The Wrath of Vajra (2013) Script

Your Highness.


Maybe you're right.

We've now occupied fully half of China.

And yet, the Chinese resistance continues to rise.

We haven't conquered them.

At least not their spirit.

It has come to pass.

Now is the time to rebuild Hades.

Will the Military... agree to rebuilding it?

They have no choice.

12 years ago

the Military disbanded Hades and held me prisoner until this day.

Do you really want me to rebuild Hades from this place?

As long as you are able to rebuild it I will see to everything else.

Amano isn't promoting the spirit of Hades your lifelong dream?

I need to see someone.

Kurashige Daisuke.


Do you wish your Invincible Fists

to be forgotten, to fall into oblivion?

I've waited 12 years for your order.

You know that I met with the Prince?

Yes, sir.

Weapons... can destroy the body.

But only belief... can conquer the spirit.

The top boxers who are prisoners-of-war will be sent to Hades for training.

You have to not just beat them but also crush their spirit.

Make them fight for the Japanese Empire.

Yes, sir!

In a month, you, Kurashige Daisuke will call back all the Hades fighters.

Joined by the Empire's best warriors you'll rebuild the Hades Shrine beneath the Southern Shaolin Temple.

When Hades' spirit shines across Asia I'll be granted an amnesty.

Yes, sir!

I'll never let you down.

The two of you were once... the most gifted, young Hades Warriors.

But when I was arrested the Shrine was disbanded.

K-29 became a Shaolin disciple in China.

He was honored as the King of Vajra and waged a war against the Empire.

I will destroy him and rebuild Hades.

This is essential to the Empire's fate.

You must succeed! You cannot fail!

Yes, sir! I understand!

My daughter, Amano Eko is a journalist based in China.

Through her reports, all your victories will be known across the world.

*Hades is unbeatable

*Another Chinese fighter has been defeated

'Multinational soldiers of The Chinese Army have been captured

*Southern Shaolin


Big brother, here is the sand for your hourglass.

The Master says it can calm you.

I washed it in the river for three days, and then dried it for three more days.

I recited the Energy Mantra 100 times.

Good boy. Master...

From your voice, I can tell that you have yet to master the 17-second Deadly Moves.

You don't have enough strength because your "qi" isn't strong enough.

And your inner energy is weak because you hold in your emotions.

The purest emotions are one's true feelings.

Only when one's feelings are true can one trigger the Wrath of Vajra.

The Wrath of Vajra is no ordinary wrath.

The Wrath of Vajra moderated by compassion is the true path.

Yes, master. I understand.

Fourteen days.

How much more of this shit?

God will bless us.

Our enemy worships Hades the Greek God of Death.

No one has ever survived even with the love of God.

Aren't the Japanese Buddhist?

How could they worship Hades?

I heard they were trained to be savage killers as kids.

If it is a match, there must be rules.

There won't be.

It's just a killing game. Killing game?

You know their rules, Lieutenant?

It's just a guess.

Rossi, when we win the fight, papa will be coming home.

You're right, Lieutenant. This is a killing game.


Stop! I'll sign!

Don't sign it!

Huang Zhiqiang has the right to fight the Violence Sean's leader.

This is the Temple of Hades. Hi.

We're in China. Speak Chinese.

Who are you?

The Chinese Army's 3rd Battalion American Lieutenant Bill In Burma, we fought alongside Chinese soldiers.

We all speak Chinese.

From now on, everyone has to fight to be allowed to challenge sect leaders.

Then, if those who are qualified manage to defeat three Hades leaders in a row, they'll be set free.

Those who fail to gain the right can sign up as training companions.

They'll be allowed to leave in 2 years.

Those who fail to gain the right and also refuse to sign up have to keep on fighting until they sign up or until they are beaten to death.

Freedom signing the agreement or death are the only choices you've got,

If I sign, Can I really leave?

We are soldiers.

We have battled in so many wars We prefer to die fighting... than to sign.

Arnold is right. We have to fight.

No one has ever survived in the first two years, anyway.


You seem familiar with Hades.

I've heard of it.

Is it you who gains the right to fight me Tetsumaku Rai, the Vajra of Hell?

Is it you who gains the right to challenge the Vajra of Hell?

What did you say? Vajra?

You don't deserve to be called Vajra.

Bastard! What did he say?


