Tigermilch (2017) Script

Sometimes the music can't be too loud, to drown out life.

Jameelah and l have been best friends forever.

Inseparable and invincible.

We thought it'd always be that way.

We didn't want to grow up, at least not entirely.

Just enough to get into clubs and not have men think we were jailbait.

Noura says we're growing girls.

We need calcium, which is in milk.

But milk is for kids.

Jameelah and I drink Tiger Milk.


You mix lots of passion fruit juice, school milk and a good dose of brandy.

Imagine it, just imagine it...

I love Jameelah's stories.

The subway is my flying carpet. And Jameelah says...

So say at about 17 your breasts stop growing.

Imagine they filled up with tiger milk once a month.

-That'd drive the guys crazy. -Stop it, Jameelah. You're nuts.

Celebrating ovulation with some sex god.

Tiger milk days once a month, like your period.

-Tiger milk days? -Tiger milk days and nights.

Nays and dights.

Jameelah loves mixing words.

-Dish. -Wish.

-Wish soap. -Shift.

-Shit. -Shit worker.

Night shit.

-Awesome. -Oh-some.

-Coin. -Con.




-Bug-eye. -Hey!

-Could we join in your conversation? -Can you mix words?

Can you speak the O-language?

-Awesome is oh-some, coin is... -Con.

And you don't take a hit you toke a hot.

And teenagers are actually teenogres.

Yes, Amir, about your English grade. It could be better.

Yes, it could be better.

How is it... that our A student has an Iraqi passport and the best German grade?

Great, Jameelah.

I'm seriously smart, Ms. Struck. You'll have to naturalize me.

So do you already have plans for vacation?

Screwing Ms. Struck.

-Ms. Struck, this is so unfair! -What?

-F's in math and biology! -Nini.

I told you, but you didn't want to do anything.

But you'll move on to the next grade. On probation, last chance.


As always, your report cards have to be signed by your parents.

Enjoy your break. See you in the fall.



Mom, what's wrong?

I'm worried. A letter from the immigration office.

-You always get those. -It's a different color.

-Like a "pink slip"? -That's not funny.

But we submitted our naturalization application months ago.

You submitted it, right? Or didn't you? Maybe we've missed the deadline. Crap!

-Don't get worked up. I did submit it. -Don't get worked up? If they deport us...

Calm down. Here.

This letter has to go in the mail today. Check for mistakes.

-You sleeping over tonight? -Yeah.

Good. I'll make us some nice food. I have to get to work.


-Till later, girls. -Send it!



Hey? What do you mean, hey? Hey, yo mama.


"Kathi, I've been watching you. You're the sweetest..."

Salam, sisters!

Are you nuts?

Jameelah says we have to know how it all works.

We have to practice for later.

For real life.

So no one can mess with us.


-Ethics class was canceled today. -Uh-huh. And now?

I'm Stella Stardust. This is my friend Sophia Saturna.

We sure are hot in these clothes.

-And we're thirsty. -Can I help you in any way?

Costs 100 euros. Payment in advance.

For this I'll fuck you both, at once.

Actually, I never do this, but you're too hot.

Actually, we never do this either.

You loser!

You sluts!

"I'll fuck you both at once," yo mama!!

If I got caught at that I'd never get citizenship.


Pinkie promise.

Swear we'll stay together and you'll never leave me alone.

Hand on heart and on the lips. Break the oath, bye-bye fingertips!

I won't go back to a country where they build houses out of camel shit.

Hey, feet down!

We're getting off anyway, you Nazi!

Magic words are always cool. Germany has a few magic words.

When you say them the world stops.

-Nazi! Jew! -Did you hear that?

You can't say them loudly, although they're normal words.

-Vagina. -What?

-Vagina! Vagina! -Nazi!

Watch your tongues! There are small children here.

-Vagina! Vagina! -Are you nuts?

Jew! Vagina! Nazi!

Jew! Vagina! Nazi!

-Pussy! -Masturbation!

Look at the pieces of wool. We hung them in trees as kids.

Vacation. Endless summer.

Endless summer, yo mama.

I have to go to the children's hospital to have my wisdom teeth pulled.

-Why during break and not during school? -Really? The children's hospital ?

You get ice cream and candy there.

-Yeah, almost like a vacation. -And what'll we do the rest of break?

-Definitely not screw Ms. Struck. -No.

-We'll get deflowered. -What?

-Defloration. -Huh?

We'll lose our virginity. We've practiced enough.

We'll find the world's cutest guys and sleep with them.

Good idea.

