Tidal Wave (2009) Script

CJ Entertainment Presents

A JK Film/CJ Entertainment Film Executive Producer Katharine KIM

Produced by JK YOUN

Christmas Day, 2004 The Indian Ocean near Indonesia Keep your eyes open!

Help me!


Please! Wake up!

US Maritime research center near Calcutta, India

Samil Marine Shipping Offiice Busan, South Korea Did they fiind them?

The Eok-jo, right?

You're sure?

Don't let them die out there!

Did they find my father?

They did. Don't worry!

We've got great news, everyone!

Are they all safe?

Man-sik... Stop it and go.

Just hold on for a little longer!

Sons of bitches! You're not gonna help?



Please take care of Yeon-hee for me, okay?

Don't say that. I'm getting you out of here.

Get out of here. Hurry.

Mr. Kang!

Let me go!

Mr. Kang!

Mr. Kang!

Mr. Kang!

Mr. Kang...

December, 26th, 2004, South Korea The tsunami's killed thousands in Southeast Asia.

Here's more from our correspondent.

People evacuate as giant waves rush into the coastal area.

After it struck, the coast was left with ruins and corpses.

At 1 0 p.m., an earthquake measuring 8. 9 struck near Sumatra Island.

The following tidal waves caused damage in India, Sri Lanka...



Summer, 2009

SUL Kyung-gu HA Ji-won

PARK Joong-hoon UHM Jung-hwa

LEE Min-ki KANG Ye-won KIM In-kwon

The earthquake in Japan struck mostly on the east side, But now it's being fielt more firequently in the west, close to our border.

Written and Directed by JK YO UN Specialists say Korea is no longer a safiety zone.

C'mon son. S ing. ON E, TWO, TH REE.

♪ Playing is always fiun. Gather up, firiends Attaboy, Seung-hyun! ♪ - It's always fiun.

Y eon-hee! I'm starving!


Seung-hyun, here we go.

Pulling out his tooth?

Sorry, son. I won't do it.

Where's Yeon-hee?

On deliveries!


Man-sik! Come out now!


Yeon-hee! What about Yeon-hee?

Come out! Hurry!

Calm down!

I told you not to sell here!

I told you very clearly!

Step aside!

Where do you get off trying to sell fish in front of someone else's seafood restaurant?

You're right.

What are you doing? Aren't you gonna apologize?

You got nothing to say have you? She's got nothing.

You've got nothing to say for yourself?

No, nothing.

Orphaned children all seem to act like that.

Don't talk that way.

How dare you look at me like that?

Stop glaring at her.

What? You know I'm right!

When did I ever act like that?

Stop talking back!

What did you just say?

Did you ever support me when my parents died?


This bitch just doesn't get it.

Say it again!

Stop it, mom!

Y eon-hee, calm down!

Did you allow her to sell here?

You bastard!

You stupid fool!

You're the chief of the Prosperity Association!

Why do you always side with her? That's why she acts like this!

That's not it.

What do you mean, that's not it?

I'm not gonna put up with this anymore!

Let's see this till the end.

Mom! Mom!

Mom! Stop it!

Sit! Stop it!

Everyone, sit down!

I told you not to do that around the arcade.

People see this, you setting up shop in front of their arcade, how do you think it will affect my reputation?

Anyhow, you should show your elders some respect.

Your mom should know how to behave, too!

Yeah, I know... But... even though I wanna give you every convenience, I never asked for any favors.

I didn't mean it.

Stubborn girl.

Hello, sir.


Like you representatives all know, Haeundae is already a world-class resort area.

It doesn't make sense not to have a single mall in a place like...

Hey, you bastard! You already made tons of money.

Now you want to destroy this place!

Let's go.

Let me go!

Let me go! Jerk!

Prof. Kim continues with his talk of a mega tsunami, can we get more specific information?

Before we do that, you'd better explain tsunami jargon.

Would you mind refraining from using the term, 'mega tsunami'?

It makes everyone very uneasy.

In your hypothetical scenario, a large chunk of islands break off into the sea, causing a tidal wave of unprecedented proportions.

Do you think this is really possible?

I'm suggesting that because there's a possibility.

Didn't you see what happened in Southeast Asia and China?

Do natural disasters warn us that they are coming?

Some say that Korea is a safety zone from earthquakes.

How many earthquakes you think above 3.0 we have each year?

An average of more than 30!

Is that what you call an earthquake safety zone?

