Thodisi Bewafaii (1980) Script

Silence in the court room, please.

After hearing the statements of the plaintiff and defendant the court has reached the conclusion that the plaintiff, Nima Chaudhary... does not wish to divorce Arun Chaudhary but wishes to stay separately.

Because, she fears that staying with her husband she will lose her happiness and peace of mind.

As per Article 14, a husband and wife are equals.

The court protects the interests of both parties.

The court, under section 10 of the Hindu Marriage Act, 1955, permits Nima Chaudhary to be separated from her husband.

Under section 20 of Hindu Adoption and Maintenance Act the court orders that their son, Abhinandan, will stay with his mother until he is 14 years of age.

And Arun Kumar, will send them a monthly maintenance of Rs.300.

The court permits Arun Kumar to meet his son every Sunday between 4 and 6 pm at Nima Chaudhary's place.

Go son.

Nima, are you happy now that you have won and I lost?

As per our scriptures, it is said that a child's relationship with his parents, a brother's relationship with his sister, cannot be broken.

Likewise,even a husband's relationship with his wife cannot be broken.

I had never expected that I'll lose everything like this so soon.

Is it not possible that lam given one more chance?

Let's go, Nima.

Whatever you are doing for Nima is wrong.

Think again! You think, we are leaving.


Listen to me before leaving.

Nandu was a bridge between us. You're snatching him & breaking that bridge.

The broken bridge will look at both the shores longingly.

Nandu will suffer. How will he feel?

Despite having a father, he will be called an orphan.

You are accusing me, but it is you who has betrayed me.

"We have been separated today"

"With no fear of tomorrow"

"Life is not so simple"

"The wounds are not obvious now, but

"with time, they will become a sore"

"When the rage subsides with time"

"The heart will ache"

"We have been separated today

"The gossipers don't lose anything"

"They go to any extent"

"Who will give answers?"

"People only ask questions"

"We have been separated today


We'll meet next week. Go.

Daddy, daddy, the ball went in the well.

Daddy came running.

He took a pail. He took a pail.

And brought the ball And brought the ball out of the well. out of the well.


Daddy, even I will come with you.

Nandu, it's 6 O'clock. Go.

Thank you.

Sir, I have fitted the orders.

Show me your hand.

Do you have magic in your hands?

How did you end up here? You can polish diamonds.

4, 5, 6... Here's Rs.600, your salary.

It's Friday today. I have to go to the mosque. You also take leave.

Arun, shall I ask you something by God's grace?

Yes sir, by God's grace.

Throwing my dialogue at me? Even I have played mischief in my youth.

What a youth it was!

The traffic would come to a standstill when I crossed the road.

If I winked at a girl, she would faint.

She would have to be taken to the hospital.

But forget winking and ogling at girls even to look at my wife, I have to wear glasses, by God's grace.

What was I saying? By God's grace.


Arun, we have a customer.

Yes madam, what can I do for you?

So I am madam for you now?

Until yesterday, I was your beloved. Don't you even recognise your wife?

I was waiting for you at home, and you are gathering money over here?

Don't you want to come to the mosque?

How can I forget? You are like a musical instrument that keeps playing in my heart always, by God's grace.

Tell him it's not Sunday today.

Namdeo, I know it is not Sunday, but ask your madam that can't I even see Nandu? Not at all!

Namdeo, this is Rs.300, the monthly maintenance, and a suit for Nandu.

Tell him we don't need the money.

Nor should he try to give it henceforth.

It will be better if he spends it on those whom he loves.

Listen...keep the suit for Nandu.

And tell him that henceforth, he should come, only on Sunday at the specified time.

Not to try and come here on any other day.

Nima, there is a limit to adamance.

Whatever way I want to try and come close to you you want to erase that path.

Your behavior will distance you from the whole world, make you lonely.

Neither will anyone come to you, nor will you be able to find a way... to come to me.

But remember one thing.

Even the sorrow in your husband's home is better than the comfort of your mother's home.

I will wait for Nandu to be 14.

And never wait for Sunday again.

Arun, this waiting for Sunday is going to kill me.

I cannot wait so long.

Is it not possible that we meet every day?

It is. You also fail your graduation exam.

Even if I do, so what? As if I have to take up a job.

My life will be made just getting you.

Alright, if that's what you wish. Shall we go?


Tell me, when are you marrying me?

After you fail graduation.

Naughty! Leave...leave!


Nima, where were you until such a late hour?

It's only 11.

And anyway, it is Sunday today. And you know Johnson the one who wrote the dictionary; even he took Sunday off.

He used to even set his dog free.

If your mother was alive, even I would set you free like Johnson's dog.

But I am a father who has made a mistake once.

You can see the result of not interfering in Narendra's life.

What is he today? An ordinary clerk, and the husband of an ordinary clerk.

Both have to work to manage the house.

Freedom is good only to a certain extent.

Too much freedom is not good. It can ruin a person's life.

I don't want that to happen to you.

Father, coming late sometimes is not such a big deal.

One who has no mission in life, his life is useless.

But you are my life's mission.

How can I let you roam free until late hours with a stranger?

Then tie me to a chain. Atleast you'll achieve your life's mission.

Chain...there is a bond stronger than a chain.

The bond of marriage.

Who is he? Does he want to marry you?


Ask him to come and meet me.

'Love made me useless, or even I was a man capable'

Thank you. My pleasure.

Why do you drink water before eating food?

It's a matter of habit, the way you drink buttermilk.

That's my desire.

What's the difference between the two?

I have been ruined in your love, I have become useless.

Before you become even more useless... go and meet father. He wants to meet you.

Sure. After meeting me, your father will immediately give consent.

Bye dad. Bye.

What's wrong with you? Can't you eat even this much?

Has Arun left for the shop?

Shop? He is still in bed.

Coming late at night has become a norm.

You won't tell him anything. If I do, people will say lam his step mother and look for ways to trouble my step son.

I only asked if Arun had gone to the shop, and you spoke so much.

Arun is very good at heart.

You are elder to him in age and relationship.

Just try making him feel he's dear. And he'll become very close to you.

It is so many years since I came to this house.

But he hates calling me mother.

Then how can I consider him dear?

Hello...Arvind Kumar Chaudhary here.

Mr.Chaudhary, I am Surendra Deshmukh. Income tax officer, BSD - East.

It was a call from an income tax officer.

He wanted to speak in connection with the alliance of Arun with his daughter Nima.

He was saying they love each other.

Good. You won't have to go hunting for a daughter-in-law now.

Arun, go to the shop soon, I will be coming late.

I have to meet the income tax officer.

But I had settled the account.

Is it? Then why has he called me?

Maybe he wants to open a new account with us.

Wow! It's beautiful. You cut diamonds very well.

Good day.

