Timber the Treasure Dog (2016) Script

The hole is ready Hawk.

Well, is the hole ready?

I really wish you spoke dog.

Well, I don't need this anymore.

I bet no one finds the treasure with all these riddles, Hawk.

Monty, we better have one more look at this, hadn't we?

Wait a second. Stop right there.

The treasure is bones and bacon?

Can you think of a better prize?

The treasure sounds horrible to me.

Don't upset the pigs, Barbecue.

You know how sensitive they are.

Yeah, and I thought this was Hawk Jones's treasure chest.

No, Kaia, it's Monty's treasure.

The hero was just helping him carry it.

That's not how Emmett tells the story.

You gonna listen to Emmett's fictional version or my real tale?

I vote for the real story.

Me too! And for food!

I'm so hungry, I could eat a horse.


Oh, brother. I'm out of here.

Well, more for us.

Yeah, for sure.

More bacon for us!

Hey! Wait a minute!

Buried treasure, riches...

Hey, wait! I wanna hear too. I love this story.

And when they opened the chest...

what do you think they saw?

Gold, gems, and other precious artifacts.

Well, it's starting.

Hawk, we gotta get out of here. This is getting dangerous.

No need to worry about burying this.

Them blasts will take care of that.

We need to get on out of here.

I can't get across this.


Now you take that to that witch and get home as fast as you can.

Go on, go on!

I'll see you on the other side.


And that was the last time anyone saw my great granddaddy, Hawk Jones.

Who goes there?

My name's Monty. We need to talk.

What do you want, dog?


Enter if you dare.

And was that the last time anyone ever saw old Monty?

No. He made it home.

Otherwise Mikey wouldn't have that key around his neck, now would he, Miss Smarty Pants? Minus the pants.

Dogs don't wear pants.

And that's very upsetting.

There should be a law.

Quiet! I want to hear the end.

But what happened to Monty?

Monty gave the chest to the witch, who lives up there in the hills.

As far as anyone knows, she still has the last piece of the puzzle.

Where's the gold now, Mr. Jones?

It's still buried up there in the hills.

Buried treasure... waiting for some brave explorer to find it.

I could find it! I have a smartphone.

Then you should use it to call your brain and ask for it to turn on.

Oh, yeah? Well, Mikey will never find it!

Nobody is gonna find that treasure without the lost pages from Hawk Jones's journal, where he gives clues and warnings about the booby traps he set to make sure that the treasure never falls in the wrong hands.

And Chad's hands are just wrong.

What's wrong with my hands?

They're related to Stonewall, the guy trying to buy up all our land and kick us out of our homes.

Oh, yeah? Well, I bet the legends aren't even true.

And your great-grandpa was just burying bones for all we know.

Kill him! He knows too much.

My dad's stories are 150% true.

Even the part with the witch?

Yeah. My mom told me about that witch.

Said she's been living up in the mountain for 200 years, casting spells on anyone caught trespassing on her land.

I'll believe it when I see it.

Mom! Not funny!

I'm telling my uncle all you guys are crazy!

He's right. That wasn't very funny. I know funny.

Hey, Manny, why did the chicken peck through the fence.

I dunno. Why, Sid?

To get to the other side.

Pretty good huh?

Yeah, but it sounds familiar.

Ha ha ha. I don't get it. Hah hah hah hah!

That's not how this day was supposed to end.

I'm sorry. What's the big deal?

Grow up, Mom.

Dad was hoping if he could show Chad how much fun the ranch can be, he might convince his uncle to give us more time to pay off the bank.

Stonewall helping anyone other than himself?

That'll be the day.

Let's go.

See you tomorrow, Mikey?

Yeah, sure.

Emmett, I'm sorry if I screwed anything up.

It's okay.

It'll work out.

I think she likes you.

Mrs. Fanning?

No. Billie.

Of course she likes me.

We're good friends.

Not like that.

Never mind.

It's okay, Dad. Things will work out.

And it was a great day working on the ranch, sharing experiences and memories with the ones we love.

The real treasured moments in life.

Why do I sense a request looming for a certain lake party?

I don't know what you're talking about.

Good, 'cause you're too young.

Too young? I'm 16!

Sweet sixteen.

Not that sweet.

Shut the door. I'm plenty sweet.

Dad, I have to go. The whole football team is gonna be there.

See, actually that's a good reason not to go.

You know what I mean. All my friends are gonna be there.

You are such a...

Mom would've let me go.

Well that's another reason your mother and I aren't together anymore.

Will you keep an eye on her, Barbecue?

Hey, feed me and I might be willing to look the other way.

Look, I know its been rough since your mom's been gone, but we're doing all right.

We gonna lose this place, Dad?

No. We'll be okay.

Your granddad's special package is coming tomorrow.

Maybe he left us a small fortune.

You really think so?

I think quitters quit, doers do, and hope is right around the corner.

Keep your eyes and mind wide open.

Opportunities for great adventure are everywhere.

Who said that?

I just did. Wasn't that me just talking?

Are you ready for dinner? Yup.

Come on.

If they lose the ranch, what happens to us?

We'll probably be sold to the highest bidder.

But this is our home too!

Hey, why did the chicken fly the coop?