Other experts say that the possibility is very faint.

But you insist there's a strong possibility of such an occurrence!

All I'm saying is we should at least form a committee!

Can't you understand what I'm saying?

You should've just married your earthquakes not me.

When did you get back in the country?

Do you actually have some interest in me?

When did you get here?

Last year.

You could've at least called me.

Oh what, You've got no hands?

You haven't changed a bit. You've got me beat.

Heard you're in charge of the Haeundae Cultural Expo.

You really are a competent person.

How's Ji-min? Now you ask!

She'll be 3rd grade next year.



Who's that?

This is a professor that mommy knows. Say hi.


Ji-min, go ahead and wait in the car with Hae-chan.


He's just someone that I met back in America.

We're not together or anything.

I didn't tell her about you. It'd be better that way.

There's no need to confuse her. Hope you understand.

I'd better get going.

Take care of yourself. Okay.


You're embarrassing us.

Why don't you just study at home instead of tagging along on our vacation?

Why didn't you just study harder on your second try, loser.

People who can't study always act like this.

Stop you nagging!

Get rid of the book now! Guys aren't approaching us.

That's too hot.

Stop posing like that, dork! Get back here!

How can you be so senseless?

Can't you feel the guys checking me out?

Who? I'm done!

Is it just the three of you?

What do you think? Is this worth your time?

What number am I?

If you count up all the girls that have been on this yacht before me.

You're the first!

To be so stuck up and haughty on my yacht.

Well, you're not so polite yourself.

Shut up, bitch!

Do you wanna do a round shot?

Nobody better break it up.


Somebody help!!

What's that?

Help! Let go of me!

Wake up! Wake the hell up!


Because you keep grabbing my head...

Who are you? What?




What's all this? There were some veggies left at the house.

Where can I put this? I don't need this much.

Just Take it. Here.

Wait, I'll get you something to drink.


There's been another earthquake on the sea bed.

An earthquake on the sea floor! Where?

35 km off the west coast of Hokkaido. Intensity?

3.6. Depth? An estimated 30 km.

Since it's quiet in Japan, it's unlikely there'll be a tidal wave. But something's strange. What is it?

The epicentre's been moving toward us since the beginning of this year.

I'm sorry to bother you with this. No, it's okay.

I'll trust in you, Congressman Park. I'll go ahead and do all that I can.

But don't think that everything is settled just yet. Sometimes things work out, and sometimes they don't. Am I right?

Let's get going.

You got everything together all right? Yes, I put it in the car trunk.

Crazy bastard! ''Some things don't work out''?

There'll be no approval for the Haeundae Golden Beach, right?

If that's approved, we're not going to just watch. You should ask the construction division about that.

Don't worry. The ward head swore on his position.

And you believe that? Choi Eok-jo's not a pushover.

I told you not to talk about that guy!

Bottle's empty. Yeon-hee, bring some more drinks.

That's all there is.

Again? You need to run your business right. Shut up you jerk!

I'll buy some and be back in a flash! No, no, you stay here. I'll go and borrow some.

Sit, sit.

Sit down, man!

Hey, isn't it about time you two lived together?.

It's easy to see, so stop denying it.

When her father died, He left her under your care.

Knock it off!

Stop talking and Just drink. Why?

How could you say that to someone who has a wife?

What do you mean wife, shit!

It was just one night stand. She doesn't deserve it.

Even so, she gave him Seung-hyun!

So what? Right after his birth, She ran off with his money.

Hey! I told you to stop!

Every time someone talks about his wife, he gets defensive.

To be frank, your wife...

I said shut up!

Sit down.

What kind of grades does your son get?

Sit down, man!

My son's a moron, you son's a genius, you must be fucking proud.

Why are you being like this? Stop acting weird!

You're having a grand old time here.

You! Give me back the plates that you borrowed. I need them too.

I'll return them as soon as these gentlemen leave.

What are you talking about? Our place is full of customers. I need them now!

You've got to have a sense of dignity before doing business.

Mom, please. The chief is here.

She said she'll return them as soon as we're done.

Crazy fool! Shut your mouth!

Got no place that'll serve you so you've crawled in here?

OK, I got it. Let's go.

Chief, let's move to the restaurant up there.

Are you happy now?

Yeah, I am. You jerk!

Sorry about that. It's too much.

What's wrong with you today?

Don't hold it all in, just tell me what's going on. I'll fix everything for you.

