Threads (1984) Script

In an urban society, everything connects.

Each person's needs are fed by the skills of many others.

Our lives are woven together in a fabric, but the connections that make society strong also make it vulnerable.

Peaceful up here, isn't it?

Oh, I'd love to live out in the country.

Wouldn't you, Jimmy?

Would I, heck!

Why not?

It's dead.

Nowt to do.

Just imagine living down there.

Take you an hour to get to the nearest boozer.

Oh, I know, but the air's lovely.

Do you know, I love it this time of year with spring coming on.

Look, see the leaves just coming out on that bush over there?

What are you looking at?

I'm trying to make out where our house is.

Wish I had a pair of binoculars.

You can see the floodlights at United, look.

With the news...

Oh, what time is it?

There's been further fighting in Iran...

The half-time scores will be on in a minute.

This is the Civil War...

Oh, honestly!

We come out here for a drive, we're surrounded by all this countryside and all you can think about is football?

It's not all I can think about.

Oh, stop it.

Honestly, you've got no consideration at all, sometimes.

You think you can do what you like.

Where are you going?

West Brom one, Manchester United nil.

West Ham United, two, Queen's Park Rangers, nil.

Division, two, Barnsley, one, Derby County, nil...

There you are, it's a peace offering.

Not much smell to it, though.

It's lovely.

Heather's supposed to bring good luck, innit?

It's what they say.

Wonder if it'll bring me any.

This film, shot secretly by a West German television crew on Tuesday, shows one of the Soviet convoys on the move in northern Iran.

The convoys were first spotted by United States satellites on Monday moving across three of the mountain passes leading from the Soviet Union.

The Soviet foreign minister has defended the incursions and has accused the United States of deliberately prompting last week's coup in Iran.

Speaking on his arrival in Vienna, Mr. Gromyko claims the Soviet vehicles were responding to an appeal, from an official...

Are you serious?

Of course I'm being serious.

I've never been more serious in my life.

Covert activities in Iran.

What are we going to do, Jimmy.


Are you sure?

Well not definitely.

I'm normally as regular as clockwork.

Anyway, what if I am?

It's not the end of the world, is it?

And now a look at programs later this evening on BBC1.

And don't forget number 24 today.

What? I said don't forget number 24 today.

You're gonna ruin your hearing with them things on all the time, you know.

Honestly, Jimmy, you want your bloody head seeing to.

I think he wants something else seeing to as well.

Don't blame me, it's not my fault.

Whose fault is it, you daft bugger?

Don't go blaming it all on Ruth, Jimmy.

That's not fair.

It's irrelevant who's to blame now.

There you are. Ta.

The point is, what are you going to do about it?

We're gonna get married.

What for?

Because we want to, what do you think?

You don't have to, you know, Jimmy.

I wouldn't want you thinking we were pushing you into it.

Nobody's pushing us into owt.

It's what we want, we've decided.

I suppose you've talked about an abortion?

Course we have, but neither of us want that.

Wanna get married and have the baby.

Mom, what's that mean?

Abortion. Michael!

Never mind what it means, you get on with your game.

It's nothing to do with you.

We were thinking of getting engaged anyway.

So it don't make much difference, really, it's just brought it forward a bit, that's all.

I hope you know what you're doing, Jimmy.

It's a hell of a time to be starting a family, in the middle of a recession.

What are you doing with that?

I'm not hurting it.

Our Jimmy's getting married.

Are you?

I might be, why?

Well, it's a bit sudden, innit?

You're not even engaged.

How do you know?

Anyways, it's nowt to do with you, so keep your nose out.

Are you getting married in a church or in a registry office?

Alison, what's an abortion?

Michael, I've told you once...

Oh, so that's it.

I'll give you a good hiding, lad, if you don't learn to keep your mouth shut.

What for?

I haven't done anything yet.

Are you gonna shut up about it?

I hope you two are both satisfied now.

What are you blaming me for?

I haven't done anything wrong.

Come on.

The time now 7:30.

Douglas Barton with tonight's headlines.

The United States has hinted it may send troops to the Middle East if the Russians don't move their forces out of Iran.

Come on.

The Prime Minister has joined the course of Come on.

Western leaders calling for immediate withdrawal and has spoken of...

Hang about.

Four people were killed today on the M6 motorway Come on. in Staffordshire, when their car was in collision with a tanker.

The accident happened at the junction...

Do you think we'll get on all right?

I can't see why not, they're ever so nice.

I just wish we were meeting in different circumstances, that's all.

You're making it sound like a funeral.

Well, it's just a bit embarrassing, isn't it?

It ought to have been a happy occasion.

It is a happy occasion.

Well, I'm happy, anyway.

I must say, it's brought out a very determined streak in you, has this.


United States war ship in the waters off the coast of Iran.

No further details are given in the story, attributed to the paper's defense correspondent.

However, one rumor being heard increasingly in the Capitol this morning says the vessel Looks like they're here. is a U. S. submarine that has disappeared whilst on routine patrol in the area.

Didn't you hear what I said, Gordon?

Mr. and Mrs. Kemp are here.

Come on, turn the television off.

You can't watch while they're here.

