Titanic (1943) Script


"This film depicts the sole voyage of the luxury liner Titanic... whose fate was to hold the world in suspense for months.

It is April, 1912."


Dear shareholders...

I called this meeting of the White Star Line... to inform you of the following:

We have built the Titanic, the largest ship in the world.

There have been unforeseen incidents and unexpected difficulties.

Construction costs have escalated month after month.

We were forced to stretch our finances to the extreme... exhaust our investors... and what's more, take out substantial loans.

As a result... the share price is plummeting.

Mr. President.

May I ask how much share capital you represent?

200,000 pounds, Mr. President.

So permit me to ask you:

Can't this drop in share price be stopped?

It's out of my hands.

White Star Line at 98!

Who will buy White Star Line at 98?


I'm selling White Star Line at 96!


White Star Line at 95!

I'm selling White Star Line at 95!


The latest word is 95. 95.

That's right, Henderson. 95.

And it will keep going down.

Or do you think all the little people who invested their pennies... will just sit on their shares?

You should be happy if they sell.

Then the price will drop even more... and give us even more chances to buy on the cheap.

I agree.

We're the board of the White Star Line, not some charity.

But what do we do now?

It's simple.

We sell too and bring the price even lower.

You think so? Are you positive?


Can you give us a guarantee of that? I believe so.

Really? Let's hear it!

Next week, the Titanic makes her maiden voyage over the big pond... and you, gentlemen, will be aboard as my guests.

On this trip... you will experience a sensational surprise... that will cause our shares to skyrocket.

I don't care to say any more about it right now.

But I ask all of you to trust me... just as we all trust our Titanic, the proudest ship ever to sail... soon to set to sea for the honor of the white Star Line... and the glory of England.

Wherever Ismay goes, the lovely Gloria can't be far behind.

What nerve, to bring his girlfriend with him!

Perhaps he wants to marry her on the high seas. Wonderful idea.

Ismay marries the lovely Gloria on the maiden voyage of the Titanic.

Makes perfect sense.

Maybe that's the sensation he promised us.

So, Captain Smith, we understand each other.

For arrival on schedule in New York I will pay you $5,000.

And for every hour ahead of schedule, another $1,000.

So the faster your ship, the greater your reward.

Who is that?

Sigrid Olinsky, a wealthy Baltic woman.

Travels all over the world. Rather extravagant.

It shows. Married? No.

Alone on board? Yes.

Should we invite her to our table?

If you wish, Mr. President. Yes, please.

Do we have to, Bruce?

My dear Gloria, I'm not on board for my private amusement.

I'm also here as president, and as such, I have certain duties.

President Ismay requests the honor of your presence at his table.

With pleasure.

So, the president has the honor...

Of having 20 million more at his table.

That much? At least.

They say she has enormous estates in Russia.

Gentlemen, the aristocracy in the flesh.

The Duchess of Canterville and Lord Archibald Douglas.

Her Highness' net worth: around 20 million.

And his? Two million... in debt.

There's room for improvement there.

Who are those two?

Professor Bergmann and his assistant, Dr. Lorenz.

How much? Not worthy of mention.

German scientists only count in marks.

Senor Cristobal Mendoz of Cuba.

Never seen him before.

Your misfortune. He's especially interesting.

How much do you estimate he's worth? I'd say around eight to ten... years in prison.

I'll nab him in the act this trip, or I'll resign as ship's detective.

Here comes the one man... who could give his wife the Titanic as a birthday present:

John Jacob Astor and his wife. The richest man on board.

These are the two we've been waiting for.

Excuse me. As chief steward, duty calls.

I'll go see to the lovely people.

And I, dear doctor, to the not so lovely.

Ladies and gentlemen.

Please give your attention to the president of the White Star Line...

Sir Bruce Ismay.

Ladies and gentlemen, it is my honor to welcome you aboard our newest ship.

You already know that at 46,000 tons, the Titanic is the world's largest ship.

You also know that English experts say she is the world's safest ship.

But I'd like to inform you of a third feature of the Titanic:

She is also the fastest ship that has ever sailed the Atlantic.

At this very moment, what you are experiencing... is the Titanic cruising at 261/2 knots... a world-record speed.

Ismay is a genius.

Let's get to the telegraph and buy all the shares we can.

Before it hits the papers.

The ship's crew informs the passengers in steerage... that the Titanic is sailing at record speed... specifically at 261/2 knots.