I don't know. Why? He didn't. Chickens can't fly.

Don't worry. Emmett's right.

Hope could be just around the corner.

Ehh. I don't see it.

Keep looking. I can feel it.

Aw, thanks, Emmett.

Good morning, Emmett!

I hope we don't have to leave the ranch.

Me too.

Good morning, Emmett!

This is home. I don't wanna leave.

Here we go.

What's up? Nothing.

How's your day?

Good girl, Kaia! Pretty good, yeah.

That's good.

I'm trying to practice.

What's going on?

This is the guy who wants to take our house.

I feel underdressed.

I feel overdressed. Go figure.

Mr. Jones.

Still working my land, I see.

I almost feel like I should be paying you for this.

It's not your land yet, Casper.

Five days. And now it's official.

Thanks for calling me.

The notice, Phil. Give me the notice.

I didn't notice a notice.

Are you bearing witness to all this, Ranger Fanning?

If your asking if I see what's happening in front of my face, the answer is...

I guess I should've brought my glasses.

Relax. I'm witnessing it. I was just joking.

Well, I'm not joking.

Unless you come up $250,000, everything you own becomes the bank's and then mine.

I may be able to take care of that in about five minutes.

Excuse me.

What's going on?

Emmett's grandfather passed away last month.

The will states Emmett inherits his most valuable possession.

You don't say. I do say.

Let's go.

Hey, this might be what Dad's been waiting for.

Do you think this is something that could save the ranch?

I hope so.

I have a good feeling about this.

Really? I have a baaaaad feeling about this.

Delivery for Mr. Jones. Yes, sir.

Can I have you sign here for me?


As you know, my grandfather was also a great explorer back in the day, collecting countless priceless artifacts and buried treasures.

He also owned a dog.

And you can call me Timber!

Oh, boy!

This is so baaaad.

I'm gonna start packing up my pen.

We're losing this place.

This was not what I was expecting.

I don't think that dog's worth $250,000, do you?

Not even 250,000 cents.

Wow, Jones. Another mouth to feed.

Congratulations. She's a beaut.

I'm a he! Take a closer look, friend!

Oh, no, he didn't!

Kids, it's not funny.

I don't think that flea-bitten mutt is gonna fetch the sum you owe the bank, Jones.

Five days! Five.

And your little dog too.

It's a cute dog.

He looks like Monty, Hawk's dog from the story yesterday.

Yeah. He's probably Monty's great-great-great...

Yeah, I'm pretty great.

Uh, grandson. I mean granddog.


Is that his name or what he smells like?

Welcome to Montana. You're in the Treasure State.

I go where adventure takes me.

My name's Barbecue.

Good to meet you.

Oh, my kibbles. And who do we have here?

Ranger Kaia, but you can address me as ma'am.

Sure thing, darling. I mean, darling ma'am with the eyes of an angel.

Hey, how 'bout I call you Angel Eyes?


Mikey, take Timber into the bunkhouse and get him set up.


Is this legal? Afraid so.

He's taking over everything, my home included.

I don't know what we're gonna do.

Billie was born in that house.

We don't want to leave either.

We gotta do something about this. We need to go to the bank and see if they'll give us an extension.

I'll come with you if Billie can stay here.

Yeah. Look, Claire, can you watch the kids?

Dad, I have things to do.

Can you do it later? Okay, this is important.

Fun being a single parent, huh?

Kaia, you stay here too.

You're in charge until I get back.

You can count on me.


What about me?

Barbecue, you're in charge.

Oh, please.

Excuse me. I have a condition.

You should try gluten-free dog food.

Well, Timber, welcome to your new home.

I could get used to this.

Timber sure has a lot of stuff.

No kidding. Oh, yeah, missy?

When you get older, let's see how many shoes are in your closet.

This stuff is old.

Oh, my God! It's him, Hawk Jones!

And his dog Monty.

Definite resemblance.

Well, duh. This belonged to him.

I'm Monty's last living relative.

Careful! This stuff is priceless.

Hey, Mikey! It's a parchment!

Cloud Peak? That's here!

So you came bearing gifts, huh, boy?

Did someone say "gifts" as in food?

Man, this key's just like mine.

Dad gave this to me.

Said his great grandfather left it to him.

Hey, guys, listen to this.

"Where the rock is found, so does your journey."

Initialed H.J.

Hawk Jones!

Mikey, this is a map to the old mine.

You know what this could mean?

High adventure!

A call to arms!



Claire, we just found a clue to finding Hawk Jones's treasure chest.

Awesome. Need you for a sec.

What do you need?

So this is my humble abode.

Let me show you around.



Where's Dad? I gotta tell him.

Dad went into town with Billie's mom to deal with the bank issue.

I doubt he's gonna get very far.

Not if we find the treasure.

We could pay off our land, save our ranch and our house.

But in the meantime, Dad put me in charge, and what I say goes, and I say that I'm going.

Your lake party calling?

I just have to put in an appearance, which means you and Billie will get a little alone time.

You know, to get better acquainted.

You're weird. Whatever.

I'll probably be back before Dad, but in case I'm a little late, cover for me, okay?

But what about the treasure?

Go find it. Just stay in the house.


Seriously? Come on.