A Pentagon spokesman has refused to be drawn one way or the other on the crisis carrying all reporters' questions...

Oh. Hello.

Do come in, do come in.

Mum, Mrs. Kemp, Mr. Kemp.

Pleased to meet you.

How do you do?

How do you do?

Jimmy, my dad, Mr. and Mrs. Kemp.

Oh, hello. Hello.

How do you do?

How do you do, Mrs. Kemp?

Oh, do go through. Thank you very much.

Thank you.

BBC news at 8:00.

The Soviet Union has protested strongly to the United States about what it calls dangerous provocations by American war ships in the Gulf of Oman yesterday.

This follows an incident in which serious damage was caused to the Soviet cruiser Kirov when she was in collision with the U. S. destroyer Callaghan.

It's in a bit of a state, but it's got possibilities.

I'd have that door stripped down, all this paper off and the walls white.

There's about 16 layers on here.

Ah, my mother and dad'll help us, I'm sure they will.

My dad'll give us a hand as well.

He'll be glad of summat to do.

What you laughing at?

Just thinking of his face when my mother said we could borrow his redundancy money.

Oh don't.

He were fancying a trip to Bermuda on it.

Looks like being Blackpool again.

Oh, dear.

I like the gardens.

I think it's lovely for children to have somewhere to play.

I wonder if they'll let me build an aviary down there.

Oh, you and your birds.

Makes you feel funny, though, don't it?

What do you mean?

Us owning a home, being married, having children.

Enough to put years on you, isn't it?

Don't be silly.

It'll be lovely.

I just know it will.

Here, love.


American and Israeli search and rescue vessels in the area, today came across debris and oil slicks that could only have come from the missing submarine.

It's still being said in Washington that the Los Angeles was on a routine reconnaissance mission off the coast of Iran, when she sank last Tuesday with a loss of all hands.

After paying tribute to her 127 officers and men, the President said he held the Soviet Union solely responsible for their deaths and for the vessel's disappearance.

The unprovoked attack on our submarine and the move into Iran are the actions of a reckless and warlike power.

I have to warn the Soviets in the clearest possible terms that they risk taking us to the brink of an armed confrontation with incalculable consequences for all mankind.

Britain has emergency plans for war.

If central government should ever fail, power can be transferred instead to a system of local officials dispersed across the country.

In an urban district like Sheffield, there is already a designated wartime controller.

He's the city's peacetime chief executive.

If it should suddenly become necessary, he can be given full powers of internal government.

When, or if, this happens depends on the crisis itself.

The United States government has been forced, reluctantly, to take action to safeguard what it believes are legitimate Western interests in the Middle East.

This administration has therefore resolved to send units of its rapid deployment force, the U. S. Central Command, into western Iran.

We are confident that the Soviet Union will take note of our resolve and will desist from its present perilous course of action.

Now on to football, there's an important score coming in from the Hawthorns, where West Brom have taken the lead over First Division leaders, Manchester United.

It's West Brom one, Manchester United nil, McKenzie getting that all-important goal.

Thank you very much, sir.

Thank you.

So, if you want to tighten up the thigh muscles, these are very simple but very good exercises.

Now the only piece of equipment you want is a chair with legs.

Right, I'll just let you listen to the lovely.


Mary, I want you to contact the following people and have them in my office in 10 minutes time.

I don't care what they're doing, they're to drop it and get here right away.

Is that clear?

Right, you got a pencil?


Alan Boulton, George Cox, Roger Fisher, Susan Russell.

Yes, Administration.

Tony Barnes, Roy Chamberlain...

It's busy for a Wednesday, isn't it?

You'd think it were Christmas.

Best of the weather again tomorrow, it looks as if northern.

And what about the food situation?

What have we got?

And what about flour?

What else is there?

Corned beef.

I hope it's not from Argentina.

OK, what about supplies to the first-aid post?

Is that all?

Well, that's not going to get us very far, is it?


Well, I'm sure I don't know if I'm honest.

We've heard nothing about emergency powers as yet.

Anyway, don't make a song and dance about it.

Just get on with it.

And don't tell anybody you don't have to, eh?


The remaining units of the United States Tenth Airborne Division, which parachuted into western Iran yesterday, have taken up defensive positions near Isfahan, designed, according to the spokesman, to block any possible move towards the oilfields in the Persian Gulf.

Squadrons of American B-52 bombers have been arriving at U. S. bases in Turkey...

All right then? All right lad.

Together with three AWACS early-warning aircraft.

It's believed they'll be used in a supporting role to the Middle East task force.

All right, John?

The 84th Airborne Division has also been placed on a state of combat readiness...

Come to give me a hand, then?

No chance, I've done enough for one day, I'm knackered.

Not too knackered to be going out though, I see.

It's different, innit?

Anyway I need a break.

I've been down at the house every night this week.

How's it coming on?

Not too bad.

Trying to get the living room and bedroom finished before we move in.

Ruth says will you take some flowers down when you've finished?

Third since teatime. Aye.

Where they going to?

Finningley, I suppose.

Why don't you pop down to WH Smith's and buy yourself an aircraft spotter's book?

You can start a new hobby, make a change from gardening.

