The Yellow Mountain (1954) Script

Whoa. Thanks.

Menlo"s place is right down the street and around the corner.

It's called the fandango.

I'm sorry mister, you can't go up there.



You tried this before Andy.

You never tried that before. Progress.

Are you sore because of the blonde?

Or was it the redhead?

That champagne and gold dust gets them every time.

Get out of here.

This is private, get out.

Go on.

Now, where were we?

Why don't we just talk?

I came 600 miles to beat your head off.


Sam? Sam.

Clean up this mess. Who is he?

1 told him he couldn't come up here. He's just an old friend that came to call.


We haven't seen each other for a couple of years.

It's a good thing you weren't strangers.

I'll clean that up myself.

Now, before you finish trying to knock my head off will you tell me what this is all about?

I came for my $1,200. Is that all?

I thought it was something serious. 1,200, Pete.

Any way you want to pay me, except a check.

What do we do now, waltz around again? That's up to you.

I got a dozen boys downstairs that will knock your head off for nothing.

Call them. Can't do that to an old friend.

You're my pigeon, come on downstairs. I'll buy you a drink.

All I want is $1,200, my half of our claim you sold.

What do you mean? I only got 2,200.

I'm counting a hundred you took out of my pocket.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot. I was in a hurry to leave and I put on your trousers.

You see Andy, I got tired of your conscience, it held me back.

Every time I dreamed up something good, you chilled it.

Tell you what Pete, give me my money and I'll leave, take my conscience with me.

Still got it, en?

How you like to parlay that 1,200 into a few million?

What we do with the widows and orphans?

All right, you get your money.

I'm running a little short but I guess I can make it.

Bannon is downstairs, and I think he's coming up.

I want to talk to you menlo.

Go ahead, I see you brought your interpreter.

I want to talk to you alone.

It's all right, he's a friend of mine Andy Martin.

You bought up some claims on the south face of Columbia mountain.

Yeah, that's right. When you knew I had two shafts sunk there.


Well, maybe you didn't know I figured on buying up them claims myself.

You've been running Goldfield so long you figured nobody else...

Had guts enough to horn in on the south face, I did.

All right, you have the claims menlo.

Between the two of us, you and me control that south face.

So? So we throw in together, the works.

The two places, the claims, everything.

Something big, en? Real big.

Partners? Sure.

That way we freeze everybody else out. 50-50?

75-25, the 25 is you.

Talk is over, so long bannon.

Better change your mind menlo...

Or you're through.

Looks like we got trouble Andy.

Looks like you've got trouble.

Put that away before I make you eat it.

So you got yourself a gunslinger, eh? Not a gunslinger bannon.

I'm Pete's partner.

Was a nice talk bannon.

Thanks Andy.

You know, I think they wanted to kill me. Well, who doesn't?

All right, I'll get you your 1,200.

Let it ride Pete, I wouldn't want to short us, like you said it must be something big.

Bigger than 1,200, eh partner?

Well, what do you know? You learned something from me after all.

You mean you're cutting yourself in?

Any argument? 50-50?

What else?

All right.

It'll be just like old times. Even better.

It won't be like old times.

Come on, I'll buy you that drink.

Oh Sam, put these away, will you? Right.

Got anything you're proud of? Real proud, jackpot, fifty bucks' worth.

Guess I got more to be proud of, hundred more.

Like the good book says, pride goeth before a fall.

Your hundred and a hundred more.

I'm calling you.

That there's the deed to my 50-50 mine.

It ain't worth a bobtail flush. Now wait a minute, wait a minute.

There's dust, real dust.

Want some chips for it.


Look mister, I dug that dust myself, it's real good.

All right old timer, all right.

Go get him some chips for it.

In a minute we're going to see what you...

Hello honey.

Nevada, I hit an inside straight. You come on.

Just came to 200, jackpot.

You sold the dust? Yeah.

It ain't ladylike to bust up a game. That'll be all miss.

Don't be too sure. Maybe you'd better go.

Not before I see Pete menlo. Come on.

Where's Pete menlo?

In his office.

Sam, clean up the mess.

I filled a inside straight.

I filled a inside straight.

Allow me.

You said he was here.

I had to say something, you were beginning to take the place apart.

