Through the Olive Trees (1994) Script

I'm Mohammad Ali Keshavarz, the actor who plays the director.

The other actors are all locals.

We're in Koker, about 250 miles... no, 220 miles north of Tehran, where an earthquake destroyed everything last year.

Sir, the girls are hungry and have a long way to go.

Could we speed it up?

We've come to this rebuilt school to choose a young actress.

Sorry it's taking so long.

What's your name? Mehri Ziai.

And yours? Sima Ali Mohammadi.

What? Sima Ali Mohammadi.

And yours? Leyla Naghipour.

Your name? Tahereh Ladanian.

Mrs. Shiva, take down this girl's address.

Your address? Near the Lakeh bazaar.

Your name? Tahereh Ladanian.

Your address? Near the Lakeh bazaar.

What's your name? Fariba Jafari.

What year? Third year, literature.

Mrs. Shiva, get her name too.

Tell me your name...

And you? Nazila Khadem.

Mrs. Shiva, get her name.

Your address?

I don't have an exact address.

But where do you live?

Rostamabad, in Jalaliyeh.

What's your name?

Zeynab Hassanpour.

Stay in your lines.

Sir, will you show this film?

What's it matter to us if you film us... but don't show it anywhere?

You mean on TV? Yes.

You're right.

But is that any reason not to film?

At least show it to us.

Your last film was on Channel 2.

We don't get that here. Why bother?

What do you girls say? Should we film or not?


But you have to show it!

You have to show it!

What's your name? Tahereh.

Tahereh what? Poursadeghi.

Mrs. Shiva, get her name too.

What's your name? Zahra Jenab.

From where? Rostamabad.

How old are you? Fifteen.

Mrs. Shiva, get her name.

Your name? Zahra Jenab.

Address? Rostamabad, in Koker.





This is your historical calendar.

Today is Sunday... ninth day of the month of Khorad, year 1372 in the solar Hegira...

Hello. Good morning.

How are you? Fine, thanks.

Why were you walking?

I thought I might miss the bus, so I set out to catch it.

We worked late last night, and I overslept.

Here's that stuff you wanted.

This is chalk?

Yes, just not the kind you wanted.

The students made this.

They didn't sift it very well.

There may be small stones in it.

If it doesn't write well... break it in two and it will work better.

You might find better chalk at the school when you get there.

We're not going to the school.

Then why do you need chalk?

For the clapboard.

What's that?

It's used to identify shots.

We write on it, like on a blackboard.

I see. A board for... For filming.

Like I saw on the set of Where Is the Friend's House?

That's right. You were very good in that film.

You're very kind. I played the teacher.

I remember. You were perfect in the part.

Well, it's my profession.

I play that part every day.

In fact, I have a little favor to ask...

Excuse me, but could you catch up with the bus?

The school system sends a bus for its teachers?

No, the bus belongs to the shoe factory.

It drops us off at the factory, and we walk the last half mile to Saramarz.

About that favor...

I don't really like film and art and that kind of stuff.

But with the earthquake...

I'm in a tough spot.

If you could possibly get me a small part in your film...

Of course. Thank you very much.

Take this little shortcut.

This way? Yes.

You won't forget? Don't worry.



Miss Tahereh?

Grandmother? Yes?

Good morning, ma'am.

How are you? Fine, thank God.

Where has Tahereh gone? I don't know.

We were to meet at 7:30.

She had to meet someone, all right.

She left at dawn to go borrow a dress from a friend.

I don't know where she is now.

So what do I do? Make yourself comfortable.

Thank you. Come up here.

Come sit down.

Come sit with me.

I'll just wait for her here.

She told me... she was going to borrow a dress.

I'm really not sure.

I never know what she's up to.

You never know what she's thinking.

Is she coming back here or going on to school?

Should I wait? I don't know.

At that age, you're always flitting about. You never keep your word.

It was a mistake to try to pin her down.

I sent her to the well earlier, but she left the water downstairs.

With my bad legs, I can't get down there.

By the time I get down there, my food's burned.

She doesn't listen.

She's so headstrong.

She left her book here.

Good of you to bring that up.

Shall I pour you some? Yes, please.

Very kind of you.

Now you show up?

It's about time!

I went to my friend's house.

I thought you might be ready early.

I went to borrow a dress.

And did you get one? Yes.

Let me see.

That's no peasant dress. You have to wear a peasant dress!

My friend said it looked good on me. It just needs taking in.

I tell her to wear a peasant dress, and she says she'll take it in!

You have to wear a peasant dress! Just let me try it on.

No matter what I say, you do as you please.

You have to wear a peasant dress. I won't say it again.

It just needs taking in. I said no!

I'll just try it on.

It may be fine.

It's hopeless. She does as she pleases.

You have to wear a peasant dress. You understand?

No one wears peasant dresses these days.