You can laugh but there's summat going on, I'm telling ya.

There'll be summat going on tonight after a few pints.

Don't be going mad.

You haven't only got yourself to think about now, you know.

Why not?

Might as well enjoy myself while I'm single.

Not long to go now, you know.

You could be right there.

Come on, hit it off.

I'll have a half.


What's up with you?

Getting into training for when you're married?

Two bitters, please.


In a statement issued a short time ago by the Pentagon in Washington, the United States has accused the Soviet Union of moving nuclear warheads into their new base at Mashad in northern Iran.

According to the American spokesman...

Hey, I were watching that.

Turn it back again.

Aboard two giant Antonov transport planes late yesterday afternoon, and were immediately moved under cover into temporary hangars.

See that?

I were watching that thing about the Far East and he turns it over.

Far East?

What's going on there?


The Americans have just... Iran?

That's not the Far East, you pillock, that's the Middle East.

China, Hong Kong, that's the Far East.

So what?

It's far enough, innit?

Sooner go to the Near East myself.

Scarborough and Skegness.


I'd rather watch my toenails grow than go there.

Never mind that rubbish.

What about these two birds at eight of this then?

NATO's position on the United States' action in sending...

You're dead right, you know, it's getting serious.

There's naught we can do about it, is there?

Might as well enjoy ourselves whilst we can.

Don't it scare you, what it might lead to?

Yeah, it bloody scares me but there's nowt we can do about it, is there?

Tell ya one thing, if the bomb does drop, I wanna be pissed out of my mind and strapped underneath it when it happens.

Arriving here in Brussels a short time ago, the NATO Secretary General...

Come on, you miserable bugger.

It's all these family responsibilities.

You're acting like a married man already.

It'll not be long now, you know.

You might as well make the best of it whilst you can, haven't ya?

What about chatting these two birds up, then?

Divisions within NATO is something we shall know in a few hours' time.

I can't do that.

Come on, it might be the last chance you'll get.

Anyway, if we are gonna cop it, might as well go out with a bang that's what I would say.

Can't be many better ways of going, I suppose.

Blown up on the job.

And we've just heard that the Prime Minister has issued a message of support for the United States government.

The statement just released from Downing Street condemns what it calls, reckless Soviet actions which can only worsen an already grave situation.

To the Director of Technical Services.

Please let me know what fuel stocks are currently held in each depot.

Please ensure tanks are kept topped up and that no fuel is used except for essential works only.

There's been no response from the Soviet government as yet to the United States' ultimatum delivered to Moscow last night.

The American note calls for joint withdrawal of all US and Soviet forces from Iran by noon on Sunday.

However, NATO observers in West Germany have reported increasing build-ups of Warsaw Pact troops and vehicles at points along the central frontier this morning.

The Ministry of Defense has announced it's sending more troops to Europe to reinforce the British commitment to NATO.

The first contingents left RAF Brize Norton this morning.

Jobs not bombs!

Jobs not bombs!

Jobs not bombs!

Jobs not bombs!

Jobs not bombs!

Jobs not bombs!

Jobs not bombs!

Jobs not bombs!

The day has been marred by a number of demonstrations up and down the country, reflecting support for and against the government's decision to reinforce Europe.

Although most of these passed off without incident, police made a number of arrests for disorderly conduct at rallies in the North and Midlands.

The government has taken control of British Airways and all cross channel ferries.

They say it's a temporary step to help move troops to Europe.

Thousands are stranded at Heathrow and Gatwick.

And the Royal Navy is to guard the North Sea oil rigs.

The MOD says it's a prudent precautionary measure.

This time they are playing with, at best, the destruction of life as we know it, and at worst, total annihilation.

You cannot win a nuclear war.

Now, just suppose the Russians win this war.

What exactly would they be winning?

What would they have conquered?

Well, I'll tell you.

All major centers of population and industry will have been destroyed.


What industry?

We ain't got no industry in Sheffield.

Yes, and if the money hadn't...

If the money hadn't been spent on nuclear weapons, you'd have industry.

Get back to bloody Russia where you belong!

Where's your red flag?

We'd have put money into welfare, we would have found alternative sources of energy.


Industry will have been destroyed, oil refineries will have been destroyed, all our water will have been polluted, the soil will have been irradiated, farm stock will be dead, diseased or dying.

The Russians would have conquered a corpse of a country.

Let us pray.

Our Father who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name.

Thy kingdom come...

Since the expiry of the American ultimatum to the Soviet Union at noon yesterday, there have been intense diplomatic efforts to mediate between the two countries.

There is still no information from Iran itself.

No news teams have been allowed in or out out of the country since phone and telex links were cut on Friday evening.

Questioned in the House this morning the Foreign Secretary said he had no definite news to report and that it would be unhelpful to speculate in the absence of any hard information from the area.

There's been a run on tinned food, sugar and other storable items, which is causing shortages in some areas.

A spokesman for the main supermarket chain said that panic buying is unnecessary.

Fuel shortages are hindering resupply in some areas, but overall there is no shortage of stocks.

They urge the public to calm down...


That's scandalous!

They were only 26p last week.