That makes the Titanic the fastest ship in the world.

261/2 knots. How fast is that?

One nautical mile is 6,076 feet.

261/2 times 6,076 is...

It's beyond me.

First one with the answer gets a kiss.

My God, that's easy. It's about 30 miles.

It is precisely 31 miles per hour, Marcia.

No, precisely 30.495 miles per hour.

Attention, everyone.

The ship's management has announced each of you will receive a bonus... if the current speed is maintained.

"Liverpool - New York Calm sea.

Everything fine on board. Petersen"

Mr. Morlock, would you please read the temperature?

Yes, Herr Petersen.

Exterior temperature, 54°.

Thank you.

What weather!

If it stays calm, we'll be in New York at least a day ahead of schedule.

Meanwhile the engines are ruined.

President Ismay surely knows what he's doing, ordering this speed.


Who's running this ship? Ismay or the captain?

The captain naturally does what the president of the line requests.

And why does he request such rubbish?

Mr. Brede?

That comes to $9.

Here's $20.

Keep the change. But see you send it immediately.

Thank you, but we don't accept tips.

The telegrams are sent in the order received.

Good evening. Thank you.

We make the world record and already they're looking to profit from it.

Look at this.

One is buying 200,000 White Star shares, and the other 250,000.

Almost half a million. What I could do with that!

And when the world hears that we're sailing at record speed...

Let me see.

No, first the president's telegram to the press.

Yes, sir.

"Sailing at 261/2 knots. Record speed... Ismay."

"Titanic sails to world record... Ismay."

"Record speed of 261/2 knots... Ismay."

"Sailing at 261/2 knots. Record speed... Ismay."

"Titanic Sails at 261/2 Knots World Record!"

"Will the Titanic Break the World Record?"

Today isn't the 13th, it's the 14th.

And it's a beautiful Sunday as well, with fine weather and pleasant music... and everyone is happy about arriving in New York tomorrow.

And we're happy too, Bibifax.

Aren't we happy, Bibifax? Yes, and I'm happy, too.

Because everyone wants to announce their early arrival by telegram.

Same old story: They have all the fun, and we have to work.

Good morning, Mr. Brede. Mr. Hopkins.

What can I do for you? Is the latest market report in yet?

Sorry. Not yet.

Too bad. Mr. Astor is anxiously awaiting it.

I can well imagine.

All of the gentlemen seem very interested.

Good morning, Mr. Phillips. Good morning, Mr. Hopkins.

Just a minute. Something is coming through.

President Ismay has already looked in a couple of times.

He's waiting anxiously for the latest news.

Nothing to be do about it, I guess. Good day.

Wait a minute, Mr. Hopkins. Here comes the latest news.

What is it, gentlemen? Why so nervous?

We bought White Star shares on your advice.

You promised us a huge profit.

And we're going to lose our shirts if the price keeps falling.

We're sailing at record pace. The Blue Ribbon is ours for sure.

The price has to climb. Well, it's falling now.

Correct. For now.

There is some power at work that we are unfortunately not yet aware of.


Did you get the latest news?

Yes. 71.

Ismay has bet everything on his speed record... but he has miscalculated.

I'll drive it even lower.

No need to stand. Have a seat.

Do you know what, Hopkins?

I'll drive the colossus down to 60.

And when will you buy it back?

Very good question.

When Ismay's group has grown nervous and panic selling sets in... when, with my help, White Star has dropped to 60... and no one dares buy... then I'll buy.

I'll have 510/0 of all shares in my hands... and White Star Line and the Titanic will belong to me.

I understand.

You see, the Titanic is not just a bunch of shares.

She is a tangible asset.

Tangible assets create power... and power is a means to whatever you want.

That's right, John. Whatever you want.

And for you that means even more power.

Absolutely right, Madeleine.

Jenny, bring out the jewelry.

Hopkins, close the safe.

To each his own, Madeleine.

For me, more power. For you, more jewelry.

Jewelry is also an asset.

But not always stable. Even gems are subject to fluctuation.

And they can only be accurately judged when they are taken out of their setting.

Just like women.

You're in high spirits today.

I have every reason to be.

Like how I look?

Yes, of course.

But if Ismay thinks he's a match for me, he's mistaken.

Which do you love more... your business or me?

There is a time for everything.

Which means, right now... your business.

See you later.


