Time Lapse (2014) Script


Yeah, don't get up. I got it, bro.

Damn, Finn. This must be your best one yet.

How long you been workin' on this? Like two, three weeks?

Fuck off. Okay? I don't go to the bar and complain when it takes you 10 minutes to make a martini.

I'm perfectly happy with where I'm at.

I just hit a little creative block. That's all.


Oh, hi, Mrs. Anderson.

Why, yes. The building manager's right here.

Oh, I'm sure he'd be delighted to come over and fix your toilet.

Yeah. He's givin' me the thumbs up right now. He'll be over in a second.

You were saying something, right?

About you being perfectly happy with where you're at in life?


Well, he said he was thinking of going to art school.

And I said, "Oh, what a coincidence!

Our building manager used to be a painter."

When you're 18, everybody wants to be an artist.

Where did you get that? Garage sale.

So weird.

I'm seeing...

I'm seeing... seashells.

Outlaw, Rambling Rose, Crab Apple.

Crabs live in the fucking ocean, right? Yes, they do.

Crab Apple. I'm betting on Crab Apple.

Hello, my lost boys.

New sweater. New for me.

It's a thrift store find. You like it?

Oh, I had a little left over, so I got these for you, babe.

It's the right kind. Camel hair, right?

Thank you. Did you get a new journal?

I knew how much you wanted them, so I couldn't resist.

Okay, I'm going to go start dinner. Do you guys want your favorite, lasagna?

Need some help?

Hey, Big Joe. Yes, I do. Thank you.

- Eight is really gettin' taken... Come on. Come on.

Come on. That's it. That's it. Come on.

You got this. Keep fuckin' running. Let's go.

Come on. Come on.

What's up? Hey, Big Ben.

Come on. It's Joe.

Crab Apple. Crab Apple. Come on, you little bastard! Run!

Come on! Run! Come on! Fuck, man!

Chill out.

Hey, Finn, the landlord called. Mr. Bezzerides's rent is late.

Maybe he fell, and he can't get up.

He's been late before.

Oh, the man across the way? Yeah.

I noticed a couple of parking tickets on his car.

I guess he's got a couple parking tickets on his car, so maybe we should check on him.

And I also invited Big Joe to stop by the party.

Okay, but I hope he doesn't wear that tacky rent-a-cop uniform.

I thought we were just inviting close friends.

Yeah, well, Big Joe's really cool.

And he's helping me with the chairs. He's standing here right now.

Don't worry. I own other outfits.

I'm sorry.

I'm just gonna... go check on Mr. Bezzerides. Okay then.

Hey, Mr. Bezzerides, are you home?

Everyone's kinda worried about you, so I'm going to go ahead and come inside, okay?

Mr. Bezzerides?

It was a sure thing.

No, it obviously wasn't a sure thing. He lost, Jasper.

No, he was a sure thing up until the moment he lost.

That makes zero sense.

What the fuck?

These are shots of our living room.

Mr. "Bitch-arabies" is a peeping tom.

Yeah, I though that, too, but why take photos of our empty living room?

Looks like he saved the best ones for his private collection.

What is this thing?

I think it's a camera. See?


You think he got enough film?

What? Do I even want to know?

When did we knock over the coat rack?

Maybe it was that night we played drunk charades. You remember.

No, he doesn't remember 'cause he passed out on the couch.

Well, I guess this explains the green light we see over here sometimes.

Yeah, but why is this thing bolted to the floor?

I don't know, but I don't like it. I don't like the sound it's making either.

Or how about the half-naked photos of me on the wall?

That's the one thing I do like about this situation.

I knew something wasn't right about that old man.

Hi, Mr. Kendall, this is Finn from Sycamore Apartments.

I'm calling you back about Mr. Bezzerides.

If you can please ring me when you get a chance, that would be great. Thank you.

What did the landlord say? I just left a voice mail.

Okay. I'm off to work.

I counted the cookies, so if any go missing, there will be murder in this apartment.

I'll guard 'em. Who's going to guard 'em from you?

It's a perfect match.

It's got to be a coincidence. Maybe. Or...

Or what? The camera took a picture ahead of time?

Give me a break. I mean, just look at it.

The placement of everything, my canvass.

Your canvass has looked like that for months.

Hey, guys...

No way.

Oh, my God.

This was last Wednesday. Remember you broke the mug with your four-iron?