How do you like me now?

How 'bout now?

Does this work on dogs where you're from?

What did she say?

She said we should look for the treasure without leaving the house.

How the heck are we gonna do that?

My sister is crazy. She's no help at all.

Well, ask your dad.

He's out.

Well, what do you think he'd say?

I think quitters quit, doers do.

And hope is right around the corner.

Keep your eyes and mind wide open.

Opportunities for great adventure are everywhere.

He'd say, "Let's go for it.".

All right!

I got my rope, but we're also gonna need flashlights, climbing gear, shovels...

Whoa! This might get dangerous.

Danger is my middle name.

Mine is Norman.

You're right. We should also take a machete.

I was thinking you might want to stay behind with Barbecue and Kaia.

I wouldn't want you getting hurt.

So you know how to find your way in the forest?

Did your father teach you about star navigation like my mom taught me?

And if it gets late, you know how to set up camp?

Build a fire?

Protect yourself from possible wolf attacks?

Know what berries aren't poisonous to eat?

Tie a slip knot? Create a belay system for repelling down a mountainside?

Mikey, I know a lot more about surviving in the wilderness than you could ever read about in your books.

She's got a point. She has lots of points.

Billie and Kaia should definitely come with.

Well, maybe you could come, as like a sidekick.

Okay, okay.




I don't think so.

I reckon you're gonna warm up to me.

You'll see.

I'm ready for treasure hunting. How 'bout you?

I think this is a mistake.

We haven't thought this out well enough.

What do you think, Barbecue?

I don't know. I'm thinking.

Thoughts take a lot of thinking, you know?

Hey, you, come here.

You got something to say, or are you just horsing around?

The name's Thunder.

There's a lot a stake here, Timber.

More than I think you realize.

Don't treat this hunt as just fun and games.

We're counting on you. The whole ranch is.

If we lose our house, I'll be so saaaad.

I'll do my best, and we'll work as a team.

Follow your heart and trust your instincts.

Now is your moment.

Rise to the occasion.

Thanks, Thunder.

This is going to be really hard.

Or really fun!

Maybe both.

I won't let you down.

Come on, Timber!

Come on! Kaia!

Good luck, Timber!

You'll need it.

Y'all be safe.

Good luck, Timber! Good luck, Kaia!

Good luck, Timber!

Good luck, Kaia! Good luck, kids!

And when will Mr. Pinser be back?

I can't rightly say.

He sometimes takes a long, long lunch.

How long?

It depends if he's eating on the boat.

The boat? Yes.

Mr. Pinser sometimes goes fishing with Mr. Stonewall during his lunch.

If that's the case, he might not be back until 3:00.

We'll just wait.

Suit yourselves.

What about the kids? What about them?

Mikey and Billie are two of the most cautious children.

What kind of trouble could they possibly get into?

Operation Treasure Hunter begins!

Treasure Hunters!

Hey! Wait for me!

What do you have there?

First-aid pack, GPS tracking...

Bug repellant, compass, electric drill...

Water-resistant tarps, rock climbing harness...

How about some bacon?

Oh, I think I'm in love.

Dynamite. Dynamite?

My mother says I should be prepared for any and every occasion.

So you just pack around a stick of dynamite?

Timber! Kaia! Barbecue!

We're gonna be back for lunch, right? Right?

Doesn't this mine belong to Mr. Stonewall?

Yeah, but it's been shut down for years.

He was operating too close to our land.

Boy, was he mad when he had to stop.

I don't know if we should be doing this.

'Course we should.

You sure?


Barbecue, you wait out there. Let us know if anyone's coming.

Watch out. I don't think it's too safe down here.

It's fine. I know what I'm doing.

You were saying?

Ladies first.

Wait for me!


What the...


We should turn back.

This doesn't look safe at all.

Not nothing.

I found the rest of my pendant.


Dig there!

Look! Hawk Jones!

Try my key. My clue, remember?

Try Timber's key.

Hey, Timber, come here. Good boy.


A branding iron.

That's not all.


"Go to the valley where this herd rests."

Look at your feet.

"The eagle's head will point the way."

It's a clue!

Yeah, but I don't know of any eagle's head.

But I recognize this cattle brand.

It's from the Roberts Ranch, and there's a valley there.

But that's about two miles away.

We can do that.


Timber! Kaia! Come quick! I need help!

Come on, Timber!

Come on! Come on!

Now, Chad, my favorite nephew, my only nephew, did Jones describe the location where he thought that the treasure might be buried?

I asked him like you said. He described a dark cave.

Yeah, but outside of the cavern?

I knew it. Chad was spying on us.

That's why he came over yesterday.

Stonewall's looking for the treasure too.

Did he talk about a patch of trees?

A lake bed, an open field?

You mean the stories are true?

Our family's been after this treasure for over 50 years, and when I finally get my hands on those land tracts of Jones and Fanning and level them to the ground, then all of Cloud Peak Mountain will belong to me, and nobody can stop me from digging until I find it.

Oh, yeah? Timber, no!

Oh, no, not again! Stop that mangy mutt!

No! Anything but that dog! Take that, villain!

Mangy cur!

Ha ha ha! I showed him.

Oh, no! You've ruined everything!

