This Transient Life (1970) Script


"...transient and changing fast... ...time waits for no man..."

The weather is really nice today Yes, it's springtime already Did you see Masao?

He is in a rush these days Today, too Father is coming back today, but...

Let me find him Thanks, you don't need to I'll take a walk. I'll come back in a bit

We're going to hold a high school reunion in April You think you'll be able to come?

Yes, if I am free How long has it been since you graduated?

5 years Mr. Ogino, you're a really excellent head monk How's your wife?

I am not married yet

And you?

Me neither But my parents keep urging me

I am looking for Masao. I'll see you later


This one, this one What are you doing?

I learned kendo when I was young Once I spent 10 days trying to beat someone else

Father is coming back today He annoys me a lot.

When he comes home, he always talks about my marriage

If you are going to get married, I'll run away from home someday What are you talking about?

You are the only son of the Hino family I'll get married one day anyway Sister Can you just run away?

Listen, Masao, where did you get all these silly ideas?

Stop it! Stop it!

Father's face must be dead serious when he comes home...

It's so good just to mess around with those people!

What are you talking about? Are you trying to lecture me?

You're so bad, Masao!

Everything has to be done in good order You should remember that by heart You are already 21 Don't you think it's too late? That is why you ask those matchmakers... to find a man for sister and marry her off as soon as possible?

Are you a fool or just acting stupid?

Masao, what are you talking about?

Why would a smart boy like you keep your sister from getting married?

Aren't you just giving trouble to your sister?

It's because I can't find anyone to marry me That's why Masao thinks this way Well, your father mentioned introducing you to a man Do you want to meet him?

It's not at all about sister I said that because I don't want to be in this business Trading stuff from here to there just to make money I'd hate that I don't want to hear this anymore. Get out!

You and Yuri, get out!

Masao Masao You are so stubborn, but I've got my plans, too I'll give you a month If you don't change your mind, I won't see you as a member of our family anymore

I am going to Tokyo Moriyama's son is getting married Oh, Moriyama's son...

I was planning to have all the four of us go to Tokyo later Now I think I'll just go with you I see Goodnight

What are you going to do in a month from now?

I don't know

How many men have you met through those matchmakers?


A hundred?

Take care See you

So, Iwashita, you should go back to your family for a few days Right. I'll get myself ready

Why didn't you go see them off?

Where are you going?

To Kyoto. I want to visit a bookstore I hope you'll come back soon Iwashita is on holiday these few days I am all alone at night. I'll be lonely

Ogino-san Oh, Hino-kun Are you going to Kyoto?

Yes I wanted to get some photos of Buddhist statues through an old book store It's ironic Though I grew up in a Buddhist monastery, I don't like monks Yet you, a son of a businessman, are very interested in Buddhism Do you want us to exchange identity?

But that's impossible, isn't it?

I see Yuri is about to get married?

That's right But why don't you go to college?

You come from such a wealthy family You're missing good opportunities My father has been bugging me about it all the time I don't like studying anyway It's hard for me to understand Where are you going, Ogino-san?

The Kannon statue we commissioned two years ago is almost ready I am going to pay for it now You can come and have a look, if you like


Help yourself

You've spent two years on it? Yes Perhaps I'm getting old It's becoming difficult for me to work You're just very diligent, Master Mori!

Can I ask you something about sculpting?

Does it require much faith?

Yes, of course It couldn't be done if you're only half-hearted It takes two or three years to complete a Kannon statue One needs a lot of patience I apologize for being so blunt

From the time a statue is finished, in the following tens or hundreds of years, how many different people will make different wishes to the deities?

I think about that, when I spend my time However, every time I work on a statue, I feel that my life is being slowly drained into it Those people who do not have any belief and go to war... would only die meaninglessly on the battlefield I guess my work isn't very different from that...

Father, I'll be away for about a week OK, please take care You'll have to do the housework now So you'd better get the statue done sooner Bye

Are you going? Yeah Are you from the monastery too?

No, I'm his friend Really? You just look different You are looking for a beautiful young wife, right?

I am his second wife You must have other things to do...

Yeah So please excuse me Wait a bit


Where are you going? Home Why? Aren't you going to stay for a night?

