Till We Meet Again (2016) Script

This is very bold.

And I feel like our client is a lot more conservative than this. Okay.

I feel like it's going to be very difficult to rein all of this in.

But if I can show you one picture here.

Yeah, but, no, I know what you were going for, I get it.

But I just feel like it's a little all over the place, and, and I feel like your cultural references, you know the Buddha images?

Mhm. I think that's really sensitive of you, but I feel like they're a little literal, right now.

Okay. Because you see them a lot in...

I know you do, but in this particular project, just in general, I just feel that this is a bit naive.

I'm, I'm really sorry about this, but I'm going to have to put this one over into Emily's department, okay?



How's work for you?

It's going well. I think.

Oh, the Asian thing. That's right.

Yeah, how's that going, is it...

They like it so far, so.

I would like I would have hoped to, just a little quicker pace would have been lovely, but, you know. Yeah.

I'm keeping at it.

Are you supposed to go somewhere though, for your...

The big trip! The big trip, yeah.

The big trip. That's right, uh not yet, urn, I haven't been able to, you know I want to I I know.

It's just, it's so hard to find the time to go, and I guess you have to just leave everything.

Yeah. That's, you know.

But if you, but if you're gonna go, I suggest...

It needs to be now. You need to go, you just need to go.

Forget about everything else.

Forget about money, forget about...

I really agree, yeah. Just go.



Do you want help sweetie?


You okay?

Did you involve yourself in a single conversation tonight?

Smells like cigarettes now.

Cigarette. I only had one.

If you get pregnant, you won't be able to have only one.

You want me pregnant now?

Well, you'd look cute with a little baby belly.

Yeah, that's not a good reason to have a baby, you know.

I mean, eventually, right?

I don't even like kids.

You're just saying that.

It would just be so nice to feel your presence once in a while.

Well, I'm present with you.

No, I don't, no! You stuck?

I mean it must have been something you wanted to express tonight, no?

I express myself when I write.

I just wish you could be more social sometimes.

I'm social with you.

I shouldn't, I'm sorry. No, I'm sorry, I should have No. I could have.

Don't apologize, don't apologize, please.

Maybe if I spoke...

Ssshht, shut up.

It's okay.

Yeah? It's okay.

You sure, hon, it's real fun.

Do you want to do something else?

I'm finishing it, I'm committing.


You know, I'm going to check my email real quick.

Want me to come with you?

No, finish your class.


Hey there.


I just got internet to work.

Oh. you got n?


Two bars though.

For a moment I thought they might have lied about it.



David and his girlfriend are only like,

seven hours away.

Seven hours?

How many more days is your scuba course again?

Six more days. Oh...

Honey, I barely know the guy.


In fact I don't know him, I haven't met him.

And everything you've been telling me about him, sounds like a, like a douchebag.

What are you talking about?


He's uh, he's really nice, that's kinda harsh. I know he is.

I'm gonna take a shower.


Honey, I'm going down to the store.

Okay, I'll come with you.

It's okay. I'll go.

You want the receipt in the bag?

Sure, great. Thank you.

Oh, and we're going to get that holy basil in on Monday that you guys were asking about.

That's great, thank you. I'll stop by.

Is it going to be the fresh one?

Yeah, absolutely.


So, Monday is the big...

Yeah, Monday's when we get everything in.

So, if you come first thing.

All right, I'll stop...



Hey, hey, I can take that.

Did we need anything else?

No, I just thought I'd meet you, and walk you home. Oh, okay.

Thank you.

Have a good one guys.

You're gonna walk me home?

Well, yeah, why not.

You didn't have to stop writing.

No I, well I needed a break anyway.


Well, I needed to get some air, so it's not a big deal for me to come down.

Don't you think David and his girlfriend want to be alone on their first vacation together?

Well, he asked if we wanted to come.

Us? He said us?

Well he said you so how do I know.

You were the one who wanted me to do this.

Yeah, so why don't you stay then, and finish your class and...

I don't have to finish it.

Yeah, but, you're not writing and I wanna meet them.

You were talking about commitment. Now you want to leave me here?

I'm not leaving you. Yes you are.

