Time Out (2015) Script

Wow! Jordan!

Kiddo! I'm your elder brother!

Time-out! Time-out!

Just kidding!

Mihir, this one's for Kanika.

Shame on you!

Do it again. How did you do it?

How's that, Jordan?

Boom! Basket!

Here you go!

What are you doing?

Come on!

You're still a kid!

You can never beat me.

The kid has grown up.

Not bad.

So much for the team captain?

Shut up!

Layup! Layup!

Come on, come on!

What happened, you brat?

Well played.

Have some water!

Mihir! Put me down!


Gaurav, seriously! How can you be late every day?

Please hurry up.

Let's go.

Why are you late every day?

Why do you get so stressed?

Good morning, students!

Everyone please proceed to your classrooms.

-I fell off the car. -How?

I don't know, the driver kept moving and then I just... fell.

What are you guys doing?

Writing a death certificate for you!

Shit! Were we supposed to submit this today?

Please, move!

What are you doing, man?

Sharing is caring, my friend.

Good morning, students.

-Good morning, sir! -Good morning, sir!

Come on, everybody! Back to your seats.



Anyone absent today?

Yes, sir. Four students are absent.

Ashi, Guransha, Kabir...

What are you doing?

Watch this.

Starting today... before the first class, there will be a zero class.

So, that you have a chance to prepare for the school fest.

And... we also have a new student with us.


Yeah, you. Am I correct?

Yes, sir!

Please, come here.

Introduce yourself.

Hello, everyone.

My name is Tanvi, and...

I just came here from D'dun.


Sir, Dehradun?

My dad is in the army, so...

-What is it? -he keeps getting posted to different places every two years.

So, he was first in...


Please, go back!

Gaurav, take the post down right now!

What's going on?

What are your hobbies?

I like poetry... watching movies... playing the drums!

Wow, dude!

-That's so cool! -That's interesting!

I think you can perform in the school fest!

Sir! Sir, perfect idea, sir!

I play the guitar, Tanvi plays the drums--

I can play the bass.

And Gaurav sings!

What? What do I do?


Thank you for joining us back!

Sir, we could perform a song in the assembly!

Sir, but I don't know how to sing!

So, learn it!

-Sir, but I-- -Okay. Everybody, please get in line.

Hi, I'm Rohan.

Hi, Keith!

Hi, Tanvi.

Hey, I'm Ananya.

And you?

I'm Gaurav.

So, you're in a band now?

No, I am not!

Come on, man. It'll be fun.

Where are we headed?

You'll see!

Good morning, Synergy!

How are you all feeling today?

Are we ready to make some noise?

Come on, Synergy Global! Put your hands together for the first five!

Leading from the front we have...

Mihir Aggarwal!

In the back, supporting his every move...

Varun Joshi.

And our very own prodigy...

Zorawar Singh!

Prateek Pohar!

-Nikhil Yadav! -Go, Mihir!

The opposition team, United Public is ready for the challenge!

The teams are ready for jump ball.

Synergy on three.

One, two, three...

-Synergy! -Synergy!

Mihir scoops the ball to Zorawar, Zorawar on a fast break, layup... and scores!


Synergy is now on the defense.

United has the possession.

The feeder makes his move.

Pass to wing... attempts a three-pointer... and... sinks the shot.

Come on, man! What the--

The coach does not look happy!

Varun with the ball... passes to Mihir!

Mihir takes the shot and... basket!

Ball in play again.

Its the opposition's move.

Beats Varun, but wait...

Mihir steals the ball.

-Justifying his position as the captain. -Come on! Come on!

Fast break and... foul!

Three-point play!

Synergy gets an additional free throw.


Both teams are neck and neck in the game.

It's a close game.

As the teams take court again, Synergy is in the lead.

United Public School, beats Mihir in defense, -fakes... -Tight D! Tight D!

Varun jumps on the offense, but shot...

-and... -Come on, cover him.

Can't you see, tighten the wing!

Mihir is not happy with the defense.

-Defense! Defense! -Synergy's under pressure.

-Good play by Varun. -Come on!

Assist by Zorawar and Mihir.


-United shoots! -Come on!

-Good block by Varun... -Let's go!

Zorawar rebounds, long pass and shot!


United on man-to-man defense.

Coach is under tremendous stress.

Synergy will have to work some magic if they want to win.

Last five seconds and only one more play possible.

Again, Synergy on the offense.

Pass and go formation.

Akshat, passes to Zorawar, passes to Varun, passes to Gaurav!

Gaurav collects the ball... jumps... and slams it!

Gaurav scores the winning basket and Synergy wins the game!


Tight game! United Public has taken the lead.

-Let's go, Mihir! -Let's go!

-Only a few seconds left in the game. -Score, score!

-Varun passes the ball to Mihir. -Get the ball, Mihir!