Do you have to use such complicated words?

Do you already know who with?

Jameelah was totally into Lukas.

A guy with doe eyes who always reads books.

What's so great about that?

Nico is way cooler.

Nico is a real artist.

And his pictures belong in a museum.

I was thinking Nico.

Nico? You've known him forever.

Yeah, that's why.

The first time's sure to be stressful. I'd rather do it with someone I know well.

Yeah, but it should be special.

Are you scared?

Don't know.

I just don't want anything to go wrong, with all the blood and all.

-He has to be super cute. -With a six-pack. And hot.

It has to be romantic, I swear. At sunset and madly in love.

Does the guy you want just happen to be named...

-Lukas? -Be quiet! Be quiet!

-Defloration with Lukas! -Shut your mouth!

-Jameelah wants... -No! No!

Now the moment has arrived. Go over to your father.


Mom, can you sign my report card?

Nini, where were you?

It's pretty bad.

You have to put in more effort, Nini.

I also killed a guy and shot up crystal meth.

I like it when I have a pebble in my shoe.

It's like someone were there.

Someone who's accompanying me through the world.

Nini, where are you going now?

-Have you done your homework? -Rainer, it's break. Don't act all big.

Don't be mean to Rainer because your dad took off.

Get lost, you freak!


Girl, turn around when I talk to you.

-What? -You going to see Amir?

Tell Jasna that Dragan is waiting for her. I'll wait as long as I have to.





Amir here?

That's Amir's mother.

She doesn't know a word of German.

Jameelah says you can't even borrow onions or eggs from her.

She doesn't understand either word.

-Amir's brother. -Hey, kid.

I used to be crazily in love with Tarik.

Because he wants to look after me. Jameelah, too, but she hates it.

Where's Amir?


Turn the music down, Jasna!

-I'm going to Jameelah's. You coming? -I can'.

Jasna's gone crazy.

Dragan got her a bikini, now she wants to go to the pool with him.

-Turn down the music! -Move it, gnome. Hey, girl.

Jasna, Amir and Tarik are Bosnians.

They're all flipping out because Jasna is engaged to a Serb, Dragan.

That dishonors the family.

Amir says the worst thing is they can't go anywhere.

No one will invite them to weddings and stuff.

But Jasna looks great.

Amir can say what he wants.

Open up!

I swear, Jasna, open up!

-Okay, are you coming? -I can't. No.

I have to watch her. On break!

Dude, I'm not a girl!

-Okay, bye. -Bye.

Jasna was dancing around in just a yellow bikini? Cool!

It's not funny.

Don't cut such big pieces.

They yelled all night. I'm so tired. I didn't sleep a wink.

But they don't care. They only think of themselves.

Tarik is just jealous.

-That dogface will never get a girl. -He's no dogface.

Mom, I don't speak Arabic.

Butt into other people's business, you'll hear things you don't like.

I just gave my opinion. -I want you two to stay out of it. Got it?

All right already.

Mom, you look like Ms. Struck.

Give me your plate.


Project Defloration.

Back there, lying there all by itself.

Stay calm, cool and slick.

-Hi, Lukas. -I'm surprised he has an MP3 player.

At his school they learn math with peach pits.

Laura told me that.

They hang sheets in the corners of the rooms and build pizza ovens instead of learning vocab.

-Got a towel for me? -Salam.

-Salam. -Take mine.

-I'm not going in the water. -Hey, Amir.

I'm scared of water.

Jameelah and Amir are scared of fireworks, and that's why they don't laugh at me.

-Is that pork? -They understand.

-Poultry. -They're friends.

-You see the security dudes? -There was a knifing.

So they've been here since then.

What are you doing? Sausage and chocolate?

It tastes good. Really!

-Like meat, just sweet. -Sweetmeat.

Sweaty meat.

-The hot meat. -Itchy meat.

Put your meat up.

That's really poetic.

Meat and tidy.

Okay, listen here. Here comes the best one of all.

Meat around the bush!

-Hey, guys. -Hi.

-Well? -Hey there.

-Hey, Lukas. -Hi, Anna-Lena.

-How is my favorite cousin? -Everything's cool.

By the way, Nini, your little sister Is making out with some guy back there.

How old is she anyway?

Can someone play Carmina Burana? I'm going to do a double loop.

-Well, how was 1? -Yo mama, I was scared as hell.

Come on.

-It's not so bad. -Don't look down!



You little pussy, get the hell out of here!

What a loser, dude!

Chicken shit.

You have no clue. Your balls can explode on impact.