Arun...hello. Come Karuna, sit down.

Here's Rs.200 for your fees, and the balance for other expenses.

Rs.200 is enough for now. lfl need more, I'll ask for it.

Keep it Karuna, buy a dress for yourself.

Or I'll be angry. Alright. Thank you. Good day.

Jaswant, make a sharp cut and join this part, it will look beautiful.

They make a beautiful pair. Yes. God save them from evil eyes.

Nima, remember my words.

A wife's pride is her husband.

To keep that pride, look for your happiness in his.

In that lies the secret of a happy family.

Arun, Nima lost her mother when she was little.

I have fulfilled her every wish, given her every happiness.

Maybe my love has made her a little stubborn.

I make only one request.

Consider Nima a part of you.


We have to look after the guests too. Come.

I am Veena, your elder sister-in-law, and she's Seema your younger sister-in-law.

She is dumb, whereas I am a free minded girl, so I am studying in Delhi She is very talkative.

You are crossing your limits. When elders are talking youngsters should not interfere.

And Nima, you have a brother-in-law too. His name is Arjun.

He is afflicted with polio. He's taking treatment in Poona.

Veena, what is all this? She has just come.

Why are you troubling her?

Come on, escort her to Arun's room.

Alright...come, Nima.

You took so long to come.

Sorry brother. Wanted to say something important to Nima.

Nima, you will give Arun his bed coffee from tomorrow.

Our duty is over now. Right, brother?

Shall I leave? What's the hurry? Come and sit.

Say everything together.

What are you thinking?

Nothing. Nothing at all?

I was thinking about myself.

What people want from life, they don't normally get it.

But I always got what I wanted.

Nima, you are lucky.

And you? Me?...You are my luck.

It's yum.

What happened? I hurt myself.



This is very bad. Doesn't matter, I'll cure it right away.

I have a magic cure. Look.

Thank you. Welcome.

Now tell me, can you walk, or do I carry you on my shoulder?

You looked more beautiful when you were limping.

If you were lame, I would have fallen in love with you two years earlier.

What? My love!

'The sleep is his, the nights are his'

'the one on whom your tresses fell'



It was father's call. He has called us back.

There is an auction of diamonds in Delhi.

Nima, looks like we were destined only for this many days of honeymoon.

Yes...yes, it will be done, don't worry.

Arun! When did you come?

Two hours ago.

Okay...bless you.

There was an auction of diamonds in Delhi.

I wanted to send you there. Then I came to know the government is selling them in the international market... and that programme got canceled. Anyway, it's okay.

Did you go to meet your sister in Delhi?

Actually father, there was very little time Hello Mr.Arvind. Come in, sir.

It's very expensive.

We have never cut such a big diamond before.

I have bought it for 3 million rupees.

But if you give it a good cut I'll be able to sell it for 5 million.

Sir, you trusted us, that alone is a matter of pride for us.

I will give it such a good cut the diamond will talk.

Here's the receipt Arvind, do a good job.

I will myself supervise the job, don't worry.

Sir, could you please give me half a day's leave?

I have to take my wife to the doctor. What's the complain?

She coughs all day. It's she who coughs, but me who feels the pain.

Here's Rs.100. Take her to some good doctor.

Thank you, sir.

A wife is meant to be loved.

"I have adorned your eyes with dreams"

"By lifting your gaze, you have cast a magic spell"

"You are my dream"

"You are my reality"

"You, and only you is who I think of"

"I have adorned your eyes with dreams

"I have cut diamonds to make your eyes glow"

"I will keep you in my heart forever"

"It is with difficulty

"I have found colour in my life"

"I have adorned your eyes with dreams

"These moments will never be repeated again"

"We won't stay apart even in our dreams now"

"I have found life only after you have smiled at me"

"My heart pays obeisance to you"

"You lifted your gaze and time stopped"

"In these stopped moments

"I have spent a lifetime"

"I have adorned your eyes with dreams"

Nima, you also come. I'll eat with Arun, father.

Sujata, a woman's biggest weapon to woo her husband is that she doesn't eat without her him.

How can Arun escape you now, Nima?

He will return straight home as soon as he finishes work.

Brother is back! He's back already.

What is the matter, son? You look lost.

Father...father... Will you say something?

Father, that diamond broke.

What!! How is that possible?

A hair came in the diamond. I didn't notice it.

Stupid! What have you done! Do you know it's value? 3 million!

The owner will demand 5 million from me.

Even if I sell myself, I cannot pay that kind of money.

Father! What happened?

Someone call the doctor.

Sujata, I have been ruined by my own son.

You are unfortunate. Even Arun's mother was unfortunate.

My poverty took her away from me.


In the field of life, my battle was against poverty.

I had defeated it many years ago.

I had left it far behind.

It is challenging me again today.

Look after Sujata and my children.

If you act irresponsible, my soul will not rest in peace.

The one who has orphaned us. In your presence, what will he look after us after you are gone?

You are giving my responsibility to someone who won't fulfill it.

Don't say that, Sujata. Arun will never do that.

When one branch falls off the tree puts all its power in its other branches and becomes even more greener.

Arun, come close to me.


Has everyone eaten? I told her, but mother is refusing.


Mother, eat food.

You all eat, I am not hungry.

How did you assume you mean nothing to me?

In your happiness lies mine.

Arun, our fate is against us.

Why should I have complaints against you?

Call Arjun back from Poona. Let him stay with us.


Another thing, I have repaid all the losses.

I have even rented a home.

After completing the mourning period of 11 days we will shift there. Will we have to leave this home?

Seema, it is just a matter of a few days.

Once Arun sets business again, we will come back here.

Brother, I won't go to Delhi. I'll take admission here.

Veena, you think your brother is such a coward?

As per your wish, you will study in Delhi.

I want you to be a research scholar. Your expenses are not all that much.

Come, let's eat.

Mother, you enter first.

This is our kitchen.

This is our dinning hall.


This is our drawing room, hall, and...everything.

Where is Nima's bedroom? Oh yes. Nima's bedroom This one!

Where is my reading room?

Here. Here?


Your reading room on one side of the door, & your drawing room on the other How can I study here? I will get disturbed.

In Shanti Niketan, students study under trees.

Your room is air-conditioned.

Mother, Veena is teasing me. Study where you like.

I'll study inside. Alright.

But remember, if you study inside, you'll flunk.

You! Hey! don't fight.

Karuna, I am standing surety for your education loan from the bank.

Collect money from the bank. Mother praises you a lot.

If it wasn't for you, wonder what mess we'd be in.

In this big world, everyone finds someone.

And then, you deserve to be loved.

I'll be going. If I get late, my boss will scream.

Nima, leave that, let me do it. Arun must be waiting for you.

How many times have I told you not to sleep on your stomach?