We gotta get out of here.

Do you think they know what you're up to?

It doesn't matter. They can't stop me.

Nobody can!

Hey, they left that stuff behind.

I wonder what they were up to.

The boy is about 4'9".

The girl is maybe 5'2".

I mean what were they doing.

Running away from us.

I want the two of you to follow them.

Make sure they're not doing anything that interferes with my plans.

I can't afford any hiccups.

Stop! What are you doing?

Scaring someone is a good way to get rid of hiccups.

Huh? Ehh! Ehh! Ah...

Hey, come on. There's another path around the mine this way.

Come on.

I'll take you home with me. I need to change.

You better run, Mikey Jones, if you know what's good for you!

Rest stop, please?

We have to warn your dad and my mom what Stonewall's up to.

Well, we can't go back now.

If Stonewall gets the treasure before we do, he gets everything... our land, our homes.

We'll have to move. And then what?

You're right. It's up to us now.


Nothing. I'm just starting to see a slight resemblance between you and Hawk Jones.

Let's go.

Hey, what are them kids doing down there?

I don't know. Maybe...

Maybe they're gonna get some milk.

Hey, there.

I'm Timber. What's your name?


No. I asked your name.

You can speak to us. We understand cow.

Moo. My name is Moo.

The Roberts named a cow Moo?

It was their kid.

He was two at the time.

The name stuck.

Moo the cow. I like it.

Simple. Easy to remember.

Don't rub it in.

What are you all doing out here?

Looking for a buried treasure.

Have you seen an eagle's head around these parts?

Can't say I have, 'cause I haven't.

We're supposed to look at our feet.

Nothing but grass and ground down there, mm-hmm.

But perhaps it all depends on your perspective, mm-hmm.

Maybe you're right.

Aw, yeah, that's the stuff.

What are you doing? Rolling in the grass!

You can't tell me you've never rolled in the grass before.

I don't have time for that. I have a job to do.

See this badge on my vest? I'm a ranger.

That means responsibility.

I'm just doing what Thunder told me to do, following my instincts.

They are telling me to roll in the grass.

Roll, roll, roll!

Right, Moo?

I'll leave you to it.

Oh, you're on a roll, all right.

Oh, yeah, she's really into you.

All part of the plan, my furry little friend.

Well, I'll be. The cow was right.

Kaia, come here. No, thank you.

I have something to show you that's pretty cool.

What is it?

Put your head next to mine.

Do you think I'm falling for that?

Just for a sec. It's a real eye-opener.

Trust me. So what am I...

Oh, my! We have to tell them!

What is it? What's wrong?

Why are you acting so strange, Kaia?

I don't get it.


Billie, look to your feet!

The eagle's head!

It's pointing towards the old mining trail!

We better keep an eye on them, huh?

Not both eyes?

You know, sometimes I think you ain't right in the head.

This eye?

Come on, come on.

Nobody's home!

Would you like to leave a message at the sound of the oink?

Oh, crap! My dad, he's calling from his cell.

Quiet! Are you kidding?

Hey, Dad. What's up?

Who said I'm not home?

Oh, no, it's just me, Mikey, and Billie.

We're playing outside.

Yeah, with the dogs.

Can't you hear us?

Oh, no, we're just playing.


Mikey, wanna talk to Dad?


Oh, okay, yeah. I'm great.

Yeah, no worries. Talk to you later.


Uh-oh. She's in trouble.

What you doing?

Mapping out our coordinates.

This way we'll log our route so we know where we're going.

Like the breadcrumbs in "Hansel and Gretel."


Breadcrumbs you say? Is everything food with you?

Hey, I'll take anything I can get.

I think someone had the same idea.

Isn't that the same rock we found in the mine?

Look! Look what I found. Look what I found!

I found!

We found, partner.

What? What's wrong?


Look! He left us a clue.

Now we're getting somewhere.

It's a gold coin.

This is Hawk Jones's breadcrumbs.

Come on, let's go!

I can't believe we found a clue to finding Hawk Jones's treasure chest.

We must be on the right trail. I know.

Can you be having those? Watch me.

I mean should you?

Yeah, they're grouseberries, and they're pretty good.

Oh, I'm starving.

Are those berries made out of bacon?

The forest is full of stuff like this.

Yarrow. It's used to heal cuts.

And the roots can treat nausea and headaches too.

Well, what about this? Don't touch that!

It's poison oak.

One rub against that bad boy, and you'll be itching for days.


What is this? I don't know.

I don't know, but it itches.



Shh! Gosh! Shh!

You're the forest expert.

What kind of animal was that?

Maybe a yellow-bellied sapsucker.

Yeah, that sounds about right.

It's so pretty. I know.

Did we take a wrong turn?

No idea.

What now, Hawk?

Do we just keep looking to our feet?

Ugh. Timber, really?

You're such a dog.

When you gotta go, you gotta go.


Ah! Much better.


Hey, Mikey, look at that!


Hawk Jones!

Oro y plata.

What does that mean?

Gold and silver. In Spanish.

It's the state motto.

Gold and silver, eh?

The eagle's head is pointing across the lake.

Yeah, right... right down there!

And we helped lead the way.

Don't you mean spray the way?