-Tight defense on Mihir. -Come on, Mihir! Get the ball!

Mihir passes back to Varun.

Varun searching for an opening, but strong defense by United.

Varun! Varun, pass it to me, pass it!

-Pass it to Mihir! -Pass it, pass it!

Good pressure play by United.

Varun, I'm clear. Varun!

-Varun panics and shoots... -No, no!

-and misses the shot! -No! What the hell was that?

Have you lost it? Don't you know how to play?

What is wrong with you?

Final score, 60-61 in favor of United Public School.

We'll get them next time!


relax, dude.

-We'll get them the next time-- -To hell with the next time, man!

I was open!

I had a clear shot.

Do you not know how to play?

Dude, calm down.

It's done. Chuck it.

The defense was on you and I had the shot, Mihir.

Yes, you always have the shot, right?

Mihir, you are not the only one in this team, all right?

I don't know which world you live in!

Everything has to be about you! Right?

Stop it, Mihir!

This is not just about today. He's always--

What do you mean?

Mihir! Relax, man! It's okay!


He always does this!

Hey, Gaurav!

What just happened?

Lover's quarrel?

I can't decide if you guys are my friends or enemies!

How do you intend to perform the song?

Why are you so worried?

It's just one song! We will be fine!

We will be screwed.

Anyway, listen...

Zorawar's girlfriend plays the keyboard, right?

-Who? Riya? -Yeah!

Should we call her?

But she's in the 12th grade!

So what? We'll convince her.

Zorawar is going to beat up all of you!

Forget it!


Tanvi plays the drums, man!


Look who's standing next to her!

Save it, man.

What happened?


Pankaj... please, answer the door.

Why do I have to do everything?

Where's Babloo?

How would I know?

-How about a ''hello''? -Hi, Dad!

-Hello. -Hi, handsome.

Shobha, did you order some local child musicians?

-Hi, auntie! -Hi.

What are you doing with these guys?

Don't ask!

Hello, uncle.

Dad, this is Keith... and this is Tanvi.

Evening, uncle.

-Hi, come on in. -Hello, uncle.


I don't where he is!

Please be careful!


Gaurav, amp!

Dude... are you going to play that?

Yeah... why?

Casting pearls before swine!

-What? -What was that?

I don't know! It just slipped out of my mouth!

Ananya... why don't you make yourself a little useful and...

-get us something to eat? -No!


-Please! -No!

Ananya, please?


-How can she refuse Gaurav? -Of course, not!

-Right! -Wow!

-That sounded-- -Amazing!

Thank you!

Have you guys thought about what we are gonna play?

How about we try something original?

-Truly original! -What?

Aren't we getting a little ahead of ourselves?

Why not?

We should at least give it a shot!

Yeah. Gaurav, pen and paper?

Where do I find a pen and paper in this jungle?

-Thank you. -Can you get a chair as well?

-Dude! -Right.

So... we can open with the guitar...

-but... -Thanks.

What should be the theme?

Dude, run. She is crazy!


-Life! -Yeah!

Our life.


You know, how they do it in Rock on?

Why the sky is so blue? Why is water so drenched?

Very original!

Riya, why don't you try something?

Okay. So, I was thinking, we can do, like a "GG", "BB", "AA" progression.


Just a second.

Should we try something like this?

G... A...

Hey, play it properly!

Yeah, that's right.

It's "G."

Yeah, that sounds good.

-On an "A". -Firstly, you hold it like this.

-What's an "A"? -No, no, wait.

Wait, guys!

What happened?

We had almost won that game!

That's fine, but it wasn't Varun's fault alone.

You were arguing like catty girls!

Why are you getting so worked up?

What do you mean by we were arguing like catty girls?

You keep talking rubbish.

Let it go! Why are you overreacting?

-I'm not! -You are!

Let it go, it was just a game.

What does it matter?

-It matters to me-- -Mihir.

The whole school... was watching.

Chill, man.

It wasn't Varun's fault alone!

It's a team game.

Why are you getting angry at him?

I'll speak to him.

What are you doing guys? Pass the ball!

Zorawar, pass the ball cleanly!

I'm sorry, man.

It's okay.

Come on, let it go. They boy is admitting his mistake.

-Mihir, is there a problem? -No, sir.

Then tighten your defense.


Seriously, man. I mean it. It was just misplaced anger.

-It's fine, it happens. -Zorawar, rebound!

What's going on?

Pass the ball.

No! Why are you playing a solo game?

Don't you know how to pass the ball?

Mihir, switch to offense. Varun, defense.

Come on, Zorawar. Start again.

Yes, sir. Come on, guys.

Wing, climb up and defense. Spread your hands.

I said, I'm sorry!

Dude, the entire school was watching.

You yell at people when you feel like, and you want everything to be fine once you calm down!

Is it a joke?