Ain't I free to go?

You don't like it here?

No I paid for you!

You are just a commodity!

It's ridiculous for you to ask about this and that Am I only a commodity?

Hey you there, wait!

You said something rude to our lady, eh?

Not really

You trying to fool around here?

Fucking bastard!

I'm back Masao?

Welcome back The bath is ready You can take the bath first I'm alone at home It's quite scary So you take the bath first. I'll wait here

I'm done

What happened to you?

You've acted so strange since you came back What's the matter?

Is the water warm?


I'll make it a little warmer


Masao, look what I've got

It reminds me of the past There used to be one in our father's room Yes. Father often wore this mask and played with mother

Masao, Masao, no!

Masao, no, no!


I'm scared, I'm scared...

There's nothing to be afraid of This is natural It's natural for two people to be like this

Welcome back I'm here

Father said he would go to Osaka So I came back straight from Tokyo on a train It's so fast!

What's the matter? You look pale I got cold in the bath last night Really?

I'll ask Masao to come over

Masao, Masao


Mother's back You just have to stay calm

" and death are a great matter, transient and changing fast..."


I want to be with you all day I can't take it anymore

Sister, I didn't know you have such a nice body

Good that you're not married yet

I didn't know anything like this was possible It's so great...

" and death are a great matter... ...treasure your time..."


What's the matter? You scared me Father called and asked me to take his spring suits to Osaka Can you iron them for me?


The car is here

I'm sure about it...

We can't hide it any longer

Mother seems to have noticed something

Though she would never imagine that the other person is you But she went to meet father in a hurry

You think so?

Masao, do you want to die?

To die with me...

Why? You don't have to die You are just too scared

Masao, you...

If Iwashita has a crush on you, then everything would work out fine Iwashita?

You'd let me sleep with another man?

Let's be above all that!

We are bonded to each other in our hearts Even if you sleep with Iwashita, it won't change anything That's all...

What will you do after that?

You don't have to worry We shall never be apart There is nothing to be afraid of That's for sure

I love you!

I love you!

Sorry to bother you

Did you receive the statue of Kannon?

No, not yet Since we last met Master Mori, the pace of his work has slowed down a lot The statue will take at least one more year to finish Why do all Buddhist statues look like women?

How is Yuri doing?

She is going to get married Get married?

With whom?

With Iwashita, the houseboy

Ogino-san, are you in love with my sister?


Could you write me a reference letter?

For who?

For Master Mori, the sculptor I want to work with him Are you leaving home?

It would be better for Iwashita

Is it okay?


I... know about it


So?.. Don't you care about women's chastity?

Could you just stay at home and care about nothing at all?


What you did with your sister is worse than animals So it would be better for me to leave home This has nothing to do with you

Are you okay about the reference letter?

Will you write it? Yes You'd better not come back home

I'll be here again tomorrow Thank you

Welcome back Master and Madam are coming back today at around 9pm Really? Is there anything important?

Does sister know about it? No She said she's in a bad mood and left

Iwashita, I want to talk to you Can I see you in your room after dinner?

I can come to you instead No, I'll come to you

Yuri, father and mother are coming back at 9

There's one chance before they arrive. That's our only chance There's nothing to ponder about

So get up and wash yourself, and dress nicely You really won't leave me?

I won't leave you You shouldn't get so troubled

Is it Masao?

Please come in

Can I come in?


O... okay

There's only Masao at home

Please close the door Masao said he's coming Masao is not coming He said it would be better if I come here in person

Father is coming back tonight because of my marriage arrangements I know about it

Where is he from?


Iwashita, are you saying it from your heart?

Yes Really?

Then, I must have thought too much

I thought you would oppose my marriage I really thought so

I've always cared about you...

I talked to Masao He said I should do as I please That's why I am here

Are you serious?

Would a woman...

come to a man's room alone just as a joke?

Iwashita Is it alright?

Where is Yuri?

She said she wasn't feeling well, and went back to her room.

Masao, did you notice anything?

What's the matter?

Yuri and Iwashita...


I didn't notice anything Just get her an abortion and send Iwashita away Abortion?