Where are you going?

For a breath of fresh air.

Hey, Professor!

Excuse me?

Don't you remember me?

No, I'm afraid not.

Cristobal Mendoz.

We sailed to Buenos Aires together.

Look at that.

Cristobal Mendoz and Professor Bergmann.

How curious!

I never would have guessed they knew each other.

Then we must have met on the Pacific.

No, we didn't meet there either. Good day.

Here you are, Miss Hedy. Thank you.

Could you tell me where cabin 350 is?

Second corridor on the left. Thank you.

What a mess! I'm sorry.

I'm the one who should apologize. It's my fault.

Really? Of course.

Please don't trouble yourself. I'm happy to help.

If the head steward sees, there will be a scene.

Why? I'm just an employee.

What a coincidence! So am I!

Allow me to introduce myself:

Franz Gruber, first violin in the first stateroom... on the first voyage.

Then you may help after all... or we'll both hear about it.

You know what? What?

Allow me to make a suggestion. Give me a manicure.

Don't talk such nonsense. Give me a hand.

Where does this go? Here.

And that too? There, that's done.

Thank you very much.

Do you think we could perhaps see each other again?

Sometimes I go for a walk on the upper deck.

When is sometimes?

Oh, rather soon.

Rather soon or very soon?

Just past 12:00.

Come in.

Pardon me. I would like to speak to you for a moment.

I'll be right there.

And this one too.

What's the matter?

I overspeculated. I totally miscalculated.

Miscalculated? How can that be?

You achieved what you wanted. We're sailing at record pace.

And the share price is plummeting at record pace!

If it keeps up, I'll soon be ruined. If I only knew who was behind it!

Someone is doing to me exactly what I wanted to do to everyone else.

But there must be a way out. Can / be of help to you?

You be of help to me? How could you be of help to me?

I need millions.

I bought shares privately, do you understand? On personal credit.

I'm fighting for my very life!

Pull yourself together.

You think I want to spend the last few days before our wedding... sharing in your disaster?

No. So think it over calmly.

You have an excellent position... the best connections, the most influential friends.

Ask them to help you.

If you ask, you don't get a penny.

Anyone who has to ask has already lost all his credit.

The amount I need means nothing to you, but it means something to me.

A million in debt or in assets... it's all the same.

What do you mean?

Those to whom you owe the million can't let you go under.

All the more reason for you to lend me the money.

I don't lend money. I'd rather give it away.

But since I'm no great apostle of charity, I don't give it away, either.

I see that...

You see nothing, not even the opportunity before you.



I have certain business plans.

It would be easier to carry them out, say, under the name of Lord Douglas.

Excuse me, but...

I would think long and hard about that "but" if I were in your position.

Shall we say tomorrow in New York?


Until tomorrow, Lord Douglas.

Hopkins? Yes, sir?

Why did you permit Lord Douglas to enter so freely?

Pardon me. Your wife told me to.

My wife?

Ah, yes, I remember. Thank you, Hopkins.

Mr. Seipoler, my shift is over. If anything happens, I'll be in the bar.

You hear that?

"If anything happens."

How is it that we have even one German officer on board?

An Englishman was scheduled, but he got a bad case of appendicitis.

So the captain hired Petersen, whom he knew from before.

Temperature, please.


It's dropped four more degrees in four hours.

Please, sit down.

Legs up.

Be reasonable.

You think I'm unreasonable?

I'm an employee and you're an employee.

Tomorrow you'll be in some other part of the world.

You know what?

If it's okay by you, from now on I'll only accept assignments... if you're on them, too.

Are you serious?

Yes, Miss Hedy.

There's something I have to tell you, Mr. Gruber.

What would you like to confess?

I'm actually engaged.

What does "actually" mean? Either one is engaged or one isn't.

My parents would like me to marry the neighbors' son... as would his parents... and since he's a fine person...

He would too, and you, the obedient daughter... will marry him, and live unhappily ever after, right?

Yes. No, you won't.

You should marry out of love, not out of obedience. Understood?

Yes, sir.

This is my first ocean voyage ever.

Really, Your Highness? And do you know why?

I always had a strong feeling I should not go on a ship... that something would happen to me.

Your Highness! Lord Douglas laughed at me too.

But I still would not have sailed if they had not assured me... that the Titanic is the first unsinkable ship in the world.

So I'm no longer afraid at all.