You could always shop somewhere else, you know, if you're not satisfied.

Honestly, there's a national emergency going on and all you can think about is lining your pockets.

Nobody's forcing you to buy 'em.

Put 'em back on the shelves, if you don't want them.

Yes, I will.

I'd sooner starve first.

Excuse me, love.

They've started fighting, Mum.

Who has?

The Americans and the Russians.

It's just been on the news.

My dad says you've got to come home now.

Hey, you haven't paid for them things.

In response to today's news of the outbreak of hostilities between vessels of the United States and Soviet navies, a special session of Parliament has this evening passed an emergency powers act.

There will be a special announcement at the end of this bulletin and details will be given then of how this affects you.

The Prime Minister is expected to address the nation on the international crisis later this evening.

A statement issued earlier from Downing Street said the government is optimistic that a peaceful negotiated settlement to the conflict is at hand.

In the meantime the public is urged to remain calm and to continue normally.

All right?

Are you all right, love?

It's noisy.

It must be the pubs turning out.

Nevertheless people are allowed to think there is a lack of advice or information from the government.

The policy of the government is quite clear on the matter.

We are urging people to keep calm.

Doing a moonlight flit, then?

No, we're going to our Jack's in Lincolnshire while things get sorted out.

I reckon we should be safer over there.

Carol, will you stop messing about there and come inside the house and do something to help.


We'll not be safe anywhere, as far as I see.

I don't know.

We've a better chance of surviving in the country, really haven't we?

I mean where our Jack lives there's only a row of houses and a pub.

I don't think they're gonna bomb that.

I think that's about it, Ron.



Have you turned that gas off?

I hope so, we don't want the whole street blowing up while you're away.

Come on, Carol.


I'm coming.

I can't find our Spot.

Well he was here a minute ago, wasn't he?

Have you looked inside the house?

I've looked upstairs, along the street, next door neighbor's garden, all over!

It's ridiculous, all this.



He was here a minute ago, honestly.

Come on.

He'll be here in a minute.

I know he will be.


Come on!

Come on, love. Spot!

We're going without him. Oh, Mum, tell him.



You're being a right fool.

Nothing'll happen.

Come on, we're not standing about here all day waiting for a bloody dog.

Get in.

Don't be so cruel.

We can't leave him.

Spot! Carol, get in.

Get in!



Come on, Spot!

Come on, get in there, bloody thing.

The Russians have cut the road links into and out of West Berlin.

See you, then, Bill.

Let's hope so.

Details are still coming in but it seems an American army convoy bound for West Berlin has been turned back at Helmstedt on the East German border.

Unconfirmed reports say the Russians have offered a safe passage out of the city to the US, British and French garrisons.

It's not clear if this news is connected with yesterday's riots in East Germany.

We'll bring you more details on the story as soon as we have them.

Sutton here.

Yes, I understand.

Do I have to go right away?



Yes, I see.

Local authorities have been given the power to suspend certain peacetime functions and to requisition premises and materials for civil defense purposes.

A government spokesman said that this was a precautionary move only.

It was not a cause for alarm.

All right, love.

Take your time.

The AA and RAC have reported heavy congestion on roads up and down the country, particularly those leading to Wales and the West Country.

Police are urging motorists not to travel unless absolutely necessary and, if it is essential, to use only minor roads and leave motorways and intercity trunk routes clear for official traffic.

A full list of designated essential service routes is posted outside your local authority headquarters.

It includes the M1, M18, A63 and A629.

This is an essential service route.

This is an essential service route.

Unless you have official or essential business...

We're trying to get across to our relatives in Lincolnshire. Not this way you're not.

Essential services only this road.

You'll have to find another route I'm afraid.

That's bloody ridiculous.

You can't stop people like that.

Excuse me, where are you going?

Sorry, love, you can't...

You just can't stop people. Tell you what.

Try Junction 35/36 of the M1.

They've opened up the hard shoulder for single line traffic only.

It'll be chock-a-block.

If I were you I'd go home and sit tight.

That's what they're advising people to do.

This route is for essential traffic only.

There's growing evidence overnight from scientists and observers in many countries that there have been two nuclear explosions in the Middle East.

There's no official confirmation of what has happened and the Foreign Office in London...

I've put half a dozen in.

I can fetch some more if you like.

No, that'll be plenty.

Well, tell him to improvise, then.


Clive, you don't think anything's really going to happen, do you?

No, it's just a precaution that's all.

Have you had a shave this morning?

You should never have said you'd do it.

You don't have to.

You won't get the sack if you refuse.

Look, Marjorie, it's difficult for me as well, you know.

I don't want to go and leave you and the children.

Well, then, why are you going?

Somebody's got to pick up the pieces if...

Why didn't you say something before if you were worried about it?

You never said anything when I went on those courses.

Sutton here.

Unconfirmed reports...

Yes, in half an hour's time.

I should be going off now, if I were you.

The roads will be getting busy.

Well, use your common sense, man.

How should I know?

Marjorie, leave that.

I'll ring you later.




It is imperative, while there is still time left, that the TUC call a general strike in protest against this disaster which faces us all.

That's what'll destroy this country!