Okay, you've paid already, you should finish the class.

And meet us later or something.

It might be good.

What do you mean, it might be good?

Good for you to be away from me?


Can I just meet them?

Yeah, you can meet them.

Go and meet them, go fucking meet them.

Well, he can stay and finish the course and meet us afterwards.

Yeah, I know.

He's just not very good at being alone and he freaks out.

Joanna, he'll be fine.

You should let yourself have some fun instead of waiting for him.

Plus, you have to see this place, it's beautiful here.

I got to go. I'll talk to him.

I'm going to finish the course here.

I wrote, wrote down some notes for you.

So you can find us. It's in here.

You already decided, huh?

Why can't you wait?

It's four days.

It's five days.

Fine, it's five days, and I can meet you there that evening, Night Market?

That'll give you some time to write.

And I can email you as soon as I can.

Look inside.


I know you, you wanted to go alone, but I think we can go together.

Two tickets to Thailand, you Erik.

Your Erik, I wrote It says you.

I wrote it on the way up here sorry.

Are you serious?



You made it!

Hi. How are you?

I'm great. How are you?

I'm good. Let me get your bag. Yeah thank you, thank you.

I can't believe we're in Thailand at the same time.

I know, it's surreal, I like it.

It's awesome.

But, you know, meeting up with people, when you're abroad, it's an obligation.

Oh, so that's your justification.

Yeah, it is. Thank you.

You're welcome.

I booked you a room, it's not what you're used to but, you have a bed, and you've got some warm beer.

Good, that's all I need.

How've you been?

Good, good, you, work, how's it going?

It's been great actually.

I left the gym, and now I'm my own boss.

I've got some really good clients.

That's great.

I'm delighted to be not doing it for a little bit though, I need a little break.

Yeah, Of course.

So, this is your new little home.

This here, seriously?


It's the cutest. I love it.

How do you feel, do you want to grab a drink?

Or are you too tired?

Uhm, I think I might be too tired actually. I'm sorry.

That's all right, well, I'm just there if you change your mind.

You haven't changed at all.

Is that a good thing or a bad thing?

You can choose!

Very good.

Ok, good.

Good night sweetheart. Good night.

Good to see you. You too. See you tomorrow.

Yeah, sweet dreams. You too.

If you change your mind!


Hi, sorry, I can't get my internet to work, can you help me?

They don't have internet here.

What do you need it for?

Oh, I promised to, uh, to email Erik when I got here.

But wait, you Skyped me?

I Skyped you from my phone, but I've literally just run out Of money on it.

Oh okay.

They have a place, uhm, really close to here, I can take you first thing in the morning.

Yeah, okay, yeah, that works.

Where's Alice?

Oh, it's a, it's a long story.

She had to, she had to go back to New York.

You're joking she had to go back?

Yeah, she had to go back for some work, and...

Why didn't you tell me?

You were on your way, and I didn't have time.

But it's all good.


Internet? Tomorrow morning?

First thing. Thank you.

Night, night. Night, night.

Sleep well. Sleep well.

What's the matter Erik?

Sorry guys-


Hello! Hi!

Hi! Are you okay?

Is everything all right?

Yes, I'm sorry, our place didn't have internet!

Oh, okay.

Right, so how are they, are they fun?

Yeah, I'm having fun, it's actually only David though, because Alice had to go back home to work.

Wait, what?

Yeah, but it's fine, actually, it's, you know, I never met her anyway.

Until yesterday.

No, she was already gone when I got here.

Wait, was she ever there?

What, yes!


He's with Alice, relax!

What do you mean, he's with Alice, relax?


Are you saying it would be different if he was single?

That's not what I meant.

What did you mean then, if, because he has a girlfriend now I should be thankful.

No, I just meant that you don't have to worry.

I'm not worried, I, why would I be worried?

You wouldn't. Never mind.

You know what, have fun with him, I'll, I got to go.

You okay?

He was just so upset, I really hope he gets better.

He's a big boy, he'll figure it out.

I don't know, I mean...

He doesn't like being alone, and he gets very dependent, and then I feel bad because I get frustrated.

Wow, you drank that faster than me, I'm impressed.