Shall I pour you some water? Yes, please.

Thank you very much.

What did you say?

No one wears dresses like that anymore.

Your grandmother's wearing a very pretty one.

Old people wear them.

I've seen young people wear them, and they looked very nice.

But they were peasants, illiterate peasants!

Students don't wear them. You saw that.

Not at school, of course. Those are school rules.

But you have to wear one for us.

How on earth did you bring her up? She won't stop arguing.

I didn't bring her up.

Her mother did, God rest her soul.

What is it?

That's a lovely dress, and it's very nice on you, but it's not what we need.

It's all I have.

Leave it to me. I'll figure something out.

But I won't wear...

She's making excuses.

She can take her mother's dress from the chest.

May I borrow a flowerpot? I'll bring it back.

Take that one. I prefer this one.

That stem's too long.

Thank you. Good-bye. God be with you.

I'll come for you at 1:00.

You hear? At 1:00.

Mrs. Shiva!


How are you? You only have one pot?

Yes, but Babak's bringing two more.

I see. What's your name? Ahmad.

Ahmad what? Ahmadpour.

Ahmad Ahmadpour. Put that in the back.

Careful you don't break the stem.

Watch the stem! All right.

And the flower too!


They're so dry!

This is all they had.

Put them in back with the others.

Thanks, boys. Where are you going?

To school.

We have exams.

I'll give you a ride.

Thanks, but it's just over there, in the tents.

Very well.

Thanks, and good-bye.

Would you like to come to the set after your exams?

You know where it is? Koker.

That's right. Come by if you'd like.


Scene 4, shot 1, take 1.


Fine. You can stay there.



God be with you.


Why don't you answer?

After she says that, you say, "May you be well."

Then you ask her for water, and that's all.

Come back down with the plaster.

You understand?

Let's go.


Take 2.

Fine. You can stay there.



God be with you.


Speak, my friend!

When she greets you, say your lines!

Come back down with the plaster.

Farhad... when he says hello, look at him for a second.

Then answer him.

Let's go.

Sound? Rolling.


Take 3.

Fine. You can stay there.



God be with you.

Why don't you say something?

Did you forget your line?

Come back down with the sack.

Come back down.

Sir, I can't do it.


I can't do it.

What do you mean?

Could you come here a minute? What?

Could you come here a minute?

What's wrong?

I stammer.


You were speaking just fine earlier.

But... when I speak to a girl...

I start stammering.

I see.

You can go.

I'm sorry.

We'll drive you back.

Mrs. Shiva. Yes?

Take him back and bring Hossein here.

Hossein who?

Hossein at the camp. All right.

Get in the truck. I'll take you back.

Mrs. Shiva.

Rehearse with Hossein in the car. And hurry.

We're short on time.

Mr. Jafarian, should I cover this or leave it?

Shall we pack up the camera?

No, they're coming back.

Boys, you can't come over to this side of the rope, but may I come over to yours?

No! Yes!

Yes or no? Yes!

Tell me... don't you have exams?

No. Yes, we do.

Then what are you doing here?

We came to watch the shoot.

You came all this way? Yes.

How many miles?


I'll ask you a question.

Ask me!

Just wait.

Children, can you tell me what "cooperation" is?

I know! Can I answer?

Calm down. You answer. Working with each other.

Working with each other.

Can I answer? Helping each other.

I said that already. Yes, you did.

Let's see if you can tell me... the capital of Gilan province.

I know! I know!


What do you say? Rasht. That's right.

What is Rostamabad near? Poshteh!


Near Rudbar. And what is Rudbar known for?


Go through it once. Ma'am, I know it.

Don't worry. Just to put my mind at ease.

I walk up the stairs with the plaster on my shoulder.

Could it be something other than plaster?

Remember: You have to do what we tell you.


I take the plaster upstairs, and a woman up there says...

"Thank you."

No. "God be with you."

Sorry. "God be with you."

And I reply, "Could I have some water?"

Did I remember right?

Did I remember?

What's going on? You're blocking the road.

We'll move it.

How can I get by with your truck and bricks in the way?

We'll move it soon.

I have to get through!

You will. Just wait half an hour.

Are you kidding? I have tons to do!

So do we.

We come from the provinces and slave away here for others, all just to feed our families.

That's no answer.

How do I get by?

We'll ask a worker to clear the road.

But we can only spare one!

That's not my problem.

I'm in a hurry!

Then your worker can help move the bricks and clear the road.

We'll all finish faster.

That's not his job.

It's yours! There's nothing I can do.

You're blocking the road!

It's easy enough to clear.

Just throw the bricks on the pile.

Ma'am, I'm really sorry.

I'll gladly do anything you ask, but not masonry.

I'm not in construction anymore.

You said to come be in your film.

But I won't lay bricks.


The road to Koker, please?

Back the way you came! It's blocked.

