Thunderbolt (1995) Script


Foh. I thought you graduated. Didn't you go back to Hong Kong?

I'm going back next week.

Can I help you?

Yeah, I'm looking for my earring.

I found it.

You okay?

Doesn't matter. Goodbye.


How was it?

I need some more practice.

Hey, Pete.

Cougar, what's happening?

Got any news from Tony?

No, I got my eyes and ears out there, but nothing yet.

Not even Virgil?

Cougar, we're out there doing the best we can.

Want a ride in my car?

Yeah, I'd love to. All right then.

Cougar, I swear I don't know where they are.

I saw you leaving Tony's safehouse yesterday.

He's leaving town and you arranged it.

Right Mr. Lieutenant Victor Bye bye, Mr. Undercover.



I don't like this.

Don't you just love the thrill of it?


All right.

I heard it was a massacre.

Yes, that's horrible.

Who did that? Can't we just move?

Where's the stuff? Right here.

You guys are nuts.

Where are we going next?

Hong Kong.

Great. I can do some shopping.

And I can race.


What do they want?

What are you looking for?

Not bad.

Looks pretty good.

You remodel cars? Yes.

Which track do you race on, Pattaya or Macao?

Tolo Harbor or Princess Margaret Road.

Occasionally on Queens Rd. Central and Nathan Rd.

Sorry, we seldom remodel cars for the street.

You have no say. Find me who does.

What's wrong, Cheong? Elder brother Foh...

You're in charge, right? My car drags a little.

The front brake is not sharp and this rim is scratched.

And replace the exhaust pipe. The bigger the better.

Why are you just standing there?

I'm telling you to remodel my car. It means money in your pocket.

Forget it!

You won't remodel it. I'm sorry.

You won't remodel it. Get in.

I'm sorry.

I'll go somewhere else.

That is all. Bye-bye.

Don't come back...

Everyone back to work.

Where are Dai Mui and Sai Mui? Not home from school.

Come on. Want to eat again?

You're eating all the time.

Hey, girls. Where are you going?

Hey, sexy!

Why are you leaving? Where are you going?

Let's have a drink. Let's go to a karaoke.

Hey, give me one.

If you buy, you should buy a lot.

You need to lose weight. That's not true.

Don't you touch me. We thought it was a mosquito.

But it's gone. Yes.

You're something. Are you new? What?

You were brave to touch that girl. Will she electrocute me?

Not electricity. Fire. What fire?

Here comes the fire. Take care of yourself.

Good luck.

Why are you so vulgar?

Who touched her?

I was only peeking.

Which hand?

This one. Put it on the table.

You asked for it.

Don't do it again.

What happened? Nothing.

You only peeked? Yes.

Please, no! Don't do it again.

If you do, you'll regret it. Yes. I won't do it again.

What's up? Nothing. We're looking for rats.

Your dad wants everyone together tonight for a big job.

All right.

Fat Dog, are you pissing yourself?

No. These rats are very big.

See you tonight. Right.

Go on.

Roll it!

Amy Ip here. Why is this place so crowded?

Cut! Why did you cut it?

Fatty. What is it?

See that car over there Yes.

Tell him to do it again.

Again? What do you think we're making, a movie?

Roll camera. Go again.

If you're giving us a ticket, then hurry up.

We're in a hurry. If you're in a hurry, take a cab.

Your car can't go yet. Why?

I suspect your car has been illegally remodeled.

Ridiculous. Which eye did you see that with?

We'll see. Ask the King of Cars.

Uncle Tung!

What's up? You can imagine.

I understand. Come on, Alfred.

Height-adjustable shocks.

Tow it away.

That's not true.

Are oversized calipers and drilled discs factory issue?

Tow it! These are factory installations.

It's a hood lock.

Tow it.

This is standard with an 008R? Tow it!

You could use this exhaust as a barbecue. Tow it away!

Tow it.


After him!

That car's a rocket. And no number plate.

Come on, back to work. Back to work.

That's some machine, huh? Yes.

Your tie is crooked. There. Thank you.

Lam, what are you doing? Filming the policewoman.

You should be shooting the car chase.

It's your fault. Let's go.

Calling roadblock. Do you receive?

You stay here and help. You two go there.

Find it's last position.


Target approaching. Stop him.

Block him off.

Officer down. Call for backup.

Did you get all that?

Did you shoot it or not? Yes.

Yes. Great.

Brake. Brake.

He only used the brake once.

Come on, brake!


Too late!

If we're all here, let's start. Yes, sir.

Let me do the introductions, Joe.

Steve Cannon, from Interpol. He'll brief everyone on tonight's operation.