Why not tell me what it's all about? I'm Pete's partner.

My father gambles away every penny.

I asked Pete menlo to keep him out of here.

So, if he doesn't come in here, he goes across the street to bannon's.

No, he wouldn't, he hates bannon.

Look miss, miss...

Wray, Nevada wray.

All right Nevada, let's look at it this way.

There's no law to keep your father out of here.

We shut him out of the fandango he'll find a game somewhere else.

The dust was worth 200.

This squares it.

I like the idea, but, isn't it a little expensive?

Hello Nevada, how's jackpot?

You promised to keep him out of here.

He was here? You know he was.

You shouldn't blame me for your father's weakness Nevada.

I'm blaming you for taking advantage of his weakness.

Please keep him out of here, give him a chance.

Nevada, the boys must've slipped up or misunderstood.

I gave you my word. I wouldn't break it, you know that.

And you won't ever let him come in here again?


He won't get past the front door.

Fine, I'm sorry if I caused you any trouble.

Forget it.

It's all to know how to handle them Andy.

Her old man still trying to fill an inside straight?

You never gave any orders to keep him out of here.

Why should I?

Sooner or later he's going to build up such a big tab she's going to have to be very nice to me.

You never make an investment unless it pays a return, do you, Pete?

I didn't know it showed. Anyway, I got something more important.

Geraghty, spread out the map.

Geraghty is my lawyer, he just picked up some new claims for me this morning.

Now look.

These are the claims I had up to this morning.

These are bannon's.

This morning they discovered a 20 foot ledge in the bobtail horse mine.

Here's the bobtail.

These are my new claims.

I'm betting that bobtail ledge runs right into my new claims.

How come bannon didn't snap up the claims? Couple of reasons.

First, he thought he could force me in with him.

Second, he doesn't know about the bobtail ledge.

That doesn't make sense, you knew.

The bobtail outfit kept it a big secret, they were going to buy the claims themselves.

Mr. geraghty used to work for the bobtail outfit until tonight.

You see, Mr. geraghty lost a considerable sum of money at my tables.

Now he square.

Right, Mr. geraghty?

Tomorrow morning, I'm going to start sinking the menlo number 1.

And you're going to manage it. And have bannon try and kill me too?

It's legal, I just got a tip, that's all.

I'm very happy right here at the fandango, counting our money.

But you know mining, I need you Andy.

We'll hire a manager. No, this is too important.

I'm gambling every cent I've got on this ledge.

You're the only one around here that can be trusted.

You're so right.

I'd almost forgotten.

All right, I'll manage our mine.

You mean you're cutting yourself in on the mine too?

Cutting myself in on everything.

This man is dishonest.

Why, you just in time Pete.

We're going to blast again. Nothing showing yet, eh?

Nothing to get excited about but you never can tell.

This might do it.

Here, let me try it, might change our luck.

You going to stay here? No.

Andy look.

We own us a gold mine.

Well, if it's going to make you unhappy, I'll keep the gold, you can have the mine.

I got a hunch it'll get richer.

We'll steepen the angle and take on full crews.

Right now.

Right now I'd better get some of this stuff to that assay office.


Not me, I'm going to stay right here and rub this stuff into my hair.

Anybody here?

What do you think... Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't see you.


You get out of here. Not before I see the assayer.

I'm the assayer. You?

Why not?

Oh, I could think of a reason, but I'd better keep it to myself.

What do you want?

An assay on this ore.

Name? Andrew Martin.

But I'd like you to call me Andy.

What's the name of the mine Mr. Martin? Menlo 1.

Menlo? My partner, remember?

Going to hold it against me? Why should 1?

Funny idea you didn't like Pete.

Now, what gave you the funny idea I didn't like him?

His letting your father gamble in the fandango.

That wasn't his fault, he gave strict orders to keep dad out.

Then you don't dislike him. Of course not.

It's a little hard to do that. Yeah, I found that out too.

Pete is got his good side but you've to keep turning him to find it.

That should make it interesting.

Interesting for who?

Just what are you trying to find out Mr. Martin, what your ore will assay...

Or how I feel about Pete menlo? Maybe both.

You can find out about your ore in an hour. And the other?

Work on it Mr. Martin.

I'll go on ahead.