Are you two lovebirds done fighting?

Can we get back to the game now?

All right, fine! I'm sorry! What do you want me to do?

Do you want me to kiss you now?


You've never kissed me!

Go for it, Varun! Girls would die for an opportunity like this.

Come here, you! Let's me kiss you!

Mihir! What's going on?

Sorry, sir. Post.

Please be a little more serious about the game!

Zorawar, come here.

Boys, line up.

What's going on there?

Juniors, line up.


It's okay.

Go, line up.

Girlfriends have become more important for you!

The rest of you, better mend your ways as well.

Junior team... break off!


-Bye, sir! -Bye.

-Bye. -Bye.


Yes, sir?

Start concentrating on your game!

Yes, sir.

Enough with the distractions.

Sorry, sir.

It won't happen again.

Senior team... break off.

-Dude, I'm supposed to play "B" right now! -What?

Why will I play "A"?

What's going wrong?

Change the progression.

What is this rubbish! I have a headache!

Why don't we do, "B minor", then, "G major", and then "A major."

What happened?

-Nothing! -Thank you.

Let me give you guys an idea.

Start the song.

Dad, please go away!

Uncle, why are you torturing the poor kids?


I'm trying to help them!

Sure, why don't you perform at school as well?

-Why not? -Sure.

-Hello. -Hello.

What are you guys playing?

They're trying to compose their own song!

Wow! They are rock stars!

With this thing?

Thank you!


You can take my guitar.


Please leave us alone, Dad! Please.

Come on, uncle. Let's make dinner.

Hey, let's go out.


Kanika just texted.

Of course!

-Can we go with you? -Dad...

Maybe, after a couple of years!

Come on, Dad!

Dad, it's okay! Please let him join us.


Please! Please!

-But he's your responsibility. -Okay!

We are crazy Come on! You guys should join as well.

No, I'll just go home.

-Why? -It's getting late.

We are crazy Let's go, uncle. She'll be late.


I'll just walk home.

Please, please!

Please fasten your seat belt.


Shut up and fasten your seatbelt.

Each road has two directions But every traveler wants To reach the same destination

When you are tired The journey appears stagnant Why are you so afraid?

This is just a part of life

From a mountain top To another From the peak of our heart Into the deep valleys We are together We are crazy We are crazy We are together We are crazy We are crazy We are crazy

In Delhi The trick is to be sassy One hand on the steering wheel And other holding a beer They wish to be with hot girls As hot as Sunny Leone After every sentence they say

"Don't you know who I am?"

The music is blaring They have a bar In the trunk of their car They have informed their fathers All the cops have been bribed They are laid-back They wear sunglasses at night They roam on the roads They act like bodyguards Protecting girls The chill of Delhi's winter Is making them woozy They haven't achieved anything Yet they have huge egos We are not slaves of time We flow like a stream We are not innocent or naive We are the mascots of mischief This is our story In its glory And its destruction We are together We are crazy We are together We are crazy We are crazy We are crazy We are crazy We are crazy We are crazy We are crazy We are crazy We are crazy We are crazy We are crazy

Can we have some rotis please?

This is... nice.

The food totally makes up for it!

Who do you keep texting?

Who else could it be?


That's right! You guys just need an excuse to say that.

You guys are cute. How'd you start dating?

He would like that!

Yeah, right! We are just friends!

Really? "We are just friends!"

Good friends!

How about we talk about you and Tanvi?


Nice group!

I'll say!

Good friends, right?

I'm sure you don't mind if I read your messages?


Let's say, I like her.

Now, what?

How do you tell if a girl likes you?

Yes! Mr. Expert... please, elaborate!

Well... you know... you realize it.

You feel awkward sometimes.

But when you close your eyes... you see her!

It's kind of strange, but... you feel like spending time together.

Like, you want to be with them.

You know, be with them all the time!

And you would not like it... if there is any other guy around her.

That was so gay!

-No way, man. -I was asking about girls!

You know what... all of us, each and every one of us... are victims of desire.

-Desire? -Victims of what?

You know...

Sex? Physical attraction? Reproduction?

-What's wrong with her? -Circle of life!

Hey, nymphomaniac! There are kids at this table!

Tell you what... we could use a few more gay men in India.

Gay men?

There is something known as protection.


But that's not real sex, guys!

I give up! I give up!

Where have you guys taken this conversation?

We were talking about Gaurav and Ananya.

Why don't you get back to your carrots?

Yeah, have some.


So, did you like that food joint?

Yeah, it was good. But I still want pasta.

-All right, next time. -Okay.

So, that was great, man.

See you, Varun.

All right, Romeos. Good night.

May I take the guitar now?

Gaurav, let it be. It's getting late.

There's nothing wrong with your guitar.

You've seen the condition of my guitar.

Are you crazy? His parents will skin him alive.

