Thunderbolt and Lightfoot (1974) Script

# Man of Sorrows! What a name

# For the Son of God, Who came

# Ruined sinners to reclaim

# Hallelujah!

# What a saviour

# Bearing shame and scoffing rude

# In my place condemned He stood

# Sealed my pardon with His blood

# Hallelujah!

# What a saviour

# Guilty, vile and helpless we

# Spotless Lamb of God was He

# "Full atonement!" can it be

# Hallelujah!

# What a saviour

# When He comes, our glorious King

# All His ransomed home to bring

# Then anew His song we'll sing

# Hallelujah!

# What a saviour

Remember that we are all imperfect.

We see but in part. We know but in part.

So let each of us study to approve ourselves to God through Jesus Christ.

As under the Redeemer's gentle reign, the wolf shall dwell with the lamb, and the leopard shall lie down with the kid.

That's a repossession.

Got less than 1,000 miles on the clock.

Hah! I wouldn't shit you, kid.

Hell, you kids are just too damn smart this day and time.

Try it on for size. Hey, thank you.

She's cleaner than a cat's ass.

Go on, kick her up.

How much?

She's practically brand-new, boy.

$3,000 and some change.

Well, I'm just looking, you know.

No, I don't know.

I mean, I don't know if you're man enough to take on a car like this.

Are you?

I don't know. I have a wooden leg.

You're kiddin'?

You wouldn't kid about a thing like that. Would ya?

I'm not kidding.


You never can tell.

Hey, come back here with my car, you hippy sonofabitch.

Come back. What are you doin' stealin' my car?

A true Christian, like his divine master, is of a meek and forgiving temper.

He owes no man anything but to love one another.

And he overcomes evil with good.

Glory to God in the highest, and on earth, peace and goodwill towards men.


Hey, uh...



I thought you were the heat. Do I look like heat?

You look like one crazy sonofabitch for a preacher, I'll tell ya that.

Who's that guy back there in the wheat?

Old friend.

With friends like that, you don't need enemies.

Which way are we headed?


- All right, which way are you headed? South.

South's all right with me.

You must like my drivin'. I love it.

Ever thought of doin' it professionally? What?



You got blue eyes. All great race champions have blue eyes. That's a fact.

And all preachers drink like fish. That's another fact.

What's your name, boy?


You Indian?

No, just American.

# If I knew the way, I'd go back home

# But the countryside has changed so much, I'd surely end up lost

# Half-remembered names and faces so far in the past

# On the other side of bridges that were burned once they were crossed

# Tell me where, where does a fool go

# When there's no one left to listen to a story without meaning

# That nobody wants to hear

# Tell me where, where does a fool go

# When there's no one left to listen

It's cold up here.

How's your arm? Feels like lead.

Give me your belt, will ya?

Your belt, c'mon!

You ain't no country preacher, preacher.

I can tell ya that. Who are ya?

Where are the license plates?

Don't have any. I bagged it about five minutes before I ran into you.

Almost ran into you.

You like to spend money? When I can get it.

- Do you care how you get it? No. If it doesn't cost me too much.

Howdy. How's business?

In this business, you're always one step away from bankruptcy.

Funny money, credits, speculation.

That ain't it. Somewhere in this country's a little ol' lady with $79.25.

The five cents is a buffalo nickel.

That ain't it. If she cashes in her investment, whole thing'll collapse.

General Motors, the Pentagon, the two-party system and the whole shebang.

Arnold, what is he saying to you?

That's it. We're all running downhill. Gotta keep running faster or we'll fall down.

Arnold, what was he saying to you?


What did he say to you?

Did he insult you?

I don't wish to be forward but we'd like to exchange cars with you.

So the faster you get out, the better it'll be for your ass.

Arnold... Come on, out.

Arnold! Oh...

I thought we were only gonna get plates? We didn't have a screwdriver.

Hey, look at this, man. They got a department store back here. I like that.

Those clothes and your mouth, you could be a big man.

Busy night.

I never paid for it in my life. Sometimes you have to pay for pleasure.

Not me. I've never paid for it, I can tell you that.

Well, this is where I get out.

You sure don't know a good thing when you see it, do you?

Hey, why don't you take this watch, huh?

I want you to have it.

I don't want your watch, man.

I want your friendship.

I like you, that's all. I thought we were gettin' to be friends.

We're good together.

Kid, you're ten years too late.

You sure are one lost dude, aren't you?

