They Were Expendable (1945) Script

All boats from Brick.

Make them look good. It's the first time they've seen PT boats.

All boats from Brick.

All boats from Brick. Nice going.

Brick from Rusty.

That ought to show them.

They maneuver beautifully, sir.

-A splendid-looking lot of men. -Thank you, sir.

Gentlemen, we're late.

Those boats of yours maneuver beautifully.

But in wartime, I'm afraid I prefer something more substantial.

It's wonderful the way people believe... those high-powered canoes of yours.

Don't you believe in them, Rusty?

And I let you sell me that stuff about a "command of my own. "

You skipper the 34 boat, don't you?

I used to skipper a cake of soap in a bathtub too.

Secure from inspection.


-Nice show today, fellas. -Thank you.


Good evening.

I'd like you to meet some boat skippers. Shorty Long, Lefty Aiken....

What the--?

I want you to meet Andy Andrews. He just reported. Shorty Long.

-Happy to know you. -Thank you.

Lefty Aiken.

Where's Rusty?

Looks like he's doing his paperwork.

-Andy! -Hello, Rusty.

Lefty said you'd checked in. What'll it be?


Figuring your income tax?

No. I had to work out a smooth line... convince the admiral I belong on a destroyer.

So you’re really quitting the squadron?

Can't build a Navy reputation riding a plywood dream.

What are you aiming at? Building a reputation...

...or playing for the team?

Look, Brick, for years I've been taking your fatherly advice.

It's never been very good.

From here on in, I’m a one-man band!

Send in your request. I'll forward it.

How about a beer, Rusty?

Five San Miguels.

Nice music.

Oh the monkeys have No tails in Zamboanga Oh the monkeys have No tails in Zamboanga Oh the monkeys have no tails They were bitten off by whales Oh the monkeys have No tails in Zamboanga Oh he won't go back to Subic anymore

Oh he won't go back to Subic anymore

Oh we'll hoist the jib and spank her And we'll pipe, "All hands, up anchor!"

But he won't go back to Subic anymore Lucky dog!

Small beer! Small beer! Very small beer!

Milk! Sarsaparilla! Sarsaparilla!

Ginger ale!

Paint varnish and dash of red peppers!


I want absolute silence.

Boats here has a little speech to make.

I' m not going to make a speech.

Just got something to say.

Tomorrow our old pal Doc here is going out.

He's being paid off after 30 years.

I know most of you kids got a ways to go before you find out...

...what 30 years in the Navy means.

It means service.

Tough and good.

It means serving your country in peace and in war.

So let's raise--

We interrupt this program for an important announcement.

This morning, the Sunday calm of Pearl Harbor was broken by the thunder--

So let's raise our glasses and drink to Doc...

...with all the solemnity that this occasion demands.

To Doc.

Sorry to have to interrupt you.

Ladies and gentlemen.

I have a very important announcement to make.

This is official.

The Japanese have attacked Pearl Harbor.

There are no details.

All Army and Navy personnel must report to their posts immediately.

I repeat:

All Army and Navy personnel must report to their posts immediately.

Let's go, Rusty.

Didn't you forget something?

Land where my fathers died

Land of the pilgrims' pride

From every mountainside

Let freedom ring

Hold it.

I don't know. I' m just doing what I’m told. You know.

Any hot dope, Whitey?

Nothing yet, Brick.

That's probably where they'll attack.

Carry on.

We'll do our best, sir.

This just came in, sir.


You may assume that a state of war exists between...

...the United States and the Empire of Japan.

Govern yourselves accordingly.

My compliments, gentlemen.

Here are the orders.


Got anything for us?

What do you call that outfit again?

Motor Torpedo Boat Squadron Three.

No orders for you now. Maybe tomorrow.

What do you want us to do? Sit on our duffs?

I'll ask the old man. Stand by.

Have one boat patrol the bay and one stand by for messenger duty.

All boats fueled. Torpedoes will be loaded within a half-hour.

Any dope?

Our orders are to stand by.

Those destroyers aren't standing by.

They went down that channel like a rat race.

Somebody might have given them orders to go.

You got 20 boxes of 50-caliber there.

Give 12 to Lefty.

Now hear this.

Unidentified aircraft approaches Cavite.

Unidentified aircraft approaching Cavite.

Those are Jap planes.

Headed this way.

All boats out in the bay.

Follow me, and stand by for signals.

Is that another drill?

Can't be a drill.

All we get in this Navy is drill, drill, drill.

Fire in the paint locker!

One formation.

Breaking off.

Heading up our way, sir.