-What? Who fed you that bull? -It's not bull. Tarik told me that.

-And Tarik's full of crap. -Bite it.

-Bite it harder. -Stop it!

Anyone want a Popsicle?

Hey, what are you looking at?

-I'm not looking at anything. -Look somewhere else!

Leave her alone.

Shut up!

-Stupid shit! -Leave him be.

-Hi, Nini. -Hi, Nico.

-Do you have the munchies? -Always.


Let me go, you cripple!

-Amir! -Tarik?


-Poor Jasna. -Give her the towel.

Hey, that's Nini's towel.

When my fiancé sees I'm gone he's going to kill him.

He's going to kill him eventually.

-He'll kill him if he doesn't leave me be. -You should be ashamed!

You should be ashamed.

I'll wait for you out front.

It's like in the Middle Ages.

-Idiot. -Should we come along?

No, stay here and keep on popping zits instead.

Should we stop by Amir's?

We'd better not.

You hear that?

Someone's crying.

Hello, is someone there?


Everything okay?

Dragan can't help being Serbian.

I love him.

Where is he now?

He's coming in a bit.

I waited until Tarik went to the bathroom then I took off.

I swear, if he doesn't leave me alone there'll be big trouble.

But that's not what I want.

Tarik's my brother, no matter what happens.

You're nothing without family.

Hey, Tarik is just jealous because you're engaged.

Are you really engaged? Show me your ring.

-Is it real? -Yeah.

The Serbs shot up Tarik's leg.

I understand that he doesn't want her to be with him.

Serb, Sorb.

The poor Sorb isn't an asshole just because he spits too much.

What? That "poor Sorb" used to throw rocks at our heads. Don't you remember?

Come on, we have to plan our project.

-You mean "Project Depilation"? -It's "Defloration," you loser.

Right, my friends, I'd like to welcome you all here.

The donations collected during the Better World Initiative weeks will go to our partner church in Guatemala.

Human rights are being trampled on there, yeah?

My mom would clock me if I painted one of her sheets.


The two of you are new. Would you like to introduce yourselves?

I'm Stefan Kopps-Krüger.

Yeah, she's Nini and I'm Jameelah.

I'm glad.

That you're here. I'm really glad.

You can just see Klutz-Krüger's third-world brain working away.

One potato, two potato, three potato... and here we go.

Lovely name, Jameelah. Really lovely.

Arabs are very poetic people.

And where exactly are you from?

-I'm from here. -Of course, but I mean originally.

Where are you from originally? Not Germany, right?

From Iraq.

A beautiful country, beautiful landscapes. The Iraqis are incredibly hospitable.

But, sadly, human rights are being violated there.

Klutz-Krüger, a real detective.

I wouldn't be surprised if he had a hard-on.

What's with the dumb questions?

Why talk about Guatemala and Iraq?

I mean, how far away are those places?

What do you want to talk about?

Injustice exists here too.

-For example? -Deporting people, that's unjust too.

Shut up!

Why? Who's going to be deported?

No one. That was just an example.

There are good things too. Jameelah is being naturalized.

Uh-huh. I'm happy for you.

Then she'll be a real German. We'll have a potato party.

-Right? -Yeah.


In two weeks we'll talk about...

Lukas is so sweet! He's mega-sweet.

What's up with you two?

I don't know. Nothing really.

That's new. Nico did it.

Man, he's really good.

Damn, I mean, maybe it's because of Lukas' school.

Laura said they don't have sex ed till they're 14, so if he just...

Nonsense. Lukas isn't that stupid.

What's going on over there?

Please make some space here.

-Sorry, no access. I live here.

No one can enter the building. Marco, can you take care of them?

-I don't want to talk! -Tarik locked Jasna in the apartment.

She won't let anyone in. Wants to blow the place up.

I... don't want...

...to talk to any of you!


Dragan, where are you?

-Where's my fiancé? -Stop! What are you doing?

-Stop! -Who's Dragan? Can someone get Dragan?

-I saw him headed to the gym. -There's always a way out!

-You don't have to die! -Yeah, right.

-What do you know about my life? -You can tell me about it.


Jump, you little Chetnik slut!

You can't tell me what to do. You're not my father!

Your father?

-Don't talk to your sister that way. -That isn't my sister.

Jump! Die! You're a pain.

I'm going to kill you. I'll kill all of you!

Now she's going to blow up the building. I bet she blows it up.

That feels weird. I don't look good in gold.

This is sexy. Take this.

And this one? It looks pretty good. You could try it on.

Take this one.

Nini, I spoke to your mother. You can sleep here.