Thanks again. Yeah.


You're as young as you feel.


We gotta stop meetin' like this. People will talk.

Very funny.

No, with a preacher, especially.

Where there's smoke, there's fire, you know?

How y'all doin', Kitty?

Quick, get in! Quick!

Hey, what is this?

Why walk when you can ride?

You sonofabitch. Let me outta here right now.

Hey, what's the matter? Don't you like my face?

You're the best-Iooking face I've seen all day.

Where are you taking me? Anywhere you say, sweetness.

I'm hungry. Chilli, right?

I didn't get your name. I didn't give it to ya.

My name is Lightfoot.

Lightfoot? That's right.

That's a dumb name. What kind of a person would name a kid that?

What's your name? Melody.

Melody? That's not a dumb name?

Hey, maybe we had the same father.

Brought some goodies.

Are you outta your mind? This is Gloria and Melody.

Pleased to meet you. Melody, Gloria.

Go right in, ladies.

You're full of surprises.

Gloria has a great ass, doesn't she?

It's the best I've ever seen. Wouldn't you say that, Melody?

I just got out of a bed to come here.

And I don't intend to jump right back into one here.

Oh, I forgot to tell ya. Gloria is yours.

Take it easy, Gloria. You're killin' me.

Where did you get all those scars from? Marines, Korea.

Oh, yeah? I heard about that war.



What are you doin'? Getting dressed.


So you can take me home.

You can stay here tonight.

No, I have to get home before it's light out.

If you think I'm leavin' here at 3.30am to take you wherever the hell home is, you're crazy.

You'd better take me or I'll walk out of here stark-naked and scream "rape".

Sure you will.

That would be stupid.



Do you think we should stay here? Why not?

Get your clothes on.

Here's some money. You can take a cab.

Sweets to the sweets!

How did you do?

Red-haired women are bad luck.

You sure that's their car?

That's their hearse.

Good morning.

Good morning, sweetness.

What'll it be?

I'm gonna have you.

And four scrambled eggs, very loose.

Bacon, toast, coffee, and American fries. You got American fries?


American fries?


Just coffee, black. Thanks.

OK. Thank you.

God, it's poetry! Good jowl.

I love 'em like that. Nice and tight. Jesus!

How you feelin' today, preacher?

The clock uncoils the working day, and he wakes up feeling his youth has gone away.

Now what the hell is that? A prayer?

A poem.

A poem? Poetry.


You stick with me, kid. You can live for ever.


You big sonofabitch!

You must've been into something very big, preacher. Very big.

I can't see.

Damn, they're goin' fast. I can't see 'em.

I don't know how the hell I coulda missed 'em so many times.

Hang on!

He went over the...

What do we do now, Red?


In a case like this, you can't take your hands off the wheel for a second.

Get your hands on the wheel.

A rolling stone gathers no moss.


What do we do now, Red?

Shut up, Goody.

Goddamn ding-ding.

Yeah, transmission's finished. Seals are all gone.

Cadillac's my car anyway.

Where are we now?

Hell's Canyon.

Snake River.

Mostly huntin' camps and sheep camps.

Up here, people's business is nobody's but their own.

Delivery boat's gonna come by pretty soon. The Idaho Dream.

Should take us right up the river.

Better off gettin' as far away from me as you can, boy.

In for a penny, in for a pound.

Lonely country, kid.

You got any people?

Hah! I don't even know any more. That's weird.

Last time I saw any of them I was just a kid.

I was a little too much for them to handle.

So they sent me away to one of these boarding schools.

And on the train I met this woman.

Oh, man!

So the next thing I know, we're getting off the train together in New Orleans.

Two weeks later, I wake up in some fleabag hotel.

Oh, God!

But we had ourselves a good time, man.

So after her, things looked good. I kept movin'.

Now you can't stop?

Here she is.

Idaho Dream.

Did you see that? A steelhead, man. Beautiful.

Aah... Did you see that?


Well, my good friend, we're broke. Do you have any suggestions?

If I knew what you know, I'd never be broke.

What do you think I know that you would like to know?

All right...

For one thing, I'd like to know if there's a good way of beating a bank.

Banks! What do you know about banks?

What the hell do you know about banks?

What's so funny?

You. Me?

That's right.

A man can do whatever he sets his mind to.

Now, me, I wanna walk in and buy a white Cadillac convertible.

Actually walk in and buy it, cash.

