Thick as Thieves (2009) Script

All right!

I know, I know, I know.

A gun! It's dangerous for no one except you.

You know what I want, don't you?


You're wasting time. Don't fuck with me!

Open it. Open it!

Open it!

Give me what I want. I don't understand, I don't have anything else.

If the man's offering you all that money, I'd take it.

When I need financial advice, I'll call my broker.

I'm just saying, is all. Whatever.

Take off your coat. Take off your coat!

Now, how hard was that? Excuse me.

Mister, I thought I told...

What the?

Go, go! Move! Everybody down!

Move! Move!


Go, go, go!

Suspect white or Hispanic male. Wearing a reflective vest.

He's on top of the cars. All units at Vernon Jackson.

Everybody down!

Other end!

Everybody down! Keep moving! Keep moving!

Move, move! Everybody down! Face down on the platform!

Come on, face down! Everybody off the train!

Come on, face down! Get down!

Officer... Move!

Come on, guys, get down!

Now! Face down! Get down!

Get down! Search the tracks!

He went down the tunnel? Check the tunnel, check the roof.

Come on, people! Face down on the ground now!

He jumped! He was on the roof!

This train is closed. Nobody gets on.

Sir, I need you to calm down.

Get these people moving.

Stop right there.

The punk's got balls... but no positive identification.

No. There's another camera pointing at the platform.

Michaels, stop it right there.

You see what I see?

Maybe. That's him, lieutenant.

That's who?

How long have you been a detective? 11 months, sir.

I'm 22 years in robbery and homicide.

One of your subcategories of robbery is art theft.

There's a lot of that in the Apple. Are you aware of that, Michaels?

I guess so, yeah. I wasn't.

When I was your age, I was happy with regular murder and mayhem.

Lieutenant Weber minored in art history at Fordham.


Anyway, the Chief starts calling me Lieutenant Picasso and puts me in charge every time there is the theft of as much as an Etch A Sketch.

Two decades, I've been putting 'em all away.

Everybody but him, Keith Ripley.

He's the best there is. Howdy, Keith.

You've been bad boy.

Perhaps I could give you 15. No.

That is not possible.

I wouldn't take less than 100.

I'm just saying, is all.

You... Mind if I borrow this?

Well, I may have wanted to use it. Mm.

But yours will do!

Will you please put down my gun?

There's one thing you should be aware of, Gabriel, or do you prefer Señor Martin?

The police cannot arrest you for armed robbery, if your gun isn't loaded.

Your point?

You think I'd walk around with a loaded shotgun?

Let's see.

You could have checked. Why?

You have my diamonds, my score, my money.

Enjoy! Nice meeting you both! Bye!

By the way, I was going to ask for 125.

I am just saying, is all.

Gabriel, stay. Why?

What else do you want? You gonna shoot me now?

Well, in as much as you did steal the diamonds, I figure it's only fair to share the proceeds with you.

So to what do I owe this act of generosity?

I have a proposition I wish to discuss with you.

So... how did you know I would come here, as well as my name?

It's part of the proposition...

Oh, shit!

Come on! All right, take it easy, take it easy.

Nicky would like his money.

Ask him. Thank you!

This is between you and them! Got nothing to do with me!

Everything does now.

Call this interest. Nicky is tired of waiting for you.

You must have very bad karma.

I actually don't believe in it. Still, about this propo...

No, no, no, no! You are totally out of your mind!

Good night!

Hey. What?

Here's your karma.

What was in the other envelope? Your cut.

Now you've got mine.


Think about it. Yeah, sure, yeah.


Now... what do you want?

A partner.

What do you think I was doing on that train?

I was watching you work. Hm.

I've been your shadow ever since you got to town.

So why were you in my town robbing subways?

It's hurricane season in Miami. I don't like hurricanes.

Or you didn't feel like going back to Angola.

It's over. Lesson learned.


Gabriel Martin is a rock star.

So why were you holding open-mike night on the subway for a lousy 100 grand?

Two reasons.

Yes, Miami was getting too hot.

And perhaps you can relate to this.


