Tiger Cruise (2004) Script

Girl: It's so not fair.

I don't know why I can't go with you on the Tiger Cruise.

Because you've been there 5 times already.


Hey, couple minutes, we gotta leave for the airport.

You can leave now.

I'll bet dad would let me go.

Too bad he's not here so you could ask him.

You get to fly to Hawaii and be with dad on the ship.

You're so lucky.

Oh, yeah. Sharing a room the size of a mattress with a complete stranger who probably snores like the 3 stooges is not exactly my idea of a good time.

Wait till you see the dog machine.

You know, the ice-cream machine.

They call it a dog machine?

That's not a flavor, is it?

It's soft-serve ice cream.

All you can eat 24 hours a day. Great.

You'll learn all about the Constellation and how the--


I know how an aircraft carrier works. Thank you.


[Knock on door]

Kiley, I'd like to talk to your sister for a sec, ok?


Alone, please.

But that's not fair!

'Cause I wanna go, and she's--she's...

Get out... And she gets to go...

And stay out! And I wanna go!

But... Bye-bye.

Mmm. [Sighs]

You're so grown-up.

I have some gum. Thank you.

You all ready?


You're sure?

I'm sure.

Your father was really surprised when you agreed to meet him on the ship in Hawaii.

It'd be nice to spend some time with him, huh?

Imagine that.


Nobody's forcing you to do this, you know.

I know.

Then you mind tellin' me why, after all these years, you just suddenly decide you wanna go on the Tiger Cruise?

Just drop it, mom.

Ok? Please.

Wish I knew what was goin' on up there.

No, you don't.

Hey, tiger! Don't forget your pillow!

I was gettin' it.

Ship out.

And going out on that boat? That's wack.

I told you I don't like that expression.

Man, what if I start pukin', huh?

What if I get out in the middle of the ocean and just start goin' bleaah!

Your brother'll keep an eye out for you.

Like he cares.


[Rap music playing on radio]

[Jazz music plays]

No way.

Why can't I ever listen to my music?

'Cause your music is wack.




P.A.: The White Zone is for loading and unloading of passengers only. No parking.

All unattended vehicles will be towed.

It's just that, uh, he's never flown by himself before.

I'll be with him the entire trip, Mr. Coleman.

You hear that, tiger?

She's gonna keep an eye on you the whole way.

So be good, all right?

I'll meet you and mom at the ship when you dock in San Diego.

So, uh, give her a big hug for me.

P.A.: Flight 25 to Boston now arriving, Gate 17.

I'll take that. Don't worry. He'll be fine.

Let's go, handsome.

Baggage handler to carousel "D."

Any available baggage handler to carousel "D."


Have fun now.

See you in a few days.


Lieutenant Torres reporting for duty...

Sir. Man: Tina!

I'm coming!

Tina, let's go!

Hold on!

Captain: Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen.

This is your captain speaking from the cockpit.

I'd like to thank you all for flying with us today.

We level off at our cruising altitude of 35,000 feet...

You're drawing, huh?

Yeah. ...The rest of the way, so we're gonna turn off the "Fasten Seat Belt" signs...

That's sweet.

So at this time, you are free to move about the cabin.

It's called the Tiger Cruise.

The Navy and its family members take a cruise.

They get to see what it's like to be on the ship.

You know, like sons and daughters and grandparents.

But no wives or husbands or significant others, 'cause that could complicate things, you know?

Anyway, this is my sister Grace.

She's a naval aviator.

She flies an F-18 Super Hornet, and her flight squadron is called the Stingers.

[Sighs] Hey, did you know...

[Boy drumming]


Tina: Seriously not.

My sister said that it's like landing on a postage stamp.

Excuse me. Is that seat taken? No. Mm-mmm.

Are you going on the Tiger Cruise, too?


This is my sister.

She's a naval aviator.

Hey, are you a Navy brat?

I'm not a brat, ok?


Anyway, the ship's name is the Constellation, but they call it the Connie.

And it's 17 stories above water and 9 below, and if they stood it straight up, it'd be as tall as the Empire State Building.

I mean, they have 100 aircraft on board.

And they have a battle group that accompanies her, like a destroyer, a supply ship, a cruiser, a submarine-- oh--oh, my gosh, this is so scary.

Ok, right before they land, they have to gun the engines just in case they miss the arresting cables or something and they have to take off again.

I mean, can you imagine being in an airplane like that?

That would be so scary.

[Kids chattering]

Do you see what I see? Whoa!


My mom's gonna be there when we get off, right?

She'll be there. Trust me.

[Ship's horn blares]

Whoa, awesome.

[Camera clicks]

Man, that is big.

Tina: The Constellation's like a small city.

It has everything.

I mean, it has a hospital complete with surgical facilities, 5 dentists, a tailor, a post office, and they conduct worship services in over 10 denominations.

I mean, they have Catholic, Protestant, Jewish, Buddhist, and there's over 100 aircraft on board.

They have a battle group that accompanies her.

There's a destroyer...

P.A.: Your attention, please.

On behalf of the USS Constellation and all Navy personnel, we would like to welcome all Tiger Cruise participants.


All Tigers please proceed to the forward bow.

You will meet your sponsors on board the ship in the hanger bay.

You're sure we'll find my mom.

[Sighs] We'll find her. Don't worry. Come on.


Yo, Anth.

No, man, no.

Sorry. How was the flight?


How's pop?

A pain.

You know, pop warned me.

You really don't wanna be here, do you?

Got that right.

P.A.: All Tiger Cruise participants...

Your escorts will be meeting you on top deck.

