Tiger Zinda Hai (2017) Script

Salaam Aleikum.

I'm a friend. James Forward.

Target in sight.

Hold on! We're moving in.

Oh God.

There's a calm before the storm.

I've never felt anything like this in this city before.

But something is wrong. It feels as if... a terrifying event is about to unfold.

Something that will change the world forever.

We're sitting on a ticking time bomb.

One that could blow at any given time.

And they're coming. They're all coming, dressed in black... and using faith as a cover to protect their identities.

They are...



I'm a journalist.

And what kind of journalist keeps a gun with him?

When will you Americans stop thinking that... we're not as stupid as you think?

Please. I'm just a journalist.

Why are you doing this to me?

Let me tell you a story.

Once Uncle Sam came to our land... saying the Middle East needs a new world order.

And the real reason behind it was business and imperialism.

For that, they hired a pack of local wolves...

And made them break their own countrymen.

And when his job was done...

he betrayed the pack leader of all his promises.

And fled with the money.

I am that pack leader.

And now I will hunt and take control of my land.

Ryan, strip him!


Adam, there's a mail in your account. You need to check it now.

"Enough has been said.

"Enough has been done.

"Now it's our turn to take revenge."


War has begun, America. Uncle Sam...

I'm back.

Connect me to the White House immediately.

All cars northbound to Ikrit!

Hurry, Miss!

I said not to call when I'm about to leave for the hospital.

I get late.

Listen, Poorna.

The boy's family want you to get married soon.

I'll be there in two months, Papa.

Want anything from here?

Why two months?

Sana! Late again for your prayers?

No choice, Jiya. These double shifts are killing me. I'm late every day.

Wow, Maria! Two phones?

Is some Sheikh crazy about you?

No! One phone is for the family.

That reminds me. My brother called from Pakistan.

He said father was unwell again.

They're going to Lahore from Pindi to see a heart specialist.

Tell them to go to Delhi.

Contact Dr. Trehan at AIMS Hospital. He's the best heart surgeon there.

I trained under him.

Tell your brother to get in touch with AIMS. I'll see to the rest.

Really? Done.

Thank you so much.

Sometimes I think I should go back home.

There's nothing here for us. You go home and then what?

You earn money and respect here.

Come on, girls. It's getting late.

Take your lunchboxes. Girls, let's go.


Paint your hands with henna... decorate the wedding-palanquin!

Congratulations, Miss!

Thank you, Shaada. Keep your eyes on the road!

Shaada... who are they?

ISC. After Mosul, they could be taking over Ikrit.

Iraqi army!

Let me get out!

Shoot down the helicopter!

Shaada, what's going on? The Iraqi army is attacking.


Amir is hit!

Take aim!

Let's get to the hospital. Hurry!

Everyone, stay down!

Stay down. Shut the windows!

You, follow the bus. Now!

Shoot the helicopter down!

Shoot it down!


Close the gates!

Where's the doctor? Open the door!

Where's the doctor?

Open the door now! I kill you.

Only nurses in the bus.

Doctor! Where's the doctor?

It's too early. The doctor comes in at 8.30.

Hey! This is a hospital. No guns allowed.

Now everything we say is allowed.

You don't want more men to die?

Then shut up and work fast.

Okay. I'll do it.

Get everyone out of this hospital. Now!

Only Abu Usman and these nurses stay.

Let's go. Faster. Put them in the ambulance.

Close the hatch. You too.

Let's go.

Get out of here! Go!

Give me the phone.


"The big news just in... the town of Ikrit has been overtaken by the ISC."

"Coming in straight from the American base in Iraq... this is the second big move by ISC."

"The terror group ISC has taken over the Iraqi town of Ikrit."

Ikrit is famous for its oil fields.

Many Indians work there. Can't get through.

Indian Embassy, Baghdad.

My name is Maria. I'm calling from the Ikrit hospital.

I'm a nurse. ISC is holding us Indian and Pakistani nurses hostage.

Maria, stay calm. Don't panic.

Tell us everything.

They've shot our driver and the hospital manager.

We're terrified, Sir.

Their leader, Abu Usman, was shot. He's in this hospital.

Sir, they've taken over the entire hospital.

Sir, help us.

We're in terrible danger, Sir. They'll kill us all.

Don't worry, Maria. I'll help you.

How many nurses are you?

25 Indian and 15 Pakistani.

So that's 25? Okay.

Keep your phone close.

We will get in touch with you soon.

Connect me to Delhi.

Karan, is the presentation ready? Absolutely, Sir.

After their offensive in Syria, this is ISC's biggest push into Iraq.

In the name of religion, they're turning young men into deadly weapons.

You'll soon see a human bomb in every bus, street and airliner.

After Mosul, they've seized the oil fields in Ikrit.

They're the richest terrorist organization in the world today... because they now control 70% of Iraq's oil fields.

Sorry to disturb, Sir. You should watch the news.

"The horrendous act of terrorism is nothing short of an act of war.

"We have spoken to our British, German and French allies...

"to discuss targets and joint controlled air strikes.

"This act shall not go..."

This is not good news. What's happening, Shenoy?

The Americans won't take this lying down.

They've been longing to start air strikes on ISC targets in Iraq.

The UN has held them back.

James's execution has given them a reason to turn Ikrit to dust.

Meaning? The Americans... will strike the hospital where our nurses are and where... and Abu Usman is.

The Americans will make any excuse. They cannot be allowed to do this.

Stop them, Shenoy!

Shenoy! Long time.

When did we last meet? 1993. Just after the Gulf War.

I've a packed schedule. Let's walk and talk.

