But Sun Woo's still all alone. This world is so unfair.

And I'm kind of worried that something might happen.

I'm more worried about you.

Make sure you keep the door locked when you're home alone.

Okay, I'll make sure.

Have you thought about it, sir?

You know it's not something I can decide so easily.

You should start off by telling the chairperson.

Have you already decided on the next associate director?

Make sure Dr. Ji doesn't hear about this.

Of course.

Dr. Ji.

Enjoy your coffee.

Is Joon Young okay?


Let me know if you need my help.

Why would you offer to help?

Well, I just meant... What?

How are you going to help?

Never mind.

Forget I mentioned it.

Dr. Sul, you came to the wrong person.

The chairperson of Love Hospital and I... just chit chat about personal things.

We don't discuss important matters.

Chairman Choi was our hospital's benefactor for so many years.

Why are you being so modest?

Did you meet with the chairperson?

Well... the chairperson didn't seem to know at all.

My husband is very cautious about everything.

I guess he hasn't reported it yet.

Don't make me laugh.

No one is as calculating as Dr. Kong.

Dr. Ji Sun Woo is good at her job.

I hear everyone knows she has the most patients... among all the doctors there.

Thank you.

What do I do?

I'll start. Chime in.

I'll follow your lead.

I hear once TO Pictures finishes building their set, I hear more than 100 staff members will be coming for a single shoot.

I know he may be my friend, but I wonder when he became such a big shot.

I'm still in awe.

Everyone thought he was worthless at first.

Who knew he was a winning lottery ticket yet to be scratched?

My point exactly.

We'll have to wait and see.

He made all that money... but... he's using it all to chase after his ex-wife.

I don't think he's well inside.

I really doubt that.

Tae Oh is very pure at heart.

He just feels guilty toward his father-in-law.

That's why he's doing this.

Of course.

How could he donate money to his ex-wife's hospital?

People may get the wrong idea.

Of course, I feel bad for Dr. Ji Sun Woo.

She worked so hard as the face of the hospital.

I feel like she's being replaced because of her family matters.

But what can you do?

I never knew you were... so ambitious, Dr. Sul.

I'm done now.

Why don't you continue?

No. I'm going to leave first.

It's okay.

Don't worry, and wait.

My husband said he'll weigh the pros and cons... between the donation and Dr. Ji.

Thank you, ma'am.

Get in.

Let's go.

Jenny must like her big brother.

She can't seem to talk yet.

She doesn't eat if there's someone she doesn't like.

See? She's eating so well.

Honey, would you go get Jenny's diaper and wipes?


You're still uncomfortable with me, right?

The truth is, I feel the same.

But I'd like us to be comfortable with each other now.

I'm very sorry about what happened.

But I love your dad, and your dad cares a lot for you.

I'd like you to do well and be comfortable.

You need to be happy for your dad to be happy.

Joon Young lost love through the divorce as well.

Please understand his conflicting feelings... of missing his dad while hating him at the same time.

We're in trouble.

Jenny will end up liking her brother more than me at this rate.

Have some fruit, Joon Young. Okay.


Have a grape.

We should get ready to go.

Eat. I'll get the keys.

Do you want to stay for the night?

It's late.

Your dad can drive you to school in the morning.


But there's nowhere for him to sleep.

When did you do this?

What do you think? Do you like your room?

How have you been?

(How have you been?)

I thought of you and thought I'd say hi.

(Kim Yoon Ki)

(Kim Yoon Ki)

Help! Help!

Dr. Ji.

Dr. Ji.

Dr. Ji?

Who... Who are you?

(Kim Yoon Ki)

This is the police.

Please open the door.

Did you get to see his face?

No. I couldn't see his face.

Dr. Ji?

What happened?

Are you badly hurt?

Let's get you treated first.

Where's your first aid kit?

I'm okay.

Are you her guardian?

Yes, we're colleagues from the same hospital.

Could I ask you a few questions?

Just a minute.



What's wrong?

Is it because Mom didn't pick up?

She must be sleeping already.

She doesn't go to bed this early.

She usually has trouble sleeping.



Yes, Joon Young.

I missed your call because I was in the shower.

What about dinner?

Did you enjoy it?


By the way, can I sleep over at Dad's?

Do you want to do that?

That's a good idea.

Sure. You can sleep over.

Will you be okay alone?

Yes, of course, I'm fine.

Sleep at Dad's, and make sure you're not late for school tomorrow.


Good night.

What is it?

Did Mom say no?

No. She said it's a good idea.

She told me to sleep here.

That's great.

Do you want to play one more round?

They'll question you as a testifier tomorrow.

I'll come with you.

Thank you.

I think he ran into the woman who lives across from you while fleeing.

She's the one who reported it to the police too.

The person you have reached is not available.


Have this.

You're rich, aren't you?

Did I hear that you're an accountant?

Anyway, that's what my boss told me.

That you're rich.


I don't have much money.

You have enough to buy me a bag, don't you?

Why should I buy you a bag?


I'll let you date me from now on.

Don't you want to?

I got rid of all the shards that were in your arm.

Are you hurt anywhere else?

I was just a little startled, that's all.

Who is he?

Do you know who it was?

I don't.

His face was covered with a mask.

I'm too worried. You should come to my house.

That's okay.

I just want to rest.

You should go to your room and lie down.

Come on.

Are you okay?