He said... Tetsumaku doesn't deserve to be called a Vajra.

Five years ago in the Japanese army's competition he beat five boxers in a row.

Five men who also claimed to be Vajra He was hailed as the King of Vajra.

Only he... deserves to be called Vajra.

You... You're far from it.

King of Vajra...

Only in a great Empire could you exist.

In a country like China there are only worthless slaves!

Let Death kiss your ass!

In the boxing ring when your bones crack and crumble, you will know the real King of Vajra.

I understand that you want to know what Hades means Take off your clothes. It seems you've been hiding... something from your comrades.

A true Hades warrior would never do that Save your breath Kurashige Daisuke.

We were kidnapped... and brought to Hades at the age of ten.

Forced to fight and kill each day, It's the greatest shame of our lives.


How many people in this world... have the chance to have their pride... renewed by the great Hades Temple?

Only by facing death, actually dancing with death, can fear be truly conquered.

Only then will human nature be revealed.

When all the people of the world... embrace the spirit of Hades... will we experience an era of peace... and a united civilization.

Under your rule?

It is the spirit of Hades that guides me.

Think, K-23!

Chinese children will crowd this temple Just as we did all those years ago.

It's such a stirring moment!

All will become great Hades Warriors You should join us in training them.

You will be granted both pride... and freedom.

The world is always made chaotic by... people with a Messiah complex like you.

For having a peaceful life with our families.

We prefer to fight because only love... can conquer the fear of death.


How many people have you killed... since joining the Special Force?

We only killed those that killed others.

What about you two?

My uniform speaks for me.


You'll change your mind soon enough. We'll settle this in the arena.



Are you feeling unwell?

Nothing is alone. Nothing lasts forever.

The Hades' leaders know you're back.

They posted your portrait everywhere and issued a personal challenge to you.

The devil has arrived.

People are going to suffer.

Protecting our people and defending our homeland is everyone's responsibility.

Master how can a holy man be merciful when facing a killer?

The devil who slaughters the innocent is eternally trapped in suffering.

He harms others, but himself also.

He should become enlightened.

This could still be considered merciful.

Yes, master. I understand. Do you remember the Shaolin fist-fighting techniques I taught you soon after you arrived?


Big brother!

We're in serious trouble!


Your parents have already agreed In this place you'll receive the very best education.

From this day onwards... you are members of the Hades Shrine.

Your parents have already agreed.

In this place you'll receive the very best education.

I want to go home!

Bastard! How dare you resist Hades!

Stop it!

You can go home... as long as... one day... you have the strength to kill me.

Only then you'll be allowed to go home.


Now you are Warriors of Hades, And will always be.


Kurashige, K-29 is here.

Bring in the guest.

You've burned your bridges with us.

Hand the children back to me.

In your care, they'll learn the teachings of Buddha.

But in Hades... they will become Vajra warriors.

Vajra warriors?

To kill... or to be killed?

The weak will be killed, The strong will survive.

That is the law of nature.

The law?

This place was once my childhood home, But now you turn it into a hell on earth.

Without the light of the Hades spirit, This place is even worse than hell.

The so-called "Hades Spirit"

is no more than the creation of hell.

Then you force the innocent to face it.

Although you're now a Shaolin monk the way you speak... has not changed at all.

You're still K-29.

Good cannot exist without evil.

If you don't listen, you'll be destroyed.

Let's solve it by Hades' rules.

I permit you, without defeating his men to battle the Violence Sam's leader.

I've told you those cracking bones of yours... will tell you who the King of Vajra is.

King... of... Vajra!

A devil who slaughters the innocent is eternally trapped in suffering.

He harms others, but himself also.

He should become enlightened.

This could still be considered merciful.

Hey, you. You look damn upset.

None of the men who fought me survived.

Make atonement for your sins.

It's your turn.

You still refuse to make atonement.

This is your last chance...


He's getting stronger.

With him here anything is possible.

K-29 has gained the right to challenge...

Crazy Monkey, the Vajra of Zombie.

In three days, the duel will be held... on the suspension bridge.

Thank you!

Long time no see.

Can I come in?

Why did you kill Tetsumaku?

It is the rule of Hades.

I had no choice.

I just want to take the children away. Even so, do you still have to kill?

In an era of war it's not necessarily a bad thing for children to have strict training.

