There Be Dragons (2011) Script

The army has recruited the Spanish colonial army of Morocco.

This is an announcement from your government There has been a military uprising.

One, two. One, two. One, two.

Surrender Ready Surrender Aim. Fire!

I was a war baby But luckily for me, I haven't had to fight .. in any of the 765 wars that have occurred in my lifetime.

My father wasn't so lucky When he was a young man, everyone in Spain had to take sides and take up arms.

The decision may have taken a second, but the consequences lasted the rest of his life.

He never talked about the war... until I was asked to write a book about a dead priest -

Josemaría Escrivá.

And then he began to talk and talk and talk.

And that's how I went looking for a saint and found my father instead.

I think it was Oscar Wilde who wrote, 'Every saint has a past and every sinner has a future. ”


It's the Father. Quick!

Quick! Get the doctor!

In June of 1976, the nun was at the point of death, Diagnosed with a multiple calcific lipomatosis tumor, causing pain, attaining a mass the size of an orange on the left shoulder.

Cured in a sudden and lasting way... after the Servant of God, Josemaría Escrivá, had been invoked.

You have reached Judge Manolo Torres.

Leave a message.

Dad? It's- It's me, Robert.

Your son.

I'm in Rome.

I'm doing a book on Josemaría Escrivá.

I'm- I'm coming to Madrid, Dad, and, you know, I-I want to talk to you about him.

Are you there?

Please, Dad, pick up the phone.

Okay Well I'll call you when I arrive.

And why this interest in Escrivá?

The uproar in the press about his possible canonization turned my publisher on.

You know, and curiously, he- he came from the same town as my father.

Ah, yes, of course. How is the judge, Roberto?

To be honest, I-

We haven't spoken in... eight years.

So I moved to London permanently, and since then-

Well, he's not very forgiving, my father.

Eight years, huh?

Children? No.

I don't quite see myself as a father.

Your father is a product of difficult times.

You should try to understand him.

Well, I do, Monsignor. I do.

God bless you in your quest.

And give my regards to, uh- To Leila.


Good-bye. Good-bye.

Are you sure? Yes.

That's Josemaría Escrivá in the middle.

And that's me on the right.

And on the left, your father.

Here's another one. At the seminary.


Dad. I'm in Madrid.

Been a long time.

Listen. I'm close to the apartment, and I wanted to come see you.

Why would you write a book about him?

That's what I wanted to talk to you about.

Leave it alone, Roberto.

Well, I found out that you were in the seminary with him, and you never told me that you wanted to be a priest.

Don't you think that's weird? Yes, I thought so too.

That's why I left after a year, Roberto.

Why? Was it because of the civil war?

Hello.. London University Dr. Leila Azoulay, please.

Which department?

Mathematical Physics.

Good timing. I was just about to call you.

How's Spain ?

I love Spain.

How's your father?

I love Spain.

Tell me.

He doesn't want me to do this Josemaría Escrivá thing.

At least you two spoke. That's progress, no?

He knows something about Josemaría, damn it.

I know he does. Why can't he just tell me?

I could wrangle the weekend away.

Want me to come out?



Damn it.

I was nine when Josemaría's path crossed mine.

A long time ago.

Roberto, you've often told me that I was a terrible father What I've never told you is that I agree with you.

Manolo! Manolo! -There is so much I haven't told you that you need to know So if you want to hear about the past Manolo!

I'll tell you. Manolo!

But I warn you, there be dragons. Manolo! Manolo!

Are you okay? Manolo!


You got me.

I got you, Josemaría. I was a little terror like most boys.

I'm gonna get you. Josemaría was no saint either There was one day he almost killed me.

Good driving, boy. Come on!

Feels like a Taurus, Manolo. Faster!


Manolo, are you all right? Are you mad?

Josemaría, I'll speak to your father. He should give you a beating.

I hate this backwater.

I've half a mind to sell up and go back to Madrid, I promise.

Can I drive again, Papa? No, Manolo. Enough.

Here is the first one.


There are many kinds of dragons you will have to face.

She scares me.

Don't be scared, Manolo.

How many dragons are there, Abileyza?

Many, Josemaría.

But what matters is how you face them, as you shall see.

Josemaría's nanny talked about dragons... as if they really existed A quarter of a century passed before I realized she was right But things happened in Josemaría's life... that meant he understood this before I did.