And how many times have I told you not to come late to your husband's room?

Have you married me or my family? You are always working.

They can manage the chores. You have other things to do.

You have become very naughty. If I don't do the chores, I'll be defamed.

You won't lose anything.

Can I go to my father's place for a few days?

It's not right for you to go now.

Your brother and father will not give you the same respect they did.

My father and brother are not like that. They love me a lot.

But call them up sometimes.

And... And what?

And tell father he is going to be a grandpa.

Damn your father! What?

"Listen sister-in-law, my darling sister-in-law"

"I'll give you gold if you deliver a son"

"No sister-in-law, more valuable than gold

"I'll give you good wishes, if you deliver a girl"

"if it's a boy, I promise I'll make him sleep with me"

"if it's a girl, I'll feed her myself"

Babies don't eat food, they drink milk.

Who will feed her milk?

"Listen sister-in-law

"The little boy

"I will make him wear a coat"

"I will make the baby girl wear a frock"

You don't know, it's going to be a boy.

No, it's going to be a girl!

I said it's going to be a boy! No, it's going to be a girl.

Sister-in-law, you help us compromise.

What if you have twins? That's better!

A girl, and a boy!

"Listen sister-in-law, my darling sister-in-law"

"May you deliver a girl and a boy"

Leaving? Come out with us sometimes.

Today is pay day. You come at 10 and leave at 6 like girls.

Friend, there are many other sorrows in life.

Anyway, I have to go some place.

He's lying. I'm sure he's having an affair.

What do you think, Ms.Mona?

I think you'll get beaten by a girl some day.

You are always talking of girls and affairs.

You get angry, but unnecessarily.

You always scare me I'll get beaten by a girl.

Why don't you beat me? I'm waiting to get beaten by you.

If you beat me, I swear, I'll take it all on my bald head.

Arun, come here.

Look, I hate your being late.

If you don't value time, time won't value you.

Sir, I have many responsibilities.

It takes me an hour to come from one job to another.

I don't understand your two job norm.

Like this, you will tire before you reach your destination.

When God has given you such talent, why do you worry?

Work only for me.

Sir, I make Rs.600 more there, that helps me sail through.

I will give you Rs.600, plus commission.

If you work well, you can make good money.

Alright then, I accept.

You gave me a beautiful son today.

And I am so unfortunate that I cannot even give you a gift.

Have I ever asked for one? You are my biggest gift.

Nima, even your love is very precious to me.

I feel like getting you the moon.

Nandu, come up. No, I'll play here.

You have become very stubborn. I'll tell your dad, he'll beat you.

I'll tell dad, he'll beat you. Get up!

Why are you scolding him, Nima?

Children have a habit of imitating their parents.

Is it proper that the mother-in-law and sister-in-law sit comfortably, and the poor daughter-in-law is working all day.

Is this fair? They must treat their daughter-in-law as their daughter.

She is her step mother-in-law. That's why she is so cruel.

I have heard her father is an income tax officer.

If he hears this, he will call her home immediately.

May fate not betray anyone like this.

What is your problem? You should feel ashamed to gossip like that.

She is calling as shameless. We took pity on her, and she is abusing us.

It's you and your husband who are shameless that you go out hand in hand.

Shut-up, rogues! She's calling us rogues.

You are a rogue, you are a rogue family.

That is why God gave you step in-laws.

What attitude!

Sujata, only you can live with her. She's too much!

We were filling water. She called us shameless and rogues.

I apologise on her behalf. Now hear that!

Let's go.

You are not ready yet? Look, I have brought tickets. Quick!

And I've even bought a saree for you. You'll have to wear this and come.

Brother, it's very pretty. I'll take it.

I'll get you another one, this is for Nima.

Get Nima another. Seema, you don't wear sarees.

What will you do with it? I'll wear it right now.

Give it back'. You have become a sprint brat.

It's okay mother, I'll get another one for Nima.

Let's go Nima, we are getting late. I won't come.

I'll get a similar saree for you tomorrow.

Seema is young, she has to get married.

If she wears good clothes, she'll look good, she'll get a good husband.

Why don't you understand? Because I'm crazy.

Look, it's not right to be angry over such a small thing.

I don't like anyone coming in the way of my happiness.

You are doing so much for them. Yet their greed doesn't satiate.

They should be ashamed to exert so much right.

Speak softly. What is wrong with you today?

Where is Nandu? I don't see him. In hell! How do I know?

You give your sister an education in Delhi your lame brother studies in Poona and you send your own son to a dirty municipal school.

He's naturally going to go to hell.

Nandu is still young. Let him grow up, we'll put him in a good school.

Arun, I don't like hearing such taunts from Nima.

That's why I'd told you to call Arjun back.

He cannot walk properly, who will look after him here?

The institute has said he'll be able to walk on crutches in a few years.

Arun, I will take up stitching orders from tomorrow.

Apart from Veena & Arjun's expenses, I'll even manage sundry expenses.

People even feed their pet dog. You do the same.

Enough! Everybody is saying what he wants,you all only care for yourselves

Arun, you had asked for leave today, by God's grace.

How come you are back? That too, with a sullen look.

My programme got canceled, so I came back.

Good you came back. There is lots of work pending.

Look at his walk.

If you have to come, why come with a long face?

Come all fresh like tomatoes, potatoes, cabbage.

Is this a vegetable shop of a spectacles shop?

It is a spectacles shop.

Tell me, what can I do for you? Show me some frames.


Seema, go get two pots of water. It's time for Arun to come.

No, I want to study. Mom, tell Nima.

Didn't you hear what I said? The taps are dry since afternoon.

When Arun returns, he will get angry. Go.

They don't even let me study.

Durga, if Seema's father was alive, she wouldn't see this day.

When she should be studying, she has to do house chores.

Even Sujata works so hard. She is always busy.

People say a daughter-in-law comes home to make the family comfortable.

But it's the opposite here.

The daughter-in-law is busy wearing flowers in her hair.

How will she help in the house chores?

Sister, it's all one's destiny.

It will be better if you don't talk about such bitter things.

Nima will feel bad. Then should I quietly tolerate it?

You two leave. Let's go.

People gossiped in the street before. Now they sit in our home and gossip.

Using the ruse of stitching clothes, you want to defame me and Arun.

What demand of yours does he not fulfill, that you have started stitching?

Why are you venting their anger on me?

Because you encourage them.

You taunt us over every little thing.

Nima, you can stay separateā€œ; with Arum.

We'll manage somehow by God's grace.

God may wake us up hungry, but he won't put us to bed hungry.

Where is Nima? I think she is sleeping.

Mother, serve me dinner.

You have started coming home late again.

One works during day and rests at night.

A wife doesn't like her husband coming home late at night.