Come on, you can take it.

No, chuck it.

You want it, right? Come on, then.

It will take just two minutes.

Okay, I'll come along.

-Will you drop Tanvi home? -Yeah.

Okay, guys. See you. Good night. Bye.

-Take care. -Bye, Tanvi.

-Bye, guys. See you. -Wear your seat belt.

See you.

Is this the time to return home?

-Dad, I told you I'll be late-- -Quiet!

Get inside.

Get inside, why are you standing there?

Kids, it's late. You should go home.

Yes, uncle.

Dad... there is no need to talk like that in front of my friends.

You imbecile! Get inside, come on.

You've become too big for your boots.

Whoa! Is he always like that?

Chuck it.

This shop has really good stuff.

There, that one there.



This is beautiful.

No man, it's okay--

-Guys! Guys! -No, really?

There's one there, you have to see it!

-Where is it? -Here it is.

Hey, I also want to see.

This one!

-Nice! -Wow. That's a good choice.

I know, right?

-Mihir, this one's better-- -This is better.

This is classy, but this is more rock star.

-But this is more rock star. -I know, right?

-I like this one! -This one!

-Take this one. -No!

He's going to love it.


Try "A minor."

No, "B minor."


You left my hand You left my side All your promises were a lie You hurt me and pushed me away

Hello, chef.

The aroma is wafting all the way to my house.

You guys had to come.

Why am I not surprised?

How can I not show up if you invite me?

That's not possible.


Oh, thanks man!

Sorry about the other night.

Don't be funny.


-Hello, uncle. -Hey.

Why do you look so upset, Zorawar?

It's nothing.

He's sulking.

The basketball court thing?

-What happened? -What do you think?

Same nonsense by Mr. PK.

He chucked him out of the team.

For "disciplinary reasons."

Everyone knows what the disciplinary reasons are.

Who asked you to go parading around school?

Mom, it's not that.

When you are dating, it's obvious... you spend time together, go to the movies together, have dinner together, -everybody does it. -He has a valid point.

Everyone does what they want to do.

I mean, would you rather be in the know, or in the dark?

What is the point of all these sex-ed classes, when the attitude is so old-school.

Yeah, exactly!

Boys and girls use separate lines.

They sit separately.

No boyfriends or girlfriends allowed.

If they don't want us to mingle, what is the point of a coed school?

I am sure, it's not like that.

Stop exaggerating.

This is called discipline.

What has discipline got to do with it?

Their lives, their decisions.

Exactly! It's simple.

Anyway, let it be.

-You got this, right? -Yeah!

Thank you! Thank you!

Let's go.

Come on, help me get refills.

I would like some.

Come on.

Have you done anything yet?

About what?

He's your brother! He's probably a coward like you!

Good one.

Okay, I have an idea, hear me out.

You and your ideas!

Well, you said it yourself.

He's my brother, he should have my style.

Rohan, listen.

During the assembly song, I think, he should...

Good morning, everyone.

Today's special assembly is brought to you by ninth graders, and a little bit of us, 12th graders.

So, kindly put your hands together for Keith, Gaurav, Rohan, Riya and Tanvi.

Now, all we have to do is tell Ananya about it.

Everyone takes the beaten paths But we will explore the by-lanes

Meet new people Discover new colors

The education is draining

Our minds are empty But the schoolbags are heavy

Our minds are empty But the schoolbags are heavy

All of us are in one team But we compete against each other

No one has reached anywhere But are returning from a place unknown

A horn honks loudly In the traffic of our cluttered minds

Our minds are empty But the schoolbags are heavy

Our minds are empty But the schoolbags are heavy

All the norms are written In big bold fonts There is no color All of us wear the same uniforms

We flow like a river We adapt Like the sunlight Sometimes we think to ourselves Ananya, I need to tell you something.

Gaurav really likes you.


Yeah! Give it a thought.

Wait a minute, what?

Amid the chaos One must seek relief And when everything feels lost One must find some hope The load on our shoulders mocks us

Our minds are empty But the schoolbags are heavy

Our minds are empty But the schoolbags are heavy

Our minds are empty But the schoolbags are heavy

Our minds are empty But the schoolbags are heavy

That was awesome!

-It was the best performance ever. -That was so good.

-Dude, I loved the reactions. -It was really good. Crazy!

-Did you see the crowds? -Their reactions!

-Yeah, man. It was really good. -They were... jumping up.

And not just that, the chord improvisation on stage!

That was amazing!

I don't know what I did in the middle, but...

-Hi. -Hi

Nice song.

So, you liked it?





Gaurav... what was that?


Gaurav... the... the song?

I thought...

-I thought-- -What did you think?

I thought...

-Thought what? -I thought, we were just...

I thought we were just... friends.

-You... you like me? -Yeah!

-Gaurav, this is all too sudden. -For crying out loud, Ananya!

