Timeless Love (2019) Script

[air whooshing]

[whimsical orchestral music]

[alarm clock sounding]

Good morning, beautiful.

Shouldn't I be the one saying that to you?

Mm hmm.

Careful, or I will fall back asleep, and guess who will have to get the kids ready?

Oh, well, we can't have that, can we?

Mm mm.

Although, we could just take a lazy day today.

I have 30 pages to write.

You and your self-imposed deadlines.

I have a photo portrait session later this afternoon, but you don't hear me complaining, do you?

30 pages takes much longer than you clicking away on your camera.


[Megan giggles]

[children giggling]

Mm, uh oh, here they come.

Boy Dino is here.

Let go of Mom or face justice.

Oh, no no, no need for justice, Boy Dino, I'll cooperate.

Oh, come here, my superhero.

Oh, you're too big for mommy kisses now?

Good morning, Isabelle.

You're late for my wizard show.

My deepest apologies.

Why don't you show me while I start cooking you breakfast?

Cinnamon rolls!

Ooh, I want some.

If we can have the kind in the can, sure.

If not, I'll make them appear.


[children giggling]

Ow, oh, Dylan, Boy Dino, can you pick up your minions?

What do you want me to make for lunches?

I'll do it.

I'll come in after my shower.

All right.

[mellow music]

All right, what do you want for lunches today?

Oh, a game of hide and go seek.

Okay, watch out, Boy Dino, and Isabelle the Wizard.

Mom is up for the challenge.


Wow, you kiddos are actually being pretty quiet this time.

[mysterious music]

Hey, Thomas, do you know where the kids are?

[mysterious music]

Isabelle, come on, you're gonna be late.

[mysterious music]


[mysterious music]

Where's my superhero?

Okay, guys, this game isn't fun anymore!

How about you all come out already?

[mysterious music]


[mysterious music]

[machines humming and beeping]

[mysterious music]

Megan, sweetie, can you hear me?

If you can hear me, squeeze my hand.

Where am I?

Megan, calm down, calm down.

I need a doctor in room 610, patient is awake.

Look at me.

Thank you.

Hi, Megan, I'm, I'm Dr. Taylor.

Okay, I got a little light here for you.

Oh [groaning].

I know, I know, it's bright.

Just bear with me.

Can you follow my pen?

Mm hmm.

Good, do you know where you are?

The hospital.

That's right, listen, I know things are rather confusing for you right now.

We're gonna call your parents, all right?

I'm gonna run some tests while we wait for them.

[Megan grunts]

Hi, it's a miracle.

Oh, sweetheart, you're awake.

What happened?

Careful, just take it easy, Megan.

The doctor said you'd be a bit stiff.

You just need to get your muscles used to movement.

Where's Thomas?


Where's Thomas?

Who's Thomas?

My husband.


Megan, you're not married.

Um, my, my kids, where are they?


Yes, Isabelle and Dylan, where are they?

Megan, listen to us.

You are not married, and you don't have any children.

No, no, you're wrong, you're wrong.

Megan, let's try to breath and calm down.

No, Thomas, Isabelle and Dylan, where are they?

What happened to my family?

Megan, listen to us.

Whatever other family you think you have, they don't exist.

But I was just with them.

Why would she think she's married or has children?

The accident wouldn't make her think these things, would it?

The brain is a delicate thing.

Okay, we don't understand it all.

It's most likely a side effect of the coma.

You can think of it as a dream.

She thinks this really happened.

I expected her to be happy.

Instead she's miserable.

Remember, she just woke up today, all right?

It's, it's gonna take some time to adjust.

Good news is she remembers both of you, so we know it's not amnesia.

Could she get worse at all?

I wanna confirm with the test results, but from what I've seen, this is recovery.

Honestly, from a medical standpoint, this is the best possible outcome.

Thank you, Dr. Taylor.

Yeah, thanks.

The crash happened two months ago.

You were driving by yourself, and I was on the phone with you.

This weather is insane.

Don't speed.

Who would speed in this weather, Mom?

I think your father will love his birthday gift.

Yeah, well, he better.

I had to drive two hours to pick it up.

Have you ever heard of delivery?

It can be from both of us.

No, it's okay, I already got him--

[tires screeching] [Megan gasping]

[car crashing]

I heard it all.

We didn't think that you'd make it the first two days.

And after that came the news that you might live, but not wake up.

I know that you are confused.

I know that everything is a lot to take in.

Just don't forget how much we love you.

I've prayed for this every moment over the last months.

[mellow music]

I know.

[mellow music]

I love you, Mom.

[whimsical orchestral music]

Hey, honey.

[whimsical orchestral music]

Come on now.

All right, you guys take care.

Thank you so much.

Thank you.

[whimsical orchestral music]

We stopped by your apartment, and we picked up some things.

Is my apartment--

It's fine, we've kept your rent going, and we've also been picking up your mail.

Okay, well, we could just go there.

Well, the doctor said you shouldn't be alone for a few days, besides, we--

We want you home.


So, what do you want to do for dinner?

How about my famous Alfredo?



Ease up.

Alfredo sounds great.

So, do you remember this?

Of course [chuckles].

Doesn't hurt to ask.

I will get dinner going then.

All right, okay.

Why don't you rest a little, Megan?

I'm fine.

The doctor said--

Okay, do you have my phone or my computer?

Oh, promise me that you're gonna take it easy.

Yeah, of course.

[Howard groans]

[whimsical orchestral music]

Okay, Thomas Claybourne.

[whimsical orchestral music]

No, where are you?

[whimsical orchestral music]

[Megan sighs]

Things should start getting back to normal now that she's home.

Normal, do you realize she isn't the same person?

Maybe not now, but she will be.

She just needs time, and the doctor suggested a therapist.


Call it what you want, but it's somebody that can help her, you know, emotionally.

Our daughter thinks she has a husband and children.

You think a shrink's gonna fix that?

I don't know, but we need to do anything and everything we can to help her.

All right.

[whimsical orchestral music]

[doorbell ringing]


Can you get that?


Hey, hi [giggles].

Hi, oh, oh, am I hurting you?

No, I'm, I'm fine.

Come on in.

Oh, you had us all so scared.

I know.

So, how's it been?


Being back?