Is it because you're lonely at night?

What do you think of Man-sik?


Choi Man-sik? Yes.

He's terrible. Why?

He leaves a bad impression. And on top of that, his eyes slant.

And your eyes are that great?


When he was younger, he was really handsome.

Handsome? Can you see out of those eyes?

Are you insane? Why do I have to come with you?

You've been eating on the house. Now it's time to pay the price!

Is this why you fed me? I told you I'm paying.

Paying what? 10,000 won? Do you think money just grows on trees?

You're really out of your mind, aren't you?

Stop messing around. We're leaving.

Yeon-hee! Yeah?

Wanna go see...

...a baseball game later?

Baseball? Right, the Giants game.

I'm going with...people from....

...the commerce association.

You can join...

...and get to know everyone.

No, I'm fine.

I'll go! What time is it? You just shut up.

How fortunate to get to see a baseball game.

Yeon-hee! Come with me!

He's lost it.

Please! Yeon-hee!


Come on! You came here to get drunk?

You're supposed to drink in these kinds of places.

You want some? No!

You son of a bitch! Are you insane?

Lee Dae-ho hits the ball, Park catches it reaching first base. He's out. Double play out again.

What the hell? Is it that hard to hit like this?

What happened to your lips? This? It's nothing.

Well, it can't be nothing...

Give it to me straight. Who's this crazy girl who sucked on your face?

I'm not crazy, all right?

Throw to first base! He's out.

Consider yourself lucky. I came in person and not sued you instead.

You understand?

What do you mean?

Did you think you could get away with this?

You see this?

Don't you think you should feel responsible for my eye?

How are you going to compensate me?


How much you get per life? What?

Don't they pay you by the person?

We get a salary.

Then how much do you make per month?

About a million won.

Just one million? Yes.

That's how much they pay for you to save people's lives? Well, I can't say...

Excuse me...

Yes, this is Choi Hyung-sik.

Yes, sir, I will return to base immediately.


Your employee won't be leaving because he's made some commotion.

How the hell do you train these guys? Wait! you are not allowed to... Hello?

Wow, it's breathtaking!

What did you say the name of this place is?


I-gi-dae? Is that someone's name?

It's an interesting name.

It's not a person's name.

2 geishas embraced an enemy general and threw themselves into the water below with him.

That's why. So?

''I'' means ''2'' and ''gi'' means ''geisha''!


''I'' is ''2'', ''gi'' is ''geisha''! Two geishas. Is it that hard to understand?

What? Where are you?

Who are you with?

Me? With the Prince of the Sea!

You mean the comedian Park Myung-soo?

Is he in Busan now? Idiot.

Hey, Joon-ha is pissed off. He won't hang out with us. Get your ass over here, now!

No! I'm going to stay here and go back tomorrow.


Does the idea of sleeping with me make your heart race?

You're ridiculous.

Don't get carried away! I'm gonna go back later!

I know. I thought so.

Your face turned red.

It's because I'm drinking. It happens.

You know what? You're very good-looking.

But when you open your mouth, your accent ruins everything.

Actually, I can speak without an ''assent''.

It's not ''assent''. It's ''accent'', got it?

Do you usually suck at talking?

The food was delicious.

Thank you so much!

I'm sorry to bother you with this.

No, no. It's no problem. We've all got to look out for each other.

Man-sik, is that you?

You idiot!

Mom! I'm not your mom anymore.

You'll be the death of me boy!

Do I still have to wipe your ass too!

Don't talk like that in front of my friends.

If you like baseball that much, shut down the restaurant!

Starting tomorrow, just play ball then!

Mom, you don't know a thing. We're Busan citizens, aren't we?

A Giants' victory should be more important than our lives.

Don't you know how to bow to your uncle?

Anyways, this is not the first time he's done that.

If I had a gun, I'd have shot him on the spot.

Hey, get me some food.

Go to your own house and eat! What am I, your wife?

Where am I gonna go eat?

" From now on, don't borrow from anyone. And if you lend these out to someone else, I'll be pissed."

It's definitely blocked by something. Don't think it'll work.

Use my hands?


How are preparations for the event coming along?

I'm not sure we'll be able to even do the event right.

It's that bad?

Now it's going down just fine.

What kind of 5-star hotel has clogged up drains?

Thanks, anyway.

What? Is there a problem?

It's just that...

The hotel isn't paying you?

Usually I get my travel cost covered on a late call.


