Till gladje (1950) Script



Whom do you wish to speak to? Stig Ericsson?

He's in rehearsal at the moment.

My goodness!

Wait a moment. I'll go call him.

Grandmother sent me. She couldn't make the trip.

I tried calling you at work, but I...

What's happened?

The kerosene stove exploded.

Marta and the little girl were badly burned.

Marta's dead.

They said at the hospital that the girl is okay.

They called just before I left to say she was out of danger.

The kerosene stove exploded.

We heard it go off and came running.

Marta died on the way to the hospital.

Grandmother said she and Grandfather are coming tomorrow.

They'll call you.

Lasse and I will go buy a mourning band.


We're beginning a new season.

I think it'll be good. I don't know how you feel.

We welcome two new members to our orchestra.

This is Stig Ericsson.

He's replacing Sunkarn, who died last summer.

God rest his soul.

Then we have a woman in the orchestra.

It's sort of silly, and totally against nature, but she's reasonably talented.

She's right there, if you haven't noticed her.

Her name is Marta. Welcome to you both.

All right.

Let's get started.


Let's have the winds. From the fortissimo.

Give me all you've got!

Well, you sounded awful today, but that's to be expected.

Good afternoon, gentlemen... and young lady.

Cortot is coming on Thursday. Then we'll have some music!

Hi, Stig. Imagine us ending up here.

How was your summer?

I was abroad with my brother and heard lots of music.

And you?

Summer orchestra. Poor thing!

I never want to play "Gold and Silver" again.

Did you work? I studied Mendelssohn and others...

Why are you so angry? I'm not angry!

Did you find a place to stay? Yes. And you?

It's a nightmare, but cheap.

There's a party tonight for my birthday. Care to come?

I don't feel like it. Who'll be there? You'll see if you come.

Can you lend me a tenner?

It's awkward asking for an advance, and I don't know anyone here.

If you could spare it, great. If you come tonight.

That's blackmail! I'll come for 20.

Get a haircut too. Why?

And buy me a present. Nothing over 1.50.

And try to be pleasant, not your usual grumpy self.

See you.

What's going on? I'm cursing my fate.

You look unbelievably comical all clipped and combed.

Is that Marta's doing?

You know her? Sure do.

We had a thing together all summer. You?

Just from the academy.

She has a great personality, and she's hot to trot.

Ripe for love, if you get me. I didn't ask for a full report!

The way she left me almost made me ask for her hand.


Caught myself just in time, but it was damn close.

Well, I'm not interested. So you're not coming tonight?

No time or interest.

Of course you'll come.

Bring your violin. We'll play before we get drunk.

See you.

I'd like something for 1.50.

That bear there.


It costs 4.80.

I'll take it anyway.

Shall I wrap it? No, thanks.

He's very cute.

Yes, those bears are very popular.


Stop that damned nonsense!

He pounded his fist and said...

"Stop that damned nonsense!"

It's quite a funny story.

I'll tell you next time, when we have time.

Stop being silly and let me go!

What are you grinning at? You, of course.

Well, stop it, damn it!

You're drunk, so I won't hurt you.

I'm magnificent when I'm on stage.

Have you heard me play the violin?

The big-name players are all charlatans.

They get by on cheap tricks, but I see through their charade.

I'll tell you the secret of real art.

It's created when you're unhappy.

I prefer being unhappy.

God knows it's the state I usually find myself in.

I'll show you bastards what the violin is all about!

I know you all feel guilty. I know what you're thinking.

Are we artists... when all we think about is drinking, women, and retirement?

I'm drunk, I admit it.

I wouldn't dare say a thing if I weren't.

But I see through you, and through myself too!

And I say take it all away! It's worth nothing!

I'll die and come back to life, and then you'll hear real violin playing!

Because it all comes down to humility!

Remember that, you despicable loafers, as you wallow and slobber and burp in your stained ties!

Are you okay? Go to hell!

You're making a fool of yourself.

Did you get a haircut? You look like a greased cat.

And it's your fault.