Stand by to disperse.

All boats from 41. All boats from 41.

Stand by for scatter plan.

Stand by for scatter plan.

Thank them, Smokey.

Scatter plan Baker.

Scatter plan Baker.



Good shooting, Smokey. Recognize him?

I Knew him well. Shaved his father.

Get him, Junior!

All boats from 41.

All boats from 41.

Return to base.

Return to base.

Pretty rugged, isn't it?

Let's go, Rusty.

We've checked everything, sir. The storeroom's gone.

No torpedoes, no motors, no spare parts, no nothing.

Wonder if they have any torpedoes at Corregidor.

-Might be. -I'll check on it.


A little rugged.

You got wet clothes on underneath that blanket?

Just scared.

You haven't got a monopoly on that.

What are you looking at?

Just looking for the Arizona to come steaming up to base...

...with her 14-inch guns blazing...

...and the best cook stoves in the Navy.



Some Army boys told us a Jap task force is headed for Lingayen Gulf.

-Planes spotted it at sunset. -Must be another landing.


Give me those scissors, Doc.

That's only about 200 miles from here.

Two thirty-five.

Why don't we knock those babies off?

What with? A cake of soap and a bathtub? Give me that pencil.

Mr. Brickley, the admiral, sir. Right away.

Check your gasoline.

Feel better?

Take over.

Line up your engines, check all boats. Step on it, men.

Fire in the paint locker.

-Yes? -Brickley.

Mr. Brickley, sir.

You sent for me?

Yes, get a boat ready to move my staff to Corregidor.

You'll run messenger trips between Manila and The Rock.

Work out a schedule with the Chief of Staff.

Cavite is finished as a base.

Move your outfit to Sisiman Cove on Bataan.

Is that all, sir?

That's all.

Is it true that a Jap task force is moving into Lingayen Gulf, sir?

Type that and send it.

Sit down, Brickley.

That task force will land.

You and I can't stop it.

Pearl Harbor was a disaster, like the Spanish Armada.

Listen, son... and I are professionals.

If the manager says, "Sacrifice," we lay down a bunt...

...and let somebody else hit the home runs.

We know about those destroyers...

...out of commission, tied up around San Diego.

We could use them here...

...but they're not around.

They won't be.

Our job is to lay down that sacrifice.

That's what we were trained for.

That's what we'll do.


Thank you.

All set, sir.

Secure your boats.

Secure the boats?

Shorty, take the admiral and his staff to Corregidor.

Lefty, you stand by to run a messenger trip daily at 900.

The rest of you take your boats to Sisiman Cove.

You join us there.

Are you kidding, Brick?

Theirs not to reason why, theirs but to do--

And die.

I don't want to be bored to death running messages.

I'll see that you get the more intriguing ones.

Does that help?

Any chow, Brick?

-Razor blades and toothpaste. -That's a swell diet.

-What's the dope, Skipper? -Jap transports landed up north.

They're giving Bataan the works.

-Good morning, sir. Any dope? -No dope.

Good morning, sir.

A message just came in.

And Admiral Blackwell wishes to see you immediately. Very urgent.

Thank you.

Probably wants us to carry a message to Garcia.

Cross, stand by with that 41 boat.

Let's use those razor blades.

Chief, I want you to keep sanitary precautions at all times.

Dig a big hole over there to put the garbage in and what-have-you.

Keep these pots and pans scrubbed.

Don't put anything in the bay, whatever you do.

Holy smokes, cook! You call that soup?

No, sir, that's dishwater.


I suppose you’re getting tired...

...of all this routine messenger and patrol duty.

I know you’re anxious to prove your theory of the motor torpedo boat.

As you know...

...the Japs have Subic Bay.

They’ve got a cruiser at Fort Balanga shelling our positions on Bataan.

We've either got to sink her...

...or pull out our troops.

Corregidor, Sisiman Cove, Subic.

The lines are here.

The Jap minefields here.

Their cruiser...


Sink her.

Excuse me, sir, may I borrow that?

I think one boat, don't you, Mr. Ryan?

No, I think two boats, Mr. Brickley.

Two boats, sir.

Shove off at dusk.

Good evening, gentlemen.

We haven't got enough steel helmets to go around... issue them to your gunners and torpedo men.

I repeat again... not open up on your radios until you’re sure they've spotted you.

Use your 50-calibers to knock out the searchlights.

You said there'd be two boats. Who's the second?

Rusty with the 34 boat.

That's all. We'll shove off about 1800.

I'll regulate the speed... we'll reach the end of this leg here in darkness.

All right, Andy.