From your tone, I know my parents warned you.


Did they tell you I'm crazy?

No, not really.


So, you totally think you were married?

Yeah, but it's more than that.

It felt so real.

Wow, I'm hearing you, but it still sounds weird.

Can you take me somewhere?

[whimsical orchestral music]

This is it.

Hey, easy.

[whimsical orchestral music]

It's completely empty.

Sure, it's still being built.

He's not here.

His name is Thomas.

He's four years to the day older than me.

He, he loves photography, and, and he's built up this amazing business with it, and he loves me, and our, our children, Isabelle, and Dylan, and they get along, and they have the most creative minds.

It's not just a dream.

You don't miss a dream.

You don't feel heartbroken from a dream [crying].

I'm sorry.

[whimsical orchestral music]

[Debra clears throat]

We set up an appointment tomorrow with the therapist Dr. Taylor recommended.

I don't need a therapist.

Just go once.

See if they can find a reason for what you thought was real.

Plus, I think it would help Dr. Taylor's peace of mind.

Well, the power of the mind can make anything seem real.


It can be confusing.

You might think, what does it all mean?

Is your subconscious telling you something?


Do you think your subconscious is telling you something?

I think it's telling me that I'm an author, ah, which I'm not, but I would like to be one day, and that I have a husband and two children.

Hmm, confusing, huh?

I'm sorry, I'm, I'm tired.

You know, head injury and all.

Yeah, of course, of course.

Well, actually, rest will help quite a bit and routine.


Yeah, get back to your usual activities, exercise, work, hobbies.

Well, my work let me go, because I was in a coma too long.

What type of work?

Executive Assistant.

Hmm, tough break.

Well, get a new job, it'll help.

It'll keep you focused on something else while giving you perspective you might not get if you keep trying to figure out what happened to you.


[whimsical orchestral music]

Hey, sweetie.

Hey, Mom.

Let's get to work.

So, did you dust this table?


You would think not being here for two months would mean it'd be cleaner.

Mm hmm.

So, what have you thought about going back to work?

I'm working on it, not my old job though.

Well, good, I can ask some friends.

See if anyone knows of an Executive Assistant job.

Yeah, I'm not going back to that.

Why not?

Well, I don't know.

I wanna do more than just help someone else in their career.

All right, and instead?

I don't know.

I thought about it.

It's just nothing else seems appealing.

You need some way to pay the bills.

I, I know, of course.

Look, I will find something temporary to start, other than writing.

That's a hobby.

Nothing else sounds interesting.

Well, we've had a few calls for an assistant, promising things actually.

Ah, I want to expand my experiences beyond that.

All right, ah, any particular industry?

Not really.

Okay, we have a need for a nanny, billing for a dental practice, receptionist, ah, assembly line at a packing company, cleaning assistant.

Any of those?

I guess it doesn't really matter for right now.

Okay, well, looking at your experience, let's stay in the same arena.

The receptionist job is a short-term, but the owner did hint at something permanent, if that's something you want.

Oh, okay, all right.

Yeah, there it is.

Here is the address.

Be there tomorrow morning at nine.


You're welcome.

[bell rings]

[whimsical orchestral music]

Oh, hi, hey, you must be the temp, Thomas.

It's you.

Ah, yes, Thomas, you are?

Um, [clears throat], Megan Murphy.

Megan or Murphy?

Um, Megan Murph, Megan Murphy, Meg, together.

Megan Murphy.

Mm hmm.

Well, Megan Murphy, let me show you the phone, okay?


All right.

So, not ringing off the hook yet, but business is starting to pick up.

I just opened about a month ago, so.

[whimsical orchestral music]




Right, right.

Okay, so mostly, I just need you to schedule appointments for customers, ah, which I'm sorry to say, are handwritten in a planner here, but when people call in, I'm sorry, are you, are you all right?

Yeah, yeah, um, I'm sorry, you just look so familiar.

[clears throat] Do, do you know me?

I'm sorry, no, I don't think so.

[telephone ringing]

Oh, oh, okay, here we go.


Berry Patch Photography, can I help you?

Yes, yes, okay, for a group that size, I recommend about an hour session.

It takes just a little while to get everyone positioned.

And you could bring in a couple changes of clothes, but we just need to keep an eye on the time, so everyone has enough.

Um, yeah, yeah, yeah.

[camera clicks]

Okay, yeah, just call when you wanna schedule, and we'll get you on the books, okay.

Thanks, you too, bye.

I'm just, I'm just taking a photo of the, the phone, and the planner, you know?

So I don't, don't forget where they are.


Ah, sorry, I should've, I should've got that.

Nah, you get the next one.

So, Berry Patch Photography.

Yeah, yeah, it's kind of a cutesy name, I know, but I figure it brings in kids and families, and it's a start.

Not Claybourne Photography, or something with your name in it?

I, I don't know.

One day maybe I'll ah, wait, I'm sorry.

How'd you know my name was Claybourne?

Ah, because, because, it's right here.

It's on your card, Thomas Claybourne [chuckles].

Right, right, ah, so like I was saying, yeah, someday I'll change the name, but I just, I don't know, I don't feel like I'm there yet.

I figured, better to go for marketing right now, than to feed my ego, I think.

You'll definitely get there.

Okay, well, I have an appointment in about 10 minutes, so you need anything, ah, photo policy, prices, payments, cancellation policies, anything like that, they are ah, right in here.

Got it.

So, I'll be back there if you need me.



Thank you.

[whimsical orchestral music]

[bell rings]

Welcome, do you have an appointment?

Yes, ah, last name Wiley.

Okay, gotcha, okay, just give me one minute.

Oh, oh, oh.

Oh [chuckles].


That's okay, yeah.

Hey, you guys all ready?


Oh, great, what's your name?


Jack, and you?


Isabelle, you know, that is my favorite girl's name.

All right, come on back.

Have you set up right over here.

[whimsical orchestral music]

No way it's the same guy.

I think I know my husband.

Your dreamed up husband.

You know what?

Same name, same appearance, same mannerisms, it's him.

It's blurry.

Well, he was moving.

You're serious?

You don't believe me?

You obviously want it to be true.

What if your mind is just somehow making it seem real.

So, not only did I have a delusional dream in my coma, Dr. Eve, but now I'm hallucinating at work?

