Time to Hunt (2020) Script

Ripped by TTEOKBOKKIsubs

How would you do that?

I know a guy who exports vintage clothes.

We’ll sell them overseas through him.

Seriously. We won’t make anything from it.

It all depends on brands, but dezigner--

Designer! Dumbass!

Three designer shirts are a dollar! Three for a dollar?

-Yeah. -Are you serious?

That's 100 dollars for 300 shirts.

We got pride, why should we sell used clothes?

This isn’t the time for pride.

We’re penniless right now.

-Beggars can’t be choosers! -Fuck you!

-You’re on your own. -I knew you would act so.

Shit! Isn’t this my shirt?

-You’re stretching it, fatso! Take it off! -It’s mine, the color’s different!

This is blue!

-Bullshit! I’m sure it’s mine! -Yours is navy, asshole!

Shut up and pay.

-You pay, I gave you money! -Bullshit! When?

-He’s always like this! -I gave you, stupid trash!

-You did, sorry. -Shit.

If you ever sell that, I’ll call the cops!

Why would I? It’s mine!

Cut the crap! It’s mine, asshole!

Damn, yours is navy! Mine’s blue!

-Are you color-blind? -What a scammer!

-You sneaky bastard! -Toss the receipt, please.

What a dickhead.

Show me what you stole.

I didn’t steal shit, asshole!

I saw you steal!

-I don’t steal anymore! -Cover your mouth and cough!

This morning, 8,000 protesters against IMF were gathered...

You talk bullshit all the time.

Just get in.

Get the hell in!

It’s time, why isn’t he coming out?

Did you get the time right?

What? Yeah.

My tofu?

-No tofu. -Who even does that anymore?

-You did good. -Let’s go drink.

-What’s up! -Let’s go this way!

-Congrats! -Welcome back!

What do you want to do now?

What should we do?

-Tell us what you were gonna tell us. -That thing you talked about in the car.

I befriended a guy in jail who smuggles shit in Taiwan.

A place called Kenting.

Know where Taiwan is?

-Yeah. -That island...

There’s emerald-colored ocean, palm trees, and endless sun.

It’s just like Hawaii.

No, exactly the same!

-You always wanted to go to Hawaii! -Right, right.

He said I should visit him there, if I do, he’ll help me get settled.

Yeah? How?

Aside from smuggling work, he does touristy stuff.

Like bike, car rentals, diners, shops, so many businesses!

He said the income is dope!

He makes over 8,000 dollars a month.

-Eight grand? -In a month?

You hear that?

-Fucking hell! Piss off! -I’m serious!

-This shit is the real deal! -Holy shit.

He’ll sell one of the shops to me for cheap.

Cheap? How much?

For 200,000 dollars, he says he'll give me a shop with steady income and a picturesque home on a sunny beach for that.

We should move there and start over.

Away from this hell.

We can swim and fish every day on the beach and start a new life!



What’s with the reaction?

Not feeling it?

It sounds way too good to be true.



-That's dope. -Dope, right?

Where in Taiwan?

Kenting, it’s the southern tip of the island.

I dreamt of this for three fucking years.

-Dreamt of being here. -You love it?

I fucking love it!

-You fucking love it? -Fuck yeah!

Do you still shit with the door open?

-Fucking jerk off! -What the shit?


This bastard still wears our underwear!

Stop wearing our shit!

-It’s true! -Bullshit!

-Let’s see then! -Fuck you, asshole!

I hope we don’t get shot.

I hear everyone’s carrying guns.

Drugs and guns, what the hell happened?

Remember that one last bank in the neighborhood?


Guys armed with rifles barged in and robbed it.

-Assault rifles? -Yeah, fully automatic!

Holy fuck!

It’s not like the old days, this is on another level.

So many guys with grit nowadays.

Fuck that.

The world’s gone crazy.

People aren't supposed to live in this shithole.

Hey, Ki-hoon.