You might set your mind to gettin' us a lift.

This walkin' is tough on my bad leg.

This is the best time. Most State troopers are having coffee now.

Hey! Hey! Hey!

That sure isn't any white Cadillac.

Beggars can't be choosy.

You simple-minded sonofabitch.

Get in the back seat.

There's a raccoon in here. Hell with that. Get in the back.

What's the matter with you? I ain't got all day to wait on you. Come on.

I've been... I'll take you wherever you wanna go.

I've been drivin' all over this country.

This guy another friend of yours?

Slightly advanced, isn't he?

Hey, what's wrong with this wreck? We're gettin' gassed back here.

This guy's a basket case. He's got the exhaust pipe in here.

He's not your run-of-the-mill basket case. This guy is definitely out to lunch.

What the hell's the matter with you, boy?

Hey, you're good, man. Very good.

Glass head, like all these nuts.

I don't know what we're gonna do with these rabbits.

Get 'em out.

I saw that. That was very good.

Where are we headed, man? I'm ready.

I don't know. Sometimes when there's nothin' to do, it's best to keep movin'.

You smell somethin' up here?


Smell that? I don't smell anything.

It smells like shit.


Raccoon shit. Raccoon shit.

Hang your hand out the window and let the rain get at it.

Would you like... Get outta here!

Just remember not to pick your teeth.

Oh, God...

In small-town banks, they leave the telephone off the hook in the vault at night so the local operator can listen in.

People walk into these banks with paper sacks, fill 'em with money and walk out.

Anybody can do it.


The newest bank vaults have walls of reinforced concrete five feet thick, backed by six inches of steel.

The vault door is stainless steel-faced.

It's an inch and a half of cast steel, another 12 inches of burn-resisting steel, and another inch and a half of open-hearthed steel.

Come here.

A vault door has 20 bolts, each an inch in diameter.

Eight on each side, two top and two bottom.

This holds the door into a 16-inch steel jamb set in 18 inches of concrete.

It's crosshatched by steel bars running both vertical and horizontal.

This door is precision-made so you can't pour nitro between the door and the vault.

If that isn't enough, there's microphones, electric eyes, pressure-sensitive mats, vibration detectors, tear gas, and even thermostats that detect the slightest rise in temperature.

Still interested in banks?

I knew you weren't a preacher.

Preaching isn't so bad. You get used to it.

You are what you do, so to speak. At times I even forgot about the money.

What money?

Montana Armored.

Montana Armored?

How did you get into the vault?

20mm canon with armour-piercing shells. Wasn't too hard.

That was on the news. That was a big deal.

What did they call that guy? The Thunderbolt.

That's you.

You're the Thunderbolt.

Parson's luck.

Oh, no!

Watch out for the dog shit.

Thunderbolt! Thunderbolt and Lightfoot. That sounds like somethin'.

You're forgetting I'm a lot older than you.

There are plenty of guys twice my age who don't know their ass from a hole in the ground.

In for a penny, in for a pound.

So, who were these guys that are following us?


The big dude's a war hero.

Name's Red Leary. Saved my life once in Korea.

He was sent to prison in Illinois later on for stabbing a woman.

There he met an old-time bank robber, Billy Lamb.

Lamb taught him how to break safes.

Lamb was a real genius for organisation.


When they got out, Lamb introduced him to Dunlop, an electronics expert.

That's the guy you took care of in the field.

Wanna brew? Definitely.

The little Orphan Annie-eyed character's Eddie Goody.

He's a driver. Harmless when he's alone.

So what happened to the money?

Hey, I don't care anything about the money, you know that.

We're friends. I like you as a friend.


We hid it in a one-room schoolhouse in Warsaw, a place Lamb went to as a kid.

Hid it in a wall behind the blackboard. Half a million dollars worth. It's still there.

Schoolhouse? Behind the blackboard.


It was always Lamb's practice to control the money till the final split.

We kept in contact with each other through personals in the paper.

Then Lamb had a heart attack and died. Guess he was just too old for it.

Leary got suspicious but I didn't tell him where the money was because I knew he'd go straight to it, heat or no heat.

Then the police released a thing in the press saying the money had been found.


Leary went off his ass.

He got careless but couldn't lead them to the money cos he didn't know where it was.

Finally, they convicted him on another bank robbery that took place years before.

And when he got out he convinced the others I'd set him up.

I decided best that I should drop out for a while.

That church was a pretty far-out idea.