You know why I'm here? I know your nurses are there.

You can't bomb Ikrit.

Yes, we can.

You know this game. You've been here long enough.

What would you do if the nurses were American?

We'd get them out. That's what I'm trying to do.

For old time's sake, Adam.

Give me some time.


Okay. Seven days.

Get your nurses out of there.

Eighth day we bomb Ikrit.

Seven days? Yes, Sir.

That's not enough time to mount a dangerous mission.

You're right, Sir. But we must.

Who will do it?


Is Tiger alive?

I was told that he died on a mission in Cuba eight years ago.

That was for the files.

He's hiding somewhere.

We'll find him.

In so little time... he's the only person who can pull it off.

Shenoy, I'm seriously not interested.

Just get our nurses out of there!

Karan, get on to all our agents.

I want Tiger in 24 hours.

Holidays over, Tiger.

Let's get back to work.

"Nature gave every animal an instinct to hunt so that it can survive.

"Human beings also hunted for years to survive...

Junior! You Brit boy! Talking English again?

What did I tell you?

Man is identified by his... mother tongue.

So what are you?

Indian on your side, Pakistani on Ma's side.

Don't know about your Ma... but when you're with me you're fully Indian.

Where is he? In front of me.

How far? 50 ft.

Look straight in his eyes, and don't break eye contact.

He's coming closer.

I shouldn't have read that chapter on hunting.

Calm down, Junior.

I'm his prey today.

Everyone hunts.

But no one hunts like a tiger.

Before he comes round, let's split.

Wait, Junior.

Wolves don't hunt alone.

Wolves hunt in a pack. There are more coming.

Oh shit!

You taught you that? Ma says it.

Oh shit!

Now what? See our truck down there?

On my count of three... fly to the truck and stay there.

One second! Are you going to kill all those wolves?

If I don't get your friends... you will end up... a kebab on their menu tonight.


If you save me, but do not kill those wolves... then I'll believe you're the real Tiger.



Leave me alone! Go!

Get away!

Go away!

Go away!


Get into the truck! Hurry!

Stay still!





Hi, Zophia. How are you?

Fine. And you? I'm good.

Finally Arthur and I've booked our tickets to India.

It's his 80th birthday next month.

He has dreamt of seeing the Taj Mahal all his life.

The monument of love.

How sweet!

You think I should take some vaccinations?

For yellow fever, malaria, dengue and bird flu?

What other viruses are brewing there?

Police. Never heard of that virus.

Call the police. There's a group of muggers. They have a gun.

The money. Hurry up!

Come on, gimme the money!

Hurry UP!

That's what we call women empowerment!

Zoya darling, please call the cops.

Forget that piece of junk. You'll never find your Indian station.


There's only one meaning. You're right and I'm wrong.

Did I say that? That's what you meant.

I search for Shalgum and Tinde all over Austria. Why?

Because he only eats Indian food.

Can you remember when we last ate out?

You know what... you guys eat and leave the plates on the table.

I'll scrub the dishes later.

Junior... your Ma is really mad at me.

Dad, let's take a walk.

If you loved her, would you forget your 8th wedding anniversary?


That's why she's sulking.

Now the drama will last for months. No.

Here. What is it?

Tomorrow's programme.

I have done all the bookings.

Make sure you make her feel special tomorrow.

Your credit card.

I've used it six times yesterday.

Please add some more credit!

You son of a spy!

Sat Sri Akal. Namaskar. Adaab.

This is All India Radio, Amritsar.

We have a request from Shams Alam from the other side of the border.

His wife, Samia Zehra, is angry with him.

A sweet present from us.

These unspun threads... that I have tied around you...

make our bond beyond separation.

Put aside your fleeting anger... sweet love, listen... to the conversations in my heart.

We sit side by side... looking at each other.

The conversations in my heart... we'll sit side by side as the days pass... and fulfill the truth of our love.

Must you torment me?

Why pretend you don't hear... the conversations in my heart?

We sit side by side... looking at each other.

I'll hide you from the many. Put you on a pedestal.

You are mine.

Keep me close to you.

There will never be any distance between us.

Nothing will keep us apart.

I'll hide you from the many. Put you on a pedestal.

You are mine.

Keep me close to you.

There will never be any distance between us.

Nothing will keep us apart.

I live this life for you.

You are my life. I am yours.

Blow hot and cold, but don't ignore... the conversations in my heart.

We sit side by side... looking at each other.

The conversations in my heart.

Those dark nights.

My days are overcast.

My sweet beloved... hold me close.

The sky will pale without you.

My dreams will remain unfulfilled without you.

The conversations in my heart...

We sit side by side... looking at each other.

The conversations in my heart... we'll sit side by side as the days pass... and fulfill the truth of our love.

I know why you secretly glance... at our names written side by side.

The conversations in my heart...

We sit side by side... looking at each other.

Are you still up?

Dad, you have some friends over.

Shenoy Sir!

Junior! Off to bed.


So many tubes? You okay?

What to do?

Since you left, I have lost my breath.

My colleague, Karan. I know.


I know.

Shall we eat?

If we're eating black lentils made by your hands, then we'll eat.


The same taste. Nothing has changed.

He doesn't slice a tomato for me, and he makes lentils for you.

I'm impressed.

We go back a long way. You won't understand.

I do, Sir.

If you've come all this way looking for your best agent... you won't be talking in front of me.

I'll take your leave. Call if you need anything.

Thank you.

You've been hiding for years.

But we found you in 24 hours.

Some rice?

For years I've sent you a coded message: "Saare jahaan Se achha."