Mother, the boss' wife was not well, so I got late.

To serve dinner to her husband is a wife's duty, her desire.

Even that right is being snatched from me today.

Nima, I did call out to you, but you were sleeping.

I was only sleeping, I had not died.

I'm sorry Nima, forgive me.

Nima, serving doesn't make a difference.You only have cooked dinner.

She wants to show you she does all the house chores.

Why should anyone else serve dinner to my husband when I am around?

You are out of the house all day.

Cheap neighbourhood women are called here for gossiping.

Taunting remarks are made against me.

My dressing up, even my wearing flowers is questioned.

And she quietly hears everything. Why are you lying, Nima?

I wear flowers because my husband is still alive. Like your Stop your nonsense, Nima! Or I may raise my hand!

Nima, richness and poverty come and go like sun and shade.

A little trouble of poverty has made you lose control.

You have become so selfish in your husband and son's love that you have no love left for others.

Be my strength, not my weakness.

Or I may weaken.

Hello, who is this?

This is Noor, proprietor of Darshan opticals.

I am income tax officer. Yes, tell me?

Is Arun in? Yes.

Can you please put him on?

Sure. Hold on. Arun, your call.

Arun here. Arun, Surendra here.

Hello. Hello. Come to my office.

I have some work. Alright.

Come soon. I'll come right away.

Mister, keeping friends with income tax officers is not safe.

Don't put me at a risk by God's grace.

Good evening, sir. Good evening, Arum.

Sit down.

Nima had called. What?

Every person has a style of living.

The place where you have put her up in is not suitable for her.

Sir, even we live in that atmosphere.

Arun, roses don't bloom in muck.

Though some people, like lotuses, can grow in muck too.

You know I am an honest man. I have not taken help from anyone until now.

But I will speak to someone for your sake, to help you.

Start some small business. Take a good rented place.

But please keep your mother and sister separate.

Send them some money every month.

You cannot sacrifice Nima's happiness for their sake.

I am leaving. You didn't answer me.

Sir, you only told me to treat Nima as a part of me.

Tell Nima I cannot dismember my body.

Because my mother, brother and sisters are also a part of me.

Mother, where is Nima?

Her friend had come. She has gone with Nandu to see her off.

What is it, mother? I was thinking why educate Veena?

The more she studies, the more difficult it will be to find a groom for her.

In our good days, my friend, Krishna, wanted Veena as her daughter-in-law.

I had avoided the issue then.

Her son is a graduate.

He will manage to get a job somewhere.

I will speak to Krishna.

If Veena is married, my worry, and your burden will be reduced.

Will she agree? People change with time.

Maybe even she has changed her mind. Because I heard Ashwini's father is demanding a dowry of Rs.15000.

And paying such a huge sum together is difficult.

Yes, Ashwini's father is a greedy man.

But I am sure Krishna will convince him.

If you think it is proper, I don't mind.

Are you confining me in this circle?

I am protecting you.

What are you doing? Making a home of my dreams.

If dream you must, then why of huts, why not of mansions?

Shall I ask you something, Nima? You have the permission.

Mother wants to get Veena married to her friend's son.

If they give consent, we will need money.

I want you to give me your jewelry.

Now I realise why you brought me here.

It's for a good cause.

I won't give my jewelry. Every chess pawns have a specific move.

But your mother makes every kind of move.

You are mistaken, Nima.

If she was like that, she wouldn't give me her jewelry to repay the losses we suffered after I broke the diamond.

She had told me you are a new bride, so I should not take your jewelry.

That you may not like it.

You don't want to take help from my father.

But you don't mind taking your wife's jewelry?

What's the hurry in getting your sister married?

Earlier, when you spoke, your every word was sweet as honey.

And today, your poisoned tongue, has made you suspicious of everything.

Yes, what's the hurry to get her married?

Her marriage can take place later.

What is the matter, Karuna? You are blooming, and look happy.

What is this? I want to give you a surprise.

What surprise? I have passed.

If your father was alive today, he'd be pleased to see you graduate as a doctor.

When he died, I was with him.

He was very worried about you.

In those days, I loved singing.

I took lessons from him. He was a great poet, but didn't get recognition But I remember his words. He always said

'Of what use is an instrument that has no music'

'Of what use is the heart that has no pain'

If you had not supported me, my life would be ruined.

I would become that stone in the street... which a thousand feet would kick everyday.

But you installed this stone on the temple doorstep.

On which bloomed flowers of sanctity.

I was a stone, you polished me into a diamond.

One lamp brightens another.

You also light another lamp, and I will assume you have done your duty.

That's all I want.

What is the matter, Nima? ls everything alright?

I am going to my father's place.

At such a late hour?

I tolerated the neighbours and your family's taunts until today.

Only because my husband's love was my only support.

But now I realise even that love was fake.

You have betrayed me.

I am noticing that you find an excuse to fight with me every day.

Today, even I have become the butt of your suspicion.

Ask Mahendra what we saw. Yes, we saw it ourselves.

Look Nima, suspicion and anger has ruined many homes.

I'll explain to you. You are a city educated, modern woman Don't touch me! Unfortunately, I am not so modern that I celebrate on seeing my husband eating sweets from the hand of another woman.

Mahendra, get a taxi.

I am taking Nandu. He's running a temperature.

It's not right of you to leave home.

Before accusing Arun, at least give him a chance to explain.

Suspecting your husband is akin to suspecting God.

I have faith in myself, I don't want to hear anymore.

He has disgraced the sacred relationship of a husband and wife.

Ask him, would he accept it if I had behaved in a similar fashion?

Shut-up! You take immense pride in your father, brother and your views.

Let me see how many days they keep you.

I will die, but won't come begging to you.

Nima, I won't let you take Nandu.

Look, stay one night. Maybe you change your mind tomorrow.

You have lost the right to tell me anything, or stop me, lam leaving. I will call for Nandu tomorrow. Send him.

Then hear this before leaving.

You won't get Nandu!

I will drag you to court for Nandu.

I am not so rich Mahendra, to be able to afford to send you to Germany for two years.

You can do MBA from Ahmedabad.

Or even from Tata school. Both are reckoned institutions.

It is my desire, father. If you refuse, I may get frustrated and not be fit to do anything.

Please understand my ambition.

I want you to take one step at a time to reach your destination.

If you want to jump and reach your goal, that's not desire, that's foolishness.

Father, one must do things fast in today's times.

If Mahendra goes to Germany, doors will open automatically for him.

Or lack of money may chain his advancing feet.

If you cannot arrange the money, I'll sell my jewelry to send him.

What happened, father?

Burnt. I hurt Mahendra, so I burnt my tongue.

I'm sorry Mr. Lalwani, there is no scope of reducing this amount.

It will be better if you deposit Rs.200000 immediately.