I have to go to work. I'm trusting you guys, okay?

-Yeah, sure. -Sure.


-Um, this looks sexy. I think this is good.

Matching outfits.

-Whoa! I think this is really sexy.

Like these. -Look! A little pussy.

I don't know. There he is. -We're here about your sister.

Is it true your sister was released from the hospital two days ago?

She is now in a secret place to protect her from her family?

Don't know.

-Why did she want to take her life? -Amir, are you ready?

Do you know why she wanted to kill herself?

-She just had a sprained ankle. -Sprained ankle! That was a cry for help.

-Young girls like you should... -You're annoying. Go interview some Nazis.

-I'm Muslim. -You don't drink alcohol?

No, forget it.

-You don't drink, yo mama. I don't!

I'll get in trouble. I'm Muslim, I don't drink.

-Come on, you can drink a sip of beer. -No way. I don't drink, you know that.

-Hey, Jameelah. -Hey, Lukas.

-Are you doing all right? -Uh-huh.


Give me a beer.

-There you are. -Hey.

-Is he looking at me? -Guys, bus party time!

Here comes the party bus, sha-la-la-la-la!

Here comes the party bus, sha-la-la-la-la-la!

-Awesome. I hope it's warm like last year. -It'll be the bomb.

Anna-Lena, fluffy and soft.

Like she's been washed with fabric softener.

She loves him.

Yeah, but he's her cousin.

-So? It's not forbidden. -Still.

You don't do that.

We're Stella Stardust and Sophia Saturna. Anna-Lena is Frida Giga, Frigida.

The most frigid cow in the world.

Today I'm all about it.

-Tonight it's on. It's our night. -Our night!

Okay, go!

-Ow! You nuts? -There was an insect.

-Ha ha, very funny. -You notice how everyone's dumb except us?

-Where's Jameelah? -Up front with that guy.

-His name's Lukas. -No clue, but he's a purebred fag.

-Jameelah can hit on him all she wants. -You can't just say that.

-You'll see, the night's still young. -But...

You don't like guys like that, right?

-You don't care anyway. -As If!

Hey, no! Hey, Nico, please put me down.

Come on, let's get this party started!

I'm banning you from my head

I'm banning you from my head

We dance to our own tune Leave the place in pieces I'm banning you from my head We dance to our own tune Leave the place in pieces I'm banning you from my head...

At night we're the kings, y'all At night we're the kings, y'all At night we're the kings, y'all We're the kings of the night...

What time is it?

Everything's spinning.

-I have to go to the bathroom. -You have to sleep, sweetheart.

I have to go to the bathroom.



-What do you mean, nothing? -Nothing. He fell asleep, or pretended to.

When I woke up he was gone.

He might have just gotten scared.

I told him that I love him. I shouldn't have done that.

Let's get out of here or I'll get major depression.

Are you nuts?

I just need her phone to get Lukas' number.


Lukas, yeah? My Lukas.

She wants to curse him because she can't get him. That cow!

Always acting all nice. "Love you, my angel, your Anna-Lena."

I want to barf. I mean it, I've about had it.

And he...

Horrible. It's really horrible.

As if I were a piece of meat that someone didn't want to eat.

Like kebab meat that you leave on your plate.

Along with a dirty napkin.

He just took off.

I'm sure there's a simple explanation. Like maybe he had to go somewhere.

And tomorrow he's going...

Tomorrow he's going to Lake Garda with Anna-Lena.

Because his parents and her parents...

Call him.

But I don't have his damn number!


This really sounds absolutely bonkers, but will you help me conjure up a love spell tonight?


We have to be naked.

At the stroke of midnight. Will you be there?

Yeah, if it means you won't be sad anymore.

Today I had my first real childhood memory.

You can't have one of those until you're not a kid anymore.

I can't remember a thing from my childhood.

Then maybe you're still a child.

I just thought of something.

I once found two rabbits in a trash can. They weren't dead, but nearly.

It was some summer in Iraq. I was still little.

And my cousin beat them to death with a ping pong paddle.

I can't remember anything else. Maybe it's better that way.

Look up at that constellation. It's Sophia Saturna.

And there's Stella Stardust.

I hope everything works out.

It's 12 on the dot.

Here we go.

He whose name we whisper as we scatter roses by the full moon, his love shall we gain.

Lukas, Lukas, Lukas...

Nico, Nico, Nico...

Jameelah, I feel dizzy.

Someone's coming!


Head down!

It'll be your stupid Serb.

You can throw stones at his head.

It's Tarik.