I can't figure out who I am.

Why can't I act like a respectable person, with all my talent?

Because I really am talented, even if I'm drunk.

Have you met my wife Nelly?

I assure you she's worth knowing.

She's a fun little creature, with a mouth like a red flower.

I'm thinking of giving you to her.

She'd appreciate that.

Why are you screaming?

The roof fell in... though I could see it was just the curtain.

I have to lie down.

I feel awful.

You overdid it a bit last night.

I need to sit up.

What time is it? Where am I? 5:00. And you're at my place.

Why? There was no moving you.

Stig, cut it out. Don't argue.

You're the one making a fuss.

If you can't settle down, you'll have to go.

I'm awfully silly.

Yes, you are.

People like me shouldn't be alive.

You're harmless.

But couldn't you have bought me that birthday present?

I did! But of course you forgot it.

No, you'll see. Where's my coat?

You probably think it's really stupid.

It was all I could come up with.

Thanks so much, Stig.

It's a very nice present.

We should get some sleep.

We have rehearsal at 9:00.

A person might act crazy and stupid at times.

What's important is that he aspire to be a real person and artist.


You must agree with that.

Yes, I do. Good night.



Sönderby is nice. He's a little boring.

Doesn't matter.

You want to be like him? He's done good. I'd like to too.

You've got time.

I'm 25.

By then you should be someone with responsibility.

I'd like to start a brilliant string quartet and tour the world.

We'd be the best! Of course.

I don't like that odd grin on your face.

Just feeling friendly.

What about you? What do you want?


I'd like to bury myself so deep that nothing got to me.

But you're not unhappy.

Some people have an unnaturally happy air.

We always talk about me whenever we meet.

I know nothing about you.

Perhaps that's best for both of us. Don't talk nonsense.

Hey, Stig?

Do you care for me a little?

What do you mean?

You've wanted to sleep with me, and I haven't let you.

If I did, would you care for me a little then?

Be honest.

Don't be afraid of hurting me.

See? You can't answer.

I have to think about it.

Of course I've wondered why you've been so difficult and put up so many obstacles.

But we've had fun. You didn't answer my question.

I know exactly what you're asking.

You want some assurance that I love you.

Otherwise you'll have moral pangs.

God, you're stupid! Then don't speak in riddles.

I want us to be together.

I'm sorry.

I go on and on and forget I'm talking to a real person.

There's so much misery, laziness, and indifference in both body and mind.

You end up not believing in anything.

You think that's just how it is.

That's the whole meaning. There doesn't have to be a meaning.

Yes, there does.

Otherwise you make one up, or you can't go on living.

I was married. You know that.

But it was just lies and deception.

I've deceived people in my work as well.

I'm only moderately talented.

I've faked my way through almost everything my whole life.

I don't believe that. That's easy to say.

What's between us mustn't be fakery. It either is or it isn't.

Are you scared?

There's such a thing as taking things too seriously.

This will be just like playing with words for you.

I want to be with you.

You've noticed that.

But one can't always be talking about love and marriage either.

I promise to be as nice as I can.

We won't make any promises.

But we can promise to be honest.

That's absolutely necessary.

And no insults. No.

And if we tire of each other, we'll say so.

It'll be you who tires of me.

You don't really believe that.

No, we won't delude ourselves.

There'll be many difficult times, more difficult than we can foresee.

Let's stop now. Yes.

Let's go move your things to my place.

It'll be practical, and cheaper too.

Good. I hate my room. I'll get rheumatism there.

We'll split the rent starting next month.

I promise you won't have to sleep on that uncomfortable sofa.

Unless you really want to, of course.

Just what did you do over Christmas break?

In this blasted town where people just eat and eat!

You blobs!

This is a difficult part.

Not for someone with talent.

But some people are lazybones and blockheads.

Once more from the top.

I can't listen to any more of this frightful screeching.

We'll take ten minutes.


We have to ask for time off.

Time off?

Are you crazy?

You said last week we could leave by 1:00. It's now 1:30.