I'm sorry. Never mind!


35km east of Haeundae Sir, do you think this'll take the water pressure?

This measuring unit could have given early warning of the tsunami 5 years ago.

Are You ready? Yes, sir.

What we can only do is counter-calculating Japan's figures and just making wild guess.

If we wait for the Japanese to act it's going to be too late.

I agree.

But do you think it'll work? What?

Stop slacking, don't you want to beat the Japanese to it?

Stop crying and answer the questions, ok?

You sit down, boy!

I came with my mom and her friend. Mom's friend? What about your dad?

No, but I know mom's phone number.

We plan to restrict access and have teatime here.

Coming out into a space like this will leave an impression.

Excuse me.

Yes. This is she. What?

Incoming call: Yoo-jin


We're getting continuous reports of random gas leaks!


You should come quickly...



Are you Ji-min's guardian?


She said that she didn't have a father...

Her mom told me she'd be late and asked me to come.

Would you mind waiting here for a moment?

We can only hand her over to the official guardian.

I see.

What's this?

Use that to help you move your business.

That's all right. Trying this on me is no use.

People died on the 'Eok-jo', the families are all our members.

No matter how much you offer, they'll never leave their stores.

Don't waste your energy.

Was it all my fault?

You forced the ship out of the port knowing a typhoon was coming.

Even the bodies weren't found.

What? Does it sting a little?

Don't contact me again!

Do you think you know all there is to know about the world?

Don't be fooled.

The only reason I'm not forcing anyone out is you and Yeon-hee.

Go ahead and force us out then.

You can't come in here mam.

Let me just sell one. Please leave!

Did you have anything to eat?

Stop! What do you want me to get for you?

Excuse me!

What can I offer you? Please...


Give us a kimbap and a donut. Alright.

How much is that? 4,000 won.

Keep the change.

Thank you. Thank you very much!

Have a nice day.

Thank you, officer!

Ji-min! Mommy!

What happened? You okay?

I got lost.

I told you to stay right next to Hae-chan!

Why you gotta go get lost and make me sick with worry?

Hey, this is your doing! You don't get to cry.

Can't you see mommy's busy working?

Listen carefully!

I don't care who you meet or who you date.

But if something happens to her, I'm not gonna sit and watch.

Now you're the father of the year after all those years of not caring?

What? Don't worry about it!

We won't be meeting under these circumstances ever again.

I've gotta leave.

Let's go.

Thank you.

If you were relocated, you should have at least told me that!

I spent my whole day looking for you!

What are you doing? Come out!

That's not going to be easy. We know each other too well.

I'm asking you to do it, because it isn't going to be easy.

You just have to persuade Man-sik.

Don't worry about Man-sik. I can handle him.

All right, then I won't say anything anymore.

If you handle this well, I'll make sure you get your own store.

You're looking really pretty today.

It took you long enough!

It's about time you got married.

Why don't you introduce me to a good man first?


Should I find a guy for you?

Enough of that! I'm serious.

You know the chairman of fishing village, Jin-seung?

He got good education and his personality seems pretty good. Wanna give him a try?

Are you serious? Huh?

Are you being serious?.

No, I mean...

That's upsetting.

Hey Bro! It's been a long time!

It's time for you to clean up your act.

You're getting old, aren't you worried?

I'm actually planning to start up my own business.

That's why I'm here to ask Man-sik for some help.

By the way, your father's memorial date is coming close, right?

You even remember the date of my father's memorial?

That's really touching. It's no big deal.

I was at his side when he died, of course I remember the date.

Thanks to Man-sik, we were on that fishing boat that day.

Bugger off!

What brought you to Haeundae?

My name's not ''you''. It's Kim Hi-mi!

And why do you ask such cliché questions?

I came to have a good time.

You said that you go to Ewha Women's University, right?

That's right. So, your major is...

I'm going to be in the theatre programme.

I mean, I'm in the programme.

Then you must be good at acting. I'm not that great.

You wanna see? No, that's all right.

You son of a bitch!

It's no use trying to persuade me!

Is love just a game to you?

You did everything to win me over and you're ending it?

Are you human?

Why are you doing this to me?

I'm never giving up our baby!

No, I can't!

I will keep it!

I'll raise it on my own.

If you're going to go, just go!

Get lost!

My baby...

No, it's not what it looks like.

I'm gonna kill myself. Please, don't!

Let me have some.

You're a big girl now! Drinking booze and everything.