The boss is gonna wanna hear about this.

I hope they find it.

Hey, when you was a kid, were you kicked in the head by a mule of something?

No, of course not.

It was two donkeys, back and forth three times into a mud puddle.

Thunderstorm, lightning. Lightning got me, and the ambulance ran over my legs.

The firetruck comes in pretty fast, hit me in the head.

I got something to report.

With the bumper. Yeah, these kids, they're conducting some kind of treasure hunt or something.

Oreos y plates.

Oreos y plates. All right.

Stonewall, they've got cookies.

All right, we'll keep an eye on them.

Right, boss. Just one eye?

Just one eye? How do you do that?


What do you do with this one? Come on!

I'm coming! I'm coming!

Whoa! Whoa!

Billie! Watch it!

Relax. He's got her.



You... You can let go of me now.

Oh, yeah, right.

I smell romance in the air.

All I smell is pee.

So, uh, how are we gonna get down there?

Well, I guess we could always jump.

Right, the day that Mikey Jones jumps from a cliff...

Gee, that's brutal.

Mikey! I'm okay!

I can't believe it! You jumped!

Uh, yeah, I did.

It was easy.

If he can do it, I can do it.

Bad idea! You don't know the wind trajectory or the speed calculations.


Oh, I hate it when she does that.

That looked like fun!

That was fun!

Hey, uh, guys, how we gonna get down there?

Head winds are soft, about 35 degree lip.

Now if we calculate...

You really need to live a little.

No. I wanna live for a long time, and you don't do that by just flying by the seat-

I can't hear you!

I hate showoffs.

Especially when they show you a thing or two.

Oh, yeah?

Now what, Barbecue?

Aw, man. I didn't bring my flip-flops.

Where's Barbecue?

Wait for meeee!

Oh, God.

What's in this water? Some fish? Some bacon?

Maybe some fish bacon.

This is ridiculous.

I can't believe we just did that.

The boss told us to follow them.

Hey, hey, hey, hey. You be my guest.

I'm gonna find a safer way down here.

You want my gloves? Nah.


That doesn't look much safer.

This is ridiculous. It's almost 3:00.

Where is he? We've been waiting nearly three hours.

Where is who?

Mr. Pinser.

Oh, he left for the day.

Left? No, he never returned.

Yes, he did. Mr. Pinser works in our other branch in the afternoons on Friday.

The one on Main Street.

Bank pen? They're free.

How about a lollipop?

Hey, I gotta get home. Mikey's not answering.

The party's getting started. Not for me.

If I get home and Mikey's not there and my dad's there, I'll never be allowed to party ever again.

Okay, just give me a minute, and I'll drive you home.

Okay. Let me say a few goodbyes.


That could take hours.

I'm getting hungry.

And we should dry off. How about you?

Sure. What's for lunch?

Yes! Mealtime!

Bring on the chow.

I think we need a real meal. Food sounds good.

I don't think Mikey knows how to fish, does he?

Oh, dear.

You can do it, Mikey!

I'm so hungry, I'm eating water!

Oh, give me that!

Fishing isn't as easy as jumping of a cliff, huh?

Not for me!

I knew he could do it.

Oh, I'm so happy. I love food!

More sticks. Pile 'em up high.


Coming along nicely.

That's it. Keep going.

Good job, good job!

You gonna help out?

I'm supervising.

Get him! Yeah!


We're gonna get you!

We're coming for you, Barbecue!

Uh, okay, okay! I'll help, I'll help.

Why do they get to have a picnic?

Did you bring any snacks?


What do I look like, a grocery store to you?

If you're hungry, catch yourself a fish.

Good idea. I'm packing heat.

Who gave you a gun?

It's not a real gun. It's a tranquilizer.

Give me the gun before you hurt somebody!

I'm gonna... Give me the gun!

I'm gonna tranquilize a trout!

Give me the gun! Just let me...

I can't swim! I can't swim!

I can't swim! Help!

Okay, guys, come on, stop chasing me.

Something smells familiar here.

I found more of that rock.

Barbecue, what did you find?

I don't know, but it smells old.

It's more of that rock!

Now why don't I think that's a coincidence?




You're here?

Where else would I be? How'd it go?


Will you tell Billie that I'm here?

Too late. She's at your house with Mikey.

Well, if you're here, who's supervising?

Didn't you put Barbecue in charge?

It's okay. Do you want me to send him back for dinner?

Yeah. Thanks, Jamie.

It'll all work out one way or another.

Why's your hair wet? You working out?

I believe adventure suits you, Mr. Jones.

Thanks, but I'm not sure I have much Hawk Jones in me.

Most of the other guys are a lot bigger than me.

Well, I'm not big, but that doesn't stop me.

This is delicious. Mm-hmm.

I'm surprised the dogs aren't around.


You'd think they would smell this and come running.


I'm gonna look for them.

Timber! Barbecue!


What are you guys doing?

We found something! Come look!

Jeez. Whoa!

What is that?

It's an urn.

With a blue rock on it.

There's a clue. There's even a cowbell.

What does the paper say?

"Dear adventurers, you are where you should be.

Now find the one who is feared for the final key."

It's a clue!

What does that even mean?



There's numbers on this.