You only care about winning.

Eko you don't understand your father.

You understand Hades even less.

My father said... the Hades spirit makes the weak strong.

It'll rid Asia of the white man's rule.

They simply substitute it with the Hades' rule.

Isn't it better that people could make... their own choice?

When you witness killing widespread death innocent children turned into killers you can't lie to yourself.

In this place, I only report the truth.

You really shouldn't come here.

Carry on practicing.

Yes, sir.

The day after tomorrow these Vajra warriors will be dispatched all over China to build more Hades' Shrines.

You should remain with them.

The military kills with tanks and guns, Hades kills with its belief.

There's no difference between the two. You say that because you still... don't understand the beliefs of Hades. I look forward to my duel with...

Crazy Monkey in two days.

You're too sure of yourself!

I've no choice.

Please allow us to avenge our master With your blades?

A samurai's life belongs to his master.


The Chinese think they can't defeat us only because we have better weapons.

They think they could win with advanced weapons.

The Hades warriors must disprove that.

We can conquer any opponent... with our spirits and bodies alone.

In fact, this is at the heart of... the Japanese victory.

If any Hades warrior... tries to achieve his goal... with a weapon

he'll end up like this sword.

The sword in one's mind is more terrifying.

*The Vajra of Hell, Tetsumaku Rai defeated the Chinese King of Vajra!

Why did we release false reports?

We don't have courage to admit failure?

In the Hades Shrine no failure is permitted...

But I'm a journalist Reporting the truth is my job. You're a Hades reporter.

You're responsible for Hades image.

This is your real job.

Facing an opponent like Crazy Monkey K-29 is certain to be crushed.

Make sure you get it right this time.


I'll tell you what... I discovered many secret passages... you definitely won't get me.

Well, prove it to me.

Fine, I will.

Hey! Wait for me!

Slow down!

You are... the future warriors of Hades.

You have to... take the responsibility to protect Asia.

Then, the spirit of Hades will be immortal.

In the future your indestructible bodies... and belief in rebirth after death... are the key to conquering the world.

Tetsumaku, with our deepest respect... we feel proud of your glory.

We pray for... your rebirth.

I pray that...

Tetsumaku Rai will be reborn... and become a man with a kind heart The truth is not reported as it is.

Believe yourself. Believe what you see.

Then the truth will be clear.

From today onward... you'll spread across China... to setup more Hades Shrines.

The stone bridge is the path to honor.

Our belief in rebirth will spread far and wide.

News of your victories will be heard... in every corner of the Japanese Empire.

You are the pride of Hades.

You'll never disappoint Master Amano.

Do you understand?


Be quick. You!

Come. You, come!

Stay calm.


One Two Three

Who's there?

You know what?

The offering to the Gods... isn't allowed to speak.

Come out!


This is a sacred ritual.

It's about to begin.

Are you ready? Come out and fight!

It's your turn.

The taste of blood.

Where you've been hiding.

Rossi, when we win the fight,

papa will return home.

The Oolong tea from Wuyi Mountain... truly deserves its fame.

If you were a tourist the tea would smell even nicer.

One day... I'll retire and return home.

By that time, you should treat me... as a newcomer, with hospitality.

Look! How innocent we were!

Every time I see this photo I hoped we could rebuild Hades together, you and me.

We're a true family.

Back then we were captured from around the world and then sold to Hades.

We killed each other with such cruelty.

A true family would do this?

Back then, in order to push the Hades spirit... into the mainstream like Japanese Militarism Master risked all to argue his cause.

The Military sent him to prison.

From there, he sent us a message asking us to hold to Hades' beliefs.

But you escaped and returned to China.

You became a Shaolin disciple.

Luckily, he's still locked up in prison, or more innocent people would die.

Maybe I should call you "Saint K-29"?

Ah no... you also have blood on your hands.

You killed your brother, K31 with your bare hands.


Brother, we can't fight each other!

We're Hades warriors. We have to fight.

You can't be a coward.

Huzi! Stop fighting!


Are you okay?

Are you all right, brother?

Let go of me!



My brother's death has tortured me for twenty years.

That's why I want to take the children.

You want to shake up... the great Hades Shrine single-handedly?

I'll do my best.

When you killed Tetsumaku you didn't employ the 17-second Deadly Moves.

I hope when you fight Crazy Monkey... it'll be of use.