My baby! Why?

Josemaría lost three sisters.

I lost a baby brother.

In those days, death was part of life.


Do you hate God now?

No, dearest.

I... love him very much.

Will you hate him when he takes me away?

Come here.

I'm sorry about your sister.

Josemaría's father owned a chocolate factory The manager was a strange, old guy-


We know we like what's here.

We know that we want what's here.

But what is here exactly?

Just sit this on your tongue...

for five seconds.

Hmm? Now, chew... three times.

Manolo, you taste what?





Don't scoff.

Yes. Cinnamon.

All right, off you go.

Josemaría, you stay here.

I scolded Manolo for mocking what he can't experience, not because he couldn't experience it.

Ah, now, look at this.

Ugly, isn't it?

Just a poor, ordinary little bean.

Yet, patience, skill, hard work and love... can unleash the divine flavors hidden within.


Do you understand the lesson?

But not everyone has a taste for the divine, you know.

And why is that, I wonder?


Manolo! Wait for me!

Stop! Manolo!

My favorite trick in those days... was stealing Josemaría's dad's chocolates.

But then his dad went bankrupt and lost the chocolate factory And I wasn't allowed to play with Josemaría any more.

My dad thought poverty was contagious.

He said' that Josemaría wasn't one of us. One!


And my dad could be quite persuasive. Three!

My dad had more money, more cars, more houses.

But Josemaría had more dad.

A seed of envy began to grow in me.

In a child's heart, many seeds are planted You never quite know what will grow

Hmm. I'm sure he didn't see us.

Around that time, Josemaría changed I'll tell you the story as he told it to me.

One cold winter night, Josemaría saw footprints in the snow outside his house.

He followed them.

And then he sew someone.

And he felt that God was calling him.

It wasn’t' unusual in those days... for a young man to want to become a priest

Like it or not, most young men were celibate.

At least as a priest, you got paid for it.

The priesthood was a career option.

But for Josemaría, it was a sacred calling.

You are incorrigible.

Do you know what you're taking on, son?

Yes, Papa.

No one to love.

Human love, I mean.

No family of your own.

No sons. I know, papi.

And... is this the wisest time to become a priest?

Probably not.

Is your father still selling underpants, Josemaría?


Hey, careerist.

Fight! Fight! You vain little pig!

Fight! Fight!

Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight!

What lesson do you draw from this?

To control my temper.


Torres, what did you call Seminarian Escrivá?

A vain little... pig.

And you- what did you call Torres?

A backstabbing careerist.

Sorry, Monsignor. I can't stand his type.

A backstabbing careerist.

That sums him up, eh?

What, his father is rich, so he thinks he can act like a pain in the ass?

That's not the summing up I had in mind, Escrivá.

Yet, isn't someone else his Father?

And yours?

Remember, the withholding of forgiveness... is the one thing, as our Lord made clear, that will not be forgiven.

So... do you think that two hotheads, a hypocrite and a loser, can be good priests?

Well, I think it's possible.

I really do.

Well he was wrong about me.

No, no, no, no! Get away!

Your job is to clear this scum away... and let my factory get back to work. What can we do?

That's your job! Scum!

-Go! But they're just trying to feed their families, Papa.

What? The workers.


Manolo, when push comes to shove, a man has only one duty, and that is to choose the winning side.


Come on.

Hi. Hi.

Good to see you. You too.

Nice car.

Where did you get all this?

They're my dad's files from the '50s.

There's more at the hotel.

He actually sent this stuff to you? Yeah.

You are making progress.

What's the reason for the change?

I don't know. I'm almost scared to find out.

“Foundation for the Sick.” God, such a different world.

Josemaría wrote to me once a year until he died.

I never wrote back, but he kept writing anyway In his letters he told me the turns his life was taking.



Oh, look at you.

Give me your hand.

How's my old employer?

Papa died four years ago, Honorio.


I said my first Mass for him.

Do you- you remember... the chocolate bean?

Of course.

It was a great lesson.

I'm sorry. That won't work.

Why not?


I'm Jewish.

You know, the love of my life is Jewish.

Once I thought of conversion, but I couldn't dishonor my father.

Honoring our parents is the sweetest precept of all, Honorio, and very dear to God.