When the supply wagon is loaded send it out to the mine.

Sure thing Andy.

You better check this. Right.

Mr. Martin...

I thought you'd be anxious about this report.

Not quite an hour.

You're a very lucky man Mr. Martin and you're going to be a rich one.

This right? Yes.

Most men would turn handsprings at that. Maybe I'd better wait for the second assay.

I think you got a real strike Andy.

Now I'm sure of it.

How about the other half of the report, Pete menlo?

Maybe you'd better wait for your second assay on that too.

Well, I'd better get back to work.

How about riding out to the mine with me?

Look, I got work to do.

Come on, take the day off, it'll be good for you.

Some other time.

I expected another excuse. I expected to think of one.

Well Nevada.

All this and a gold mine too. It's a special service.

Maybe you'd like to see this.

Pretty wonderful, isn't it?

I'm going to have to figure how to spend my second million.

Better not get too excited Pete, the next assay might not be as high.

Andy, any way you look at it, it's still gold.

Well, excuse us. I promised Nevada I'd show her the mine.

What about the supplies? They're on their way.

Keep an eye out for them, will you Pete?


Anybody check on that last batch of powder?

Sure, Andy did. Better recheck it.

Why? Andy knows what he's doing.

That's the trouble, have him check it again.


In a couple of minutes it might be too late, go on.

Should've this section cleaned up in a week.

The vein looks like it'll hold. It should.

Then you'll have all the gold you want.

I'm not sure I'll know how to act like a rich man.

You'll get used to it.

I wonder how a rich man would tell a girl he'd like to call on her.

Maybe the same way a girl tells a rich man to make it real soon, if he should ask her.

Nevada, I'd... Andy...

What's the trouble? Excuse me.

Thought we ought to check that second batch of powder.

Why? It's good. That's what I tried to tell Pete.


Yeah, he sent me in here to tell you to recheck it.

It must be wonderful to have such a conscientious partner.

Believe me, it's a new development. Well, 1 got to go home anyway.

How was the tour? Interesting.

We didn't quite finish, where were we?

Like I said, I have to go home.

Well, tomorrow is another day Andy but I wouldn't count on it.

Come on Nevada, I'll drive you into town.

I expect to have that second report for you very soon now.

I hope so.

Oh Andy, keep an eye out for the supplies, will you?

Goodbye Andy.

All right, take it up, boys.

You could get dusty in here. This kind of dust I like.

Pretty steep angle, isn't it? Yes it is.

Bannon's level is right below us. So we'll be walking on his head.

Could get dangerous.

Don't worry about it, just keep following that vein.


Just put cream on it and I'll eat it for breakfast.

Hello jackpot.

I'd buy me a roulette wheel just to spin around on.

Depends on the second assay. Oh yeah, that's something else.

What about it?

Nevada, she's outside with.

Oh, for 25 years I've been trying to get this, this...


I'm afraid this isn't what you expected. What do you mean?

You own the richest mine in all of Goldfield.

I was just teasing you. You still are.

Hello. Look.

Nevada, where are you from? St. Louis.

Do you like it? Yes, why?

I'm going to buy it for you. And he will.

Hey jackpot, stick it in your pocket.

Might be the only pay ore you'll ever see.

Yeah? Now let me tell you something.

I was panning, mucking and hard rock mining when you gophers were soft bottomed brats.

Yeah? What you got to show for it?

The 50-50 mine, that's what. I'll give you 15 cents for it, hard cash.

I'll make it a quarter, take it or leave it.

All right men, let's get back to work.

Them mud-digging gophers.

Someday they're going to split a seam laughing on the other side of their faces.

Just wait you I hit with the 50-50.

Sure dad, someday. You bet.

Listen, this calls for a celebration tonight at the fandango.

I'll throw open the whole place, free drinks for everybody.

And a special party in my office for special friends.

What do you say? Well I...

Then we can talk about staking jackpot in the 50-50.

You will? Why not?

I think you should be told that the ore only runs seven dollars a ton.

7.50, and it'll run higher once I get her going.

We'll be there with bells on Mr. menlo, won't we Nevada?

All right dad.

I'll show them moles in there what a real mine looks like.

See you tonight Mr. menlo.

Goodbye. Bye.