All right, let's go, Mahan.



-Sir? -Not a chance, Shorty.

Copy that in longhand and give it to Andy on the 34 boat.

Eager beavers.

What's the matter with us? We have the best boat.

And my boat's the fastest one in the water.


Doc, will you take a look at this finger?


...we finally got the green light... sink a Jap cruiser in Subic Bay.

Through those Jap mines, artillery and past them patrol boats.

One of our boats ought to get back.

Any of you guys not on time don't get to go.

All right, Shakespeare.

You got blood poison to the elbow. You belong in the hospital.

When I get back.

-lf you don't want to lose it, go now. -Put iodine on it and wrap it up.

Look, Doc, do me a favor. Keep your mouth shut about it.

Don't forget to put a pinch of salt in that pancake batter.

You'll find jam under my bunk. Give them that.

All set, Rusty.

-Your arm all right? -Sure.

Everything's ready.

Okay, Slug, relax until time to shove off.

Hey, Rusty!

Let me see that arm.

You’re going to sick bay, fella.

You aren't afraid of a little competition, are you, Brick?

Shorty, the 31 boat'll go instead of the 34. Get her ready.

I won't lose a good exec because you’re out of your head.

Secure the boat.


For two bits, I'd punch you right in the mush.

-You know the score. -Right.

And have your torpedo man stand by in case those circuits fail.

Wind them up.

Come on.

Let's go, Good Luck.

Corpsman! Corpsman!

This is a hospital. Why don't you hire a hall?

Take off your hat.

It's just a little cut along the finger. I don't--

Shirts are hard to get out here.

So are artificial arms.

Anchors aweigh.

You've got a temperature a little over 103.

Chew these sulfur pills.

What is this, shrapnel?

Where did you get it?


It doesn't hurt.

It doesn't hurt?

Did you ever hear of blood poisoning?

If you'd been a few hours later, I'd have had to take that arm off.

Headquarters called. Casualties arriving in two hours.

-How many? -Over 200.

Double deckers. Try and get some rest.

We've got work to do. That young man is sick.

Get his temperature down and get him to sleep.

Take a few minutes yourself.

You'd better lie down. You have a temperature of 103.

So I've heard.

You Navy boys always run about two degrees above normal.

Must be the time spent at sea.

What is your rank?

Second lieutenant.

I' m a J.G., so watch your language.

I thought you were a motorcycle cop.

Despite your gold braid, you don't tell us.

We tell you. So lie down.

Unfasten your pants.

-What? -Unfasten your pants.

Unfasten your pants.

Come right a little.

Right a little!

This should be the minefields now, sir.

Left a little.

Left easy.

Steady as she goes.

-Any sign of Long's boat? -Don't see him, sir.

-What's wrong? -This gas was loaded with wax.


-How long to get started? -About 40 minutes.

Hurry it all you can.

Forty-minute job.

They’re trying to pick us up.

Get that light!

Abandon ship!

Abandon ship!

The shore batteries got the 31 boat, sir.

Stand by your torpedo tubes.

Stand by!

Fire one!

Fire two!

-Well, Cookie, we did it. -Did what?

Been someplace?

We blew that Jap cruiser into next month.


Pick up any chow?

I forgot to tell you, Mick, your laundry's drying. Came out swell.

You guys were late for breakfast too. It was wonderful.

Yeah, cupcakes with raisins.

Listen, bigmouth.

That ship was a big, converted job with eight-inch guns...

...and we blew her into kingdom come.


-How? -Machine gun in the belly.

Yes, and we lost the 31 boat too.

Our club on Bataan took another rap on the chin last night.

Where is that Navy of yours, anyway?

On Central Park Lake?

They'll be along.

We won't see them till Christmas.

By then the Air Force will have won the war, I suppose.

Only, where is the Air Force?

Enemy aircraft approaching.

Secure all ventilators and bulkheads.

Repeat: Enemy aircraft approaching.

Secure all...

... ventilators and bulkheads.

That’s a nice kind of a girl to have around... wartime.

Or anytime.


... kind of cute too.

11,000 guys can’t be wrong.

Pretty tough, huh?

Why don’t you girls get some rest?

Don't think we won't.

How about it?

Going to ask tall, dark and obnoxious?

Got to look pretty for that dance tonight.

How's the arm?


Good. Would you like to go to a dance?

Listen, sister, I don't dance.

And I can't take time out now to learn.

All I want to do is get out of here.

Now, wait a minute before you start popping off.

I don't care if they dance their dogs off.

Be reasonable. Those girls need relaxation.

Something to remind them They’re...