There is still time to avert disaster if we act resolutely and show both the Russians and the Americans that we will have no truck with their warmongering.

What about the Falklands?

What about the Falklands?

Listen mate, there's nobody more patriotic than I am.

I've been trying to get us out of the Common Market for bloody years!

But first...

Please do not play into their hands.

This is a peaceful demonstration.

We are exercising our right of free speech.

The police have no right to stop this demonstration.

Do not play into their hands.

You have no...

Tin openers!

£1.50 a go.

Come on, all of you.

£1.50 could save your life!

Morning, Clive. Morning, Alan.

What's it like in there?

It's a bit primitive.

Take a look.

We'll get it organized.

Where the hell is everyone?

There's only half of them here.

You know Steve, the Information Officer?

Where the hell is everybody?

Jeff just rang and says his car's broken down.

That's no good, is it?

How many missing? About 10.

Get on the phone.

Tell them I want 'em here immediately.

Which is my desk? Straight through.

Mind your head.

I don't see any sign of the Emergency Committee, do you?

You know what those bloody councilors are like.

They're not getting paid for this, aren't they?

This is it, this is the best I could do.

Dr. Talbot, Regional Health Authority.

How are things going?

We're doing our best.

In the last few days, emergency headquarters like this have been hastily improvised up and down the country in the basements of town halls and civic centers.

The time has now come to make everything ready for you and your family in case an air attack happens.

This does not mean that war is bound to come, but there is a risk of this and we must all be prepared for it.

When you hear the attack warning, you and your family must take cover at once.

Do not stay out of doors.

If you are caught in the open, lie down.

Can you pass us that...

If you leave your home, your local authority may take it over for homeless families, and if you move, the authorities in the new place will not help you with food, accommodation or other essentials.

You are better off in your own home.

Stay there.

If anyone dies while you are kept in your fall-out room, move the body to another room in the house, label the body with name and address and cover it as tightly as possible in polythene, paper, sheets or blankets.

If, however, you have had a body in the house for more than five days and if it is safe to go outside, then you should bury the body for the time being in a trench or cover it with earth and mark the spot of the burial.

Here are some ideas for making your inner refuge.

Make a lean-to with sloping doors or strong boards rested against an inner wall.

You all right, love?

I've just been sick again.

Oh, I feel awful.

I think I'll go back to bed.

Don't worry about it, love.

It'll only last for a week or two.


Partly close the two open ends with boxes of earth or sand or heavy furniture.

I'll ring work for you and tell them you're not coming in.

If anybody's there.

There were only one or two in yesterday.

It's worse than before.

I can't get anything now.

The line's dead.

I think we ought to be getting the rest of the things out of the cellar now.

The time has now come to make everything ready for you and your family in case an air attack happens.

This does not mean that war is bound to come, but there is a risk of this and we must all be prepared for it.

When you hear the attack warning, you and your family must take cover at once.

Do not stay out of doors.

Hello, County.

This is Sheffield District.

Testing, one, two, three, four.

Please report my signal.


Whose bloody responsibility is it then?

We've all got families.

Look, just get down here.

There's nine other people.

I've got a serious public order problem.

I need at least an extra six PSUs.

Yeah, but when?

Look, I'm using traffic wardens already.

Many of these officers have had no training at all.

Some have learned of their emergency role only in the last few days and almost all are unsure of their exact duties.

I suppose I ought to take this one off as well.

You what?

It'll get scratched to pieces.

It's only just been painted, Bill.

Better than getting blown to pieces, innit?

Shall I go to school then, Mum?

I'm gonna be late.

I don't know.

What did it say on the telly?

I can't remember whether it said schools were closed or no.

Oh yeah, closed.

It said so on the news.

We're ought to stay at home.

Are you sure? Of course I am.

They said they're sending notes out.

Is there time? Great.

I had a history test this morning.

Alison, go down to Kirby's and see if they've got any food left.

Like what? Anything.

Bread, tinned stuff, bring what you can.

And take my purse.

Dad, you gonna build one of these in here?

Over my dead body.

I want to know something more definite, Bill, before we ripping this place to pieces.

Can I help you? Here, hold that.

It'll be great.

We'll be able to sleep in it.

It'll be like going camping.

The most widespread danger is fall-out.

Fall-out is dust that is sucked up from the ground by the explosion.

Fall-out can kill.

It's 8:30am.

3:30 in the morning in Washington.

Over the past four days neither the President nor his senior staff will have had more than a few hours' rest.

This is when they may be asleep this is when Western response will be slowest.

As we expected nearly all the supermarket shelves are empty, but we've managed to get the warehouses controlled by the police.

As yet we haven't located all the root vegetable clumps on local farms, but stocks of sugar, wheat, flour and rice...

Attack warning red.

Attack warning. Is it for real?

Attack warning, it's for bloody real.

Get to your stations.

Get that generator going!

Lock the doors.

As soon as you can, every single scrap of information you've got on casualties.

I must have those.

Get your heads down.

Look, we can't sell you any timber.

You'll have to see the boss about it.

It's a bloody joinery, not a timber yard.

You can't just have a piece of that.

Come on, quick.

Get down.

These have gone.