Hey, dad!

Hey, Danny! Hey, no promotion yet?

No, not yet.

You got an uncle in the Pentagon, son.

One phone call.

P.A.: The officers and crew of the USS Constellation are proud to welcome you aboard for Tiger Cruise 2001.

This is a great opportunity for you to see firsthand just what your naval relatives do while on board ship.

After 6 months deployed in the Gulf, we are thrilled to have our family members join us, and we have a lot of exciting events planned for you on our 5-day cruise to San Diego.


Hey, Tina! Oh ho ho!

So good to see you!

Are you ready? Ready? Yeah. Uh-huh. Go.

Both: Unh, unh.

Let's go, girl. Let's go.

Woman: Joey!

Over here!

There she is! Mom!

Hi! Hi! Oh, gosh! I missed you.



Dad. Daddy!

Hey. Ha ha ha.


Oh, it's so good to see you.

I missed you. Look at you.

I hardly even recognize you.

Been a while. I grew.

Yeah. Gosh, it has been a while, hasn't it?


I'm really glad that you came, and I know you're gonna have a good time.

And I've gotta head back to the bridge.

But after you get something to eat, maybe you can meet me on the bridge.




I got that. Here we go.

I still can't believe you're here.

Been looking forward to this for a long time.


Well, look at this.

Navy's got it easy, huh?

I was a Marine.

We were lucky to have a soft piece of ground to sleep on.

Know what a Marine calls a sailor?


A squid. Your dad a squid?

No, sir. My mom.

Oh. Yeah, right. Well...

Women on ships now.

Well, I guess this is my rack.

Chuck Horner.


Nice to meet you, Joey.

Joey, you don't wet the bed, do you?

No, sir.


Not unless I have a lot of soda or something.


[Girls chattering]


Grace: Yeah.

I'm gonna look so cool in this uniform.

God, I can't wait. Just 5 more years, and then I can--

Whoa. Don't be in such a hurry.

You might change your mind.

No way. I want the uniform and the plane.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, look, T, now there's something you need to realize.

I mean, all you see is the sharp-looking uniform, the planes, and the pictures I send home.

I mean, you think it's all so cool, but...

It's a lot more than that, Tina.

A lot more.


I think I'm in here.

Hi! I'm Tina!

I saw you on the airplane, remember?


This is my sister Lieutenant Torres, but you can call her Grace.

I took the top bunk. Is that ok?

Yeah. Sure. No problem.

Maddie Dolan.

Who, the X.O.? Commander Dolan's daughter?

He's second in command.

That's right.

So you are a Navy brat.

I'm not a brat, ok?


Your father's a great guy.


P.A.: All Tigers and crew, the flight deck is now open.

We will be departing... Come on. Let's go!

Pearl Harbor at 0800. No, wait, Tina. My cover.

My hat.

Oh, right.


P.A.: The Constellation will be your home for our trip.

The cruise from Pearl Harbor to San Diego is the last leg on our cruise home.

Pretty cool, huh?

Our cruising speed will be approximately 25 knots, and we expect clear skies and calm seas along the way.

So enjoy the trip.

Please don't do that.

Let me show you somethin'.

This is the landing gear, and the bombs...

Here it goes.

Ready? 1, 2, 3.

P.A.: All Tigers are encouraged to participate in our daily activities.

Once we set sail, we will be passing the memorial to the USS Arizona.

We will announce our passing by a short blast from the bosun's whistle.

Captain on bridge.

All right, X.O., let's get this party started.

Aye, aye, captain.

Make preparations to get under way.

Officer to the deck, set the special sea and anchor detail.

Aye, sir. Both set for special sea and anchor detail.

[Bell rings] Now go to your stations all special sea and anchor detail.

Left full rudder.

Port main engine ahead 1/3. 0-2-5. upload on right.

Entering ahead 1/3, 0-2-5 port main engine.

P.A.: USS Constellation now departing.

I counted 37 F-18 Hornets, 26 Tomcats, 9 Prowlers, 3 Hawkeyes, 2 Greyhounds, 1 Viking, and 5 Helios.

It's unbelievable.

What you drawin'?

Uh, the Arizona memorial.

Pearl Harbor.

Oh, right, like the movie.

December 7, 1941.

Our country was attacked just after 8 A.M.

Enemy bombers launched an attack, and the Arizona took a number of hits...

Sank in less than 9 minutes.

It took 1,100 crew members to their deaths.

Pearl Harbor was caught completely unaware.

December 7, 1941. As F.D.R. said, that's "a date that will live in infamy."

Nice sketch.

[Whistle blows]

P.A.: Today's air-power show features rescue and recovery procedures for a downed pilot or a man overboard.

For all the young Tigers on board, there will be a paper airplane contest, and a recreation room has been set up for your enjoyment.

There you go. Oh, awesome!

There you go.

Can you make me look like Arnold?



Oh, the Navy's got it easy, huh?

You know, in the Marines, I had to live for 4 days once on canned apricots.

Apricots give me diarrhea.

So that's why they call it a dog machine.

This what you wanna do?

Be, like, an artist or somethin'?

Who knows?

I know what I wanna do.

This. Like Grace.

You ever thought about joinin' up?


Why not?

'Cause maybe someday I'd like to have kids.

Don't want 'em to be brats, huh?

I'm kidding.



I'm Lieutenant J.G. Hillman.

Commander Dolan would like you to report to the bridge after you finish lunch.




He's so hot.

You're drooling.

I'm sorry. I just love those uniforms.

Snake 7-1 outbound bearing 3-0.