How did you and Erik meet again?


I don't know, I mean it's just So...


I didn't say random.

You meant random.

We met the same day his...

The same day as?

It's a long story, we needed each other.

Hey you up?

Good morning!

Oh, wow, look at this!

Yeah, that's what happens, you know.

Yeah. Hey.

What oh!

Hey, you want to eat in the garden?

So, there's a but in there? It's a but?

What do you mean?

What you would make it.

I, I, well...

So what was this? I've forgotten.


Close your eyes.



What is it?

I made it for you.

You made it?

Thank you.


Hey, hey!

Hey, I'm still at work.

Oh, yeah, right, uh...

So there's, there's a blackout here.

Would you be okay being alone For a bit more? I'm home soon.

Yeah. Yeah right.


So, when, when are you...

I know it's Christmas, it's only for a few more hours okay?

Oh, okay.

Okay, I'll see you home.

Yeah, I'll see you soon.

See you soon.

Good morning!


Hey, how are you?

Come on in, the door doesn't lock.

Oh, shit. Ya.

Hi, sorry. Oh, hey, do you want me to step out?

No, no, no, could you hand me the T-shirt?

If you can see it. My hands are a little tied up.

I won't look, I promise, hand.

How'd you sleep?

I slept really good.

Oh great!

Great actually and you?

Good, although I was up at 4 a.m. which is a bit annoying.


I have no idea, but went for a bike ride, which was pretty cool!

That's nice!

Can't wait to show you around this place.

You didn't have to make me breakfast.

I didn't make it, I just got it from the buffet.

That's the cutest.

There you go.

They don't let you take it to the room though.

I just told them you were sick and stuck in bed.

Is it good coffee?


It's not good coffee, is it?

Yeah, I'm going to put that down.

Pineapple is my favorite.

It is? Hmmmm.

Did you know?

No, but now I do.

That is some good pineapple. Hmmmm.

It's amazing.


Come on!

Ah, I don't want to get out, it's like a bath, so warm.

Let's get going.

We've been here for ages.

All right. Yeah?

We can go to see him.

We have to go meet him, come on.

We'll look around a little bit first.

No, I mean, if we go now, we get closer today, and then we can meet him sooner.

Cool. Sure.

Yeah? Yeah!

See, I'm easy going. Thank you!

No problem, you wanna go now?


I want to swim some more.

Oh, I'm sorry.

Oh, you ass!

Thank you.

Hey, want to wait here with the bags, and I'll go and check us in?

Hey, listen, they've only got one single bed available.

Everything else is taken, so...


I get it, I won't say anything to Erik, I won't say we shared a bed, I don't want to make your situation worse. ls that gonna be okay?

Yeah. It's really cheap.

Yeah. You want me to get your bag?

I'm good, thank you.


I haven't slept on a single bed since I was like 14.

And I give you full permission to kick me if I snore.

I might.

It's in Thai.

So, would you like me on your right side, your left side, or on top?

You're a feisty little thing these days aren't you?

So tired.

Let me get the light.

Oh, sorry.

Do you want anything to drink?

I'm good, thank you.

Sweet dreams.

You too.


Can we go somewhere fancy tonight?

Yes, I'm dying to have some real food, I'm just done with the Thai food okay?

I know everyone loves it, I need some western food.

So, a place we could have gone to in the States?

Precisely, I know just the place.

I'm so happy to be out Of New York, that rat race, it's...

I hear you. I needed this.

Do you find that like, you start becoming who everyone wants you to be, and being here just like, like realigns you with who you really are?

I mean that sounds really hippiedippie, but, like...

No, but you're right though.

I mean, I don't know how many personas I have in New York but it's quite a few.

Well, I like the one I'm seeing right now.

If it's the real one.

You never know.

Thank you, you know what, I've been thinking a lot about our habitat trip lately.

Me too! Really?


That's pretty special.

Do you speak to any of them?

No, not really.

I actually, I heard from Derek.

He's getting married.

Actually in fact, most Of them are getting married, and they're not even 30, and I'm like, what are you wasting your life for, marriage is such a waste of time.