Why aren’t you bringing it up?

Bring what up?

Our money, the paper weight.

Was it so hard bringing that up?

It’s not just any money, you went to jail for that.

How could I visit you and say it’s become worthless?

We were going to tell you, but you had it tough in there.

So, how much is left?


The cash value collapsed like a mofo and living costs went up, so we can’t even pay the rent.

There has to be some left. How much is it in US dollars?


Currency exchanges are illegal at banks.

What do you mean?

That doesn’t make sense.

The Korean won is taking a nosedive and prices are skyrocketing.

Regular shops don’t even accept cash anymore.

Is that why you paid with US dollars at the club?

All we have now is what we got from the last-minute exchange, so we don't even have that much.

-About $2,000. -Not even that.



God damn arsonists.


Shirt and pants count as one?

-They're separate. -Don’t listen to him!

-He’s been at it for a week! -It’s easy!

-Brands don’t matter? -Brands are better.

What about shoes?

-They don't do shoes. -Dang it.

You’re kidding me. This area’s gone to shit.

No one comes here anymore.

-We can’t do shit here! -Yo, Jang-ho.

Can’t you just work at a garage?

I have a grand theft auto record. Who would hire me?

You can lie.

-They can just look it up. -Who does that nowadays?

-What about the diner you worked at? -It went down under.

Because of him.

Like hell it was my fault.

You chopped cucumber after touching your dick!

Listen to this SOB!

One last score then?

-He’s nuts. -Totally nuts.

You got released yesterday.

It’s a foolproof plan.

-Shut the fuck up! -I’m serious!

What is it?

PARADISE BICYCLES Isn’t this our shop?

-Who the hell did this? -Go away!

Look at that fugly graffiti.

It's good to be back.

It's been a while.

Don’t overreact, asshole!

My lung’s fucked, mofo!

You smoke more than I do.

This is left untouched.

Mom said she’d make money with this shop and take me to Hawaii.

Is that why you’re always singing about Hawaii?

Yeah, but it doesn’t have to be there, I just want to live somewhere warm with crystal clear water.

So when my cellmate friend mentioned the island, I was so happy.

We could all live there and fish, run a shop, and spend all day swimming at the beach.

That’d be dope.

I thought we’d be so happy.

I endured three years in hell just thinking about that.

He thought I was in turf two, but I had two hidden Q cards.

So I got the turf with a Q.

It was intense.

Three heading up.



Blackjack? This way.

-Hello. -Good evening.

We came to win some money. three, five, six, seven, eight, nine and ten.

-Here you go. -Okay.

This place’s pumping.

Received 100 dollars.

Here’s your beer.

Been a while.

Why are you doing this?

Why am I doing this?

This guy thinks he’s all that.

How could you steal a thief’s money?

I was gonna pay your 10 million won back as soon as you got out.

What? 10 million won?

Are you kidding me?


You take me for a fucking retard?

Don’t give me those puppy eyes, so what then?

What do you want to do, fucking asshole!

What do you want then?

-Pay back in US dollar. -What?

With interest, get me 10,000 dollars.

I’m giving you a discount because of our friendship.

I don’t have that much money, no one can get US dollar now.

Shut the fuck up!

The gambling house is run with dollars!

You must get paid in dollar too!

That’s that, but I really can’t do ten grand. It’s impossible.

Say "impossible" again, and I’ll fucking kill you.

You got two days.

Borrow or steal, do whatever it takes.

Jun-seok, please.

I’m begging you. Please give me some time.

Just give me a month and I’ll pay you right back.

Do me this favor.

Son of a bitch.


I can’t wait a month, so let me use you instead.

Use me how?

I’m planning a big score and I need your help.

What score?


That? The gambling house?

-Are you out of your goddamn mind? -What’s the problem?

Are you even listening to yourself?

That place is run by gangsters!

They’re small-time thugs.

Even if it kills me, I don’t want to be part of this.