Keep going. There's a road just past the bridge.

Hossein, don't get a big head!

Ma'am, why ask them when I'm right here?

I'm from around here too.

Since you no longer touch plaster or do masonry, I thought you didn't give directions either.

"I only want to be an actor."

That's why I asked someone else.

Now, then...

Whom should I ask? Me, sir!

You're very smart, but your citizenship could use improvement.

We'll continue this later, children.

Ready, Mr. Panahi? Yes.

Hossein, hurry up.

Where's Mr. Jafarian?

Mr. Jafarian? Coming.

Mrs. Shiva, quickly.

Same scene.

Mr. Kheradmand, quickly, please.

Ready when you are.

Shot 1, take 1.


Fine. You can stay there.




Hossein, why don't you say your line?

Come back down with the sack.

Boys, stay on that side!

Farhad, don't look at him too long as he goes upstairs.

Farhad! Understand? Yes.

Take 2.

Fine. You can stay there.




Mrs. Shiva, didn't you rehearse with him?

Yes. He was fine in the truck.

Come back down with the sack.

When I say hello to her... she doesn't answer.

She doesn't answer when I say hello.

She doesn't say hello? No.

Listen, we stopped filming today because of you, so tell me why that girl wouldn't say hello.

Tell me.

It was at Eynollah's... God rest his soul... where I used to work.

That girl used to live right across from there.

She was sitting on the stairs studying.

Sitting there across from me, she looked so gentle and decent, the kind of girl I could see myself marrying.

So I got the idea in my head to marry her.

Then I went back to work until dusk.

When I went to wash up, I saw her mother coming over to the spring to get water.

I spoke to her about her daughter. She got annoyed.


Maybe she thought I wasn't serious enough... that her daughter's reputation would suffer, that I didn't really want her, that I didn't deserve her.

And then?

That evening I went to change my clothes, and Eynollah told me not to bother coming to work the next day.

I heard that the mother asked him to fire me and offered him a good worker in my place.

That was the night the earthquake struck.

Eynollah's family...

God rest their souls... and the family of this girl, Tahereh, were killed.

Tahereh's parents? Yes.

And then? They all died.

On the third day of mourning...

I went to the cemetery.

There were so many people there that I wasn't able to see her.

On the seventh day of mourning...

I saw her at her parents' grave.

I wanted to talk to her... but her grandmother told me to pray for the dead.

Before I was halfway through my prayer, they had disappeared.

And you haven't seen her since?


Just once, on the 40th day of mourning.

And what did you do? On the 40th day...

I went back to the cemetery. Her grandmother was there.

I told myself that those poor people now knew that the world is cruel and that life is short... and so they wouldn't break my heart.

If these people had treated me better earlier... perhaps all these troubles wouldn't have happened to them.

I told myself it was the sighing of my heart... that had destroyed all these houses.

How could I afford a house like those?

My heart was heavy, and I wanted to relieve my sorrow by pouring it out on them.

I said to them, "Now that no one... has a house anymore, we're all on an equal footing.

I have no house... but neither do you.

What's your reply to my marriage proposal now?"

They gave me a reply... that still stings my heart today.

"Are you blind? Can't you see people are rebuilding?"

I see.

Ever since I was 11...

I've worked on other people's houses.

What was your trade?

I worked with a mason.

What did you do?

I laid bricks, clay or cement bricks.

That sort of work.

But people have always told me...

"No house, no woman!"

Since I didn't have a house, no one would give me a woman to marry.

But it takes time to build a house.

And you haven't seen her since?

Yes, I have.

Not last Thursday... but the one before that, the day I met all of you.


I asked for her hand in marriage again.

I didn't want to see them again.

I'm not even sure why I went.


The cemetery.

I saw them there.

That boy won't leave us alone. Go on home.

The key. - I'll be right there.

He won't leave us in peace.


How are you? Fine, thank God.

May I have your answer? The answer's no.

Your granddaughter seems willing, so why...

You want my answer? It's no!

Think of me too!

Everyone tells me she wants to get married, but you keep stubbornly saying, "The answer's no."

The answer's no!

Give me at least two good reasons.

You're illiterate, and you have no house.

It's decency, intelligence, and understanding that's important.

You may be decent and understanding, but you need a house.

She chose me. You're keeping us from living together.

The answer's no.

You have no house, you're illiterate, and you're empty-headed.

Mind your own business.

She'll never be yours.

Stop thinking about her, or I'll make your life hell.

If her parents were still alive, I'd at least have some hope.

But with you, nothing.

If they were alive, they wouldn't give her to you either.

Are you sure that's how your granddaughter feels?

My answer's no!


Wait a minute.

What are you doing there?

Come here quickly!



Over here.

Back here.

Back here. Sound?



Scene 7, shot 2, take 2.


After I take Tahereh home, shall I go get the other one...?

Which one?