Everyone has a doppelganger.

Not with the same name.

He's a photographer like my Thomas.

He loves the name Isabelle, which is our daughters name.

I even made an entire list of things that I know about him.

His favorite color's purple?


Oh, hot chocolate over coffee, movies over books, Asian food, but not too spicy, hates hamburgers and strawberries.

Who hates strawberries?

That's not the point.

Only likes football, no other sports.

Likes music, but also likes it quiet too.

Parent's names are Patrick and Mary.

I didn't meet her.

She died before we met.

Favorite photography spots.


This is just in your dream.

Look, you, why couldn't you find his photography studio?

You searched for him and came up empty.

Well, just because I didn't find it, doesn't mean it doesn't exist.

Yeah, but why?

You know everything else about him.

Maybe it was before we met.

You met in a dream.

Where did you meet in your dream?

We were standing in line at a bookstore.

He asked me what I was buying.

We hit it off from there.

And it's not the same because?

It's not an exact science.

It's not a science at all.

Do you hear how bizarre this sounds?

We're about to spiral down some weird, time matrix continuum or whatever just to try to explain this.

Okay, I can't explain this, I admit that, but that doesn't mean that it isn't real or real yet.

Look, think this through a moment.

Actually, forget what I think.

What does he think?

[Megan grunts]

Exactly, you haven't told him, and you can't tell him, or he'd think you're crazy too.

Wait, too?

Crazy, he'd think you're crazy.

I think you're creative.

Okay, you know what?

I'm gonna prove it to you, and not for your sake, but no matter what you or my mom, or Doctor what's his face think, Thomas is real, and I love him too much to let him go, so there.

Hey, that's a really nice photo of your parents.

Oh, ah.

Ah, assuming that those two people are your parents.

Sure are.

Ah, anyway, um, I think that there are messages, but I can't get them, because I don't know the password.

Yeah, yeah, okay, you can access those online.

You open up the browser, it'll default to the voicemail inbox.

Just make sure you don't trust the auto-transcripts from those messages.

Yeah, I know, I once got a voicemail, and I thought it was about a giant platypus, like this is, [sighs], not important right now, thank you.

[sighs] Oh, boy.

[bell ringing]

Hi, can I help you?

Oh, I'm here for Tommy.

Let me go get him for you.

Are you the temp?

Yeah, ah, Megan Murphy.

Natalie Gray, I'm Tommy's girlfriend.

Are you sure?

Um, what?

I mean, you are Thomas's girlfriend.

Yes, um, are you part of an exchange program?

Um, no.

Well, he forgot his cellphone at lunch.

Okay, that's great.

[whimsical orchestral music]


Yeah, see you tomorrow.

Megan] Same time?

Ah, yeah.

Goodnight, Thomas.


[whimsical orchestral music]

It's temporary.

[whimsical orchestral music]

Can you take this?


Thank you.

Thanks for having me over.

Of course.

So, Mom says you have a new job.

How is it?

It's fine, I'm just answering phones, making appointments.


Nothing too hard.

Do you like the place?

Yeah, it's a cute, little photography studio.

[Howard chuckles]

And how are the people?

The customers are fine.

How about the photographers and the others?

Ah, it's just the boss really.


Is he not that nice?

You know, you don't have to put up with it.

No, he's, he's fine.

He's sweet actually.

Sort of everything you could ask for in a boss.

Eh, anyway, there's ah, a friend of his that comes by, it's, it's kind of awkward.

Well, it's just temporary.

You can just quit any time.

It's fine.

Well, they're lucky to have you, Megan.

You ah, you just do your best.

Your work will stand out [chuckles].

Thanks, Dad.

[whimsical orchestral music]

[bell rings]

Hi, um.

Good morning.


Hmm, you didn't have to do that, thank you.

Mm, wow, that's hot chocolate.

Yeah, just seemed like the day for it.

It's my favorite kind, extra creamer.

How'd you know?

Um, I'm glad that you like it.

Listen, I was thinking about setting up the appointments online.

It might be easier and more reliable.

You know, I kept actually meaning to do that, but getting this place going, it just kept moving off my list.

Yeah, well, maybe I can find a way for the clients to book a session themselves.

Do you know how to do that?

I can look into it.

Please let me know what you find.


Thank you.

[whimsical orchestral music]

Hey, just a big smile, buddy.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Come on, just smile.

I'll take for ice cream, I promise.

How about a stuffed animal to play with, yeah?

Yeah, okay.

I, I don't really want that in the shot.

Maybe just to calm him down.

[stuffed animal squeaks]

Oh no [sighs].

No, this will not do [exhales heavily].

I haven't seen that in years.

Oh, ah yeah, there it is.

Okay, hmm, give me this and this.

This is a magic crate.

Okay, goodbye, old bunny.

Do you wanna help me with the magic trick?

[boy whimpers]

I need you to say the magic word, which is poof.

On the count of three.

One, two, three, poof.

[gasps] There it is!

Do you like airplanes, yeah?

[whimsical orchestral music]

Do you wanna hold that and take care of it for me, okay.

[Megan imitates plane engine] [whimsical orchestral music]

I got the green curry for you.

Yes, Baan Thai?

Yep, so my department is opening up a new field of study.

Oh yeah?

Linguistic anthropology, finally.

I have been telling them for three years now that it should be a focus.

Good, and they're gonna let you head it up?

Mm, working on that, you know?


Mm, so, how's the new temp working out?

Good, yeah, yeah, good.

A little bit worried at first.

She seemed ah, odd.

But she was better today.

I'm glad, yeah, I got the weird vibe from her too the other day.

Yeah, well, she's actually helping now, so, hmm.


Mm, they got this just right.

Yeah, let me try it.


Oh, wow, that's hot [inhales deeply].

I just ordered medium heat.

Medium there is like nuclear compared to everywhere else, whew.

Mm, it's perfect.

[whimsical orchestral music]

Hey, so some of the clients in the appointment book had an outdoor location selected.

Have you transferred that over?

Yeah, except some of the appointments seem to be in code.

What's P-C-F-H?

Oh, that's this little farmhouse I found.

[whimsical orchestral music]

Oh, it's the Pine Creek Farmhouse.