They’re not going to remind me of anything.

All uglied up in those...

...potato bags.

-Hello. -Hello.

Nice party.

Now that you’re here, why don't you stay a while?

Oh, no, I just came over to...

...thank you for... know, sewing up my shirt.

But you do dance, don't you?

Good evening, Mr. Ryan.


Think you better put that arm back in the sling?

You might use it someday...

...for plowing, or cutting out paper dolls.

Why the eager interest?


It's rather like back home, isn't it?

The porch...





You know, tall corn.


Upper New York State.

You know...


Those gun flashes...

...look like fireflies.

Every night...

...they come a little closer.

Hi, Rusty.

Sandy, this is Lt. Brickley.

-Miss Davys. -How do you do?


Nice party?


That big lug dance?


Only stepped on her foot once.

What's up?

It can wait.

Go ahead.

Andy did a pretty good job on the cruiser.

All we've got left is Gardner.

He's such a young kid for--

It's tricky duty.

Why not?


Just how bad is that hand?

The finger is open to the bone. And there's still infection there.

Let's go talk to the doctor.

Is it healing?


Come on, Brick. Help me pour the heat on.

How'd it go?

Did you lose anyone?

No, sir.

Mr. Ryan picked us up beautifully.

I' m sorry, sir.

I'd rather lose my right arm than the 33 boat.

Couldn't be helped.

Paid off.

Yes, sir.


Andy got a 7.7 through both ankles.


Take Andy's place on the 34 boat.

Aye, aye, sir.

That's tough luck, Andy.

How're they feeling now?

They don't.

You give us the word if you need anything.


We'll be over to see you.

The job's yours again when you can take it.

I'll give you the nudge...

...about next week.

Wind them up.

You never saw nothing like it. We blew that Nip out of the water!

-Two fish, right in the guts. -Get this, Mick.

We started to run like this--

We had cupcakes for breakfast!

With raisins.

-Glad to see you aboard, Miss Davys. -Thank you. Good evening.

Gentlemen, I would like to present...

...Mr. Ryan's guest, Miss Davys.

This is a--

Wait just a minute.

Mr. Long.

-It's a pleasure to have you here. -Thank you.

-Mr. Aiken. -How do you do?

How do you do?

Mr. Gardner.

-Nice having you here. -Thank you.

-And Mr. Cross. -Very happy to know you.

Dinner is served, sir.

Thank you.

Will you take my place at the head of the table?

Miss Davys took care of Rusty when he was in the hospital at Corregidor.

She's now attached to the field hospital at Bataan peninsula.

There are nurses over here on Bataan?

A few.

Wasn't it mean enough for you in Corregidor...

...without sending you girls over here?

Well, I asked for it.

Over here, I can talk to Rusty sometimes on the phone.

By George, we’re neighbors now!

Next time, bring the other girls. We'll have a dance!

Be a good idea!

This is a lovely party.

It's swell.


-Benny. -Yes, sir.

Thank you.



Biscuits, very good.

Thank you.

Real jam, sir.

Soup, biscuits, jam.

I still say it's a swell party.

Now all we need is an orchestra and a floor show.

Miss Davys, you’re in for the biggest surprise of your life.

Dear old girl

The robin...

...sings above you

Dear old girl

It speaks of how I love you

The blinding tears are falling

As I think of my lost pearl

And my broken heart is calling

Calling for you

Dear old girl

Terrific! Wonderful!

If you’ll excuse me, I have a lot of checking to do.


Thank you very much for coming over.

It meant a great deal to all of us.

Good night, Sandy.

Good night.

-Me too. Could I call you Sandy? -Sure.

-Well, good night. -Good night.


-Good night, Sandy. -Good night.

I don't know when I've had such a nice time.

And don't forget now, we’re neighbors and everything.

Good night, Rusty.

How's the chow?


Boy, if I had you on the old Arizona...

...I'd make a pot roast that'd make your hair curl.


I' m not crying.

It's just that They’re such nice guys.

You aren't kidding.

Mr. Brickley and Mr. Ryan.


...the President has ordered me...

...and certain key personnel to Australia.

Your boats will take us to Mindanao.

From there, an Army bomber will fly us south.

You want to use all four of the boats?

Yes. Get them ready.

This is secret.



You'll get the date when it's set.

Aye, aye, sir.

Just a minute.

I think you'll find all the charts you'll need.

You know it's not going well with us up here.

We get the news.

We’re scraping up all we can to form a naval battalion.

Can you spare any men?

We have two extra crews, sir.

I could use them, Brickley.