I didn't realize then you were so untalented.

In any case, we have to go.

Really? We're getting married at 2:30.

My God!

I completely forgot.

I should probably apply for my pension and retire.

I was supposed to be... Our witness.


We'll just have to call the mayor and postpone it.

You can't postpone a wedding without valid reason.

But you can cancel a rehearsal?

A wedding date is respected even in wartime.

This isn't a military unit.

It sometimes seems like a concentration camp.

What impudence! We'll rehearse all day.

Without Marta and me.

Then you can leave my orchestra.

We make your orchestra!

You weren't given the strap as a child.

And you're turning into a child again.

Go to hell!

No, I don't want to be where you are.

You know I'm not supposed to get angry.

You're ungrateful and inconsiderate.

I could have a heart attack and die.

Good riddance.

Then at least honest folk could get married.

This is what comes from letting women into orchestras.

What's wrong with her?

Did you look in the toolbox?

Yes, and your jewelry box too.

Go buy a new stud.

How could it just disappear?

Sure you haven't seen it? Darling, I don't have time for that.

Where is it? I'm coming.

Here I am.

What a hurry we're in!

Getting married is time-consuming and nerve-wracking. Admit it.

You having regrets?

Terrible regrets, to be honest.

Me too. The ideas we get sometimes!

We'll call and cancel. Now?

We made all this fuss to get away.

What would Sönderby say?

You certainly handled him well. What do you mean?

The way you fainted stopped him cold.

That was for real.

Don't try that with me. It was amateur dramatics.

I see. Did you really feel faint?

What if I did? Why?

It's not so unusual. I happen to be pregnant.

You don't seem too enthusiastic. Well, you don't have to be.

How did this happen? In the usual way.

Don't be funny. Dumb questions get dumb answers.

Have you known long? Almost three months.

Hit me if you want. Why didn't you say anything?

Because I want this child. Understand?

Children come, want them or not. You're so naïve!

You mean... Yes!

You never told me. Would it have made a difference?

If you've had one abortion, you can have another. It's all disgusting!

What's disgusting?

Waiting three months to say anything. How do I know it's mine?

Besides, there's no room.

Diapers and pee and childcare and babysitters and cribs and God knows what else!

All the crying and chaos. Where will I rehearse?

Thanks so much.

How did you think you'd pull this off?

You'd have to tell me sometime.

Think you'd come home one day and say...

"Here's a baby for you, Daddy"?

Well? Should I apologize?

You don't understand.

I don't want a child. I hate children!

You think this is a good world to come into?

I prefer extinction.

Why don't you say something?

I'm listening to you.

You have no idea what you're talking about.

You're talking nonsense... as usual.

What do you want me to do?

Hug you and say he'll be prime minister one day?

I'd like you to act like a man... for once. Superman?

A regular man. So now I'm not a man!

I knew you were neurotic, and you're childish and selfish too.

But I didn't know you were cruel.

Do tell.

It's good I found out before the wedding, because now there won't be one.

We can't cancel now!

And they say women are so conventional!

What will happen now? I'm going to the tobacco shop to call.

Since you're not interested.

You can go on living here. I don't care.

I've never considered you more than a lodger.

You're absolutely crazy!

Are you crying?

I've never seen you cry. Are you upset?


I'm just tired. Of you.

Have I spoiled everything? What a thing to say!

Why are you crying? You know what I'm like!

I'm only crying because I'm angry that I'm crying.

I wouldn't cry at all if I weren't completely drained.

I guess you thought I'd be happy.

Deep down I knew it would be just like this.

But of course one imagines lots of things.

Maybe that's part of it too.

Did you do that last time too?

Everything was all wrong last time.

It wasn't the time to be imagining anything.

You mean this time...?

I sort of thought things were different between us.

I should have known that nothing ever changes.

Everything's always the same... down to the words one speaks.

I love you, damn it!

But sweetheart... you know I've never liked surprises.

Even when I was little...

I'd get angry and upset even at a nice surprise.

I think that's what happened this time too.