Everything's dead. What about the tellies?

Why didn't you pull the bloody aerial out?

Get the standbys working.

Come on.

Bloody hell.

Hold on, Gordon.

You're going too fast.

Come on!

That might just be the start of it.

Jesus Christ, they've done it.

They've done it.

Where are you going?

I'm driving to Ruth's.

See if she's all right.

Oh, shit.

Come on, move it inside.

What about all these?

That's all right. That's wrong.

Come on, get it off.

We gotta get the mattress on the bottom.

That's right.

OK, roll it, put it down there.

Where's our Alison?

Build it up.

This one's on Finningley.

A brown burst. Four-three.

What was the other power station?

Hang on.

There's something on the airport, I think.

Shine the torch further down.

Ruth, come down here and give us a hand.

Ruth, come and help your grandma!

Ruth, please!

It'll be all right, it's falling out.

Come on.

All this stuff on.

Come on, put that on.

Come on, then.


Come on.



Take it easy, don't hurry.

Ah, that's the girl, well done.

It won't be long now.

Well done, Gordon.

How long can you keep that going?

Two weeks if we're careful.

First-aid kit, quickly.

We've lost County again, I think.

Aerials must have blown.

They were on the roof.

Switch the lights off when you get there.

Can we raise any districts?

What about the radio amps?

Can we improvise an aerial?

We'll try.

Let's do something quick.

Where the hell's the first-aid kit?

It's on this shelf at the back.

I've looked out here.

I can't shift a thing.

How is he?

I can't find the first-aid kit.

Forget the first-aid kit.

Bring me something to cover him up with.

There. No!

Leave me.


Help! Somebody!

Everybody all right?


Let me out of here in this dark!

Jesus Christ, another one.

This could go on for ever.

It's Stocksbridge police.

What about rescue?

Is there anything you can do?


Give me another bin liner.

What is your RADIAC reading?

What about the depot?

I repeat, what is your RADIAC reading?


100. 100.

It's too high.

You've got to get your men under cover.

Can you get us through to the County Central Headquarters?


Can you patch us through?


Stocksbridge, are you receiving me?


Green, I think.

Have you heard anything from them?

Never mind about that.

Ask if they've got casualties.

They've lost them.

What about Hillsborough and Stocksbridge?

Nothing from Hillsborough, but Stocksbridge not too bad.

Windows blown in and structural damage but not too bad.

Wind has blown in that far out?

Jesus Christ!

Ask him where the last one was.

Switch that thing off, will you Gordon.

The first fall-out dust settles on Sheffield.

It's an hour and 25 minutes after the attack.

An explosion on the ground at Crewe has sucked up this debris and made it radioactive.

The wind has blown it here.

This level of attack has broken most of the windows in Britain.

Many roofs are open to the sky.

Some of the lethal dust gets in.

In these early stages, the symptoms of radiation sickness and the symptoms of panic are identical.

You all right, Ruth?


I couldn't help it.

It just came on.

Don't worry about it, love.

It's not your fault.

We've all got it.

I know, but I'm so ashamed.

Messing the bed at my age. It's the shock, isn't it?

It's like being a little baby again.

Lie down.

Come and help me clean Grandma.

Ruth, be careful with that, love.

You don't know long it's gonna have to last us.

Ruth, don't just sit there, do something for once.




Michael, I've got to find him, Bill.

You stop here and I'll go and look for him.

You stop here.

I'll only be out a few minutes.

Stop here, love. No, I've got to come.


Help me. All right.

Oh, my God.



We haven't heard from County HQ for two days.

Who the hell else have you tried?

All of them, but nothing back yet.

Send another motorcycle.

There are no roads left.

All the people here will be dead already.

It's completely flattened.

Round here 50% would still be alive but here they're as good as dead already.

They've probably received a lethal dose.

What about here?

It'll be pretty heavy there.

If the wind's still blowing out from the west, southwest it's in direct line from Crewe.

800 rads, 1,000, difficult to say.

Depends what sort of cover they've built of course.

If they've got a decent cellar we'll get it on the radio.

There's no way of getting anything out.

I'm calling...



Yes, I'll pass the message on.

What am I expected to do?

I can't get anything out, can I?



I've got a message from Rivelin Valley police.

They've managed to get through to BGIF works depot.

They've got some vehicles on the road but they're nearly out of fuel.

What the hell have they been doing with it all?

They didn't tell me.

They just said, they want to know where they can get some more.

And they've got no food. Oh, God.

I've got... Let me get on with it, OK?

Here you are, Mother.

Something to eat for you.

Better leave her, the rest'll do her good.

At least it won't go cold.


Ruth, love.

Come on, love.

You'll have to eat something.

But you'll have to, love.

It's not just you now, you know.

The baby needs some food as well.

Come on.

I don't care about this baby any more.

Oh, Ruth. I wish it was dead.

Don't say things like that.

There's no point with Jimmy dead.

But you don't know. He is.

He is, I know he is.

You can't be certain.

We're breathing in all this radiation all the time.

My baby.

It will be ugly and deformed.

Oh, Michael.

Alison and Jimmy.

All of them gone.



All dead.


We don't know that.