Real charm boy, hey Pete? What's the matter with you?

Champagne and gold dust. Gets them every time.

I think you'll like this Nevada, came all the way around the horn.

To menlo number 1, my partner...

A very lovely lady not necessarily in the order of their importance.

Sam, clean up that mess.

Clean up that mess, the story of my life, clean up that mess.

Well, come on, come on.

Good night Mr. geraghty, wherever you are. Now let's have a nice little family party.

About the 50-50 mine Mr. menlo...

I've been working this mine for close on- Oh sure, sure jackpot.

We'll talk about that tomorrow, enh?

Business is business Pete, no time like the present.

We'd better leave them alone. It'll wait until morning.

But you promised Mr. menlo. Why, the 50-50 mine is just waiting for somebody to tap her.

Dad will give you all the details Pete. Yeah.

Come on Nevada.

Mr. menlo, all I need is $2,000, maybe $3,000 to work the 50-50 so she'll produce.

The reason I ain't been able to pull real ore out, because I been working her myself.

Why, give me a couple of muckers and stake me to some powder, and, and...

You'd like to get in on the claim, wouldn't you Mr. menlo?

Oh, yeah jackpot.

Just wouldn't want anybody to jump it. Jump it?

Poor dad, the mine is worthless but he keeps looking for someone to stake him.

You really believe Pete wants to help him? Shouldn't 1?

Well, sometimes Pete's promises are a little misleading.

I thought you were a friend of his. I am but not because of his promises.

I just don't want to see anyone get hurt.

Dad doesn't hurt very easy. I was thinking of you.

How can he hurt me?

Well, that's some encouragement. How much do you need Andy?

Hey, Nevada. Hey, honey, honey, honey, he did it.

Oh, he did, Mr. menlo promised to stake me.

In the 50-507?

Yeah. Why, I'll get me some muckers and open up a...

Open a new shaft... But dad, you know there's nothing there.

Oh, for 25 years I've been digging but now I got a feeling that I'm going to hit.

Maybe you were wrong. Wrong about what?

Andy is never wrong.

Just makes mistakes once in a while. You ain't going to be sorry Mr. menlo, ever.

I hope not.

Why on earth did you do it Pete? Oh, I promised jackpot I would.

It was a promise to you too.

Now let's go back inside and celebrate. Getting chilly out here, don't you think Andy?

Downright cold.

Andy, you're going to see the best mine you ever saw in your life.

Why, when that first explosion goes off...


Oh, they wrecked the place last night, just wrecked it.

Is Pete upstairs? Yeah, in bed.

Oh, quiet.

= Pete, Pete... Go on, get out of here, leave me alone.

Why, you... Listen to me.

The mine. Cave-in?

No, I got out there this morning and there's no one working.

Why, the drunken slobs, you give them some free liquor...

You don't get it.

They won't come to work for us. Why not?

Because they're working for bannon.

Bannon? He's paying them more money.

I'll go see him. I'll get out to the mine.

So, you got no miners.

All I did was offer a double pay.

You ain't going to blame the men for taking 60 a day instead of 30?

All right, go ahead, break yourself.

Seems to me you'll go bust before I do.

How long you think you can go on paying double wages?

Just as long as it takes to back you against the wall menlo.

You hire a bunch of muckers and hard rock miners and I'll offer them double.

And I'll match it.

I got my claims producing, you're just starting.

That's right, I'm just starting.

And I'll finish.

Ah Pete...

You know there's another way besides cutting each other's throat.

You and me got that south face sewed up, that's where the ore is.

Partners? Sure, why not?

I couldn't live long enough to give you all the reasons.

I can arrange for just as long a life as you want.

You'll get your chance.

Case, Eddie case.

Jack goodwin.

Look like you boys ain't getting any miners.

Well, you got one customer.

You jackpot? Why not?

Mr. menlo said he'd stake me with the 50-50.

All right, I'll give him a hand now he needs it, there.

I appreciate it jackpot but it's going to take more than three of us to work the mine.

Ah, maybe I can do something about that too.

Hey everybody, hold up a minute, I want to talk to you.

Now, you men are making a mistake, I know most of you.

And I know you don't want to work for a sleazy no good like bannon.

Now, come on over and sign up with the menlo 1.