After I take Tahereh home, shall I go get Poursadeghi?

Who's that? The girl with the green eyes.

Talk to Tahereh.

She's better for the part.

I can't do anything if she won't speak.

She won't listen or say her lines.

It's obvious he's the problem.

There was no problem with the other boy.

Let's avoid more problems. How?

Do what you can. I'm not sure what I can do.

Try anyway. Okay.

Hossein, bring my cigarettes from the car.

What? Bring my cigarettes from the car.

All right.

Hello, Bagheri. Hello.

How are you? Very well, thanks.

Glad to hear it.

That smells great. What are you cooking?

Grilled eggplant.

The crew requested it for dinner.

Bagheri? Yes?

What was that dish the night before last?

Sour herb stew.

How do you make that? Sour herb stew?

On second thought, tell me this instead:

Isn't your wife jealous that you're the better cook?

She used to be... but she isn't around anymore.

You mean...? Yes, she's dead.

Killed in the quake.

God rest her soul.

So you're alone now? Yes.

Cigarette? No, I just had one.



Aren't you thinking...

of finding a companion now?

No, I don't want to remarry.

But you're all alone.

I lived with her for 50 years.

She gave me six children.

It wouldn't be right.

But your children have all left home.

You need a companion in your later years.

My life's coming to an end.

Come on! You're still in your prime!

A lot of women here have lost their husbands, and a lot of husbands their wives.

Maybe, but I don't want to get married.

After 50 years with someone, it's not right to remarry.

For me, at 60 or 65, it's not right.

Hossein. Yes?

Clean this pot out for me.

Right away.

Are you coming?

We didn't look after our parents.

Why should our children look after us, with their hectic lives in Tehran?

What do your children do?

They live in Tehran.

One works for an oil company, Falate Gharreh.

An oil company? Yes.

He goes to the island of Lavan...

to the port of Genaveh.

It's hot there. Is it?

And your other son who works for a drilling company... does he have kids? Yes, three.

And your two sons here? They're drivers.

One drives a truck, and the other works at the town hall.

How did it go?

She refuses to listen.

She says we hired her for one day and that she has to study for exams.

I said, "Fine. You can study on the set."

It's clear she doesn't want to be with that boy.

She just doesn't want to.

I think we have to replace one or the other.

Either the girl or Hossein.

Hossein, the flowers need water. They're drying up.

You haven't done it in two days. You never told me.

Whom did I tell? Mohammadi.

Mohammadi says I told you... and you say I told Mohammadi.

What do I have to do?

I'd have done it if you'd told me.

You just forgot. I did not.

I was a bit crafty.

I told her to hurry up and decide, or I'd go get Miss Poursadeghi.

She reacted immediately and said...

"Come back tomorrow. I'll see then."

If you ask me... we have to replace one or the other.

The girl could cause problems later.

We'll find a solution.

What you were saying, Bagheri?

Hossein, get up!

How long are you going to sleep?

Get up. It's late.

Morning, ma'am.

Good morning.

Hossein, it's very late.

Get up.

You got up late too. The crew wants tea.

Hossein kept me awake all night.

He kept shouting in his sleep, "Where are my white socks?"

Between him and the wind, I got no sleep.

I had to put my cot outside.

Well, make some tea while I wake the others.

Mr. Karimi?

Good morning.

Good morning, Mrs. Shiva.

Is Mr. Ghafari up? Yes, he went jogging.

Mr. Samakbashi?

It's very late.

Okay, ma'am.

Good morning.

Mr. Jafarian?

I'm awake.

Good morning.

Mr. Jafarian? Good morning.

Good morning to you.

Mr. Kheradmand?

Over here!

Good morning.

'Morning, Farhad. 'Morning, Mrs. Shiva.

Good morning, Mrs. Shiva.

If you don't need Hossein right away, let him sleep a bit.

He didn't sleep well. He's very tired.

I didn't hear you.

Ma'am, I'm awake!

Good morning.

Gather the cups from the tents and wash them.

You say I'm asleep when I'm awake!

I wasn't asleep.

Correction, everyone:

Hossein was up early!


The poor guy overslept. Now he's worried.

I had a hard time getting up too.

You didn't sleep well?

I could feel the mattress springs.

My back hurt... and it was damp on the ground.

That's how my night went.

But the pure morning air makes it all worthwhile!

This air is delightful.

Seems like all the people around here are gone, huh?

Yes, most died in the earthquake, and the survivors moved down by the main road.

You've seen those tiny places they've thrown up, right?

They preferred the highway to the wonderful air here?

I guess so.

And the poor devils were right.

After the quake the roads were blocked, and help couldn't reach them.

Many of them died, and the survivors left.

Besides, you can't live on fresh air alone.

You need other things, things found down by the highway.

And from there, they can go wherever they need to.

Thus you get cities of 12 million.