Come home now.

Can we go? We're done casting spells.

I'm cold!

He's off his falafel.

Is he crying?

Man, can't they just make up?

They have 10 eventually.

The left hand. His left hand.

She's dead.

-What are you doing? -Shut up and help me!

Come on, let's get out of here.

What do we do now?

Nothing at all.

But we have to do something.

No. We'll chuck it all out.

Rose petals, jewelry, everything.

So why did we take it then? I thought you had a reason.

A religious reason or something.

Religion? Since when do I have a religion?

And why do I always have to have a plan?

I'm scared.

-I have to go home. -Wait.

...I've lived in this building for over 30 years...

Where's Amir?

No idea.

-I'll kill you, you cripple! -Oh shit.

I'll kill you, you cripple.

Start praying to your Allah right now!

You killed her, it's your fault!

You killed her! I know that you killed her!

Pray to your Allah!

Jameelah, Nini, get up here right now!

Nini, go home when you've eaten.

-Eat. -I'm not that hungry.

These people don't know anything else, just war and misery.

That's what they're used to.

We're not in Germany to keep killing each other.

-Stop! It's annoying. -Annoying?

-A girl was killed outside our door. -Stop!


I don't speak Arabic!

I said let them go back where they're from and murder each other.

Then it's okay? So Dad and Youssef's deaths were okay?

That's not what I said!

It's enough already. Enough!

Let's go do something. Something nice.

Something oh-some!


So, do you have any plans today?

Costs 100 euros.

-Actually, I never do this. -Actually, we never do this either.

-Milk, passion fruit juice and brandy. -I invited someone, a buddy.

He'll be here soon. Thanks.

A buddy? That wasn't part of the deal.

That'll cost another 100.

No worries, you don't need to be afraid of him.

He's just a half-pint.

-Hello! -Hello there!

Right, sit on his lap. Today is his birthday.

Come here.

To me.

To you!

I don't think adults are really alive.

But when they touch our stockings and make out with us they start to light up, like neon fish.

It's us who light them up.

-You don't feel anything at all? -No.

-What happened? -Afghanistan. Friendly fire.

So it was the good guys who shot at you?

War really sucks.



All right, let's drink up now!

Why? Why already?

We'll go somewhere else.

-We've never gone to a hotel with men. -Sophia Saturna, it's down to business.

Mission Defloration.

It feels like when Mom put me on the pink horse at the store as a kid.

The one you could ride for a minute for 50 cents.

Screwing isn't any harder than riding.

And it's over faster than a 50-cent horsy ride.

Give me that.

-Your visa is about to run out. -I know that.

"Jameelah." That means "beautiful" in Arabic.

Was that your first time?

Why didn't you say so?

We could've done it up the butt SO you could marry as a virgin.

What are you gawking at?

Take it.

Amir really loves that cologne.

Oh my God!

Oh my God!

Did you bleed?


I read you don't necessarily bleed the first time.

But pretty damn oh-some.

Yeah, really oh-some.

-Hey, have you seen Nini? -She was headed that way.

Hurry up!

Nini! Nini...

Why don't you answer your phone? I tried to call a thousand times.

What are you doing? Have you started collecting bottles?

Ha ha. So what's up?

What's up? Jasna was stabbed to death!

-We know that. -Did you know the cops arrested Amir?


-Are you drunk? -Amir? Why?

Why? He said he did it.



-He didn't do it. -Of course he didn't do it.

He couldn't even burn an ant with a magnifying glass.

-But prove that. -We can prove it.

-How? -Nini, you're burning up.

Are you sick? We have to go home now.

-Let me go! Are you nuts? -You are. We agreed to keep quiet.

-They hadn't arrested Amir yet! -Still, we had a deal not to say anything.

Agreement! Deal! You're so German. Amir is innocent!

I'm so German? No, you're so German.

You're so naive.

You have no idea what went down there last night.

It wasn't just murder.

Jasna dancing with her Serb and drinking all night.

That's living dangerously. And they planned it.

If Amir said he did it, he's in on it.

But we have to help Amir. We have to go to the police, Jameelah.

We can't go to the police. You have no idea what that could mean.

You don't have to be afraid of being sent to a country with camel-dung houses.

-That has nothing to do with it. -This Jasna mess means big trouble.

I need calm till the immigration stuff is over.

And ratting on Tarik is dangerous. For them it's "an eye for an eye."

-It could get even worse. -How could it get any worse?

Imagine you get home, the cops are there and your mom and Jessi are dead.

Just imagine it.

Your father and Youssef...