I'm going to be the one guy with three cats, who is single forever.

I kind of like the cat guy.

I think he should stay.

You're the only person who actually likes it.

Why are you saying that, I'm sure that's not true.

You were so different on that trip.

In what way?

I guess when you met Brian, you just didn't want to hang outwith anyone and you just No, I met Tom first, Brian was in college.

Brian, Tom, Kevin, Charlie, Robert.

You just, your life became about them and nobody else.

And I feel like, you know, they dampened your light a little bit.

That's sweet.

It's not like I'm dating guys like that anymore, anyway.


Erik is not like that.

He's patient and sweet, caring, supportive.


No, don't hang up on me, don't.

Do you know how to get there, yeah?

Yeah, I'll be there.

Okay, we'll be at the entrance.

At the entrance, okay.

So, where are you now, exactly?

Uhm, I'm in our bungalow, just hanging out.

Wait, you're staying together?

Are you?

We just had to sleep somewhere, okay?

It was late, and there was only a single room left, and we just...

A single room, what, are you sleeping together?

We just slept, stop worrying, please!

Let's meet tomorrow and talk then instead.

Talk about what?

Look, I need to be able to have some alone time.

You're not alone, you're with David.

I'm the one who's left alone, I bought these tickets for us.

I know you did.

Look, I know that, I didn't mean for you to take care Of everything. I'm doing the best I can.

Erik, please, listen, let's meet tomorrow, at the market, we'll talk then.

No, you can talk to me, I'm right here.

No, no, I got to go.

I'm right here talk to me, Joanna?

Yeah, I want to pass time and read all the books.

There's something about you and books.

So beautiful.

You think? Thank you.

Yeah, I could live here.

Erik, come.

Where are you going?

Come here.

What? What is it?

I wanna ask you something.


Do you want to move in with me?

Are you serious?

Yeah, I mean, you're there all the time anyway.


And I know I'm so picky with my design, and my styling, but I promise you can have a say.

And we can move things around and...

Oh, no, I love your Asian design, and all that stuff you add to make it nice.

It's our place!

Hi, just those and the sarong.

Blue one?

Blue one's good?

Blue one?

Thank you.

Thank you.

So anywhere around here?

Yeah, I mean, I guess this is it.

You remember what he looks like, right?


There you are, just walk with me for a bit.

Wait, what? Please, please just walk with me for a second.

Are you okay? No, no, I'm fine I'm just hiding from somebody.

Who are you hiding from?

Okay, you see that guy right behind you?

No, no, no, no, no, don't look so obviously!

Just slowly look back, the Asian guy right behind you.

That describes everyone I'm looking at.

Oh shit, he's coming, this is so bad, so bad.

Why are you hiding from him?

Oh, we had like, two beers, and then we made out and then suddenly, he's all like oh, shit, we have to go.

We have to go, come on, please!

Wait, I need to stay near the entrance.

Which entrance?

What do you mean, which entrance?

There's like 7,000 entrances to this thing.

Minimum, maybe 8,000, I don't know.

You serious? Yeah!

Oh my god we have to go! Come on!

I just don't know where he could be, he should be here!

All I know is that I'm bloody starving.

Why don't you just go off and get us something?

This place is crawling with food.

All right do you want anything?

I'll wait here.

Okay don't wander off.

No, I won't! All right, see you in a bit.

See you.

Ah, I think we're in the clear.

I think we lost him.

Yeah? God, it's ridiculous.

So what brings you to the Night Market, are you looking for something in particular?

Or just browsing?

No, well yes, I was.

I'm supposed to meet somebody here.

Why are we sitting here?

Well, I've got to thank you for keeping me company, and serving as my bodyguard.

You've done, a really good job.

I'm not very good company right now.

Hey, I don't think you can be the judge of that.

Well, I'm not meeting my friends for hours, do you want to look around or something?

Uhm... Yeah, let's look around.

What's your name by the way?


Erik, well I'm Miranda.

Put it here, ready?

What? Let's go!

These are kind of cool.

Yeah, Joanna would love these.

Who's Joanna?

That someone I was supposed to meet tonight.

Oh, Joanna's her name.



Yo hoo!