I would love to get some sun. Will you come along?


Herr Petersen.

Shall we go?

I'd like to remain here a while, Your Highness.

Very well, child.

Here you are.

Excuse me. I mistook you for the Herr Petersen... who was first officer on the Excelsior when I sailed to Egypt.

You look just like him.

But that Herr Petersen was a charming and especially courteous man.

He would have greeted me differently.

Pardon me, madam. I wasn't aware I was being discourteous.

Why are you in such a foul humor?

You used to smile so nicely. Or are you on duty?

No, I'm off duty, just like that time in Cairo.

Yes, I behaved dreadfully there.

And I was so pleased that you wanted to show me Cairo.

Do you really know what happened back then?

I only know you were no longer on board when I got back from Alexandria.

I really have to go. How come?

I'll tell you tonight.

Until then. Until then.

You take me for a spoiled, superficial woman... who indulges her every whim, don't you?

Now I would seem discourteous if I didn't insist to the contrary.

I wouldn't want to disappoint you again. You must be right.

And my whim now is to prove you will do anything I want.

That won't be difficult, since as first officer... it's my duty to fulfill the wishes of the passengers as much as possible.

But there must be things you're expressly forbidden to do.

Of course. For example, I may not visit passengers in their cabins... or take them to the engine room... That's enough.

I would like to see the engine room.

But madam, I just told you that's not allowed. I'm sorry.

Fine. Then perhaps you would accompany me to the billiard room?


Well played, but poorly thought through.

You've left yourself wide open.

Not at all. You'll score 500 points at most... and you're behind by 1,000.

Now what do you have to say? I didn't plan on that.

Who doesn't plan for everything sees his plans go awry.

What is that supposed to mean?

Just a figure of speech. At any rate, we're now tied.

Sir Bruce...

I have a big favor to ask you, and you may not refuse.

Then of course I will not.

I'd love to see the engine room.

A fine idea! We'll all come along.

Are you interested?

Very much. I'll just let my wife know.

But we must have an expert guide. Could Herr Petersen come along?

He just got off duty. But of course.

Would you please show us the engine room?

Mr. President, I am unfortunately not authorized to do that.

This is an official order.

As first officer, I'm not allowed to accept official orders from you.

I see. Mr. Braun?

Please call the captain.

We're going to see the engine room. Will you come along?

No, I'm not interested.

Besides, I'm sure I'd find it too hot and dirty.

As you like.

I thank you.

It's your move.

Do you want to sacrifice your king? I could eliminate him right now.

Is that really possible?

If I wish to, yes.

The queen feels strong enough surrounded by a knight and her pawns.


You seem to confuse games with reality.

Sometimes a game can become reality.

Let's play on.

Excuse me.

I'd like to send a telegram.

Address, please?

Herr Ludwig Schramm. We can leave out the "Herr."

Hamburg, Große Bleichen 15.

Große Bleichen 15. Text, please?

No. You don't want to send a telegram?

I mean the text is "No," and sign it "Hedy."

"Ludwig Schramm, Hamburg, Große Bleichen 15. No. Hedy."

Is that all? Yes.

I'm going to see Phillips in the telegraph room.

Helm.! Fifteen to port.!

Another ice warning.

Set everything else aside and try to get other reports.

Another ice warning.

We're sailing right into drift ice.

What was the last temperature? 41 °.

Another four degrees lower.

A sure sign we're getting close to the ice zone.

I'll advise the captain to take further measures.

There are warnings about drift ice and even reports of icebergs.

What measures have you taken?

I've changed course and reduced our speed.

Why? You'll certainly recognize an iceberg in plenty of time.

Pardon me, but you're mistaken.

Some icebergs are miles long and 7/8 of them are underwater.

There is the danger of colliding with the underwater mass.

Danger? That's ridiculous. The Titanic is unsinkable.

Proof of that has not yet been provided.

I demand you maintain direct course at full speed, Captain.

That is a great responsibility for me.

If I may be permitted to comment... such a responsibility is intolerable for any seaman.

What is that supposed to mean?

Staying the course at full speed would endanger over 2,000 lives.

In the event of catastrophe, there isn't nearly enough room in the lifeboats... for even a small portion of the passengers.

Enough of your pessimism.

It's not pessimism. It's our duty to consider every possibility.

That's intentional pessimism!

What do you mean by that?

Please, Herr Petersen...