About as far out as possible, I thought.

Are you sure this is the spot?


What? I didn't hear what you said. I said, yeah, this is it.

Well, what happened to it?

I don't know. Progress.

Have a nice day, boy.

Here, for you.

That's the last of our money.

It's good. Real good.

Fantastic pistachio.

What do we do now?

Drop your cocks and reach for your socks.

Don't look at me. I didn't say a word.

Red? Start the car.

Freeze, you sonofabitch. The first one of you moves, I shoot.

All right, kill the engine. Hand me the keys and don't turn around.

Both of you get out Pistachio's side.

No ideas - you'll both be dead before you hit the ground.

Move it.

Turn around.

The guys in the car.

That's it, smartass.

Red. Goody.

How's Dunlop? That's for us to know and you to find out.

Shut up, Goody.

What do you want, Red? What do I want?

You got balls, I'll say that for you, Johnny. I want your ass, my friend.

Hey, flattery's not gonna get you guys anywhere.

Who's the comedian? Name's Lightfoot.

Does he know everything?

No. Yeah.

Lightfoot, huh?


Good thing I didn't hit him in the face. He'd be dead now.

You always had a high opinion of yourself, Red.

What you been preachin' lately, Johnny?


Are you ready?

I've been countin' the days.

That's for the kid.

You wanna talk or play games? What do you want me to do, Red?

Shut your face.

I can't breathe! I got asthma.

What do you want me to do now, Red?

Kill the sonofabitch.





Don't ever point a gun at me. Understand? Not even a twig.

You got it.

You come from hitters, don't you?

What are you waitin' for? Why don't you kill me? I woulda killed you.

That doesn't make up for two years. I'm gonna kill you anyway.

The money was here - in the schoolhouse.

What's this garbage talking about?

The money was never recovered.

TV, radio, papers, everybody was lying. They were working with the police.

When Lamb died I never came back here. The money's still here. It's safe.


Yeah. Lamb went to school here in Warsaw, a little one-room schoolhouse.

We put the money in the wall, behind the blackboard.

Where's this one-room schoolhouse?


Gone? Gone where?

I wish I knew. Used to be right where the new schoolhouse is now.

You expect me to believe all this crap?

It's the truth. Why do you think I'd come to a dumb town like this?

How the hell do I know? You're queer for dumb towns.

Half a million dollars don't disappear.

They shoulda found something when they tore the place down.

I wish I had the answer for you.

The sad part is that we got away with it.

It's a sin, that's what it is.

Christ, it's a sin.

Oh, boy, I feel old.

What are we gonna do now, Red?

Shut up, Goody.

I got hay fever too.

Why not do it again? What's he mouthin' off about?

Montana Armored. We hit the same place, the same way.

Montana Armored?


Hey, they'd never expect it. Not something that big.

It's never been done before, has it?

That'd really be something, wouldn't it?

Yeah, it sure would.

Hey, I think that's a great idea.

Let's not get queer over it. What does the kid know anyway?

Besides the Lamb is dead and he wrecked Dunlop.

You don't need the Lamb. We do it the same way. You already did it once.

You might have something.

The blind leading the blind. He's a kid. He eats pistachio ice cream.

Jesus, you can lead a mule to water but you can't make him drink it.

That's a horse, not a mule.

I agree.

Agree with what? With him.

Good grief.

Even if I did agree, what would we use as a stake to operate with?

Well, we could all get jobs for a while.

You're better at asking questions than you are at answering them.

And the wolf shall dwell with the lamb and the leopard shall lie down with the kid.

What's that? A poem?

No, it's a prayer.

200 is 200 for the pot.


Better than that piece of junk running out on the highway. We got Goody's car still.

The rich get richer, the poor get poorer.

Where do you pick up these pearis of wisdom?


You mean you can actually read?

- I read you loud and clear. You better believe it.

That's enough. We gotta keep it together. If you can't manage that, I walk.

I'd like to hit him again just for the hell of it.

Well, there it is.

That's it?

Sure doesn't look like much, does it?

Doesn't look like much? You dopey sonofabitch.

Simple-minded sonofabitch. What did you get in my way for?

Love this guy.

We're gonna be great friends, Red.

You forgot to give me your Social Security number.


I said that you forgot to give me your Social Security number.

Oh, I've forgotten it.

Forgotten it?


Nobody ever forgets their number. Where you been workin'?

Uh, listen, I'm gonna need it for these.