This is the man in the black car.

His name is Warner Krugman, otherwise known as "Cougar".

He's not just a racing car driver.

He's a killer. He's the outfit's number one.

Can you do it? No, it's too difficult.

Why don't you show us?

Hang on, let's see... Excuse me.

Come on, don't fight.

No, no, no...

Take it slow. There. Come on!

Dad, a call from the police. Okay.

Thanks, Foh.

Almost. Now, now...

You have to let me show you.

No chance. He thinks he knows it all.

Let me try.

Have you got it? Not yet.

Now watch.

Wow, that's great! Good, good!

Now, the glass.

That's brilliant.

He got it.

You can keep it going longer. I'll try again.


There we go.

Give it to me. Now, very carefully...

There it is, see? I told you.

Now I'll take it out again.

Give me the glass again.

Now you'll see how it skids.

Come on!

Alfred. Yes.

A stakeout for that car. Coming? Yes.

Attention, it's not the car.

I know.

I know the sound of the engine perfectly.

Koo, guess the next car.

A Celica. No, no...

A G.T.O.

Not that either.

It's a Porsche.

A truck with a broken exhaust.

You're losing it. Get your ears checked.

Sure you know how to use it?

I'm an expert in high technology.

This is a household appliance.

The others are too big for this kind of job.

And your skirt is too short for this kind of job.

The boss made me wear it. To boost the audience.

I may have to wear a bikini soon.

You'd have no problem with that.

Are you done? Okay.


Ladies and gentlemen, it's 2.20 in the morning.

I'm Cityview reporter, Amy Ip.

A few nights ago we reported the pursuit of an unlicensed night racer.

Various people are involved in this operation, including these men in the truck.

What's your plan for tonight? What's all this about?

Mind if we interview you? No cameras.

We have grids in the computer to hide your faces.

Don't believe it. The grids don't work.

Don't worry. Just cover yourself up.

I have nothing to say.

Okay then. Thanks.

You point that thing at them, no wonder they won't talk.

Who do we interview now?

I'll pretend to be him.

I look better than that dude, don't I?


It's not our target.

We waited 3 nights for nothing. Yeah.

What a waste of time.

Dismiss them.

Teams A, B and C are dismissed.


Copy. Dismissed, guys. Yes, sir.

Here they come.

Goodbye. See you soon.


Ready. See you later. See you.

Hey. Rolling!

Not "rolling". They're dismissed. Go home Another fruitless night. Come on, we're dismissed.

Another night.

What happened? Earthquake.

No. Really?


People don't know how to drive these days.

What's up with the car? I don't know.

Then what are you doing?

Looking under the hood, like everybody does.

Hey, the tow truck!


What is it? It's fine, just out of gas.

Give them our spare gas.

I knew I forgot something at the gas station. Gas.

You see? You shouldn't rush me so much.

Don't blame her. Did you forget your brain too?

You almost ran into us.

Don't you know how dangerous it is to drive like that?

Are a complete fool? You could've killed someone.

All cars need gas, except electric ones, that is.

It's like forgetting your brain when you go out.

You got me? Okay, how much?

I'm a civil servant, don't ask me about money. Talk to him.

Where was I?

How much is it? Wait.

This time, if it doesn't start, it's a breakdown.

It might need to go to the garage.

Could be worse than we thought.

Yeah, sure. It sounds all right.

It's working.

It's him!

The car we were waiting for. He's taking our car.

Call the police station, quick.

He's taken the reporter, too. Go after him!



Where is the car?

Have you got a mobile phone? Yes.

Then get it out. Yes.

Slow down or I can't. Try.

Call the police.

I'm still getting connected. Get down.

Get down!

Fast! What do you want me to do?


No! We're going to tip over!

I don't want to die!

Be careful!

Hold on.

Where do they put the roadblock? How do I know?

He says he doesn't know. Ming Kum Road.

Ming Kum Road. What?

He says we passed it.

What do we do?

I'll have to go back there. We'll have to go back.

A truck!

No one's to shoot unless it's necessary.


Hold tight.

Where has he gone?

If he's as crazy as he seems he'll follow us.

Hold on.

Are you all right?

That man... that man...

That man... Just relax.

Surround the car!

Hands up.

Hi, Kenneth, it's Amy. What an exclusive I've got.

I chased the Night Racer with a tow truck driver.

I was in the passenger seat. Fantastic!

. Did you get it on film? On film? It happened so fast.

What are you saying? It's your job.

I didn't have a camera.

But I can tell the story like you were there.

Just like live coverage.

I can do that. Without images, it's nothing.

You've got to get something worthwhile, not just stories.

This is your statement.