Sometimes you just need to feel the rush.

The juice.


You know what I mean.

Yesterday, you took down two jewellers for a few stones from Romanov's.

My idea is Romanov's itself.


Specifically, two Fabergé eggs worth $20 million.


It's a two-man job.

Do I have your attention?

Wait here.

I hear they prefer cash... or your first-born.

Why don't you try The Standard instead?


Of who?

The mystery bandit.

I'm afraid that type of thing is not my style.

Well, I think this guy's got panache, guts.

And a passing resemblance, at least in body type.

Well, you don't have to rob trains to have panache.

Or guts. But you've gotta admit that kind of thing immediately brands you.

My treat. Too painful watching you attempt to read Cyrillic.

Oh, no, no, no. I was just looking at the picture.

So you are jealous.

Yes. You got me there. Absolutely.

I've gotta get this Chinese food to my boss so, um... some other time.

When some other time? I'll call you.

But you don't have my number or know my name or anything.

I guess that could be a problem.


Oh, shit! Are you with him?

I don't know. Should I? More or less.

Er... yes, I am.

What do you want?

Can't I bring my goddaughter a birthday present?

My birthday was last month.

It was two weeks ago and I'm sorry it's late.

Alex, it's just a present. No strings.

No thanks.

It was nice to have almost met you, Gabriel.

Gaby. Gaby.

It's a shame you don't keep a higher class of company.

Don't even think about it. Think about what?

Going anywhere near her. I'll rip your heart out. I mean it.

It looks like it's your heart she's not so fond of.

You were warned. Let's go.

I thought you said the target was Romanov's.

This is research. Research?

Oh, wow!

They're absolutely stunning.

They are.

Between 1885 and 1916, Fabergé produced 50 of these Easter eggs for the Empress and her daughter-in-law, the Czarina Alexandra.

Should I take notes?

Will there be a quiz?

No quiz but there will be a test.

OK. The Fabergés are all made of precious metals and fine jewels.

Every one a unique masterpiece. Indeed.

Most are on display in the Kremlin.

The rest in private collections, museums or lost.

In this case, at Romanov's.

Who is your buyer?

You don't want to know.

Oh, I'm stealing $40 million worth of eggs so I want to know.

I also want to know why these particular eggs are even worth $40 million.

Because no one knows they exist.


The so-called mystery eggs? Mm-hm.

Yeah, I've heard rumours, but I thought it was just a myth.

Last year, they turned up. At Romanov's.

So how do you know this?

I was partners with a man named Victor Korolenko. Alex's father.

He was in tight with the Russians.

What they knew, he knew.

So why aren't you pulling this job with him?

Let's just say he's no longer around.

Leave it at that.

He's gone.

You're here.

Now we just have to deliver.

Ripley... Hmm?


Why risk your freedom at all?

This will not be anything close to easy.

You are not in jail in the present.

Are you not comfortable? I'm never comfortable.

Some people were born to compose music.

Others to split the atom.

I was born to steal shit.

Hold out your hand.


That coin was given to me by Victor when we became partners.

The coin represents a Russian phrase.

Vorovoslky mir. Loosely translated, thieves' world.

Victor belonged to it.

Now... you belong to it.

Psst. Hey!

You misunderstand. Ripley's just business.

This is...


Well, if you had given me your number, I would have called first.

Those are two very flawed assumptions.

Do you have a vase?

I just took these from a roadside shrine and I think they need some water.

May I use that... thing over there? Yeah, yeah.

I've noticed this Russian nightclub down the block.

Riga Rose or something like that.

Why don't we meet there after work?

I'm busy.

I'll wait. I won't show.

I'll take my chances.

Do svidanja, Alexandra.

Research. Keith Ripley. '93, the Brooklyn Museum.

'94, the Diamond District Warehouse and then in '95...

I'm very familiar with Ripley's life story, Michaels.

In fact, I busted him twice.

Both times he walked because of good lawyering.

Exactly, so I thought why not swing for the fences?

Murder one, Victor Korolenko.

Thinkin' of the Brighton Beach steam bath? Forget it. There was no...