Hey, Madd, Tina.

Deck's right up here.


Hey, Maddie. Thanks, lieutenant.

I wanna show you something.

Hey, Tina, I'm gonna show you where we are on the chart here.

Basically, we start at this position...

All right. This is it.

This is pretty much where I live when I'm on board the ship. a little nicer than my quarters.

I do outrank you just a little bit.

Sure. Fine. Ok.

How's school?

September, dad.

I've only been there a couple of days.

Oh, well, how's school been so far?

Same as all the others.

Yeah. Guess it's been-- hasn't been easy, huh?

Dad, how many elementary schools did I go to?

Oh, Maddie, come on.

How many?

Was 4.


5. Right. You got me.

It's not easy making small talk with your daughter, huh?

It's not easy when she doesn't help.

Maddie, I managed to get ahold of your mom on the phone today.

She wanted to see how-- you know, find out...

She wanted to know what was goin' on.

Going on?

Well, both of us have been wondering.

'Cause I tried to get you on board quite a few times, and never any luck, and now, all of a sudden, you're volunteering.

I'm really glad that you're here, but I'm just a little curious.

P.A.: All Tigers please report to the hanger bay for the...

Maddie, just... Gotta go.

Maddie. Maddie.

I don't wanna be late, dad.

The contest.

Hey, hey.

All Tigers please report to the hanger bay for the paper airplane contest.

Blue team, gold team, the game is launch and recovery.

The objective is to trap as many planes as possible from your teammates.

Right now, looks like the blue team is ahead.

But the gold team is gaining ground.

Go, Tigers!

I mean, think about it.

Brat--a spoiled, mischievous, or ill-behaved child.

You actually looked it up?

Yes. I mean, would you wanna go through life being called that?

Hey, pal, we've got some flight ops goin' on.

No hats on deck.

You kiddin', right?

No, that's a rule.


Stupid rule.

Oh, man!

Oh, man, my hat!

Unh! Unh!

You know what I really wanna do is the whole flag unfurling thing.

Ooh, yeah. Oh, man. Ha ha.

Ha! Hey!

Hey, you guys!

What is he doing?


I can fly!

Anthony, get away from there!

Anthony, stop!

What is he doing?

Unh! Aah!

Anthony! Anthony! Watch out!

Aah! Anthony!



You guys have got to try this.

Hey, come back!

Please, please! Come back!

Come back, please! Oh!

[Music playing]

We had to build the game room special for you Tigers.

Do you like it?

Oh! Yeah! Yes!

Yeah! Tina!

Tina. Oh, oh.

Anthony: I got a winner.

Yeah! Whoo!

Hey. You forgot somethin'.

Did you look?

No. But I'd like to.

Go ahead.

Wow, these are good! these are really good.


Even make me a little homesick.

Afraid to say I'm even missin' that Rufus dog, the mangy mutt that he is.


Dad, when are you coming home?

What do you mean?

We're gonna be dockin' on Friday.

No, I mean...

When are you coming home for good?

Is that why you came on board, to ask me that?

Ok, this is my job.

So get a new one.

You've got the degrees.

You could do, like, anything you want.

This is what I do.

Must be nice.

Travel all over the world, no responsibilities.

I'm responsible to a lot of people.

Strangers, dad. What about us?

We're strangers, too.

We move all over the place, see you for a few weeks every 4 or 5 months or whenever the Navy says it's ok.

The Navy is a way of life.

I mean, you go into it, and you know the sacrifices you have to make.

Well, you've done it for my entire life.

I got a detention first day of this new school.

Some kids were picking on me and Kiley, and I was trying to defend her.

They said I was fighting.

They jumped us because we were the new kids, the Navy brats.

That's us, dad.

We're always the new kids, and it's not fun.

All these things are going on with us, and you don't know about 'em, 'cause you're never here.

I see all these kids, and I hear them gripe about what jerks their fathers are, and I want to just tell them to shut up.

"At least yours is there."

Dad, I'm tired of being a Navy brat.

I want a father who's there every day.

Well, what do you think?

That I don't want to be home?

You think that it's easy being away?

Is it?


Look, after Friday, I'm gonna be home for a while.

All right? [Scoffs] "For a while."

Everything we do is always for a while.

When are we gonna get something permanent, dad? Huh?

I'm listening to you. I hear what you're saying.

It's about the family, so we'll need to talk about it as a family after we get home. No.

Because when you get home...

We're all so different.

We're happy, dad... For a while.

I want to do it now.

What do you think?

I don't know. I--

I don't know what to think.

It's kind of a big curve ball you threw me there.

Look, we're gonna get a chance to keep talking about it, and we will.

That means no.


You know I love you all... Don't you?

I know.


[Whistle blows]

P.A.: Good morning, Constellation.

We've got a lot of exciting activities for you Tigers today.

We bake over 2,500 rolls a day, and we go through about 800 pounds of cookie dough.

Go over 10,000 eggs just for one breakfast, and we put out over 15,000 meals a day.

Danny, one call to the Pentagon, and your uncle Bobby can arrange a transfer-- no, no, no. I like what I'm doin', dad.

It's not, you know, glamorous or anything, but I mean, it's important.

A sailor's gotta eat, right?

Oh, yeah.

And I guess when you muster out, you can get a job flipping burgers at any joint in the country. think about that, Danny.

Look, dad, I gotta get back to the galley.

Let me give you some directions...

Oh, I know where I'm going.

Yeah, but I want to show you--

Danny, just a boat.

See you at dinner, son.


Heh heh!

Heh heh heh! Heh heh!