I sent it to you from countries where the Indian population was small.

The IP address always indicates my exact location.

It means that you didn't need to look for me.

I've always let you know my whereabouts.

The lentils are delicious.

RAW forgot me.

I didn't forget RAW.

Absolutely unreal.

Sir, he has a full-blown RAW operation room here.

He's hacked all our servers.

Tiger, the reason we're here...

25 Indian nurses are being held hostage in an Iraqi hospital.

The CIA has given you a week.

After that, air strikes and game over.

I've done the groundwork.

These are the best guys you could ever find... to accomplish your mission.

Pack your bags, Tiger.

There's no time.

No, Sir. I'm sorry.

The Tiger you came looking for, that Tiger has changed.

The reason...

I left RAW was... Zoya.

Now I have another reason.


He's my life, my world... and my weakness.

Sir, we need you on this mission.

We're wasting precious time.

Now we know where you live, and who your family is...

Karan, the tiger is sleeping.

Don't pull its tail. It'll devour you.

India's honour is at stake.

Well, you know better.

"Bhagat Singh shouts...

"Long live the revolution!"

What is it, Tiger?

Nothing really.

Everyone believes you love me more than anything in the world.

But I know that you love your country even more.

And that's the thing I respect about you the most.

You're the world's biggest hero for him.

How will he feel if he knew that his parents were two agents on the run... who have put duty behind them, and live a life of leisure now.

In your place, I'd go and rescue those nurses.

And yes... always remember...

Junior and I are not your weakness.

We're your strength.

Hello, Sir.

Some money, Sir.

The team will meet you at the Turkey-Iraq border.

I'll send you their details.

This is my mission. And my team.

Sir, you're taking over. You want to?

No, Sir.

Time is short. So don't waste it.

This is my team.

Azaan Akbar, the Indian army's best sniper.

If he wasn't busy in covert operations... he'd be winning gold medals for India.

Namit Khanna, bombs and explosives expert.

He's diffused 4 bombs in 3 minutes.

Saved many lives in the Kashmir valley.

Rakesh Sharma, a senior citizen.

A bit frail but has a technical brain that can outsmart NASA's best.

Long live Lord Hanuman!

Wow, Sir. You've done your homework.

Mother made sure I did.

Sir, will they get here in time?

Namit, Azaan.


Very nice. Super.


Yes, Karan?

Tiger is insisting on his team.

He says it's his mission.

I expected this.

We won't have any control.

We have no choice.

There's something worth remembering...


He has lived with Zoya, a Pakistani agent, for 8 years.

Make sure she did not turn him. Absolutely, Sir.

Make your way to Al-Nusra on the Iraq-Turkey border.

All illegal human traffic into Iraq passes through there.

That's where...

ISC loads up their tankers with oil... and dispatches them to the Mosul and Ikrit oil refineries.

Our man Zulfikar has worked for RAW for 8 years. He'll meet you there.

Zulfikar will hide you in an oil tanker and smuggle you into Iraq.

The convoy usually has 8 trucks.

Zulfikar will fill water instead of oil into one of the trucks.

He'll pour oil over the water to camouflage it.

Ikrit is 3 hours from the border. You'll soon be journeying into Iraq.

Everyone, out!

Nothing moves without ISC's permission.

The tankers are often checked at the border.

Long live Lord Hanuman!

The plan, Sir?

We can't walk into the hospital... so we'll pass off as illegal oil refinery workers.

There, Namit will set off a controlled blast.

They'll think it's an accident.

We'll act as if we've suffered burns in the blast.

The ISC will have no choice.

They'll have to send the injured workers to the Ikrit hospital.

Once we're in the hospital... we'll have two days to get the nurses out.

And send Abu Usman...

You make it sound so easy, if your plan is that easy...

I'll go straight on a pilgrimage to Amarnath.

If it works or not, you're headed on a pilgrimage anyway.

Pawan's number.

The RAW agent there.

He'll get you whatever you need.

You'll need to tell him the recognition code.

"Tu Tu Tu tutu Tara."

The answer to the code is: "Our friend is here." ls RAW into comedy these days?

Not my idea, Sir. It came from the bosses.

Coming to the point.

If you're lucky... and manage to get into this heavily-guarded oil refinery... then the mission starts.

And yours ends.

Tell Mr Shenoy, "Tu Tu Tu tutu Tara."

"Tiger is back on the prowl again!"

Stay in line!

Amir Baghdawi is coming.

This is Amir Al-Baghdawi.

ISC's number 2.

The oil fields and refineries are under his control.

After Abu Usman, he's the second in command.

He's the ISC oil deal-maker.

Watch out for another man.

They call him "Thu'ban" in Arabic. Means "snake."

Pasha Baghdawi! My Amir.

One meeting.

One meeting. Back! Or I'll shoot you.

I give you. This is Indian. Hollywood.

One meeting.

Go back! Why?

I give everything. You show gun.

Back! What did I say.


Just you wait, sonny.

If I don't hang you out to dry, my name isn't Thu'ban.

His real name is Firdaus.

He's an Indian but has lived in Iraq for 25 years.

From the era of Saddam and America to ISC, he has contacts everywhere.

He supplies the oil refineries with illegal labor.

He'd sell his parents for money.

He has only one purpose now... to get close to Amir Al-Baghdawi.

Where from? Bangladesh.

Work hard or I'll break your legs.

If I see you nodding off at work, I'll sting you in the neck.


And listen... fill out the paperwork correctly.

They drop dead and get us into trouble.

From India?

Are you a newly wed? So, take off that veil!