Yeah, I don't think she's here, she's a goner.

I'm sorry.

It's okay.

Hey, you know what you need?


You need to meet my friends.

Yeah? You would totally love them.

You would fit right in with them actually.

Oh my God.

You know what before we go to Malaysia we're going to the Jomtien Beach Party.

Have you heard of it?

Jomtien Beach Party? No.

Oh my God, it is the best time, the locals are so much fun.

Thank you.

It's just not like him, I hope he's okay.

I'm sure he's okay.

You don't know that though.

Look, I think we should give it a couple of more minutes, and then we should get out of here.

Maybe he couldn't make it.

I could check my email I guess.

Mm, this is fucking amazing, you have to try it.

Ah, yeah, you don't eat prawns.

You want to go look over there?

Yeah, sure.

Nope, it is vegetable with fried rice, and if you don't like this I'm personally kicking you out of Thailand.

You didn't have to do that.

Do what?

How much was it?

Oh, no, no, no, don't be ridiculous.

It's fine.

Why are you taking care of me?

Oh, I'm not like, I'm not hitting on you, if that's what you think.

No, of course not.

It's not what I meant.

Hey, come on, he's, it's gonna be fine.

Yeah but I mean, even if he's okay, it's not okay though. Who just doesn't show up like that?

Isn't this what you wanted though?

What do you mean?

Yeah, Erik needs some time on his own.

Time to explore and you need some alone time.

Yeah, maybe, I don't know.

Look, I get it, you're worried.

But he's going to be fine, he's a grown man, he can take care of himself.

Yeah, I guess.

You should to look after yourself for once.

We need more rum, I will be right back.

You wanna get a drink?

Yes. You need a drink.

I've got a bar with your name on it.

Bar Joanna?


Erik! Hey. hey Erik!

Hey, where are you going?

I need to find a hostel.

A hostel? Yeah.

Do you want to stay with us tonight?

We have like three extra beds, it's like totally cheap.

Well, I mean it's not totally free, but it's pretty cheap.

Do you want to, it's really close we can get a cab.

If there's one.

I can't get a cab, I have a scooter.

You've got a scooter, give me the keys dude!

No, I'm a great driver I promise, okay.

All right. Yes, yes!

Oh, here they are.

That's your friends?


Come on, let's go.

Hey wait, remember that guy on the ferry, he said like you can just pop them open together?

Do, do you want to do it?

I mean, I'll try. Yeah, try.

It's worth a try right?

Oh my God, I love you so much!

I got it all over my legs.

What's up guys? Hi!

Have you seen the bottle opener?


Oh, I knew it! Where?

I've had it in my bag all day.

No way! I'm so sorry!

I'm going to kill you! I'm so sorry!

I've been looking for, everywhere!

You guys are like animals.

Oh, hi, Jamie.

Hi, Erik.

I'm Cecile.

Hi Cecile.

He needed a place to crash tonight, so I said he could crash with us.

That's nice! Welcome.

Thank you.

Where's the bottle opener?

I have it, it's not going to go to you anymore.

Really, had to really regret that, yeah.

It's so funny how we met, you know.

How we could have just missed each other.

Alignment. Yeah, I know, that's crazy.


There's people that believe in it, and people that don't but there's no way that it's just a coincidence.

So, what brought you here?

Ah, well Joanna really wanted to go, and,

and here I am.

Yeah! Yup, you are.

No, we spoke about it for so long, she was so surprised when I actually got her the ticket.

Well, hey, you're not just a talker anymore.

I was never a talker.

So what about you, Jamie?

I had to get away from my family for a little bit.

There were some moral differences.

Hit the road.

Oh well, thanks for having me, thanks for picking me up.

Thanks for the ride.


Jamie and Cecile are waiting, we're going to the jungle.

You in, or do you want to stay here all alone?

I'll come.

Okay great!


Hey, sorry, I had to find a computer.

That's okay. Oh, okay.

For what?

Any luck?

He emailed me.


And apparently he ran into some backpackers and he said to meet later.

So he made some new friends, that's great!

I guess.

Look, at least you know he's okay.

Have some of this. It'll make you feel better.

