The World of the Married S1E9 Script

Episode #1.9 (2020)

(A World of Married Couple)

(A World of Married Couple)

(All characters, organizations, places, and events are fictional.)

(The animal that appears on the show is not real.)

You want to join the women's association?


That's quite unexpected.

I thought you came to talk about work.

From what I heard, there are some people... who want to replace you as the associate director.

It's not right to ask you for help regarding work.

I know better than that.

So you don't want me to do anything since I'm not directly involved... with the hospital?

I'd like to contribute...

to the development of our community.

Do you want to take the bull by the horns?

Is that what you're planning right now?

No, it's nothing that grand.

I personally don't think it's a good idea... to get others involved in a family feud.

But I can't continue to avoid it either.

I'm sure you of all people...

understand where I'm coming from.

Yes, I understand.


I don't intend to take anyone's side.

I don't think that's right.

All I'm asking is that you don't object.

I'd be grateful for that alone.

So... what do you plan to do... after you join the women's association?

I'll vote in favor too. Da Kyung.

Thank you.

Welcome, Dr. Ji.

Thank you, ma'am.

I welcome you, too.


Thank you for letting me join.

I have no reason to object.

What's your purpose?

I thought you wanted me to join.

I just need to know why you're doing this.

Are you doing this for peace?

Or are you trying to fight me?

Just think of it... as my way of warning Tae Oh.

I figured he might be more careful... if he finds out that I joined the association.

What exactly did my husband do that you want him to be careful?

Your husband... is stalking me.

I know it's hard to believe, but it's the truth.

I worry about you.

Don't you think you need to receive counseling?

You're the one that worries me.

I told you.

You don't know Tae Oh.

You must want to sway me.

I'm not trying to start a fight.

I'm just trying to tell you what you don't know.

Make sure your husband doesn't cross the line.

Please. I beg of you.

What are you trying to do?

Can't you just stay quiet?


Have you lost your mind? Why would you let her join?

I sent them gifts every year... and invited them to dinner every time the season changed.

I spent so much time and effort on the women's association.

I wanted to make sure they never talk badly of your marriage...

That's enough.

You already think it's an embarrassment, so imagine what others would think.

My gosh.

Is it him? Don't get involved.

I'll take care of it.


Hey, honey.

How about we go on a date tonight?

I made a reservation at a nice restaurant.


("Good Life")

The cops have a point.

You can't suspect your husband just because he once dropped by... when you weren't home.

Are you also telling me that I'm overreacting?

I'm just saying we should wait for the investigation results.

Why don't I stay with you at your place for a while?

Let's do that. I don't mind it at all.

Is this table okay for you?

Should we sit somewhere else?

Do you feel uncomfortable?

No, I'm not saying I feel that way.

Do you feel uncomfortable?

No, I think we're fine.

I really like the pinot noir they started selling here last week.

Would you like to try some?

No, maybe next time.

I don't think I should drink today.

Okay then.

Should we just join them?

What do you want to eat?

You must come here often.

Sun Woo doesn't usually like places like this.

Please stop.

Sun Woo is not your wife anymore.

It must bother you that your ex-wife is dating.

I couldn't care less what she does.

Just seeing her makes me uncomfortable, that's all.

Maybe it's because they're both doctors.

They seem... to get each other.

That punk.

He should learn how to drive.

Does he have a death wish?

Just be honest.

Say you're annoyed because your ex-wife is seeing another man.

What's gotten into you today?

Right? You keep making me sensitive today.

(A World of Married Couple)

You said it was okay, but you were uncomfortable, weren't you?

I liked it. It liked the tension.

When you go hiking, you plan out the trail.

The tougher the mountain, the more thorough you are.

Do you think I didn't expect this when I started to like you?

So stop acting like you're fine and take my hand.

You're the one it was hard for.

Are you doing homework?

What did he say?

Confidentiality is mandatory in therapy.

He won't tell anyone, even your mom.

Don't worry.

Then why do you keep spending time with him?

Dr. Kim and I are colleagues. We work together.

There's nothing between us, so don't worry.

You're my everything.

You know that, right?

I'll let you study.

What are you doing, leaving a child home alone?

I'll take care of that.

Stay out of it.

Are you and that punk serious?

What's it to you? It's important.

If you get remarried, I should take Joon Young.

Just get to the point.

Why did you call?

Stay away from Da Kyung.


Are you afraid...

I'll tell her what you did to me? Watch it.

Stop making things up.

You must be afraid I'll tell her the facts.


Don't drag Da Kyung into our problem.

You just need to leave me alone.

Being excessively on guard may stem from delusion.

Hating someone that much... takes a lot of passion.