[Buzzer buzzes]

So this is it.

She's a beauty, huh?

F-18 Hornet. So what do you think?

She's amazing.

How do you know what all this stuff does?

Aw, a couple years of flight school.

I mean, you just don't hop in and start it up.

I can't wait for the airshow.

We can get some great pix from up on the flight deck.

Uh, no way.

Against regs for any unauthorized personnel to be on the flight deck during flight ops.

But we won't get in--in the way.

Forget it. You two can watch it from vultures row.

We won't be able to see anything from up there.

You'll just be a little speck!

Tina, this is the most dangerous part of our whole operation.

There's no margin for error.

That means no unnecessary personnel on deck. Got it?

P.A.: Stinger squadron, report to the pilots' ready room.

Now come on, let's get out of here.

I've got to get ready.

Hey... Maybe my dad can help.


Excuse me.

Excuse me, sir.

Should call this the USS Mount Everest.

This tabletop represents the flight deck, and I know it looks kinda like a game board, but it's pretty serious, 'cause it's dangerous out there.

We gotta know where every plane is at every moment.

Can you see all right down there?

Chief, why don't you help him up there.


How's that? Better.

[Making jet sounds]

You want to put those down, son?

Man, I was just playing.

You can't really clown around up here.

You just put those down in the wrong place.

If it gets overlooked, we could have a pilot's life at stake.


Yeah, it's cool. I'm good. Whatever.

Chief, why don't you take over here?

If you have any questions, you ask chief, all right?

Dad, we were just wondering if we could be up on the flight deck during the airshow.

No, no, that's not possible.

But Tina just wants to get some good shots of her sister taking off.

No, it's too dangerous out there.

But we'll be out of the way.

There are no exceptions.

But you can get some good shots up on vultures row. All right?

Hey, I can get you guys out there, no problem.

And how are you gonna do that?

Follow me.



If a sailor can do it... [Wheezing]

I can do it.


P.A.: Hey, we've got a great airshow lined up for you Tigers today.

The Top Hatters and the Black Aces will provide a coordinance demonstration, while the Stingers will entertain you let's go.

With a strike fighter bombing run.

Before every flight op, come on.

The crew does an F.O.D. Walk-down.

That stands for Foreign Objects and Damage.

They're making sure nothing is on the runway.

A pebble or a loose bolt lying there could get sucked into the engine and cause a malfunction. Come on. Come on so, that being completed, let's get this show started.

[Engines roaring]


[Breathing heavily]

Hey, buddy, can you give me a little hand here?

Go give him a hand.

P.A.: Next up on the catapult is our first wave of strike fighters. This one's about to take off.

This way.

Excuse me, dear.

P.A.: Approaching from the starboard side on their low-level bombing run are the Black Aces!

Next up will be the Stinger strike fighter squadron.

Let's give it up for the Stingers!

Anthony: Follow me.

And stay down!

Come on, let's do this and get out of here.

Just hold on.

Man, this is tight!

Hey, what's that?

That's the catapult.

It's sort of like a giant slingshot.

It helps the planes get up enough speed to get airborne.

Ahh! This is so cool!

P.A.: Wow, that sure was exciting, wasn't it?

I tell you what, it takes nerves of steel for these men and women...

Oh, look! There's Grace!

P.A.: ...On and off of this aircraft carrier.

Did you see her?

Tina, just get the shot. We gotta go.

Hold on.

This is so cool!

Tina, don't push it. I'm serious!

Tina: Hold on.


We're busted! Let's go!

Come on! We gotta go!

Come on, Tina! I'm serious. Come on!

Tina, come on!

Yes, sir!

Here. In here.

Hey, stop!


Not very smart.

What you did... Was in direct violation of regulations.

If you were members of this crew, you could be brought up on charges.

Consider this a warning.

The least bit of trouble out of any one of you, and you'll be confined to your quarters for the rest of this voyage.

Are we clear on that?

Yes, sir. Yes, sir.

Yeah. Ahem.

Yes, sir.

All right, go on.

I want to talk to your families.

I think that ought to do it.

Don't be too rough on 'em.

Go ahead. Yell, and just get it over with.

What, so you could say I was never there, and therefore I have no right to discipline you?

We've gone through that before.

Was this whole thing some way to get my attention?


Well, it did.

I'm worried about you, Maddie.

This isn't like you.

7 weeks ago, we lost a pilot...

On a practice maneuver.

It was a nice sunny day, just like today.

Something happened-- a problem with the landing-- and we lost him.

That's why everybody's so serious out there.

It's dangerous.

And for you to disobey me, I--


I don't understand what you're going through.

I try, but I'll tell you this.

You've gotta start thinking about your actions.

The world doesn't revolve around you.

Everybody has to learn that at a certain point.

Hey, when are you gonna start thinking about somebody else, huh?

I mean, I'm trying to make something out of myself, and stupid stuff like this does not help.

Man, I didn't mean-- just shut up and listen! Ok?

This was a mistake having you come on this thing.

It wasn't pop's idea. It was mine.

You know, I was hoping--

I don't know what I was hoping.

But we got enough to do right now where I can't have you running around, getting in any more trouble.

So that means for the next few days, you behave yourself.

You understand me?

When you get home, you can run off with your idiot friends and do whatever you want.

At this point, I really don't care.

But until then, you watch yourself. Understand?

P.A.: Welcome to the Tiger Cruise 2001 Talent Show.

[Dance music playing]

♪ Whoo! ♪ Let's get up!

♪ Come on, come on, whoo ♪

Yeah! Yeah!