Right, yeah, how'd you know?

Ah, I've been there, sort of.

Ah, I'm guessing it's one of your favorite spots?

Yeah, ah, when is that appointment?

Ah, it's Friday.

You know, it might be good to get an extra set of hands that day.

Wanna get out of the studio?

Sure, yeah.

All right.


[whimsical orchestral music]

The hardest thing is not having that common ground anymore.

You know, it's just one-sided.

He's not psychic.

Ugh, I know.

Although, it'd be really helpful if he was.

I just miss it.

You know, the closeness that we had.

Which he can't really have with you when he has a girlfriend.

Ugh, and I wanna hate her, but she seems normal.

Oh, you're so much better than me.

I'd have a voodoo doll or something by now.

Eh, it's not her fault she fell in love with the wrong guy.

I love your logic.

You know what I mean.

Thomas, he's my other half, you know?

Mm, been there, my other half turned out rotten.

Yeah, I know.

Oh, it's okay, bud.

It's just gonna take a little getting used to.

Poor guy, he got his paw run over by his owners bike.


You ever think that maybe Thomas is too good to be true?

You had a dream.

What if on the inside, he's not the same guy.

Yeah, but it seems really coincidental for him not to be.

You wanna dive into coincidences?

Good point.

You know, you said about Thomas being the same on the inside.

What about the outside?

You're asking me if I believe you?


Yeah, I do, although, I wanna meet him, and see what all the fuss is about.

Thank you.

I know you, Megan.

You believe it and what you're saying, it has to be true.

I wish I could count on the same trust from my parents.

The parent, child dynamic clouds their view.

Mm hmm.

When I was going through my divorce, my mom asked me what happened over and over, just in different ways.

I mean, when you found out about me and Kyle, you were just supportive.

No doubts, no questions, just there for me.

You remember that?

Why does everyone think my memory's gone?

Has Thomas seen that side of you?

What side?

Just you, who you are?

So he can see for himself how amazing you are.

Look, right now you're a temp, an employee.

Maybe he just needs some time to see more.

[whimsical orchestral music]

All right, guys, that is great right there, great.

Megan, could you do me a favor?


Could you run in there and move that barrel just a little bit to the right.

Yeah, uh huh.

Thank you.

[whimsical orchestral music]

Um, this way?

Yeah, just a little bit.


[whimsical orchestral music]

That's is, yeah, right there, that's perfect.

Thank you so much.

All right, yeah.

Good to go.

[whimsical orchestral music]

Oh, sorry.

You all right?

Yeah, yeah, I ah, I'm just wondering how you're gonna make everything feel nice, and warm, and beautiful when it's so cold out here.

That's why they pay me the big bucks.

[Megan giggles]

All right, everybody ready?

What was the favorite thing about your wedding day?

Oh, I think it was the honeymoon.

Oh, yeah?

[woman laughing]

All right, Mom and Dad can sit this one out.

All right, smile.

♪ If I fall, I know that you'd be right here ♪

♪ With your arms open wide

♪ Right here with your arms open wide ♪ Okay, are you guys ready for another one?

I'm gonna need you to take your coats off, and ah, Megan, you grab them.

All right, guys, stay like that.

Oh, I love that.

♪ Save me, save me Yeah, there you go.

♪ Stay with me till I'm strong enough ♪

♪ To start all over, all over, save me, save me ♪ That's it, love that.

♪ You'll always be every answer to my prayers ♪ Thank you so much.

Megan's gonna send the proofs over when they're ready, thanks.

All right, all right, let me get that for you.

Oh, thank you.

Yeah, thank you.

It's a beautiful spot here.

Even in the cold?

Even in the cold.

You have a knack for it, you know?

For what?


Well, I definitely have an appreciation for it.

Is that why you took the job?

No, that was a happy circumstance.

Well, why did you take the job?

You seem plenty capable of whatever you put your mind to.

Thank you, ah, I guess I'm just waiting for the moment when I can do what I really wanna do, which is write.

Books or journalism?

Books, yeah.

Okay, what made you wanna be a writer?

Oh, instant fame.

You know, I hear you just put something out there, and you're set for life.

[both chuckle]

No, I guess it was an appreciation for books more than anything.

I read a lot as a child growing up.

You know, the way you can get lost in a story, and it feels so real, that's it.

Have you written much?

I used to in high school and college, and then real life came and I set it aside.

Well, hopefully not for long.

[whimsical orchestral music]

Hi, I was not expecting you.

I wanted to come see where you work.

I was just texting you.

Ah, Thomas, this is my friend, Eve.

Hi, nice to meet you.

You guys can take off.

I don't wanna keep Eve waiting.

Oh, I can wait.

I can help you.

No, it'll just take a second.

It's not a problem, I got it.


Yeah, have a good weekend, bye.

You too.

[whimsical orchestral music]

Wow, when you dream, you dream good.

I know.

[whimsical orchestral music]

[knocking on door]

Hey, sweetie.


Mom, Dad, did I forget dinner plans?

No, just came to check on you.


She can see right through this.

I have treats.

I'll get spoons.

Yay [laughs].

So, how's work?

It's great actually.

I helped with this session out by a farmhouse.

It was really pretty.

Ah, that's good.

How's your boss?

I like him, he's nice and good to work for.

Well, the reason we're asking is that Bob Wentworth is looking for a new Executive Assistant.

Don't you golf with him?


Well, and you say he's always cheating.

Well, nevermind about that.

The pay is great and it comes with benefits.

Yeah, um, thanks, Dad, but I'm fine.

This could be a very stable move for you.

I'm stable enough.

Plus, I like where I'm working.

Isn't it just a temp job though?

For now.

Well, Bob will hire you on the spot.

I pulled some strings.

You're a shoe-in.

Thank you, Dad, it's just not what I wanna do anymore.

Well, how's it different than being an assistant at a kid's photo studio?

It's not just kid's portraits.

It's different than you think.

Plus, I'm happy where I am.

All right.

Here is this and I hope you enjoy your photos.


Hey there, Megan, right?

Yeah, good, good memory.

How are you?

Excellent, it's been the best day.

Is Tommy in the middle of a session?

Ah, yeah, but you know what?

He should be done any minute.

I'll just wait then.