Now I can see the bride!

A laborer? No.

Junior engineer.

I have an ITI diploma.

They are the laborers.

You're no engineer. And they're no laborers.


I'll be watching you.

If you make any trouble, no one will ever find your dead bodies.

Get going!

You're in room 69.

Don't be late for work or the boss will blow a fuse.

My childhood dreams are coming true in old age.

Ah! Sleeping on a bunk bed!

Namit, I'm putting my bag up here.

I want the upper bed.

Let the bag be.

What's the big deal about your bag? Is the Quran in it?

What difference does it make what I have in it?

It stays on the upper bunk.

Okay. Leave your bag there.

Thank you. Tell me what's in the bag.

I won't. Open it!

No. Open it!


Here, Sir.

Fold it properly. Put it away.

Why not write "Indian army sniper" on your forehead instead?

"Here to rescue the nurses."

The ISC guys fly their flag everywhere... when we're done, I'll fly our flag.

So the scum realize that Indians are no less brave.

That's it, Sir.

Your bag.

Thank you, Namit. Okay now?


But Azaan...

Being passionate is one thing, expressing it is another.

We're RAW agents.

How many more days I have to stay here?

I think you'll recover in about 4 to 5 days.

Why did you save my life?

It's my duty.

My duty doesn't differentiate between people or what they do.

No one has come to rescue us. Trust me. We'll all be killed.

Sana, I've spoken to the Ambassador. He'll talk to ISC.

And they'll listen?

They're crazy. Crazy.

Are you an Indian?

Your Hindi is good.

My father was the Syrian ambassador in Delhi.

I was 8 when we moved there.


I went to school for 8 years there.

Hindustani is a beautiful language.

When I was studying in Oxford... the subject of my thesis were the poets Ghalib and Iqbal.


How could anyone wield a gun having studied these great poets?

I'm going. I can't take it.

You crazy? If they catch you, they'll kill you.

They'll kill us anyway.


If one of us escapes, we can get help.

Let me go. Sana!

I was a professor... at a New York languages school.

I was teaching the world poetry.

After 9/11, they arrested me at a train station without any evidence.

Only because of my name.

Get down! Move.

Hurry! Keep your head down.

Three years...

I was imprisoned at Guantanamo Bay for three years.

I was left naked. They tied a dog collar around my neck.

The American soldiers used to urinate on us.

A man does not die when he stops breathing... a man dies when his dignity is snatched away from him.

Now every person that you see here no longer fears death.


Get back inside! Or I'll shoot everyone.


A nurse tried to escape.

Shoot her!

It's okay.

Please don't do this. They're nurses.

Don't panic! Don't do this, please.

This is going to make you a much stronger person.

Salaam Aleichem.


I need a month's leave, Sir. Why?

I must go to India. My wife's pregnant.

You're here, and your wife is pregnant?

Didn't that happen last year too? God be praised!

Strong Wi-Fi! It does the business from this far? Get lost!

Wait! Pass me the binoculars.

Rakeshji, the control room is yours.

Azaan, keep a watch from a safe place.

Namit, your job is the most important of all.

The oil refinery.

Make sure your bomb doesn't wipe us all out.

I have a wife, and Junior is very young.

Go easy.

This damn guy is plotting something.


"Tu Tu Tu tutu Tara."

"Tu Tu Tu tutu Tara."

"Our friend is here."

Once is okay. You kidding me?

So you're here? Arrived yesterday.

I have some Indian friends who want to eat Indian food.

What do you want?

Half a kilo of Kashmiri chillies... and some vegetables.

Half a kilo of Kashmiri chillies? Want everyone to get the runs?

We're Indians. We love Masala.

Need anything else?

The floor plan of the place where the Indians are held.

How many guard them?

Slow down!

I need more than a day.

I'll try.

Meet me tomorrow at 2. Al Shamsi Kebab corner. Bada Bazaar.


Number's changed.

Sonny, you're sharp.

Don't forget, I won't let you do what you came here to do.

Gary! My friend.

Tuesday morning breakfast. I'll see you.

Good American breakfast.


Mr. Sam Jacobs.

Is America planning another air strike?

Why don't you people understand... that God is with us? Stop using His name!

God is for peace.

You think we don't know what's your plan?


Your friend, James Forward, left this for us.

He's 13.

His whole family died in a drone strike in Syria.

Including his four year-old sister.

My father used to say: "Small coffins are the heaviest."

For God's sake. Please don't do this.

Please don't do this.


If he tries to escape, shoot him.

Let's unite against oppression, aggression, corruption and terrorism.

"Tu Tu Tu tutu Tara."

"Our friend is here."

Table 7. I'll join you.


No "O".

"H... a... s... s... an."

Where's Mummy? Daddy?

Me? Avinash.

Avinash Rathod.

My son, Junior...

Just like your age.

Nice face. Beautiful eyes.

What's going on?

What's the protest? He's an Iraqi... protesting against ISC.

This is the Iraqi army's last hold on the city. The ISC want to take over.

You need this to make a bomb.

There are 25 men guarding the hospital and Abu Usman.

I need the hospital floor plan.

That'll take more time.

It's in the City Council building under ISC control.



ISC is not Islam.

Someone has taken Hassan.

Go away!

Let go!

Bomb. Go!

Don't be scared.

Don't be scared.

Tiger! What are you doing?

Oh shit.

He's an ISC human bomb. I know.

This is not our job.

Sure it is.

Tiger! You'll get us all killed.

This innocent boy is my son's age. A timer! 45 seconds to go.

Tiger, they're here. No time left.

We're right on time.