♪ Unh ♪ Look, Trouble's like my middle name.

I'm used to people yelling at me, but I'm sorry I got you guys into this.

It's not your fault.

I was the one who wanted to do it.

My sister just glares when she's mad, but it can kill, you know?

What about your dad?

He must've been pretty hot.

No, he wasn't.

He was...

Quiet. I don't know.

Real different.

Kinda wish he had yelled.

Sometimes parents just do stuff like that to freak us out.

Hey, Joey, you want some more ice cream?

I don't think so.

[Joey groans]

♪ Whoo ♪

♪ whoo ♪

♪ come on, come on ♪

We had that made for him last year.


We spent the millennium in a cheap hotel

'cause our new house wasn't ready yet.

Lots of fun.

Commander Dolan told me about what happened today.

Still mad?

I think "disappointed" is a better word.

He was really looking forward to you going on this cruise.


It's all he talked about.

I don't know what it is you think your dad's doing...

But it's not a pleasure cruise out here.

Sometimes it's lonely, sometimes it's dangerous, but your dad...

He makes it easier on us.

You know, a lot of these guys out here are younger than me.

I mean, they're teenagers, but we can talk to him.

He's like--he's like a father sometimes.

Must be nice.




I'm sorry about what happened today.


But that's behind us now.

There's a lot to think about.

Couple of the things you said have a-- have an element of truth to 'em.

We are strangers.

Today's little incident kind of underlined that for me.

Dad, I was just-- hear me out, all right?

See, I never knew how unhappy you were.

But you're right. I missed a lot of your life-- the good, the bad, all the moves, the schools.

If I could go back and catch up on everything that I've missed, I would, but I can't.

As captain select, I'm in line for assignment to command my own ship.

That's what I worked my whole life for.

You're asking me to give it up.


I don't know if you know this.

Our family means the whole world to me.

Holding it together...

I'd be willing to give myself a new direction.

I talked to your mom for a long time last night, and...

I decided I'm not gonna reup.

I'm coming home...

For good.

Dad, are you serious?


I'm serious.

Yes! Yes! Yes! Thank you. Thank you.

Oh, this is so great!

Are you sure?

Yes, I'm sure.

Thank you. Thank you.

[Ship alarm buzzing]


P.A.: General Quarters! General Quarters!

General Quarters!

Report to your stations.

[Jet takes off]

[Alarm buzzer buzzing]

All right.

Lieutenant, stay with me. Dad. Dad!

Miss, please. Orders.

Return to your quarters immediately.

Very good. All right, what do we know?

Man: Let's go, people. Let's do it here.

Let's go! Let's go! Woman: I'm on it.


Any squawks that are unassigned, I want to be notified. Yes, sir.

All right, hey, hey, Mode 4s are challenged.

Got that, everybody? Mode 4s are challenged.

Sir. Sir. There's a second one.

Sir, shall I prepare a statement for the Tigers, sir?

No. No, I'll talk to 'em.

Yes, sir. Lieutenant.


We need to bump up on our alert status.

COs and the CAD report to air ops immediately.

Yes, sir.

Man: Stand by for A-25.

Come on. Tina, wake up! Tina, something's happening!

Cmdr. Dolan on P.A.: I have to request that all Tigers report to the forecastle.

What is it?

All Tigers, please report...

No idea.

What's going on?

This some sort of drill or something?

Something about an explosion. The ship?

New York.

Yo, dude, what'd you say about New York?

Mr. Horner! Mr. Horner!

Ow! What?!

Let's go! The bell!

What bell?

I heard this big bang, so I went up on the flight deck, and I saw these lights and people running all over the place.

And the crew--the crew was being briefed on something.

All right, lieutenant, go to the C.D.C.

Tell 'em we want all communications clear.

No messages going out.

Only official messages coming in.

We're gonna have a lot of worried folks out there trying to reach us, a lot of nervous Tigers here trying to reach them, so we're gonna have to help them understand the situation we're in.

Yes, sir.

All right, listen up.

Until we get our orders from operational command, we're in a holding pattern.

We don't know where we're going.

Could be Seattle, San Diego, Honolulu...

Or we could be deployed on a mission.

Until we know the full extent and nature of these attacks, we're gonna assume the worst and stay on full alert.

We have to be ready for battle at a moment's notice.

That's not gonna be easy with 800 civilians on board, many of 'em our own kids.

Navy doesn't have a precedent for this.

We cannot allow them to interfere with our duties.

All of you have to stay on task.

That's the best thing you can do for the loved ones on board.

Excuse me. Excuse me.

Excuse me.


Where's my mom?

It's ok. I'll stay with you.

Dad! Maddie.

What's going on? Maddie, I need you to stay here for a little while. Where's my mom?

What happened? She's at her post, son.

She'll be with you as soon as she can.

You stay here. I need to know where I can find you.

But tell me what's going on. Dad!

...current report, sir, the Pentagon's been hit.

Same way? Yes, sir.

If I could have your attention, please.

I have to make an announcement that we all need to respond to as intelligently and as calmly as possible since it will impact our lives today, probably for many years to come.

We just received word a little while ago...

That an orchestrated string of airline hijackings has occurred.

These planes were used in a surprise attack on the World Trade Center in New York.

It appears the attacks are continuing.

The nation has gone on full alert.

We don't know who's responsible for them or why.

What we do know is that at approximately 8 A.M. Eastern Standard Time, an airliner departed from Boston en route to Los Angeles.

It was hijacked shortly after takeoff and diverted to New York, where it was deliberately crashed into the North Tower of the World Trade Center.