4.5-6589-N... and 110.5636-W.

Oh, my gosh! These are coordinates!

You found the clue, Barbecue!

Hey, that rhymes.

I guess I did do it, and it wasn't even edible.

Maybe these coordinates are where the treasure could be.

This could work. It's not that far.

It's right by Falls Creek.

That's close.

A wolf!

Maybe he's a friendly wolf.

I'm so hungry.

Billie, don't make a sound.

Someone else has smelled our fish.


Hello? It's Jamie.

We may have a situation. The kids aren't here.


How'd you find us?

That satellite phone you have has a tracking signal.

Now, where are the kids?

Uh, nearby.

You lost them?

No. They lost us.

That sounds better, right?

Why I oughta....

Thank you.

Okay, nature girl, when faced with a wolf, play dead, right?

How dare you.

This is my land!

Attack from the rear. I'll distract.

I got this!

You think your little doggies will protect you?

Don't make any sound.


Ah, missed again.

Get away from her!

Crazy humans.

And don't come back! Or I'll kick your butt.

Yeah, what they said.

I totally wasn't scared. Me either.

Oh, no, Billie! Billie.

You okay?

You did it.

Why do you sound so surprised?

Serves you right.


Where you guys going? You got a wolf behind!

How can you see it in my coveralls?

Wolf! A wolf! A wolf! There's a wolf on the car!

I got a cattle prod back there. Find it!

Cattle prod, do you see it? Pass it up!

Is this it? Yes!

Good news. It looks like they took the GPS with them.

I installed a tracking device. We should be able to find them.


I just wish they didn't take the dynamite.


Dynamite! Oh, noooo!

I hope they're okay.

I think I broke the urn.

Forget the urn. How's your shoulder?

Aw, I'm okay, girl.

That looks pretty deep.

It's just a scratch.

We need to find some help.

I'm coming. I'm not gonna let this stop me from finding that treasure.

We still got the coordinates.

Hawk Jones, here we come.


I wanna go home.

I am so sorry, Dad. This is all my fault.

I should've never left them alone.

It's my fault... telling all those ridiculous buried treasure stories.

The only person I have to blame is myself.

Come on. Stonewall is to blame.

He's the one that got us into this mess to begin with.

I'm okay with putting the blame on Stonewall.

You're still grounded for life.


They're on the move.

Looks like they're headed up to Falls Creek.

Where are we headed?

Beats me, but I'll tell you when we get there.

So Mr. Know-it-all doesn't know it all.

Never said I did.

If you two would have gotten into a formation and we planned an attack, this would have never happened.

You're blaming this on us?

We just battled a giant wolf and lived to tell about it.

I didn't mean for anyone to get hurt.

I'm blaming you! Billie is hurt!

Listen Sweet-paws, I know you like to have a plan for everything, but sometimes you just have to adapt to succeed.

And sometimes when you act without thinking, people get hurt!

Dogs too.

Each other's opposite and complement.


Sometimes it takes two boneheads to make them both better.

Uh, stick a paw in it.

That wasn't very nice.

Well, we're near the coordinates.

Hopefully they're right.

Is that... the witch's cabin?

There's only one way to find out. Come on.

A witch?

You guys didn't say anything about a witch!

The wolf really did a number on this campsite.

Yo, Boss, we got some blood here, and it heads off in this direction.

I found dog poop.

I hope the kids are all right.

They better be.

At least until they help me locate my treasure.

Come on.

Uh, my shoulder's feeling a lot better, really.

You're not afraid, are you?

No, of course not.

Wait. Where are your costumes?

Oh, oh, I get it. You're explorers.

You want a brownie?

Lady, it's not Halloween.

No? Well, what are you guys doing here?

Nobody comes up here until Halloween.

Come to think of it, nobody comes up here on Halloween either.

My friend is hurt. We need some help.

Oh, I though that was fake. Come on.

Come in, come in, please.

I'm sorry, guys. I was just brewing myself a cup of tea, and it always makes me just a little bit sleepy.

I think we're dealing with a crazy.

Aren't all humans crazy?

In fact, I was just having the strangest but coolest dream when I heard your voices outside.

What month is it?

What? You know what? Never mind.

Doesn't matter.

Let me just get... a little melaleuca... and some lavender.


We'll clean that nasty wound right up. Come over here.

So why are you guys all the way up here? You lost?

We're searching for... something.

Really? Are you any good at it?

Good at what now? At finding things!

Because I lost my cat a couple days ago and a pearl necklace, and if you see a mop around here, I could really... Do you have a phone?

Yes! And I know where that is.

It's two steps to your left, two more steps to your left, over by the fishbowl. Can't miss it.

Yep, she's crazy.

This might sting a little.

How does this thing work?

Oh, it doesn't.

It's really more for, uh, decoration.

I like to come up here and connect, get away from the world.

I don't need any distractions.

I used to come up here with my mom to visit my grandmother, but now that she's no longer here, I just come up to... enjoy nature.

I'm Alice, by the way.

Alice Bell.

Bell? As in cowbell?

I prefer to think of it as belle of the ball or Bell, Book and Candle, but I suppose cowbell works too.

It's not really flattering, but whatever.

I'm Billie Fanning.