Dude, I’d gladly rob literally anywhere for you, but not a gambling house!

We need US dollars.

But only banks and houses carry a large amount of them.

Then go rob a bank instead!

Rob a bank and let’s all go to jail again!

-Quiet down! -Compared to banks, houses are easy.

And it’s illegal!

We won’t get involved with cops like banks!

You need more than pistols to rob a place like that.

You can't be fucking serious!

Rifles and shotguns? I can get them.

I met a guy in jail. He’s an arms dealer.

Goddammit, Jun-seok.

You seem to have lost your grip after spending too much time in jail.

Snap the fuck out!

Go shoot some rifles at the reservist training.

Fucking hell.


I’m serious.

I planned this in jail for a long time.

Trust me one last time and do this.

Holy shit.

Dude, you said the same thing that time too.

One big score as our first and last time.

Look what happened to you.

You lost three years!

How much more do you need to lose?

We don’t have

anything left to lose now.


That dream.

I never want to lose it.

Please trust me one last time.

We can pull this off.

The three of us will go to that island and start a new life.

Damn you, why are you sighing in the morning?

What’ll you do?


I’m in.

We owe Jun-seok.

He got caught while trying to buy us time.

He rotted in jail for three years, because of us.

He wants it so bad, for his sake, I’ll do it.

We have to change his mind for his sake, asshole!

You and I agreed that we’d never do this!

And this is so much different than robbing a jewelry shop!

This is insanity!

It sure is.

We lived earnestly for three years while he was away.

Did our lives change at all?

It feels even more fucked.

Our savings are now worthless.

We can’t get a job because of our criminal records, and we’ll get kicked out soon for not paying the rent.

And Jun-seok and I have no families to go home to.

We got nothing.

If we continue this path, nothing will change.

We’ll just be bottom dwellers.

But when we pull this off,

we can live like humans.

Like humans, man.


Let’s fucking do it.


Are you serious?

Yeah, I’m serious!

Let’s go batshit crazy!

Here, here and here.

There are cameras everywhere. Were there any in the adjacent building?

Nope. There wasn't any next door.

If we enter from the other side, we won’t need to worry about the cameras outside.

The problem is the cameras on the inside. Sang-soo, check them for us.

And the hard drives that store the footage as well.

Our faces will be on them, so we gotta take them.

There are cameras near the fire escape.

But they're only installed from the ground to the third floor and not on the floors above the gambling house.

You sure?

No one will think anyone would come in through the roof.

Then we could access the fire escape from the roof to get to the warehouse.

And to the gambling house through the warehouse.

Facing the warehouse door is the chip exchange.

There are one, two, three, four, five and six guards.

Ki-hoon and I will go here

-and take out the guards. -Right.

-You and Sang-soo take care of this area. -Okay.

Once they’re secured, get to the exchange.

When an alarm is triggered, gang outpost is notified.

Let’s check how long it will take them.

About three minutes to reach the house.

Which means it’ll take about five minutes door-to-door from the outpost to the gambling house.

That’s all the time we have.

We get in and out within that time.



It’s been so long!

Man, Jun-seok!

Got any bulletproof vests?


Got a killer one.

My twin brother got shot eight times once, and that vest saved his life.

Holy shit!

Open up.

Good afternoon.

Come in.

Holy shit!

I don't believe it!

What’s all this?

It’s K2!

-Hey! Hey! Hey! -It’s a K2!

Don’t be an amateur.

As an expert, I don’t recommend that.

This is M4.

Short barrel, very mobile, this platform is the best.

Did you all serve in the military?

-Yeah, except him. -I see.

So you all know how to use a gun except him?


K2 and M4 platforms are similar, so it’ll be easy to use.

This looks the coolest.

It’s the bomb.

If you’re using that much firepower for intimidation, you must be planning something big.

It’s not my business, but will it be okay?

Don’t worry, we’re just bending the law.



The world outside the law is more brutal and ruthless.