Almost simultaneously, a second airliner was hijacked, diverted to New York, and also was crashed, this time into the South Tower of the World Trade Center.

Both of our towers are destroyed.

The loss of life is expected to be in the thousands.

There are reports of at least one other hijacking.

This is an extremely grave situation for our country.

Let me assure all the family members of the crew we have on board with us...

You're gonna be safe.

And I want to say that I feel proud that every man and woman on this ship is ready and trained to be part of any response our nation may decide to make against those who have perpetrated these attacks.

[Quietly] Sir, it's now confirmed.

A third airliner's crashed into the Pentagon.

All right.

A minimum crew on the Tigers.

Lieutenant Hillman here will be available to answer any further questions you might have.


I'm going to head for C.D.C. Before we head up to the bridge.


Maddie, you gotta stay here, all right?

Stay here. I'll be back. Dad...

TV announcer: Today the crash happened at 9:45 A.M. Eastern time.

A jet hitting the--

Danny, here we are maybe going into battle, and you're busy making cookies?!

It's my job, dad.

Just as concerned as everyone else.

Announcer: No estimates from Pentagon officials on the number of dead and injured.

What did he say?

The Federal Aviation Administration here in Washington has shut down the nationwide...

The Pentagon is a huge place, Danny.

The chances that he was anywhere-- your uncle Bobby's fine.

I'm sure he's fine.

Well, well, do you think we can get word to him somehow?

Well, I'll find out.

As soon as I hear anything, I'll let you know.

[Hushed murmuring]

Oh, my God.

I'm gonna want an assessment of all munitions on board, plus a complete evaluation of all the jet fuel we've got.

Sir, another plane's gone down somewhere in Pennsylvania.

They think it was headed for Washington.


Well, let's pray this is the last one.

Sir, we've just received word that the White House has been evacuated.

That's confirmed?

Yes, sir.

[Men shouting orders]

Are you going up there?

I don't have my orders yet.

Do you think we're gonna get attacked?

Tina, look, the Connie is one of the safest places in the world right now.

Anybody comes near this ship, they're dealing with me!

Even Grace isn't sure what's going on.

They're just... Flying around on patrol in case somebody tries to attack.

So, Joey, is your dad gonna meet you when we dock in San Diego?

Yeah. He wants to win the First Kiss Lottery with mom.


I'll bet.

So, how long was your mom away before you met up with her in Hawaii?

I don't know.

A long time.

Same with my dad.

Yeah. You get used to it.

I mean, that's the Navy, right?

What my dad says.

I know.

Maddie. Commander Dolan would like you to report to the mess hall immediately.

Uh...do you mind watching him?

No problem.

All right. I'll be back.

TV: This is the scene right now from New York City.

As you can see, emergency vehicles going down the street of what used to be a bustling financial district.

I think we should go after 'em with everything we got.

We don't even know who did it.

Oh, don't give me that!

We know exactly who it is.

No, we don't. And neither do you.

[TV coverage continues, indistinct]


Have you heard anything more about the Pentagon? we're gonna give you updates as we get them, sir.

Look, I know many of you want to get messages out to your relatives and your loved ones.

Unfortunately, until further notice, all communication to and from the ship is suspended for security purposes.

For how long?

Until further notice, sir.

My name's Horner, Charles Horner, Captain, U.S. Marine Corps, retired.

My brother is with the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

He's assigned to the Pentagon.

Then you should be familiar with the command.

Might be a couple of hours. Might be a couple of days.

We have no way of knowing at this point.

I just have to get one message out.

I'm sorry, sir, but that is impossible.

Commander, I think maybe you didn't hear me.

Those are orders, sir.

Are we clear?

Are there any other questions?

Is there anything we can do to help, Commander?

Ordinarily, these Tiger Cruises are very happy occasions, and this one's just gonna be a little different.

So...until further notice, all the Tiger activities, including today's unfurling of the flag, have been canceled.

The crew won't be able to interact with you as much as we would've liked.

We ask that you honor this and not interfere with our duties.

We thank you all very much for your cooperation.



I don't want this news on these television sets.

I want you to select some areas for those people who want to watch.

Put something else on for the kids-- some movies or something.

Yes, sir.

Maddie, uh...

Look, I'm sorry I ran out on you earlier today.

It's ok. I figured.

I want to ask you.

I need kind of a liaison with the young Tigers.

Not to rat anybody out or anything like that.

Just to keep me posted.

Are they scared? Are they bored?

What kind of questions do they have?

What can we do to make things easier on 'em? That kind of thing, 'cause I think it's gonna get a little rougher next couple of days.

So what do you think? Would you be up for something like that?

Aye, aye, sir.

Please...no sarcasm. All right? Not today.


I'll do it. I wasn't being sarcastic, honest.

I'm sorry.

It's just...

Sometimes it's kinda hard to tell with you.

You know?

'Scuse me. Commander.

I really have to talk to you.

Mr. Horner, this is-- my brother is stationed in the Pentagon.

His office is in the wing that was hit.

I'm very sorry about that.

I just have to make one call.

That's impossible. That's all I'm asking.

So you're tellin' me what, we're completely isolated out here?

Yes. Until communication gets restored, we're isolated.

So I'm sorry.

Please! Mr. Horner, please.

Charles: Sorry.

I'm sorry.



Look, you give me his name and his rank and his department.

As soon as I hear anything, I'll let you know.

Thank you.

Thank you very much.

May get worse before it gets better.

You still want to help me?


Ok. Thanks.


[Young child crying]



Hey, sweetie, it's ok.

Everything's gonna be ok.