No body. But we've got a ton of forensics. And no witnesses.

Nobody there admitted to seeing a thing.

I was this close to convincing Korolenko to take witness protection, in exchange for giving up Ripley.

But Ripley got to him first.

I can't prove it.

Right, OK. I see, I see. OK.

No, what you don't see, Michaels, is why Ripley got involved in a small-time caper, like grabbin' a few diamonds off of some couriers on a subway.

And neither did I.

Until I read the Dutch guy's statement.

Those diamonds came from Romanov's.

You mean Ripley and his new partner are planning to take down Romanov's?

Ah, come on! Like that could ever happen!

Not even Ripley could take down a place like that.

Wanna bet?

Hi. Hi.

You know this place very well. I never said I didn't.

Let's face it, you didn't see the nightclub.

You saw the flyer in the fax and then you made an assumption.

Yeah. Guilty. So I did.

Never assume anything, especially down here.

How mysterious. What?

How mysterious!

Can I buy you a drink? I don't drink.

Another assumption.

You wanna dance?


I'm willing to make a fool of myself. Why not?


And for him. Thank you.


I thought all Russians drank.

Translation, we're a race of suicidal alcoholics.

No! I didn't mean that! No.

Actually, we are. Cheers.

Nastaravia. Nastarovia.

Nastarovia? Mmm.

So... how is it... working for the lawyer?

Huh, I'm a lawyer, too, you know. Oh.

Maybe I won't say another word because everything I assume is wrong.

Well, you don't know until you try. True.

Besides, my father warned me about being a lawyer.

He told me I should try and do something honest with my life.

As if he would know.

Your father and Ripley, they were close, right?

Once upon a time.

I'm sure Ripley told you. My father's dead.

Now Ripley likes to try to take care of me.

Pay for stuff. That kind of thing.

Of course, it's the least he can do.

Sorry. I don't mean to pry.

Yes, you do.

Now who is making assumptions?

No, Gaby. I'm not assuming a thing.

You wanna know about Ripley?

Stay away.

You son of a bitch!

Well... you dropped these and I am a gentleman bringing them back to you.


No, no, no, no, no!


Shit, man! What do you want?

I told you to leave her alone.

I'm not gonna tell you again.

Get dressed. I'll be downstairs.

Son of a bitch.


You could start a whole new trend in interior design.

What are these? What do they look like?

Police IDs?

There's a reception at Romanov's tonight, honouring the NYPD.

And our invitation's just arrived.

A cop for the night.

And all the doughnuts you can eat.

Meanwhile, however, I need you to go to the dry-cleaners.

Why don't you go and pick up your dry-cleaning yourself, sir?

Who said anything about picking up?

You're dropping off.

Cellphone, please.

Commissioner Rawls. Gentlemen.

Deputy Commissioner Morelli.

Such a pleasure having you here.

May we give you gentlemen the grand tour?

The secrets of Romanov? You might say so.

Thank you. We're honoured. Please.

The guards, all FSB secret police.

Every door, every inch of glass wired and alarmed.

So even if a bird flies in here, you know about it.



No, the bird flew into the museum, landed on the wire and set off the alarm in Topkapi.

You're a cineaste.

Actually, I only see heist movies.

Well, the lesson to take away from the bird flying into the museum is no matter how well you planned, always be ready to improvise because, I guarantee you, something's gonna go wrong.

I'd prefer to avoid that. Uh-huh.

How comprehensive is the surveillance system?

Let's take a look.

Smart card for the elevator. And all the doors.

This way. After you.

We're on.

Good to see you, old friend. Let me introduce you.

Lieutenant Weber, I presume.

You know, Ripley, identity theft is a serious crime.

And quite an embarrassing one in this case. Really?

Do you realise how ashamed I felt telling that nice lady at the door that I was still a lieutenant?

I mean at my age?

Or should I say at your age?

I'm not amused. What are you doing here?

And why did you appropriate my invitation? As if I didn't know.

I apologise for the subterfuge.

I just wanted to show my friend here some of the finer things in life.