Oh, yeah, right.

Thursday. Friday we went to the movies.

Saturday we lost power, used candles.



That's tonight, Tuesday.



Mr. "B" invented a camera that takes pictures of the future, and he only used it to look in our apartment?

Doesn't make any sense. Well, maybe he's testing it.

Yeah, and this thing isn't exactly portable.

Well, he's a scientist, so there's got to be some sort of logs or documentation somewhere. Just start looking.

Will you guys listen to yourselves?

All right. Come on out, Mr. "B."

I know you're fucking in here in the walls or something, laughing your ass off!

All right, the jig's up! Come on out, asshole!

I don't think he's going to answer.

Why? "November 27.

Results today: positive function.

The machine continues to work perfectly.

However, I've seen something in the future that is disturbing to my core.

I believe I've seen my death.

I know the cardinal rule of time and causality... is that one should not attempt to change the future.

But under these circumstances, it seems to be a risk worth taking.

If I believed in God, I would pray today that no greater harm will come from what I'm about to do."

Then what?

Nothing. That's the last entry, a week ago today.

A week ago.

Seven photos. That means it was kicking it out after he disappeared.

So it must be on a timer.

8:00 pm.

Then why are there so many daytime ones?

Maybe it's only been taking ones at night for the last week.

All right.

Even I have to admit this photo is a little fucking unsettling.

I think I know where he might be.

Christ. What's he keeping in here? I don't know.

Him and the previous manager added this door years ago.

God, please, oh, please, don't let him be in there.

There's no way. If there was a dead body in there, we'd be able to smell it.

Oh, God. What? Is he in there?

Oh, my God. Close it, close it.

What happened to him? It looked like he was burned.

Yeah, I don't know about that.

I mean, did you see his suit? It was fine. It wasn't even touched.

Isn't it obvious? I mean, you read his journal.

He broke the cardinal rule.

You don't fuck with time.

Jasper, please take his hat off.

It's my thinking cap.

What the hell is there to think about? We need to call the police, guys.

Hang on. That could be a big mistake.

What do you mean?

I mean, we just discovered a fucking time-traveling camera!

We need to consider the possibilities.

Well, one possibility is we've all been dosed with lethal amounts of radiation that... you know, could've killed Mr. "B."

Okay, Negative Nancy, but... what if we could use this thing?


Remember how Mr. "B" took a photo of himself holding that sign?

What if we put up, like... the newspaper?

We would know what happens in the future. Yeah, the newspaper, Jasper?

What are you thinking? Arts and Entertainment?

Or are you thinking the race results?

Well, what if? I mean, think about how much money we could make.


I foretell that tonight is your last night waiting tables.

And instead, you can pursue writing full time.


No! Absolutely not! We're go... We're calling the police.

Finn, I foretell that you live the rest of your life in pathetic obscurity and die penniless and insane.

I'm serious, Jasper. So am I.

Does it look like the cops are here?

That people are buzzing about the charred corpse in the storage unit?

Everything looks fine.

Look, if we reported it, we probably wouldn't have had the party anyway.

We'd have canceled it altogether.

We can't cancel it. It's Dave and Sharon's engagement party.

That's what I'm saying. Obviously, we don't report it tonight.

There is a dead fucking st... rotting corpse in the storage unit.

You can't smell anything as long as we keep the door closed.

It's been down there a week. What's one more day?


We let the party happen, we look at tomorrow's photo, and... if it shows the cops taking our testimony and shit, I'll call 'em myself.

I have to admit. I am kind of curious to see one more photo.

All right. Fine. One day. But...

One day.

What time is it? Twenty till.

Well, just in case tomorrow's photo shows the end of the world...

I'm going to enjoy myself.

Do you want to dance?

And he adopts his classic glazed-over look.


You son of a bitch.

Guys! Guys!

I'm a fucking genius. I know, but look at that painting.

Holy shit!

I know. I mean, the camera sees my work before I do it.

It's just incredible. I don't have to be blocked anymore!

I'm in.



You're up early. What time is it?

How about we start with what year is it?

Oh, so you can write in a dead man's journal, but I'm not allowed to wear his hat?

This isn't poetry, Jasper.

I'm making our to-do list.

If we're really going through with this, we need to start making it look like Mr. B's still around.

I mean, this is actually happening?

What are you talking about, bro? It already happened. It's done.