It can't hurt at this point.

Uhm, I want to take you to this place.

It's really beautiful.

Is it far?

No. Not really.

Okay, sure.

I'm in a fucking jungle with Swedish tourists.

Oh, sorry, forgot!

Why not explore a country when you pay so much money and time to get there?

Oh no! Erik! Erik!

Bye, bye!

It's safe, right?

Yeah, it's safe.

You see, 10 years ago I could have never, ever have imagined, that would be standing here, looking at this view, with you.

Thank you for bringing me here.

My pleasure.

Ah, we found it!


To us!

First night in the jungle!

First night in the jungle, bottoms up.

So you saw them together?

Yeah, they looked so happy.

So in love, kissing, holding hands.

I know they slept together.

She told you?

Well, she's yeah.

She didn't say they slept together, she said they, something about only one single bed or something.

Oh, but that's just temporary attraction, it doesn't mean anything. She probably still loves you.

No, that's the thing, I don't think she does.

She, I'm not who she wanted me to be, that guy full of energy, you know, aiming for the stars.

Yeah, no, but it's like the longest we've been away from each other.

She thought it might be good for us, so I guess I'll, I guess I'll just give her that, right?

Well, it's good, missing somebody, right?

Yeah, but I always miss her, even if she was gone for an hour.

Well, that's sad.

Yo, that is messed up!

How long have yo been together?

Eh, five years.

You remember the date?

It's the, the same day my sister died.

Were you guys close?

Yeah, we moved to New York together, and she was the one that took care of me.

So what did you do?

Nothing, I'll met Joanna right after, like the same day.

That's crazy.


Well, you're here now, so.

Yes! That is something.

Is that how you say it? Think I know that one.

Cheers, you got to get that one right.

I'll never be too old for a swing.

I'll never be too old to be a swinger.

It keeps it interesting.

Oh, that's awful, that's awful!

Sharing is caring.

Oh, God!

What did you mean before at the restaurant?

What are you referring to?

We were talking about Erik and you said something what was it again.

I actually don't remember, I might've been a little drunk.


Yeah. Yeah, you were.

But you were saying something about Erik being like my exes or something?

I didn't say that!

Okay, so what did you say then?

It's not important.

It is to me.

What I meant is none of the guys you're with,

it's always the same.

Here, what I'm trying to say is, you don't need an anchor holding you down.

Do you think we can ride the elephants?

Do you think they'd like that?


The elephants!

I never thought about that.

So you've never crawled before?


I can show you a little crawl.

You can show me, I'll watch.

I'll hold your stomach, and kick your legs, like a frog.

There you go!

What are you writing about?

Uhm, life, I guess.

It's, uh...

I don't know, everything I don't express verbally.


You don't have a title?

No, not really.

Isn't that sort Of step one in writing a book?

Can you read?

We can name your book for you, let's do it right here.


The lankiest dude alive.

Don't be mean.

No, we love you. I'm just kidding.

Erik, do you want to dance?

No, I don't dance.

Want to dance, you just winked me!

I think you want to dance so bad!

I need to finish my beer!

Oh no, it's done!

Be careful!

She's so cute!

She is vicious on the dance floor.

So, would Erik be your type?

Erik, no, he's great, I mean, I love the shit out of him, but...

But like?

No, not like that!

What about you? Huh?

You seem to be fond of him.

Fond, what are you in a soap opera?


Yeah, I love the shit out of him.

Oh, the easy road, huh?

It's going to be so much fun!

Hey, thank you so much for helping out today.

My personal trainer.

It was my pleasure.

I'm hurting, man.

You, okay, you want to sit down here and have a professional look at it?

I'm so sore, I must have tensed up.

Come here.

Let me have a look.

It's this one right here.

Hmm, it's your lower neck muscle.

That's what it's called?

It's actually called the muscular trapezius.

Whoa. I think you're making that up.

No, I'm not, I know my muscles very well.


Sorry, all right. Sorry, I got it.

There you go, wow, you're tight.

Don't stop.

I bet this place is really expensive, and they're going to try to rip us off.

Yeah, I'm not buying anything so it's okay.