If you like, I can give you a week's time.

If there is no scope, one makes ways.

It's very simple. You take Rs.50000, and impose a tax of Rs.50000.

Both will benefit that way.

I think you have not heard about me. I can fine you, even send you to jail.

Anger doesn't make matters, it worsens them.

Whether you take or not, it's up to you, but I must say by charging me Rs.200000 if you are getting a promotion or a reward, I'll surely pay the Rs.200000.

If not, then just think, you will retire in 2-3 years.

When you reach home, you'll still have responsibilities and needs.

And you won't be able to fulfill them with your pension and provident fund.

Until you have the position, take advantage of it.

I'll wait outside for you to call me.

It is my desire, father. If you refuse, I may get frustrated and not be able to do anything.

Understand my ambition.

If you cannot arrange the money, I'll sell my jewelry and send him.

Sir... Send Mr. Lalwani in.

And get two teas. Yes sir.

Are you Mr.Lalwani? Yes.

Go, sir has called you.

Mr.Surendra Deshmukh. We are from the anti corruption bureau.

Open that bag.

Can you tell us where you got so much money from?

You are under arrest Mr. Deshmukh.

Thank you Mr.Lalwani.

A 11 year old girl becomes mother.

Income tax officer caught red handed accepting a bribe.

Darshan Opticals.

Arun, what have you got me into?

My spectacles shop was doing so well, you made me start a lens factory.

Do one thing, you manage the factory, I'll manage the shop.

Sir, making lens is not difficult, selling them is.

You cannot do that.

Nice joke.

If I get a buyer, I can sell a comb to a bald man.

You are teaching a fish to swim?

Listen, our lens are of top quality.

Go all out and book orders.

Alright...good day.

Hello. Arun..recognise me?

Who else can speak so sweetly, except the nightingale.

You will be pleased to know that we have rented a place at Mount Mary.

Note down the address.

Ground floor, number 54, Aashiana.

We will wait at dinner for you tonight.

Don't disappoint us. Hello...hello...

Welcome Arun. Congratulations for your new home.

Thank you.

I was sure you would come.


The flat is very good.

Seeing the Sitar, lam reminded of your father.

Madam, get Karuna married now.

You only do this job of finding me a groom like you.

Some love sick patient will come to your hospital and you will lose your heart to him.

Until Nima doesn't return, I won't get married.

Then you will never get married.

Your chances are very poor, I must say.

Nima, a smudge on a stone can be rubbed off.

But the scar on the heart can never be erased.

I was blinded for a moment.

It is my misfortune that I made a mistake for which I have to pay so heavily.

We will have to vacate this place now.

Mahendra will go and live in some guest house.

I will go to Nashik and live with Narendra.

And you go back to Arun.

Father, you should have told me this when I had left my husband & come here.

But you didn't stop me then. If you have no place for me in your home there will surely be place for me in the sea bed.

You are sitting on that dry branch of a tree which is infested. It may break anytime and render you helpless.

If you feel bad, I'll never say it again.

Namdeo, come here.

Yes master? Namdeo, keep this watch.

This is my last gift.

We are grateful to you for having served us for so many years.

Find yourself another job.

Of what use is this watch to me?

Time has come to a standstill for me. My life has come to a standstill.

I am only waiting for my breath to stop now.

My entire's life's good work has come to naught.

I have been suspended from my job.

And maybe after the case, I'll even lose the job.

Master, God willing, you will win the case.

Please don't feel dejected, or what will become of me?

Can the shadow leave light?

Namdeo, you are crazy! Master!

Bless you, son. Bless you.

Nima, what's your son's name? My name is Nandu.

Nice name. Come father. Yes.

I'll take it.

This happened because of Mahendra. He was insisting on going to Germany.

You know I am not a rich man; I made a mistake for the first time.

And I wasn't forgiven even one sin.

Wonder how others commit so many crimes and sins.

So where is Mahendra now?

He is in Bombay. Nima insisted he be sent to Germany.

She sold her jewelry to sponsor his education.

He will leave for Germany in 8-10 days.

Come. Come.


Come Arun. Hello.

Karuna, he is my business partner, Mr. Noor-e-Chashm.

She's his wife. Hello She's my wife.

They have done me many flavours.

Sister-in-law, tell her your problem.

Doctor, even if I walk two steps, I go out of breath.

My heels begin to ache. My husband says I have become fat.

Tell me, am I fat?

My father used to say that a woman should be well endowed.

Wife, you have become a heavy weight champion.

But do you know how people taunt me? How?

They say, 'look, there goes the fatso's husband'

At that time, I feel like climbing your shoulder, jumping off and committing suicide.

Suicide is very wrong, brother.

What is your daily diet? I hardly eat anything.

For breakfast I eat two pounds of butter, 6 eggs, 12 bread loaves two liters of milk, and 12 bananas.

I don't feel very hungry in the afternoon, so I eat two kilos of roasted mutton, two kilos rice, this much curd and a little buttermilk.

At night, my husband forces me to eat.

So I eat a kilo of chicken, and about two and a half kilos of fish.

Sister-in-law, from tomorrow, you will walk 3 miles in the morning and evening.

As for your diet, have an egg, a toast, a glass of milk for breakfast.

Vegetable soup for lunch, nothing in the evening and for dinner, have some rice with curd.

And you'll be rid of all your problems.

Doctor, what you have prescribed should I take that after my regular diet, or before?

Thank you.


Sister, had you not sold your jewelry and helped me I would have got frustrated and become useless.

I'll never forget your favour.

You do favours for strangers, not dear ones.

You are my younger brother.

It's just a matter of two years. They'll fly away.

I will come back and give you all the happiness in the world.

That's what I hope.

Final announcement for all passengers flying on flight Air India Al125 I'll be going. Tell father & brother I will write as soon as I reach there.

Bless you. And yes, do buy glasses for yourself Don't be careless about it. I won't.


Just a minute...yes, tell me.

Show me some good frames. Sure.

Good frames. All our frames are good.

Lots of people are wearing glasses these days.

Food is adulterated, that's why.

Here. I'll give you a good frame.Your husband will love you, by God's grace.

It suits you. It's made of German silver.

I only have a few pieces left. Import has been banned.

No. Didn't like it?

Arun, when I am attending the customer, why are you interfering?

Madam, don't be angry. Frame and love should be of your own choice.

Pick any you like. Will you take tea?

I will. Boy, get me tea.

And one buttermilk too.

Keep it here. And give him the buttermilk.

Give it to madam.

My wife has come.

Now you attend the customer.

Madam, with your permission, may I leave?

I'll serve you some other time.

Good day.

Move. Why can't you sit on the other side?

'The same anger, the same stubbornness, & the same cold behavior'

'How heartless you are. You didn't even ask how I am'

How are you? I'm fine. And very happy too.