Mikey Jones.

This is Timber, Barbecue, and that's Kaia.


Any relation to Hawk Jones?

Yeah. He was my great-great grandfather.

My grandmother told me a story about a dog belonging to a Hawk Jones, who came up here a long time ago.

The stories are true?

My grandmother told me that if ever a relative of Hawk Jones found his way up here, that I should give him this box.

There was also something I was supposed to tell you.

What was it, what was it, what was it, what was it?

Oh! Now you have all the keys.

Hey, Timber, come here.

Try your key.


"Behind the crystal wall is a hidden door that reveals all."

What is that supposed to mean?

I assume it means that somewhere there is a crystal wall with a door behind it.

Were you guys expecting company? Because I sure wasn't.


He must have been following us.

Well, then you gotta go. Use the trap door.

Where does that lead to?

It goes down and around and up to the out.

Good luck. Thanks for everything, Alice.

Thank you.

May I help you gentlemen?

Yes, madam.

We are looking for some lost children.

A boy and a girl.

And their dogs.

Your face is hypnotic.

Three dogs. Little black pig-looking thing, a white furry wolf-looking thing, and then a little thing with a pack on her back, looks like a little soldier.

Can't really say I've seen them.

Hey, she's lying, Boss.

Can't or won't?

Don't forget about me!

This is as far as we can drive.

We have to take it on foot from here.

They're going for the treasure.

There is no treasure.

That's not what you used to say.

Yeah? Well, everybody wants to believe in fairy tales, then you just gotta grow up.

I'm sorry, Dad.

Who says you have to grow up?

Let's go.


Oh, wow!

Awesome. Whoa.

Check it out. It's so cool.

Ladies first. That's a first.

Just taking Thunder's advice and following my heart.

Now you're learning.


If that's not a crystal wall, I have no idea what is.

Yeah. Let's go.

Well, here's a crystal wall.

But where's the door? I have no idea.

Might be up there somewhere.

Hey, does that remind you of something?

Sure does.

What is it, Kaia? What is it, Timber?


Wait, no way.

That looks like the branding iron.

Yeah, and that could be the hatchet.

That could probably be the end of the cowbell.

Let's try it. Okay.

Good job, Timber! You too, Kaia!

Hey, what about me?

You three, Barbecue.


Perfect match.

Whoa! Whoa!

Wait. Why do I feel like we're being watched?

Because you are!



You know, I really should thank you, but I don't want to tarnish my reputation, so I won't.

Sorry, guys!

He was determined and so mean!

Guys, we gotta do something.

Tell your dogs to stay back.

What do we do?

We can take over from here. You can't.

This treasure belongs to my family's ancestors, not yours.

Well, we'll see about that.

Well, what do we have in here?

Hold them.

It's dark down here.


What do we have here?

Bats! Ohh! Bats!

Let's hurry! Come on! Hurry!

Go, go, go! I'll be okay out here.

I can't see a thing.

He's got me! Get away from me!

Let me go!

I can barely see a thing in here.

I know.


The most amazing thing ever.

Is everyone okay?

Yeah. Good girl.

I don't know what I'd do without you.

Let's go check this out.

So did you think before you leapt?

Didn't have a chance.

Sometimes you just have to adapt, you know, to succeed.

Oh, my kibbles.

There's got to be adventure down here!

I can't believe this place. This is awesome.


Just to think this was behind a waterfall.

I just wanted something to eat. This is it.

Come on, guys.

Hey, come on, guys, slow down.

I know that something has to be down here.

Wow. Look at this old mining cart.

A mining cart. Let's go check it out.

There better be some treasure down here.

This is what I call an adventure.

I'm scared.

I don't have a good feeling about this.

We can do it. We're a team.

Well, there's no turning back.

Mikey, I'm not so sure about this.

It'll be fine.

This is such a bad idea.

There's gotta be another way inside.

Look! Hey, Boss, I found a can opener.

Hey, how about some dynamite, Boss?

That'll work.

Hold on.

If adventure has a name, and it's a dog, it must be Timber the Treasure Dog!

I don't like this!



Mikey, do you know how to stop this thing?

I'm sort of winging it here.

Oh, no! We should have a plan.

Hold on!

Come on!

Hey, who's got a match?

Blow it.

He said.

What was that?


I lost the signal.

Hey, is that smoke coming from the waterfall?


That was fun!

What just happened?


Let's go!

Wait, where are you guys going?

Timber, what'd you find?

Something smells amazing down here.

Look! We did it, guys!

Mikey, the dogs found something I think you're gonna wanna see.

Is... Is that...

Do you wanna do the honors?

I knew it! I told you!

I told you what was in the treasure chest!

You didn't believe me, but I told you.


These are just some old bones.

Still delicious.

But this is...

I don't know what to say.

Hey, guys.

Well, the Jones are dog lovers.

It sort of makes sense.

I think he left something for you too.

What'd you find there, Timber?

We found it!

Look at all this treasure!

We found it! We did it!

Go ahead, take the credit. I don't mind.

We did it together. We're a team.

Sword fight?


I love the smell of treasure.

There's enough here to buy ten ranches for my dad.

How did your great grandad get all this?

Was he a pirate?