Well, I mean, we could just not go through with it.

Actually, I think we have to.

If I understand this correctly, this is how it works.

The camera spits out a photo of us in the future.

Then we go about our day making a series of decisions that lead up until that moment.

But... if we deviate from those decisions, then this photo never happened.

Which means "us," the people who saw the original photo, can't go forward.

Because our futures don't exist anymore.

What do you mean "can't go forward"?

I mean, are we 100% sure that's how he died?

No, but... do you really want to test it and find out?

So it's agreed then.

We got to do what's in the photo.

Okay, all right, fine.

We have to do this tonight.

But we're talking about not reporting a dead body.

I'm pretty sure if anybody found out, Jasper, that's jail time.

Okay, but nobody's going to find out.

I was over there this morning to make a list.

All we have to do is bring in his newspapers, water the plants.

We should probably move his car so it doesn't get any more tickets.

I found a couple pieces of mail.

Maybe a couple bills, so I should probably post them.

Well, you seem to have everything figured out.

Dude. Just relax, man.

The risk is so minimal, it's almost nonexistent.

All we have to do is make sure that storage unit door stays closed, and... we become rich.

And you get your paintings.


Come on. Come on. Come on, Bobcat!

Fuck, yes! Fuck, yes!

All right, let's go. It's almost 8:00.

Wait. Do we have to be exactly as we were? I don't want to change anything.

I don't know. Is this right?

Just smile and say good-bye to your day jobs, guys.

I mean, we can check the photo. It's right there.

Henry? Henry, are you there?

It's Joyce. I received your letter.

Could you check in please when you have time?

I truly hope you're okay.

Hey, Finn!

Hey, Joe. How's it going? Hey, what's going on with the old man?

I see Callie coming around here in the mornings.

Yeah? Yeah.

He's sick in the hospital. We just come by to water his plants and look after the place for him.

Hospital? Is it serious?

Yeah, it's pretty serious. They're still trying to figure out what he has.

Damn. It's good you guys are looking after the place.

Yeah. I mean, we don't mind, so...

But I better get back to it.

No, dude. We're over here tonight because we're not in the photo from last night. It's that simple.

Well, it's not like fate decided it. I mean, presumably, we made decisions yesterday that made us end up here today.

All right, my brain just kinda melted a bit. What was the original question?

The question is, if you could choose something to show up in the next photo, anything, what would you choose to see?

I'm a little ashamed at how good it felt to buy this dress.

Back to the question.


I want a pile of money so big that I'm fuckin' buried in it.

You are so predictable.

Me? What about you? We all know what you wanna see most.

A rock. So you and Finn don't have to keep living in sin.


You hear that, Finn? What?

You're off the hook.

Oh, he's just daydreaming about two paintings a day instead of one.

Well, I don't know. Just give a guy a second here.

I need to think.

I never get tired of that sound.


All right, come on, guys. It's not like I want to do this.

Okay, then let's not do it!

Do I need to remind you about the roasted dead guy in our basement?

We got to do what's in the photo, right, bro?

How the hell did this happen?

I don't know. Maybe it's a fucking dare.

Maybe we're drunk. Maybe it was an accident.

It's a fucking lip lock. We didn't just bump into each other.

Say something, Finn.

We should destroy that machine.

What? We can't do that.

I know.

It's too late.

It doesn't matter why we do this.

For all intents and purposes, it already happened.

I mean...

I'm in the room.

I don't look mad or pissed.

The painting's coming out great.

Yeah. The painting's coming out great.

You probably asked us to do it for inspiration or something.

We're all friends. And we just need to trust that it's going to be okay.

Fuck! What the fuck was that for?

That's for kissing my girlfriend tomorrow.

T-minus one hour, in case you were wondering.

Please, stop counting down like it's a fucking shuttle launch.

Sorry. Yeah, yeah.

Yeah, I told you Crab Apple was a sure thing.

He just needed a few more races.

Yeah, let's roll half the winnings into tomorrow's bets, and I'll come pick up the rest.

Okay, yeah. Let me just get something to write on.

I thought there wasn't a bottle in the photo.

That's because it was down here.

What time is it, babe?

Finn, you okay?

Yeah, no. It's this part of the painting... it's unfinished.

I'm clearly about to paint it. I just have no idea what element goes there.