I just wanna go home.

[Sobbing] It's gonna be--


[Tearfully] I want to go home, too.

I know.

[Indistinct chatter]

Look here. Yeah.

Ha! This is unbelievable.

The whole country's at a standstill

'cause all the air traffic has been suspended.

There isn't a commercial or a civilian aircraft in the sky.

We've got 800 civilians on board who live all over the country, and we can't get them home.

Shall we set up some sort of contingency plan for the Tigers?

We're gonna need a long list of contingency plans.

We don't know where we're dropping them off.

We don't even know if we drop them off.



I'll be right back.


Hey. Say, it's gettin' pretty late. these kids ought to get to bed.

I think they want to stay in here.

Yeah, I'm sure they do, but we clear the mess-- daddy. They're scared.

I mean, I think they just want to be with each other.

We can bend the regs for one night, can't we?

Another half-hour.


Good night.

Good night.

Uh, dad?


Is there anything going on out there that you're not telling us?

Well, we don't know a lot right now.

We're just gonna have to be ready, is all.

Why? What are you thinking?


Nothing. It's just...

It's just, um...


[Weeps softly]

I'm scared.

It's gonna be all right.

It's gonna be fine.

Child: Maddie?



I gotta go.



[Approaching jet]

Tina: So what's goin' on up there?

Did you see anything?

Grace: Not even a sea gull.

It's very quiet.

Nobody's comin' after us, Tina.

They'd better not, or they'd be in big trouble.


We're gonna be rearming in less than 2 hours.

I want all the civilian personnel belowdecks during the entire procedure.

Yes, sir.

P.A.: Stand by for primaries.

TV: Ladies and gentleman, what you're seeing here is live footage.

You're seeing it and I'm seeing it for the very first time.

There you see some rescue workers huggin' each other, um...comforting each other, if you will.

Uh, it is a scene of devastation that, um... Has got to be so hard for these-- these brave men and women in the debris.

Uh, there you still see the emergency...

Connie's so huge.

Feel so safe.

I guess I never really thought about us being in the middle of the ocean with people shooting at us.

My dad was in the Gulf war.

My mom was a mess till he got back.

A lot.

Child: I wanna watch a movie.

Second child: Why can't we watch a movie?

Go away. No.

So? Go to the wardroom and watch the news.

We wanna watch a movie. Yeah! Yeah!

Well, I was here first.

What's the problem?

No problem. I was just watchin' the news, and they wanna watch some dumb movie.

Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!

Um... Anthony, it might be a good idea to watch a movie.

Ok. Fine.

If y'all want to sit around and not know what's goin' on, great!

Watch a dumb movie.

Oh, yeah. Yeah!

[Movie begins, indistinct]

TV announcer: ...Going in and out.

Um...and from what I can see and I'm sure you're seeing as well, it is a mess. Um...

[Continues, indistinct]

There's another, uh...

[Continues, indistinct]

Do I really look like this?

Today, yeah.

You were a lot more fun when you were actin' like a clown.

Why do you keep watching it? It's so depressing.

Have you ever seen 'em?

The Towers in real life?



Well, I'm from Staten Island, about half a mile away from the river.

[Sighs] My neighborhood.

A lot of guys I knew...

Their parents worked in those buildings.

I used to see 'em...

Walkin' down the street to the ferry. this girl in my class...

Her dad's a fireman.

And my grandfather's back there right now.

And he knew people.

Those towers...


They were just there. You know?

I never got tired of lookin' at 'em.

They were so big and cool.

The way the sun would reflect off of 'em.

It's gonna be so different.

Just not the same anymore.

[Escort's horn blows]

Come on. We better get inside.

[Indistinct chatter]

This is a restricted area, sir. You'll have to move inside.

Man: Lift it!

[Horn blows]


I was just on deck, and I'll tell you what we're doing.

We're arming this ship!

How can you be so sure?

There's a munitions supply ship up there right now.

You know something's goin' on.

Why can't you get your calls out?

Commander. Is it true? Are we takin' on munitions?

This ship always carries munitions, sir.

Then why the new stuff? Huh?

You don't need warheads for a Tiger Cruise.

What we're doing is we're topping off with weapons and supplies we would want to have just in case we are deployed.

So you're saying we could be going into a battle!

It's always a possibility with a carrier, sir.

Look. I understand you're not familiar with what we have to do.

But you all have a very important job to do us, too.

You have to stay calm. And most importantly, you have to let our kids know they're gonna be ok.

Are we clear?

Any questions, you can bring 'em to me.

Thank you.

We set course for San Diego, and we're gonna arrive there a day early.

That's great!

It's complicated.

Our position's classified.

We have to slip into port unannounced.

The whole base is on a military lockdown.

There'll be nobody there to meet you. Ok?

I'm going out again, Maddie.



Dad, you promised you'd come home.

Nobody expected what happened today.

And this is my crew, and they're counting on me.

Well, what if something else happens?

Maddie... This is what I do.

Look at the cops and the firefighters in New York City.

They didn't stand there and say, "no, I'm not gonna go in there.

It's too dangerous."

They did their jobs because people were counting on them.

I have a lot of people who are counting on me.

Guess I really never thought about it like that.

I said that I would be home.

I will.

But for now, I have to do my duty.


Mr. Horner.

What've you heard?

Well, we finally received word from the Pentagon.

I'm afraid...

I'm sorry.

The Pentagon has reported that your brother has been listed as missing.

Thank you.



Get them out as soon as we can.

Yes, sir.

[Jet engine warming up]

Mr. Horner?

I'm sorry about your brother.