If you want to arrest us for impersonating police officers, go right ahead.

I'm sure my lawyer will have us out in two hours.

It'd be a delightful two hours. Get your hands down!

Then there's all that explaining you'd have to do to your superiors.

Now that would be an embarrassment.

Notorious thief gaining admittance pretending to be you.

Great police work, Weber.

We should discuss my police work when this is all over.


Who's your sidekick? Jules Dassin.

Good to meet you, Jules. I love your movies.

Enjoy the party, gents.

While it lasts.

Now... do you mind telling me what that was all about?

Just a cop. Really? No kidding.

We have been made in the very place we are supposed to take down.

Exactly how do you stay out of jail?

Unless, of course, you and this Weber are partners trying to set me up.

Are you, Ripley?

Here we go.

Come on! Move your damn ass!

Weber has no idea what we're here for.

Of course he does.

He doesn't know when and he doesn't know how.

And, no, he doesn't know about the eggs.

No one does. Here.

The best way to neutralise Weber is to fuel his obsession with busting me.

He's so blinded by it, he no longer thinks like a cop. Trust me.

Give me a good reason to, huh?

I already gave you 40 million good reasons. Here.

Now you've seen what the public sees, it's time for the real treat.

That is, of course, as long as you promise not to come back and rob us.

I guess I won't take any notes, then.

Our main vault.

Gregor, disarm the motion detectors.

Even with the knowledge of all protocols, it is absolutely impregnable.

The voice sensors ask our head of security, Boris Sergeev, a random set of pre-recorded words.

But this is only half the process.

We also have a biometric handprint sensor.

Since Mr Sergeev and I are the only ones who have clearance, we must both be present to open the vaults.

Once I activate the biometric handprint sensor, he must activate the voice sensor.

This way neither of us can steal from the other.

Well, you better hope Mr Sergeev stays healthy.

I must stay healthy as well!

Hamburger. Hamburger.

Big Apple. Big Apple.

Jesus Christ.

The vault door automatically resets on the hour, at which point the sensor must be activated in reverse.

All in all, gentlemen, best not to get locked inside.

Well, did I say it was gonna be easy?

No, but you didn't say it would be impossible either.

Armoured glass.

It would take half an hour to break through just one case.

But, I'm afraid, whoever tried wouldn't even have half a second because an ultrasonic motion detector would automatically lock him in and trigger the alarm.

Containment security, gentlemen. Getting in is highly improbable.

But getting out is, frankly, impossible.

Where does that door lead?

To our inner vault, which contains our most precious items.

I'm sorry but security prevents me from taking even this distinguished group in there.

Now we'll proceed back to the reception.

I'd like to, once again, thank you both for your generosity this last year in helping set up our business.

And thank you very much for the donation of that chopper.

You're welcome.

Let's go. We can do this, Gabriel.

No. Absolutely not!

It was a pleasure. Goodbye. Wait a minute. Wait.

Nobody's going anywhere yet.

If Zykov finds that camera, he's gonna know what it is.

They'll change all the protocols.

Which part of "I don't give a shit" do you not understand?

Sorry. Let me just...

I'll handle it. No, no, no.

Please, please. Allow me. I'm absolutely OK.

I apologise, sir.

What the fuck?

What the fuck?

Detective Weber, I'm Hal Donley, special agent in charge of this op.

You're conducting an investigation of a potential theft that you assume is going down at Romanov Jewellers.

Assume, my ass.

I know it's going down and I know who's pulling it off.

Except we're asking you to call off your dogs.

There are other matters that take precedence.

What could possibly take precedence over the potential theft of millions of dollars in diamonds from a company that donates tons of money and equipment to the NYPD?


Vitaly Zykov, in the old Soviet days, was the right-hand man to a party boss named Dimitri Kuzin.

Kuzin set up a supposedly independent Russian diamond centre in America.


But diamonds... they're not all that he's shipping over here.

He's ripping off the Russian Treasury.

Gold, gems, artworks.

Where do you think Romanov's got the money to buy your department a helicopter and now police cars?

From retail diamond sales?