Be cautious, and careful.

I will.

Thanks for trusting me and giving me the guns.

Give me that.


Jang-ho, come here.

Shouldering is important.


Rest the stock here to reduce the recoil to help with the aiming.

Like this.

Am I doing it right?

Stop that!

Son of a bitch!


Is it supposed to be this loud?

One, two...

You’re covering his face.

What are you doing?

Five seconds!

Isn’t it similar to taking a train?

I was on a boat once, and I got so seasick.

We’ll take over a good shop and start raking in money.

Swim on the beach, fish, and enjoy the sauna.

Fish? That again?

What’s wrong with it?

Your ideas are so damn boring to begin with.

Why’s that boring?

-Dude! -What’s wrong with fishing?

We’re risking our lives for this, we gotta go big!

Fishing and sauna?

We gotta surf, pick up chicks.

-Yeah. -Drink wine.

That’s what you do, fuck fishing and sauna.

You're the same old.

I like fishing, what’s wrong?

See? Jang-ho likes it.

Fish and eat sashimi, sushi and make stew too.

Stop talking about food, I’m so hungry!

I fucking love fishing! I want to be a fisherman!

-Farmer for me. -Yeah!

-Tae-gun. -Yeah?

Who are those guys?

-Those guys? -Yeah.

They're regulars. Don't you know?

Never seen them.

Who are they?

If you’re curious, go ask them yourself.

Move out!

Don’t get nervous.

Just do what we practiced, and we’re good.

Stick within the time frame and there’s no problem.

We can pull this off.


The security cam hard drives, our faces will be in there.

I know, stop nagging me.

Get it no matter what!

Do you even know what they look like?

Trust me.

Let’s do this.


What’s wrong?

It’s fine.

-Get down! Down! -Don’t move!

Hands on your head!


Stay still!


Drop your head! Lower your head!


Turn around!

-Lie down! -Kneel! Kneel!

On your knees!

-Are you deaf? On your knees! -Lie down! Kneel!

-Drop your head, fucker! -Do as he says!

-Hey! -On your knees!

-Kneel, asshole! -Get down!

-Lower your head, fuckers! -Down!

Get down!

Lower your head!


-Don’t move! -Hold still!

What are you waiting for?

-Get a move on! -Don't just stand there, you bastards!

What’s up?

Hands out of the drawer.

Hands out!

Hands behind you!

Open the safe.

-Get in! Go! -Hurry!

Hurry up! Those fuckers!

Sit down!

If he moves, shoot him.

Head on the floor!

Drop your head!

Drop them!

Lower your head! Now!

Don’t look at me!

Lift your head, I’ll blow it away.

Lower your head!

Three minutes left! Hurry!

Are you fucking kidding me?

You got three seconds before I blow you away.



Put them in, hurry!



Do you think you’ll be safe?

Do you even know what you guys are doing?

Fucking amateurs.

You guys are already dead.

How much longer?

Almost done!

What’s taking so long?

Almost there!

Hurry the hell up!

Don’t move!

Let’s go! Go!

Hurry the hell up!

Come on! Let’s go!



Lower your head!

Stay down! Don’t move!

Don’t fucking move!


Get out! Now!

We’re so fucked.

-Let’s go to the roof! -To the roof!

Hurry up!

Move it!

Come on!

Run faster!

-Faster! -Hey! This way!

-You sons of bitches! -Get them!

-You bastards! -Over there!


I said stop!


Stop right there!


-Let's get out of here! -Let's go!

-Hurry! -Stop right there!

Left! Turn left!

Go faster!

We’re safe.

We did it.

We pulled it off.

Holy shit!

We made it!

Fucking hell!

Hey! Hey!

The security footage. Did you get the hard drives?

Oh shit.

You didn’t take it?

-I fucking knew it. -What the hell?

What do we do?

-You mean these? -What the fuck?

You scared us, son of a bitch!

I was so scared!

