Three Monkeys (2008) Script

Where do you think you're going?

To have a look. The guy looks alive.

Don't be ridiculous. Get back in. We'll call the police.

Take down the number plate then.

Three Monkeys

Yes, boss?


OK. I'll be right there.

I just called the lawyer.

He says they won't suspect anything since you're my driver.

Six months maximum. A year at the most.

At least you'll get a lump sum when you're out.

You know I'd never ask you if I wasn't running in the elections.

If anyone hears about the accident, on the eve of the elections... political career will end right there. You know that.

They're just waiting to nail me, the bastards.

Your son can get your salary every month.

I'll pay the lump sum in cash when you get out.

How's that?

Let's not get the banks involved. Just in case.

OK? OK. No problem.

Shall I give you the key?

It's in the car park. By the entrance, on the right.

Ismail, get up! You'll miss the train.

You've got a whole year.

This time, you've got to pass that university entrance exam.


We'll see.

What do you mean "we'll see"?

Well, we'll see, dad. Don't worry about it.

"We'll see," huh?

What's this? Sleeping in the middle of the day!

What can I do? I'm bored.

Of course you're bored. Find yourself something to do.

I did. But you turned up your nose. At what?

Forget it.

Come on! What was it?

Just forget it. As if you don't know...

I don't know. If I did, why would I ask?

I told you the other day. What did you tell me?

About the school run to the crèche. I could do it by car.

What car are you talking about?

Isn't Servet paying a lump sum when dad gets out?

Let's ask for an advance. So?

So... We can easily find a car for 5-6 billion lira.

Don't be ridiculous.

What's ridiculous? It's our money in the end.

Fine, but you think your father would let us ask for a loan?


Stop talking nonsense then.

Let's just find you another job.

Suppose we give him a surprise?

I do nothing without his permission! He only gets mad at me later.

How is he? Is he OK?

Was he angry you failed the exam again?


When Recai was out of work, he did that job too.

Who's Recai?

A friend of Fedai's.

And who's Fedai?

Sezai's older brother.

Didn't I tell you to keep away from Sezai and his lot?

You'll get into trouble one day.

What else can I do?

If you want to work, I'll find you another job.

I'm not interested.

I'm going to lie down for a bit.

Sit down and eat your food.

Remember you mentioned a job at Metin's place? Is it still going?

That's too bad.


Keep it in mind.

It's not good for the boy to loaf about all summer.

He could do something useful.

You're right too.

OK. It can't be helped.

With more than 95 percent of the ballot boxes now open...

...Recep Tayyip Erdogan's AK Party appears to have won...

...a landslide victory in this general election.

So AK Party has significantly increased its share of the vote...

...compared with the previous election.

In other words, the election result is already a foregone conclusion.


Are you back?


Where have you been all this time?

Hanging out.

Hanging out with friends.

Which friends?

Which friends do you think?


Put him through.


I see you're in a good mood, Oktay.

I'm falling to pieces here.

No, no. There's nothing to get upset about.

Right, but...

Hey, come on. You're exaggerating.

That's not why I sold my house.

Yes, but...

We said we'd sacrifice everything for the party, didn't we?

That's politics for you. You live and learn.

Win some, lose some...


You're outrageous, you know.

You think I'm making a big deal out of it.

I'm not. Not at all.


Well, we'll see.


Thanks for calling by the way. Goodbye, then.

Cheap bastard!

Fucking politics...

Fuck your fucking politics...

Fucking politics...

I guess I came at a bad time.

I can come back later.

No, no.

It's OK.

Things are just...

...a bit stressful here.

I'll go then. No. Don't get up.

Excuse me.

If that Oktay ever calls again, don't put him through.

Say I'm not around.

You put through every call and send in every visitor.

Didn't I warn you about that?

Didn't I tell you... What? OK, OK. That's enough.

Stupid girl.

Eyüp knows about this, doesn't he?

No, he doesn't.

I hope you love and aren't loved back...

I hope love hurts you like it hurts me...

I hope you yearn and are never reunited... I was never reunited.

I hope your heart is made to melt...

...just like a candle.

I hope despair is always at your door...

...waiting just like a slave.

I hope your heart is stolen away...

...just like wares from a market stall.



Hacer, it's me.


Won't you get in?

Let me give you a lift.

No, there's no need. Don't bother.

No, I'm going your way anyway.