[whimsical orchestral music]

So, what happened?


Ah, you just said you had the best day.

Oh, I just got a job I've been grooming myself for.

Wow, congratulations, um, where do you work?

The University, I'm a professor in the anthropology department.

Now head of the linguistic anthropology program.

Wow, that's great.

It is, I'll get to put together field studies to wherever I think will be beneficial.

I'm hoping Tommy can come along for those, but we'll sort that out.

Why do you call him Tommy?

What do you mean?

I just thought he went by Thomas.

Well, I've known him for awhile, so it's a nickname between us.

Sure, yeah, but does he like it?

Of course he does.

Hey, what do I like?

Hi, you're done?

Yeah, all done.

Megan here will get you all checked out, thanks, hi.

Did you have a good session?

It was great, amazing.

Did you have a good session?

Can I have a high-five?

Yeah, you killed it, all right.

[whimsical orchestral music]

[telephone ringing]

Hey, Dad.

[melancholy music]

[telephone ringing]



Hi, Megan, the client, Mr. Claybourne called.

He's had a family emergency.


His mother died or something.

So anyway, I made sure he had your phone number.

He'll give you a call back.

But he won't need you for a few days.


We can place you someplace else in the meantime.

No, um, that won't be necessary.

I'll, I'll wait to hear from him, thank you.

I should've known.

That his mother would die?

I just didn't think about it.

I assumed when I saw the photo in his office, that it was a memory.

Well, sure, that's why we take pictures.

No, no, but like a way to remember her, but she was still alive.

Look, this is tragic, but it is not your fault.

I know, she died of a stroke.

He always spoke of it like it was so sudden and it devastated him.

What would you have done, warned him?

I don't know.

All I can do now is postpone his appointments and his sessions.

I just wanna be there for him.

[melancholy music]

Oh, hey, Dad, did you get anything eat, Dad?

Oh, yeah, that's fine.

I'll make you a plate.

[Thomas sighs]

Maybe I should order something.

I always thought I'd go first.

But had we known that something was wrong,

some sort of warning.

Not like this.

One day to the next.

[whimsical orchestral music]

[knocking on door]



Thanks for rescheduling things while I was out.

No problem.

I just thought today would be busier.

Just a couple of sessions?

Yeah, I didn't wanna overdo it, and you still have some touch ups to do for people waiting for their photos.


How was the funeral?

It was fine, nice, I guess.

I'm really sorry for what you and your dad had to go through.

Thank you.

Um, I'm gonna set up for your first appointment.


Tommy, oh.

How's your dad?

About how you'd expect.

I am so sorry.

You know, in many cultures, death is a celebration of life.

It can be a way to acknowledge good things to come, especially for those who have passed.

For example, in Ghana, they have fantasy coffins, shaped and decorated in anything from a symbol of a favorite hobby or profession to celebrate what that person loved.

It's honoring what they did in this life, and letting them continue on after.

What do you think your mom's coffin would be like there?

I really don't know.

Hi, have we had a chance to look at the menu?

I'm, yeah, I'm actually not really hungry right now, so I think I need to get back to the studio, thanks.

Are you all right?

Yeah, yeah, I'm just ah, I'm tired.

You know, I'm still processing everything, so.

Okay, get some rest, Tommy.

Eh, could you not call me that anymore?

I thought you liked it?

It's just that my mom was the only one who would call me Tommy, and I just would kind of like to keep it that way.

Oh, of course.

Okay, bye.


Sorry, for cutting the day short today.

Oh, you got your sessions in, that's fine.

Yeah, I, I'm not super focused today, but I'm gonna finish retouching those photos tomorrow.

I'll see you tomorrow.

Thanks, Megan.

Hey, if you don't have any plans today, do you wanna come to the aquarium?

The aquarium?

Yeah, it's just something different, and it has one of my favorites spots to write.

Thanks, I, I ah, I, I.

You know what?

Yeah, that sounds great.

Okay, come on [chuckles].

[whimsical orchestral music]


Not bad.

Yeah, I like to come here whenever I can.

I hate to point out the obvious though.


It's dark, it's noisy.

How do you get any writing done here?

You just have to know the right times to come.

Between school groups, toddler nap time, you can find quiet.

I come here for more than just writing.

I like to brainstorm, think things through and people-watch.

Maybe find some interesting characters for your books?


[Thomas chuckles]

And I got in an accident recently, so it has been a bit of an adjustment.

You're, you're all right now though?

Oh, yeah.

Interesting just how much is out of our control, isn't it?

Yeah, it's maddening really, but what can you do?

Still trying to figure that out.

Are your parents, they ah, they still around?

Yep, I have dinner with them every Sunday night, whether I like it or not.

Consider yourself lucky.

Right, um, I'm sorry.


I had a dear friend, he lost his mom suddenly like you.

It was before I met him, and it always bothered him how things could change overnight, but I think I finally understand that he just missed her.

My heart aches for both of you.

What happened to him?

Um, we sorted drifted apart I guess.

Tell me about your parents.

Well, my dad means well, and he likes to fix what he can fix [chuckles].

Ah, my mom, it's fun to see how she balances him out.

She's very supportive, but she does like to nudge in the direction that she thinks is best.

What about your parents?

My mom, pure love, that's the best way I can describe her.

No matter what happened, I never doubted how much she loved me.

She knew what was important, and what she did everyday showed that.

I wish I could've met her.

My dad is lost without her.

I'm bringing him freezer meals so he doesn't starve.

Just give him time.

He'll find his way.

I wish I had your confidence.

Well, he has you.

He knows that.

You seem so sure about everything all the time.

It feels like ah, I don't know, it feels like you know me.

I know what you mean.

[telephone ringing]

So what have you been doing for your writing?

Ugh, not enough.

Obviously, if you wanna be good at something, you have to dedicate time to it every single day, right?

Yeah, but you have to have a good idea first.

I'm sure you have a good idea.

What's a good plot?

I'm kicking some things around.

Yeah, like what?

Okay, one.

Mm hmm?

Is spooky mystery about a woman who learns to be invisible.


Okay, I didn't say they were good ideas.

[Thomas laughs]

Second one is a medieval romance about a political assassination that brings two people together.

Okay, I mean, you just went from sci-fi to historical romance.