You clear the square. I'll clear them off this planet.

ISC is here! Clear the square.

Clear the square!

I've found Hassan.

Take care of the kid. Let's go.

Take a right!


Take a left up ahead.


Take the kid to the Indian Embassy.

No one move!

Give me the kid!

Or I shoot.

How come you're here? I'll tell you. Who's the kid?

I'll tell you.

Hassan, down!

Surround them. Hurry! Get them out of the car.


They're my guys.


What the... hell!

You and RAW only heard about the Indian nurses... but there are 15 Pakistani nurses too.

That's why you came?

Must I let those nurses die?

I convinced you to help. And I mustn't?

15 minutes ago they shot our agent, Pawan.

This young Hassan had a bomb... tied to him. They'd have blown him up.

132 children were killed by terrorists in Pakistan.

Were the kids to blame?

Because of a few troublemakers, my country is misunderstood by the world.

Pakistanis want peace... so that their children can study without fear.

Prosper and bring honour to their country.

This mission is not only about saving those nurses... it's also about restoring respect to my country.

And telling the world that we stand for peace.

Let's do it together.

A joint mission.


You and I.

ISI and RAW.

First time. We'll carry out the mission together.

Are you in your right senses? Have you gone mad?

What are you saying, Sir?

You know we're enemies.

A mission with Pakistan?

Hear that? Didn't I tell you we'd just be stirring up muck?

Muck? What muck?

We arrested some of their men in Kashmir.

We know what you're up to. What?

Don't get us talking.

If we did... Then?

If you can talk, so can we.


That's called true enmity!

Rakeshji, logic dictates that... if we didn't work together we'll get in each other's way.

If we worked together, there's a chance... we could send our girls home, safe and sound.

I know there are many problems between our countries.

They may never get resolved.

But this is about humanity.

You guys... are trained agents... adults, matured.

Now we'll see if you're... sensible or not.

What about Hassan?

Capt. Abrar knows an Iraqi safe house.

Hassan can stay there.

Where's Junior?

I sold him.

He's in India.

With Zophia.

Our son is in India at last.

I can't accept it.

I know that Tiger's logic makes sense.

I was born around the time of the Partition...

That's when I was born.

But imagine this, if the border had not been drawn... cricketers Akram and Sachin would play in the same team.

Then all the World Cups would be ours!

You're right!

My father would agree with you.

Just imagine... if Lata Bibi, Kishore Kumar, Mohammed Rafi...

Abida Parveen and Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan sang on stage together.

Just imagine... if the money that both countries spend on defense budgets... could be used instead for roads, education, power and water... and cutting unemployment.

And Pakistani girls?

They're so beautiful. Sir!

Remember how Sunny Deol eloped with a Pakistani in Gadar?

So? So what?

Big deal!

Remember our tennis player fell in love... with your Pakistani cricketer?

Wonderful, no?

But he has lost his touch!

You intellectuals!

Zoya Bibi! Tiger Sir!

Your decision?



Let's work together... against a common enemy.

You mean... the groom's and the bride's families will work together?

"The latest coming in from Ikrit, Iraq is that...

"the ISC hold has become stronger."

"US special forces...

"are getting ready to move in at any time...

"as per the latest report from the White House.

"Last week they confirmed possible US air strikes."

"25 Indian nurses are being held hostage in this hospital.

"Days have past...

"but the Indian government have not rescued the nurses as yet."

Tiger has teamed up with ISI for the mission.

But why?

Zoya wants to save the Pakistani nurses.

The mission is a family affair now.

You didn't tell me 15 Pakistani nurses are held hostage, too?

We wanted our nurses to be priority.

And get our girls safely home. Shenoy...

There are many political problems between India and Pakistan.

But we cannot let politics come in the way of humanity.

Make sure the Indian and the Pakistani nurses are rescued.

I am with Tiger on this. Yes, Sir.

Open up!

Are we in? Not yet, Rakeshji.

Make it happen this time, Lord Hanuman!

Done! Let's go.

I love American breakfast.

Gary, why did you remember me?

A few days ago, as I am sure you are aware...

Abu Usman grabbed three of our soldiers... and two civilians, journalists.

Journalists...? Or CIA agents?

We need you to find out where he's keeping them.

This is for you.

Don't think I'm going to negotiate.


This is my country, my deal! Or no deal.

Baghdawi? Understand?

Baghdawi! What is he doing here?

He came to discuss a back end oil deal.

You're doing terrorist... No, no.

He came as a businessman. And?

He asked for too much money. So, now?

So now he's leaving as a terrorist.

What will you do?

What do you think we do to terrorists?


Baghdawi! Stop the car!

Stop the car!

Stop right there! I'll shoot you.

Don't shoot! I am a friend of Amir.

Get me drones.

All eyes on target.

Stop, stop!

Amir! Don't shoot!

Don't move!

America... blast!

America. No oil deal.

He's on the move, Sir.

Target. Lock.


Thank you, Firdaus.



That banana is mine.

Who's got the anti-fire gel? I have it.

How long before the CCTV works again, Rakeshji?

7 minutes.

The guards' next shift is in 5. That gives us 3 minutes.

Azaan, alert us. Call. Sure, Sir.

Let's go. Come on! Showtime.

What is it? Too much oil.

I must drill. Drain the oil out.

Oh no, no!

Pick up. Pick up, Sir.


Hey! What are you doing?

I said what are you doing?

Don't stop, Namit. What are you guys talking?

We have 2 minutes.

Sit down! Or I'll shoot you.

To the second floor!

Rakeshji, the guards are here.

What? You're eating a banana?