Okay, Michelangelo, but... we have to close our eyes to match the photo. So you're the timekeeper.

Well... Yeah, dude, it's 7:59. Just go ahead.

Well, how long do we do it for? 10, 15 seconds?

I'll tell you when to stop. Just go.

I'll be thinking about my boyfriend.

Sweet. Threesome.

Come here, asshole.

Of course.

Oh, geez, did you guys...



Finn. Go get Jasper.

I just wanted to... Go get Jasper!

Finn, I'm sorry. Who is this?

That's my bookie. Ivan.

The guy you're always talking on the phone to?

What is he doing in the apartment?

I don't know. Is that normal?

Have you ever seen him in our apartment before?

No. It's not fucking normal.

Did you tell him about the camera? No.

Were you planning on it? No, never!

Then what the fuck is he doing in the apartment?

I said I don't know!

Okay, is he dangerous?

Well, he takes bets from shady assholes like me. So, yeah, he's dangerous.

But... I don't see Marcus here.

That's his goon.

If I were in trouble, he'd be in this photo.

Well, what if he's sitting over here? Out of view?

I was up early this morning, and I heard him moving around in his room.

He came out about an hour ago. Hasn't said a word.

I don't know what those red pills are, but he's taken at least two of them already.

Can you guys shut up for a sec?


Hey, Ivan, it's Jasper.

I know.

How's it going?


Is everything okay today?

Why wouldn't it be?

No reason.

So, what do you want to lay down today?

No. No bets.

I'm just going to cool it today. Thanks.

So why did you call me?

Shit. I got to go, Ivan. I'll talk to you later.

So what does that mean?

It means we wait 10 hours, figure out what the hell's happening.

Babe, can we talk?

Hey, Ivan. What a surprise.

I was wondering why you showed up tonight, and then it occurred to me.

It's probably 'cause I called you like a paranoid fucking idiot.

Hey, Ivan. What a surprise.

What are you doing?

He's going to be here soon. You can't leave me alone.

Well, I'm not in the picture, so, send me a text message when it's done?

Well, I... I'm not in the photo either, so... maybe I should leave too?

Where are you going? I don't know yet.

Can I come?

You guys are unbelievable. Real friends you turned out to be.

Well, we got to do what's in the photo. Right, bro?

Where we going?

Nowhere. I don't want to abandon Jasper in case something goes wrong.

Are we okay?

I got jealous. This is a...

It's a very complicated situation. You're doing your best.

And I, obviously, am...

I'm not handling it well.

You got jealous?

Tell me more.

So, Ivan, I mean, what a surprise.

You said that already.

Oh, yeah.

Can I get you something to drink?

You know what I like about you, Jasper?

You never welched on a bet.

I have never had to send Marcus over here to collect.

And I can appreciate that.

I can.

Is that yours?

You mind if I see it?

Come on. Let me see it.

That's a nice one.

Yeah. That takes me back.

Believe it or not, I used to have Marcus's job.

I wasn't a bad enforcer. I had my own style.

You know, I used warm-up bats.

They gave me a little extra "pop."


There was this one time...

God Almighty...

I was supposed to "kneecap" a guy.

Standard boilerplate stuff. I'd done it a hundred times, right?

Only this time, I take a swing, I hit him... Bam!

And the bat breaks.

It sends a sliver of wood... right into the guy's junk.

You should have heard him. He was screaming like a cat.

I swear to God, as I heard the paramedics take him away, they said that one of his testicles had swollen to the size of a grapefruit.

You imagine that? That pain?


Messy, unfortunate work.

In my position, there's only one thing worse than a guy who can't make good on bets.

And that's a guy who never loses bets.

I'm just finally getting lucky, I guess.

Just lucky.

You guess.

Listen! There's no fix, okay?

Is it an owner? No! I swear!

Fuck, it was just a streak, okay?

Look, okay, okay! I have a source! I have a source.

It's reliable.

I can't explain it.

It could cause some serious problems.

Was it a doctor? Tell me what they're doing to bring in the fix!

No, it... It's nothing like that.

Look, you wouldn't believe me if I told you.


Can't you just ride my bets?

Yeah. Just make the same bets I do and... I know what "ride" means.

You are such a piece of shit.

I hope you enjoyed the peep show, Jasper!

I'll... take that.

Finn, this is... I was just leaving.

So... are we good?


He basically knows. He doesn't know jack shit.