You seen the sign yourself jackpot, seventy five a day.

Money ain't everything.

No, but it'll do till something better comes along.

All right you ninnies, go ahead and laugh.

But menlo is paying 70...

That ain't much difference and you won't be working for a louse.

Stop him.

I don't know fellas, maybe jackpot is got something.

Sure I have, now do yourselves a favor and come on over and sign up at the menlo 1.

Hey old man, you trying to start trouble?

You keep out of this Drake, I'm talking to my friends.

Take a walk.

I'll stay right here till I finish talking.

You finished as of now, get back to your knitting old man.

I ain't afraid of you or any of bannon's hired gunmen.

Now wait a minute fellas. Why should they listen to you?

An old coot who gambles away his daughter's hard earned cash?

Why, you...

Go on, draw.



Try me.

1 won't forget this Martin. See that you don't.

I was just going to do the same thing Andy.

John Bascombe.

Summers, clive.

Mose clavin.

$95 dollars a day.

Well, we just can't keep on match it.

The take from the fandango is not big enough.

How about the bank? No, they're in too deep already.

They won't let us have another cent. Maybe bannon can't keep it up either.

He's going broke it doesn't show.

His claims were paying off before we got started.

You're a lawyer geraghty, why don't you think of something?

Something legal?

There's one chance, get the ore we've got to the smelter.

How? Bannon is hired all the mule skinners.

You hire some, he hikes the pay and they leave us.

If we can get that ore melted down, we got working capital.

The bank will look twice at gold ingots. You still got to get the ore to the smelter.

What if you took it Andy?

Me? Why not?

Somebody has to.

Oh sure? Bannon is going to let us move those wagons right up to the smelter.

He's not going to know anything about it.

The wagons are all loaded and ready to roll, he thinks he's got the skinners all tied up..

He won't be expecting one of us to take them out tonight.

Tonight? Why not?

What do you say Andy?

Bannon better not hear about it. He won't, he can't.

Well, what are we waiting for?

Don't worry about this end. I'll keep an eye on bannon.

Yeah, see that you do partner.

He's right, Martin is taking the wagons out tonight.

Now listen.

All I want is them wagons bushwhacked, don't get gun happy.

Why? You like Martin or something?

I might've to make a deal with menlo...

If Martin gets killed he might not want to listen.

You just wreck them wagons.

And do it far enough out of town.

Go on.

You get out too.

Come on. Hyah.

Come on, come on.

Go on, come on, come on.

Bannon said no killing.

We'll leave him here.

Same thing.


You look like you could use some of this.

Easy son.

That water hitting your belly will twist your gizzard in a knot.


Yeah, I figured I'd seen a lot of buzzard bait in my time but...

Can you take me into Goldfield? Sure, I can take you in.

But you better rest a couple of minutes. Now.

All right son.

You got to get in the rig first.

100 dollars a day and they ain't worth it.

It'll go even higher.

At least when Andy gets back we'll be able to match it.

I sure hope he gets through.

Don't worry, he'll get through.


What is it? Number three section, floor caved in.

Anybody in there? Three men.

Start digging everybody, get those men out of there.

Must've been an undercut from below. Bannon.

Come on, hurry up boys, come on.


We got visitors.

I was on my way up to see you Pete. We just had a cave-in right over your level.

S07? There are three men trapped in there.

Start your men digging.

Sure, Tim get the men to work.

Jackpot, go with them.

Ah Pete...

You and me been cutting each other's throat long enough.

We could settle this whole thing right now. We can't settle that cave in right now.

Fighting each other, we just stand to lose, 1 got a deal for you menlo.

No deals. Ever hear of John Lexington?

What about him?

He can buy and sell any man in the mining business.

What's your point?

He'll put in a rail head, the smelter and the stamper right here in Goldfield.

That means we save time and money...

And he'll give us all the money we need to develop our claims.

What's the catch?

All he wants is the usual 50%. You and me split the other 50.

But you and me got to get together or he won't put in a dime.

This way, we stand to split millions.

Otherwise you lose out, you got a cave in in your mine and you're broke.

Maybe I can still go it alone.

I got ingots coming from the smelter.

Yeah maybe, just maybe.

But supposing you have, that's nothing to what we stand to pull down if Lexington backs us.