Yes, sir.

We’re going to run south 600 miles.

There's bad weather out there.

It'll be rough going.

If any boat breaks down, we'll have to let her go.

Expendable. You know what that means.

First night's run...

...Cuyo Islands.

Hole up there during the day.

Second night's run... Cagayan on Mindanao.

We still hold the airfield there, but the Japs are moving fast.

It's a question of how long we can hang onto it.

Approach every landfall with caution.

Be prepared to fight or run for it.

But remember, your primary duty is to get these people out.

Rusty will take the admiral on the 34 boat.

And I'll take...

...the Army personnel with me.

We'll shove off at 2100.

Motor whaleboat ready?

Whenever you are, sir.

Could Mulcahey take over my duty?

I'd like to go along and see Andy.

Yeah, sure. We'll shove off at 2100.

Easy does it. Bring those boards up.

These drums will go overboard on the first sea we hit.

Cross lash them.

Put them on right and tight.

That's exactly what I've been telling them.

Let's do it how the captain and I want it done.

We can take all we got, sir.

How's Mr. Andrews?

Doctor says he's good for about eight or nine days.

Will you give him an aloha for me?

Just for two minutes.

Be cheerful and, you know, give him the old one-two-three.

Yes, ma'am.

Hi, Brick.



-Hi, Andy. -Hi, fella.

How are you feeling?

What is this?

A PT boat convention?

It's good to see you.

You look swell, Andy.

When will you quit stalling and get back to work?

Any day now.

How's the chow in this hotel?




-Mulcahey and Mahan say hello. -Cookie too.

The whole gang.

-How's the 34 boat? -Fine.

I suppose...

...Snake's been botching up my job.

He's no Andrews.

Say, I got some cigarettes here.

Go on, have some.


We’re keeping him in condition.

-He's trying to take your place. -Trying to is right.

We got a patrol to get ready for.

The job's yours anytime you can make it.

-Thanks. -See you next week.

-So long. -Take it easy.

Say, Skipper--

Sit down, Brick.

That was a nice act you boys put on.

How did you get the word?


Here. I'll get it for you.

If you get through...

...mail these, will you?

Sure, if there's any mail.

One to Mother.

One to Myra.

You know, she's at Lockheed.

I wrote out a will too.

That was a pretty good act you put on yourself.

Any unfinished business that you want me... take care of for you?

Anything particular you’d like to have me say to your folks...

...or to Myra?

I guess I've written about all I had to say.

Sorry I couldn't do more for the squadron.

Is there anybody on duty there?

Give me the field hospital.

This is Lt. Ryan speaking, Navy.

I want to talk to one of your nurses. Lieutenant Davys.

Sandy Davys.

I don't know her first name.

Sandy. Sandy Davys.

Oh, what's the use?

Here! Take it easy!

You've got plenty of time.

I Keep trying.

-Bring that sign. -Yes, sir.

At ease.

You’re a swell bunch.

I' m glad to have been able to serve with you.

I'd like to be able to tell you...

...that we were going out to bring back help.

But that wouldn't be the truth.

We’re going down the line to do a job.

You’re going to Bataan with the Army.

That isn't what you've been trained for.

But they need your help.

You older men...

...with longer service records...

...take care of the kids.


That's all.

God bless you.

-Ryan speaking. -Hello, Rusty.

Is the 15th all right with you?

No, it isn’t, Sandy.

Would the 16th be better?

Nothing would be better.

Well, what is this, anyway?

I guess it's goodbye.

Can you tell me where you’re going?

I wish I could.

Are you coming back?

I'm not sure.

But I don’t think so.

Well, this is really goodbye, then.

It's been awfully nice, hasn't it?

It's been swell.

Look, Sandy, I’m no good at talk.

I’ve written you a letter. Shorty Long will get it to you.

Sorry, miss. We got to take this out. We’re moving south.


You've cut us off.

A couple of generals? Couldn't they wait till we were through?

Motor whaleboat coming alongside, sir.

Put Miss Davys back on the line.

Operator, what's gone wrong with this line?

Gone dead.

That's tough, sir.

Hope what those generals had to say was important.

-So long, Doc. -Goodbye, sir.

So long, Willie.

-Be a good kid. -Yes, sir.

-So long, Slim. -So long.

-Shalom Aleichem, Sammy. -Same to you, baby.

-So long, Phil, old boy. -You’re in the Army now.

-Ready, Brickley. -Ready, sir.

Sir, please autograph my hat.

Why, certainly.

Good evening, sir.

Ready, Ryan.

Wind them up.

Come on, Bad Luck. Scat!