Do you still think I'm hung up on my ex-husband?

Whatever the case may be, don't you want to shake it off and start anew?

Joon Young...

had a hard time accepting the divorce... and his dad's second marriage.

I can't add to it.

Are you going somewhere?

I'm going to have a drink with a friend.

On the rooftop.

Whatever. I'm serious.

That's understandable.

What does that mean? Nothing.


I don't know.

What are you doing here? What else?

I came in to have a drink and saw you.

I'll give you two some privacy.

Let's drink together.

This is on the house... since you're a regular.

Is she your new girl?

She's not my girl.

She's being nice because I spend a lot here.

You already slept with her.

I did not.

Drop the small talk.

Tell me about your business.

Is the movie set construction going well?

I'll invite you to the groundbreaking.

You've succeeded, Tae Oh.

You still have... an insecurity complex toward me.

Naturally, I envy you.

It takes skills to live off of a woman.



Was it nice sleeping with my wife?

How was Ji Sun Woo?

She's pretty nice, right?

Why are you curious?

She's not your wife anymore.

Be straightforward with me... and stop beating around the bush.

Ji Sun Woo... is really cool. She's wild.


She likes taking the lead.

You know it too, don't you? You're a jerk.

I'm better than the jerk who deserted his wife and son.

Am I wrong?

My goodness.

Did I say something wrong?

What do we do?

Call the manager!

Over here. There's a fight.

Why did you ask, then?

You're a jerk.

Let go of me.

What do we do?

You punk! Let go of me!

I'm not done with you.

Let go. Please stop.

Hey. Come here, jerk!

Hey! Bring it.

Let me go, punk.

Let go. Let go.

Let go. You let go first.

Why did you drink so much?

Did you drink with your staff?

What happened? Did you get hurt?

Did you get in a fight?

I met Tae Oh.

We ran into each other by chance.

Hold on.

Drink this first.

I'll bring some ointment.

Are you happy with your wife?

You should be good to her.

Getting a divorce isn't worth it.

You became big thanks to getting a divorce.

That's different.

Your wife is nice enough to put up with you.

You're so selfish.

You won't be so young forever.

You should change your mind before it's too late.

As one gets older, the only thing that's left...

are children.

Should we have a baby?

But... it might only get tougher for you once we have a baby.

I'm a selfish guy, you know.

Jenny, are you going downstairs?

Be careful. That's it.

That's it.

Did you check the validity of the requests... for equipment order per department?

Yes, ma'am.

Please take good care of the public bidding, especially with writing the private contract.

Make sure it goes smoothly without any problems.

Yes, ma'am. Yes, ma'am.

OBGYN's success rate for treating infertility is high.

I think the word got out.

I've been getting more patients.

You have more complaints as well.

You know how smart our patients are these days, right?

Many people complained about overtreatments and overuse... of machines related to OBGYN.

I'm not like that. I know.

Let's be careful so that we're not misunderstood.

Yes, ma'am. Yes, ma'am.

Let's end the meeting here, sir.

Shall we?

Good job. Thank you.


Does Joon Young still come in for consultations?

I don't think this is the place to talk about family matters.

What happened?

Dr. Kong hasn't made a move yet.

I'm on my way after getting the confirmation.

I know.

Matters like this should be resolved without delay.

Getting rid of one person will resolve everything.

There's no need to cause headaches.

Things that need to be cut off and resolved, should be done fast.

What is your decision regarding the hospital's associate director?

I was about to contact you on that matter as well.

Actually, I'm scheduled to meet Chairman Yeo separately tonight.

What do you mean, "separately"? Dr. Ji... requested that I do that.

You're going to meet Chairman Yeo?


I'll meet him to settle everything.

Let me tell you now... that I don't plan on giving up on the donation. Okay?

I know. Will you be able to do it?

As long as you don't... wish to push me off from the associate director position.

What are you saying?

Of course, I'd prefer you over Dr. Sul.

You have the most patients, and you're so organized with our administrative work.

If you receive the donation... and manage to avoid getting dismissed at the same time, I'd be more than satisfied.

I'll try my best to make it happen.

You never disappoint me.

I've been struggling so much with that issue.

I'll set up an appointment with Chairman Yeo.

Do you think you'll be able to change anything?

I'm expecting a patient in five minutes.

Do you think I'm the only one... who wanted to get rid of you?

Has it ever crossed your mind that it might be what the chairman wants?

Who is he?

You sent him to my house, didn't you?

No one will take your side in Gosan.

Just leave before you end up humiliating yourself.

I'm telling you this for your sake.

Are you worried about me?

If you keep fighting, you'll only end up getting hurt.