Hey mate, how much is this table?

No, no, no.

Price? For this?

No, no, no.

So it's not for sale?

Don't worry about it.

I wish they'd learn to speak some bloody English, I might actually buy something if I knew how much it cost, you know what I mean?


I brought you some fruit.

Thank you.

Do you want to try it, do you want me to just give you a little? No, I'll just have some later.

All right, then I'd have to help myself then.

That might be the best pineapple I've ever had, try some.

Come on! No, I'm good thank you.

Tastes like an orgasm in my mouth right now.

Oh good.

What are you doing?

Uh, I'm just getting some work done.

I've got a better idea.

Why don't you put that down.

No, no, please.

And I can entertain you a little bit.

I've got this dance, it's really good.

It's basically Chippendales with Cirque du Soleil, and a bit of Starlight Express, I can do it in the room.

No, thank you.

What, you don't want to see my dance?

I'm good.

You are the first person to turn me down, I'm devastated.

I'm sorry, I just have to do this for a little while.


You're beautiful.

Thank, thanks.

I'm sorry.

You wanna go for a walk?

I really don't feel like it.


You can go and I'll stay.

All right, well, I'll see you later?


I hope your work goes well, all right.

Thank you.


Are you guys swimming?

You guys, I didn't bring anything.

What would you need?

Come on!

It's warmer here, right?

Back home it makes your balls shrink.

Yeah, yeah, the water is pretty nice.

Come on.


Come on.

Jamie, let's stay here, they want to talk.

Hey, what's up, what is it?



That's all.

What did you do that for?

Now you don't have to be mad at Joanna.


All right, let's go.

So, what will you miss most about Thailand?

Uhm, I'll miss walking with sand under my feet.

Uhm, having salt water in my hair.

Mm, yeah, me too.

And the people.



You're funny lately.

Lately, wait, was I boring before?

No, you were just accidentally funny.

Accidentally funny?

Like, you guys were laughing at me?

Yeah, pretty much.

You know, I might miss you if you go home.

I, I should just go to sleep.


Uhm, I could keep you company?

Okay, can we just sleep though?

Can't these people be somewhere else?

You're in their country, you know.

I just want to be on a deserted beach.

Why do you think you're entitled to everything?

I don't.

I just think they should be thankful we're in their country spending money.

If they didn't have tourists they'd probably die.

Oh, hello. Hi!

Look at your little bucket, it's so cute!

You're broody! Aren't you?

You do know I am top level sperm.

I could probably pop one out if you'd like. Stop. Stop.

They'd pay good money for mine.

Seriously, why do you want to have a kid all of a sudden.

It's so not like you.

I think I need to leave.


I was just joking.

Joanna! Joanna!

I don't know why you still feel so guilty.

Jesus, you're like a kid.

So, I'm the kid?

I don't feel guilty, it's just not like him to be so out Of touch.

If you want to be with Erik, why are you here with me?

Not now, David.

Erik is fine.

Listen, Erik was with a girl at the Night Market.

I saw him, okay, I saw them.

Is this some kind of joke?

No, I saw him, I don't know who she was.

Did you talk to him?

No, I didn't even know it was him at first, he looked different, he looked happy.

And you didn't tell me.

I was trying to protect you, I was, you wanted space, I gave you space.

Are you fucking kidding me?

No, I'm not!

I don't know what you want from me, I'm trying to do everything I can by you.

Yeah, apart from being honest?

Was this all part of your little plan to get me to be with you?

Wait, what are you talking about, little plan?

I didn't have a little plan, you wanted this.

I wasn't panning on your choices, I swear.

I wanted this?

Yes, you wanted this! Remember?

Do you remember, you came to me!

I like you.

Can't you see that?

I'd love for you to stay.

I'm not gonna be your girlfriend, you know.

Oh, you're not going to be anyone's girlfriend, right?

But really, we're cool right?


We're good?

We're good. Good.

I mean, we both needed someone in the moment, I know.

Wait, what do you mean?

Yeah, I mean, I needed somebody, you needed someone, it's just, that's what it was, right?

No, no, no, I didn't really need shit.

What do you mean needed somebody?