Fall in!

Right face!

Ground step!



On time.

Only three boats.

Must have lost one.

Orders, sir?

The squadron will work down here under General Martin.

We've got quite a few men at Bataan. I'd like to go pick them up.

You've done all you can up there.

What about aviation gasoline?

We'll try to find what you need.

What about torpedoes?

There may be some at Cebu. I'll inquire.

We've got to have aviation gas and torpedoes.

I realize that.

We'll keep you informed as to enemy activity.

Plan your own operations against their ships.

But report to me daily by phone.

-Goodbye, Brickley. -Goodbye, sir.


Goodbye, sir.

That's tough luck. What happened?

Oil failure. Burnt out every cock-eyed bearing.

There's a shipyard at Cebu. We'll tow you.

-Better tear down those engines. -I've already started.

Thanks for the tow.

Por nada.

Do the same for you someday.

I hope not.

Wonder about the kids on the 32 boat.

They were abeam of us at 3:00 in the morning.

Then we missed them.

Suppose that cruiser got them?

Stop worrying, Brick.

They'll show up.

I' m going over to the airfield.

Pick up an old crate, see if I can find them.

Take over, will you?

-Take it easy. -Have a look at that plank.

And watch out for the coral.

Can I have your attention? Attention, all hands.

Mr. Brickley has requested that I make the following announcement:

For every officer and man in this squadron...

...for your work in the war to date--

Happy, get in there and give him a hand.

The General...

...has awarded the Silver Star...

...for gallantry.

Junior, get in and help him.

Planking's loose. The bottom's full of coral.

All right.

Got a little news.

T o every officer and man in this squadron...

...for your work in the war to date--

Excuse me, sir.

All this time, this black cat has been aboard this boat.

The General has awarded the Silver Star for gallantry.

By rights, the cat ought to have been aboard the 32 boat.

Maybe this black cat is good luck for us, the 41 boat.

Anyway, you've been awarded the Silver Cat.

Any luck?

Not a sign of them.

Fire in the paint locker.

All right, Mahan. Think fast. What happened?

It's all my fault, sir.

You see, I says to Mulcahey...

... " Let's get the crews a couple of beers. "

That's the dumbest excuse I ever heard.

-I’m sorry. -That helps!

So when we gets back, she was high and dry.

The engines wouldn't start. It's just as much my fault.

Pipe down. I'll take the rap.

For two cents, I'd bust you both to seaman second.

I Keep your mouth out of my business.

Everything, sir. Wheels, struts and shafts.

-It's my fault. -How'd it happen?

-There's no one else to blame. -How did it happen?

It's like this.

We were hot, tired and thirsty.

Slug and I thought we'd get some beer--

Stand by with the 41 boat. We'll pull her off and see the damage.

-Yes, sir, but I don't want-- -How was the beer?

We didn't have any.

Ready on the 35 boat.

Ready on the 35 boat!

Repeat the instructions.

If you’re attacked, burn your boats. We'll try and pick you up.

If we’re attacked...

...burn your boats.

And we'll try to pick you up.

José Fernandez Maria!

Get going there.

I'll whop you with a neck yoke.


Got a bent strut and shaft on the port side.

-You check your planking? -Planking's okay.

How long you figure it will take, Dad?

Can't tell yet.

I won't knock off till I’m done.

How am I going to pay you?

You'll fight them and I'll fix them. That's pay enough.

Only hope we get them out of here before the Japs move in.

How far away you figure they are?

Half the nearby islands.

Cruisers and destroyers have been nosing around for days.

What are you going to do if they make a landing?

They'll have to fight to get me.

You, Ascevedo Perreira!

Get away from that water bucket.

Drink on your own time.

That reminds me. How about a little snort?




S-29 coming up the channel, sir.

And chow is ready.

I have orders to load food and quinine...

...and try to run it to Corregidor.

They also want the interisland steamers to try the blockade.

We've got seven small steamers here.

We might rig up a side-wheeler or two.

And some motored sailors.

I'll arrange for supplies at once.

Let's give her a whirl.

I've got work to do. See you later.

Oh, Snuffy.

How about getting torpedoes from you?

For those cracker boxes of yours?

No telling when we'll see a mother ship again.

How long you been on patrol?

Since the war started.

What did you get?

Two small freighters.

We had hard luck.

While you've been cruising, those cracker boxes have sunk 2 cruisers... auxiliary aircraft carrier...

...a 10,000-ton tanker, a large freighter...

...a flock of barges and numerous sons of Nippon.

And also in our brief career...