So if you can bring it to me tomorrow I'd appreciate it.


Do you live near here?

Man, I'm goin' crazy. That drives me wild. She just does somethin' to me.

Why did you leave? I couldn't wear that stuff.

Too humiliating. And you look ridiculous.

What's this?

That's my route.

Just follow the streets and it takes you right back to the garage.

If you don't mind my saying, I think you should get a job.

Nobody asked you. All right, all right.

Read me the first street. Left on 12th Avenue South to 9th Street, right on North 3rd to the viaduct... One at a time!

Left on 12th Avenue South.

You boys are bein' paid by the hour!

We haven't got all day on this mother. Gotta move it.

# Baby

# Baby

# Baby

# Down, baby

# Baby, baby, get down

There's a kid now. Pull over. It's my truck. I know what to do.

You're on the wrong street.


I said, you're on the wrong street.

What's he talking about? By me.

You're early. You're supposed to go down the next street first, then come up here.

Well, listen.

While we're here, can I sell you anything?

No, I'm waiting for Judy Ann. They have a better flavour of pistachio.

Look, kid, go fuck a duck.

Here comes, uh, Lightfoot.

He's late, as usual.

Hey, the woman came to the window again today.

Stark-naked this time.


No kiddin'?

What did she do?

Just stood there and stared at me.

How close was ya?

As close as I am to you right now.

Did you see everything?

What do you mean, everything? You know what I mean - everything.

Clear as day.

What did you do about it, big mouth?

I'll kill you for that! Sit down, Red. Sit down!

Young kids, they don't believe in anything any more.

You'll get yours when this is over. One way or another.

You can believe in that.

All maintenance personnel off the floor. Bringing in the guard dogs now.

To hell with them dogs. They treat 'em better than us.

They rush us outta here like animals.

Let's not argue now, Sam. Those dogs ate up a man here once.

Ate him?

Yeah. Wrong man came on duty, dogs ate him up.

They'll go through a plate-glass window to get at ya.

A man don't fool around with those kinda animals.

What did you think about that shot? Three-ball in the corner pocket?

Pretty honky. It was a pretty good shot.

Nothin' wrong with it. Wasn't the best shot but it's all right.

Who's that guy? New guy. Won't come outside any more.

Matter of fact, when he gets to work, he keeps that door locked.

Why's that?

Well, one time we got him out here and I kinda got up close to him and unzipped my pants and took out my pecker.

And I put that dude right in his hand. He didn't know whether to hold it, drop it, or run off down the street with it. Funniest thing I ever saw in my life.

We just all rolled up on the sidewalk splitting our guts. It was really funny.

Hey, Mario.

Hey, boss, it's raining. Work between the drops.

Hey, Mario, what do we do about the rain?

Take your lunch hour now.

Lunch? It's nine o'clock in the morning.

Shit! Sonofabitch.

My own brother-in-law.

Got every skirt in town chasing him. You'd think he'd share with me just once.

Stick out your tongue.

I'll teach you how to lick your eyebrows. You'll have every woman after you.

Can I borrow the truck?

What for? Doctor.

You got a dose? Full disaster, man.

Go ahead. We're on our lunch hour. Just don't wrap it up. It's my ass if you do.

Don't worry. I'll be back in an hour. I'm just gonna clean up.

Hey, where'd you get those pants?

You freak!

I love you! Come back!

Where'd you get the dents? Progress.

I dreamt about you last night.

What about? I dreamt you said hello to me.

Don't you get smart with me. I'll break both your arms.

I'll keep that in mind.

Remember what I said. John and me go back a long way.

But you don't mean nothin' to me, understand? Nothin'!

What'd you try and kill him for then? Because we were friends.

Thank you.

You boys are new around here. Yeah.

Here's your receipt. Oh, thanks.

Need some help with that box? No, thanks. We can manage ourselves.

OK. Suit yourself.

Relax. Relax.

One tank to a pop. Johnny got four of them in Korea.

They gave him a Silver Star. He was a hero.

That sonofabitch even saved my life once. Come on.

This isn't gonna work.

I wish Dunlop was still here.

How did you take care of the alarm?

Dunlop monitored the frequency of the signal on the wire.

He duplicated it and then ran it back into the circuit.

The whole deal fit into two lunchboxes.

We don't have Dunlop now, do we? Yeah, you took care of that.

These new alarm systems buzz directly into the branch manager's bedroom and the telegraph office.