I just need some time to think.

We saw above that the cell has special components, called organelles.

How is it-- How is a cell organized?

If we study a cell under a microscope...

What did she say?

Who is talking?

If we study a cell under a microscope... we would come across three features in almost every cell.

Plasma membrane, nucleus and cytoplasm.

Forget about it. It was a bad idea.

...and interactions of the cell with its environment are... possible due to these features.

Let us see how.


Plasma membrane or cell membrane.

This is the outermost covering of the cell that separates the contents of the cell from its external environment.

The plasma membrane allows or permits the entry... and exits of some materials in and out of the cell.

It also prevents movement of some other materials.

The cell membrane, therefore is called...

"a selectively permeable membrane."

Okay, class. For tomorrow, read chapter five.

There's going to be a test.

I can't do this with you, Gaurav.

I'm... I'm sorry.

Why are you apologizing?

Because you are my best friend. And...

So, what's your point?

The song.

I wasn't asking you out.

Gaurav, stop your nonsense. Mihir's girlfriend--

Can't I sing two lines without you making it a love song?


Listen. I'll see you at practice. Yes?

-No. Wait. I need to-- -Okay.



I don't get it, man.

I thought... there was something there.

Look, I know there is.

Give her some time.

Even you know there is something, right?


Exactly! She is a little slow. She will come around.

But she...

Forget it. I'm going home.


Tell the coach I won't be able to make it.

Are you crazy?

-Brother-- -Oh, Shit!


-Dude! -Gaurav!

What are you doing?

Shit! Gaurav!


Gaurav, please... listen to me.

Brother, I need to talk to you! Please don't do this, man.

-Mihir! -Gaurav, please come out. Gaurav!

Talk to him!

You just...

Please, brother. Let me explain myself.

I don't want to talk to you right now.

Gaurav, hear us out!

Mihir, please talk to him!

-Brother, I need to-- -Mihir, just leave me alone!

Gaurav, you are overreacting.

At least, hear me out. Give me a chance! Please!

Gaurav, please. Just speak to me once. Please.


Brother, I need to talk to you. Please, don't do this.

Hello? Hello?

Gaurav... you there?


Is everything okay?

Do you have anything important to say?

Gaurav, brother! Please!

Why are you getting so angry? I just--

You think I care?

What's done is done. I'm sorry!

Take all the time you need! I couldn't care less.


Gaurav, open the door!


Mihir... relax.

How can I relax, man?

He's a kid! He won't understand!

Whatever happens, we are in this together!

It's not easy, man.

Hello! Shobha!


Where were you?

What do you mean?

I have to work sometimes as well.

"Sometimes" is the right answer.

Where are the boys?

The young prince is asleep.

And what about his older brother?

Glad to be of service, Your Highness.

I'm impressed!

Come give me a foot massage.

-Yeah, right! -I hope you're noticing this, Shobha.

You've really spoiled these brats.

Now, what do I say?

Like father, like son.

Shut up!

Where is your brother?

Yeah. Go, call him. Dinner is ready.

Mom. He'll come when he wants to.

Get up, lazy bones! Go and get your brother.

Alright. I'm going.

You seem to be in a really good mood.

Yes, I had a good meeting today.

I think I'll bag this project for sure.

How nice!




What do you want, Mihir?

Mom's calling you for dinner.

Please tell her that I'm not hungry.

Gaurav, please don't make a scene.

Brother, why are you doing this?

What am I doing, Mihir?

Gaurav, please promise me... that you won't tell Mom and Dad.

Listen to me, man!

Fine! Talk!

Look... today... what you...

you... whatever you are... thinking, it's not true.

Mihir, I might be a kid but I am not stupid.

Gaurav, it's a difficult situation to be in--

What situation, Mihir?

You and Varun?

You and Varun are supposed to be friends!

-Not in Bed. -Gaurav!

It is what it is.

It's not easy for me either.

And what about me?

I looked up to you, man.

Nothing has changed, Gaurav.

Everything has changed, Mihir.

Look, brother... how do you know when you like a girl?

Don't talk about liking girls, Mihir.

Stop preaching.


-Gaurav-- -No, Mihir.

You tell me... how do you know when you like a girl?

Maybe, I'm not supposed to like girls either.

Maybe, this is the way it's supposed to be.


Gaurav, please understand, man!

Understand what?


Dinner is ready. Come on.

Mom, I'm not hungry.


Mom, I am not hungry.

Come on.

Gaurav, what happened yesterday?

What happened?

Are you all right?

What's wrong?

Gaurav... tell me.


Why are you yelling? What's your problem?

-Good morning, ma'am. -Good morning, everybody.

Please, settle down.

-Thank you, ma'am. -Thank you, ma'am.

How are we today?

-Fine, ma'am. -Fine, ma'am.