I must say:

Your timing could have been better.

Hey, when I think about it, we'll get child support.

That's fantastic!

The little guy will practically support us.

And the orchestra can't toss you out just 'cause you've got a kid.

Putte's sister is always knocked up, and she sits there playing, her big belly hanging out.

And when the violin won't fit under her neck anymore, she still draws half her salary.

And we can always find a new place if need be.

You talk a lot.

What I said about surprises is true.

It's also psychologically credible.

I look so awful.

My nose grows twice as big when I cry.

Say what you like, this will be a wedding we'll always remember.

Marriage is for the individual's well being and society's good.

You've indicated your willingness to enter into matrimony.

Stig Ericsson, do you take Marta Olsson to be your lawful wife?

I do.

Marta Olsson, do you take Stig Ericsson to be your lawful husband?

I do.

You may place the ring on the lady's finger.

By the power vested in me, I pronounce you man and wife.

Never forget the promise of fidelity that you've made.

Live together in mutual love and safeguard the future generation.

May harmony and happiness reign in your marriage and in your home.

Maybe he will be prime minister.

If he takes after you, that is.

The stud.

We'll keep it as a souvenir.

Well, we've got two weeks.

You and I have gone through the concert twice.

You'll handle it adequately enough. Sure.

"Sure," you say.

But I know what you're thinking.

What does your wife say?


That worries me.

You two are trying to keep me down.

If I were honest, I'd prefer to avoid this high-wire act.

But what do you do when your violin soloist packs it in?

You're being very closed-minded.

What are you staring at?

I'll tell you.

I'm staring at that devil called ambition twinkling in your eyes.

Is that so unusual?


No, it's not.

It's not unusual at all.

But you've only been here six months, and you've yet to learn that music is a goal, not a means.

Well, what did he say?

It worked. I have my chance.

I'll show them how the violin is played.

The sky's the limit now, my little tubby!

Maybe I'll go all the way to Stockholm.

There's no telling what could happen.

It's a wonderful feeling to have everything ahead of you.

To know no limits.

You must be happy too. This is for both of us.

Of course I'm happy.

Come on.

I'm not going out there. I'm no clown!

You'll go out there if it's the last thing you do.

It's not about you now. Come on.

Rehearsal isn't until 10:00 tomorrow.

You know that.

Goddamned bastard! Now he's happy, of course.

Let's go home and have a drink. We both need it.

Come on. We can't stay here.

Goddamned bastard!

I'm simply mediocre!

That went better than expected. Go jump in a lake.

It's better if you read it.

Read it out loud.

There isn't much. Read what's there.

"Stig Ericsson made a premature debut in the Mendelssohn Violin Concerto.

It's surprising that an experienced conductor like Sönderby didn't prevent this rather unnecessary suicide.

Ericsson may well be talented.

The concert program indicates he's been to the best schools."

Go on.

That's all it says.

That's all...?

Was it that bad?

You must be happy now, you and Sönderby.

Just think how everyone will laugh!

Where are you going? To make some coffee.

I don't want coffee. I do.

Of course you think this doesn't matter.

Close the window. I'm freezing. I feel ill. I want some fresh air.

Why don't you say something?

Stig, what should I say?

That it went well?

That they printed lies? That the whole world is wrong?

Shall I console you and say it'll be better next time?

There'll be no next time. You know that as well as I do.

I'd be happy about one thing. What's that?

That I can go to rehearsal at 10:00 a.m., sit in my usual place, and do my job.

That shows how little you understand.

I'm going out for a walk... alone.

Can I go with you?

Please, Stig.

Alone, I said. I don't want to drag your load too.

Will you go to rehearsal?

I don't know.

It's none of your business. You shouldn't push me away.

There's a lot I shouldn't do.

These things are easier when someone's beside you.

But no one ever is. Deep down you're always alone.

What you're saying is just sentimental jabbering.

I'm alone, just like always.

That's all there is to it.

Why are you so scared of me?


What a laugh!

I want to be left alone, that's all. See you.