Look at it. If it's correct, sign it.

Don't worry. I'll get you out soon.

Hey you.

You're good.

I want you to race with me.

Anywhere you like, on or off track.

I'll provide you with anything... money, car... name it. I'm not a racer.

You're going to jail, anyway.

My client's passport is genuine. Give me a break, would you?

It's a goddamn Libyan passport. So what? It's legal.

And it says this gentleman is not Walter Krugman.

I know he is Walter Krugman. You have 48 hours to prove it.

48 hours isn't enough time.

I need at least 3 days to get the information from Interpol.

No, 48 is 48 and you have 30 hours left.

Okay, fine.

Answer me one question.

Was this man in the car that struck the policeman.

He's leading the witness.

I'll make it very simple.

Is this the man that struck the policeman?

I don't know.

This is ridiculous! My client is not guilty.

I know that you know he's... Shut up!

Who is in charge here?


We'll film some of his personal effects.

My brother was also a great sportsman.

He won this trophy in the Macao Grand Prix.

Yes, film his trophies. And everything else.

Anything else we can shoot?

A baby photo of him naked in the bath.

That's enough! What are you doing?

Give me that. Enough of that.

This is unbelievable!

How dare you! What will our father say?

Here I am. Oh, you're back. Put some nice clothes on.

Right, shoot me first. I'm in a hurry.

I'll tell you how I became the King of Cars.

When I got into...

Leave us alone. I didn't know about your trophies.

In the interview, talk about your heroic exploits in Japan.

I did nothing heroic.

Don't worry, I'll write that you're the greatest.

That you have superhuman qualities.

I'm not the fastest racer. No one knows that.

No one will research that. Just put on a medal.

I refuse to be interviewed.

I understand. I won't twist your arm.

But your family would be very proud.

Dai Mui, you said you play drums!

Hurry up. People are waiting. Right.

What hard workers you are! You can't come in here.

What are you doing? What are you thinking?

No one comes in here.

What are you doing?

What's your problem?

Are you Alfred?

Yes. What is it? They told me...

Go on. What do you want?

I'm warning you, don't go to the police.

Keep your mouth shut.

I'm sorry. Accidents will happen.

Take this to help you forget about it. Take it.

Get out of here.

Let us go!

Are you leaving or not.

Let's go!

I can't see.

Sign out and we can go.

Sign here.

Bye-bye, cutie.

One moment.

I have a witness.


I saw him run over a policeman last Saturday at Sai Sai Bay.

Are you sure?


You're under arrest. What? You can't do that.

It's a mistake.

He's lying! You have the right to silence.

What is going on here? Would somebody tell me?

We'll have someone come and translate this for you.

Have a beautiful day. Thank you very much.

What the hell is going on?

I want you on the phone to the U.S., let's go.

Mr. Chan, you are a perfect liar.

Call the FBI and Interpol. Call Interpol first.

We've got security, everything covered for you.

You can go. Don't worry. Let me talk to them first.

Get 'em on the phone.

More chicken wings.

What a face he's pulled here.

How did the photos you took the other day turn out, Amy?

One day I'll put them in an album.

They're great. You got a good one of Alfred.

Your mother would be proud to see you on the cover.

Truth is, you don't act like a big star.

I'm not a movie star. I'm just an actress.

If not for these gossip shows, I wouldn't be on television.

Your photos are very good. You could be a reporter.

I'd like to be, but all the reporters are college graduates.

Your job is like covering the news.

But nowadays the news is like a gossip show.

But there's still a difference.

Why don't you all eat instead of talk?

I can't. My chicken wing isn't done.

Here... No photos.

It's candy.

No, thanks. I want some.

Me too.

By the way, Amy, can you make my daughters stars too.

Yeah! You heard it.

Even news anchors have to be college graduates.

So study hard. Then, we'll see.

I'm sure they'll be stars one day.

Did you get it on film?

Not yet.

Why not? You were with them for over four hours.

I told you not to waste time on that guy.

I didn't waste time.

I could turn him into real hero.

Testing one, two, three.

Loud and clear.

Steve, the documents are here. Good.

Come in.

Control Room 2.

Corridor 3.

If you want to leave, press the red button.




Your pass.

Go and see.

Hi, baby.

Let's go!

Come on!


Take that!

I'll kill you bastards!

Let's go! Go! Go!


Kill him.


Cougar, why not just kill and go?

Think I can't use a gun? This is my game.

Only a cat knows how to play with a mouse.

Up to you.

What is it?


Dad, what's happening? Alfred is in there.

Hold on! Alfred, jump!

Alfred, be careful. Hold on tight.

Alfred! Let's help him.