What I mean is that, as the only German officer on board... you have no interest in the Titanic winning the Blue Ribbon.

You will account for that remark at the appropriate time.

Captain, we await your orders on the bridge.

Captain, you know what the White Star Line expects of you.

I know very well, Mr. President.

Captain, ice warning from the SS Baltic.

They urgently advise reducing speed.

Thank you.

The Baltic is a little tub. We have to keep that in mind.

No change.

We will sail on course throughout the night, full speed ahead.

If you need me, I'll be in the ballroom.

So, you have the honor of sailing on the fastest and safest ship in the world.

Tomorrow you'll be in New York.

And there I'll have the honor of resigning.

I will not be a party to such lack of responsibility!

Sailor, my binoculars.

You look as if the ship's ghost is sitting up there and saying...

"Stay calm, people. Today is Sunday. You have the Blue Diamond on board... that has brought both luck and disaster."

If you like, just think of the three corpses we're transporting on ice down below.

Cut out the doomsaying.

Cold? No wonder, since the thermometer has dropped again.

Excuse me. Of course. Your shift is over anyway.

Have fun at the party.

I'm passing up the festivities. I have other plans.

Telegram, ma'am.

"Assets confiscated. Property seized.

Gregor banished to Siberia. Return impossible. Fyodor"

I'm going upstairs, Gloria.

It looks like you'll still be a while.

What's your hurry?

Are you meeting someone?

Not exactly.

I see.

Sigrid Olinsky?

What makes you say that?

I'm not blind.

I'm glad you brought it up.

You know what you mean to me.

But you have to understand my situation. That woman is unbelievably rich.

Ah, the way out you were looking for.

Please don't complicate this for me.

Why should I?

I assume it's only business, right?

Of course.

But what if it should have to be more than that?

I'll let you know.

If our wedding is still on in New York, I would ask you to do the right thing.

Please excuse the interruption.

I must make a request of you.


Oh, you're not allowed in.

Yes. Perhaps the smoking salon would be suitable.

I'm sorry, but if you wish to speak to me, you'll have to do so here.

Very well. This matter is so important...

That you would even do what is expressly forbidden.

Yes. Sometimes life is not as easy as we think.


We've been sailing through drift ice for hours.

There are even reports of icebergs.

I would ask you to convince Ismay to reduce the speed.

May I ask why you come to me?

I have no other recourse... and President Ismay is obviously interested in you.


And you think he would do this for me?

No, I don't believe he would do anything for anyone.

But he's a businessman. He thinks in numbers.

And 20 million pounds carries a lot of weight.

So, you're appealing not to me but to my 20 million.

It's the same thing.

I didn't mean to upset you.

Well, you have. You didn't mean to, I know.

You're too frank and upstanding for that.

No, you meant it honestly, and that's what upsets me.

The whims of a rich, spoiled woman.

Atrocious, isn't it?

I'm afraid I cannot grant your request.

Even considering what's at stake?

Madam, I beg you.

Herr Petersen, I cannot help you anymore. Not now.

Thank you, madam. I see I shouldn't have come.

I took you for a woman who merely had the misfortune of being too wealthy.

A woman a man could love, if things were different.

I was mistaken. Forgive me.

A woman a man could love.

Good evening, ma'am.

May I do your hair?

A woman a man could love.

How did you know, ma'am?

Is the news already out about Franzl?

About whom?

My Franzl.

Who is this Franzl?

The first violinist in the first stateroom.

Did he say that too?

And how!

He said I was the only woman he could ever love.

That he could ever love.

What cabin are you looking for?

Professor Bergmann's.

Then you're in the wrong place. This is Mr. Astor's apartment.

Professor Bergmann is in 27 and 28, third door on the left.

Madam, I have an unusual request. May I speak with you at once?

Speak with me at once?

May I wait for you in the foyer of the ballroom?

What are you looking for?

Now I see why you flattered me with such close attention.

You needn't have bothered.

What you're looking for is here, in my head.

But one thing interests me: Which of my rivals are you working for?

Come, out with it!

Who ordered you to bring them my formulas and calculations?

Formulas and calculations?

Who sent you here?

I'm alone. I work for myself.

How do you propose to prove that?

I'd like to ask you something.

I'm all yours.

First, a question:

Do you know we're sailing through a region of dangerous drift ice?


There is no danger for the Titanic.

Now get out of here. Out!

Who was that, Professor?