And don't forget, you and me control the south face.

I got a partner.

Well all right, split your 25% with him, it's up to you.

If you want to cut your profits in half, go ahead.

How about it? We go into town right now, we sign the papers, we let Lexington know, eh?

See you in town.

Champagne and gold dust, great combination.

It seems like we're always celebrating something.

Now it's your deal with Mr. Lexington. That's only part of it.

The rest is you and your dad.

What do you mean?

Jackpot is breaking his back in that worthless mine.

We can stop that.


You know what I'm getting at.

I think I do.

Nevada, you don't understand.

I'm asking you to marry me.

I could've built up to it but I'll put the frosting on the cake after we're married.

This deal is going to mean millions to me.

What do you trying to buy Pete?

Something I can never buy I guess.

You mean love? Yeah.


Thanks very much. You're welcome.

Take care of yourself young fella.

Andy, what happened to you?

Bushwhacked, where's Pete?

Upstairs, celebrating his new deal with bannon.

New deal with bannon?

Sure, threw in everything together, lock, stock and barrel.

You stand to make a million.

We can have a wonderful life Nevada...

You'll have clothes, jewels, everything you've ever wanted.

I'm sorry Pete...

But you just don't understand. Andy?

He's a great guy, but he's beans and bacon, you had that all your life.

It doesn't matter...

Andy. What are you doing back?

Big surprise.

Bushwhacking didn't work.


Keep on coming.

Just heard about your deal with bannon.

So you both tried to get rid of me. No Andy.

All right, bannon is your boy.

Keep him, only buy me out.

Buy what out?

You got anything on paper?

I might've known you'd knife me, first chance you got.

Andy don't.

Go on with your celebrating.

Hello Andy. Tom.

Jackpot wray I waiting for you.

Hello jackpot.

Around, walking.

Yeah, Nevada told me what happened.

You got it all wrong about her and Pete.

You in this hand jackpot? Yeah, sure.

Listen Andy, you, you wait a couple of minutes, come on and sit down.

Nevada know you're here?

Well, not exactly, I...

I told her 1 was looking for you. Open for 20.



You got to see her Andy.


She's been bawling her eyes out ever since she...

Open for a hundred.

And 200.


And 600 more.

It's openers, I'm out.

Only got a hundred.

But I bet 600 jackpot.


Here, this will cover it.

That deed ain't worth a nickel.

The 50-50 aint... Worth a nickel.

You got 500, Andy?

Just about.

It's all I have got.

Back it for 500.

I sign the deed over to you.

You get your money back when I win the pot...

And I take back the deed.

I call.

Aces full.

Four sevens.

It's yours son. Forget it.

I ain't never welshed in my life and I ain't going to start now.

The 50-50 is yours.

Now, ain't this better than chopping each other down?

What's he doing here?

Go down and get the bar liquor, this is for people.

Now maybe you can guess who tipped me off about your ore wagons leaving town.

It's a good thing it didn't work.

Are you still upset about your ex-partner getting roughed up?

We're in a business deal bannon, that's where it stops.

Geraghty, get out of here and stay out.

Big men...

Great big men, millions, eh?

Neither one of you got a nickel, not a nickel.

Think you own the mountain, all the gold in the world. Well, you don't.

What you getting at? The apex.

What do you mean?

That's right, the apex, you ever hear of it?

Little old law...

All tucked away in great big books.

Here, I'll show you.

There are your mines on the south face, you own all that.

But the veins in your mines figure to outcrop up here on the north face and that's the apex.

And that little old law says whoever owns the apex owns everything.

And you know who owns it?

Jackpot wray, I looked it up. Who else knows about this?

Me, just me.

And it's going to cost you plenty.

Drake. Wait a minute.

Who's going to take care of jackpot? Nobody.

And we go down the drain, eh?

Funny, is it? Sure.

An old man everybody laughed at.

The only man in Nevada to stake out a claim on the wrong side of the mountain.

And he owns us, lock, stock and barrel.

We got to get that 50-50 mine. My way.

You don't know it but I got jackpot all set up to drop that mine right in our laps.


That will keep him quiet.

When he finishes it, bring up a case.

But keep your eye on him.

Where you going?

Just keep your eye on him.