Listen to us with our platitudes!

But let me tell you something about this place.

If you greet the souls of the inhabitants here, they answer you.

Greet their souls? Yes.


Say it like that and only I can hear.

Louder, so they can hear.

Hear that?

Now you're pulling my leg. Why?

It's obviously an echo.

Then try saying something else.

You'll see.

What should I say?

Pouya! Pouya!


No, nothing!

One thing: They only answer to hello and good-bye.



But if you say good-bye and don't leave, they won't answer your hello anymore.

Just hello and good-bye.

I'm off.

See you.

Farhad... give these to Mr. Panahi. I'll catch up with you.

See you later.

Sit here in front!

I want to see how Hossein's doing.

Are you okay?

I'm fine, thanks.

You don't look too happy.

I'm okay.

You look worn out.

Seems you didn't sleep well, huh?

I just got to sleep late.

You don't look like someone who didn't sleep much.

You look like something's eating you.

Am I right?

No, nothing's eating me.

Yes, something is.

You know, sir... the deceased souls of Poshteh...

have far better manners than Miss Tahereh.

How so?

When you greeted them earlier, at least they replied.

That's true.

I greeted her three times yesterday, and she didn't reply once.

Usually you just say hello once.

If there's no reply, you don't keep saying it.

You were in the wrong. You told me to!

I did?

I told you to say it once.

I thought if I greeted her...

maybe she'd reply, but no.

I'm not saying hello to her again.

Will she... be there today?

I don't know. Maybe.

Mrs. Shiva? Yes?

Stop for these people.

Hossein, help them up.

Where are you coming from with so much stuff?

I don't speak Persian.

We were at the public baths.

And where are they?

The other side of Shima.

There are baths around here. Why go so far?

There are shops there, and the bazaar.

There's a bakery too.

Our daughters come with us.

Isn't it hard on you going all that way?

Maybe, but it's better there. It's quieter.

Won't you catch cold up here?

We're cold, but we have to get home.

Cold and heat don't bother us.

We can't change it... even if it's hard.

Things are less hectic there.

Is she your daughter? Yes.

She doesn't look like you.

She looks like her brother.

Then her brother must take after his father.

He does.

So she takes after her father.

Where's her father now? He died.

In the earthquake? Yes.

God rest his soul.

Do you think your daughter would like to be in our film?

Would you like to be in our film? No.

Why? She doesn't know how to act.

It's not hard.

She just has to wash dishes by a spring.

You could do that, right?

Or no?

What's your name?

Look at me.

Excuse me, sir.

People here don't tell the names of women or girls to strangers.

It's not our custom.

Are there still people living around here?

Very few.

Only those with cattle and sheep.

The rest have moved down by the highway.

Do you have cattle too? We have nothing anymore.

Then why stay?

The side of the road is no place to live.

There's no peace and quiet there.

Where are you from?

We're all from Talesh-Tolab.

Talesh-Tolab? Yes.

There we had flies, tea plantations, trees, rice fields... and silk.

Flies? Honey flies. Bees.

We left it all to come here.

But to give up this place to live by the highway... we couldn't do that.

Have you ever been to Talesh-Tolab?


If you had, you wouldn't ask why we don't move to the highway.

That's no place to live.

All that smoke and asphalt and traffic!

You're right.

Thanks a lot. We'll walk from here.

Mrs. Shiva... let them off here.

Ma'am, give me your address.

We don't have one.

We may have work for you.

We have no address. Why do you want it?

You can trust me. We have no address.


Ma'am, come here.

Mrs. Shiva, get her address.

Yes? What's your address, ma'am?

We have no address. We're over past that tree.

We have no phone. Our tents are over there.

I didn't ask for a phone. We have no address.

Our tents are just past that tree.

We have no address. Nothing.

What's your name? Zahra Norouzi.

If I need you, will you be there? Yes.

We're over there. I'll come look for you.


What did you want that woman for?


I wasn't interested in her.

I was thinking of her daughter for the scene at the spring.

If that doesn't work out...

I have an idea involving Hossein.

What do you say, Hossein?

She doesn't interest me.

Why? She's a pretty girl.

She may be pretty... but she's illiterate.

How do you know? They're peasants.

They've had no education.

When I get married and have kids, if my wife is illiterate like me, who'll help the children with their homework?

I see.

Maybe you two would get along better, since you're illiterate too.

I don't know how to read, so I have to find someone who's educated, and sociable too, who can read and write, so that one of us can help the children with their homework and tests.

If we're both illiterate... it would never work.

So you don't want her because she's illiterate.

But that's the same reason Tahereh doesn't want you.

That's what's eating you, isn't it?

There's nothing eating me.

Yes, there is. Just a bit.

I think... if homeowners married homeowners, the rich married the rich... and the illiterate married the illiterate, nothing would work.