So, who'd like to give me a brief up about what we did yesterday?

Would anybody like to volunteer?

How about you, Prapti?

Would you like to give me a quick brief up about what we did yesterday?

Yes, ma'am.

Yesterday, we studied about what is psychology.


And what are the... the different... the different branches of psychology.

Just give me two brief points.

So, what's up?

Nothing. Not much.

I forgot to ask... how was the song?

It was awesome.

-You guys -Really? should have seen the school's reaction.

Well, that's great. Good job, buddy!

What happened?

It was okay.

I mean, they want us to play in the fest.

That's a good thing, right?

But that's awesome.

So, the new guitar did the job, huh?

Sure did!

Did Ananya like the song?

How would I know?

Have you two had a fight?

What's going on here?


Can I have some water, please?



What happened in school today?

The usual. Fun day.

What happened?

No, Mom. I'm not hungry anymore.

What's happening?

Today, you are not hungry, the other day Gaurav wasn't having dinner.

What's the matter?

Nothing, Mom.

You've not paying attention to the kids.

It's okay. They're growing up.

If you keep doing this... they'll soon get out of hand.

What happened?

It's nothing.

Yeah, very good.

What will you achieve by getting angry?

I'll be fine.


what's going on with you?

Okay... fine. Alright!

If you're upset, you don't have to speak to anybody.

Why can't you tell me?

What do I tell you?

There are some problems at home.

What happened? Are uncle and auntie getting a divorce?

No, man.

I wish.

What is the issue?

Rohan. Leave it, man. Just let it be.

Look, Ananya likes you.

And how do you know that?

I'm telling you.

Rohan, these things are irrelevant.

Let's call it a day.

My mind isn't working anymore.

-We need to practice. -Yes, we can continue right now.

-Yeah, but... -What is his deal?

Only God knows about him and his deals.


Gaurav... listen!

I'm really sorry about the way I acted.

It was stupid... extremely stupid.

The thing is...

I like you.

I really like you.

And I'm in.

Completely in.

So... let's make this happen?

What do you say?


I like you.

I like you a lot.


I can't.

Not right now.

What do you mean... you can't?

There is just... too much going on right now.

And I...

I can't even talk about it.


I'm not sure about things.

I can't understand what is happening right now.

Not sure of things.

That makes... sense.

This is... awkward.

I guess, I'm going to leave!

Ananya, wait!

Someone close to me

That's you

A little is spoken about you

And a little is hidden

You too Know the secret

This moment

Is unraveling it

-Mihir, what will people say? -My heart belongs to you You guys are gay! How cute!

Like, that's adorable.

Let's go out and celebrate!

Varun, just shut up, man.

I don't want my parents to walk in on us.

Walk in on you and Varun?

Are you cheating on me?

Find out what?

Guys, Varun and I need to tell you something.



Until now, me and Mihir were a couple... but now, he's with Varun.

Zorawar, dude! Shut up, man.

Dude... I am done with girls!

They are beyond the realm of my understanding!


So, last night I take Tanvi out for dinner, okay?

But, no! Why would we go to some fancy restaurant?

Gaurav, all cool?

Me and Varun... we are sort of... together.

Dude! Seriously, man?

Kanika, I'm not joking.

No, no! Kanika, listen to me.

You are my best friend and...

Best friend, Mihir? That's it?

That's all we are?

And you are gay? That's what you are saying? You are gay?

Dude, was I just... an excuse for you?

Kanika, no. Please, understand.

Understand what?

Understand that the guy who I am in love with is gay?

Give my eyes the permission Just for once Smile for me Call me your own To hear this from you With bated breath My entire world awaits

My heart belongs to you



Is Mihir at home?

He's in his room.

Are you okay?

Why would I not be okay?

Gaurav, I know it's very difficult to digest--

Mihir is in his room.

When did you find out?


That I'm gay?

Forget it. It's not important.

Class tenth. CBSE tournament.

That long?

It's not a joke, Kanika!

I couldn't sleep at night.

I just couldn't understand what was going on.

This one tournament... finally, when I spoke with Varun for the first time.

For the first time, I felt... there is someone who gets me.

How did you know that he was...

I didn't.

How do you know that you like me?

Can you explain it?



I've realized something.

If anyone ever finds out...

then for the rest of my life, I'll have to hear things like...

"You poor thing, you are sick."

"These things happen."

"It's a phase."

"Time will heal you."

Everyone will just presume... that it's their birthright... to make me understand... who I am!

Come on, let's go out.

No, I don't feel like it.

Come on!

Let's go.

You don't have to live like this, Mihir.

Who cares about what people think?

You have us!

You have a support system. We are here for you.

Have you told your parents?

Have you spoken to Gaurav?

He's a kid.

What do I say to him?

What do I tell my parents?

You'll have to tell them sooner or later!