The bus will be here soon. Thanks.

Why wait for the bus? Come on.

No, really. My bus will soon be here.

Don't worry about it.

Come on. Look, it's really no trouble.

Hang on there!

Will you excuse me a moment?

I was just talking to the lady. We're going right now.

Get in for goodness sake.

We're about to get beaten up. Come on.

Didn't you see those thugs? In the car back there.

Before the election, the fucker never spoke to me. Excuse me.

Then as soon as I lose, he's on the phone to humiliate me.

He gives me this crap about how he likes me so much.

A jerk called Oktay.

You see, politics get left to idiots like him.

There's no place for guys like me in politics.

Then he tries to console me.

What the hell is that?

Why should I need consoling?

He says I'm making a big deal out of it.

Why would I? I'm not that kind of guy.

OK, I put a lot into it.

But for me, politics is about giving not taking.

OK. It didn't work out. Fine.


I think...

...maybe it's better that way.

I mean, I think it's for the best.

I'm a very emotional man actually. Really.

It'll sound strange to you...

...but I cry at the slightest thing. Like when someone reads a poem.


I should get out around here.

We're pretty close.

Whatever you say.

Oh, please...

Let's find a place to stop.

Let me give you a hand. Thanks.

You shouldn't have bothered.


If you have any problem...

...whatever it is...

...don't hesitate to call me, please.


I'd do anything for you.


It's sorted.

Meaning? He's going to pay.


But in a week's time, he said.

That's no problem. As long as he pays...

Do you love me that much, Kenan?

More than anything else.

Do I have something here?

Is there a scratch under my eye? You see?

On this side.

It's a bit red.

It hurts.

It hurts? It stings.

Did you play with it? Yes.

That's why. I guess so.

Turn around. Let me see the other side.

Both sides are red. OK.

Is it OK if I don't wear a tie?

Your father's waiting for his cigarettes.

I'll get them at the station. Don't worry.

The pastries are for him only. OK, I'll tell him.

Say hello from me.

Wait. Let me get my thing.

I'll be off in half an hour. OK. Bye then.

A ticket to Muratli.




What happened? Why didn't you go?

Why didn't you go?

They called to say the training was cancelled.


Why didn't you go? Forget it.

What's the matter with you?

Who was here?

Who do you think? Mehtap dropped by.

Does Mehtap smoke?

She gave up but started again.


What's the big deal?

Don't lie to me.

Why... I saw Servet leaving the house!


I saw the bastard leaving the house.

He just dropped off the money. Don't!

He only stayed a few minutes.

Don't lie to me. I'm not.

Don't lie!

Where are you going?

Why didn't your mother come?

She had something on at the company.

Some training thing...

I don't know.

What training?

No idea.

Everything all right at home? Yes, sure.

Are you doing OK here?

Yes, fine.

Are you getting my salary? Yes.

Is it you who goes?

Yes. I get it from the secretary.

OK, guys. Visiting hours are over.

Ismail, son...

Do we have anyone else?

How do you mean?

Do we have anyone else?


Off you go then. Don't forget what I said.

I won't.

Eyüp, come on. OK.

Say hello to your mother. OK? I will.



You've got something to say?


Goodbye. See you. That's all.


Give me the water.

Here, you drive if you want.

No, you drive.

How much did you pay for this?


Forget the guessing. How much did you pay?

Five billion lira. A giveaway.

A giveaway?! What does that mean?

When have you ever had five billion?

I've been in jail nine months and haven't spent 900 million.

You only came three times.

Why didn't you tell me?

I mean, you were spending five billion.

Whose money was it anyway? Why didn't you tell me?

We wanted to give you a surprise. Fuck your surprise!

Some surprise! What kind of surprise is that?

Who asked for the money?

I got it. What?

Mum asked for it. I told her to.

You or your mother? Make up your mind.

Mum asked for it.

But you said you got it.

I thought you were asking who got the money.

I hassled mum about the money for the car.

She said OK. And she asked for it.

Did she go to the office?

I guess she arranged it on the phone.

Let's visit your brother on the way home.


The only thing is, I must be at the crèche at 3.30.

I hope you love and aren't loved back...

I hope love hurts you like it hurts me...

I hope you yearn and are never reunited... I was never reunited.

I hope your heart is made to melt...

...just like a candle.

I hope despair is always at your door...

...waiting just like a slave.