Wait here. I'll go check.

Who's here?

My goodness.

What are you doing here? I thought you were going to sleep over.

I told him he should.

But he wanted to come home because he was worried about you.

Mom, are you hurt?

Just a little. I'm okay.

It's not that bad.

Mom. It's nothing.

Don't worry. Just go to your room, okay?

I'm okay.

What happened?

Did it happen again?

You don't need to know. Can you please leave now?

Did you call the police?

She needs to get some rest.

Why don't you come back another day?

Calling the cops was enough.

Why did you go over there? You only ended up getting hurt.

I'll take you to the hospital tomorrow morning.

I called you several times.

But you didn't answer.

An old client of mine suddenly called.

I didn't know you called because I was busy talking.

Doesn't it hurt?

Gosh, this bruise is going to be a bad one.

From now on, don't get involved in other people's businesses.

(Ji Sun Woo, you should leave this place!)

(Jecom, CCTV Full HD)

Long time no see.

What brings you all the way here?

Why did you... text me all of a sudden last night?

It felt like you weren't in such a good situation.

What do you mean?

I heard your husband is back.

Do you know that he's trying to get you fired... from the hospital?

I heard you called the cops. Yes.


I just did.

I noticed a stranger... looking over at your house ever since a few days ago.

Was it Tae Oh?

I'm not sure who it was yesterday.


Tae Oh did come to your place once.

He came during the afternoon when the house was empty.

Why don't you let Joon Young stay with us for a while?

It's too dangerous here. There's no security.

Who knows what will happen again and when?

May I help you, ma'am?

You can't just barge in here like this.

Where is Lee Tae Oh?

You're not allowed in here, ma'am.

May I help you? Where is the president's office?


You can't do this. Get out of my way.

Did you make a reservation?

Tell him Ji Sun Woo is here.

Tell him I want to see him now.

He asked you to come in.

What is it that you really want?

I'm sure your goal isn't just to make me resign... from my position.

Why don't you leave this place before things get even worse?

If you want, I can even get you a nice job in Seoul.

So that's your goal?

You broke my window to threaten me.

(President Lee Tae Oh)

You secretly came into my house and messed with my stuff.

You also had someone attack me.

Did you think that would scare me into running away?

You should've told me if something dangerous like that happened.

Joon Young shouldn't live there anymore.

Who's the guy you sent? Don't try to put this on me.

I had nothing to do with it.

Regardless, you should leave before more harm comes your way.

I'll take care of Joon Young, so don't worry...

Dream on!

I will never let you have Joon Young.

Don't make him anxious... just to harass me.

Haven't you thought that you're the one making him anxious?

I hear you can't sleep without drinking.

What did you do... that a child worries about his mom?

And now, you drag strange men into the house.

And you didn't even know Joon Young was getting therapy.

Do you think... you're qualified to be a mom?

Stop it.

Don't make things harder and send him to me.

Drink, date.

You can do whatever you want!

I said to leave me alone.


Then it'll be over.



Come in.

Excuse me, doctor. My gosh. Where's my head?

You can go home. That's not it.

You have a guest.



(7 Missed Calls)

Why did you go to my husband's office?

Don't ask me.

You should ask your husband.

I said let's get along peacefully without holding grudges.

Didn't you give your word?

Do you really want to get along with me?

Don't you think we should?

Then keep your husband in check.


What's wrong with you?

You still don't know Tae Oh...

and what he's like.

I said to just scare her but not hurt her.

Look at me. Don't you get it?

You know she won't just take it even if I'm only scaring her.

Never... lay a hand on Sun Woo. No matter what.

I rotted in jail for a year because of her.

I'm not all that virtuous.

If you go against my orders and hurt her again, our arrangement is terminated.

You won't get a dime. Got it?

Get out.

I said to go!

This one goes here. It does?

And this... Okay.

And this...

It goes next to that? Yes.

I think Mommy's home. Okay.

Why are you home so late?

What's wrong with her? Do you think she fought with Tae Oh?

Be careful.

There's no rule that says you won't end up like me.

Come in.

What are you doing?

I think our team won this bet.

You should pay it all, Mom.

Wait and see. "It ain't over till it's over."




Bravo. High five.

Great job. Yes.

You seem to be enjoying yourselves.

I'd like to join the women's association too.

How do I join?

As a rule, you need the members' consent.

I doubt you'll get it.

The consent of the members?

Will I get in if I can get the vote of the majority?


Technically yes, but...

I suggest you leave... before you get humiliated.

No one here... would welcome you to join.

Then let's not waste any time.

Let's check right now.

Okay, then.

All right.

Who agrees on having Dr. Ji join our association?

Raise your hands.

I vote yes.

Me too.

It would put me in a difficult position... to say no to our associate director.

Unfortunately, you didn't get the majority.

I'll vote in favor too.

Da Kyung.

Thank you.

(A World of Married Couple)

You want to join the Gosan Women's Association?

What's your goal?

I'll just call it a warning I'm sending to Lee Tae Oh.

How can you leave the kid at home alone?

Don't tell me you're in a serious relationship with him.

That's enough. She's no longer your wife.

That psychiatrist from Seoul seems to have... a good reputation.

Do you think I'm the only one who wanted... to get rid of you?

Are you scared...

I'll tell what you did to me?

How much do you trust your husband?

Watch your mouth.

Don't drag Da Kyung into our problem.

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