Well, he knows that you have some kind of information.

I mean, how long is he going to be content just piggybacking your bets?

I don't know. Forever?

I got it under control.

You look like hell, Jasper. Are you even sleeping?

You know what, man? Get off my dick!

You and Callie both get all this money for doing nothing. You should be happy.

We're all in this. Callie and I are sharing the risk.

I hope you have a back-up plan in case this thing with your bookie falls through.

I seem to remember you wearing something a little different in tonight's photo.

Screw you, Jasper.

I'm not going to start as long as he's here.

Yeah, no, Jasper was just about to take a walk. Aren't you?

I am? Yeah.

Yes, don't forget to come spy on me at 8:00.

So I don't really know what I'm doing here.

You're going to have to walk me through it.


We just need to get you in the same pose in the photo.

And then I... I do the rest.

You know...

I'd really like to know how you got me to do this.

You and I both.

What are you thinking?

You're just... You're really... You're very beautiful.

Don't sound so surprised.


No. I guess it takes a moment like this to wake a guy up, so he can actually see what's right in front of him.

That's our cue.

It's amazing.

Even hazy and out of focus, you can still recognize your own silhouette.

I wondered all day... How?

How is this possible?


Marcus here is going to babysit.

And you...

You're going to take me to see what's over there.

I would not have believed you if you'd told me.

Kicks them out every night at 8:00.


What about the daytime ones?

I don't know.

Since we found it, it's only been doing 'em at night.

What's this?

It's... It's the newest one.



Here's the deal.

Every day you're going to take this photo.

And you're going to write down the stats that go on the window tomorrow.

Marcus is gonna come by and pick up the photo for safekeeping.

Wait... Wait a second. I am not going to repeat myself!

The three of you are going to sit right there, just like that on the couch so I know you're behaving.

And you tell no one about this.

We wouldn't want anyone messing with our little golden goose here?

Now, would we?

I want 50%.

You take a zero off that number.

That still makes you a very lucky man.


I feel real lucky.

We didn't agree to this.

You should have talked to us, man. I did my best, okay?

We're still going to get some money. He's going to be making a lot of bets.

It'll be fine.

What happens when the guy above him gets wise to what's going on?

How many more scary motherfuckers are gonna show up here looking for a piece of this?

Ivan's smart. He's not going to fuck this up.

Oh, that's very reassuring.

It's unbelievable.

Where's the photo from yesterday?

Wait, you're not seriously going to paint at a time like this, are you?

Yeah. I mean, what else am I supposed to do?

We obviously have no control over what's happening.

He's keeping the photos.

For safekeeping.

No! That is totally unacceptable. Call him right now. Call him.

Tell him we'll put up the results on the window, but we're keeping the photo.

Are you a fucking child?

You're aware of who's on the other end of this phone, right?

I'm gonna make some tea, babe. Do you want anything?

You know, you were always doing the paintings.

You were just seeing what you'd already done.

I know. I'm aware of that, Callie. That's what's so maddening.

I painted them in the future. Now I can't see the photograph, I end up not painting.

Jasper? What?

Can't you just, like, sneak a photo of the Polaroid when it pops up?

Just grab one on the phone?

Since you don't see the picture today, there won't be a painting for me to photograph tomorrow.

There will be, if you agree to take the fuckin' photograph.

Look, man, I mean... If your decisions are gonna continue to dictate my future, can you at least make one that benefits me?

And risk my neck being broken just 'cause you can't find your mojo?

Fuck that. Can't you just be happy with the money?

No. I can't, Jasper. I don't give a shit about the money.

At this point, I'd rather call the police, or fill a bucket of water and spill it all over your precious machine.

Is that a fuckin' threat?

No, it's not. But you can't ignore the fact that... some of us aren't making out on this deal very well.

I'll see what I can do.

There's a painting. Thank the Lord.

How about thank the Jasper?

What now? Oh, it's just it's kind of strange.

Doesn't look like something I would normally paint.

It looks like you did it in a hurry. See? That paint's still dripping.

Maybe it's a warning. About what?

Maybe something bad's about to happen.

You're sending us a warning. Look.

We look scared, right? And I'm staring up at that painting.

I'm trying to tell myself something.

I mean, we don't look happy, but the situation isn't exactly ideal.

No. You said it yourself, Finn. That's not something you'd normally paint.