So why are they doing this? Is that a serious question?

So the NYPD will leave them alone.

That's their mindset.

We need more time to build our mutual cases.

That's why we can't have any other investigations potentially alerting Zykov.

Lieutenant... shut it down.

Gentlemen. Commissioner...

Just in case you think you're smarter than us, decide to continue this investigation on a down and low, forget it.

This is bigger than you and your ego. Do you get it?

I get it.

What did the feds have to say? Nothing. Everything's still a go.

The first order of business is to bypass the security cameras.

If we can gain access into the surveillance system, we can replace the light feed with a continuous loop of study shots with no face inside.

That still leaves the voice sensors, the fingerprints, the motion detectors, the meanest-looking vault door I have ever seen in my life.

The inner vault door, Swiss-made, 3 feet thick, with spring-driven relocking bolts.

If you punch out the lock, they block retraction so that you couldn't open it even if you knew the combination.

Abraham Lincoln.

Broadway. Broadway.

30 pre-recorded words. One week, we've got them all.

Dan McWilliams, MTA.

Yes, we're going to be doing some maintenance work in the subway adjacent to your basement next week.

We'll be working nights and didn't want the drilling to alarm you.

You place an ultrasonic transducer here, broadcasting at the exact operating frequency of the transmitter and it bounces back the frequency to the unit.

At least in theory.

Have you ever used an ultrasonic transducer?


Can you get an ultrasonic transducer?

I can get anything, my friend.

Can you get past a keypad? It is, as always, a question of time.

One tumbler at a time.

It is tight but possible.




What's so funny?

I hate Chinese food.

I absolutely, unequivocally, irrevocably, loathe Chinese food.


Leonid, my boss, is addicted to Chinese food.

I can't even stand the smell.

Another completely wrong assumption.


It's not completely... wrong.



You stole this. Yes, I did.

Didn't you? Yes. That's what I do.


We have a problem.

The bracelet?

I cannot return it.

No, I like it.

So what could possibly be a problem?


What? Me.

I thought that part was not a problem.

And Ripley.

That part is a problem.

Yours and Ripley's is a world I just can't trust.

How did your father die?

By gunshot.

Who did it?

He had gambling debts to a Russian gangster named Nicky Petrovich.

Nicky wants his money. Ask him.

This concept of vorovosky...

Vorovosky mir. Yes, I'm familiar with it.

Where one is responsible for the debts of another one.

Why would they kill your father and let Ripley live?

Because Ripley has... I don't know. How do you want me to put this?

Earning power.


I don't wanna go to any more funerals.

I wanna be with you but I can't promise you that, and you can't promise me a thing so... maybe we shouldn't even try.

Oh, you, you, you, you.

Get in.

I know you don't want to, I know you don't mean to, but you will hurt her.

She doesn't need any more of that.

None of which you had anything to do with. Am I right?

Is there something you want to ask me?


Why is Victor dead and you're still walking round?

I'm sure Alex told you that Victor was in deep to a man named Nicky Petrovich.

What she didn't know was Nicky was ready to forgive the debt, if Victor pulled a job, this job.

Victor backed out? He was trying to protect Alex.

Made a deal with Weber. He was gonna drop the dime on Nicky.

And you. And me.

Weber offered Victor witness protection.

He and Alex, but Alex didn't want to go.

Victor didn't want to go without her so... he bought a bullet instead.

So why is this still your problem? Why don't you just leave?

You don't make a deal with Nicky for the throw of it and then walk away.

There's no statute of limitations. Nicky wants those eggs.

Victor's share would have paid off his debt.

Victor and I were partners. He was responsible for me.

So now I'm responsible for him and his debt.


Victor is dead. Just walk away.

That's not an option. Oh, wow! This is just...


We do the job.

Nicky gets his cut, I take a small chunk, nowhere near commensurate with my risk, and you clear a cool 20 million.

I don't know. This is just...

Look, either we pull this job off flawlessly or you call Weber and you ask for witness protection, which isn't a choice at all because Nicky will find you and he will kill you.

It doesn't matter where you go or how long it takes.