Much better if the literate marry the illiterate... the rich marry the poor...

and those with houses marry those without.

That way they can all help each other out.

If two people marry and end up with two houses, they can't live with their heads in one and their feet in the other.

Right? Can they?

Of course not.

But they can live in one and rent out the other, right?


Yes, you're right.


Miss Tahereh?


Good morning.

Good morning, Tahereh.

Scene 14, shot 1, take 1.



Where did you put my white socks?

Look with your other clothes.

I looked. They're not there.

Maybe on the shelf.

They're not there either.

I never know where you put my things!

You must have left them in your shoes.

I'll take a look... but I know they're not there.

But if you say so, fine.

I'll look in my shoes.

They're here. My white socks are here.

You seem like newlyweds.

We are.

How long has it been? Five days.

Five days or five months?

Five days.

The night of the earthquake? No... the next day.


Hossein, don't look down.

Look up when you talk.


Sound ready?



Scene 14, shot 1, take 2.


Tahereh, where did you put my white socks?

Look with your other clothes.

I looked. They're not there.

Maybe on the shelf.

I looked.

I never know where you put my things!

You must have left them in your shoes.

I know they're not there.

But if you say so, fine.

I'll look in my shoes, but I know they're not there.

They're here. They were in my shoes.

You seem like newlyweds.

We are.

How long has it been?

Five days.

Five days or five months?

Five days.

The night of the earthquake?

No, the next day.


What's going on?

Hey, don't pour water down here!

I was watering the flowers. Watering?

Look to see if anyone's down here first!


I'm not saying don't water.

Just look down below first!


With roofs caving in on people's heads, a little water falling on mine is nothing.

Don't yell at her.

There can't have been many victims in your family if you married the next day.

Sure there were: cousins, aunts, uncles.

All told, it must have been be 25 dead...

Cut. It's 65.

No, sir, I lost 25 people.

No, it's 65. Once again.

Hossein, get ready.

Just a second.

Ahmad, go sit over there.


Ready? Yes.


Are we ready?

Hossein, ready?

Hold on. The sun's gone behind the clouds.

Wait four minutes. Maybe less.

While we're waiting, could you listen to this?

There's some kind of noise. Does it bother you?

Let me listen.

We have a little problem.

Do you want a close-up?

Wait, I'm listening to the sound.

Tahereh... when I ask about the socks, don't think that's how I really am.

That's what the director told me to say.

I'm not the kind to keep asking...

"Where are my socks?"

If I get married...

I'll have enough sense to put away my own socks and clothes and all my other things.

I want to get married simply to be happy, not to find someone to cook for me or take care of my clothes.

I'd like you to continue your studies while I work.

I can easily eat at the bazaar.

The only thing I want... is your happiness.

I want to make you happy.

What does your heart say?

Are you with me or not?

Scene 14, shot 1, take 3.


Why doesn't he start? Hossein, why don't you start?


Where are my socks?

Look with your other clothes.

I looked.

They're not there.

Maybe on the shelf.

They're not there either.

I never know where you put my things!

Look in your shoes.

They're not there either, but if you say so, fine.

I'll have a look.

If you say so, fine.

Here they are, with my shoes!

You seem like newlyweds.

We are.

How long has it been?

Five days.

Five days or five months?

Five days.

The night of the earthquake?

No, the next day.

Don't pour water down here!

Sorry, I was watering.

That's fine... but check to see if anyone's down here first!

Sorry. It's all right.

With roofs caving in on people's heads, a little water falling on mine is nothing.

Tell me... there can't have been many victims in your family if you married the next day.

Sure there were: cousins, aunts, uncles.

All told, it must have been 25 dead.

Not 25. 65.

You have to say 65. 65?

But I swear I only lost 25!

Say 65 anyway.

We have to change film. Hossein, go back upstairs.

Esmail, undo the ropes. Let's put the canvas away.

We need shadow there.

Mrs. Shiva, could I have some paper?

Whose pen is this?

Tahereh, you and I haven't even had a chance to talk yet.

I've only spoken to your late mother and your grandmother.

But old people don't understand what the young feel.

They've forgotten their own youth.

I want to know if your heart... is with me or not.

That's right... read your book and pay no attention to them.

They're busy.

They're paying no attention to us.

If you're too shy to say yes to me, turn the page in your book.

That will be my answer.

I think the real problem is the house.

I'll go talk to the owner about us living here.

It doesn't need a lot of work.

We'll be happy here, because it will bring us luck.

Since we've been here, flowers have grown up inside, flowers to wish us welcome.

We don't need that plaster anymore!

It's not ours.

Just set it aside.

I'll ask them for some of that plaster and buy two more sacks.

I can make this a beautiful house.

I'll put in a window over there.

When you wake up in the morning, you can open it and look out at the mountains.

It will lift your spirits.

I swore I'd never do masonry work again.