Sitting here brooding, are you?

What about you? You don't look so happy.


Working on a character?

An act of creation?

Not at all.

I heard the Mendelssohn yesterday. It was awful.

I didn't dare sleep after that.

Good of you to take it like that.

You understand.

I know it myself. The great silence.

Why that grin? Everyone keeps grinning!

Am I that funny, or is it coincidence?

Of course you're funny. You fell on your face.

Come on.

We'll have some coffee at my place.

Lord, what a mess it is in here!

I can't tidy up every day.

You never tidy up, sweetheart.

We'll pull the blinds so we don't have to see it.

It was so filthy once that the health authorities came by.

They said we'd have to move if we didn't do better.

We had a dog then, but he died.

He had puppies first. Then he died.

Probably from the surprise.

You look so sad.

I'd hoped to catch the moon in a net.

But just as I was going to pull it up, it sank deep below me.

Like a fish? No, like a big coin.

Oh, now I understand.

You're a treasure hunter who sets out to sea and fishes for sunken planets.

I've thought of buying a bomb to blow up a certain building, with all the vermin inside.

Puppy sickness, my boy. Verbal diarrhea.

Blow things up... slam your fist down and curse the heavens!

It all ends in a pension and a medal for loyal service. Cheers!

Shut up. I'm talking to your wife.

It's pointless being married to an old pig like you.

Moving, isn't it?

I'm going home. I have a rehearsal. Good day.

Remember: You're always welcome here, no matter what state you're in.

Come back soon. Never.

Why not? I don't like you.

Doesn't seem that way. Besides, this place is filthy.

Shame on you.

You do have a nice body, but it ends there.

That's nothing to sneeze at. You seem totally mad.

If you think I'd share you with that old bugger, you're wrong.

I haven't sunk that low yet.

Even so, come again sometime.

We can always talk about the moon.

I suppose we could do that.

Cut it out!

I thought I'd take a walk myself, though I was actually hoping to bump into you.

We can go in opposite directions.

I was at Mikael Bror's.


Must we keep talking about it? No, we'll never talk about it again.

Maybe when we're older, and it doesn't hurt so much.

Did you hurt yourself? Did I?

No, it's just lipstick. Oh?

A strange girl there insisted on trying to kiss me.

Are you okay?

It's on its way.

Can I help?

Are you scared?

Yes, I am. Are you?

I don't know. I haven't felt like finding out.

In some ways it'll feel good to finally get it out.

I'm glad it's not me doing this.

Me too.

I feel awful.

Shouldn't we get going?

Not yet.

It'd look silly if they just sent us home again.

That would be humiliating.

Poor thing.

Shall I fix some tea and sandwiches?

Yes, please.

I don't know what's wrong. Probably something I ate.

Among some tribal peoples, when the wife goes into labor, the man takes to his bed, screaming and carrying on.

He takes all the congratulations as well.

Only fair, I guess.

Right, Stig?

Mrs. Ericsson, come with me.

Please stay here, Mr. Ericsson.

Be brave, darling.


Your parents were very poor.

They had no food at all.

I'm glad I'm not a writer.

If I were to take it upon myself to portray Stig and Marta from when we first met four years ago, what a dishonest and incomplete picture I would paint.

For example, I'll never forget the episode last winter, when I stopped by to drop off a score for Stig.

Maybe to chat a bit too. I'm getting old and talkative.

One has to watch oneself so carefully.

The doorbell was broken, so I walked in.

I stood in the dark entryway and peered into the living room.

How can I describe the way they held each other?

So boundlessly tender, but with a profound erotic sensitivity.

But why was there so much loneliness and childish fear in their stillness?

I went out again and knocked on the door.

When Marta came to the door, it was all still there in her eyes.

Yes, she's a remarkable little woman.

Or the day they'd quarreled.

I picked up on it right away.

It hung in the air.

Marta was a little quiet.

She sat huddled on the sofa and looked at Stig.

He talked to me the whole time, but it was just nervous chatter.