It was just an example, okay?

-What did your dad do? -You dumb? Or don't you want to get it?

Or both?

They died because no one protected them, not because they did something wrong.

No human rights, no protection. Even Klutz-Krüger got that.

Then go to the police, but keep me out of it.

And then we won't be friends anymore.

Listen here, we'll go to the cops.

But not yet.

First we'll talk to Amir.

He has to tell the truth.

That's the only way.

Until then, swear you won't go to the cops.

Pinkie promise.

Dude, why didn't we get the smaller one?

You know Amir, he eats for two.

Finally! What took you so long?

-Got our visitor's permits? -That can't go in.

-Why not? -It's a jail, not a youth hostel.

We've lugged it this far, we'll get it in somehow.

No gifts, no exchanges. You can kiss and hug to say hello and bye.

No other physical contact.

-Great to see you, dude. -Salam, brother.

-Got a good lawyer? -A lady's defending me for free.

And the trial?

Juvenile cases have to be speedy. If I'm lucky, I'll get five years.

Then they'll send me straight to Sarajevo.

Amir, what are you doing?

You're messing up your life, dude.

It wasn't you, was it?

I don't want to live in Germany anyway.

I can take the GED and college prep classes here.

-I'll study medicine or work in soccer. -Did Tarik feed you that bull?

Did he say that if you took the rap you'd be the family savior?

He say that?

Amir, go over to him and tell him the truth.

You're such a coward! Family savior, yeah right!

-Know what you are? A sissy! -Stop, Jameelah!

Jameelah, always the little know-it-all! As if you knew more about life!

You don't get it. You have no family!

-Kiss my ass! -You kiss mine!

-Sit down! -Screw off, potato!

Separate now or the visit is over.

Sit down.

Amir, listen.

We just want you to rethink this, okay?

You are innocent.

Sure, family is important and all.

But Jasna was part of your family too.

You're protecting her murderer.

She wasn't my real sister.

Just a half-sister.

What do you mean?

It happened in the war.

The Chetniks... My mother, they...

They raped her.

Tarik screamed.

And he wanted to help her.

They shot his leg up.

And then they tied Tarik up to my mother and threw them in the river.

I didn't want Jasna to die. You have to believe me.

Of course we believe you or we wouldn't be here.

We'll help you.

Visiting time is up.

Say goodbye.

Come along.


Yum, game stew!

-You're such an animal. -This really hits the spot.

How can you eat now? Especially food for Amir.

Sorry, I'm hungry. Should I fast? That won't set Amir free either.

I'm getting off here.


-Bye. -Bye.

What was that? Are the two of you a couple now?

No way.

-I don't know, okay. -You don't have the guts. You're chicken.

Don't you realize how lucky you are?

He'd do anything for you, because he loves you.

But you... No. You know what? You're scared.

That he'll run off and leave, like your dad did to your mom.

That's why you're avoiding it all. Coward!

What a load of crap! What about you and Lukas?

Can you explain why that's not working? Smartass!

German naturalization test. Can you quiz me?

Stop drinking the eggnog! You're 12! You'll get brain damage and deformed kids.

-You look like hell. You got AIDS? -Put the eggnog away.

No. You'll get AIDS. If I hear about you making out at the pool...

That was Pepi. We've made out since kindergarten.

-Can I get something sweet now? -No!

I hate you! You suck so much!

-Jessi, bed! -Quiet or I'll make stew out of you both!

Nini, I can take you to the hospital. I traded shifts.

-Really? -Have you packed?


-Come on, Jessi. Move! -Yes!

What's this scrawled here?

"Would not..." No, "Could not... of show..."?

"Worry not of showers, like a sundial count sunny hours. Love, Daddy"

-Why'd he write that? -It's a saying.

Yo mama!! He takes off but tells his daughter to be all sunny.

-That's crappy. -Watch out, don't smudge it.

Imagine it, we're out hanging with the hos and your dad drives up. That'd be...

Just wrong!

Hey, if you really wanted to, you could see him again.

Or call him.

I'd give him a piece of my mind for abandoning his family like that.

Angelika, if you happen to see me, don't be scared and call in.

I'm sitting here waiting for you.

Please, please, come home.

-Hello? -Hello, Joachim. How are you?

-Who is this? -You don't remember me?

-Right now I don't... -You have three guesses.

-Wrong number. -Hang up.

"Worry not of showers, like a sundial count sunny hours." How lame!

Nini, is that you?

-Daddy? -Has something happened?

Something up with your mom? ls everything okay with you'?