Do you still see me as a child?

If not, then what?

See, that's why it won't work What?

Do You remember? What?

When you came to see dad on your first deep-sea vessel ride.

Of course I remember!

I was a freshman in high school then.

Was it that long ago?

You didn't see me before you left, right?

Were You home them? Yeah.


But I was too shy to come out of my room.

Why? I don't know.

I guess I was going through puberty.

Whenever I saw you, my heart would beat so fast.

Your heart?

What are you up to tomorrow?

Tomorrow? Why?

Would you like to come with me to my dad's grave site?

I need to trim the grass around it before the memorial ritual.

Sure. I'll go with you.

Fix the cage, right now!

Man-sik! You have to grab this one first!

This is the one that we have to fix first!!

If you undo that one, the anchor will break!!

On land, you're the elder.

But out here, I'm your boss. Just do as I say!

Don't you see that? You've got to release this right now.

Why do you keep talking?

Just do what I say!

What are you doing? Aren't you gonna help?

Don't go there!

Stop! Stop!

We don't have time! Hurry up!

Don't pull that!

Daddy, I'm scared.

It's all right.

You still mad at me?

That's an interesting watch.

Can I have it?


Wanna switch with me? Mine is a really expensive one.

No way. I really need this on rescue.

Alright, I don't want it.

Do know what they call people like you?

No, what?

You're just like 3 o'clock!


You're very borderline. Just like three in the afternoon.

Too late to go anywhere but a waste not to do anything.

What do you mean?



Don't! Don't Let go of me!

Don't move!

Oh my God! Crazy bitch!

I'm so embarrassed.

The 'off to Seoul' Hi-mi is here in Busan.

Undersea near Tsushima Island

The figures are too similar to 2004 for it to be just a conincidence.

In 2004, the epicenter continued to move to the right just like this.

Starting six months before the tsunami, we measured instances of earthquakes at a depth of 30km on the sea floor.

How many earthquakes has it been so far this year?

More than 50.

Before the Southeast Asia tsunami it was over 50 as well.

What's the median severity? 3 There's been another earthquake on the sea floor!

Where? East of Tsushima Island!

What's the magnitude? 5.6 They're getting bigger

This is a serious situation.

There's a million gathered at Haeundae right now.

If a tsunami hits under such circumstances...

Are there any chances of a tsunami hitting Korea?

How many earthquakes you think occur around Korea per year?

About three or four?

30 of more than 3.0 in intensity.

So far this year, we've already had 50.

And what's more important is the epicenters are moving closer to Korea.

If Tsushima Island, between Korean and Japan, collapses, the chances of a mega-tsunami are extremely high.

A mega-tsunami?

Let's say that the bubbles are about the size of a wave that would arise in the event of an earthquake.

If the western part of Tsushima sinks into the water, the shock from that would create a wave of an unimaginable height.

That is a mega-tsunami.

The waves of the 2004 tsunami were three to four meters.

If Tsushima Island collapses the waves will top 50 meters.

Is that a real possibility?

I'm talking about a minimum of 50 meters.

A wave over 100 meters is possible.

Then what is it we've got to do to prepare?

If the tsunami warning goes off, we've got to evacuate people within ten minutes.

Within that amount of time?

A tsunami causes tidal wave that travels 700 kilometers per hour.

700 kilometers?

If a tsunami starts at Tsushima, to get to Haeundae it would take...

How long? Less than ten minutes!

What you doin' there? Did you fight with my father?

Get over here.


Father, I brought your favorite, Man-sik's here with me.

You happy?

I wanted to tell you something very important today.

He's taken care of me so well. Now I wanna return the favor.

Sometimes, he even takes care of me better than you did.

Well, I keep dropping hints but that fool never gets it.

So I've been a little frustrated lately.

But I can't just bare my heart to him first.

So you coach that man over there well.

You were always popular with the ladies.

Hey, you listen to what my father tells you, all right?

I'll be back in a sec.

How are you holding up?

I'm so sorry.

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

What do you mean?

What if...

in the future, Yeon-hee became my wife, how would you feel?

How much did you drink?

Show some respect.

Are you serious?

Listen carefully. If there's a girl from Seoul who goes to a good university and is so hot and from a rich family.

Could I go out with a girl like that? That make any sense?

It does not.

Right? It doesn't, does it?

Don't drink too much.

Think about it carefully.

What Yeon-hee's father's last words were.