They might find out from someone else.

It's not that easy.

It's easy to preach.

It's different when you have to practice it yourself.

Will you try, at least?

So, never?


Jeez, sorry! Who's the girl here?

What happened?

Why are you sitting here?


Tell me!

I was just thinking about something.

What is it?

Maybe... I should tell Mom and Dad.

Are you crazy?

I told you not to tell anyone!


Who... who gave you this brilliant idea?





And when did this happen?

Yesterday, she came over in the evening.

She came over?

Well done!

Why don't you go ahead with her advice?

I told you that there is no need to tell anyone.

But why would you ever listen to me?

Varun, she has a point, man.

Whatever, Mihir.

Do what you want.




What happened?

What kiss was she talking about?


The other day, when you decided to tell everybody.

It meant nothing, Varun.

I'm sure.


I didn't do anything.

She kissed me! What was I supposed to do?

Really? When were you planning on telling me?

It meant nothing, man!

Did you kiss her back?

No! Can we please drop it?

Varun, man! Varun!

How long do you want to live like this?

Not my parents!

Okay? They will never understand.

Why don't you try? Who knows?

Look, if you want to do it, go ahead!

I don't want to be a part of Kanika's brilliant plans.




What do you mean?

Have you lost your mind?

I told had told you!

If you don't pay attention, you'll end up getting bitten!

What do you mean by "bitten"?

I said, I'm gay.

Not a rabid dog!


Shut up!

If you would have stopped working and looked after them then Mihir wouldn't have been in this state!

I would've gladly looked after them, if you could've worked!

Yeah! It's all my fault.

Silence that damn thing!

This is because of your friends!

-You run around like hooligans. -Dad... all my friends are supporting me!

They don't pretend to be liberal like you do!

-How dare you? -Pankaj!

Why are you yelling at him?

That's unacceptable! How dare he speak to me like that?

Mom, can I talk to you?

Sure, son.


What's wrong?

Why is this happening, Mom?

I don't know.

But... why Mihir?

I'm... I'm 14!

I'm supposed to think about stuff like... my exams... my homework.

Not my brother being attracted to guys!

How does that even work?

Calm down, son.

It's a phase.

It'll pass.

What do you mean, Mom?

He's my brother!

I don't even know how to talk to him anymore.

What should I do?

He keeps trying to talk to me.

What do I say to him?

Your brother is confused.

He'll be okay.

Gaurav... you should sleep.

Good night.



I told you so many times that there is no need to tell anyone.

What did your parents say?

What will they say?

They pretend to be so cool!

Fake-ass people.


it's not easy.

They're your parents.

Don't talk about them like that.

Dude... what will we do now?


it'll work out.

It always does.

Gaurav... do you want to talk?

Forget it, Mihir.

What does it matter?


What does it matter?

Who does he think he is?

I keep trying to talk to him!

I've had enough!

My life, my choice!

Hello, Mrs. Aggarwal. How are you?

Hello, Mrs. Joshi.

Mr. Joshi...

I hope you didn't have any trouble finding the house?

No, Mr. Aggarwal. It was okay.


I thought you don't come here often.

No, I frequently visit this area.

-How is work, Mr. Aggarwal? -It's good.

It's a lovely house that you have.


Mom, Dad, can I talk to you, please?

Hello, Mihir. How are you?

Hello, auntie.

Mihir, go to your room.

I'm not going anywhere! What are you trying to prove?

Mihir you are not old enough yet. So, go to your room.

You guys are the limit. You have no right--

Mihir... get out!

What happened, Mr. Aggarwal? Is everything okay?

Any problem?

You... look upset.

Do you want to tell them?

Mr. Joshi, I don't want my son to hang out with yours anymore.

I don't understand, Mr. Aggarwal. Hang around?

Your son has spoiled my son.

I don't understand. What do you mean?

My son is responsible for making your son gay?

What are you saying, Mr. Aggarwal?

Your son is misleading our son.

Mrs. Aggarwal, I beg your pardon.

My son misleading your son?

It is your son who is misleading my son!

He drives around in fancy cars, takes him to parties.


More than your son, you are at fault here.

What are you saying, Mr. Aggarwal?

Think before you speak!

-I have given this a lot of thought. -This had to happen!

Your children roam around like hooligans all day.

They've spoiled our poor boy as well.

Mrs. Joshi, your son is no saint either!

Sarita, come on. Let's leave.

I have no interest in getting insulted.

Mr. Aggarwal, please visit our house for dinner sometime.

We will show you how to treat guests.

Why don't you follow your brother's footsteps?

He's your idol, right?

Why are you yelling at him?

If you have something to say, say it to me.

What's Gaurav's fault?

Why are you venting it out on him?

The two of you think you are all grown up!

Whatever, Mom.

Sorry. My honest mistake.

Dude, Gaurav, what are you doing?