They might be safe somewhere.

I wish I were dead.

I wish it were me.

I wish I could swap places with him.

Right, let's get in.

Watch that bloody water.

How far does this go back?

It's bloody four floors have come down on this, it could go back for yards and yards.

Try it again, Gordon.

Still nothing coming through.

It must be blocked further up.

How much stuff do you think's on top of us?

Most of the town hall, I should think.

When will you be able to get to us?

I can't get the lifting gear through.

What about the army? There's no way through.

The roads are all blocked.

We've not heard from County.

If we don't hear from some soon, we'll never get things under control.

You try getting through to them.

It's bloody useless.

I've got starving mobs in Shallow, Echofield...

Look, it's not our decision anyway.

It's up to Zone to authorize the release of buffer stocks and then it becomes a County decision.

We can't get through to County.

What are we going to do?

Let them starve?

Look, even if we did have the authority...

We're on our own.

You've got the authority.

It's about bloody time you did something with it.

Look, what's the point of wasting food on people who are going to die anyway?

I agree with Clive.

The food stocks are not gonna last long.

A lot of people just didn't stock up.

How could they?

The bloody shops were empty.

Now they're coming out of the shelters.

I know it sounds callous but I think we should hang on to the little food we've got.

I need that food to force people to work.

There's about 2,000 outside Roxburgh fire station.

Make us a cup of tea, Sharon.

Come with we, you suffering.

I'm not your bloody wife.

Anybody got a fag?

Bad for your health, innit?

They're pulling the place apart.

Look, I don't care how much trouble they're causing.

We're not sending our men in there with radiation as high as that.

Look, I know that but what's the point?

They're all gonna die on that patch anyway.

Bill, just get me a drink.

Please, a drink.

I'll see if I can find anything.

I won't be long.

Just a minute.

Just a minute.

For God's sake. Just a minute, love.

That's it.

Oh, God.

Look at it. Just a minute.

Just a minute.

Just a minute.

Can you run this?

That's it.

All right, put her down here, mate.

Put her down here.

Give us one of the blankets.

Come on.

Oh, my God.




Come on, down you go.


Radiation levels are still dangerous.

Residents of Release Band A, that is Woodspring, North Pathway and Abbey Dale, should not go from their shelters for more than two hours per day.

Residents of Release Band B, that is Neveredge and Broomhill, no longer than one hour per day.



Have you see our Mandy?









What time is it?

Half past two.

Night or day?

Night, I think.

I'm not sure.

I'm losing track.

I'm not sure whether it's night or day any more.

Hanging in the atmosphere, the clouds of debris shut out the sun's heat and light.

Across large areas of the Northern Hemisphere it starts to get dark, it starts to get cold.

In the centers of large land masses like America or Russia, the temperature drop may be severe, as much as 25 degrees centigrade.

Even in Britain, within days of the attack it could fall to freezing or below for long, dark periods.

Go back to your homes.

Allocation of foodstuffs will begin shortly.

The distribution points will be announced.

I repeat, go home.

There is nothing we can do.

We have no authority to distribute food.

Who are you saving it for?

This is a warning.

Any attempt to appropriate provisions from these premises will be met by force.

I advise you to disperse and go back to your homes.

Prepare to fire gas.

One round CS gas, straight at gates.

One round at that man.

The entire peacetime resources of the British Health Service, even if they survived, would be unable to cope with the effects of even the single bomb that's hit Sheffield.





By this time, without drugs, water or bandages, without electricity or medical support facilities, there is virtually no way a doctor can exercise his skill.

As a source of help or comfort, he is little better equipped than the nearest survivor.



We've no choice, as far as I see.

Can't we get any food from outside?

Where from?

We've told County and everybody's in the same boat, aren't they? What about the broilers?

Trouble is we can't contact Rockley or Haresbrook, God knows what's happened there.

Probably been raided.

What do you think, Doctor?

We'll have to cut their rations.

I've worked it out.

1,000 calories for manual workers and 500 for the rest.



That wouldn't keep a flea alive.

Should we be bothering to keep anybody alive if they can't work?

A lot of people are gonna die anyway.

Back to survival of the fittest, I suppose.

What is that in terms of food, then, 500 calories?

I don't know.

A few slices of bread, some soup.

A lamb chop, a treacle tart,

a few pints of beer.


Look, you must have an empty factory somewhere to put them. No, you look.

I've got thousands of homeless bloody people up there walking around.

I've got enough on with them without worrying about bloody criminals.

You're gonna have to find somewhere to put 'em, aren't ya?

Well, I don't know.

Look, shoot the buggers.

I don't care.

Can we get a water tank to Broomhill?

The standpipe's run dry.

Oh, Christ, Steve.

This should have been sorted out days ago.

What about the rest centers?

Can we not tell them to make their way there?

No, no, there'll be no point.

They'll be overrun anyway.

What about tents?

Got any tents we could use?


How the hell should I know?

Look, if you want to know about tents, go and phone the bloody Boy Scouts.

Piss off, will you?

You're not the only one under pressure.

I bloody know!

You sort it!

And what the hell are you doing about digging us out?

That's what I'd like to know.

Bloody hell, what a stink.