He was my little brother.

Full-Bird Colonel in the U.S. Marine Corps.

But he was always gonna be my little brother.

At the Pentagon...

The safest place on earth.

Makes you wonder what it's gonna be like when we get back there.

Would you do me a favor?

Apologize to your dad for me.

I was kind of--

He's a good man.

He's a good officer.

He does a job not many people would do.

A lot of sacrifice.

We tend to forget about people like that...

Until we need 'em.

Makes me feel a little safer just knowin' that there are men like him...

Out there, keepin' an eye on things.

Thank you.

You're welcome.



You ever been shot at?



Just wondering.

You know, I'd hate to...Just...

In case...

There's somethin' you have to realize here.

We are the first line of defense for this country.

And a lot of times, we have no idea what we're flyin' into.

And it's scary.

But you have to do your duty.

[Indistinct chatter]

[Telephone rings]


It's not a good time to see the X.O., Maddie.

He's right in the middle of it.


Wasn't easy. Looks like every Tiger we can't get home should be covered.

Great. you know, only your dad could pull this off.

Especially with our classified arrival.

Any message?

No. I just wanted to give him something.

I can do that.


That's all right. I'll...

Just give it to him myself.


Good night.

Good night.

[Machinery chugs rhythmically]



You guys hungry?

Anthony: Yeah.

I just made some fresh cupcakes.


Listen, I'm sorry about your uncle.

Thanks. It... helps to keep busy. You know?

Yeah, I know.


You guys enjoy.



[Machinery produces steady pounding beat]

[Adds second percussion beat]


[Plays percussion measure]

[Adds inventive beat]

[New percussion beat joins in]

All right.

[Adds own beat]

Ooh! Ha ha ha!

Ha ha ha ha!


Ha ha ha!

[Ensemble stops playing]

Ha ha ha!


Feel so weird. I mean...

We haven't laughed...

I mean, I know I haven't laughed in...



Felt good, didn't it?

Got that right.

[Chuckling] Sure did.


I mean... there's gotta be something...

There's gotta be somethin' that everyone can do.


Well, they're ready to go!

Let's go over here!

We know that a lot of things on the schedule had to be canceled, and that's totally understandable.

But, sir, I think...

There is one thing, especially now, that... I think we should try to do.

All of us.

Girl: Yeah!

[Indistinct excited chatter]



Got you.

Ha ha!

Child: So cool!

Ha ha!

Ha ha!

Quite a Tiger, that daughter of yours.

Yes, sir. She certainly is, sir.

Ha ha ha!

Ahh! Ha ha!

If I could have your attention, please.

Many of you know honor, courage, and commitment are the core values of the Navy.

And each of you has displayed these values in the last few days. our country's been attacked, and we may have some tough times ahead.

But if there's one good thing to come out of this tragedy, it's the way that you all have conducted yourselves.

Your actions in the face of adversity were nothing short of exemplary.

And on behalf of the crew, we want to congratulate you.

The unfurling of the flag this morning meant a lot to all of us.

You all did a fine job.

I'm really glad you were with us.

And as you leave here today, I want you all to know we're proud of you.

P.A.: USS Constellation arriving.

[Indistinct chatter]

Commander was very nice.

He said you could have the leave, no problem...

For the service.

Yeah. I know. I...

I think I oughta stay with the crew and... Head back out.

Yeah. I think you're right.

I am proud of you, son.

Sailors gotta eat, right?



P.A.: All Tigers, please go to the table that has the first letter of your last name.

All Tigers, all Tigers, please go to the table that has the first letter of your last name.

Looks like we're coming into an enemy port.




All right. Here. Here.

Oh, I'm gonna miss you guys!

Miss you, too.

Have a safe trip. Bye.

All right.

Daddy's not gonna be here until tomorrow night, and then you're gonna stay with him at his family's.

Why can't you stay?

I just...

I can't, that's all.

But you know what? I got a little time before I have to be back, and we can do anything you want.



Can we get some ice cream?

[Chuckles] Yeah.

Let's go get some ice cream.

So be cool and keep outta trouble. Ok?

Yeah. You, too.


Yo, boats.


Tell pops I'll call him as soon as I can.

Just be careful, ok?

You got it.

Raise the arm.

Straighten the fingers.

[Mouths word]

All right. This is your contact.

Keep an eye on her, will you?

Yes, Commander.

I, uh... made this for you.


Hey! That's great.

That-- that's really great.

You know, you're kinda makin' me look pretty dashing.

When I get home, we'll have it framed.


Dad, what if something else happens?

I mean, what if it's not over?

What if we go to war or something?

We'll be ready if it happens.

Believe me.

Everything's different now.

Don't worry. I remember what we talked about.

Maybe I was wrong.

I mean, I want you to come home, but I don't want you to quit.

I think you should keep doing what you're doing.

I'll be ok.

Are you sure you're gonna be ok?



I love you.

Stop growin' so fast. I want to recognize you next time.

Aye, aye, sir.

The X.O. Your father?


So you're a brat, huh?



I'm a brat.

♪ You know I try to be ♪

♪ All that I can ♪

♪ I know reality ♪

♪ Most things are not that bright ♪

♪ When my world goes crazy ♪

♪ You won't let go ♪

♪ When the ground gets shaky ♪

♪ You give me hope ♪

♪ Now, when I start doubtin' ♪

♪ You help me see ♪

♪ There's strength and a light ♪

♪ And a power in me ♪

♪ For believin' there ain't nothin' I can't do ♪

♪ My hero is you ♪

♪ My hero is you, you ♪