Why wouldn’t I take the hard drives?

What a relief!

I think I can take care of this, so--

The house was ambushed by armed robbers.

Fortunately, they didn’t open the main safe, just exchange safe.

So what?

But those fuckers took the security camera hard drives.

Hard drives?



It contains footage of our deal with the VIPs, the list of VIPs  and their laundering data too, the bosses are going nuts.

I understand.

Ki-hoon says he has to visit home.

So sleep over at his parents, and ship out to the island tomorrow?

We’ll smuggle out tomorrow.

You should come with us.

If I leave now, they’ll suspect me.

I’ll stay another month and quit at the right time.

Will you be okay?

I’ll skip town in a month with my mom.

Count, it’s your cut.

I’m sure it’s good.

It’s so cold.


Quit smoking, dipshit.

All packed?

Let’s get a move on.

We’re off.



For what?

You know, for asking me to come with you.

Idiot, isn’t that a given?

Join us later, if you can.

Take care of your mother.

Thanks for lending me money to pay for her hospital bill.

I won’t forget what you did. Off you go.

Take care, bud.

That pistol I took from the gambling house, I left it in a drawer, use it when you need it.

-What? -Or sell it.

Rifles are in the back, take it if you need it.

I don’t need guns, take it with you.

-You looked good with it. -Fuck you, mofo!

-See you. -All right.

-Call me if something’s up. -Don’t get your ass kicked.

I’ll be careful, asshole.

-I’m just worried. -Get going.

-We’re off! -Later!

The IMF has rejected our request for a 2-year loan extension.

The IMF had discussed additional relief loans in an emergency meeting but did not not approve the extension.

The Korean government currently owes the IMF $115 billion, which we could not pay back last year, putting us in our current state of default.

The IMF and the Korean government will be holding their fifth negotiation...

Halt the layoffs that destroy families!

-Halt! -Halt!

Retract unrealistic restructuring!

-Retract! -Retract!

We oppose forced restructuring!

-We oppose! -We oppose!

Secure laborers’ right to live!

-Secure! -Secure!

Stop labor repression!


Excuse me.




Hey, son!

-Retract! -Retract!

If you’re gonna protest with a smile, then don’t!

Don’t you know these protests are pointless?

You could get arrested and get an ass whipping.

I hear you. How did you know I was here?

Mom said I won’t get dinner if I don’t bring you.

I was starving, good timing.


Stop smiling like a fool, Dad.

-Jun-seok! Ki-hoon has a well! -Shut the fuck up!

Are you insane? Why did you throw a rock down there?

-Get lost. -I’ve never seen a well before!

-There’s a well? -Check it out!

So country.

Hick town!

-Shut the hell up. -Your home has a well!

Everyone has one!

Thank you for the meal.

-Get me some water? -Sure.

From the well.

Stupid bitch.


-How is it? -It’s pretty. Try it on.

I never thought my son would ever buy me clothes.

We made a ton of money, so I’ll buy you anything.

No way! This is good enough.

My son’s the best.


-Boss? -Yeah?

The house was robbed by armed robbers.

I came just in case. Did you sell any guns lately?

What did they use?

Two shotguns.

One M4.

And one revolver.

That’s not from our shop.

We haven’t sold those recently.

It could be another shop, or a smuggler.

Boys! Can you think of anyone?

No, not really.

-Sir. -Yeah?

I’ll ask again.

You really don’t know anything?

I got no reason to hide.

Don’t risk your life over this.

If you tell me what I need to know, everything will go back to the way it was.

Are you threatening me?

Are you?

I got protection.

If you threaten me, you think you’ll be safe?

Jun-seok, the color of the ocean must be different there, right?

Of course.

Clear emerald water, and sunny all year long.

It feels like a dream that we’ll be there tomorrow.

It’s not a dream, it’s reality in two days.

You wake up and you’re back in jail.

You son of a bitch.

Don’t jinx it, man!