If you're done,

will you please leave now, Mr. Lee?

I told you not to make any mistakes.

Give me my money first.

Do you know that you got caught on CCTV?

I want my money first.

You can't expect to get paid after having done a horrible job.

Don't call me for the time being.

If you ever get me involved with what happened, I swear I'll kill you.

What is it that you want to say?

It looks like Tae Oh met up with Je Hyuk...

last night.

What about that?

We're both in the women's association, and our husbands are friends with each other.

So we'll keep seeing each other whether we like it or not.


I know you don't like me.


I want to be friends with you.

Why do you want to be friends with me?

Do you want us to meet up... so we could badmouth Sun Woo behind her back?

Why did she... join the women's association?

You voted against her.

And I'm hoping you know why she decided to join.

How much...

do you trust your husband?

I know it was hard to come here, so I'll be honest with you.

You see, I hate Tae Oh way more than I hate you.

I even told my husband not to be friends with him.

I no longer want to get involved... in your family matters.

Did you really lose it? Did you look everywhere?


Hey, take it easy. Be gentle.

See? It's not in here.

Don't get so worked up about a pen. Just get a new one.

It's a really expensive pen. You can't even buy it here.

You can only get it in Germany.

Gosh, my dad got it for me.

I had it with me this morning.

Do you think someone took it?

Things keep disappearing from our classroom these days.

Gosh, no way. That's nonsense.

Hey, Joon Young!

Did you lose anything? No.

Look for it again. Gosh, this is so annoying.

Is it not there?

This is going to be your last drawing for this semester.

So I want everyone to do your best.

Sir. Yes?

Can I go to the bathroom?

Go ahead.

That was Hae Kang's pen, wasn't it?


What's wrong with you?

Why are you doing this?

What do you know?

Do you have proof?

This happens often.

Let's just...

Let's just continue what we've been doing.

Let's wrap it up and stick to the big picture.




(Calls from this number will be blocked. Block)

The person you have reached is not available.

Let's not see each other anymore. Take care.

Joon Young. Tell Hae Gang the truth.

If you don't, I will.

That punk.

Let's go eat.

What should we get? You choose.

Curry. I want pork.

Have a nice day. Have a nice day.

See you tomorrow.

I thought I saw Lee Tae Oh come by.

How did it go?


I'm sure it'll be decided soon.


Come in.

If you're ready, let's go.

Go ahead. I'll be right behind you.


Dr. Ji Sun Woo? Yes, that's me.

You have a delivery.

Please sign here. Okay.

Who is it from?

I don't know. It was a man.

Thank you. Thank you.

(Family Medicine Doctor Ji Sun Woo)

(Dr. Ji Sun Woo Family Love Hospital)

(Dr. Ji Sun Woo Family Love Hospital)

(No subject)

What is the meaning of this?

Why do you have photos of my son...

The person you have reached is not available.

The person you have reached is not available.

Please leave a message after the tone.


The person you have reached is not available.

Please leave...

(All Calls, Outgoing, Incoming)

Pick up.

Pick up, you jerk!

Thank you.

Hello, Mr. Chairman.

Yes, sir.

What about Dr. Ji? Didn't she come with you?

She said she'll be right behind me.

Is Mr. Lee Tae Oh not coming?

I'm sure he'll be here soon. Okay.

(Gosan Academy)

Hae Gang!

Where's Joon Young?

I don't know.

Didn't he come to the academy with you?


(Lee Tae Oh)

Where are you? Joon Young's missing.

He didn't come to the academy.

Did you check everywhere he may have gone?

Hang up. I have to call the police.

Wait. Hello?

Sun Woo!

Darn it.

Maybe there's traffic.

Dr. Ji wouldn't do this.

I'm terribly sorry, sir.

Something must have come up.

Seeing as Mr. Lee isn't here either...

There must be bad traffic.

You don't think something happened to both of them, do you?

Here's this picture.

Send us the picture. Okay.

We're searching for a teenage boy.

Let's look over there.

The person you have reached is not available.

Please leave a message after the tone.

Do you have... my son?

Please, let's talk in person.

Joon Young.


Did you find Joon Young?

Where are you right now?

Joon Young!

Lee Joon Young!

Haven't you found him yet?

If anything touched a hair on Joon Young, I'll kill you with my hands!

What are you saying?


Did you find him? Is it the police?


(Chairman Yeo)

(Chairman Yeo)


Please leave a message...

You should've told your parents.


Are you okay?

Are you hurt?

No, right?

He says he came here because he didn't want to go to the academy.

Thank you. Thank you so much. Bye. Let's go.

What happened?