He got up to get the cognac, but on the way back he passed Marta.

He climbed on the sofa, they looked at one another, and Stig suddenly said, "Hey, little girl!"

That seemed to break the spell, because the strained atmosphere vanished like a puff of wind over the open sea.

I don't know why. I can't tell you.

Imagine trying to decipher the complicated secret language that two lovers develop and speak, unhindered, to conceal their most secret and fragile emotions.

Depicting a single day in their lives would fill many shelves with large volumes.

Thank God that's not my job.

I have only to reproduce what the great composers created in truth and spirit.

That's my pleasure... and no one can take it from me.

I'm a very rich woman. You never told me.

I have you and the kids, and old Sönderby snoring over there.

And it's summer, and the sun is shining... and we have no worries.

And we're all hale and hearty.

For a moment I thought you'd won the lottery.

This is more than I thought any person could have.

Of course. You're a woman.

It's different for you.

You think so?

I can also worry and think...

"Is this what my whole life will be like?

Small concerns, small joys, small tribulations?

Nothing to sweep me off my feet?"

But I deserve a spanking for such a horrible thought, don't I?

I think it's to your credit.

Nowhere is it written that a person should be content, much less happy.


It's time we got going if we're going to make that concert.

How's the work going on the Beethoven concerto?

Not well. Why? Yet you keep at it.

What of it? Give up the idea of being a soloist.

Settle for being a good orchestra player.

I didn't ask for your advice.

Fair enough.

There's just so little time.

I'm going to take time off and study with Professor Sabaska.

I've written to him. Pride, pure and simple.

Just because you're an old failure doesn't mean I have to be.

The world needs us second-raters too.

No worker bees, no beehive.

It's awful hearing you talk.

Like listening to the already deceased.

I said not to come here.

Our relationship is nothing to advertise.

I've told Mikael I love you.

I wish I could leave you, but I just can't seem to.

Come on. We can't sit here all night.

Listen to this:

"Everything is part of what is called spiritual science.

This may include the self, society, state, morals, or religion.

It's all just an intellectual game with expressions one uses as if denoting something real."

He's on the money, this Hägerström. He has my complete sympathy.

Mine too, but I don't give a damn.

I think Stig's tired tonight.

What's that? Our lodger.

It's awful, but we need the money.

Evening! So you're not in bed yet?

I had a bite to eat at the Grand.

Hello there. I didn't know you lived here.

Didn't use to, but I do now.

As of yesterday.

So you move in these circles.

I didn't know that.

...winds variable at first, and then primarily from the north.

Partly cloudy, with thundershowers.

Somewhat cooler...

I have to ask you something: Can we move into town?

Right away. As soon as possible.

Did you and the kids have to move into town too?

You had it so good in the country.

Why don't you answer?

Why are you treating me like a criminal?

Sabaska hasn't replied yet.

You're hurting me.

Maybe you or Sönderby wrote to him. You're mad. Let me go!

Oh, look. Your teddy bear is torn.

Don't worry. I'll sew him up tomorrow.

It'll just take a second.

We said no fighting in front of the kids. Remember that.

Whatever happens, no fighting in front of the kids.

Don't turn the light out.

Mommy, you can't.

What time is it? 10:30.

The fog will be awful tonight.

Sounds like it.

Remember what Sönderby said?

"Sounds like a bunch of cows in a freight car."

What's this?

I don't like you looking at me like that, like you're comparing.

Maybe I am.

Can't we be nice to each other again?

Why can't we talk about anything anymore?

It's not worth the effort.

No, leave me alone. It's disgusting.

I can't help it. I think it's revolting!

Stop blubbering. No one can hear you.

I've tried.

I've done my best.

I've never accused you or blamed you.

I've always tried to understand you.

So it's my fault?

I've never asked questions.

Why ask questions about what doesn't concern you?

You and Nelly doesn't concern me? Not really.

Keep your moral indignation to yourself. I'm not interested.


If you're not careful, you step in dog shit and can't shake it off.

How dare you!

You're one to talk.