Little old law all tucked away.

Drake, Mr. geraghty is leaving town quietly, take care of the details.

You got to believe me Nevada.

I'd never have signed with bannon...

If I'd known about the bushwhacking, I had nothing to do with it.

Why don't you tell that to Andy?

I can't get within 10 feet of him.

Sorry he got the wrong idea about you and me.

I'll do anything I can to make it right.

What's he doing here?

Pete came to explain. Explain what?

Any man that gets his partner bushwhacked... I had nothing to do with it jackpot.

You can find that out for yourself. You're a great big man, ain't you menlo?

Fancy talk about staking me in the 50-50.

Go on, get out of here. I meant every word I said.


I'm willing to give you $5,000 for your mine.

5,000? But you know it's not worth that.

Maybe it is and maybe it isn't. But I made you a promise.

I wouldn't break my word, you know that.

How about it jackpot?

I, 1 can't sell it.

I don't own the 50-50 no more.

Dad, what are you talking about? I lost it to four sevens.

George yost. Yost?

Yeah, but, but he ain't got it either.

Well, who has got it?

Andy, he staked me to 500.

I signed the deed over to him.

You had the 50-50 in your lap.

Why don't you cool down bannon? We'll get it.

How? I told you.

I gave jackpot the money to get it back from Andy.

What if jackpot decides to keep the deed?

He's not going to throw my 5,000 out the window. Besides, Nevada wants him to sell.

She thinks I'm a philanthropist. All right.

We'll try it your way again menlo.

But it better work.

What if it doesn't? We'll try it my way.

And hang?

Listen, there's millions for us in our deal with Lexington.

A lot of ropes have been stretched for less. But my neck wasn't in them.

I'll have the deed in an hour, see you then.

450, 500.

Where you get it jackpot?

Sometimes I can hold four of a kind too.

Where was the game? Oh, the game?

Oh, the game, over, over the fandango.

You wouldn't go in there.

Oh, come on, doggone it son, take the money and give me the deed.

Where you get the money? I told you, in, in a poker game.

At bannon's place? Yeah, over bannon...

Never could lie for beans.

«= Pete? - Yeah.

How much security did you give Pete for the 500?

Now look Andy, I stand to make $5,000, it ain't for me, it's for Nevada.

I'm going to take her out of this rat hole, buy her some new clothes...

And maybe get us a pretty house in the...

Pete gave you 5,000 for the mine? Yeah.

Look, the mine's yours.

I don't want the money or anything else.

I just want to find out what Pete's up to.

Here, put this away someplace and don't carry it on you.

Go on home and wait for me there. Where you going?

Go on home.

Now listen...

You got no use for menlo, neither do I.

And you and me ain't got no use for each other.

But maybe we can forget our feelings.

How you like to put something over on menlo and leave him holding the bag?

Want me to keep talking? Yeah.

You know menlo will double-cross you every time he gets a chance.

But don't want him do it to me.

Why not work for me Martin?

As what?

Well, manager, gunslinger, partner, anything you want.

Just so you watch menlo for me, tell me what he's liable to do.

What do you say?

I'll give you some advice right now for free.

Better watch him every minute.

That's exactly what I mean.

Now look Andy, you're about broke.

Tell you what, I'll set you up, five, ten thousand.

I'll even buy that worthless 50-50 mine from you, cash on the barrel-head.

You want me to protect you from Pete, is that it?

Yeah, that's all.

Sooner or later I'll figure out a way to cut him out.

Then you and me...

I'll think about it bannon.

Sorry you got roughed up, Andy.

I just wanted Drake to invite you up for a little talk.

But I got a half-wit gunslinger.

The next time you want to talk to me send me a written invitation.

Know what I mean?

Dad, you're cheating. Sure, ain't you?

Nevada, I'm...

Go on and kiss him and make up, go on.

Now you're showing some sense.

Well, don't stand there in the draft, shut the door.

Jackpot, how far have you developed your mine?

Oh, I've just been digging the surface float, why?

There's something up.

Pete offers you 5,000 for a mine he knows is worthless.

Then he gives you 500 to get the deed back from me.

I just left bannon.

He not only wants me to come in with him but he also offered to buy the mine.

Nevada, what was the assay on that ore?