Sister is already 25 If she does it, she might have to wait until 30 to bear a child again

There were only the two of you at home, how could you not notice anything?

Even if I did, I wouldn't be able to do anything about it Or, perhaps I am helping them What are you talking about?

Father, isn't it nice?

Iwashita is an honest man I don't think he'll bring wealth to our family, but, if it's Iwashita, there won't be any inheritance problems...

That poor bloke seduced my daughter! How can I not be angry?!

If that's what you really think, just go away and don't come back!

You really want to disown me?


Don't worry about me I can live with it What are you talking about?


10 months later, winter

"...transient and changing fast... ...time waits for no man..."

I heard your sister had a child

Yeah, it's a boy I've become an uncle No matter how children turn out to be, seeing them gives you faith in mankind Me and you have also been children once.

Children are a dream of adults But, after all, a dream is only a dream If you are not busy, you'd better go and see the baby It would be convenient if it were nearby But if it were nearby, you wouldn't be traveling back home I've decided not to go back I guess I should not go back home too often Really?

I'm back Welcome back You came by Shinkansen? Yeah Good day. I thought you wouldn't be here when I come home this time How's your work?

It's tiring This is different from reading a book in a chair You think it's an easy work, easier than going to college That's not true I understand what it is like to make a Kannon statue over two or three years But if you were to become a Buddha yourself that would be different

It's because one couldn't become a Buddha that one keeps making Buddhist sculptures

Really? So you didn't enter college and became an artisan... because you couldn't be a Buddha?

That's right People should do whatever pleases them It is because of those who suppress their desires that the world has become so complicated You are leaving this house and I am staying here, it hasn't been ordered by anyone If we just do whatever pleases us, then everything will turn out fine

I'm back, mother Welcome back

He's started to call me mother When did he start calling me mother? I'm surprised I'll make another dish now

Masao, are you going out?

I'm going to see my sister and her baby I'll be back in two or three days

Don't be away for so long Think about me sometimes, okay?

I'll be very bored if you're not with me

Sister, come and get me!

If we were at home, I'd be afraid of being seen... even late at night... I wouldn't enjoy it You don't mind at all?

I'm alright Are you going?

You are right When we were in bed, Master Mori always peeped at us What are you talking about?

That would help him to regain his strength There is nothing to worry about He knows about it since a long time ago

Even if he knows about it, he's never said a word

He doesn't want to sleep with me anymore Well, then you didn't do anything wrong at all

That's it

Oh, it's you, Masao You're back!

If you called me first, I could have met you at the train station How's the baby? He's fine

Is it Masao?

You're tired, right?

He really kicks a lot

Who does he look like?

People say he looks like his mother

You're back, Masao I just came back, mother Father should feel relieved seeing the little boy...


That's good Everything's fine now

You're a good boy

Where is Yuri?

She went to the monastery with Masao I see. Masao used to go there a lot Don't cry, come on

You should go too You are a part of the family Right. I'll be going then

Little baby boy Sleep well and be a good boy Little baby Good boy

Ogino-san How's the baby?

He is fine That's great, he'll grow up healthy Thank you Where are you going?

Masao came back to see the baby and went to the garden with Yuri I am here to pick her up Are you?

Masao likes the scenery here Please take care

It's so good...

Masao, you are my real husband Right The baby boy must be mine too Yes That's how it is!

It's late!

You really didn't see him?

No, we didn't

It must be your father I just told him on the phone that Masao is back So much like father and son!

Just let it be It's just a matter of time

It's been a long while You are already an uncle

Someone jumped on the tracks of Shinkansen and killed himself.

A Suicide? What's the matter?

Nothing, Iwashita hasn't been around since last evening Iwashita?

Why would he commit suicide?

That man was crushed into pieces A leg fell into the river Only half of the body remained

Do you need some rest?


Even with the warm spring in Kyoto, people always complain that the weather is too cold But I like it this way I like it when spring comes and I can feel winter gradually melting I see

Masao, let's stop sleeping separately from tonight onwards

I know about everything that happened... between you and Reiko in these two months I wondered how long it would last, so I kept silent and watched until now But it was good The pleasure of young bodies writhing in bed...

Did you enjoy it?