Before we met, there were men all around you.

You were even with that revolting Marcel.

That was before the kids. Don't they mean anything?

There were others before them, but you got rid of them.

Now I'm sorry I insisted when you didn't want children.

You see?

Yes, I see.

I see what we've become.

I know what the problem is.

We both think life has passed us by.

We've both been struck by a moment of clarity... and with clarity comes disgust.

It's a natural consequence.

We've argued and been nasty to each other before, but we just had to reach out, and it was fine again.

It was a great sense of security.

Now we've discovered there's no such thing as security.

Remember what you said here our first night together?

The main thing is to become a real person.

We said a lot of things back then.

It was the truth. It was all lies.

That morning I came home with my hand cut, that's when my clarity began.

It was so unbearable that I put my hand through a window so I'd give up my dream of being a soloist.

I stood there with a bloody hand and thought how stupid I was.

"Why doesn't someone laugh at this second-rate musician who won't accept his mediocrity?"

Me, me, me! Can't you hear how pitiful you sound?

My apologies. We won't talk about it again.

I'll go to Grandmother's. It's better for the kids there too.

Where will you get the money? From you.

I don't have any. That's strange.

I gave it to you last week. For phone and rent.

There was always enough before. You want to see receipts?

You never set anything aside. Get an advance like everyone else.

I already did.

You must have other expenses...

It's my money! Not when it's for the household.

In any case, I have no money for your hastily planned trip.

We're poor and can't afford expenses of an emotional nature.

And the money you give to Nelly? Shut up!

What kind of tone is that? It's just like yours!

A mistress costs money. A fixed rate is more honest.

You're so crude. And you're so sensitive.

Must have been hard with someone like Marcel.

How can you have a lover anyway?

You perform the bare minimum required.

That's your fault. Of course.

I was naïve to expect fidelity. Stop it, Marta.

You need an outlet for your artistic temperament.

Nelly's better at nurturing your misunderstood genius.

Can't be easy for the poor girl!

Forgive me, Marta. Forgive me.

The last part was my fault. I'm to blame.

Forgive me anyway.

But I won't forgive the rest.

I'll find the money for the trip if I have to beg for it in the streets.

Don't touch me!

You disgust me so much, I'd like to spit in your face!


If that's how you want it.

I'll ask Sönderby for the money. It'll be nice to be rid of you.

"The doctor says it's a stroke, but I know Nelly poisoned me."

Do you think he's suffering? Probably.


I hope he's in such pain he can't stop screaming.

He can't scream. He's paralyzed.

That's the best part.

You must hate him.

He'll be dead soon.

Sometimes it's like a dream.

I'm scared of him.

Sometimes at night I think he'll come beat me or strangle me.

I almost believe you really did poison him.

I often thought I should.

What's he done to you?

What's he done to me?

He just exists. I'm dependent on him.

I don't know. You can divorce him.

Where would I go?

No one cares about me.

Because you're so damned nasty and lack any human emotions.

I think it's cold.

It's 13 below.

You go in. He can't stand the sight of me.

What's wrong with you? Hung over?

Is there nothing else on besides organ music?

Mikael likes it.

You shouldn't drink like that.

"You shouldn't drink like that."

If you weren't so stupid, I might point out that I'm always smartly dressed.

And so? Take that idiot Stig. How he suffers!

He thinks life is terrible and you're disgusting.

He's washed up and can't face his own failure.

That's why he cheats on his wife and runs around disheveled and dirty.

He's in there with Mikael. So let him hear!

I drink, you say?

I do my job. I'm handsome and well-behaved.

I'm polite and friendly, and I live my life!

And in the meantime, I'm damned happy.

I think I'll go in and sleep.

It's all one can do on a Sunday.

You coming?

"I'm a bastard, and I've gotten what I deserve.

But you better watch out, Stig."

Mikael, I'm leaving now and never coming back.

I'm grateful for everything you taught me, but I can't stay.

I don't want to be like you three.

Only one person can help me, and that's Marta.