And wait until you hear my idea for a Christmas book.

[Thomas laughs]

So, the follow-up tests are okay?

Absolutely, I'm glad to see you're doing so well.

Thanks for coming in.

Thank you.

You seem pretty happy for someone who's been poked and prodded.

I'm just glad to have all the medical stuff behind me.

Hmm, I think it's more than that.

What do you mean?

I don't know.

Remember when you had that crush on Peter Melina?

In high school?

Like that, but,

are you in love?

[Megan scoffs]

I was never really in love with Peter.

But you are in love now?

Who is he?

Just a guy I met at work.

The boss at the studio?


Oh, it is, oh, honey, that is great.

I mean, you were so convinced about your dream, so it's nice to see that you've moved on.


No, I'm happy for you, very much so.

Okay, thanks, thanks, Mom.

Wonderful, that'll do it.

Thank you.

Let me help you get your coats.

Thank you, dear.

[whimsical orchestral music]

How's your dad doing?

He's well enough, call him everyday, try to stop by as much as I can.

You mentioned he's not so great at taking care of himself.

I'm assuming that includes cooking.

Burns pancakes beyond recognition.

Well, I made a big pot of French onion soup, and there's plenty left over if you wanna take some to him.

Well, French onion soup's his favorite.

That, yeah, that would be amazing, thank you.

Okay, well, I'll just go home and get it, and then you can take it over.

Oh, I'd hate to take credit for that.

Wanna give it to him yourself?


[whimsical orchestral music]

Oh, this is a wonderful treat.

Do you mind if I help myself to another bowl?

Please do.

Thomas tells me you're making that studio of his fly.

Well, I'm trying to help however I can.

Good, he's always had a camera in hand.

Did you know that?

Yeah, I mean, I'm not surprised.

And you always thought I'd grow out of it.

Well, all parents want their kids to grow up to be doctors at first.

As long as you can live off what you choose to do in life, and are happy, well, that's all that matters.

Do you have a favorite photo of his?

Oh, yes.

Oh, no.

Thomas commandeered the family camera at age, oh, maybe eight.

Well, he turns nine and for his birthday, Mary convinces me we should cave in, and buy him a pet rabbit he wanted.

So, we get him this rabbit.

I never knew he was a rabbit person.

And he took photo after photo of it.

He went through so many rolls of film, we had to limit him.

We made him do extra chores to pay for all the photos.

You mean like this one.

He posed that rabbit with carrots, toys, with me holding it, with Mary holding it, him when he could get the timer to work.

That's adorable.

I remember him arguing with that rabbit.

I didn't argue with it.

About not moving and holding the carrot just right.

So, that is how you get your patience with child's portraits.


Mm hmm.

I agreed that I wouldn't tease him about it.

Which I see you're going back on right now.

As long, as long as I can keep one on display.

[whimsical orchestral music]

It was really nice to meet your father.

Well, he clearly loved the company.

[Megan giggles]

And thank you for the soup.


I think he finished the whole pot.

[Megan giggles]

[bell rings]

Oh, hi.


I'm glad that he liked the soup.

Thank you.


I tried calling and I stopped by your place, but you weren't there, so I just figured you were working late.

I must've had my phone off, sorry.

Just getting back from visiting my dad.

With Megan?

Yeah, she's just sharing some dinner she made.

That was nice of her.

You've been a little distant lately.

I must have--

No, hear me out.

It's my fault.

I know I wasn't what you needed when your mom passed.

I think about things I said trying to be comforting, but.

I've spent so much time studying other cultures, other people, maybe in my work I forgot to be a person first.

I promise I will be there for you better.

Natalie, I'm, I'm not upset.

But I am.

I wanted to kick myself calling you Tommy all this time too.

Even your receptionist knew.


Megan, she said you didn't like being called Tommy.

How would she know that?

I don't know.

[whimsical orchestral music]

What if Thomas doesn't see me that way.

You mean as a potential girlfriend?

No, that sounds so trivial.

I mean as someone he could love.

Are you doubting your whole dream coma thing?

Well, what if someone distracts him?

A girlfriend doesn't matter if he's spending all this time with you.

Yeah, but I don't wanna be that person.

What person?

Ah, the person who steals someone's boyfriend.

Well, is it really stealing if you know you belong together?

Now you're making me sound like a stalker.

Okay, you know after your divorce how you were.

I mean, there were some hard times, obviously.


And I remember that you thought you wouldn't get another happily ever after because you'd already had it before it went downhill.

What if things don't work out the way that I hope?

I'll still be here for you.

We could be two old ladies who gripe about Valentine's Day every year, and cruise dating sites and apps for men who are not nearly good enough for us.

[whimsical orchestral music]

Back through there.

You ever get this point in your life?

Engaged, ah, no, I've had a few boyfriends, but none of them the right one.

Okay, guys, that is perfect.

Take a little step over so I can see the light.

Great, right there.

What about you?

Same, I'm dating Natalie, of course, but ah, before that, nothing, nothing too serious.

Okay, guys, take a couple steps back, and then walk toward me leisurely, like ah, yes, look at each other just like that, that's perfect.

They're really cute, aren't they?



Kind of makes you wonder, huh?


Well, how someone could be so sure they're with the one.

Just following their hearts.

Um, that sounded really warm and fuzzy.

I mean, what about your mind?

You have to follow that too.

Mm hmm, I think most of the time your heart and your mind are saying the same things, just in different ways.

Then why all the confusion?

Maybe you're not being honest with yourself.

All right, guys, that's great.

Ah, come towards me one more time, casually, just relax, be yourselves, love that.

Okay, let's get you right here on the bench.

That'll be nice.

Can I touch up my hair real quick?

Yeah, yeah, take your time.

So, my dad thinks your a famous chef.


Well, apparently, you have the new best French onion soup standing, so.

Well, I'm flattered and quite frankly, proud.

Can I ask you ah, why'd you come with me that night?

What do you mean?

Not many people would come visit a stranger.

Well, how could I not.

That's not really an answer.

Can I ask you a question?

Why did you invite me?

Okay, ready.

All right, great.

[whimsical orchestral music]


Thanks so much, okay.

What do you look for in a photo?

How do you mean?

I mean like what makes a photo good to you?