But Jesus Christ- Then he won't turn his back on me... when I stand before him, will he?

What I know for sure is that... he loves you very much.

Thank you.

I was afraid of dying here alone.

Please pray with me, Father.

And you shall love the Lord your God... with all your heart... and with all your mind... and with all your soul.

Our Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name.

Thy kingdom come, thy will be done on earth... as it is in heaven.

Good night, Father.

Lord, open my eyes.

I am such a blind donkey.

For so long I have felt you guiding me, but to what?

[Scribbling Continues]

Do you have a purpose for your donkey, Lord, but I'm too blind to see it?

You were there tonight, Lord.

I felt you there.

Please be with me now.

Please show me.

Ah, now, look at this.

Just a poor, ordinary little bean.

Patience, skill, hard work and love... can unleash the divine flavors hidden within.

Do you understand the lesson?


Yes, I see.

Everyone and everything.

Everyone and everything... for your glory.

Your arms open to all.

One by one.

Thank you, Lord.

So this group of red-blooded young men are prepared... to offer themselves completely to God... in, uh, apostolic work, including celibacy?

Yes, Vicar.

That was the choice I gave them and one they accepted.

Really? Yes.

How many?

Uh, three.


My worry is that this calling may be delusional.

And this work is to include women?

Yes, Your Excellency.

They will live separately, but our work will include them... and will also be open to married people.

Living in the same institution?

It's not an institution or a movement.

It's just a family of individuals.

And no, married couples will live at home.

It all seems rather...

Protestant- that God is to be found in the, well, vanities of daily life.


Outside holy orders.

No vows. Hmm?

No... habits.

Well, Jesus spent most of his life working in a shop... in Nazareth.

God's world is so full of, uh-

God's world is so full of goodness.

If we do them for love, each daily task can give him glory.

Small but regular acts of love between husbands and wives, between friends, between strangers, each revealing the beauty of his creation.

And you want to open a new residence in Valencia, huh?

Yes. And one day in New York, Paris, London and-and... Tokyo.

It's a long way to Tokyo.

And, uh,

no money yet to speak of.

Well, I can't provide any.

No, I didn't come to ask for that.

I ask merely for your permission- for me and for the work.

And you shall have them.

Father Escrivá, I offer you a job as my secretary.

In time this will lead to a career... that might grant you the influence that you would need... to realize this- this dream of yours.

So, what do you say?

I said no, thank you.


Now, it won't be easy, I know.

But I'll always see that there's a roof over your heads and food on the table.

No? Huh?

Josemaría- Actually, I have an idea.

Pecunia in arboribus non crescit.

Crescit. Good. Okay. Agustin.

Pec- Pec-

Pecunia. I can't do it, sir.

Yes, you can. Shh, shh. Yes, you can.

You will learn, and I will learn to teach it.

Oh, no. Damn it!

Stay here.

I'm sorry, Father.

Sorry. But I can't-

The smell. I can't.

How's your Latin?



Go on. Go.

Go, go, go. Go.

Union scum.

Drive through them!

Don't. Thugs.

How can you do this? You know my father's ill.

Then God is just.

Damn unions. I've always said they're going to kill him.

It's a stroke. The doctor just left.

No. No.



He can't speak.

What? What did the doctor say?

That it's God's will.

Get out of here.

Manolo, please.

Get out of here.

Get out!




Thank you.

Good afternoon, brother.


Uh, Josemaría.

I know who you are, Josemaría.

I heard your sad news, Manolo.

You have been in my prayers.

Thank you. But I don't need your brand of sympathy- however sincere.

Manolo, whatever struggles you are experiencing-

Struggles? Well, whatever doubts you may be having.

Doubts. Struggles.

Josemaría, I blundered into the seminary in deference to my mother.

I left because I wasn't priest material.

As you know.

Well, maybe not, but it doesn't mean you're not saint material.

You know, my recurring nightmare is that I was partly to blame for you leaving.

No, Josemaría.

Unlike you, I chose to live in the real world.

But I appreciate your concern.

It's not concern, Manolo.

It's love.

Our Lord said love, and love is what he meant.

And it's what we owe each other. No?

Josemaría, the truth is, we are born alone and we die alone.

All we have in between is a battle I intend to win.

The rest is, frankly, sentimental drivel.

Well, I will leave you.