I'm on the train. I can barely hear you.

Hung up.

It was just a dead zone. I'll call him back again.


Everything okay?

I don't know.

Strange. I haven't spoken to him in so long.

At least now you have his number and can call him whenever you want.

What are we going to do with the boys? Plan B...

I'll never call my dad again.

I know that.

I wish I'd met him with the prostitutes.

Sure, it would've meant trouble, but Dad would have had to think of me.

He'd have to think about how badly his daughter is screwing up and would have to worry about me at least once.

-Should I take you in? -No, I'll be fine.

Take care. Bye!

You can't eat or drink anything until tomorrow when it's over.

All that's missing is the lake, then it'd be like Lake Garda in Italy.

What's with her?

She's very weak. Came from intensive care yesterday.

Nylons and matches.

She was lovesick.

God's world is so rotten.

Dad, boys, love spells, it's all such bullshit.

Jasna is dead. Amir is in jail.

How can you just go on living?

Hey, sweetheart.

Don't say anything.

I know I look like a deformed Chinese girl.

More like a hamster that got socked in the kisser, but it's kind of sweet.

Does it still hurt? Can I kiss you yet?


I can't believe you came here...

What did you think? I'd go anywhere for you, okay?

No matter where you are.

...I'd do anything for you.


-Visiting hours are nearly over. -Yeah, I was just going.

No, you weren't.

No, I wasn't?

What's with her?

Burn victim.

Damn pants!

-Everything okay? -Yeah, everything's okay.

This time I can feel everything.

And it hurts pretty bad.

A stabbing pain. It's as if something's pinching me.

And the pain from below Is mixing with the pain in my jaw.

Yet somehow it's beautiful.

I don't know, it sounds stupid, but it's true.

Damn, is that yours? That's unbelievable.

-It's normal. I know that, but still...

I'm supposed to say hi from Amir. I called him.

-I want to talk to Amir too. -It's way too late now.

-Why? -Chill out, we'll do that tomorrow.

Besides, I have something for you. Close your eyes.

You can look now.

I know it's a bit over the top, but...

Do you like it all the same?

-Where did you get it? -I found it.

I took it to the lost-and-found office and no one claimed it.

The jeweler said it's real.

Nini, what's wrong?


Can't you tell me what's up?

Nico, I can't do this anymore. I...

I can't take it any longer.

Noura says brave people are those who do things they're afraid of.

They were constantly fighting...

You betrayed me. You don't give a crap if I get deported.

You're so selfish. Just so your conscience is clear.

I'll die in the desert, get raped or bombed to pieces.

-You don't give a crap. -It's not all about you!

I wanted to get Amir out of jail.

Tarik killed Jasna. He's a murderer!

If everyone stayed silent, nothing would change.

Justice doesn't mean anything to you.

I'm done with our friendship.

Bite it!

-Watch it. -Oh yeah? Watch what?

Do that again and you'll see.

Man, I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

Come on.


You're a goddamn traitor, you are!

Nothing but a goddamn traitor!

Ow! You're breaking my arm!

You're breaking my arm!

I'll kill you!

I'll kill you. I'll kill you!

I hate you.

I'll kill you.

Stop now, both of you! Right now!

You suck, you're...

What are you?

Are you dogs or are you my friends?

The two of you are to make up. Did you hear me?

I can do that.


Great homecoming.

Okay, don't worry, making a statement will have no disadvantages for you.


That'll be all for now.

-What'll happen to Amir? -He'll probably be put in a home.

-Can't he stay with us? -Youth Welfare will decide that.




So the citric acid cycle's purpose Is to transform acetyl-CoA via an extensive series of small chemical reactions.

This is a simplified depiction of it showing nine steps.

That brings us to another step, the respiratory chain.

The respiratory chain.

I'll take a shortcut here.

Here, in the respiratory chain, the hydrogen atoms are transformed from the co-enzymes.

And energy is created during that transformation.

That energy is energy in the form of heat and energy in the form of ATP.

ATP is adenosine triphosphate.



Here I am.

Can you explain this partial reaction in the citric acid cycle to me?

No idea, I'm not into acid.

Right, then we'll... No. No, Senad. I know you know it.

But is there anyone else who would like to improve their oral grade?

A bit more enthusiasm, please. Amir?

You're taking such detailed notes.

No idea. Do I look like Senad?

Anyone else? Yes, Nini! This is a surprise.

Can you explain to me how GTP is formed from GDP?

No, Ms. Struck, I feel really sick.

Really, I mean...

-No joke, I have to... Can I please... -Yes, fine. Go on.