No. My dad said he struck gold at Grasshopper Creek in 1862.

Then Stonewall's great grandfather started buying up all the land, so Hawk moved it, trading it for coins, diamonds, and artifacts.

Stonewall wanted all the treasure for himself so he came after him, so he hid his treasure so he couldn't find it.

Until now!


Don't even try it, unless you want to become barbecue.


You know my great-grandfather came this close to locating this treasure.

He blasted out all these cave walls, but he couldn't quite find this spot.

He caused the cave-in.

At least that put an end to Hawk Jones.

This guy is really mean.

Load up the cart. What about them?

What about them?

You know that old saying, "Dead men don't tell tales"?


That goes for children and hippie women and dogs too!

I think old Hawk Jones here could use a little company.

They're just kids! You're never gonna get away with this.

And who's gonna stop me? You?

The ghost of old Hawk Jones?

Kill her first!

I love her.

There's my cat Fluffy!

Hi there! Hi, Fluffy!

That's not a cat.

Cats? I hate cats!

No! No! No! For God's...


Booby trap!

Kids, you gotta go!

Come on, hurry!

What about the treasure?

There's no time!

Come on, Fluffy!

I quit!

Get them now!

Stay! Stay! Oww!

Dad, look. There's dust here.

Mikey! Billie!

This whole place is coming down!


No, you can't go in there. It could collapse at any moment.

Our kids are in there!

Not anymore.

Mikey! Hey, Dad.

Do you have any idea how worried I was about you?

Sorry, Dad.

You okay? Yeah, I'm fine.

Who's that? Oh, she's Alice the witch.

Not really a witch, but she helped us.

Pleased to meet you.

Oh, and this is my kitty Fluffy.

Uh, that's not a cat.

What are you guys doing here?

We was just keeping an eye out for your kids, making sure nothing bad happened to them.

Weren't we, Phil? Yeah.

We weren't gonna kill them like Mr. Stonewall wanted us to.

Stonewall's here?

Not anymore. He's trapped in the cave with Hawk Jones.

He saved us both.

Now they're both history.

Not so fast.

No matter what anyone tells you, come Tuesday morning, this entire mountain and what's inside belongs to me, and there's nothing you can do about it.

Wait, hold on. What do you mean, inside?

Inside the treasure is real?

But now it's buried in there, and it'll take weeks, months to get it out, too long for you to pay off the sum you owe the bank.

I win!

No, you lose!

No, no, no! The dogs!


Get him! Come on!

You want a piece of me?

They're gonna have a heck of a headache when they wake up.

In jail, 'cause that's where they're headed.

Attempted murder is still a serious crime, even for rich people.

But he was right.

We had the treasure right in our hands.

We just gave it up.

I failed, Dad. We both did.

Look, Mikey, you're my treasure, okay?

The ranch means nothing without you and your sister.

I don't care where we live, as long as we live together as a family.

He's right, honey.

Success in life isn't measured by the gold that we have, but by the people we love.

Where's Timber?

Didn't he make it out?

Oh, no!

Timber! I was just starting to like him.

I'm coming! Hold your horses!


There he is!

You're okay!

I knew you'd make it.

Oh, my God, look at this!

This is solid gold!

Are you sure it's not edible gold?

Must be 30 ounces!

I don't think we're gonna have to worry about losing our houses ever again!


All right, I got the buns.

Oh, thank you.

You're getting really good at that.

You'll be roping cattle in no time.

You're a great teacher, partner.

You're not so bad yourself.

You did it, Timber.

You saved our home.

I'm so happy!

You did great!

I even came up with a new joke.

Why did the chicken cross the road?

To get to the other side? Nope.

Because his friends were there.

All hail Timber and Kaia!

Hip hip hooray! Hip hip hooray!

Hip hip hooray! Hip hip hooray!

Hip hip oy vey!

You got a little something...

What? Is it better?

Yeah, big improvement.

Come on.

I'll clean it up for you. I'll clean it right up.

Hey, boy, see something up here? Is she putting me on, huh?

So next week at my place?

You, me, couple of the guys?

Laura. Come on. It's very low key.

Just think about it. It'd be super fun.

No way. My dad would kill me.

I can't go to a party without my best friend.

I can't get in trouble like I did again.

He doesn't need to know.

I'm already grounded for life.

I don't need another lifetime punishment.

Oh, that's so good! Oh, yeah!

This is the best kind of job I've ever done. Oh, yeah!

Oh, yeah! Good boy.

He's got it for you. Oh, I love barbecue sauce!

It's better? Much.

Come here.

Good boy.

You saved this special place.

Thank you, thank you.

But now that my work here is done, I'll be moving on.

Where are you going?

Wherever there's adventure to be found, wrongs to be righted, mysteries to be solved.

But I thought we were a pretty good team.

I thought we were friends.

Maybe you're both.

We're a great team, partner, so we'll heed the call of adventure together.

And a really good meal.

Kids, lunchtime!

Okay, let's go.


What is that?

No idea.

"Meriwether Lewis and William Clark."

It's a treasure map.

Lewis and Clark?

Could that have belonged to th Lewis and Clark?

I hear a new adventure calling!

And its name is Timber the Treasure Dog, Part Two!