What are you doing there?



Hold on tight. Help!


Damn it!

Come on!

Hold on tight.

Dai Mui!

I can't take any more.

Help me!

Dai Mui, calm down!

Sai Mui!

Sai Mui!

Sai Mui!

Dad, this side!

Dad, I need you.




Hey you.

Feeling good? I feel great.

I want you to race with me.

And I promise you will.

Remember, this little secret is between you and me.

I'll see you in Japan.

Dad! Dad!

Out of the way! Get out of the way!

Quick! Out of the way, please!



Amy, you know him. Tell them you're related.

No way. Do it!

What's going on? Some building collapsed.

Relax! Calm down, or I can't inject you.

You're so tense, the needle won't go in.

Calm down!

I'm sorry I caused you this.

Are these the men who did it? Calm down.

Look, these guys are animals.

One thing I don't understand.

They break up your home, kill two of my men, but they don't kill you.

You guys got some special deal going on now?

What are you doing?

What do you mean? I wasn't saying...

What are you doing? How dare you!

You don't know what's happening. Don't get worked up.

How dare you say that! You're only interested in a case.

Not in my family. I do care about you!

That's a lie. I want to help you You told me what to do, and I did it.

You bastard!

What are you doing? I'm a relative.

Go ahead!

Shoot. What are you waiting for?

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

Take it easy.

Alfred, calm down.

You'll be okay.

Don't worry. It will be all right soon.

Just relax.

That's it, calm down.

See? You'll be fine. This shot... will help you to rest. Don't worry now.

Check the back door.

Hi, Amy. Have you come for an interview.


What are you doing? Looking for Alfred's savings book.

Though I don't thinks it's enough. This light alone costs a fortune.

Are you serious?

I found it. It's got 110,000 dollars in it.

Not enough for the race. What will we do?

Race? What race?

Suddenly Alfred says we're racing.

Where is he?

Have you seen Sai Mui? Keep working.

I knew I'd find you here.

You weren't at the hospital when I went to see your dad.

I could go with you.

Come on. You can check.

I don't have a camera or pen I don't want an interview.

I just want to talk to you. I can't talk to myself.

What do you want to hear?

I just want to help you. You can't. I don't want to talk.

There's nothing to say.

And if I could help you and your sisters?

Leave them alone. I don't need your help.

Can't you understand?

I was just asking.

I know something's gone wrong.

Otherwise you wouldn't race. Since it's so important, concentrate on racing.

Leave the rest to me.

I can't help you with the big things, but I can do something about the small things.

Take care of the main thing, and leave the details to me.

It's cold.

Pistons. Here, SB.

One SB.

Turbo timer. One turbo timer.

Anything else? No, that's it.

What have you got there? A gear box.

Over there. Thanks.



Abalones... You guys tell her the numbers.

Thanks. M-Z-6-0-0-3-6.


Did you go to China for it? Why didn't you go?

Like a drink? Here, have a drink.

Take one. Thank you.

Some water. Is there any Coca Cola?

If I had some, I'd give it to you. Here.

Koo, pass me the wrench.


Here, Alfred.

Who said it was your water? But I'm thirsty.

You can drink motor oil.

You're so ungrateful. I'll drink it.

He's so smart.


Men are so handsome when they're concentrating on something.

I look handsome when I'm eating then.

Handsome as a pig.

Where can we test the car in Hong Kong?

Racing? Is that legal?


Inspector... Just this one time.

Thank you, sir. Ready!

Team A, ready.

Team B, ready.

Team C, ready.

Are you all set?

The roads cut. Take a detour.

Attention... What are we doing?

If it's a car, stop it.

No way. It's the Governor.

What? Tell team C. Quick!

Well, well. I'm in the headlines again.

Don't come this way.


The Governor is going down this road.

My neck! My head!




The Committee ruled that all racers wear these.

I already filled in your details.

Anything you don't know?

I'm not sure.

Do you know how to smile?

It has to go faster.

He took the curve badly.

You can do much better.

You've got to do better to pass the trials.

Alfred's nervous under all the pressure.

Can he really get that killer Cougar to come?

What's wrong with you?

I just changed the battery.

How weird!

Where did I shoot this?

Would you stand up? What?


She took my bike. Hey, wait.

Hello. Can you get Alfred?

That's it. Yes.

Everything's ready. The race is over.

Good. Let's go.

May I help you?

May I help you?

May I help you?



I saw them go into the spa.

Alfred, wait a second.

Women can't go in. Wait here.


May I help you?

What are you doing here?

Where are my sisters? How would I know?

I'm not their guardian. What have you done with them?

Out of the way.