I read about your father in the newspaper. I was sorry.

Why sorry? You should have been happy.

You wanted to see how many days he can keep me.

'Don't you miss Nandu? You didn't ask how Nandu is'

How is Nandu? He must be missing me.

He hasn't until now. Must have forgotten you.

If forgetting could break ties there would be no love, hatred, or pain in life.

'If you felt so hurt, why didn't you come again?'

'Why are you behaving like a stranger?'

You must be married. Yes.

I have a son too.

'What would you lose if you'd said you have two sons?'

'Even Nandu is your son'

'How soon men forget their wives'

'Women are crazy to worship them for life'

Are you surprised?

Why should I be surprised? That is what I expected of you.

Here's my address. Send the glasses when they are ready.

How much advance? Advance is for strangers.

I know you.

Then keep the full amount.

"Wonder what will happen when tomorrow will come"

"What is past does not return"

"Those who break off the branches of time"

"Know, that broken branches don't flower"

"We have been separated today"

"With no fear of tomorrow"

"Life is not so simple"

Mom...stop stitching now.

It's not necessary anymore.

Alright. Give me your hand.

Why? Come on.

Even my own son would not do as much as you are doing.

If ever I have committed a sin in life, it is doubting you.

I am ashamed of myself. Very ashamed.

Mother, you doubted me, yet stood by me.

What do I do about those who have left me?

If you permit me, I'll apologise to Nima.

If she doesn't like our staying here, I'll go away to Veena's place in Delhi Veena's husband is a good man.

Seema can complete her education there.

No mother, you don't know how proud she is. She'd come to my shop today.

She answered my every question with bitter words.

Like a kid feels happy breaking toys.

Thus, she wants to hurt me at every step and gloat.

'You are very stubborn. You sent the frame of your choice'

'I don't know why, I feel good losing today'

"I turned around

"and looked at a thousand paths"

"But didn't hear a call from anywhere"

"With complete devotion

"you maintained

"my little disloyalty"

"Where you turned away from me

"those paths still exist"

"On my feet, wonder how many

"clamps I have put"

"With complete devotion

"it should have happened some day

"that you had suffered what I have"

"The night I spent tormented"

"You should have spent that night"

"With complete devotion

"You insisted I call you"

"And I hoped you would"

"I still have your name on my lips"

"But my voice is cracked"

"I turned around and looked at a thousand paths! I've been calling you, and you are not listening.

Whenever you wear those glasses, you forget yourself.

You change the lens, but not the frame.

Nandu, your father had chosen this frame for me.

Mother, give me father's address, I'll meet him.

No. In his love for his other son, he has forgotten you.

If he loves you even a little, he will surely come and take you.

And you? Not me.

Then even I won't go.

Mother, I forgot. I have to pay my exam fees of Rs.30 by tomorrow.

Or I won't be able to give my exams.


Soaps of Rs.12.50! When will you stop such useless expenditure?

Why did you have to buy so many soaps?

Brother, Nandu has to pay his exam fees. He wants Rs.30.

Where do I have so much money? I give you food, clothes.

Is that less?

But if he doesn't pay fees by tomorrow, he'll lose a year.

How will his passing the exam help?

As if someone is waiting to give him a job.

Heed my advice and make him take up a job.

He will learn something and even earn some money.

Brother! Why are you taking offense?

Mahendra has gone to Germany with your money.

He studied there, took up a job there, is enjoying his life over there.

He forgot all about you. He should have sent you some money.

He didn't send any. He thinks I am the king of Nashik.

Can I ask the secret behind your purchasing this house again?

Our richness which was mortgaged with time is back with us again.

It is true that richness and poverty comes and goes like sun and shade.

Here's your cheque.

Sir, I want to pawn this. I need Rs.200.

I do give loans, but don't accept wedding chains as surety.

When your dear ones turn away from you, I have to pay Nandu's fees.

This is wrong! Narendra has money for liquor, not to pay this child's fees?

I'll go and question him. Even his wife is earning.

Yet they can't give you money?

No sir, please don't. Keep this.

Take dear.

Keep it sir, or I will sell it in the bazaar.

But dear Please sir.

As you wish. I was talking in your interest.

What state the poor lady has come to.

Dear Mahendra, it's many days since I heard from you.

You left Bombay and stayed put in Germany.

Nandu is appearing for his 10th grade.

I cannot even afford to pay his fees.

Narendra refused to help. But how can I complaint?

He pays for our food and clothes.

I have pawned my wedding chain and arranged to pay Nandu's exam fees.

After school, I have to send him to college. I need money.

If you can send me some money, it'll come in handy.

Who are you writing to, mom? To Mahendra in Germany.

Send uncle and aunt my regards.

Nandu sends his regards.

I am waiting for your letter and money desperately.

Your sister, Nima.

Results of 10th grade.

Give me a newspaper.


Son, I feel so good today.

Until yesterday, I felt my feet are sinking in the ground.

But today, my feet have found ground.

Nandu, I will educate you and make you a big man.


Mom, a letter from Mahendra uncle from Germany.

Sister Nima, hello.

I was on a tour to Canada. Even Lisa was with me.

I got your letter after I reached Germany.

We have bought a bungalow here.

The expenses are very high, I cannot make any savings.

I will come to India next year and pay off your loan.

Everything is cheap in India. Take money from Narendra and educate Nandu.

Even Lisa goes to work. There is a dearth of servants here.

If you don't mind, you can come and live with us.

You will feel good, and even we will get help.

Let me know, so that I can arrange your visa and papers.

Give my regards to Narendra and his wife.

Nandu must have grown up into a handsome young man.

Yours, Mahendra.

What is the matter, mother? Your uncle didn't send money.

Even I told Narain Swamy I won't do this work Uncle, I cleared my 10th grade. Very good!

Here, take Rs.1. Go and have sweets.

When I had cleared my exam, father had given me Rs.5.

I had felt very nice then. Even you must be feeling nice.

Uncle, Mahendra uncle has sent a letter.

Mom says he didn't send money.

Uncle, please pay my college fees.

Nandu, your this uncle is poor.

My salary is just enough to manage the house.

Where do I bring money for your education, your books, your clothes?

Take up a job, or wait for Mahendra uncle.

Uncle, do you have the address of my father?

If we had his address, wouldn't we send you there?

Nandu, I have not even seen your father's picture until now.

Nandu, go to sleep.

Mom, I'll go to Bombay.

I know you want to meet your father.

Mom, how does father look?

Does he look cool or hot tempered?

I promise you, I will never tell him I am his son.

Go to sleep, it's late.

Mom, people say Bombay is a big city.

I will work there during night and study during day.

You want to study? I will take up some job, but will surely send you to college.

Go to sleep.