Is it true you skipped your lesson because you didn't want to go?

Why is your phone turned off?

I did what I did because I wanted to.

What? Can't I skip a class for once?

Does it deserve all this fuss?

What's the matter with you?

I'm sorry.

Dr. Ji.

Joon Young.

Did you eat dinner?

It looks like tonight won't work.

Let's eat another time.

Since I'm here in person, let me say something.

I'm very thankful for the donation, but it's painstaking for us.

To be honest, Dr. Sul isn't an associate director material.

If you could please reconsider...

You have many great doctors at your hospital.

Yes, we do.

But not everyone can handle the associate director role.

The psychiatrist from Seoul... has a good reputation, doesn't he?

Forget it. I have nothing to say to you.

Joon Young.

Joon Young, please listen to me.

Please just leave me alone!

Why are you acting like this?

Do you think you're in the right?

I said, I don't want to talk to you.

What kind of mom would call the police for skipping a lesson?

I couldn't reach you and I didn't know where you were.

Of course, I was worried.

Open the door right now!

Joon Young! I'll talk to him.

Getting worked up like this won't do any good.

Leave it to me.

Joon Young, will you talk with me?

You should go downstairs.

You seem really upset, so I think you feel wronged.

What made you so upset?

What do you dislike the most?

Let's try to organize the negative feelings you have.

I'll wait until you feel calm.

You can talk to me after that. Man to man.

I think he had a fight with his friends.

It's nothing to worry about, so you can relax.

He's sorry he took it out on you.

Why don't you reduce your hours at the hospital?

How can an associate director reduce her hours?

Don't you know what'll happen to the hospital?

It's an important time for Joon Young.

I think it'd be better to spend more time with him, even if it's just for the time being.

Isn't that more important than your position?

I have to fill his dad's role too.

If I want to provide the best for him, I can't give up on my work.

In the end, you need to pick between... caring for his emotions or providing material things.

You'd be greedy to want to do both.

Are you telling me to admit...

I'm insufficient because I'm a divorced mom?

Even moms who didn't divorce aren't perfect.

You wouldn't know.

You're not a parent.

I just want to see Joon Young. What's the matter with you?

You don't deserve to see him.

How could you be so brazen?

Why do you keep blaming it on me?

It's not my fault that you couldn't reach him.

It's him.

Park In Kyu.

What are you saying? I'm not acting this way... just because I couldn't reach Joon Young.

Someone sent me a dead bird... and a photo of Joon Young with a bloodstain on it.

That jerk blackmailed me and even followed Joon Young.

Are you sure?

I saw him where we found Joon Young.

I saw his face. I remember it very clearly.

It was you, wasn't it?

You got him involved in this, didn't you?

You made him threaten me... and even asked him to mess with our son?

Cut the nonsense.

Why would I do something like that?

That's a question you should ask yourself.

Why are you doing this? Why?

What do you gain by making me suffer like this?

It wasn't me.

I swear.

Don't you dare tell me that you didn't know... this might put Joon Young in danger.

If that jerk approaches us one more time, I swear I won't stay still.

I'll go on my own.

It's the second drawer underneath this table.


The door is unlocked.

(Lee Jung Woo)

Your husband... is stalking me.

(Ji Sun Woo)

(Ji Sun Woo)

Hello? Park In Kyu.

It's him, isn't it?

I'm not sure. I couldn't see his face properly.

You know he got discharged from prison, right?

Hasn't he ever visited you?

No, he probably doesn't even know where I live.

He came to see me.

He blackmailed me, too.

He might visit you as well.

Why don't you get away for a while?

I told you already. He won't be able to find me.

In Kyu and I broke up ages ago.

Please don't ever call again regarding this issue.

(Min Hyun Seo)

The vending machine is so far away.

Who was that on the phone?

My roommate.

She asked me when I'm coming home.

Drink up.

How's your job? Is it okay?


It's nice to see... that you're doing well.

That's all I needed to know.

Do you... still hate me that much?

I never resented you.

I just missed you a lot.

Hyun Seo.

Didn't you miss me?

I was worried about you. And I also felt sorry.

Can we... start over again?

I promise I'll be good this time.

I'm different now. I've changed a lot.

I won't give you a hard time.

I swear.

Do you really think...

we still have a future?

You have the guts to smile?

Who told you to mess with my son?

Are you crazy?

You're being a bit too harsh.

I didn't do anything to him.



"Yet"? The cops know my face.

You can't turn your back on me.

So pay me what you owe me.

Don't make me mad.

You stupid idiot.

You should've known... that the instant you touch my son, the deal is off.

Don't come near me or my son again.

Got that?

Are you trying to pull out now?