Namit, ready?


What's going on?

Help me! Rakeshji, no need to overdo it.

Second floor. Near the pipes.



The dogs!

Because of you my men die.

You scumbags.

You're misguided.

I'll kill you.

All of you swines.

What have you done, you morons?

They're the morons, not us.

They were smoking. I warned them about the gas leak.

They were killed in the explosion. And we suffered burns.

So you survived?

You dumb fool, you think I am an idiot?

A bullet's coming your way. Amir Baghdawi!



Shoot the rascals!

One minute... alone. Talk.

We talk.

The mission's over.

Firdaus is a fox.

No, he's not a fox, he's fascinating.

Labor, lot of money, Amir. Expensive.

One person, ten thousand dinars.

But my men died. Accident.

Accidents happen.

Twenty-five years I worked here, accidents happen.

I teach them a lesson.

I cut them...

You kill four... four hundred stop.

No work. Strike.

Labor very close army... they no work, no refinery.

No money. No oil. Loss.

Think with a cool head.

Take them to the hospital!

Thanks to you guys, I was nearly killed today.

You think you've escaped death's claws?

I saved you from Baghdawi so that I could shoot you myself.

But first tell me, who are you?

I know you're Indian agents.

But I want to know what you're doing here.

Speak up! Or I'll shoot.

God forbid!

You missed from so close! You scaring us?

I'll open those ears of yours! Me? Scaring you?

Fasten your seat belts tight. Sister-in-law is here!

Who's the shooter? Sister-in-law!

Zoya, I was in that car too.

Dangerous sister-in-law. Right!

Sorry, sorry. Goodbye.

"Tu Tu Tu tutu Tara."

"Tu Tu Tu tutu Tara. Our friend is here."

You know the code?

I've been RAW's agent in Iraq for 25 years.

My medals are in Saharanpur.

I've slogged for RAW for years, and you point a gun at my head?

You show me no respect.

And Pawan? My junior.

If you're RAW, why did you nearly kill us?

Shenoy said:

"Before they get to the hospital, scare the living daylights out of them.

"If they break, better sooner than later."

Shenoy Sir!

Shenoy must've given you a double code.

A single code can only work once.

The double code?

What is it?

Tell me!

"Black lentils."

No one cooks black lentils better than Tiger.

He's RAW.

Brother, is that Abrar?

The ISI captain? What's going on?

RAW and ISI? Together?

Does the PM know?

Abrar and Javed have joined the ISC guys... their IDs will get them into the hospital.

Pawan said there were only 25 guards.

We have three days to get the nurses out.

The most important thing... the hospital floor plan.

It's in the City Council building.

Zoya, you'll find a way to bring it to us.

Our mission starts now.


Let's do this!

Take care of yourself.

Isn't the security too tight?

Something's wrong.



M? Me! ID.

Baghdawi refinery accident.

Burn victims. Hospital.


Why so many people here?


Didn't you check your horoscope before this mission?

All your planets are haywire.

Last night the Americans bombed Mosul.

So Abu Usman has made this hospital his base.

This hospital is now ISC's biggest base in Ikrit.

Now get the nurses out!

300 guards? Correct, Sir.

Firdaus says the hospital is Abu Usman's main base.

Using the nurses as a decoy, Abu Usman is planning a major attack.

Do you have a back-up plan?


Are you sure, Shenoy? Yes, Sir.

Military intelligence says we must talk to Iran.

We need helicopters, naval ships in the Arabian Gulf... and Air Force support ready.


Go to Iraq. Immediately.

I need someone I can trust there.

"The Prime Minister has finally ordered...

"INS Mysore, a guided missile destroyer...

"and INS Tarkash to be dispatched to the Arabian Gulf...

"to bring home the trapped nurses."

Take them in!

Move them. Hurry!

Do you speak Arabic?




What do you want?

I must get into the City Council building.

It's urgent.

You don't know what goes on there.

My village is in Afghanistan on the Pakistan border.

I came here to study at the medical college.

Some of the girls and I were abducted... from the college.

They said that girls should not be studying.

They took us to the City Council building.

We had to mop the floors.

Baghdawi and his men showed up.

They beat us.

They raped us.

Any girl who tried to escape was shot.

We are forced to go there every day.

We have to scrub the floors.

On those same floors, they...

How were you burned? A fire in the refinery.

That's how.

Did you light that fire?

You have anti-fire gel on your skin.

We're RAW agents. We're here to get you out.

This is my team. Don't show any reaction.

Keep listening.

If we don't get you out in 2 days... the Americans will start bombing. Then we're all dead.

We were told there are 40 nurses here.


A Pakistani nurse was shot 2 days ago.

Escaping is impossible.

They're animals, not men. And Abu Usman...

is everywhere.

Here he comes.

Will you change my dressing, Poorna?

Are you an Indian? Yes.

You must be happy today, Miss Poorna.

Nice meeting someone in a foreign land from back home.

Your name? Manish Chandra.


You have a very nice face, Manish. Thank you.

Especially your eyes.

Very sharp.

Like a tiger.

What a coincidence! That's what my Dad says.

Only 4 of you?

Yes. Just 4.

And the others?

Are you from the Baghdawi refinery? Yes.

Your government is doing nothing.

They're not saving the many Indians trapped here in Iraq.

Amir, we're ready to leave.

Poorna, how long before he's well?

Two days at least.

Be our guest for these two days. Thank you.

The world that swears by Your existence...

is a volcano of hatred today.

Values are long forgotten. Self-interest rules the world.

All principles... and all knowledge forgotten.