This lulls whoever is bustin' into the vault into a false sense of security.

He doesn't hear an alarm go off.

It's still a hard-wire system, runs right through the telegraph lines.

There's no antenna there, I'm sure of that.

We just gotta make sure that the alarm isn't reported.

The risk is if they've run a hard wire into the sheriff's office.

How far away is that? I clocked that on the truck doin' 40.

Now, if the police come down on us hard, say, at an average of 80 miles an hour, we're seven minutes on the inside, 10 minutes on the outside, depending on which route they take.

I think to be absolutely sure that we should use five minutes as our bottom line from the time you trip the alarm in the vault.

Unless a patrol car happens to be cruisin' closer.

All right. Five minutes it is.

Leary and I will take care of the manager's house.

It's Sunday so the bars will be closed. Only place open'll be the telegraph office.

At 10.30, Goody will drop Lightfoot off in the alley behind the Liberty Lounge.

The window's been fixed so you can climb right in and change your clothes.

You stay there until 11.30.

Don't fool around the bar. You stay right there until 11.30, in the can. Understand?

At 11.30 you get into the telegraph office. You gotta get in there before 11.35 because that's when the alarm goes off.

You'll see a light on the console. When that lights up, Leary and I are in the vault.

And we don't care how you get inside.

Look, I don't know if I can pull this thing off.

How do I know what to do?

What's the matter? The job too tough for ya?

You can't stop this thing once you start.

Billy the Kid.

This isn't a game. You gotta get that fat guy before he reports the alarm.

You tie him up, gag him and put him in the can.

People are used to him bein' in the can for long periods.

And you leave the place neat. Understand? Just like you found it.

At 11.36 Goody comes around back. If you're not ready, he goes without you.

You get in the car and hit the floor. You don't move around till Goody tells you.

At 11.39 Goody comes back to the vault.

Leary and I will be there with the money. If we're not, you just keep right on going.

If we pull this off, we should be able to make the midnight movie at the drive-in.

Then what?

We watch the show.

Then in the morning we split the money up and go our separate ways.

Here's a watch. You're gonna need a watch.

Hey, Billy, don't forget to shave.

Tweet tweet.

Charlie Johnson, please, in the blue Chevy, license plate 74. Is he here?

Three guys in the back, "Huh?"

I won't say it again, lady. I'm warning you.

- How do you see yourself? Nude, usually.

Tell me, how would you produce Don Rickles?

Trying to be what I am. Doing what I do on the stage.

There's certain words you use that I don't find offensive...

Keep quiet and nobody gets hurt.

Wake him up. Jack. Jack!

What the hell's the matter with you?

Oh, no. Not again.

Keep quiet and nobody gets hurt.

Oh, my God! My child. She's just a baby.

OK, but just keep it down. I don't want my mother to hear me.

Oh, my God! I was just getting started.

I want the combination of the outer guard doors. Left series first.

Come on.

Uh... L-2,

R-3, R-7.

Uh... L-2, R-3, R-5, R-7.

Again. Faster.

Uh... L-2, R-3, R-7, L-2, R-3, R-5, R-7.

All right. One more time. Now really fast.

L-2, R-3, R-7, L-2, R-3, R-5, R-7.

Now backwards. Quick.

Come on! You're confusing me.

Say it fast or you'll never say anything again.


7, R-5, L-3, No, R-3, L-2, Uh, R-7, L-2, R-3, R-5, R-7.

What a way to go.

It's 11.15.

You ready? Right.

Murph, shake your ass up.

Come on, you sonofabitch.

Oh, you sexy bitch.

I'd even go out with you myself.


When this is over I'm gonna get that kid.

You'll have to come by me first.

Hi. Come on in.

Hi. Fill it up with High-Test.

That's five. Goody!


Get some more. No, let's go. Come on.

Hello, Red.

You did a god job.

Thanks. Here's your watch back.

Keep it.

You all right? Yeah, I'm OK.

But after all that running around, I gotta go so bad I can't see straight.

I got weak kidneys.

Shut your mouth or you'll drown both of us.

Keep quiet back there now.

Do you think she heard that? I can't help it. I'm dyin' here.

Red-haired women are bad luck. What's wrong?

Just stay calm, Red.

So far, so good.

Yeah, it's good. Full of vitamin hay.

Try some.

What do you think?

Is that the heat?



That's seven minutes the inside. Nice work, Goody.