...we've carried more messages than Western Union.

I'd like to help you out, but I got orders--

Who played the leading lady in "Tess of the d’Urbervilles"... 1932 at the Academy?

And does your crew know about it?

How many do you want?

You've got 16.

We'll take 8.

And we'll try and put them where they belong.


Do you mind?

I finally have good news for you.

Tomorrow, bombers will take off from Australia...

...and blast every Jap ship here.

We've been hoping for that.

But there's a catch in it.

A cruiser is headed this way.

Probably has destroyers with her.

Information says she's of the Mogami class.

Does that mean anything to you?

That's about as big as they come. Yes, sir.

She'll shell these food ships before they get away from the dock.

Unless you boys can stop her.

Can do?

-Can try, sir. -That's fair enough.

Better get going. Take my driver and good luck.

I'll drive.

Mogami-class cruiser mean anything to you, Mr. Ryan?

-What's up, Skipper? -Any news, Brick?

How soon can you get them ready?

Not for three days, with the 35 boat.

-You can go quicker than that. -Them bearings take time!

Rusty's boat's ready, but her hull ought to soak 24 hours.

The 41 boat will have to go alone, then.

Get her ready.

All right, gang, let's go.

This has gone far enough.

That 41 boat is always hogging the good jobs.

We'll soak on our way to hit the Japs.

What do we do? Sit on our duffs until they get back?

The 41 can't handle this job alone.

How about it, sir?

But if she starts taking water...

...turn back.

Ready here.

There she goes, Esperanzo.

Like water off a cat's back.


I ain't a drinking man.

But I’m saving most of this till you get back.

There she is! Jumping Jeremiah, there she is!

Rusty from Brick.

I'll make my run from the beach. You make yours from seaward.


Brick from Rusty.


Stand by.

Fire one!

Fire two!

Rusty from Brick.

Start your run.

Start your run. Over.

Brick from Rusty. Wilco.

Here we go!

Stand by!

Fire one!

Fire two!

Stand by your torpedoes!

-One! -Fire three!

Fire four!

Stand by torpedoes!

Let's make these good!


Fire three!

Fire four!

Let's drag our tails out of here!

We’re lee of the land, sir. They've lost us.

Take over.

Think Mr. Brickley had a chance to get away, sir?

He usually does.

Running low on 50-caliber!

-We can't control the fire! -Grab Mahan!

Take cover!

What's the score?

Ninth inning, kid.

I' m sorry. The father is not here, sir.

He has been at the hospital for two days.

A serviceman is supposed to have a funeral.

That's a tribute to the way he spent his life.


...firing squad...

...wrapped in the flag he served under...

...and died for.

In war you got to forget those things...

...and get buried the best way you can.

You all knew...

...Squarehead Larsen and Slug Mahan.

They were just a couple of bluejackets who did their job.

Did it well.

34 boat couldn't have got along without them.

Squarehead Larsen.

He's the best cook in the Navy.

He loved the old Arizona.

Now They’re both gone.


...he was always...

...quoting verse.

Bits of poetry.

So...'s one for him.

It's about the only one I know.

Under the wide...

...starry sky Dig the grave And let me lie.

Glad did I live And gladly die And I laid me down with a will This be the verse you grave for me

Here he lies where he longed to be Home is the sailor...

...home from the sea And the hunter home from the hill.

Is it all right, sir?


Thank you, son.

Sorry. Bar closed.

-We go away! -Sorry, bar is open.

No, no! Jap come, Jap come!

Musica, Senor Teniente.

Musica. Es San Francisco.

WBKR San Francisco.

A brief interruption, please.

This is spot and tragic news from the Philippines.

The white flag of surrender was hoisted...

...on the bloody heights of Bataan this afternoon.

36,000 United States soldiers...


...ragged, half-starved shadows...

... trapped like rats but dying like men...

... were finally worn down by 200,000 picked Japanese troops.

Men who fight for an unshakeable faith...

...are more than flesh.

But they're not steel.

Flesh must yield at last.

Endurance melts away.

The end must come.

Bataan has fallen.

But the spirit that made it a beacon...

... to all lovers of liberty will never falter.

The white flag was hardly hoisted over Bataan...

...before Jap artillery began slamming away at Corregidor...

...our last strong point in the Philippines.

Men, with Mr. Brickley gone...

... I'll carry on the way I think he would.

I think you’re right about Leyte Island.

There's Army men over there. Maybe we can hold out till help comes.

Dig in at every bridgehead and pass, Lefty.

Make them pay.

-Good luck, fellas. -So long.

Repeat your orders.