Well, I know your good intentions too You let me peep on it clearly and spread Reiko's body wide open

But that's enough If you two are going to be like husband and wife at night, just sleep in my room I see

Master, if you allow me, how about the three of us doing it together?

The three of us? Yes I want to help you, Master

I think Reiko and I would like you to join us


But... Women are nothing Women are curious animals, they want immediate pleasure If the three of us don't do it together, she won't be satisfied I think Reiko is a good match for you, Master I see Please arrange it then

That night, when his sister's husband jumped under Shinkansen, they must have done something bestial in this monastery.

After seeing that monstrous scene, he decided to kill himself


Does he do something like that in Kyoto, too?

It can't be forgiven But since my father is involved, I'm not saying anything

The Kannon statue is made with the hands of a perverted person Yet no one cares

Let's go and see him

How could he do anything like that?

Masao Someone is looking for you It's that monk

What do you want me to do?

Leave this place and go back home, is that what you mean?

Going back home is just going back to the kind of bestiality you mentioned

Go on a trip Sever all connections with all immorality, all people, and all places

Even if I go on a trip, Japan is such a small place...

Who killed Iwashita?

It was Iwashita's own heart I gave my sister to that man There's nothing much about dying or not dying It's just the body that dies Anyway, you must leave home Your presence will bring misfortune to each and every one I am not Christ to bring salvation You are creating hell everywhere you go That's the kind of person you are But, Ogino-san, I think I've also made this world more colorful What?

Bringing misfortune to people, creating hell everywhere...

I don't agree with you Can a man do something like that alone?

A man changing another man...

I can't imagine such a thing When a person gets someone involved into something, he has to dig out what's buried deep inside the other person's heart There is no other way It is only you who worry about these things, Ogino-san Is this a kind of arrogance?

I didn't change my sister, Iwashita... nor Master Mori These people only faced their own density when their lives crossed with mine If you insist on saying that it is hell I created, I'll take it as your opinion

But to be aware of one's destiny... doesn't necessarily mean that it should affect one's well-being If seeing one's destiny means that he will be banished in Hell, in order not to let him see that destiny, a giant hand will appear in front of his eyes and block his sight It's the hand of Buddha

In any case, no one has the power to see his own destiny And what if someone really tries?

To help him overcome that desire is the duty for us monks Of course, I may not be strong enough...

No, I am in fact very weak, but I've chosen to be a monk because my heart believes in it If we're talking about that, I think I'd tell you something too...

Ogino-san, after listening to my words, you'll have the responsibility to refute me Once, when I was a child, someone left in the storeroom of my house two old volumes of paintings of Hell I discovered them when I was cleaning up the house I still remember how deeply I was shocked by them That night, I thought about many things What does it mean if such terrible things exist?

If there is really such a place, wouldn't it be better if humans never existed at all?

I kept asking myself countless times I had nightmares almost every night around that time Mother didn't know why I was like that, she just worried a lot Of course, the thoughts that obsessed me receded some time later But, at that time, I thought that, because there is Hell, there must be Heaven, too I always believed this That was around the time I entered junior high I was enthusiastic about Buddhism I got some books about Heaven in Buddhism And, again, I was deeply shocked Hell can be Abi Hell, Muken Hell While the suffering in Hell is described in all kind of details, Heaven, on the contrary, is very simple There is only Buddha and some lotus leaves That's all What I see is that Heaven as it's described has no appeal at all No... not only without appeal, what I can see there is just a pile of skeletons Learning about the punishments in Hell, you can vividly feel the pain Yet seeing a painting of the Rising Sun and Heaven you don't feel any happiness But that is...

Please let me finish As I kept thinking about it, I came upon an idea That's for certain:

The happiness in the paintings of Heaven does not exist It is because happiness comes when one's desire is fulfilled But fulfilling one's desire is necessarily evil So there is no happiness in Heaven


Simply put, this is your convenient way of bending Buddha's teachings to suit the world?

But aren't Buddha's teachings meant for the world?

If there is no happiness in Heaven, then what else is there?

Ogino-san, what is there in Heaven?

There is nothing, Ogino-san!

Nothingness is in Heaven!