A burglar.

And you let him get away just like that?

Stop. Come back here.

Just look at this.

Madam, I must ask you to assert your influence on the president.

The speed of the Titanic must be reduced!


For a day now, we've been sailing through a region of drift ice.

But we're sailing at record speed to win the Blue Ribbon for England.

Professor, this would be...

This is the solution to your year-long...

Yes, the results of my year-long calculations.

I wanted you to go over them, and that rascal disturbed me.

Please help me double-check them. It will only take a minute.

Once we're done, we'll have good cause to celebrate.

Those are misplaced sentimentalities that I cannot allow.

And if I were to make a special request?

It doesn't matter if we arrive in New York a few hours sooner or later.

Yes, it does matter.

Sir Ismay knows exactly what he wants and what he has to do.

Perhaps not, madam.

If something happens, it's not just good-bye to the world record.

The Titanic will be lost, and the president along with her.

Don't talk such nonsense.

Why worry about things that only concern the president?

A woman as beautiful as you shouldn't worry about such things.

Sir Bruce Ismay, a moment, if you please.

Mr. Astor?

I was just on deck. The temperature is icy.

But it's April. Correct.

And April is when the danger from ice in this area is greatest.

You mustn't disturb the passengers with this opinion.

I know you yourself would be quite content if the ship had to sail slowly.

It is still very questionable whether the world record will save you.

Let's wait and see.

I have to tell you something.


I can't tell you here. We have to be alone.

Fine. Let's go to the bar.

It's more comfortable there... and we won't be disturbed.

Thank you, madam.

Even if you don't help me, I know what I have to do.

Really? What?

I will warn the president once again of the danger.

No need.

I already told you the real reason for your pessimism.

I sorry I can't respond, since I'm on duty.

Your duty will be over soon.

The White Star Line has no need of officers... who sow unrest among the passengers.

And I have no need to serve on a ship run not by sailors... but by stock speculators.

I forbid you to use that tone. Go to your stateroom.

I'm relieving you of your duty.

On board this ship, you can neither relieve me of duty nor give me orders.

To me you're nothing more than a passenger.

And now the two of us will dance, right, Marcia?

No. She's going to dance with me first.

Says who?

Says me.

Don't be stupid!

Pull them apart!

You have a knife. Give it to me.

Take him away and lock him up.

And keep it quiet in here, you understand?

Ice! Ice to starboard!

Starboard searchlight on!

Rudder hard to port!

Damn it! What's wrong with the searchlight?

Rudder is hard to port.

Where's the searchlight?

The filaments broke.

Then get new ones. We don't have any replacements.

What? No replacement filaments?

It doesn't matter. There!

It looks like we made it through okay.

But we hit the ice.

Shouldn't we talk to the engine room?

They would have notified us if anything serious had happened.

I'm going below just in case. As you like.

Did you feel some scraping? Yes, sir.

It could have been a fishing boat.

They pop up often in this area. That would be bad news for them.

Excuse me!

We had a collision with underwater ice. Is everything all right?

Yes, sir.

Leak in the boiler room!

I'll inform the captain immediately.

Stop engines!

Engines are stopped.

It seems to me the engines have stopped.

Indeed, the engines have stopped.

I'll go ask the captain what's going on.

Good idea. Come on, everyone. We're going to the captain.

What do you want?

We'd like to speak to the captain. The captain isn't here.

There must be some officer here.

There's no officer here, either. Now clear out.

Why do you want to talk to the captain?

We want to know why the engines have stopped.

See for yourself.

Ladies and gentlemen, be very still for one moment.


He's right. The engines have stopped. Please tell us what you know.

You're too pessimistic. We're damaged, but we can't go under.

The ship is ripped open from the bow to past the bridge.

In two hours, the propellers will be in the air.


Send this:

"SOS. Titanic damaged. Urgently request help. Smith."

"SOS. Titanic damaged. Urgently request help. Smith."

The lifeboats are to be readied only on my order.

They're worried in the ballroom.

Yes, thank you.

Petersen, you calm down the passengers.

Tell them it was a maneuver to avoid drift ice.

Gentlemen, to your stations.

Mr. Phillips, I have to send an urgent telegram.

We're not accepting private telegrams right now.

What is that supposed to mean? You heard me.

But Ismay personally assured Mr. Astor that his telegrams would have priority.

I'm not interested. Now please leave. I'm busy.