Keith! Relax, man.

Let's do it again.

My bad, my bad.

The competition is in a couple of days... and here we are, discussing the Mr. Gaurav's issues!

What is your problem?

My problem? What's my problem? Dude, it's--

Okay, you guys. Can we please do it from the chorus again?

They will search The birds will look For a new dawn

Gaurav... just wait!


He has lost it!

Why did you leave?

So, this is what's been messing you up?


When did you find out?

That day... the day we performed the assembly song.

I walked in on... Mihir... with... Varun.

What do you mean?

They were in the room.

Doing what?

Rohan, what do you want me to say?

Why are you being so thick?

Mihir likes Varun... like... you like Tanvi.

Why didn't you tell us?

This isn't some gossip!

I'm telling you now.


Even if he does, you know... like guys... then, that's his personal decision, right?

How long can you be upset with him?

Ananya, I used to think the same.

It's all cool, it doesn't matter.

It's easy to say.

But when it comes to yourself, then the shit gets real.


I just can't understand... why didn't he talk to me about it?

It will be fine.

It's okay.



What are you looking for?

Let's do this!

Don't argue with me on this.

-But sir, why? -We are forfeiting the game.

Sir, at least, tell us why. Sir...

Dude, let's go. Please!


What happened?

Come to me Oh, wanderer Come to me Oh, wanderer You guys need to see the crowd outside.

-It is amazing! -Come to me Really?

-Listen... -Again, my turn.

Listen, Rohan. Where's Ga-- Where's Gaurav?

He'll come. He's outside.


All right, Synergy.

After that scintillating performance... the band that all of you have been waiting for!

What up? What up, Synergy?

Today, we have a story for you.

In the morning, I woke up.

Brushed and bathed.

Went to school.

At school, my teacher told me... how and what I should study.

My coach told me... what and how to play.

And in the evening... in the evening, the news told me... how and what I should be thinking!

Did that ever happened to you?

Have you experienced it?

Have you really tried to find yourself?

Have you discovered who you really are?

The entire world asks you Asks you the same question

Among the noise of this crowd Pay attention to your own voice

Among the multitude Choose your own voice

We will speak up Speak up to free ourselves We will open the doors Of the cage that curbs our freedom

We will speak up Speak up to free ourselves We will open the doors Of every cage that curbs our freedom

Mihir won't be allowed to play today's game!

Sir, how long is this going to continue?

I don't have an answer to your question.

Either all of us will play as a team, or none of us will!

My answer Where is my answer stuck?

My answer Why is my question So difficult for you to answer?

A mature mind Finally has to face The innocent questions Maybe, we don't really know Right from wrong But a half-baked truth Is not something that we will accept We will speak up Speak up to free ourselves Excuse me, ma'am. Mr. PK is looking for you.

Of every cage that curbs our freedom We will speak up Speak up to free ourselves Ma'am, times are changing now!

And we must move ahead with current times.

My team will not play without its captain.

The rest is up to you.

-Once more! Once more! -Once more! Once more!

-Once more! Once more! -Once more! Once more!

I'm glad, you guys enjoyed that performance!

Now, let's wait for the judges' results!

That was--

That was amazing!

With the crowd and the whole place--

It was just-- It was...

Holy crap, dude!

-Wow, finally! -I'm impressed.

Thank you!

What's up, guys?

Mihir's been kicked out of the team.


Mihir's been kicked out of the team!

Now, that is more like the energy we like to see.

Gaurav, let's go.

Give it up one more time for the band from Synergy.

Yo, yo, Synergy!

Are we having a good time?

This one's for you!

What will I achieve by playing like this?

My own brother isn't talking to me.

My parents aren't talking to me either!

And look at Varun's condition.

My so-called family.

I have a question for all of you.

School is the time to figure yourself out, right?

To get to know yourself?

But how do you when you like someone?

I think, I've figured it out!

What are you doing?

Please, handle this.

Where are you going?

You left my hand But you never left my side It wasn't a lie

-Your promise was not a lie -Gaurav!

-Congratulations! -Thank you, ma'am.

You called me your friend Yet you pushed me away You hurt me All the fun times we had together Why did you let them fade away?

They will search The birds will look for a new dawn They will break All the shackles that imprisoned them

They will look for it The birds will look for a new dawn They will break All the shackles that imprisoned them We will speak up Speak up to free ourselves We will open the doors Of every cage that curbs our freedom We will speak up Speak up to free ourselves We will open the doors Of every cage that curbs our freedom We will speak up Speak up to free ourselves We will open the doors Of every cage that curbs our freedom We will speak up Speak up to free ourselves We will open the doors Of every cage that curbs our freedom

-We will speak up -We will speak up

-Speak up to free ourselves -Let us free ourselves We will open the doors Of every cage that curbs our freedom We will open them