Call on me.

I'll come, I promise.

Josemaría. You don't give up, do you?

It may help you to find some meaning for your suffering, Manolo.

Suffering has no meaning. It's meaningless.

If you can show me otherwise, I'll kiss your ass.

That's my promise.

I know what it is to be angry at life.

Please be careful where that leads you, Manolo.


Around the time that Josemaría got a call from God, I also go! a call- from an old friend of my faiher's.

Ah, Torres.

Good morning. Good morning.

Well? A spy?

Yes. You.

But I expected something more.

With the king gone, Spain has lost its center of gravity.

Which we will now re-create, by force if needs be.

And other means.

But our government's elected. It's popular.

Its time is over.

The government is a rotten biscuit.

Tap it and see the maggots emerge. Maggots?

Socialists who want a socialist state.

Stalinists who want a Stalinist state.

Anarchists who want no state at all.

Manolo, we want to create a new Spain.

A united Spain. Cleansed with blood if necessary.

Resurrected, great and as it once was- ordered, vigorous. And admired.

They called us fascists.

We called them communists.

Really, the world was much more complicated than that.

But many preferred to see it in those simple terms.

Three years later, half a millin people were dead- most of them civilians.

But even in times like these, some people are more interested in hats and shoes.

I thought you were going to buy new shoes.

Uh, yes, I was, but, uh, something else came up.

What was that? No. I- I met an old lady who-

Who needed a hat. And some breakfast?

Yes, and some lunch. Thank you.

Sit down, please, Pedro, Isidoro.

Well, uh-


This group that keeps you from your homes- what is it called?

We don't have a name, Mama.

We just refer to it as God's work.

Latin would sound better.

Uh, Opus Dei.

Well, your donkey may lack funds, but the work has found its name.

What's next?


Está bien.

A Communist strike killed my father.

Now it was my turn to strike.

Get out of the car!

Come here, scum!

Put the hood on him! Please! No!

Yeah, we'll show you how just God is.

In the boss's car.

Let's go!

Where's your gun?

This is not a game.

He killed your father.

Ah, damn it. The bastard's shitting his pants.

Do it.

Do it, damn it.


You're crazy. No, I'm not.

You're crazy.

He'll hate the whole idea.

Well, let's ask him.

Ask me?

This. We're gonna put them up all over Madrid.


Not me, Father. Not me.

A crusade? Yes, Father.

Using the cross to incite hatred and anger- that's Christian?

Well, maybe not.

But, Father, the government is openly attacking the church.

No, it isn't. It's trying to modernize Spain.

Come on, Pedro.

If we don't do something, we are just cowards.

Or worse- traitors. Traitors.

Traitors? Yes, Paco. Traitors.

That's what people are saying.

Standing by while the church gets attacked- how is that being a good Catholic?

Pedro, is it understandable to want to protect the church?

Yes, Father, but-

Juan, is it understandable to want social justice?

Yes, of course.

Good. So the question is, how do we achieve both?

By feeding the hungry.

And lunch is ready, so sit down now.

So we just let the matter drop?


Look, I'm not going to tell you what to think.

God gave each of you a brain and reason and a conscience.

Why? So that you can come to conclusions on your own... and take personal responsibility for them.

But before rushing to act- before trying to change the world- first think about changing yourselves.

We're building something vital here together.

Now- especially now- we have to be sowers of peace and joy.

And lunch, Mama.


They've started killing priests.

What? It's in the newspaper.

Oh, my God.

Where? Here in Madrid.

Let me see.

So, what do we do now, Father?

Exactly what I just said, Juan.


Bless us, O Lord, and these thy gifts... which we are about to receive... from your bounty, through Christ our Lord.

Amen. Amen.

Oh, what have we here?

Found a cockroach.

Hey, watch where you're going.

How about we squash it, eh?

Let's squash him.

Well, well, well.

Priest. What have we got here?

A little priest? Oh, yeah.

Whoa! Look there.

I'm sorry. What's he carrying?

So, what have we got there? Huh?

Come on. Show us. No, no. Please. Please.

Give me the packet, or I stick you with this.

Stab the parasite.

I'm not a parasite.

I have to work for a living, just like all of you.

Work for a living? You know what working for a living is?

That's enough!

That's enough!

Please! Get on the next one.


Relax, old man. Please.