Why are you so upset?

No, I'm not upset, I'm just, like, you need to stop needing people.

I need to stop needing people?

Yeah, it's like, I don't think it's good for you anymore.

You can't, you can't just say that I'm some sort of comfort, like what is that?

Well, it doesn't matter what I think it was.

No, of course it matters what you think it is.

I should have seen this coming.

No, stop, what do you say, what do you mean?

No, no I, no I just like fucked everything up, I'm sorry, I thought you were on the right track, and then...

Wait, what do you mean the right track?

I, I'm sick and tired of people complaining about who I'm not, just let me be who I am, okay?

It's not about being on the right track.

Well, then who are you, what are you gonna be?

I don't know what I'm going to be, I don't, stop changing me, okay!

Where are you going?

This whole thing is my fault.

It's nobody's fault.

Joanna, you don't have to go.

I knew this was a stupid idea.

Me falling for a friend that's really, really stupid.

You know what, if you want to go see your boyfriend and his new girlfriend, go for it, it's, it's fine.

Why are you being mean?

I'm, I'm not actually, I'm just being completely honest.

Yeah, like you were before?

I don't give much for your honesty.

I actually was protecting you, but...

Yeah, you were protecting me?


That's bullshit, and you know it.

You wanted it too, what...

If you want to go see him, he's going to be at the Jomtien Party tonight.

How do you know?

He doesn't want to be alone.

He's with the girl.

Just go, it's fine, have a good time.

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry too.

Okay, so I think you might be a burlesque dancer.

Okay no, one more you're gonna get it.

One more, okay, I'm gonna get it, okay.

Ah, ah, it's so hard.

Oh, Swedish chef?

That's a bit stereotype.

You know we don't talk like that, right.

No, I don't know, I haven't heard you speak Swedish.

Okay, so just tell me then. I'm a writer.

Right. So that's what it is!

I'm glad we decided to meet.

Me too, you're feeling better?

I wanted to ask you something.


Hey you can't be here this late!

Shit. We can't be here?

No, it's too late, we might get a ticket.

Oh, okay.



I'm sorry I yelled.

Oh, uhm, you know what, I'm kind of glad you did.

You Okay?

Very, you?

Yup, always, always good.

Come on, guys, look, look at the view!

Stop it. This is insane, guys!


Let's watch the sunset, right?

, beer please.

Thank you man! Thank you very much!

No, but it's great, like, from what Cecile and Miranda's been telling me, it's like, a little bit more straight forward here when you backpack, and like, you, you just...

Oh, yeah! Yeah, like?

You cut right to the chase.

You know, when this moment comes?

You're a dolphin, you're a dolphin!

Yeah! But after two hours when you realize this is bullshit and then it gives up, you realize there's no way, I, because I was driven out by someone, I was left, so they had to stay and spend the whole night, and of course...

Pretty cool.

I would have freaked out.

I don't know actually, I might have just, I might have been into that.


Three years, yeah!

It's really cute.

Well, you're all about extremes, so that is kind Of down your alley.

It's true, balls to the walls.

I like a man who calls me 53 times.

Excuse me guys.

I'm sorry, I should have told you that I was coming.

No, it's okay.

Do you want to walk for a bit?

Our flight is the day after tomorrow.

Yeah, I know.

So different seeing you with these people.

Yeah, I guess it is different.

So, uhm,

that girl was your friend?

Miranda? Yeah.

How's David?

I left David.

I saw you at the Night Market.

Why didn't you come up to me?

I don't know, I couldn't.

I shouldn't have left you, I'm sorry.

Where's your bracelet?

Can we go home please, I need you.

I'm not, I'm not going home Joanna, okay?

Are you staying with her?

I'm just staying.

Please come home with me!

I'm not done traveling yet.

Where are you supposed to go?

I don't know where I'm going.

You don't know where you're going?

No, I don't know where I'm going.

I can stay, we can travel, we can, we can go to...


Just ask me and I'll stay.

Just ask me and I'll stay!

Hey, hey, are you okay?

Will she be okay?

Yeah, she'll be fine, I have no doubt.

If you change your mind, come and find us.

Okay, I might.