It is the Happiness in Nothingness But Nothingness is nothing, so there is no Heaven!

This is the conclusion I came to Buddhism is nothing besides that Nothingness It's Nirvana, not Nothingness!

It has no time, nor space It's a suspension in eternity So there is nothing besides happiness there!

Does one has consciousness when one is dead?

Does consciousness exist in Nirvana?

If consciousness is related to time and space, then it does not exist there And, of course, there cannot be any consciousness of happiness!

Hino-kun, is this the principle behind what you do?

Yes, it is If there is no Heaven, there is no Hell What exists is this Reality alone.

And in this Reality I am caught in, there is no such thing as law Law is something between crime and punishment But, in my kind of Reality, there is no crime, nor punishment But that...

In your kind of Reality, there is nothing but disorder How can a human live on like that?

Humans don't necessarily have to live on We humans are too obsessed with the irrational belief in reproduction and continuation And once this irrational belief is established, all kinds of laws would come up I don't approve of those laws To oppose the Nothingness in Buddhism, this is the only option

You are mad In ancient India, the highest spiritual level was believed to be Nothingness Believers would just live and die on their own, their dead bodies would pile up like a mountain

I am obsessed with Buddhist statues because... they all look at you with the same mysterious smile

That is exactly the countenance of Nothingness

Gradually, you end up seeing only the smile of Buddha

It's a smile of self-mockery, conscious that his teachings contain contradictions

Buddha's smile is in fact a delicate balance It cannot be a tad colder, nor a tad happier

You joined the making of that Kannon statue with such thoughts... and now you want to bring the statue into my monastery?!

The Kannon looks at you with a smile because my and my Master's life is drained into it

I shouldn't have introduced you to him

Ogino-san, this is the Karma between you and me

Ogino-san, you and I are very much alike

Let's live in peace

Ogino-san, you envy me, right?

Envy? What do you mean?

Isn't it nice?

You once fell in love with my sister Ogino-san, can my sister stay with you?

You can take my place and be with her

And then, spring

Master, it's very well done

I'm so tired

I am sure this Kannon statue will silently accept... any kind of people and any kind of wishes

You have to go back in any case, right?

Yes I am going back with the Kannon statue I have been with you all along I thought you were staying here for life

Oh... come in Your lover is going, but you are not seeing him off?

You know about it?

Look what you're saying!

Who put father's health at risk?

It's you and that guy... that bastard

Your father is the happiest one Liar!

Father was dragged into all this

You may say that, but what's wrong with it?

There's nothing better than that

How about it?

Do you like my smooth skin?

What... what are you doing?

What's wrong with it?

There is no one at home right now It's been some time since we were together like this

Masao, you still want to make Buddhist statues?

Yes, I do Father said, in order to support the child, you'll continue to be his uncle Is that alright?

Alright If it's just a title...


Iwashita died without a reason It would be best if you could do the work in Osaka now

How's the baby?

He's sleeping soundly with mother With mother?

That's good!

Yeah I knew you would come back home someday

Father's making strange noises now, I'm afraid he is dying

It's been getting strange since earlier tonight I told him to stop, but he just wouldn't let go of me So, suddenly...

I hoped you'd never visit this monastery again I understand I just want to see the Kannon statue brought in here I shall never come again after that

It has arrived

My father died Has he?

Last night, when he was making love

Hino-san... it's you! I think it was you who killed my father...

No, that's for certain!

You did kill him!

When the Kannon statue just brought here was completed, Master's strength was all used up

He didn't have enough strength left to make another statue You shortened my father's life!

People die when they have no more energy to live

I didn't do anything to shorten his life

You are a murderer!

How's Reiko?

You have to take care of her now Perhaps this would have been Master's greatest wish

Is that Master Mori's?

This chisel was to be donated to the monastery with the statue But...

Die! Die!

Why... me?


Masao, come here!

Grandma! It's grandma!

I buried a carp fish here If you're hungry you can eat it

It's for real!

A carp, a carp This carp can feed a lot of people It's a big one!


This is grandfather

This is your mother

This is your father

Here is Iwashita,

and Reiko

and Master Mori, too

Where are you going, grandma?

It could eat more people. I'd better take it away I'll help you!