You're the one who broke your promise first.

How dare you threaten me?

I've been in jail once. I don't mind going again.

I have nothing to lose. Maybe I'll tell the cops everything.

That should be fun.

A famous movie producer... hires someone to assault his ex-wife. The media will love it.

Listen, Lee Tae Oh.

I haven't even begun to threaten you for real yet.

I want double the amount... you promised.

That's the only way our transaction will be completed.

Remember. Double.


Da Kyung.

Where did you go at this hour?

Da Kyung.

Come out quietly.

You'll wake Jenny.

Is something wrong?

I met a friend.

What about you?

Why were you late?

Something came up with Joon Young.

Joon Young.

What was it this time?

It was nothing much.

Is there a problem with him?

Or can his mom not control him by herself?

He doesn't have problems.

Don't say it like that.

Then why do you rush over every time something happens?

Why do you care so much about that family?

Do you miss her that much?

I'm trying to get rid of her from our lives.

You can ask your father if you don't believe me.

How much... do you trust your husband?

How much... do you trust your husband?

I'll trust you.

I trust... you.

I'm terribly sorry, Father.

Something unexpected happened.

I couldn't reach my son, so I panicked, thinking something bad had happened.

He had never done that before.

I was too out of it and didn't realize you had called.

As long as everything's fine.

You don't have to explain yourself to me.

What should we do about the associate director matter?

I'll think about it.

Aren't you going to work?

I have matters to tend to.

Yes, sir.

You must have been scared.

All children do that at least once.

Our kids were a huge headache when they went through puberty.

I know how you feel.

I apologize.

I won't harm the hospital due to family matters again.

That's easier said than done.

You didn't know he was getting therapy for six months.

This is why a son needs his father.

But it's not like you can get help from Mr. Lee.

I've been too consumed with the hospital.

I've been too inattentive about your situation.

Don't overdo it. Tend to your son first.

Children come first.

I'm sure you're upset and this and that.

Even if Dr. Kim does help, he can't replace his father.

This is why a woman can't do it on her own.

Am I wrong?

I said not to talk about my family.

If you want my title, you should play fair and use your skills.

Isn't that a bit low?

Am I the only one who knows that Joon Young... is seeing Dr. Kim?

Why don't you ever suspect Kim Yoon Ki?

Why is he treating your son of all people... without telling you?

Don't you think it's weird?

Stop hurting my feelings, Sun Woo.

I may be... your only ally in this all of Gosan.

It may be better to spend more time with your son for the time being.

Isn't that more important than being the associate director?

Do you know Chairman Yeo Byung Kyu well?

Who in Gosan doesn't know Chairman Yeo?

I've been here for two years. Of course, I know him.

That's not what I mean.

I'm asking if you know him on a personal level.

No. I've never seen him outside of a professional setting.

Why do you ask? Is something wrong?

No. Work hard.

Yes, sir.

Hello. Hello.

Did you talk to Joon Young?

How are you so good with him?

That's my specialty.

How did you end up treating my son?

Actually, there's a secret I haven't told you.

When I was Joon Young's age, I was a real troublemaker.

I used to steal things and run away from home.

Although I got past it and went to med school later.

I saw Joon Young one day on the street, and I could tell at a glance.

He's very anxious.

I should talk to him.

That's why I held onto him.

So you're saying you didn't end up treating him...

because he's my son.

Not at all.

Are you kidding me? I gave you what I promised.

I clearly said I wanted double.

I was very clear.

Do you take me for a joke because I bothered to deal with you?

Just give me the phone you used to call me.

It's over between us starting today.

You're going to need me.

You didn't even get to do half of what you wanted.

What nonsense are you saying? That woman.

I know you want her.

Am I wrong?

You hate her enough to want to kill her, but you don't want someone else to have her.

You want to break her so she can't go anywhere.

You want her to beg you to save her.

That's what you want to see.

You want to crush her so you can make her confirm... that the only man in her life... is you.


what are your thoughts on those two?

They still have feelings for each other.

I'm saying, their relationship isn't over yet.

(A World of Married Couple)

Don't you care if your wife finds out... you keep on coming to see me?

If there's any flame left, we should pour more gasoline to check.

What you have is love.

They came to get consultation and tests done for infertility.

Then Ye Rim suddenly disappeared.

Someone said... a man who cheated once will cheat again.

We decided to accept the donation under TO Pictures' name.

They will give us 100,000 dollars each year for 10 years.

I believed you.

That's why I showed everything inside me without hesitation.

This might sound strange, but it can't be helped at the moment.

I have to protect you.

I get angry beyond control whenever I see you.

So please... just disappear from my sight.

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