Run to the restaurant in 10 minutes, or you'll be dead and so will I.

Can I... be out for about an hour?

Where are you going this time?

Just an hour. I have an important appointment.

CHOI Hyung-sik?

...the fireworks display of the World Culture Expo.

You're a natural.

How many girls did you get with that act?

But I cannot forgive you for flirting with my fiancé.


You should know who she's with before you flirt with her.

She's not the kind of girl within your reach.

You're a real classy guy.

I hope this is the last time that I see you.

If I catch you again, I'll beat the shit out of you.

You look as if something good has just happened to you.

Yep, that's right.

What happened?

Today finally, Mipo, Golden Beach has been approved.

But you don't need to worry about it.

I promised your dad I'd take care of you.

Drop by my office tomorrow. I'll set you up with a good spot.

No that's all right.

You've already helped me out a lot.

You leaving now?

Do you want me to call a taxi? No, no. I'm fine.


I will send the rent fee for the boat in a few days.

I don't spare money when it comes to you.

So don't work too hard for money.

Alright. Good-bye.

Why did that old man come here?

Just to have dinner.

Don't serve him next time. He pisses me off.

What brings You so late? Oh, right!

What's the special occasion?

Wait a second.


I love you!

I want you to be the mother of my children!

What are you doing?

I'm p p-pro-posing.

Why aren't you answering?

Answer What? Say You will marry me.

Let me think about it... think about What?

You have to give me time to think.

If it's a 'yes' it's a 'yes.' What's there to think about?

Early tomorrow morning, come to my restaurant.

If there is a red ribbon tied to my boat, it's a 'yes.'

Don't expect too much though.

Why don't you just give me an answer now?

Come, look!

Are you playing with me?

I have been waiting for you all day.

If you can't keep promises, you shouldn't make one.

And if you can't keep a promise, you should at least explain why.

Hey. Are you going to keep ignoring me?

Hey, you!


Don't fool around with me.

Don't come to see me. I don't want to see you again.


What? Interview?

It's a small company but the salary's almost 2 million won.

I had a really hard time getting someone I know to arrange it.

Stop it. How can I be doing job interviews at my age.

Then are you going to live without a job for your entire life?

Who said I would be jobless for the rest of my life?

Stubborn jackass!

Anyway, I won't go. Don't try to persuade me.

I'm begging you.

I don't even have an acceptable pair of shoes.

Will you go if I buy you shoes?

Just forget about it!

Why is it so hard for you to go to a job interview?

Go and at least try.

Why don't you go? I'm too old for that.

That attitude is the reason you don't have a woman.

Shit. I'll burn your mouth.

Moron, you say that all the time.

My skin doesn't look right.

Are you insane? Why are you in such a good mood?

Why? Do you want to know?

No way!

Do you want me to tell you?

I didn't say I want to know.

In fact...

Today Man-sik proposed to me!

What? Isn't it funny?

I was so shocked.


Why? Do you feel jealous?

This just isn't right.

What do you mean?

What's he thinking?

What are you saying?

Do you know how your dad died?

We've got major problems here.

The path of the typhoon has already shifted toward us.

And underwater earthquakes are occurring once every two days.

Another earthquake happened off the shore of Tsushima Island!

This time it's 6.5.

Professor! We are connected to Japan!

This is KIM Hwi.

What? Has a tsunami warning already been issued?

Under sea near Tsushima Island

What are you doing here?


You must be waiting for Yeon-hee. But she won't be coming.


Thanks to you, Eok-jo cussed me out.

You act like you don't care about justice at all, so I told her the truth!

Since I was a kid, my nickname was the 'guardian of justice.'

You son of a bitch!

You get here!

I'm sorry, I'm sorry.

Come here, you!

You, scumbag!

You killed her dad.

Isn't it true? Take your hand off!

What the hell...

Haeundae Cultural Expo


Has he gone crazy?

Wait up. I'm coming right now.

What are you talking about?

How can we evacuate 1 million people right now?

On top of that the 'Culture Expo' opened today.

If we put a halt to it, we'll be the world's laughing stock!

Then do you want all the people here to die?

In Japan, the cautionary warning has already been issued.

In Japan, earthquakes happen a lot.

Do you have proof a tsunami will be coming here?

Last night's 6.5 earthquake occurred near Tsushima Island.

There is a high chance a stronger earthquake will hit soon.