Ladies and gentlemen, please give your attention to the first officer.

Ladies and gentlemen.

The engines have stopped because we are changing course and speed... as a precaution to avoid drift ice.

There is, therefore, no cause for alarm.

That includes all of you in steerage.

I would thus ask you to return to your cabins.

It's about time. I've been waiting for half an hour.

Sorry. I had some pressing business.

You may congratulate me. On what?

Imagine: The jewelry box was stolen from Astor's cabin.

Congratulate you for that? No. Because I caught the thief.

Do you know who it was?

My old friend, Senor Cristobal Mendoz from Cuba.

What's that?

Where's that coming from?

A water pipe must have burst. We should tell someone.

You're right. A good reason to get out of here.

Open up!

Have you got a connection?

Yes, the SS /duna is coming to our aid. They've given us their position.

I know the /duna. She makes 13 knots tops.

That's much too far away. It's pointless.

They refuse to accept private telegrams. Ridiculous.

Ismay hopes to save himself by cutting off communication... but he's wrong again.

520/0 of all shares are now certain to be mine.

At an average price of 60. A good bit of business.

Not just good, Hopkins. Great.

You can get everything ready for our arrival in New York.

And one more thing:

Put my wife's jewelry case in my luggage.

I found a few especially beautiful gems I want to mount with the Blue Diamond.

A little surprise for my wife.

By the way, where is my wife? Still in the ballroom?

No. I last saw madam with Lord Douglas in the bar.

You're mistaken. I'm not unhappy.

Even if my husband only thinks about business.

Even if I'm just an asset on his balance sheet.

But you don't love him, so you're not happy.

The happiness you speak of is an illusion.

Passion never leads to happiness.

Yes, it does. No, it doesn't.

Then why have you led me on?

Have I done that? Yes.

Perhaps you're right.

Maybe I did toy with the possibility. But now I'm afraid of my own courage.

Because you're afraid of changing your life, of giving up luxury.

Archibald? Yes?

You're beginning to bore me.

Get all passengers on deck with their life jackets on.

Tell them it's a drill.

Lie to them as long as you can.

Don't load the lifeboats until you hear the horn.

Women and children first.

Herr Petersen, you see to the most important passengers personally.

Thank you, gentlemen.

Did you find the jewelry box?

No, it's nowhere to be found. Jenny doesn't know where it is either.

In any case, madam was the last one to have the jewelry box.

I see.

You sent for me, John? Why?

Your jewelry box has disappeared.

Please leave us alone, Hopkins.

What's wrong, John?

Please answer one question: Who were you last with?

Why do you ask?

With Lord Douglas?

That's what I thought.

What does that have to do with the theft?

You must know Lord Douglas is bankrupt.

Gentleman's debts, they call it.

Your recommendation didn't help him. I didn't give him any money.

I don't understand you.

Do you think Lord Douglas is capable of stealing?

No, the jewelry hasn't been stolen.

Then what?

The jewelry wasn't stolen. It was given as a gift.

What do you mean?

I mean you helped your lover the only way you knew how.

Pity you couldn't have given me this news five minutes earlier.


It doesn't matter anymore.

All you know is your money. Nothing else.

And with good reason. Money is the only value I believe in.

What is it?

Please put on your life jackets and go up on deck.

Why? Has something happened?

No, the captain has ordered a lifeboat drill.

Put on your life jackets and go on deck. Please hurry.

Lifeboat drill?

Then I should go?

And you have nothing more to say to me?

No. I don't wish to continue this conversation.

Just leave me alone.

Please accompany my wife on deck.

On deck?

Yes. Please go.

Put on your life jackets and go on deck immediately.


The captain has ordered a lifeboat drill.

Is someone there?

Please put on your life jackets and go on deck immediately.

On deck? Why?

I'm not authorized to give the passengers additional information.

One moment.

But you will give me information.

As the man responsible for this, I will give you information:

The Titanic is sinking.

What are you saying? The Titanic is sinking.

We collided with an iceberg.

She's ripped open from the bow to under the bridge.

Don't talk nonsense.

You'll soon see whether it's nonsense.

In just hours a few thousand people will be on the bottom because of you.

But we have lifeboats.

The lifeboats will hold at most a third of the passengers.

I order you to secure a lifeboat for me immediately!

First, you can't give me orders. Second, women and children go first.