Mr.Lawyer, if I don't go & meet Nandu, do you think she will give me the custody of my son?

I don't think so.

As per the court decree, she should.

If she refuses, lam there to help you.

Good morning, sir. Can you

You misunderstand me, sir.

I want the address of DJ College, not alms.


Go straight, turn ahead, and it's right there.

Thank you, sir Listen. Have you come to take admission in college?

Keep it, you'll need it.

Sir, I don't take charity.

Mom says one who accepts charity can never grow in life.

Mr.Lawyer, even my Nandu will be this big now.

Bye. Bye.

Is this Narendra Deshmukh's home? Yes.

You are still the same. The same piercing eyes.

The same fragrant breaths.

Won't you welcome me?

Come in.

Sit down.

'Won't you talk? Will I have to begin?'

Sorry to know your father is no more.

'The way he is saying like if he knew, he'd come for the funeral'

What did you say? Nothing.

Can you get me a glass of water?

'Your habit of drinking lots of water hasn't changed yet.

'The way you used to praise this habit

'that even the one listening would form it'


It is Sunday today, & coincidentally, I have come at the specified time.

I have come to take Nandu. I know you will be hurt but even I have tolerated 12 years of his separation.

Nandu left for Bombay without telling me.

Nice excuse you made.

It was my mistake that I came to take Nandu.

Now I will take Nandu from you, the way you had snatched Nandu from me

12 years ago.

'My life has been ruined. I lost despite winning the case'

'But you won despite losing'

'Nandu means everything to you? I don't?'

'You should have called once. I'd walk after you all my life'

"What stuff is man, the heart, made of?"

"Both are so tough"

"Even if you wipe away the tears"

"it takes time for the tear marks to go"

"We have been separated today"

"With no fear of tomorrow"

"Life is not so simple"

Who are you? ...Hey, who are you?

My God! He's running a very high temperature.

Mom! Come here.

Wondering how you came here?

I'm wondering how I came in.

I remember running a temperature yesterday.

Seeing your name plate, I came in.

But you were singing away, so I didn't want to disturb you.

And then I don't remember when I fell asleep.

Fainted seeing a doctor's house?

Sorry doctor.

What is your name? My name is Abhinandan Chaudhary.

I have joined DJ College for my intermediate.

Where do you live? And what is your father's name?

I have come from Nashik. My father's name is Arun Kumar Chaudhary.

What does he do there? He lives in Bombay.

I don't know him. I've heard I was very young when he had fought with mom Doctor, can I leave?

Take a wash. Don't take a bath today. Leave after having breakfast.

No doctor, I'll leave. I said take a wash.

Hello. Hello.

Arun, good morning. Karuna here.

Very good morning. How come you thought of me early morning?

It's many days since I heard you sing.

Invite me to dinner some day. Come for breakfast now.

I was joking. But I'm inviting you seriously.

I'll show you something that will surprise you.

And what is that? Just come over soon, please.

Come, sit here. Do you recognise him, Arun?


I think I've met him, but I cannot remember.

Shall I remind you? You offered me Rs.100 near DJ College.

And I had refused.

Maybe...maybe he's right.

Even he has my habit of drinking water before eating.

Will you have tea or coffee? I have neither tea or coffee.

I only like buttermilk.

I don't have buttermilk. Will you make do with cold water today?

Arun, he is your son, Nandu.

And Nandu, he is your father, Arun Kumar Chaudhary.

Nandu, come here.

You live in a hostel?

No, a man I know in Nashik has a small hotel in Dadar.

I stay there, and also eat there.

Mother doesn't have money, so I work there at night.

Like mine, your mother will ruin even your life.

Mother tried very hard to get money from somewhere.

But both my uncles didn't help.

Karuna, Nandu will live with you from today.

And Nandu, don't tell your mother you met me.

Or she will call you back to Nashik. She is a very adamant woman.

What do I say if she asks me?

Say some Dr.Karuna is sponsoring your education.

Don't say anything else. Alright.

Come, let's buy you some clothes.

Even I have to leave. I'll drop you.

Madam, I have found my son. I want him to stay with you people.

Let him stay. Even we will like it.

Bye mom.

Mom... What is it, son?

Mom, lfound Nandu. Really?

He's grown up, and picked many of my and Nima's habits.

Where is he? Why didn't you bring him home?

I thought it better if he stayed in Karuna's house for a few months.

You go there and meet him.

The prospective groom who had come to see Seema has given consent.

Even I gave our consent. We'll get her married after her exams.

Good idea. Even Veena will get holidays by then.

She'll be able to come here with her husband.

God is very merciful.

Ashok, who is that?

Seems to be a new student.

Will our principal continue to give admissions until mid semester?

Hey! That's Abhinandan.

Nandan, have you picked someone's pocket, or won a lottery that you have changed your style.

Ashok, you are very bad.

Until yesterday, you wore canvas shoes and handloom clothes.

You are wearing laundry clothes today and showing off?

If you talk like that, we will break ties with you.

You must joke, but light heartedly.

Ramesh, did you hear, aunty Meenu is advising us.

If you like him, be his girlfriend, why are you only supporting him?

I will. Come, Nandu.

Your mother must be hating me. No, she loves you very much.

Whenever mom wears glasses, she forgets herself.

She says she likes the glasses because you had chosen them.

What else does your mom say?

She used to say you will come and take me, but not her.

Father, is that true?

Yes, it was true.

Father, is it not possible that you call mom?


I tried explaining to her, but she even refused to listen.

She is very stubborn.

I called her out at every step, but she shunned me.

She behaved very carelessly with me.

And when a wife treats her husband carelessly... she has to pay for it. Likewise, even your mom is paying for it.

But father, if anyone says anything about you, she cannot tolerate it.

She loves you very much.

Of what use is that love that suffocates in the heart and dies?

Love needs to be expressed.

She left me. If she returns, I may not refuse.

Nandu, Ashok was saying you have found your lost father.

That's why you show off. But you don't fight with him.

He is very bad.

The professor has come.

Do you also want a new father, sonny?

No, father.

PadmzmPadma. What is it?

I've bought a saree for you, a very special one.

You'll shine like Divali lamps when you wear it.

Thank you. It's very pretty. And this one is for Nima.

And these handloom clothes for Nandu.

I like this colour too.

The saree you bought for me last month, when I wear it my office staff teases me.

Give this saree to Nima, I'll keep the new one.

I have worn it only twice.

And then, she doesn't go to work that she needs to wear good clothes.

But Padma... No buts.


These are clothes for Nandu, and a saree for you.

You had one such saree, didn't you, Padma?

You like it, that's why I'm giving it to you.

Brother, if you didn't give me a new saree for Divali, I wouldn't complain.

But by giving me handovers, who gave you the right to humiliate me?