If I do, it will be just for you.

But I want to know if your heart is with me.

Don't worry about the others.

If you turn a page in your book, I'll have my answer.

Mr. Jafarian, let's start. Ready?

Sound? Rolling.


Scene 14, shot 1, take 4.


Hossein! Yes.

Why don't you speak? You awake up there? Go on!


Where are my white socks?

Look with your other clothes.

I looked. They're not there.

Maybe on the shelf.

They're not there.

I never know where you put my things!

You must have left them in your shoes.

I don't think so.

But if you say so, fine.

I'll look in my shoes.

They're in my shoes!

You seem like newlyweds.

We are.

How long has it been?

Five days.

Five days or five months?

Five days.

The night of the earthquake?

No... the next day.

Don't pour water down here!

I was watering the flowers.

You can water, but check down below first!

All right. Sorry.

Don't yell at her.

With roofs caving in on people's heads, a little water falling on mine is nothing.

But there can't have been many victims in your family if you married the next day.

Sure there were: cousins, aunts, uncles.

All told, I lost 65 relatives.

I thought if I waited for the elders' approval, one would say to wait... until the third day of mourning, another the seventh day, another the 40th, or even to wait a whole year.

We figured we'd be waiting a long time!

So we decided to get married and come here and get it over and done with!

You brought her here? Yes.

No, not here.

We've been here three days.

At first we lived under plastic.

Under plastic?

What do you mean?

I'd bought 20 yards of plastic for the rice fields.

But I put it to a different use.

I stuck four stakes in the ground and laid the plastic on top, and we moved in beneath it.

That was your nuptial chamber. Yes.

Then what did you do?

What did you do for food?

We had no plates or utensils.

We thought we'd go look where I'd been living before. to see if we could find anything.

We looked through the rubble, and we found a pot, a plate, and two spoons.

We washed them... and brought them back to our plastic shelter.

Then I went to the bazaar to see if I could find something to eat.

I saw two trucks from rescue services parked alongside the highway.

One was giving out tents and the other tomatoes.

We were too late for the tents, but we managed to get a few tomatoes.

I washed them.

I made a wooden skewer and grilled the tomatoes on it like kabob, and we ate that.

Your wedding banquet? Right.


That was good. We're done.

Thanks, everyone.

Hossein, would you bring us some tea?

Ma'am? No, thank you.

This is how it'll be.

Sometimes I'll serve the tea... and sometimes you will.

That's how I see married life.

That's what life is about.

Hossein! Yes?

Mr. Nazari?

Plant one of the plants here. They're too dry.

Hossein, grab a pick and help us.

Hossein's tired. Let him rest.

Mr. Hossein won't dirty his hands with picks and bricks.

If he won't, we shouldn't either.

He's decided not to do masonry anymore.

Mrs. Shiva is right.

I swore I'd never do that work again.

If I ever do, it will be just for you.

The pay isn't bad these days.

I could make 1,500 toman a day, more than doctors or engineers.

That's 45,000 toman a month.

We could set aside 10,000 for expenses and tuition and transportation and...

Hossein? Yes.

Where are you? Up here.

Where's your jacket? Downstairs.

Go put it on. Hurry! Okay.

Ready, ma'am?

Sound? Rolling.


Scene 14, shot 2, take 1. Action!

Did those who died know what was coming?

As long as we're still alive, we have to start a family.

The next quake might kill us too.

Am I wrong? No.

Look, you forgot this.


Why "look"? Doesn't he have a name?

"Mr. Hossein."

"Mr. Hossein, you forgot this." That's all.


Scene 14, shot 2, take 2.


Did those who died know what was coming?

As long as we're still alive, we have to start a family.

The next quake might kill us too.

Am I wrong?

No, you're right.

Hossein, you forgot this.

Farhad, he hasn't extended his hand.

Why hold out yours?

Miss Tahereh, it's "Mr. Hossein."

Once again.

Ready? Sound?

Rolling. Camera.

Shot 2, take 3.


Did those who died know what was coming?

As long as we're still alive, we have to start a family.

The next quake might kill us too.

Am I wrong? No, you're right.

Hossein, you forgot this.


You have to say "Mr. Hossein."

How many times must I tell you?

Take 4.

Did those who died know what was coming?

As long as we're still alive, we have to start a family.

The next quake might kill us too.

Am I wrong? No, you're right.

Hossein, you forgot this.


Tahereh, you said "Hossein" again.

I told you: You have to say "Mr. Hossein."

Take 5.

Did those who died know what was coming?

As long as we're still alive, we have to start a family.

The next quake might kill us too.

Am I wrong? No, you're right.

Hossein, you forgot this.


She still didn't say it.

Excuse me, sir.

Some women around here no longer address their husbands with "Mister."

If Miss Tahereh doesn't call me "Mister,"

I don't think it will seem implausible in the film.