See you later, priest.

I'm on your side. Fascist.

Come on.

We'll get you next time. Yeah.

They've got a thing against enemies of their class.

Can't say I blame them. No. I know.

All part of creating this new, more civilized Spain.


And how will uncivilized behavior accomplish that?

Can't make an omelet without breaking eggs.

No. Life is not an omelet.

And people are not eggs.

Okay. Hey, if I was you, I'd stop wandering about in that costume of yours.

It won't protect you any more.

I don't wear this for protection.

You got balls for a bourgeois ass.

One, two. One, two.

One, two. One, two.

One, two. One, two.

One, two. One, two.

Thank you, Father.

One, two. Halt.

From their palaces, the bishops said, “The meek shall inherit the earth. ” Ready!

Aim! Fire!


But the meek were tired of waiting.

They took the bishops and their palaces.

He was lucky it was only a rock.


Juan? Paco?

Happy birthday!

It's not my birthday.

Please. Come on.

Josemaría, as your brother, I have been chosen... to ask you to celebrate our second year together... by removing your shoes.

Yes, Father!

Take them off. Take off your shoes.

Shoes off. Come on, Father. No.

Yes. Yes.

The shoes. Take them off.

Behold a simple shoe.

But is it what it seems?

Yes. Yes.

No. It is, in fact, a hole.

A hole masquerading as a shoe.


And a hole surrounded by leather.

Shh! Shh!

But also a testament to 20 kilometers a day, seven days a week, rain and shine.

Yes! Thank you.

And in pity for this innocent shoe, we have also pooled together for-


What nice shoes. Try them on.

Get down! Get down!

Santiago, get down!

Santi! God!

Get down!

This is an announcement from your gvernment.

There has been a military uprising.

The army has recruited the Spanish colonial army of Morocco.

All able-bodied Spaniards who love their country-

It's remarkably easy to join a war.

I wormed my way into a communist brigade.

So far, I was enjoying being a spy There is something inspiring about the common purpose, even when It's not yours.

I can't describe that ecstasy of belonging to a crowd- even when it's the enemy.

There is no better feeling.

Well, apart from one.

Cat got your tongue, comrade?

So many young people- what do you know of suffering and death?

How they will taunt you- “Is it worth it?” They will ask again and again, “ls it worth it?” And what will fill your hearts with the answer “Yes”? Yes!

Hatred of oppression? Of tyranny? Yes!

Hatred of those who treat us like animals- denying our hopes and stifling our lives?


But more.

It Will be faith- faith that a new world will be born from the blood of the old.

And comradeship, my brothers and sisters.

And courage- courage to burst from our cages... and set ourselves free to live noble... as the eagle hovering above his mountain peak.

Or die in the attempt!


Name and country. Régis. France.

Name and country. Jan. South Africa.

Name and country. Petofi, Ildiko. Hungary, sir.

There are no “sirs” in the Iron Brigade, Ildiko.

Peasants, factory workers, some like me- escaped convicts.

We are what we are, but we are all equal.

But still fighting to be free- as we all wish to be!

Ildiko Petofi.

Yes, sir.

Oriol. Yes, Oriol.

“Yes, Oriol.”

Jealous? No.

What is your name?


!Viva la Republica!


Go, go, go!

Let's go, let's go, let's go!

Come on!

Come on!

Come on!

Come on!

Take cover! Move!

Fire! Fire! Fire!

Ildi- Ildi- Ildiko!

Stop. Go back. Face them.

Thank the bastards for testing your bravery.


Go! Go. Go.

Torres. Yeah.

Look after her.


Oh, God. I'm such a coward.

Me too.

I don't feel right about this.

You read the newspapers.

They don't exactly like priests out there, Father.

Then don't call me Father when I am dressed like this.

Call me Mariano.

That's Vargas.

Come on, Father. I mean, Mariano.

Come on. The car is here.

Father, they'll be safe. Don't worry.


Come on!

I'll look after them. I promise.

Come on! Father, come on.

Hey, come on.

Stop! Stop!

Come this way. Get the fat pig.

Father! Father!

Oh! Oh! No!

Come on! Come here.

You stinking priest!

If you want, go ahead, pray. No.

No! No!

Come on. Come on.

Come on.

Get down! Get down!

Lie down!

Swine! Not swine, Juan.