Let's get out of here.

I'm gonna puke.

Halt or I'll fire.

Number three, a round for that man over there.

Number one, go and search the house.

Up against the wall.

We weren't doing anything.

Did you even know the penalty for looting?

We aren't looting. Quiet!

Searching empty houses. Shut up!

What choice have we got? We were hungry.

What else can we do, eh?

We're starving! Two bodies in the cellar.

A man and a woman.

Not been dead long, the man's head's battered in.

It were like that when we went in.

It weren't us, it were him.


We ain't done nothing.

Number two, pick up the stolen goods.

We were only after a bit of food.

Check the house and search the body.

Bag of crisps. What flavor are they?

Prawn cocktail.

They fucking would be.

I hate them.

Come on.

All able-bodied citizens, men, women and children, should report for reconstruction duties commencing 0800 hours tomorrow morning.

The inhabitants of Release Band F, that is Dore and Totley, Abbeydale and Woodseats, should rendezvous in Abbeydale Park.

Release Band B, that is...

Money has had no meaning since the attack.

The only viable currency is food, given as reward for work or withheld as punishment.

In the grim economics of the aftermath, there are two harsh realities.

A survivor who can work gets more food than one who can't and the more who die, the more food is left for the rest.

I could murder a fag now.

I used to love a fag after a meal.

Have you got owt to swap?

I've got some Scotch.


Bloody hell.

Detention camps are improvised to cope with looters.

Their numbers are growing.

Let me out!


Let him out!

Fucking full of yourself like a traffic warden!

Let us out!

Come on.

Watch yourselves here, lads. Right.

Get that light down here quick.

Watch the girder.

Come on.

Over here. Another one here.

Another one over there.

How many altogether?

About four, five, six.

A growing exodus from cities in search of food.

It's July.

The countryside is cold and full of unknown radiation hazards.

By now, five to six weeks after the attack, deaths from the effects of fall-out are approaching their peak.

Return to your homes.

Return to your homes.

Return to your homes.

Turn back.

Turn back.

Right, down there.

Come on.

George Langley?

Yes, what do you want?

You've been designated four temporary residents.

I'm having no strangers coming to live here.

You've no choice in the matter.

It's law under the new emergency...

I don't care what it is.

This is my house and I'm having no strangers in it.

According to my records you've got four spare rooms...

Aye, and they're stopping spare and all.

They can't just walk into people's houses.

It's not right.

Look we're not here to argue the rights and wrongs of the matter.

Right, you four. Beside.

It's bloody dangerous.

They might bring all sorts of diseases with them.

Come on, in you go. They might be contaminated.

Well, look at him.

Look at him.

Oi look at him. Go on, in you go.

Right, Number 19.

Get out, will you?

The whole lot of you. Go on!

You've no right just to throw...

Get out, the whole lot of you!

Where are we supposed to go?

Yeah, where are we supposed to go?

This is a final warning.

Residents and non-residents must register...


It is Ruth, isn't it?

I'm Bob.

Jimmy's mate.

We met once or twice, remember?

You came to our last Christmas do at work.

Where is he?

Is he with you?

Have you seen him?

No provisions will be issued to anyone without them.

Is it safe to eat? I don't know.

How can you tell?

It's got a thick coat.

That should have protected it.

You breathe it in, though, don't you?

It should be all right.

Sheep don't die of cold.

It must be radiation.

You'd be able to taste it if it were contaminated.

Oh, I don't know.

We've no choice, have we, unless we want to starve to death?


I'll take some with me.



There's nothing there.



Doesn't really matter, does it?

It's all the same.

I'll try and skin it.

Keep me warm.

If we are to survive these difficult early months and establish a firm base for the redevelopment of our country, then we must concentrate all our energies on agricultural production.

Collecting this diminished first harvest is now literally a matter of life and death.

Chronic fuel shortages mean that this could be one of the last times tractors and combine harvesters are used in Britain.

The first winter.

The stresses of hypothermia, epidemic and radiation fall heavily on the very young and the old.

Their protective layers of flesh are thinner.

In the first few winters, many of the young and old disappear from Britain.


If you do not halt, we will open fire.

Halt at once.


Look up nice and slow.










Words and pictures.

Skeletons and skulls

of different creatures.

We borrowed them from the museum.

Did you recognize what some of those skeletons were?

There was the skeleton of

a cat.

A cat's skeleton.

The skeleton of a chicken.

A chicken's skeleton.

The skeleton of a bird.

A bird's skeleton.


What that be?

Seed and coney.

Give us 'em.

Give us 'em.

Better, else us'll pry 'em.

Best stand off, else that'll get it.

Give us 'em.

Where you stopped at?

Come with us?

Where? Come on.

Us place.

Gaz and Spike.

Share the coney, then.

Come on.

Come and share the coney.

Give us them, come on.

Give us them, come on. Us place, come on.

Come back here with that!

Hey, you!

Come back!

Come back!

Come on, then.

Give us it, come on.

Give us it, come on.

Give us it.



What's wrong, have you been hurt?



No time for babies here.



Coming. No time for babies here.

You have to go home.

Use your common sense.


They're coming!

There you are.