Yeah, but art's weird, man. I'm just...

I'm glad that there's something on the canvas.

Just relax, Jasper.

What if Jasper is right?

What if something terrible is gonna happen tomorrow?

Then we wouldn't be in the photo, right?

We'd have left.

Okay. Why don't we?

What, leave? Yeah. We can pack our bags and just go.

Well, and what? Just... leave Jasper to deal with everything on his own?

He wouldn't care. He'd be fine.

That machine over there, I mean...

We can't just walk away from it when there's still hope for things to work out.

I don't see why we'd do that.

Okay. I trust you.

Besides, you have to admit, this machine, it's working magic on you.

What can I say? I like being a muse.


Hey, Joe.

You on duty tonight? Actually, yesterday was my last shift, so I'm just dropping off the keys.

Last shift? Yeah, man. Movin' up to the big time.

Oh, shit.

Congratulations. That's great. Awesome.

Everything all right? Yeah. Yep.

Oh, oh, hey.

Let me give you one of my cards.

Let's have a drink sometime.


Stay in touch, man. You too, Joe.


What's wrong?

Marcus just caught me talking to Big Joe.

What the fuck happened? Well, nothing happened.

It's just... It's Big Joe's last night, so he gives me his card.

What did Marcus do? He made a phone call. He drove off.

Motherfucking shit fuck!

Well, wait. Can't we just tell them it wasn't anything?

No, 'cause he's not gonna believe us.

All right. It's okay. It's okay because I fucking planned for this.

I hid weapons around the house. Wait, what?

Only because you made that fucking skull painting, okay?

You have to make that painting before the camera goes off.

Make the fucking painting!

Okay. I'm sorry. You hid weapons in our house?

Yes, I hid weapons in our fucking house. Why did you hide weapons?

Do you know who the fuck these people are?

What exactly did you hide? Just sit still and calm down.

No, I'm very worried about this. Just sit still and calm down!

What happens after the picture gets taken?

We wait. We just sit here and wait?

They'll come in, ask us some questions.

And if it goes well, that'll be that.

What if it doesn't go well?


There's a hammer under the couch.

He was just the building's rent-a-cop.

Then why is this a police officer's card?

Well, he just became one. All right?

He was dropping off his keys. It was his last shift.

I didn't tell him anything about you or the machine, so...

I would love to believe that.

Unfortunately, I... can't afford to trust you.

What... What's he looking for?

Maybe I can help?

She's your girlfriend, yes?

Yes, maybe you can help.


Now let's see if we can remember anything new.

I see you.

Boyfriend. Adrenaline.

Mind racing.

Trust me. You're not fast enough.

There is an easy way out of this, and that's just to answer my fuckin' questions.

Please don't! You're gonna die.

Why do I feel a total lack of concern?

Because you haven't seen tomorrow's photo yet.

It shows your murder.

And who kills me? You?

He does.

Maybe it's for the money.

You must have a fortune in winnings already.


You should slide your chair over this way.

I'm serious. Once he sees that photo, he's gonna aim through that window and shoot you in the back.

Smart move.

Where's Jasper?

Marcus, where's Jasp...

Where is he?

Jasper, fuckin' stop!

Hello? Hi, Mrs. Anderson.

No, it was Callie. She... She burned her hand on the stove.

Yeah, everything's fine.

Thank you. Bye now.


Oh, God.

Okay. Okay. Got it.

We can't leave them in here forever, you know.

No shit. It's just for now.

All right. What's next? Next?

Next I go get my money from Ivan's.

Thank you for cleaning up the living room.

You mean the blood?

Thank you for cleaning up the blood that could have been mine?

You're welcome.

Babe... Don't!

I'm just trying to make sure you're okay. Do I look okay?

What can I do? Why don't you go paint?

Holy hell.

I know, right?

And this is just the start.


I think... I think we should leave.

Split the money, get out of the country, get on the other side of it, get away from the machine.

Are you out of your fucking mind?

The safest place on Earth is right here.

As long as we see ourselves in that photo every day, we know we're alive tomorrow.

Callie and I, we... We what?

You know.

All I know is that Jasper saved my life tonight.

I'm going to bed.

Jasper, can you give me something to sleep?

Thank you.


Callie. Callie!

Hello. I'm Dr. Heidecker. Forgive the hour and my appearance.

Well, how can I help you?