All flowers have turned to dust.

Baghdawi is here! Go and get ready.

Get up, move!

The world that swears by Your existence...

is a volcano of hatred today.

Go. Get ready!

Values are long forgotten. Self-interest rules the world.

All principles...

Lift your veils!

And all knowledge forgotten.

All flowers have turned to dust.

I am of little significance.

I have no standing.

You are my glory. You are my pride.

You're new?

Take off your clothes.

Why has Your Divine light deserted us?

My soul only chants Your name.

Amir Baghdawi.

Without love... there is no freedom.

No one understands...

that we are being misled...

by those in power.

Our voices are silenced, circumstances are against us.

Yet we will fight on. Long live the revolution!

Move, move!

Spread out.

Powerful Ali, help us.

Find her!

Amazing, Tiger!

Zoya has created havoc and you're smiling?

She's been caught on CCTV.

How does she look? Looks good?

What are you playing at?

Take Zoya to your American friends and tell them... to set off an explosion at the ISC check post at 12 tomorrow.

Is food poisoning treated with pills or injections?

An injection, if it's a serious case.

Does it make them drowsy? No.

We usually sedate patients before surgery.

They sleep for hours. How's the supply of sedatives?

We'll just check that, Sir.


What's the plan?

Someone is up to something.

Get Baghdawi's body to the hospital.

Gather all the guards.

Time has come.

Prepare for the war.

Open the door. Get down!


India, Pakistan, son of one mother.

One motherland!

You tell me. Yes, or no?

Move fast!

Brothers and my soldiers!

Baghdawi and his men... sacrificed their lives for us.

Their death won't go in vain.

Every single person among us will avenge their death.

It is not easy to break us.

To destroy our thoughts, beliefs and our army.

Time for revolution. To show the world our power...

Sir, the sedatives.

Call everyone for the speech. Okay, copy.

Hurry! The speech has started.

We won't let anyone do what they want on our land... for their own benefit.

How are you?

They bomb our cities.

They kill our families... our fathers, mothers, brothers and sisters... and they call us terrorists.

I've checked, Sir. We have 150 sedative injections.

Hurry, switch the labels. Namit, help them.

You have to decide who's the victim.

Us? Or them?

Make sure... the labels read food poisoning medication.


Thank you.

Ready to die?

Are you ready to die?

Victory is ours!

Victory is ours!

Rakeshji, are you sure you mixed in the powder?

They look fine.

I mixed phenol pills with ammonia.

Just wait. Their bellies will soon be on fire.

Azaan... what are you looking for?

Once the nurses are freed, where to hoist our flag?


You brought your flag too? Who else has a flag?

Emotions evidently run high on both sides of the border.

What's wrong?

See that? They're dropping like flies.

How many men are down? Nearly half, Sir.

How bad is he?

An extreme case of food poisoning.

We've given him glucose. But he can't hold anything down.

We must give him an injection, a heavy dose. It will work.


Get those four Indians.

Not that one.


Not him.

Inject him.

Give the injection to all the sick men.


What did you do to the food?

Tell me who poisoned the food!

Northern check post.

Go again! Northern check post is hit.

We're hit.

There's been an attack at the northern check post.

Sir, we've given them the sedatives.

The guards won't wake up for 3 hours.

Nor will Azaan.

As planned, half the men are down. The other half is with Abu Usman.

No time to waste... let's go.

Post disarmed.

Hi, guys. Our job's done. Now get out of there.

Copy that. Move out now.

Move out now!

Move! Move! Let's go.

Let's give it a few minutes. We got our orders.

The shooting has stopped.

Copy. Amir.

The shooting at the check post has suddenly stopped.

It's a decoy.

Thanks be to God.

Hold fire!

I can see someone on the second floor.

She's a strong woman.

My guards tell me it took a while restraining her.

And what she did to Baghdawi.

She has shaken the Caliphate. Usman!

If you touch her again, I'll bury you alive right here.

Tiger... isn't that your name?

You managed to do what both your countries could not do.

Getting India and Pakistan working on a mission together.

You must be a very charismatic man, Tiger.

And what are you? A hero?

Waging war on the pretext of religion.

What do you think? This war is about religion?

Do you get your information from the western media?

Where do these bombs, weapons and money come from?

Who provides them to us?

This war is business.

The whole world's in it.

We're the ones seen on ground zero.

But the whole world is profiting.

To control this business, you need power.

And the one who is powerful controls fear.

Today... when you're with your family... on the beach or in a mall, or taking a flight... don't you fear a suicide bomber?

This widespread terror in the world today... that is our strength, Tiger.

So you strap a bomb on Hassan, a kid, and stand him in a crowd.

For your own interests you brainwash innocents with hate speeches.

Is that your business investment?

The genesis of this world began with humanity.

Today the world needs only one religion... and that is humanity.

I know, Tiger.

Your philosophy only works in theory.

We've followed your plan till now.

Now listen to mine.

The Americans will bomb this hospital shortly.

And you... your team... and these nurses - all dead.

The Americans will think they killed me.

The whole world will celebrate for a few hours.

"The most wanted man on the planet is dead."

And after that... a video will be released.

Showing me executing thirty foreigners en masse.

That will be my revenge, Tiger.

Take a good look.

The minute you inhale the gas... all your past happy years with her... will flash before your eyes for an instant.

Ryan, take her.

Tiger, if you have the guts, stop me.

Usman... if you have the guts... then... you stop me.

Bring our nurses home!

Adam. 30 minutes.

I need more time, Adam.

30 minutes. That's all you got, Shenoy.

I'm sorry, we have our orders. We're moving in.