I know... for the sake of the scar... you've been waiting to duel with me.

That's right.

I've been waiting for you for 12 years.

I wish we could finish the fight... that neither of us managed to win.

I'll definitely grant your wish.


Before the duel, Crazy Monkey wants to meet you.

Stop. Freeze!

Arnold. Bastard!

Get back to the group! You killed him!

You killed him!


Bauer. Bauer.

Finish... me... off!

Be strong! Bauer...


Please... help me.

Finish... me... off!


Who killed him?

He was Crazy Monkey's offering

Crazy Monkey.

Here you are! Reveal yourself!


Fierce anger.

That is what helped you defeat Tetsumaku

It can also defeat you!

A sacred ritual... needs the perfect offering.

Like you.

The duel tomorrow... will be the greatest...

Regret in your life.

You'll get your comeuppance.

Prepare yourself.

Who can break... the eternity of night?

You, don't let me down... tomorrow.


You won't live to see dawn.

Let your anger erupt.

Don't suppress it.

Let your anger fully erupt.


Go to hell.



I feel so good.

Read it yourself.

*Crazy Monkey has been killed in China!

My dearest father...

I had always accepted your teachings and believed everything you said.

But now... everything I see here... contradicts what you preach.

The killings the false reports and the bullying...

I wonder if this is what you call "Hades"?

Today, another sect leader was defeated.

Even though I'm just a journalist... my conscience reminds me that our people have the right to know the truth.

We can't keep fooling our countrymen.

Your daughter, Eko.



Yes, Sir.

According to Hades' rules anyone involved in a riot should be hanged in public.

Within three days.

From now on a curfew is imposed on the Shrine.

Without a pass all are forbidden to go outside.

Rest in peace.

I won't let you die in vain.


I won't leave anyone here.

Thank you very much for all your help.

Once a master, but always a father.

I can never repay all the kindness... my master showed me.

Is His Highness making any difficulty for Master?

His Highness's trust in our master... never diminishes.

I'm bound to complete the mission... entrusted by His Highness and Master.

Yes, Sir.


I know you're bound to return to me.

At the mercy of Kurashige Daisuke the leader of the Ultimate Sect, if the former Hades members Bill and Kuncai are willing to fight K-29 to the death the lives of all prisoners-of-war... will be spared.

Don't listen to them If we have to die, we will die together.

They want us to kill each other.

Don't believe them!

Yes! We die together if we have to. Yes! Don't be fooled by them!

We can't kill each other.

Don't trust them.

We have to fight together.

Kurashige, we accept your condition.

Lieutenant, are you crazy?

This is a trap!

Lieutenant, you can't trust them. We should live or die together!

If you still regard me as lieutenant of the Special Force to China you have to obey my order.

Brother, we know we can't beat you.

Let us enjoy the last fight of our lives.

I won't see your final victory.

I believe you'll save the children.

Yes... Save the children!

You shouldn't spare us. Their lives are in your hands now.



Pull him away.

K-29, I've granted your wish.

You killed your own brother.

And now... you killed three of your comrades.

No one in this world will forgive you.

The Hades Shrine is where you belong.

Hit the renzhong and fengchi pressure points.

The points are connected so they will wake up afterwards.


Big brother? Big brother!

Take me home! Take me way from here!


We can't leave now.

You're the King of Vajra.

Why not?

Let's go now!

Right now!

I want to go home!


Be a good boy.

We can't leave just yet.

Why can't you take me away?

You're afraid of them.

You can't take me away.

We'll leave.

Believe me, You're not the King of Vajra. You're afraid of them.

You can't run away.

You are not capable. You are not able to take me.

I want to go home.

I want to go home.

When you killed Crazy Monkey

you still didn't use the Deadly Moves.

In the realm of Vajra death is the only reality.

Why do you care about my Deadly Moves?

You took a great risk not to show them when facing such a strong opponent.

You're planning to take me by surprise.

I can tolerate your misunderstandings but I can't tolerate the fact... that my only worthy opponent behaves in such a humble manner.

The so-called Deadly Moves allow you... to react upon the wrath of the Vajra moderated by compassion and then summon your inner energy to hit your rival's vulnerable spots.

There are no sets of moves. H's all about the will.

May I?

It's indeed very impressive.

But you seemed to have weakened in the last 3 seconds.