Seems there was another hook-up after all.

Everything I did was for nothing? Seems that way, doesn't it?

Oh, Christ! Come on, keep your lid on now, Louise.

Goddamn! Hello, Murph.

Hey, what's with that light?

I know they're in here.

Are you sure about this? I am sure. Sure as hell I am.

All right, if they're in here, we'll get 'em out.


Red-haired women are bad luck, man. What's the matter? What's wrong?

What's goin' on up there?

This is crazy. I must be outta my mind.

I told you not to listen to that kid. Take it easy, Red.

You go fuck yourself. Will you shut up?

Shut up, Leary.

I'm up to here with all of ya. I'm gettin' out of this fuckin' coffin right now.

Hey! Hey!

Stay outta sight.

This is the police. This is the police.

Everybody stay in your car.

Goody's hit.

You're gonna be dead soon anyway.

Stop the car.

Oh, Leary... Are you outta your mind?

Stop right now or you're dead, and you know I mean that.

Now give me that gun, real slow.

Now get out this side, both of ya, and don't bother openin' your mouth.

Christ, Red, this is dumb. On the ground, both of you.

What happened to Goody? I threw that little sucker out.

You prick!

Say somethin' funny now, smartass.


Hey, kid. Hey.

Are you all right, kid?

Can you hear me?

You all right, boy?

Oh, man, I'm dizzy.

I'm dizzy. Come on, you'll be all right.

Let's go. Let's go, boy.

What happened?

Must've got a call on the car and think it's us.

I need clothes. We'll find Goody.

Dead man's clothes?

Come on. We haven't got time to mess around.

Hey, you got the Silver Star.

You're the real hero, not Leary.

Where'd you get that? Is it true?

What difference does it make? I just wanted to know, that's all.

Alarms. Alarms! That's a real pisser!

Jesus Christ. My God...

OK, boys, this is where I turn off unless you wanna see Warsaw.

Thanks a lot, man.


What are you seeing?

A one-room schoolhouse. There it is.

"...moved to this site July 4th, 1972."

They moved it.

What'd they move it for?

Who knows? History.

History, dammit.

Do you think...?

I don't know, but it do present mind-boggling possibilities.

Sam, look at this old kerosene lamp.

Just a minute. Let me get this.

Hi. Hiya, fellas. How are ya?

It's a nice schoolhouse you have here. Sure is.

Come on. We gotta go, honey. Come on.

Now, we don't want any trouble, fellas, OK?

Have the camera. It's worth something. Have them both. What do you say?

I got a bit of money I can let you have, huh?

Even give you these car keys.

Don't shove me. Get in the car. Get in the car.

Hey, do you think it's still there?

I don't know.

Only one way to find out, I guess.

Why don't you watch the door?

Okey dokey.



You all right, boy? Yeah.

It's nothin'. I must be gettin' tired or somethin'.

Lift up on it and then ease the screw out. Turn it with your hand.

I got it.

Sorry. My arm went numb.



Good luck now. Thanks again.

Hey, hey, hey!

Ride? Where you headed?

See what's over the next mountain. Why not?

A little music.

Have a cigar.

Where did these come from?

I've been saving them for a celebration.

After all, we won, didn't we?

I guess we did, for the time being.

No, we made it.

We made it.

Not bad.

You know... you know somethin'?

I don't think of us as criminals, you know?

I feel we accomplished something. A good job.

I feel proud of myself, man.

I feel like a hero.

Are you all right, kid? You don't look too well.

I believe you're right.


You all right, kid? What's...

# If I knew the way, I'd go back home

# But the countryside has changed so much, I'd surely end up lost

# Half-remembered names and faces so far in the past

# On the other side of bridges that were burned once they were crossed

# Tell me where, where does a fool go

# When there's no one left to listen to a story without meaning

# That nobody wants to hear

# Tell me where, where does a fool go

# When he knows there's something missing

# Tell me where

# Where do I go from here

# Where do I go from here

# To get back home

# Where my childhood dreams and wishes still outnumber my regrets

# And get back to a place where I can figure on the odds

# Have a fighting chance to lose the blues and win my share of bets

# Tell me where, where does a fool go

# When there's no one left to listen

# To a story without meaning that nobody wants to hear

# Tell me where, where does a fool go

# When he knows there's something missing

# Tell me where

# Where do I go from here

# Oh, tell me where, where does a fool go

# When there's no one left to listen...