This is a spa.

Go to a karaoke if you're looking for your sisters.

I want to know where they are. Shut up!

If you want to fight, I'm sure someone will help you.

It all depends on your guts.

Let him be!

You're all useless.

Do I have to do everything?

This is your lucky day.

I'm going to let you go unhurt.

Get out of here!

I'm warning you, don't cause any more trouble or you can forget my kind nature.

Where were you? In the bathroom.

You can't take that. Give it to me.


Wait for me in the street. What are you going to do?

You all should leave.

Come on, out of here.

That's ours.

Still not learned your lesson?

What if he were to die?

No one would miss him.

In that case, do what it takes.

Get him!

He won't get out alive.

Come on!

Out of the way. You can't come in.

I'm from the press. Let me in!

I like your style.

Here's one of your sisters.

I'll see you in the race.

Dai Mui!

But remember... no tricks.

Dai Mui!

Let her go.

So there is... no contestant by the name of Warner Krugman nor Cougar.

So there's no Krugman.

We're running 4th now.

That's fine.

What's wrong?

Do you have some problem?

If this is your best, a plane leaves for Hong Kong in an hour.


Today's your last chance. It's up to you.


I want to talk to you.

So where's your sister? She's here.

No, the other one.

She's on tour.

You're lying. Where is she?

None of your business.

Look, I'm just trying to give you a hand here.

I don't need your help. Please leave me alone.

You'll be sorry about this.

Get ready to start. Hurry.

One minute, 39 seconds.

If you get it this time, you stay in the race.

I'll try.

Go ahead.

Looks like he made it.



Oh, my God!

Aim the water at the base of the fire.

Over here. Get out.

That's it. Go!

You're okay, don't worry.

Are you all right? Get away from me!

I sorry, I can't help you any more.

I've got to go.

Coach... thanks for your help.


It's still recording.

Whose camera is this? Mine.

Now I know why you're here. To film us in secret.

We thought you wanted to help.

I spent my savings trying to help you.

Why were you filming in secret?

They've been using us. That's true, but not now.

That's enough.

Leave her alone, will you?

Alfred, they sent something for you to sign.

Here it is. All yours.

Your engine... and your spare tires.

That's your cars.

Just in case you crash, there's another car.

Thank you, sir. I don't know what to say.

I had nothing to do with it.

Thank her.

Hello again.

I don't why you need this car. I just thought I'd bring my team.

Thank you very much.

No need to say you're sorry.

I forgot to apologize the other day when I hurt your hand.

The race is waiting.

Get your team ready.

She's gorgeous.

She's Alfred's. So leave her alone.

Welcome to the 1995 Sen-Dai International Race Competition.

Warm up the tires before putting in top gear.

Ladies and gentlemen, the warm-up lap is over.

The public is welcome to go down to the track for a photos with their favorite drivers.

How's the car? Very good.

I'll make a last inspection.


Hey! Kill the girl!

All right.

Let's finish her off.

Dai Mui.

Give this to Alfred.


Amy gave me this for you.


We all have faith in you.

Five minutes to race time.

The public must now return to their seats.

Four minutes. Test members and technicians, please leave the track.

Three minutes.

Time now for racing queens to leave the track.

Drivers, get ready.

Go ahead.

Two minutes to race time.



You're going to race on the hardest track in Japan.

So clear your mind of everything but the race.

Concentrate on it.

You can't afford one mistake. Understand?


One minute.


Team captains, please leave the main track.

30 seconds to the green light.

Gentlemen, start your engines.


There he is! Look! He's going to win!

He's in the pit.

Alfred, have some water. Out of the way.

What are you doing? What's up?

How could you touch the car?




30 seconds.


I'm sorry. I had no idea.

Leave it there. Everyone out.


Man, he's really going. He has to catch up to the rest.



Come on. Here again! Thank you, sir.

Thank you.

Are you here to help or play cupid?

I'm sorry, sir. Incredible!

Are you blind?

It's your fault. What do you mean?

Now he's second. Second isn't winning.


How is he doing? He's winning.

Come on!

Get up!



Put that out!

Did you see that?

He'd doing well. Yes.


He's coming first! First!

He's going to win!

Come on!

Do it, Alfred! Get out!

Come on! Come on!

He's making it out!

Come on, you can do it!

Put down the accelerator!

It's yours!



Stop right there!

Get him!

Watch out!

Where is she?

Give her back to me!

If any harm's come to her, I'll kill you myself.


Am I glad to see you!

We all are.

Thank you. Sai Mui!

You're safe! Sai, I'm so happy!

Pleasure to see you again.

Damn you!

Alfred, good work.