Don't get daunted by all the terms.

Malate, fumarate, succinate. You needn't memorize them.

You just...

-What's up? -Pregnant, maybe.

-Pregnancy test. -What?

Who by?

Screw the test! Who's the dad?

Who is it?

Look me in the eyes and tell me it's not who I think.

Look me in the eyes!

Oh no.

Can someone give me some toilet paper?

Yo mama, toilet paper. You slept with your cousin!

That's disgusting!

-And stop bawling! -Anna-Lena!

Stop! Struck or the janitor will show up and take you to the principal.

-Clock her. -What?

Like you did to me.

What's going on here?

-Clean yourself up. -What am I going to do now?

All right, first you have to see a doctor.

Hold on.

-She has to talk to her parents. -No. Confidentiality.

There's no confidentiality.

If you're under 16, your parents have to sign.

Why am I the only one who knows that?

Anyone can get laid, but why can't you use rubbers?


I'll never sleep with anyone without a rubber again. I swore to that.

And I'll get a library card next week.

I'll get a book every week till I know something better than Jameelah.

Jameelah, I just telephoned with your mother.

She's expecting you.

Here, money for a taxi.

Off you go.

-Thanks. -Thanks, Ms. Struck.

Gently now. Now breathe deeply.

Can you please tell me why we're doing this?

Why are we helping her?

-Because of Lukas or what? -Stop. I don't want to talk about Lukas.

I don't even want to think of him or I'll have to kill myself.

He's such an asshole. Totally retarded.

What do you know?

You always say what everyone else says.

You mean he's fantastic?

You have no clue what love is.

-But you do, right? -Yeah.

If you really love someone you can't change that.

No matter how crappy he acts.

Sure, but...

You can't love someone who hurts you so badly.

He doesn't deserve that at all.

Of course I can. You can see that.

And it's nobody's business. Not yours, not Anna-Lena's.

It's not even Lukas's business.

I can love who I want.

He doesn't even need to love me back. No one can forbid me to do that.

Jameelah, Nini, Anna-Lena is with Dr. Mahmoudi now.

Her mother's coming. Come along.

You spending the night at our place?

-Hello. -Salam.

-Where were you? -Everything's fine, Amir.

Struck called a few times.

-Have you eaten? -Uh-uh.

I'll fix something. Don't eat much, I'll cook.

-Where were you? -Doesn't matter.

-Have you two made up again? I think so.

Then who cares where you were.

-You got a letter. -Mom, a letter.

From the immigration office.

-Where? -There.


-What is it? -Yeah, what is it?

-Hello, Mr. Kopps-Krüger. -Yes?

Can we ask you something? You have 10 help us.

"Revocation for due cause."

Mom was in Iraq just once since we've been in Germany.

To go to her mother's funeral, but she didn't get approval.

-They found out. -But that doesn't matter, right?

No, it does matter. She lied.

Oh man, I could've changed this.

Why didn't you submit a formal response? Why didn't you go to the hearing?

It says that after receiving notification we'd have had four weeks to file appeals.

There must be some way.

It's too late now.

Why didn't you come earlier?

I was here the whole summer.

I'm sorry about this.

I'm not a German.

I'll never be a German, no matter how hard I try.

-Screw Germany. -Oh stop.

-There are lots of good things in Germany. -Like what?

Don't know.

All kinds of things.

That there's water outside the shops for dogs in the summer.

Do you know what time it is? I told you not to be out so late!

-It's only eight. -So? After what happened!

-Home at dusk. That was the deal. -We worry about you.

A package arrived for you. I put it on your bed.

Hi, Nini, So you can always reach me, Daddy.


-What? -I was just going to the toilet.

Then it happened.

Come here, it's no big deal. You in pain?

Rainer can't know.

He said when I get my period I get a white sweater and tomato soup.

It's what they do where he's from. I don't want that.

-I'm scared. -You don't need to be.

Pepi says you can go into shock and die.

It says that in the instructions.

You won't get toxic shock syndrome. Just put it in.

-You sure? -Absolutely sure.

I'll pay close attention, okay?

It is super easy. You don't feel it at all.

You sleep in my room tonight, okay?

-Can I have something sweet? -Sure.

Get out.

Come out please.


-Nini! Nini! Nini! -Stop!

-Pinkie promise. -Pinkie promise.

I'll get some con working the night shit.

I'll come visit you, okay?

I swear to it!

Get a red-eye to Baghdad.

Subtitles: Nathan Fritz, Heather Kimber Eurotape Media Services 2017