Since I was just released, I still have dreams about jail.

Is that bastard sleeping again?

He’s not sleeping, he’s pretending.

He always does that.

Jang-ho, get up, don’t joke around.

Stop it, man, it’s not funny.


-What’s wrong with him? -He’s an idiot.

Let him be, he’s just begging for attention.

-Let’s just go. -Leave him?

Just go.

Let’s just go then.

He’ll wake up.

-Let's go. -I've slept well!

What time is it? Going somewhere?

-Have some alone time! -Let me go with you!

Don't leave me alone.

-Why not try it for once? -No way.

Hold on, isn’t this mine?

It’s not.

-It is! Take it off! -It’s not!



Stop pretending to sleep, is that fun?

I just had my eyes closed, you bastard.

I can’t even do that?

Then answer me when I call you, you’re desperate for attention.

I get you every time.

I saw you squinting!

You called me a pervert, right?

-You are one! -I’m not a pervert!

My bro!


How did the job go?

Good, thanks to you.

That’s good.

Where are you?

We’re at East Sea.

What’s up?

So you’re leaving from East Sea?

No, not from here.

Then where do you leave from?

Is something wrong?

Absolutely not.

I just wanted to see you before you leave.

I’ll come visit you.

-Bro! -I'll talk to you later.

Bro. Wait a minute!

Hurry up!

What the hell, man!

You just got here. Do you have to leave now?

This place is too small for everyone to sleep.

I finally got to see you after two years.

I’m just looking out for you.

You won’t get sad if I leave suddenly.

I’m so happy I got a considerate son.


How long will you be there?

-At least two years? -Two years?

Two years fly by fast, Dad.

I’ll go make a ton of money.

Hey, Jun-seok.

Sang-soo, is everything okay?

I’m on my way to work, I’m nervous as hell.

Be cool, just remain calm.

If anything’s up, just call me.

I’m here now, I’ll talk to you later.

-Okay. -Be careful.

Call me.

-Yo, Sang-soo! -Hey.

Did you hear about the robbery last night?


I got the details, fuck, -how could it happen? -I know, eh?

Weren’t you off yesterday too?


Thank God we were off. We could’ve been fucked.


Where are you going?

I’m going to the washroom.

I’ll be right back.

Why isn’t he coming out?

Go check.


What the hell?

You son of a bitch! Stop right there!

I envy him.

So do I.

My boy.

-Having a family... -Yeah?

What’s it like to have parents?

You won’t feel lonely, right?


I’ve never had a family.

I was always alone.

You’re not alone, Ki-hoon and I are family.


You and Ki-hoon are my family.

Jun-seok! What’s wrong?

It’s nothing.

I’m gonna step outside for a bit.


One more, please.


SANG-SOO Bastard.

Hey, Sang-soo!


Don’t kid around, man.

Oh, shit.

SANG-SOO Sang-soo!

What's with him?





What the fuck?

-Where are the guns? -What?

Where did you put them?

Hey! Easy, man!

What for?

Where are they?

I've only brought the money.

So they’re in the trunk?

Yeah, you’re making me nervous.

What is it?

Get dressed.

-We have to go get the guns. -What?

What the hell’s going on?

We’re in danger.

I think someone’s here to get us.

Let’s move.

Vests too.

Damn it.

-Let’s get moving. -Yeah.

What’s wrong with this?

Try again.

It was never like this.

I think someone messed with our car.

What do we do?

Let’s use that car.

That one?

Jang-ho, can you go and start that car?

Give me three minutes.

-Let’s provide cover. -Okay.

Ki-hoon, don’t worry, we’ll get out of this.

I’m just cold, that’s all.

This is nothing at all.

Let’s go.


Jang-ho, hurry up.

Hey. What the hell happened?

Jang-ho, get it started.

Let’s go!

Where’s the exit?

Yo! Did we miss the exit?

Go the opposite way, turn here!

Oh shit!