You know what it is $7.00 a ton. 7.50.

Not enough to make Pete or bannon lift a finger.

Bannon must've found out the deed was transferred to me.

But that ore will never assay any more.

Tomorrow morning, we'll get some fuses and powder.

What you going to do?

Blow a hole in the 50-50 and maybe through Pete and bannon.

Well, that ought to do it.

This ought to blow it open clear down to...

It'll be loud.

Let's get some cover.

Now let's see what we got.

Andy, dad... Glory.

Jewelry ore, by the ton.

No wonder they wanted it.

And I've been sitting on top of this for years.

I've been scratching chicken feed out of the surface float when I had me a mine.

I knew I was right.

That's not all you go, jackpot.

This Rose quartz is exactly like the menlo vein, the one that angled up.

Jackpot, I think you own the apex.

The, the a-apex? The whole vein.

Not just what's in here but clear down to and including Pete and bannon's mines.


Let's get this stuff to the claims office and register the apex.

Amen. Andy.

I'll show them mud-digging gophers what...

You got the rest of your lives for that tomfoolery.

Let's get down to real business.

Nevada, get them ore sacks there.

I'll get another sackful.


What's he doing here? Spying on us.

He's on his way to tell bannon we found out about the apex.

What we do? Get the apex registered.

You two stay here. I'm going on to the registration office.

I'm going with you. No jackpot, I'm going alone.

Andy, I started this mine 13 years ago and I'm sticking to the end.

I'm going too and don't waste time arguing about it.

The faster we get to town, the better.

Come on.

Martin, jackpot and the girl are at the 50-50 and they just blew it wide open.

What now, smart boy?

Twice we try it your way and we got nothing.

Drake, get a few of the boys, we got to blow that apex off the face of the map.

I go along with you on that bannon but leave Andy and the others alone.

Leave them alone? To open their yaps?

Soon as they find out what they've got they'll hightail it...

Back here, and in 20 minutes all Goldfield will know.

You still don't have to kill them. Listen, it's Sunday, ain't it?

There's nobody at the mines but Martin, jackpot and the girl.

They took out a load of powder, all right.

Who's to know but what they set off too big a charge?

Just a bad accident. I said no killing.

You said?

I told you to get going.

That would hang us.

You crazy? He'll talk.

No, he won't, he's my partner.

He'll be in this up to his neck whether he like it or not, he won't dare open his mouth.

Must know about the apex. Yeah, they come to register it.

I say they don't get the chance.


What you going to do? What I came to do.

Drake will cut you down, he's been itching for a chance.

I'm going with you.

You two can help me a lot by just staying put.

Andy. It'll be all right Nevada.

Sid, Jace, get behind him, Tex, take the alley.

I don't want to go the hard way Martin.

Do it this way and they'll hang you. I'm offering you a choice.

I want the 50-50, hand over the deed and I'll pay you for it.

Yeah, I can imagine. That's straight Martin.

Try to hang on to the 50-50 and you'll never live long enough to cash in on it.

There's a lot of witnesses around.

Sure, but 1 ain't going to kill you, as far as anybody knows it'll be between you and Drake.

And I'll see that he gets away.

Look Martin, I'm offering you plenty for the 50-50, take it.

I'm registering an apex.


Martin, my friends tell me you've been calling me yellow.

Maybe you'd like to say it to my face.

All right. You're yellow.

I always like to give a man a sporting chance, Martin, go on, draw first.

When I come out of that office, I'll be glad to oblige you.

Ain't got time to wait, draw.


Jackpot, get off the street.


I just dissolved a partnership Andy.

Andy. Oh.

$10,000 to the ton. 10,000.

Congratulations jackpot.

And the same to you, for different reasons.

Nevada, have a nice, dull life with an honest man.

Just came in to say goodbye. Where are you going?

Oh, I thought I'd shove along, conquer other worlds.

We could put you to work in the mine Mr. menlo.

Work? Yeah.

You might find you liked it. That's what I'm afraid of.

Stick around Pete.

1 own a third interest in the 50-50. So?

As far as I'm concerned, you and I are still partners.

Well, what do you know? Just like old times, en?

Even better.

You know what I deserve? Yeah.

50-50? What else?

Dad, stop them. What for? They're partners.