Nima, remember, the sorrow in your husband's home is much better than the comfort if your parent's home.



How much you have changed. Nandu!

Mom, Bombay is a very nice place.

Maybe. First take a wash, we'll talk later.

Nandu, did you pick someone else's bag by mistake?

There are expensive clothes in this, and an expensive saree too.

All these clothes are mine, and I have bought this saree for you.

For Divali. Like it?

You have bought this saree? Tell me the truth.

It's the truth, mom.

Where did you get so much money from?

Didn't I write to you that I live with a very nice doctor?

I work as a compounder for her in my spare time. She pays me for it.

She provides you with food and clothes, and also pays you?

Are you lying?

Nandu, you are my only dream. Don't break even this dream.

Mom, you always think only you are right.

Look, does that lady doctor have a daughter your age that she is so good to you?

She is not even married yet, and father...

What father? Nothing, just a slip of tongue.

How many times have I told you not to sleep on your stomach?

Nandu, did you meet your father in Bombay?

No. Liar! I'm sure you traced him.

I used to think father is very hot tempered, but he is not like that.

See! I said you have met him.

Nandu, doesn't your father miss me?

Mom, I am sleepy. I'll tell you in the morning.

Lair! Tell me! Mom, I'm sleepy.

Listen...did you meet your step mother?

How is she? And your younger brother? How is he?

You've spoilt yourself in Bombay. Don't tell me.

Father doesn't have another son. He only has me. He's not married.

You must be married. Yes.

I even have a son.

What would you lose if you'd said you have two sons?

Even Nandu is your son.

Are you surprised? Why? I expected it of you.

Mom, you also come with me. We'll live with father.

No. I may have betrayed him, but even he doesn't care for me.

Until he doesn't come to take me, I won't go.

He should know that a woman always keeps her dignity.

But you don't tell him I asked all this from you.

No mom. I had promised father I won't tell you anything about him.

Take. There are sweets in this.

Give them to the lady doctor, and your father too. He loves them.

Alright, mom.

Nandu, wait.

Don't tell your father I have sent the sweets.

Or that I have told him to eat them.

Alright, I'll tell him you have given them, but forbidden me from saying so.


Mom, Arjun has come!

Son. Mom.

Mom, if it wasn't for brother, I wouldn't have been able to walk even on crutches.

I would crawl like an insect on the ground and die.

Veena, when did you come? Where is your husband?

I came in the morning. My husband has gone on official work to Dehradun.

He will be here for Seema's wedding.

Mom, Arjun has come, Veena is also here. Seema will have a grand wedding.

You must be very happy.

Why are you crying, mom?

You have done so much for us.

You even bought back this house which we had lost.

You sacrificed everything for our sake.

And me? When your father died, I'd told your father he is leaving us in the care of the one who won't look after us.

Come on, mom!

I have told you several times to bring Nima home.

But you didn't relent.

I want Nima to return to this home after Seema's marriage.

I cannot bear to see you lonely like this.

You always mention Nima.

What do you want? That I go and lick her feet?

That I beg at her feet?

You don't know, but despite so much happening she is still as proud.

Arun, we cannot stray from societal norm if we want to live in society.

Son, you don't know, but people will accuse me.

They will taunt that because Arun is my step son, I have ruined his home to make my children's lives.

Brother, I haven't fought with Nima. Shall I go and convince her?


Then brother,even I won't get married until Nima applies henna on my hands.

Then keep waiting.

Hello. Arun, I am going to Nashik with the special medical squad.

50 men have died consuming spurious liquor and 10 are in hospital.

When are you returning? I don't know.

Hello father, Nandu here.

Hello son. Good night, father.

A very good night to you.

Nandu, will you go to Nashik again in these holidays Yes, I am missing mom.

Even I'll come to Nashik this time. My aunty is always asking me to come.

Come over, we'll have fun. I'll even take my bike.

When I was in school, everyone showed off. Now it's my turn.

Even I will show-off. No one has such a bike.

Are you surely coming? Yes.

We will go out everyday.

The weather is very good in Nashik these days.

"Weather, lovely weather"

"There is a strange tingling I feel"

"Let's enjoy the weather"

"Your fragrance is in the air"

"For no reason, I feel, we'll get some good news"

"Weather, lovely weather

"The buds are smiling"

"They listen when you talk, and talk when you listen"

"Weather, lovely weather

"Wonder why the bodies burn in such a situation"

"They float in the air"

"Weather, lovely weather

The brakes have failed.

Mom, the doctor has said I won't need the right crutch.

Really? Mom, Nandu has met with an accident.

Nima has written he's in Nashik hospital. His condition is serious.

Oh my God! God, what test are you putting us through?

Mom, forgive me.

I used to trouble you a lot.

Meenu, don't cry.

Don't cry, I'll be fine.

Nandu, don't talk, it will hurt you.

Sister, go check if Dr.Deshpande has come.

Sister, transfer the patient.

Arun, the accident is very serious. He's having difficulty in breathing.

I suspect lung injury. I have called Dr.Deshpande.

We'll operate on him as soon as he is here.

Karuna, can I take Nandu to Bombay?

I cannot give you permission in this condition.

His lungs are injured.

It will be better if we don't trouble him too much.

Father. Don't worry son, I am with you.


My last wish that you two alwaysmalways...

Doctor, Dr.Deshpande has come. He's in the operation theater.


My name is Noor-e-Chashm, by God's grace.

Arun's son, Nandu...

He's been taken to the operation theater.


If anything happens to Nandu, I won't be able to live.

Nima, look where your adamance has brought you.

You are so unfortunate, that the people you trusted betrayed you.

You didn't even get your son's shoulder to cry on.

Which husband and wife don't fight?

Do all husbands become so unrelenting?

But even their wives don't proudly go and live with their parents.

They don't have an acid tongue like yours.

They don't drag their husbands to court and humiliate them.

Yes, husband and wife must have tiffs.

But not such that they are distanced, that their lives are ruined their children's future is disregarded.

That is why I am paying such a heavy price.

Don't punish me anymore, Arun.

It was all my fault. I should not have doubted you, your truth... your loyalty, your love.

What have you done to yourself? You are stubborn, that's why.

When one is stubborn, one suffers more than he's happy.

Nima, the union of heart and brain is the biggest truth on earth.

You still love me the same.

Had you stayed back that night and heard me out you would never be in this state today.


Karuna told me everything. If it wasn't for her there would be no one to look after Nandu.

The mountain of suspicion that stood between us Karuna broke that mountain and made us a happy family again.

Nima, Nandu's operation was successful.

He's been sent to the room. Come.

Come Nima.


Don't ever leave your hands now.

Mom, promise me. Yes Nandu, we never will.

Arun, Nima, congratulations.