What’s that?

Just step on it!


Ki-hoon, dude, you okay?

Jang-ho, hold on, let’s get out of here.

Get out.


I’ll give you a chance.

Five minutes.

Get as far away as possible.

Don’t disappoint me.

Fuck, what happened?

We got out of the parking lot. Are you okay?


My head.

Jang-ho, are you okay?

Hold on, buddy.

We’ll be at the hospital soon.

-Help! -Pardon?

Please help us.

Doctor! Doctor!

What is it? What's wrong?

-Are you hurt? -Not me, him!

What happened to him?

Come this way!


Let’s get out of here.

We have to go.

What are you talking about? With Jang-ho like that?

If we don’t, I think he’ll follow us here.

Come on, we’re in a different city.

How could he find us here?

So stay here and let him kill us?


Why would any of us die? Calm down.

If we stay here, we’re all dead!

Dude, stop fucking saying we’re gonna die.

We came this far because of you.

I’m really nervous too.

Getting out of here is the only thing I want.

He just got out of the surgery and he needs rest, we gotta watch out for him.

We’re so damn far away.

He couldn’t have followed us.

Is it okay for us to stay here?

We’ll stay here till morning and leave right away.

Don’t worry and get some sleep.

What about Sang-soo?

Have you talked to him?

Answer me.

Yeah, I talked to him earlier.

I told him he could be in danger, so that he should get out now.

That’s good.

He’s like a fox, he probably hid somewhere.



You can’t be here like this!

You have to run.

Jun-seok, get up.

Get up, man.

Ki-hoon! Get up!





Get up.

The elevator will arrive soon.

Doors are closing.

You okay?

Jang-ho, are you alright?

Get up, let’s go.

Over here!

The ignition is already on.

This is a nightmare, right?

How could this be real?

What’s that?

What is it?

What the hell is this?

Are you fucking me?

Is this a police cruiser?

Does that fucking make sense?

JUN-SEOK It’s him.

Answer it.

You’ve exceeded my expectations. This is fun.

I’m glad I let you live. It's been fun.

But you’re a cop.

Why are you doing this to us?

If it’s about the money, I’ll return everything.

Everything that we stole!

I think you got it all wrong.

You think I’m doing this over some stolen money?

What is it then?

What do you want?

Don’t want anything, I already have it.

You have it?

Then why are you chasing us?

You got what you want!

So why are you coming after us?

I have to end what I started.

What the shit do you mean?

We’re going to the police and turning ourselves in.

So please stop this.

Just stop!

Listen carefully.

Turning yourself in will change nothing.

No one will help you.

This isn’t the world you used to live.


No matter where you are,

you cannot escape.

-Freeze! -Put your gun down!

-Lower your gun! -Drop your gun, asshole!

-Lower your gun! -Put your gun down!

Hands on your head!

Put your hands on your head!

What is it? Why is he stopping?

Why did we stop?

Let that guy go.

What do you mean?

I got a call from the chief to let him go.

It’s an order from the top, goddammit.

Are you on your way?

We’re at the harbor.

You’re there already?

Can you come right away?

If we stay here any longer, we could die here.

Even if I leave now, I’ll arrive at dawn.

We’ll leave right away.

Please get here ASAP, I’m begging you.



So what’s your exact location?

We’re in front of the derelict apartments by the harbor.

The apartments?


There’s a secret stash nearby...


Even if he leaves now, he’ll get here at dawn.


His stash is nearby, inside an abandoned building, he said it’s safe in there.

We’ll hide there until he picks us up.


There’s a storage unit here?

It’s all gone to shit.

It’s here.

If we stay here tonight, he’ll come for us.

We’ll take the night boat out.

I just wanna get out of here.



I don’t think I can go.

Because of your parents?

Then let’s go bring your parents--


That’ll be more dangerous.

He’ll come after us.

After seeing you guys on the boat, I’ll head back alone.