Bad news.

Tiger was caught.

Yes, Sir?

We have only 30 minutes.

30 minutes?


That's it.

What 30 minutes? The American air strike starts.

30 minutes? Must we oil our scalps in the meantime?

Are they crazy?



Let's go.

Long live Lord Hanuman!

Your blood pressure okay?

I thought the Lord of Death had brushed past me today.


Tiger is alive.

I won't leave this hospital... till I see his dead body.


Grab it all!

All the bombs are connected to her vest. They could explode.

Shut up, Namit! You have 4 minutes.

Sir, this is what I do. This is impossible.

Please Sir.

They can't all die because of me.

Come here.

I won't hear a "no."

Please understand. This is not possible.

Look at them.

It's our mission to take them all home alive.


Responsibility is entrusted by God to a very few.

Only the lucky are so blessed.

Don't let yourself down, man.

If I come, I come with Poorna.

If not, I salute you. Sat Sri Akal.

She'll be fine. Let's go.

Move into the left gate. And you, move into the right gate. Now!

Just do me a favour. Don't look down. Look at me.

Keep looking at me, Poorna.

Just... tell my mother...

I didn't give up.

Didn't stop trying.

I didn't give up.

Tell my father...

I really loved him.

Azaan, in the middle. Abrar, at the back.


No, red.


What is it?

No red wire in the last circuit. We must prise open the vest.

Fifteen minutes to strike!

Let's get drones up and ready.

Jiya, my friend.

Sat Sri Akal!

Anyone following? Not a soul. Step on it!

Bravo, Rakeshji. Right on time.

Everyone out of here. Let's go. Now!

Long live Lord Hanuman!

Everyone, take position.

The whole army is here.

Don't worry.

Tiger is alive.

Sir, too many guards about.

Any ammunition? A few rounds, Sir.

Azaan, my magazine is empty.

Abrar, go. I'll cover you.


Azaan, you okay?

I'm okay. Stay down!

The others need you. Go.

No, Azaan. Come with me. Come!

One of us must stay here. Go!

Rakeshji... I haven't fired a single bullet.

Switch guns. Take the nurses in.

Move it! Let's go.

Take this.



Where's Azaan?



Karan, Firdaus. Get the nurses out.

The way out is blocked. ISC have orders... until Abu Usman leaves, no one else does.

How much time have we got? Ten minutes.

Firdaus. Namit. Take care of the nurses.

Come with me.

Get it?

Take care of it.

You're unstoppable, Tiger.


Now she must die.

Know why RAW calls me "Tiger?"

Because nothing is more dangerous than a wounded tiger.

You didn't get it? The tables have turned.

God will decide if He forgives you or not.

My job is to send you to Him.

The nurses are going to leave with my team.

All the hostages too.

Who will free them? You will.

Tomorrow's headlines will read:

"The most wanted man on planet earth is dead."


Take him away. He'll be dead in 5 minutes.

The air strike will start. Let's go.

Not without Zoya.

It's suicide, Sir. Trust me.


One minute to strike.

Prime Minister on the line.

Stop, stop the car!

No gun. No.

Amir, Amir hurt. Open, fast.

Amir? Amir, are you okay?

Talk to me. Are you okay?

What's in the bus?

American hostages.

Amir's plan is to execute them.

Go, go! Check the bus.

Amir, are you okay? Talk to me. Are you okay?

He's right. There are hostages in the bus.


Okay. Go!

Thank you.

Target in sight, Sir. Ten seconds till strike.

Tiger, just leave me and go.

One of us must live.

For Junior.


Two, one.


Look after our son.

And tell him I love him.


Mission accomplished. We're out.

With Tiger? Or without Tiger?

Without Tiger.

All the nurses are safe.

We got them out.

Connect me to the Prime Minister.

Azaan saved your life.

In the name of humanity, it's his right and your duty.

Javed, my friend... fly your flag too!

Well done, Tiger!

You'll hear a little whistling.

Bye bye.

Sir? Yes, Karan?

There's an email with a coded message in Greek: "Saare jahaan Se achha."


Greetings on Independence Day.

You knew if you had returned with those nurses...

RAW would never let you go.

Remember, Sir... if my country ever needs me...

Tiger is alive!


Listen close to what I gotta say.

"Coz you know there ain't no other way.

Love is the message.

You ready?

Let's go.

Yeah... we can make it better.

Yeah... when we come together.

Yeah... all you got is me and...

Yeah... all I got is you.

Nothing is beyond love. Nothing.

Nothing is better than love.

Nothing is above love.

Without love, we're nothing.

Nothing is higher than love.

Nothing is superior to love.

Nothing is as good as love.

Without love, we're nothing.

Those who come to us with hearts full of love.

We shall hug them tight, that's our way.

With swag, we welcome all.

With swag, we welcome all.

Walking together.

Facing troubles head on.

Tomorrow will be a better day.

Tell everyone the same.

Let your heart steer your life. Let feelings be your goal.

Meet me where I'm headed.

Tell everyone the same.

Those who come to us with hearts full of love.

We shall hug them tight, that's our way.

With swag, we welcome all.

Ya'll ready to bring the riff back?

With swag, we welcome all.

Nothing is beyond love. Nothing.

Nothing is better than love.

Nothing is above love.

Without love, we're nothing.

Nothing is higher than love.

Nothing is superior to love.

Nothing is as good as love.

Without love, we're nothing.

Those who come to us with hearts full of love.

We shall hug them tight, that's our way.

With swag, we welcome all.

With swag, we welcome all.

With swag, we welcome all.