Um, I guess it depends on the kind of photo.

Hey, come on.

Okay, so pick something interesting that you see.

Interesting, ah, there.

Is that too obvious?

Nothing's too obvious.

You just gotta find something unique about it, a composition, a framing, an element that comes together and makes the photo pop.

But not just the main part of the photo, everything together.


Your turn.

Are you sure?

Come on.

And don't stress about it.

Just find something that's interesting.

I feel like I'm being tested.

[whimsical orchestral music]

Not bad.


It's ah, it's too perfectly framed.

Ah, come here.

Now, don't just focus on the tower itself.

It's everything around it that can make it interesting.

So, like you take that tower, and you put that in the middle of a warehouse district, it changes the entire photo.

So, what here now makes that interesting?

[whimsical orchestral music]

Is that better?

Not quite what I had in mind.

Well, you said find something unique.

It's not often I'm in photos.

What, you're always behind the camera?

No, just too shy.

[Thomas chuckles]


[Thomas chuckles]

Work it.

You know, I feel like we take out to your car, and then we bring it back in, but you never actually use it.

I like to have it around just in case.

Well, why don't you have two then, one for your trunk and one for here?

You have any idea how much a good tripod costs?

Yeah, well, if it's so expensive, why don't you use it?

Oh, just leave that.

I'll get it in a second.

[mellow music]

What is this?

This was in your purse.

It's just some notes.

About me?

It's, it's not what you think.

Well, it's literally got my name on it.

How do you know all that about me?

Um, it's hard to explain.

I think maybe you should try to explain it anyway.

Have you been stalking me?

No, no, not at all.

Okay, well then how do you know all this?

[mellow music]

I know all this about you because we were married.

I know how that sounds, believe me, I do.

Megan, maybe we should call someone for you.

No, listen, I was in a car accident, and it put me in a coma for two months, and I don't know how or why, but I saw you, and you and I, we had this beautiful life together, and, and a beautiful house, and two beautiful children.

I'm not explaining this very well.

Listen, everybody told me that it was a dream, and I started to believe them until I met you here, completely by chance, and that has to mean something, right, it has to.

So, well, you made up a story about me, and wrote down notes and.

No, no, it's, it's memories.

Don't you see?

Look, the color purple, it's your favorite color, but you lie and tell everybody that it's green, even though you have way more purple shirts and ties in your closet than any other color.

And, and football, you don't like watching any sport other than football.

Lots of people don't like--

No, it's because you think the number of games in basketball and baseball is ridiculous and too time consuming to care about.

There's a portrait that hangs in our house of me in front of that exact same barn, or, or your name, you don't like anyone to call you Tommy, or your mom, I never met her because in my dream, she was already gone, but that's how I knew that you missed her, or your dad, I knew he loved French onion soup.

Don't you see?

Megan, I, I, I don't know how you know any of this, but it, but it doesn't mean anything, okay?

Look, I know, I know it wasn't real, I know,

but it felt real, it felt so, so real that I found it hard to give up on you, and Isabelle, and Dylan, and when I met you, it was, it was the first breath of hope that I've had since my accident.

Isabelle and Dylan, they're?

Our children, look, I know how that sounds.

It's, it's bizarre, but it, but it's true.

I believe that you think this is real, and you think it means something, but just because you think it, doesn't mean that I do.

[mellow music]

I think you need to leave now.

[mellow music]

Okay, okay.

[mellow music]

Woman in coma after horrific wreck.

[mellow music]

I'm gonna make some scrambled eggs, you want some?

No, Megan lost her job.

What happened?

She said the temp agency called, and the studio didn't need her anymore.

Oh, well, maybe it's for the best.

I'll call Bob Wentworth, see if that job's still open.

You have to see him.

I'm pretty sure he'll lock his door if he sees me coming, or call a stated ordered psychiatrist.

Did he understand it all?

Ah, did you the first time I told you?

See, exactly my point.

It's not a one sitting type conversation.

You can call him.

He fired me, Eve.

Then you have nothing to lose.

Nothing I haven't lost already.

He's not gonna answer.

Well, we'll see.

[telephone ringing]

Here, it's ringing.

You've reached Berry Patch Photography.

It's going to studio voicemail.

Leave a message.

It's not the type of thing you leave a message--

It's gonna beep.

Hi, ah, hi, it's Megan.

Ah, if you haven't hung up already, I don't know what to say.

Um, I don't blame you for how you took what I said.

I didn't tell you because I was afraid you'd react exactly how you did.

Maybe I should've ignored what happened, but maybe one day you'll understand,

and if you don't, I just want you to be happy.

Ah, so, good luck with everything, and bye.

[mellow music]

[Megan groans]

The department budget just came out for next year, and it's peanuts, but I keep hearing rumors of a private donor or two, circling the university.

Maybe that'll change things, but right now, I would be shocked to find new grants for this new position.

I did apply for a couple of grants, and if they go through, you know, there may be some bargaining for the university too.

That boss is crazy to let you go.

Let it go, Howard.

I'm just saying.

Well, you just said, let's move on.

She's obviously upset about it.

Dad, it's fine.

Well, Bob Wentworth is ready to interview you.


He's still looking for an assistant?

Yeah, he tried one, but it was a disaster.

Did I give you his number last time?

Yes, thank you.


And I'm still not interested.

Howard, she needs time.

Time, this isn't a breakup.

The temp job's over.

This is a great time for bigger and better.

Not if she's--

I'm gonna be a writer.

For a job?


Now, Megan, we talked about this and--

I know what you think, but it's what I want.

It's time I go after a dream I can make come true.

All right.

Post the test scores tomorrow.

I don't wanna ruin anyone's night, and let's copy these for next week.

Got it.


Hi, what are you doing here?

Do we wanna get some takeout?


What's wrong?

Is it that other girl, the temp?

No, no, she was ah, she doesn't work for me anymore.

I just realized I needed to be honest with myself, and I think I was just letting this keep going, because it felt easier,

and that's not how I wanna treat you.

I appreciate that, I suppose.

Maybe the timing's for the best.

Yeah, why's that?

I got approval on a field study to China.


I'm going to tour the country for six months studying the variations of lifestyle in different villages, and their impact on the dialects.

Wow, that's, that's great.