Men- like us. Men?

Pedro, what did Father Lazaro ever offer them but love?

How could they do what they did?

Because they see us as part of a system... which causes them pain and despair.

We- We have to pray.

First for-for Father Lazaro... and then for his murderers.

But they're murderers, and they took pleasure in it.

What do you want to do to those swine?

Truthfully. Right now, what do you want to do to them if you could?

Truthfully. And wouldn't you take pleasure in it?

And yet we're no swine, are we?

But it's not the same, Father.

No human being- not one of us- is free from human weakness.

No One.

Our faith is a gift, and God has called us to manifest it in love... here on earth.

Unwavering love for every child of God, no matter who it is.

No matter what side, no matter what circumstances.

Even if they are wrong? Yes, Juan!

Even if they are wrong.

You understand?

Forgive us our trespasses.

Forgive me, Lord, for my anger.

For the anger of others.

For hatred... and for those who are killing.

Help me find strength.

!Viva la Repdblica!


Hey. Take a picture of this.

Of course.

Thank you, Captain. Let's go.

He's going to put me in the book.

Well, better to be put in a song.

I read hundreds of books in jail, and I only liked Crime and Punishment I haven't read many books.

Then how do you know what life has to offer?

I dream.

So do I.

!Abajo los tiranos!

!Abajo los burgueses!

!Viva la Republica!


!Viva la anarquía!


Tonight when we camp, I want to come to you.

No, Manolo. I have told you.

Why not?

Why put yourself through this?

You give yourself to Oriol.

So I choose.

And you have with others. I know.

Because they might die at any moment!

It is my choice if I wish to give them comfort.

Then why refuse me?

Because jealousy's ugly.

Ildiko, listen. I saw it in your face... when we first met during Oriel's speech.

You'd rather be him than you.

Nyet! Nyet! Nyet!

Come on, you lot! Come on! Wake!

I've been sleeping under the sky!

Here. God bless you.

Thank you, Isidoro. This was very brave of you.

We'll celebrate Mass at 1:00, and I'll hear confessions at 3:00.

Sorry, Father, but- Don't worry.

I know the perfect place.

...ego te absolvo a peccatis tuis, in nomine Patris et Filii et Spiritus Sancti.

Thank you, Father.

Bless me, Father, for I have sinned.

My last confession was five months ago.

And I promise that-



Enjoying the zoo, are we?

Yes. It's very educational.

And where is the wife when you're being educated?

Back home doing the laundry?

My mother's idea.

It's not the first time it's kept me safe.

Father, do you need shelter?

Yes. Do you know somewhere?

Well, I only have a single room, and there's almost no room for me, but if-

You are beautiful.

I am a priest, but- but also a man.

So I thank you for your courage, but no.

Oriol, what is it?

If something happens to me,

I'll wait for you on the other side.

Don't say that. We are at war, Ildiko. I don't know.

We've held the fascists back for two years.

But the Germans give them planes, and our leaders in Madrid fight amongst themselves... and give us nothing.

So let's dream now... while we can.

We need a stretcher!

Here they come again!

Help! Help!


The bastards know exactly where to find us.

Squeeze! Squeeze!

Let me take care of that.

No, leave it. Come on. Let's go.

Let's go, let's go!

This stinks.

We're sitting ducks.

Those damn communists in Madrid are hanging us out to dry.

We're being sacrificed.

I can do something about that.

What's that then?

A safe-conduct.

It's a pass.

It allows anyone safe passage to the enemy side.

Let's go!

Open the gate! Coming! I'm coming!

The militia! The militia are here!

Come with me! Come with me! Quickly! This way!

Jorge, get out.

What the hell is going on?

We need to hide the priest.


The militia are here. They'll kill him.

Good riddance. Slob.

Come on. Go. Please go. Quickly. Go.


What if I turn you in?

Then I'll meet my Maker far sooner than anticipated.

If they find you here, so will I.

Yes, you're right. Isidoro, stay here and hide.

No, Father. Please. I will give myself up.

I will give myself up. No.

Get your papers! Now! They're coming!

Begone! Go!

Your papers.

In my jacket.

Then get them.


Look in there.


Where's the key?

Where's the key, sir?

Captain, sir. Forgive me, sir.

Don't worry. Just doing your duty.

They've gone.