Moreover, if an earthquake over 7.0 occurs off the shore of Tsushima, Haeundae will be in grave danger.

Didn't you see what happened in Southeast Asia?

300,000 died in an hour!

You're driving me crazy...

Why are you doing this to me? Do you want to ruin my life?

I never wanted to interrupt your work!

I just told them because it is a terribly dangerous situation.

For the last year, I've been risking my career over this!

You think you are the only one who is working? I do too!

Even if you try to get in my way, I will continue.

I'm not ignoring you, so just calm down.

Why don't you send Ji-min to Seoul first.

Don't boss me around. I'll handle Ji-min on my own.

She's with that strange jerk, isn't she?

Watch your mouth. He is more reliable than you'll ever be!

Stay out of my life, alright?

What are you doing?

You guys go on ahead. I can't go today.

What? You've already come all this way.

Next time!

Oh, come on in. You brought your legal seal, right?

What are you talking about?

I don't need a store.


I've been thinking about it since yesterday.

You, my father and I, are all people of Haeundae.

Everyone here is like family to me.

Even if I get a new store, and live off of it, dad would not be happy.

Please consider Man-sik, and think it over once again.

I'm asking you as a favor.

I'll be leaving now.

And I...

I'm leaving Haeundae next week.

Calling: Prince of the Sea

Come on, Hi-mi!

Let's go to the hot spring.

Under sea near Tsushima Island

West of Tsushima Island

We can't wait any longer.

First, we have to evacuate the people on the beach.

What are you talking about? There's been no directive yet.

This is not the time for us to just wait around for directives.

Something's not right here.

If we issue an evacuation order and nothing happens, will you take the responsibility for it?

What the hell...

Sir! I've got the order, to issue the tsunami warning and clear out immediately!


Hurry! Issue the warning and make an announcement, now.

Haeundae has one of the biggest beaches in Asia along with Dongbaek Island, Moonrise Hill, Hot spring, Oryuk Island.

Busan, an internationally recognized tourist attraction, is incomparable to any other city in its cultural diversity.

Also, as a port city, it has strived to expand cultural...

Could you wrap up here? I have to go check on Ji-min.

35km east of Haeundae

Where are you now?

I am going to get my car repaired. Why?

What's your shoe size?


Why are you asking? Didn't you go to a picnic today?

Just answer the question. What size is it?

Whatever. I'm really busy right now.

Do you like fishing?

Did you plan this? All part of your scheme?

No, I'm just going by the plan your friends came up with.

Those losers...

They must be having a good time, right?

Don't worry. It's over now.

Joon-ha always wins.

That bitch is so lucky.

You sound a little emotional about it.

No, I'm not.

I'm going to the restroom.

Yeon-hee... I will explain everything.

Can I just be alone today?

You can if you want, but...

An earthquake warning was issued as of 2:30 p.m.

Everyone on the beach should seek high ground immediately...

What's wrong with you?

20km east of Haeundae

Check out the situation in Japan right now.

How's the evacuation situation?

We're preparing for it now.

It is not easy to clear out a crowd of one million.

Sir! It's serious.

They're saying a tsunami is coming toward Korea now. the estimated time? Around 10 minutes.

Height? We Have yet to...

Go and check it out immediately!


Where is she?

I told you to take good care of her.

First of all, get all the people to high ground in 10 minutes.

Where Are You going? I'll be back soon.

15km east of Haeundae

What are you going to do?

Can't you see that cracked front screen?

Uncle Dong-choon!

Well... we left Sooyoung Bay two hours ago...

Where the hell are we!


Anyone out there?

Hello? Which room is she in?

The 17thfloor, Room one. Room one on the 17th?

Okay, where are you?

I'm nearby. I had a problem.

Anyway, you need to get to a high building!


A tsunami is headed straight for Haeundae beach now.


What's that?

Help! Rescue us!







Uncle! Grandma!





There! Over there!

Ship located! We will begin rescue right away.

Hello! Is anyone here? Hello!


What basket?

Basket, you moron!

I heard there are only two here. I just brought a safety belt.

You, stupid idiot!

Throw it quickly.



Nobody there?

Haven't you seen a little kid?


Yeon-hee! Climb up!


I'm fine. You go first.

Stop talking and just do it.

Just do it!

Step on my shoulder and get up there fast!

We don't have time.



Hurry up!

Mom! Mom!

Ji-min! Help!

Hold my hand tight.


Somebody out there?

One by one!