Henry Bezzerides is a colleague of mine.

Does he live in the apartment across the way?

Yeah. Yes, he does.

I knocked. There was no answer.

What's going on?

A Dr. Hei... Heidecker is here.

She's looking for Mr. Bezzerides.

Did you tell her that he moved out a couple months ago?

Did he give you his hat before he left?

So we... we found his journal, and from what we've read, I guess he saw something bad.

I know. I know. He sent me a letter. He tried to change it.

After Henry retired, he kept me up on his experiments.

To be honest, I didn't think they'd amount to much.

Poor Henry. Yep.

Don't fuck with time.

Well... you think time did this?

That he was somehow punished for trying to change the future?

Well, what else would do that to someone?

Thorium gas would be my first guess. You see the coil over there?

I'm guessing he was stretching for it up on that shelf there when he knocked over the canister.

It's just an accident, his death. That's all. Nothing more.

I suspect... he was panicked whilst in the process of... trying to... avoid this.

You see his hat on the couch and what looks like his blood on the window?

It seems that he met an unpleasant end, but... clearly this photograph, which takes place tomorrow... had nothing to do with him at all. Oh, it's ironic.


How could he have taken the photo when the camera only shoots one day ahead of time?

Why, I don't know where you're getting your data, but I believe you're mistaken.

This letter's postmarked a week ago, so he had to have taken the photo at least that far in advance.

A week? How could he have... how could he have mailed the photo?

You're telling me you can shoot a photo whenever you want?

No. I don't know about "whenever you want."

Evidently, Henry had moved past the initial tests and had got it to look further.

Do you think you could change the settings?


Henry shared his results with me, but not his methods.

I don't know any more about the controls than you do.

That's too bad.

That lady didn't mean us any harm.

What about the gun in her hand?

She wasn't going to use it.

You don't fucking know that, okay?

And if I didn't act, then Callie would be waking up to our dead bodies!

At the very least, the police would have shown up.

Sounds like Jasper was just trying to protect us.

Well, you were not there.

Ready for your big moment?

Hell, yes.

Do you want me to go over there and make sure you've got it right?


What's tomorrow's look like?

Hey, Callie?

Is that tomorrow's photo?

Well, fine. I don't want to see it.

Can we please... pack one of your bags and let's leave?

You're not going anywhere.

Did you not hear Dr. Heidecker?

She said it was an accident, so that means things can change.

And I think I'm going to take my chances with that, so please, come on.

Go ahead.

Commit suicide.

But don't kill your girlfriend in the process.


You're in the photo?

Okay, fine. Let me see it. No.

Oh, rip the Band-Aid off already.

How's she doing? What is she doing?

She's passed out.

She was distraught.

I gave her something... to take the edge off.

Oh, man.

It was so good when it was good.

We had such a cool relationship.

Sorry, man. Oh, it's not your fault. It's my fault.

Oh, yeah? Yeah.

I got this a year ago.

And I couldn't pull the trigger.

Why's that? You were right. I was scared.


I mean, I'm not a painter. I'm a glorified janitor.

And she deserves more than that.

I mean, I wanted to be more than that.

I get it. No.


I've been blaming you in my head for all of this.

And who knows? Maybe it was me that was making the decisions, secretly.

You know, just... sabotaging everything out of fear.

Maybe there's a way to fix this still.

I think it's too late. Yeah.

You know, I'm actually starting to like that smell.

I mean, how fucked up is that?

When I saw the suitcase, I knew you'd left the program.

And I don't give a fuck what Dr. Heiden-schmeiden says.

You don't fuck with time.

I need you alive at least one more day.

If I have to drug you and put you on that sofa myself, so help me, I will.


That should keep you warm.

All right.

Oh, God.


Help me! Somebody help me!


The gun.

Goddamn it, Jasper.

I paint this today, but you saw it two weeks ago.

Did I send you down here?

Why would I do that?

Thank you.

Who the fuck is this?

You motherfucker!

Don't you dare! I'll fucking kill you and wear your skin!

Well, if you do that, the bucket's gonna fall.

Get Callie and give her the phone.

Stop pushing me.

Take it.

Callie, can you see me? Hello?

Jasper knocked me out last night, and he locked me in the storage unit.

What? He's going to kill you.

No, he would never...

Give me the phone.

If you don't put that bucket down, I'm gonna blow her brains all over this fucking window!