I hope your heart is stolen away...

...just like wares from a market stall.

I hope you choke on your passion...

Private number calling

What do you think you were doing outside my house?

Who were you calling?


I hear it's you who asked for the money.

What money?

What money do you think?

Of course it was me.

The boy got so depressed after failing the exam.

You know nothing about all that.

Why didn't you tell me?

Ismail didn't want me to. He said you'd never allow it.

We wanted it to be a surprise.

Did you go to the office?


What did you say?

What do you think? I explained the situation.

Did he pay it right away? No.


Well what? He paid it later. Why the interrogation?

For goodness sake!

I'll kill you!


Did you miss me?


It's been nine months.

Is this new?

Like it?

You never used to wear stuff like that.

I thought I'd give you a surprise.

On the bed then!

Come here.

Let's take this off.

Is something wrong?


What's wrong with you?

Just stop it. What's wrong with you?

What's wrong with you? What's wrong with you?

What's wrong with you?

Fucking bitch!

Hello, everybody.

Good to see you. How are you?

Fine, thanks.

Welcome back. Have a seat.

Bayram! Get Eyüp some tea.

Eyüp, how are you?

Fine. How are you lot?

Eyüp, here you go.

Thanks, Bayram.

How are you? We missed you.

Good, thanks. How are you?

Struggling to survive.

You're still living in this place?

Yes. What can I do?

At least I get peace here.

There's no one to nag me.

I stayed with the relatives once. But they treated me like shit.

I tried a room-share...

...but the other guys were nothing but trouble.

Mücahit was nice enough to let me stay here.

I help him out and earn enough to get by.

I don't have parents and it's so far from home.

I want to ask you something, if you don't mind.

What? Go on.

What's the matter?

What do you want to ask, Eyüp?


No, I'm busy.

No, I can't talk now.

OK. I'll call back later.

Say I'm in a meeting, OK? That's all.

OK. Make something up.

As if it's the first time she's lied.

You said you wanted to ask something.

Did you say you had something to ask?


You've subtracted the money they borrowed, right?

They don't owe me anything, Eyüp. We're all square.


After all you've done for me...

I'm not going to quibble over small change.

What the hell were you doing?

What were you doing outside my house?

Why were you making a face?

What are you trying to do?

Why don't you answer my calls?

Didn't we talk about this?

Didn't we say it was over?

Your husband's out of jail. You say the boy's suspicious.

Isn't that what we agreed?

I can't help it. I miss you.

What do you mean? I miss you.

Forget the whole thing.

Don't drag it out. It's over, OK?

We made a deal. It's over. OK, I fancied you too.

But that's all. Really? That's all?

Yes. It's over?

Of course it's over. That's it?

From now on, we go our own ways.

It's not that simple.

Don't be ridiculous.

You're my destiny.

Don't give me that shit. I'll kill you.

I'm not letting you go. I won't let you go.

Fucking maniac!

You don't know what I can be like!

I haven't shown you that side of me.

You don't know me either.

I'll kill you!

Get off.

You maniac!

Your husband, your son... What the hell is this?

You're like a leech!

Are you sick? Are you all maniacs?

Don't come near me!

If I ever see you outside the house again...

If I ever see you again... OK?

Crazy bitch!

Wait there.

You never listen, do you?

Please don't leave me. Please!

Don't leave me!

Get off! Please, I beg you!

Get off, you pest!

God damn you!

For God's sake!

Who is it?

Eyüp Öztürk. Come in.

Come on. Hurry up.

Yes, Eyüp...

You've been his driver all these years...

So maybe you have some idea who could have killed him.

I don't have a clue.

I really don't know.

The last text message on Servet's phone was from your wife.

What do you say to that?

My wife?

Didn't you know?


Are you sure?


So you don't know that they met after that either.

Eyüp? Yes.

Are you sure?

I did it.

Did what?


Did anyone see?

I don't know.

Go and lie down.

Go on.

Where are you going?

Answer me!

Fuck off! Go to bed!

Or throw yourself off there!

Don't be ridiculous. Get off there.


OK, this teahouse is your home. That place can be too.

What's the difference?

Winter's on its way, Bayram.

It'll be freezing here at night.

There's heating there. It's warm. Three meals a day...

You're still young, Bayram.

At least you'll get a lump sum when you're out.

You can set up a business.

Open a teahouse...

What do you say?