You son of a bitch!

Don't! Hi-mi!


Good job, good job.

Are you okay?

Arms! Arms! Okay!

You first!

What about you?

I'll take him and go.

You're coming back? Yeah.

Let me ask one thing.


Are you really engaged to him?

What? We barely know each other.

That bastard!

Go ahead.

Roll up!

Come up quickly, okay? You got that?

Hello? Where are you?

I'm fine. What about Ji-min?

I'm with her on the roof.

Where are you?

Tell me where you are!!

Inside the elevator.


I'm stuck in the hotel elevator.

Which floor?

10th floor.


Honey, I gotta go.

Wait! I will be there soon.

No, don't come! It's too late. The water's up to my neck.


Hold yourself together!

Ji-min's here!

It's mom. Wait here for a second.



Ji-min, are you all right? Are you hurt?

No, I'm fine. I'm with your friend!

Ji-min, listen carefully to what I'm about to say.

Get out of my way!

There's one thing I haven't been able to tell you.

The man you are with now is your dad.

I was going to tell you someday...

Mom, why are you crying? Come here quickly. I miss you.

I miss you, too.

I miss you so much.

I love you.

I love you, too.

I love you so much.

Mom! Mom!

Come outside quickly!

Man-sik, hold my hand tight.

If you let go of my hands, you're a dead man!!


I want to tell you one last thing!

What is it?

I was going to say this earlier...

But I couldn't bring myself to do it.

Shut your mouth and just hold on.

No, no.

If I die like this, my soul will never be at peace.

What are you talking about?

Aren't you going to marry me?

Were you just playing with me?

No, I wasn't kidding. I meant it.

I really love you!

Then live!

Only when you live, we can get married or whatever you want!


Thank you so much...


If you die today, I'll really kill you!!

Hold tight.

Hold tight.


Live on.

Live on.

Yeon-hee, and be happy.

Wake up, man!

Hold tight!

Come here!


You alright?

Good. Good.

You alright?

What's happening?

I think it's too heavy!

What are you doing? Roll in the rope!

Wait a second!

The rope is about to fall apart!

Then what?

Just a second!

What's wrong?

The rope is about to fall apart.

What? Hold on just a second.

What if it's just one person?

Yeah, it may be able to handle just one!

No, Hyung-sik, no!


What is he doing?


Give this watch to Hi-mi over there.

Hyung-sik, No.


Do something!

Don't worry!

It's not three o'clock yet.


Hurry back and don't take too long.

Women and children first!

Here is a kid


Yoo-jin! Mommy!


Are You okay? I'm okay.


Here's a kid!


Please take her.

Move! Move out the way!

This is my daughter. Please take care of her.

I'll take care of her, don't worry.


I'm your dad!!


And you call yourself a man?


I'm sorry. I'm so sorry...

Me too.


Help! Grandma!


Seung-hyun, come on over here!

You should swim. I can't swim.

What are you doing? Jump into the water.

I'm not that good of a swimmer.

What? I Can only Do the dog paddle.

You crazy guy!

We should not forget the sacrifice of ocean rescue workers who put the lives of those in danger ahead of their own.

In the face of such adversity, they worked fearlessly to secure the safety of the people.

We express our deepest respect and honor to them.

We bear the guilt of sending them to their place of death when we look upon the faces of their families.

We have gathered here today to offer these heroes a worthy send off to their eternal resting place.

Then who saved you?


Mom's friend...


I mean, my dad.


It's time to go. I'm coming!

Good bye. Bye bye.


Have we met before?

Anyhow, don't you think Eok-jo was great?


When did he go to the office and cancel the license?

I heard he went there when earthquake was happening, just before the tsunami struck.

If he hadn't gone to the office, he would still be alive.

He is not the only one who was unlucky.

Think about Dong-choon's mother.

She got off the picnic bus to buy his shoes.

By the way, I heard that Dong-choon won a reward?

What reward?

He got a 'Courageous Citizen Award.'

He saved 13 people under the Gwangan Bridge.

That loser? Yeah.

Seung-hyun and Man-sik's mom were saved by Dong-choon.

Wow, the world really is full of surprises.

Aren't you gonna work?

What the...

What's this?

What are you doing? Give it back!

What's this?

Give it back! What is this?

Give it back!

Please, give it to me!

Run and get it!

What the hell is that? Hurry up! Hurry.


Run! I am running!

Run, Man-sik!

What's wrong with you!