That's an unalterable fact.


Then we steal the fucking eggs, no?


Oh, shit!

All right, we are working on it. So back off, please. Thank you.

I think he called us a name.

We do not like to be insulted.

All right!

Do you know the significance of this coin?


Then you must know by the mere fact that you have it in your possession, I cannot assume the two of you will not attempt to double-cross me.

Nobody's gonna try to double-cross you, Nicky. We've been trying to...


Alex... I'm so sorry. Yeah, well, we're all sorry, aren't we?

There's no reason for you to bring her here.

The fact that you gave that coin to him tells me there are many reasons, but only one I care about.

Why would we try to betray you?

Well, Ripley, in your case, perhaps, a misguided sense of revenge.

His, perhaps, simply greed.

It doesn't matter.

I will not take the chance of the two of you taking what is rightfully mine and selling it to the highest bidder.

Please, excuse me, Mr Petrovich...

Will you please? Thank you.

Where is it written that these eggs are yours?

Because they belong to my family.

Because my great-grandfather made them.

Yes, Ripley. Evgenly Petrovich made them.

He made the 1917 mystery eggs.

I will have those eggs.

And you will get them for me.

That's why I bring Alexandra here.

To keep me company while you do what you need to do.


Anyone tries to follow us, she dies.

You'd better believe she dies.

If I don't get what I want... she dies.


There is a subway not far.

Damn you, Gabriel!

I told you not to get her involved!

You told me? You told me?

You and her father got her involved even before she was born!

Goddamn it! We go tomorrow.

How much time?

Just over three minutes until the 22:00 check.

Smart card. Come on! Come on!

Let's go.





Norway. Norway.

Tyi golodny?

Tyi golodny?


It wants to know if I'm hungry. Are you?

Tyi golodny?

Tyi golodny?


All right. Wait, wait, wait.


Stop. Go right.

Right. Right.


Good. Straight ahead.

Go, go, go, go, go.

Stop. Flatten out. Head down, head down, head down!

OK, now diagonally left.

Diagonally to the left.

Keep going. Left.

Get your arm in. No arms!

Flat. Down. Holy shit!

OK, straight ahead.

Go, go, go, go, go!

Go, go!

Stop! Stop!



Stop! Stop! Flat! Flat!

OK, hurry.

Quick as you can.


It's working. Let's go!

Hold it, hold it, hold it!

Lead. OK. Let's take a look.

When? Shit!

All right, sit tight. We're on our way.

Yes, I owe you.

They're havin' a sale at Romanov.


That was my plant. Unexplained alarm went off about an hour ago.

I want all available units in the garage now.

Vouti and Michaels, have them meet us at the staging area.

Yes, sir. Now it's my turn.

We're good.

All right.

Easy, easy, easy, easy, easy.

You're on. All right.

A little more. Ready?

Come on, a little more.

Come on. More, more, more.

More, more, more. Stop! OK. Right there.

All right. OK.




No. Three.

No. Four.

Whoa! That's it!

Four, one.

No. Four, two.

No. Four, three.

No. Four, four.

No. Four, five.


Go, go, go! Let's go! Yes, sir.

Sometime tonight. How about it?

All right. All right.

Four, five, six, one, two.

Got it. Got it.

Four, five, six, one, two, three.


Four, five, six, one, two, four.

No. Four, five, six, one, two, six, one.

I know.

Two, five... No.

Damn it.

Four, five, six, one, two, six.

Bingo! OK.


Four, five, six, one, two, six, one.

One. Come on.

Come on. What the fuck are you doing?


Shit! Take this shit off. Careful.

Come on. Move around this guy.

Move those guys out of the way. Come on! Go through the lights!



Let's see if we can blow these boxes.

All right.


What are you doing? Give me the box.

Gabriel, don't do this. Give me the box.

What, you want more money? Hell, look around you. Take what you want.

Oh, shut up and give me the box.

What about Alex? Nicky will kill her. You know that.

I will ask you one more time.

Why are you doing this?

I'm a cop.

In Miami for the last ten years.

Weber requested me. Just for you.