No, it won't seem implausible.

Once again? No.

It's a wrap? Yes.

Thanks, guys. Let's pack everything up.

Thank you, Mr. Jafarian.

Hossein, put the glasses in the truck. It's getting late.

Tahereh, get your book. We're done.

I'm all done? Yes.

You won't say your lines properly.

Where are the Ahmadpour boys?

Right here!

Find your flowerpots and put them in the truck.

Tahereh, take yours too.

You know which it is? Don't take someone else's.

Boys, go get your flowerpots.

Wait. Let Tahereh come down first.

Put them in back.

We're leaving now.

Hurry, boys.

You know which is yours?

How many did you have, Babak?

Two. Don't dawdle!

Mine had two red flowers.

Well, look for it, but hurry!

Isn't it that one?

Yes, it's the one on the end.

Careful you don't break the stem.

Put them in back, and don't break the stems.

Where's Mr. Nazari?

Is the minibus here yet? It's coming back.

Tahereh, put that in back and get in.

Hossein, change your shoes, then put the flowerpots away.

All right.

Move that rock there. That's good.

Leave it there.

Hossein, would you untie the ropes?

We're putting the canvas away.

All right.

Could you serve us some tea?

I just served tea.

Reza drank mine.

Guys, Hossein's tired. Leave him alone.

Hossein, put the glasses in the truck and get in.

Mr. Karimi, don't put that in the truck.

Wait for the minibus. The truck's full.

There won't be room. What do we do, Mr. Panahi?

Let the children go in the truck. The minibus will come soon.

Hossein, don't put those in the truck yet.

We have to be organized and professional.

Three people can take the minibus with the flowerpots in their laps.

How can we carry all this stuff?

You don't have that much.

We have this platform. Why'd you bring that?

Why didn't you work something out with Mr. Jafarian?

We couldn't predict the weather!

It's a clear day!

What if it had started raining?

What if it had rained?

Getting angry doesn't help.

We'll find a solution.

We're professionals.

We decide what to bring.

We use this instead of a ladder.

The children have exams. We should get them back quickly.

Mrs. Shiva?

Mr. Panahi?


She left. Who did?

Miss Tahereh.

Tahereh, we'll drive you back. It's a long way.

Thanks. I know a shortcut.

Hossein, can't you see we're squabbling over transportation?

You're young, you can walk. Go on!


Miss Tahereh.

I may not see you again.

If you're going to give me an answer, do it now.

I may not see you again.

Don't listen to your grandmother.

All that old women think about is rich men with houses and factories.

That's all they think of.

But intelligence and understanding are important too.

You have no father or mother now.

You need a good husband, not any old crook or bum.

I really want to live with you.

I'm not out to deceive you.

As God is my witness... it's not just your beauty.

I want you to have a place in life, safe from worries.

Let's live life together, hand in hand.

Whatever your answer is, tell me now.

The good Lord gave you a tongue to answer a man like me.

And if you don't want to answer, I want an explanation for that look you gave me at the cemetery that drew me to you and made me pursue you all this time to get an answer.

I want your answer, not your grandmother's.

I never want to see or speak to her again.

When she got married, or when your parents got married... God rest their souls... did they have a house?


So we'll work too. We'll build our house too.

Your grandmother says without a house, I won't find a wife.

But I'll work! Bit by bit, I'll have a house too.

I'm as capable as anyone else.

We'll be so happy together that other people will be jealous.

We're just as good as anyone else.

Who had a house around here? Ask anyone!

Did they have a house when they got married?

Even rich people don't have a house when they get married.

They move in with their parents until they can buy one.

But those of us without parents have no house either.

We have to work harder for a house.

Like the director said:

Did those who died know what was coming?

He must know!

He studied in Tehran.

That's a big city.

He knows what he's talking about. Listen to him.

It's logical.

You have to admit it.

And even if you don't agree, say something!

Give me an answer today.

Filming is over. I won't see you again.

If you don't answer today, I won't bother you anymore. But give me your answer.

If you like me, say... "Yes, I like you."

And if you don't, explain that look you gave me at the cemetery.

It's the only reason I've been pursuing you... thinking maybe you like me but that you're scared of your grandmother.

There are girls more beautiful than you... girls better than you.

I could marry one, but I won't.

I want to marry you... you who've lost father and mother.

Just give me your answer!

If you won't answer, at least let me carry the flowerpot.

If I'd known it was yours, I'd have watered it.

I wouldn't have let Mohammadi touch it.

Is your heart made of stone or what?

Is your heart made of stone?

Are you only concerned with how you'll look?

I'm doing this for you alone, to give you a future.

Hossein can have plenty of women.

I can find one anywhere.

Tahereh, for God's sake, answer me!

If anyone saw us together, they'd think we were meeting secretly!

They'd never guess you just won't answer or that you haven't got a tongue!