I would've loved to have you come with me, especially since I know how much you enjoy Chinese food.

Yeah, I guess I'll just have to make do with takeout.

I'll miss you.

No, you won't.

You'll get going.

You'll get lost in your work, and you'll come back wishing you could've stayed there forever.

And you, what will you be doing?

Moving forward.

You sure you wanna sell mom's car?

I don't need two cars.

Besides, I can never see well when I drove that.

[camera shutter clicking]

Listen, I know your grossly overqualified for this, but thank you.

Ah, I'm happy to help, Dad.

Don't worry about that.

So, how's Natalie?

She's good, we broke up actually.

She take it okay?

How'd you know I was the one who broke up with her?

[Dad chuckles]

Yeah, she was pretty okay about it.

How's the French onion soup girl?

She's, she's fine.

That sounds a lot more complicated.

She wasn't exactly who I though she was.

I had to let her go unfortunately.

Oh, that's too bad.

She seemed special.

Yeah, maybe, got ah, well, it got complicated.

I see.

I think I got some good options here.

Good, and while your here, you can put those on the computer and list it for me.

You know, it's not really all that hard.

It wasn't hard when I just called the newspaper and told them what to type up.

They don't do that anymore.


Come on, I'll make you some hot chocolate while you're working.

[Thomas chuckles]

[Megan sighs]

[knocking on door]


Sorry to barge in.

I needed to talk to you.

If this is about Mr. Wentworth and the job, I--

Eve told me about Thomas.

I never imagined your boss would be him.



You still don't believe it's the same man, do you?

No, I do, I believe you.


Yes, before I [sighs].

How does someone wrap their head around that?

It can't be real, but you didn't give up.

And I see now that doesn't mean you made something up.

You never stopped believing.

Doesn't matter, because I lost him again.

Maybe, but don't start quitting now.

He basically thinks I'm crazy, which is a pretty common reaction I think.

Honey, who cares what other people think?

You stood your ground now about your writing, and to be honest, I'm proud of you.

So, stand your ground.

If you really love him, as I know you do, hang onto that.

I know that I love him, and I know that he could love me, but I can't make him.

When you were in the hospital, the doctors and nurses, they ah, they told me everyday to prepare myself, that you might not make it, that you would probably never wake.

I couldn't give up, but I could keep believing.

No one could take that from me.

What you've been through is powerful, don't doubt it.

I'll be here for you, no matter what.

Thanks, Mom.

[telephone ringing]

Clarissa, it's Clarissa, right?

Could you get that, please?

[telephone ringing]

Photography studio.

It's ah, Berry Patch.

Uh huh, when did you wanna come in?

Tuesday at 10 a.m.

Fine, give me your name then, okay.

[mellow music]

Pine Creek Farmhouse, I've been there, sort of.

I'm guessing it's one of your favorite spots.

Bye, bye.

Maybe she did already know.

Excuse me?


What're you writing then?

Did you decide?

I'm actually working on two things, one is a children's story about a superhero named Boy Dino and the Wizard Isabelle.

I like that.

What about the other?

The second is about a woman who wakes up from a coma with the memory of a husband and children who do not exist, and everybody thinks she's crazy, and then she meets that husband.

I'd buy that.

Does it have a happy ending?

Yeah, benefits of fiction.

Well, when you need an editor, I'm here for you.

You misuse your and you're literally all the time.

I will offer a reader's perspective, not grammar.

Mm hmm.

[mellow music]

There's a portrait that hangs in our house of me in front of that exact same barn.

How could she have known I took that?

[whimsical orchestral music]

[telephone ringing]

Libby King.

Hey, Libby, Thomas Claybourne here.

Ah, so I was just going through the receptionists desk here, and I found some things Megan Murphy left behind.

Oh, I can give her a call.

Is there an address I can send that to?

Let me look at what I have.

[mellow music]

[doorbell buzzing]

Who are you looking for?

Ah, Megan Murphy.

Oh, ah, she must not be home.

Who are you?

Ah, Thomas.


Do you know Megan?

I'm her mother.


So, you're him.

Seems so.

Why are you here?

I need to tell her, ah, I haven't really phrased it right yet.

Do you think she imagined it all?

Yeah, but she was right about everything.

So, you'll give her a chance?

Honestly, I'm more worried about her giving me a chance.

Do you know when she'll be back?

She's been writing a lot lately.

Writing, really?

I can give her a call.

No wait, I think I know where to find her, thank you.

[whimsical orchestral music]

Sorry to barge in on your favorite spot.

It's a public place.

So ah, I need a receptionist, a good one.

I'm pretty sure you let me go.

Any chance you'd forget about that?

Contrary to popular belief, I do not have amnesia.

Got your message.

You didn't call me back.

I know, I couldn't handle what you said.

It was easier for me to push it away, till I realized maybe this isn't so unbelievable.

You recognize this?

It hangs in our house.

I took that that day at the farmhouse, and I didn't show it to you at the studio, because I thought you would think it was creepy.

I know, under normal circumstances.

Nothing about this is normal.

It's not normal to know this much about a stranger.

I can't help that I know that much.

I know, and that made me think.

You know almost everything about me, and honestly, Megan, that scares me, until I started thinking about how much I know about you.

You are good with kids.

You work hard.

You even find ways to fix things I didn't know were broken.

You care about what you do, even if it's not your dream job.

You make a mean bowl of soup.

[Megan giggles]

And you care about the people around you.

And even when I pushed you away, you just wanted me to be happy, and I, I couldn't let go of that.

And I thought if I know this much about you, how could I not wanna know more?

I don't know, but you're wrong.

I am?

About me knowing everything about you.

I didn't know about the rabbit thing, and that's really weird.

[both chuckle]

Maybe we can figure out what we don't know about each other.

Yeah, I'd like that.

[whimsical orchestral music]

I hope I live up to what you know about me.

I'm not worried.

And maybe we can go on a real date, dinner?

I'd like that.

[whimsical orchestral music]

[sighs] What do you think, is that straight?

I like it.

Nice job, Mrs. Claybourne.

Want some?

Hot chocolate?

Of course, don't you know me at all?

Mm hmm.

[whimsical orchestral music]

This is perfect.

Yeah, it is.

[whimsical orchestral music]