You better stay here until it gets dark.

Then get the hell out of Madrid... unless you've got a death wish.

Thank you.

Thank you?

They should put me in a madhouse.

I have a straitjacket if you think he'll be dangerous.

Don't worry. He'll be fine.

Oh, no. There's militia there. There's a roadblock.

Please, sir, turn left.

God is a primitive concept we grew out of during the Enlightenment!

Shh! Shh, Shh!

Who'll dare fight me?

Huh? Who? Who will dare fight me?


Who will dare fight me?

You bastards! You enjoy this!

Someone is betraying us, and, I swear, when I find out who it is- no mercy.

We have to do it tonight.

He doesn't hear you, does he?

All this pain, and God just stays silent.

He is a monster, you know?

I love him.

Although he's a monster?

Women can love monsters.

This is the address! Dismount!

Isidoro, we need to change plans.

We're here to Search the building.

After I was raped, I stopped going to Mass.

I couldn't understand how God allowed such a thing.

I accepted, you see, God can be terrible.

So now I do go to Mass, and my prayers are deeper than before.

I fight him with love, you see.

I like you.

You look me in the eye.

You don't pity me. No.

No, you are extremely brave.

Not really.

I still sleep with the lights on... and a chair wedged under the door handle.

I think you have mountains to climb.

And I think it will be painful.

But that will make it seem sweet when you are finished.

Father. Father.

We have to leave.

Where to this time?

Uh, over the Pyrenees.

Come back here! No.

We'll be safe there. No!

I'm going back into the city.

I promised God his flock here would never be deserted.

I'm not going to Andorra. No.

No, it's suicide to stay, and you know it.

And if you die, they will be deserted.

And Carmen and your mother and Santiago-


No. We have to leave.

Yes, please.

Over the mountains?



Commandant, it's field three, sir.

He says this is his last transmission.

Sir, we've lost our mole.

Slaying your demons is never easy.

Sometimes It's better to get someone else to slay them for you.

Get up! Get her up!

Look at this! Look at this!

What is this?

It's a radio!

Come on! Come on! You filthy traitor!

They found the traitor!

Are you sure? Who saw them? Who?

Everyone! Them!

Stop! Hey!

Let's take a vote!

Who wants to kill her?

What more?

I will do it.


I Will do it.

How could you have done this?

I didn't, Oriol.

Five men say they saw you.

And they're lying. But you were found with the radio.

It was planted. For God's sake, isn't it obvious?


You're Hungarian.

And there are Hungarians fighting with the fascists too.

They were going to kill you themselves.

But I said I would do it.

When I was 18...

I killed a political boss.

And I was proud of it.

But now- what I have to do ma- makes me feel sick.

I loved you, Ildiko.

But your kisses came from the lips of Judas.

No! No! No, please!

How many have died because of you?

How many? Please!

Because I trusted you.






It's Dad.

He's been taken to hospital.

What do we do now?

Get the men away from here. How?

Tell them he was a traitor. He was guilty. He shot himself.

They won't believe it.

They will! No-

They saw it themselves.

They trust you. Go!


Come on!

Come on! Get those trucks moving!

Get loaded up! Don't leave anything behind! Come on!

Who would have thought... that someone like you-

someone like you could have destroyed someone like him?

Someone like you.

This is yours!

Where are you going?

You should go back to Madrid.

I can arrange it.

For the baby's sake!

Hey! Where are you going! Hey!

Let her go. I found this on his body.

It's a safe-conduct. A pass... from the enemy.

He's right.

Let her go. Let her go!

Let her go. Give her the gun.

Manolo, what about us?

What about us?

You have your passes. Use them.

He's dying, Robbie.

You have to get over this thing between you- for both our sakes.

For our sakes? He's the one who broke off Contact with me.

He's the one who said he never wanted- Robbie-

Robbie, why do you think I came?

Because you're... stubborn.

Because I needed you.

Yes, and because I sensed this was going to happen.

That your dad was going to-

That this was a crisis.


I don't love my father.

I hate him.

He's a cold, distant, moralistic prick.

Oh, I see, Robbie.

You hate your father.

That's why you don't want to be one.

Isn't it?

Isn't it?

All this pain, and God just stays silent.

Do you hate God now?

I couldn’t understand how God allowed such a thing.