So you're a cop. You wanna arrest me? Go ahead.

Where am I gonna go?

But in one minute that vault door's gonna lock and we'll be stuck in here and Alex is gonna be dead.

I can't believe you're such a contemptible human being that you would use her like that and then just kill her cos you might as well be pulling the trigger yourself.

Simply to bag the great Keith Ripley.

You sorry, sick motherfucker.

You got 30 seconds.

How do I find Nicky?

Phone number in my pocket.

Give it to me and the eggs.

Do you want her alive or not? Do you?

Ten seconds.

I'm sorry.

Underground, boys.

All right, let's move! Come on!

I'm a police officer! Listen to me!

There is a thief locked in your inner vault!

The guard is in the basement closet!

Move, move, move, move, move!

Now! Move! Come on!

Tell them to put their weapons down now!


OK. Fine.

Put them down!


Kick them. Now!

What do you want?

You let me out the front door so I can rejoin my unit.

They have the building surrounded.

Meantime, you go downstairs, you find your thief and your comrade.

You understand? That door is alarmed.

You have a problem, solve it!

Do not make me shoot this man, please!

Put down your weapons. We are police!

Yeah? Everybody's police tonight.


Hey, I have what you want. No, it's just me.

Can we talk? I have a proposition for you.

Where is she?

Do not move. He has a gun behind the box.

Bad boy.

Give me the box and give Andrei your weapon, please.

We don't wish trouble here.

No, no, no. You don't understand.

You let her go, then I'll give you the box.

You see, if I fire through this box, which I have no problem doing whatsoever, Nicky's not gonna be very happy.

Then we are all expendable.

If you understand the meaning of the word.

Open the box.

Lower the gun. Lower the gun.

Lower it.


Are you all right? Yeah. I'm just lovely. Thanks.

You go.

Give me the box.

Get in. Why?

Nicky wants to see you.

Give me your weapon.

We're fine, right?

Where do you get off detaining us?

My apologies, Lieutenant Weber.

My security were, understandably, confused.

Please go with Mr Sergeev down to the vault.

We have what you want. Please.

Where's the other one? Nobody else. Just him.

Where the hell's my man?

Lieutenant, your personal life, none of my business.

I apologise for bringing you here... but I had to be sure the eggs were genuine before I let you go.

Your lack of trust is really depressing, Mr Petrovich.

I'm a man of my word.

She should be with her godfather now.

Let's see.

Do you mind? Sure. Go.


Hello? Hey. Where are you?

I'm at the jail. I had to see him.

How is he?

Well, how do you think he is?

I had no choice, Alex.

No one had a choice.

Remember? I told you. Neither one of us could promise a thing.

Listen, promises blow away in the wind.

But feelings are real.

And I need to know were the feelings lies, too?

Listen, listen. What I mean is... are we real?

I've gotta go, Gabriel. Good night. Wait. Don't go.


Are you satisfied?

Did you see them?

Actually, we were in a hurry. Look.

They are simply... wood?

Oh, my God! Simply wood?

It was 1917, Gabriel.

Russia. People were starving.

There were no jewels, no diamonds left.

No hope.

Yet Czarina Alexandra had to have her eggs.

Perhaps you understand why we had a revolution.

People needed to believe in something.

Take him home.


I know what they say about me but I'm not a killer.

Merely a humble immigrant.

Probably much like you.

I don't think so, Mr Petrovich.

You're not like me at all.

Excellent. Thanks. We've got Petrovich.

Snitch called it in. After all this time looking for him, you know where he was?

I'm sure you'll tell us.

On the boardwalk, watchin' the sun come up.

He's coming in now. I'll be right back.

Yeah, what I didn't count on was that a so-called professional would be manipulated by a chick.

What kind of cops do they make in Miami?

Good ones, Weber. Good ones.

I don't get it.

All these years in that world. How do you let an asset use you?

Sometimes things... change.

Things change? Like, "which side am I on" change?

Ripley, what is he, your best friend now?

Actually, a better friend than you.

Ah, I get it. I'm the asshole.