You're gonna kill us anyway.

You're gonna kill me if I put the bucket down or not.

There's only one way out of this.

We walk away. If we walk away, you get to keep your machine.

Hurry up! This bucket is getting heavy!

Give Callie the phone.


I want you to look in Jasper's hoodie pocket.

He has something of yours, something I got a long time ago.

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry that I haven't been there for you.

It's okay. You are now.

Take the gun.

Take it away from Jasper.

Give me the gun.

Give me the gun.

Give it to me.

Now back up.

Over there.

Whatever you say.

I'll be there in 30 seconds. Okay.

Hang on.

Goddamn it.

Pack. Quickly.

You know what? Maybe this'll keep you warm at night.

Where will you go? Far.

We're going to need some of this.

Take as much as you want. Yeah, you could always make more, right?

Don't forget your ring.

Oh, my God. I really killed him.

You had no choice. Hey.

Come sit down. Are you okay?

I'm going to get you some ice. Okay, but we need to go.

Oh, my God.

Look. The photo... it changed!

Oh, thank God.

When I saw that photo of you two together...

No, it's okay.

I just didn't think I'd be able to change anything if Dr. Heidecker's letter didn't...

Oh, shit.

I need to paint this.

I... I don't understand.

I paint this for Mr. "B", so I'd... be able to use his keys to get out of the storage unit.

It doesn't matter. I'll tell you when we leave.

We need to go before the cops show up. Okay, I'm going to get you that ice.

This isn't... possible.

I was always going to paint this?

We haven't changed anything.

Then where did this come from?

I thought you were getting ice. I was. I am.

What were you saying?

Doesn't matter.

Here. You should probably go lay down, put this ice on your head.

What the fuck was that?

The camera just went off!

What? Give... Give me this.

I can explain.


Wait. Wait, wait, wait, wait.

Talk to me. Tell me what's going on.

Look, let's just go sit down. No. Talk!


Remember when we got the call that Mr. "B" was behind on his rent, and I went to check on him?

Hey, Mr. Bezzerides, are you home?

I found the machine, and sticking out of the camera was a photo.

The reason there are nighttime and daytime photos on the wall of Mr. B's apartment is because the camera takes a photo at 8:00 pm and 8:00 am.

By keeping you and Jasper from knowing that, I could secretly pass messages back to myself.

You're up early.

So when I caught you in the kitchen just now, what... what were you doing?

I was hiding this.

Last night when Jasper posed with all of the money, I switched out the photos.

I switched them back just now.

I've seen all of the nighttime photos, and Jasper's dead, so... when was this taken?

It's from before.

Before when?

Before before.

A month ago, drunk charades?

Look, it didn't mean anything. I was just acting out.

I'd get drunk sometimes, and...

Look, it was almost as if I wanted to get caught, so you would wake up.

That's an excuse. Yeah.

I'm sorry for being so weak.

I just I can't... I can't believe that you would... allow this... you had every opportunity to prevent it, to warn us about it.

Why didn't you do that?

I was just doing what the photos told me to.

I was getting pulled along, like we all were.

And don't you see? Everything happened for a reason.

Look, everything we had before was fading. You were so distant.

But then you got jealous for the first time in ages.

And I finally got to feel your kiss again.

And you said it... it takes a moment like this to wake a guy up... to what's right in front of him.

Little by little, we were coming back together.

But then...

You kept picking the machine and your work over us.

So I had to do something to bring you back to your senses.

And then today, you fought for us... harder than I've ever seen you fight for anything.

So in the end, everything worked out.

Everything worked out?

What are you doing?

I'm going to do what we should have done from the start.

I'm going to destroy that fucking machine.

Stop! Please, stop. You said we can change things, right?

Then all I have to do is put a new note in the window for tonight's picture.

Then when I get the message last night, I'll know to prevent you from catching me at the window just now.

You'll never find the photos. We'll never have had this conversation.

If you destroy the machine, I can't fix this.

I wish you hadn't made me do that.

It's going to be okay.

We won't remember any of this tomorrow.

It's going to be okay.

What are you doing here, Joe?

I got a message from Finn.

He said that you two were leaving town.

I might be interested to see what Jasper was up to.

What's on the window?

Can I come in?

Sure. Fine.

It doesn't matter.

Tonight none of this will matter.

I guess you might have some questions for me?