T o find and report to General Martin and keep him up to date.

All right, get going.

-Old Franklin High, Junior. -Roosevelt High, sir.

Dad, I’m going to try and find Brick.

Why don't you come along with me?

I've worked 40 years for this, son.

If I leave it, they'll have to carry me out.

Hello, kid.

We thought the Japs got you.

I thought they got you too.

What happened?

Ran south through shallow water.

Where's your crew?

We lost Mahan and Larsen.

-Couple of the kids got hurt. -How'd they get Slug?

Machine gun from a plane.

That's great.

Glad to see you back.

Where's your boat?

Jap bombers got her.

We burned the 35 boat.

The gang headed for Leyte.

She's through.

General Martin turned her over to the Army... run errands on Lake Lanao.

Okay, Navy. We’re taking over.

Okay, Army. Take her away.

All right, gather up your gear. We’re heading out.

You looking for the Arizona too?


I have orders to fly you and Ryan to Australia.

Also ensigns Gardner and Cross.

-They’re west of town. -We’ll find them.

Why us? We’re just a couple of lieutenants.

You men have proved that PT boats have some value in this war.

Washington wants you in the States to build them up.

Those are my orders.

And the men?

There isn't room.

-General Martin, those men-- -There isn't room for them.

-Bridge ready, sir. -Let her go.

I think we’re making a mistake--

There isn't room. Report to the airport right away.

Driver. And you better get going.

Makes a fine pair of heels out of us.

Mr. Ryan and I have been ordered out.

Good luck, sir.

Good luck to you, Jonesy.

That goes for you too.

Watch him.

I'd like to shake your hand.

That'll be a pleasure.

The book doesn't mean much out here, so I’m going to say... long, Brick. You've been a swell guy.

So long, Irish.

So long, Rusty.

So long, you big mick.

Chief Boatswain's Mate Mulcahey.

Take over.

Right face!

Cross step. Follow me!

-Fourth Marines. -Forty-one.

Thank you, sir.

-Lieutenant Strong. -Thirty-nine.


-Here you are. -Thank you, sir.

Brickley, U.S.N.

Number 27.

Ryan, U.S.N.

Number 28.

I' m sorry. I don't know if my name's on that list.

Morton. Major James Morton.

You’re number 31, Major.

I get to go?

Each plane holds 30 men.

If two planes come, you'll get to go.

31. Thank you.

Wish those kids would show up.


Hi, Rusty. How are you, fella?

When did you leave The Rock?

Four or five days ago, a week. I don't know.

Remember Sandy, the little nurse with the green eyes?

Sure. So will 11,000 other guys.

You know where she is?

No, I don't know where she'd be now.

She might be out in the hills...

...or a prisoner somewhere.

Swell dish.

I guess she meant more to you than she did the rest of us.

I sure hope she's okay.

Last time I talked to her...

...was over the telephone on Bataan.

Voice sounded swell.


...and brave...

...and far away.

Only one plane.

Where do you suppose Gardner and Cross could have gotten to?

Quite a load, Captain.

-Hey, Smokey! -Hey, Joe.

As I call your names, kindly step into the plane.

Number one, Sergeant T.V. Smith.

Number two, Lieutenant A. C. James.



When you see the General, tell him the end here is near.

If he should ask you what we want...

...tell him a Navy task force...

...a tanker loaded with gasoline and 100,000 men.

Give me that, and we can start taking the islands back.

I know he probably hasn't got them, but if he asks you, tell him.

Yes, sir. Have they located Gardner and Cross?

No, They’re still looking for them.

Number 27, Lieutenant Brickley, Navy.

Number 28, Lieutenant Ryan, Navy.

Number 29, Ensign Gardner.

Number 30, Ensign Cross.

Thirty-one, Major James Morton.


Number 32, Captain Carter.


That's all.

So long, Sergeant.

Major Morton and Captain Carter, I’m sorry.

Your places are assigned to these two men. I'm sorry.

-Sorry we’re late, but we got strafed. -We both lost our bikes.

-I’m sorry, sir. -Not at all.

-Good luck, sailor. -I hope you have a smooth trip home.

If you get through, would you mail a note to my wife?

Of course.

Here's her phone number. Call her long-distance.

Tell her you saw me and that I still love her.

You bet I will.

Make no passes at her, sailor.

-Happy landings! -Wait a minute.

You phone her. I got business here.

You got business back in the States. Gangway.

Who are you working for?


He said it, fella.


Not at all.

How many more planes are coming in?


Look, son...

...we’re going home to do a job.

And that job is to get ready to come back.