Please be with me now.

Please show me.

He doesn't hear you, does he?

Look. Pallerols.

Here, Father.

You must eat, Father.

You need to build up your strength. I should never have left.

I have deserted people who rely on me.

We all agreed to get you to safety, Father, even if we have to carry you every step of the way.

No, no, no, no, no.

I'm not worthy, am I?

That's why you stay silent.

Unlike you, I chose to live in the real world.

Mama? Do you hate God now?

No, dearest.

I... love him very much.

I fight him with love, you see.

Good morning, Father. Good morning.


Haven't we further to climb?

Let's go, boys. Let's go.

How is your book, huh?

It's coming along.

Thank you for the tapes.


They won't tell you everything.

I didn't think they would.

I once had the chance to kill him.


I didn't know whose side I was on any more.

They sent me to the Pyrenees.

Border patrol.

He was trying to cross.

Refugees were fair game.

They are celebrating Mass.

Perfect shot.

No. Not now.

What side are you on? I said not now.

We pray that the path to goodness may yet be found... amongst all this suffering and confusion and violence.


We also pray that the freedom... with which we have chosen hatred may now be used to choose forgiveness, that love can pierce all hearts... one-on-one so that all may attain peace.



Read it.

See what was done.

I have food. Take it.

Why are you wasting your life?

He's dead.

He is waiting for me on the other side.

When a bullet ends this for me, he'll be there.

That is what he told me.

I believe him.

Roberto, have you read Cervantes?

He said that our greatest enemies are within.

Yes. One more, my darling.

It is out. Let's cut it.

There, there. Shush, shush. Shh.


Here he is, a wonderful child.

He's beautiful.

Wonderful little boy child.

Shush, shush, shush.

She wouldn't touch you.

Because of him she just wanted to die.

She knew that wouldn't happen... if she held you.

So she left you there... and never came back.

Surrender! You must surrender?

Give up. Give up!

Lay down your weapons and come out.

You're fighting for a lost cause.

This is your last chance to save your lives.

I give you 30 seconds... to lay down your weapons with your hands up... above your heads.

Otherwise, you will die.

I repeat: This is your last oppotunity.

Gun. Little dog, give me a pistol. Give up.

Come on.

It was the only time...

I could give her what she wanted

So now you know it all.

So I went back for you.

After the war.

To that farm.


What life for a little child would there be there?

In that time, I don't think you would be writing your books.

I thought with her death, I would be free of her, of that pain.

But it didn't work, because... when I looked into your eyes, I saw.. hers.

What do you expect me to do?

I mean, just what do you expect me... to do?

Pray for me.

And one day forgive me, my son.


I'm not your son.

Oh, Robbie.

Your mother.

He asked me to pray for him.

Can you believe that?

Will you?

No way.

Not for him.

He's dying, Rob.

All that time I believed that she died in some plane crash.

My whole childhood... praying for one sign of affection.

But he's freed you from that now, hasn't he?

All of this dredged up because of some damn book.

Not some damn book.

A chance.


A chance to mend something that's broken.

You're not here by coincidence, Rob.

Don't you see?

That's not very scientific, Lil, is it?

Oh, Robbie.

There are different ways of measuring the same universe.

And in yours, chance isn't blind, is it?

No. It isn't.


My friend.

You came... as promised.

Pray for me, Josemaría.

Is someone with him?

You gave me a... rosary.

I still have it.

I've never used it,

but I have it.

Can I be forgiven?




So many wrong turns in my life.

It's- It's over now, Dad.

Except for... kissing his ass, hmm?



When you forgive, you set someone free.

Yourself I think my father wanted me to forgive him for my sake.

And I'm trying.

A life, Dona Dolores, can't be fathomed on its own.

It's like-

It's like a thread in that embroidery of yours- twisted around other threads, wound together in place and time.

Difficult to see the pattern... until it's all finished.

If it ever is finished.


You okay?

Look, Father. Andorra.

Once there, we are safe. Thank God.

Waiting for your order.

Sir? Now?

Then I'll do it without an order.

Down! Sniper!

Get down!

Father! Has he been shot?

Father, are you hit?

Come on! Come on! Come on, Father!

Let's go! Run!

To the border! Quick! Quickly!

Come on! We're nearly there!

Come on, come on!


We made it!

Thank you.