I've told you..

There are only deadly minds.

The only thing you need to conquer... is your own mind.

Your martial arts makes you... the only worthy opponent in my eyes.

I truly hope that... we can be friends forever.

I'm afraid that's not going to happen. When I was little I was frightened by the Hades statue.

My father said that Hades followers... will eventually become incredibly strong.

But now...

I see that the Hades followers... either kill people... or are killed.

Tomorrow... the best fighters will duel.

One of them will die.

God of Vajra, I beg you.

Please stop the duel.


Without death there is no birth.

Is it...

God's view on life?

This is a belief.

Only when you hold onto your belief... can you turn it into power.

My belief is my life.

I don't want to argue with you...

It's just that... I don't want any more people to die.

Both of you are such great warriors.

You should be friends and work together to save more lives.

In martial arts, we could be friends.

But we can only now fight to the death.


I know you don't want to... see either of us die.

This cannot be prevented.

Tomorrow, your camera will record it all.


I won't take any more photos for you!

I have to keep a clear conscience.

You've made your own choice.

Maybe... it's true that... you shouldn't have come here.




Who is it?

Catch him!

Don't let him escape!

Search the cells!

Now we can be sure that... he is the one who lit the sulphur fires.

They must be plotting a riot... when the duel takes place.

In order to prevent any accident I suggest all prisoners are locked up... in the Destruction Sect's chamber.

Fine, do what you must.

We'll go through the secret passage.

Keep going down avoid the guards we'll arrive right at the prison.

Okay, follow that plan.


You're the best Hades Vajra warrior.

You are burdened with... the mission of rebuilding the Shrine and restoring the glory... to the Japanese Empire.

My hope of being released... also rests on you.

Conquer yourself... Conquer the others.

I firmly believe that... you can crush K-29.

As a precaution, I, as the Head of Hades, order all under the High Priest's command to kill everyone who poses a threat... including K-29.

When the duel takes place.

Guard the children with your lives.

Yes, Sir!

You should leave at once. Quick! Hurry up!

I won't leave... without the children.

Even if you defeat Kurashige you won't be able to save them.

Listen to me. Leave, now!


I won't leave.

My father ordered the High Priest... to kill you and all the prisoners... when the duel takes place.

I knew it all along.

Get out.



Quickly! Unlock it.

Since you know... why are you sacrificing yourself?

I've already told you.

This is my mission.


Thank you for reminding me. Take good care of yourself.

Go protect the children in the main hall.

Since he wants to help you, let him witness you being destroyed... with his own eyes.

This is the present I give you...

A 17-second funeral.

You can turn on the switch over there.

The sand in the hourglass is falling.

In 17 seconds...

I'll pay my respects to your dead body.

Even if my body is broken to pieces I'll never give up my mission... to stop Hades spreading to my hometown.

Bill and Kuncai, lead the prisoners to start a riot.


The two are still alive?

They are rushing towards the main hall.

Kill everyone! Yes, sir!

Protect the children!

Hurry up.


Protect the children!

Be careful.

Don't be afraid.



Bill... promise me that...

you'll protect all the children.

Yes, I will. I definitely will.



Get Up! K-29.

Tell me... who is the real King of Vajra?








I'm your brother.

Huzi I'm your brother.

I'm your brother.




Get Up!

Get Up!

Only the purest of emotions will trigger the Wrath of Vajra.

Then the power of the Vajra will erupt.


conquer... without weapons!

King of Vajra!

King of Vajra! Freedom!

King of Vajra! Freedom!

Follow the line. Be careful.

You will be home soon.

Take it.

Uncle Bill!

I've informed the army.

They'll send the soldiers... to take Hades' men away.

Well done, everyone! You know what?

We didn't know he was K-31 until... we regained consciousness.

The Hades men threw me into the sea.

My face was torn to pieces by the rocks.

Fortunately I was saved by a Chinese merchant ship.

I was looking for my brother everywhere.

Then I saw the notices that Hades... put up to challenge my brother.

So I smuggled myself into the Shrine. I became the undertaker.

I knew my brother would come. Why didn't you tell him earlier?

He was always guarded by Hades' men I never had the chance big brother..

You're the greatest King of Vajra.

Life can be born without dying first.

Love is the key to Heaven.

Your life showed us the truth.

You used your life