When you get a house on the beach, save me a room.

I want my own room for once.

I know who killed my brother. We’re tracking him.

I need to pay him back.

I’ll send out my men and assist you in any way.

Thank you, I really appreciate it.

That fucker’s at the shop.


Han, the killer. Han?

He came to check out the firearms.

He walked in on his own?


I don’t think he knows he’s being tracked.

This is good.

Walking into a lion den on his own.

I’ll take care of him.

Don’t touch him.

Give him whatever he wants and attach a tracker in the bag.

Boss, this is our chance.

We can take care of him.


He killed my twin brother.

I’ll kill him myself.

Don’t touch him before then.

If he was leaving alone, I wouldn’t have sent him.

But it’s not like he would listen to me and not go.

Hello? Mom?



Why didn’t you pick up? I thought something happened.

What happened? Calm down.

You haven’t left yet?

Mom. Is everything really okay?

Nothing’s wrong.

Don’t worry, and have a safe trip.

You understand?

Mom. Stay right there! I’m coming right now!


Going somewhere?

Where the hell were you? I looked everywhere for you.

I couldn’t sleep.

-So I scoped out the harbor. -Dammit.

Why? Something wrong?

I wanted to see you guys off, but it’ll be hard to go home at night, so I gotta go now.

You sure something’s not up?

Like hell something’s up.

Don’t get seasick.

Take care of Jang-ho.

I’m off. See you soon.

Jang-ho, you asleep?

I know you’re listening.

I’ll check up on my folks and catch up.

Don’t cry like a bitch because I’m not here.

I’ll hurry.

So you won’t be lonely.











-Jun-seok! -Jang-ho!

-Wait for me! -Don’t move!

Stay there!





Let’s go!

Hurry up.

Jang-ho! Hurry! Come on!

Hurry the hell up!

Get down! Now!

Jang-ho! Jang-ho!

Jang-ho! Get out! Hurry!


Fighting is our only chance, we have to fight.

Can you shoot?

I think so.

Let’s put on the bulletproof vests.

Stay right here, I’ll get to the other side.

What will you do?

Staying together is a disadvantage.


You son of a bitch!



Are you okay?


Stay here for a sec.

I can’t breathe.

Are you okay?

-Jun-seok. -Yeah?

I’m not lonely.

I’m not lonely anymore.

I want to be alone now.

Jang-ho. Get up, buddy.


It’s a prank, right?

Don’t do that.

I’m serious. Please, stop.

Get ready.

It feels like a dream that we’ll be there tomorrow.

The color of the ocean must be different, right?


I’m not lonely.

I’m not lonely anymore.

Even if I die, you go.

Promise me.

Get on that boat and get out of here, okay?

Promise me...

Have you been well?

Your skin is so fair after living here.

List of people involved with the gambling house you asked for.

Jun-seok, will you really be okay?

Is he alive?

He is.

He somehow survived the ambush.

The black-market arms gang run by Bong-sik’s twin brother?

It’s all gone to shit.

He mobilized the police to wipe them out.

What’s his name?

He’s called "Han," but that’s an alias.

Real name is "Lee Jae-sin."

But they say that’s not even his real name.

Once he has a target, he’ll go after it and make the kill in the end.

Shouldn’t you tell Jun-seok about his friend, the one he’s been waiting for?

He never asked us to look into him.

There's no need to tell him what he didn’t ask.

Sometimes you need to lie to yourself.

Or you can’t endure it.

This is the dream that you talked about?

If you wanted to sell bikes, you could’ve done that at your shop back home.

Yeah. I guess I should have.

I missed you.


I hope you’ll one day see this message.

If you’re still alive, you should be able to.

Remember how he said we’ll never escape from him?

He was right.

Even if I’m here, or anywhere else, I can never escape

from that hell.

I’m going back.

Even if I die,

I’ll face him once more.

I won’t run away anymore.

I’ll fight.

That’s where I’m supposed to be.