Dear Marta, I'm sure you're surprised after not hearing from me for three months.

I had to write because things have happened to me.

It's as if I suddenly understood what a fool I've been.

I realize how I've squandered the only thing of value in life.

Dear Stig, when I got your letter, I was very worried at first.

I could feel how alone you've been, and how hard it's been in many ways.

I reread your letter many times, and I could sense that something important has happened.

I too have been thinking, and now I know we'll never get divorced.

That would be a terrible mistake.

And though I won't be coming home, I long foryou.

My dearest darling Marta, your words made me so happy I almost started to cry.

One hides so many feelings.

I did with you and the kids, because it hurt too much, or maybe I didn't understand how much all of you mean to me.

I want you to come get us soon.

There's so much to plan for the summer, isn't there?

Darling, writing feels so strange and stupid.

There's so much I'd like to say, but it looks silly and sentimental on paper.

I've tried, believe me.

By the way, we don't need to talk when we meet.

I know just how to show you what you mean to me.

Can you guess?

Come soon...

This train is so slow! I'd like to jump off and run alongside it.

Maybe I'd help it up the hill.

It'll be so strange to hear her say...

"You can be so silly sometimes," or "You sure you washed your ears properly?"

Or to sit in the kitchen after a concert and eat right from the cupboard, drinking vodka and joking and not saying a serious word.

Quite pretty.

And I'm so tan.

And you can't tell I didn't sleep last night.

Silly girl! I'm just going to meet my husband.

We got fed up with each other, yet now everything is new... new!

Newly cleansed and polished.

How fun it will be to cook again, to be master of my own kitchen, to sleep in our own bed.

To feel his warmth as he sleeps beside me.

Never to be alone again.

Never again.

That mouth of hers, so delicious and soft to kiss.

I love her body too. The smooth skin of her shoulders.

Her breasts that never recovered from the kids but are so sensitive, like living beings.

The fine hair on her neck, the soft curves of her belly, her waist so narrow I can wrap my hands around it.

I love her because we've struck each other and hurt each other, but also for the thousand nights of joy and utter pleasure we've shared.

SOME YEARS LATER You've been naughty, so you can't come when we go see Grandmother.

We'll catch really big fish, and I'll keep one in the bathtub and teach it how to talk.

Fish can't talk.

You can teach them.

Mom, Lasse's lying!

Stig, would you call for a taxi?

Dad, Lasse's lying.

No, he's just making things up.

Why shouldn't a fish be able to talk? You never know.

Could you send a taxi to Prästgatan 7B?


Miss! It has to be big.

There are four people and lots of bags and stuff.

That's right.

What do you want?

Ask Sönderby over this evening.

There's mineral water in the fridge.

I'm going to be lonely.

No, you're not.

You'll be just fine.

Thanks very much.

The kids can go on their own. You should stay with me.

You're silly. What would Grandmother say?

You're taking enough stuff to last till Judgment Day.

You needn't come to the station. I can get a porter.

What's this? A bomb? No, it's a kerosene stove.

You're taking a stove? Yes, it's better that way.

We'll cook our own meals in the cottage and not bother the old folks.

Go ahead and sigh, but you'll approve when you come join us.

You need a haircut. It's awful. Hair gets all over everything.

If you came along, I could cut it. I'll be along later.

Strange how I always miss you. What's strange about that?

We've been married so long.

Lasse, don't lick the window. It's dirty.

You'll have nice weather.

Looks like spring's coming.

Won't this train ever leave? Anxious to get rid of us?

It just always feels so silly standing on the platform.


We'll catch a fish that can talk!

I heard what happened.

I'm... I mean...

You don't...

You don't have to come to work if you don't want to.

It's better to keep working.

Very well.

As you like.

Don't touch me.

The cellos and basses should sing like blazes!

It's about joy, you see.

Not the joy expressed in laughter... or the joy that says, "I'm happy."

What I mean is a joy... so great, so special... that it lies beyond pain and boundless despair.

It's a joy... beyond all understanding.

I can't explain it any better.