You're gonna tell me what a good guy he is or how he got caught up in a situation he couldn't control, or how the sins of the father shouldn't rest on the daughter?

Give me something better than, "things change"!

All I can give you is the truth.

Oh, fuck it! Go back to Miami, Martin.

When your superiors get my report, you'll be lucky if you have a job.

We'll see.

Hey, say anything you want about Ripley but nothing changes the fact that I finally got him.

Now when he leaves prison, he'll be leaving in a pine box.

Let's go see Mr Petrovich.


That's not Nicky Petrovich. What?

Not him.

Look, man, Organised Crime confirmed it. That's Nicky Petrovich.

Well, I don't care. That's not him!

I was there, remember?

There's no case here.

What? Of course there's a case. Do you really think I'll put him on the stand?

An undercover Miami cop who may or may not be legit?

No offence. None taken.

A cop who's the centrepiece of a botched undercover operation that was officially ordered stopped?

I won't embarrass the Bureau, much less your department, which accepted tons of money and equipment from the Russian Mafia.

What about Romanov's? What about the goddamn stolen treasures of Russia?

What about it, Weber?

When Zykov found Ripley in the vault, he had everything cleared out before you could get in.

I have a proposition for you.

There's no way Romanov's will press charges against Ripley.

Cos they can never admit that the eggs or anything else ever existed.

So we can't even prove that Detective Martin and Ripley stole even a goddamn dime!

But you must have mug shots.

Russian Mafia, known associates, something!

That's him.

That's Nicky Petrovich.

Detective Martin... Yeah?

That's Victor Korolenko.

Presumed dead.

We just never found the body.

You never will... lieutenant.



His lawyer got him in front of a judge on an expedited bail hearing.

Then he just walked.

Who was it? Who was what?

The lawyer. Who the fuck do you think?

Alex. Korolenko.

You can't promise me anything so... maybe we shouldn't even try.


Shall we go?


Didn't wanna leave without saying goodbye.

I owe you one, Gaby.

The real Nicky Petrovich is the one Zykov is funnelling the contraband through.

Thank you but Zykov and Petrovich have gone to ground.

Check out a disco called... Riga Rose?

Ah, I see you're familiar with the territory.

Well... I am a cop, remember?

I never forgot it for a second.

When did you know?

I knew you were coming up from Miami before you did, Gaby.

See, Weber and I...

Well, let's just say we share the same sources, only I pay better.

Sir, we're good to go.

So why the help, Ripley?

Maybe feeling guilty?

Guilt's not even in my vocabulary.

I was just hoping you'd see things differently.

Together you and I could do anything.

Yeah. I believe we did.

I'll get in touch later on, if you're interested.

Meanwhile, I've got to keep an appointment with a man who's going to pay dearly for something he's got to keep locked in his basement just to say it's his.

Good hunting, Gaby. Wait, wait, wait.

Let me talk to her. Just for a second.

That's him? What makes you think she's going anywhere?

She didn't commit any crime.

She just lied to someone who was lying to her.

You be good.

I'll try, Uncle Keith.

Although I suspect my legal career just ended.

Thank God.

You come in here every night and every night I tell you I don't know shit from this Petrovich.

This is a nightclub, my friend.

You know what I think?

I think you need to check out the action and get your ass laid.

Yeah. You know what I'm sayin', dude?

Find yourself a chick!



Russian hors d'oeuvres to coat the stomach.


Will my stomach need coating? I hope so.

I thought you didn't drink.

You thought a lot of things, but I believe I mentioned something about making assumptions.

Maybe that's a concept we should get rid of. Immediately.

My name is Gabriel Martin.

I am from Miami.

I was actually looking for a lawyer but the office was closed.


I came here.


My name is Alexandra Korolenko and I come from St Petersburg.

By way of Little Odessa.


I love to dance.

So... I came here tonight.

Do you wanna dance with me?


I'm willing to make a fool of myself.

Me too.

Alex... Yeah?

That night when I called you from Coney Island, you never answered my question.

Which one?

I wanted... I want to know...

Was it all lies?

Not the part that matters.