Third, I advise you to go to your cabin and get your life jacket.

Stay here! What else do you want?

Please, let's talk man to man.

Forget about earlier this evening. I was nervous and excited.

I beg you, get a lifeboat for me.

You should have seen to the lifeboats. No! Be reasonable.

I'll give you five... I'll give you $10,000! Save me a place!

We'll just see if I come along!

You! Always you! Now you're screaming with fear.

You should have thought about all of this earlier.

Just leave me alone. Leave you alone?

Now I should just leave you alone. And what happens to me?

I don't know.

You don't know.

What if something really happens?

What if we go down?

Then it's all over.

The game is over.

Yes, the game is over.

You've played long enough.

But now I want to tell you... I said leave me alone!

Now I should leave you alone.

But earlier I was good enough for you.

You've spoken of marriage for years. You waited until I had no other chance.

But now I have the last chance, do you understand?

Me and not you.

I am a woman.

A woman!

And it's women and children first!

Men on the starboard side. Women and children on the port side.

Hurry! Quickly!

All clear.

Women and children, line up.

Life vests will be handed out on the steps.

Ladies and gentlemen, the ship's crew has ordered a lifeboat drill.

Please put on your life jackets and go up on deck.

Please follow the orders of the crew members immediately.

And please hurry.

Is it really just a lifeboat drill? Please get a life jacket immediately.

Won't you tell me the truth? Yes, I will.

The Titanic is sinking.

Aside from Ismay, you're the only person who could have averted this catastrophe.

He would have listened to you... and for once you could have used your riches for good.

Now money means nothing. Now it's just about survival.

But the sea is calm. We'll just get in the lifeboats.

There are 3,000 people on board. The lifeboats can hold a few hundred.

Understand what that means?

Yes, I understand.

This might be the last time we speak, so there's something I want to tell you.

I'm not rich anymore. I'm as poor as you, maybe even poorer.

I was happy to see you again on board.

And I did speak with Ismay.

Now please tell me where I should go.

Come with me. I'll take you up on deck.

Come on! Go on!

Come on, Henry! I have to find Bobby.

Leave Bobby. Come!

I have to find Bobby. Wait for me on deck by the lifeboats.

Bobby, where are you?

Here, Henry.

Where? Here! Help!

The ship is sinking. I'll get you out.

I demand a seat in a lifeboat at once.

I am the wife of President Ismay... and I demand to be allowed in the lifeboat immediately.

Please, madam.

We collided with an iceberg.

Has the orchestra assembled? Yes.

In street clothes, with their life vests on.

That will calm the passengers. Order them to play.

Eight ships are coming to our aid.

The nearest is the Carpathia, but she's 68 nautical miles away.

Sixty-eight miles.

That's five hours.

So it's hopeless. Thank you.

Clear to go!

Let's go!

Heave ho! Let her down evenly.

Please come. Take my place.


I'm staying. I'm staying because...

Herr Petersen, to the captain on the double!

We'll see each other later.

Captain! Morlock!



Stop the alarm!

Tell Phillips to establish radio contact.

Phillips! Brede!

Ship off the port bow! Try to establish radio contact.

See if you can pick up anything from the ship.

We can't pick up the ship, Captain.

She's probably an old freighter without a radio.

Set off the emergency flares.

Have you gone mad? Since when are white flares used as an SOS signal?

There are no red ones. The carelessness here was such that...

I forbid you to say another word!

The main thing is they see something. They'll understand.

Look. More flares.

But they're white.

White flares are not an SOS signal. You could have let me sleep.

Why shoot off flares in the middle of the night?

According to our position, that can only be the Titanic.

They're celebrating the fact they'll be in New York by noon tomorrow.

Let them have their fun. We're holding our course.

They're taking no notice of us.

They're sailing away.

Now what?

Start up the alarm again.

And see to it that the rescue operation goes forward.


Stay calm, Anne. I'm here with you.

Stay calm!

Let's get in the next boat in an orderly fashion.

I expect something in return. What can you offer me... to rescue your company and retain you as president?

Your life.

My life?


The captain believes we'll sink in less than an hour.

Space in the lifeboats is limited.

I could arrange for you to be taken care of.

I accept your offer.

I rescue you, and you guarantee to save me.

We'll work out the details in New York.

I'd rather put it in writing before we get in the lifeboats.

Very cautious of you.

Would you do otherwise? No.

Mr. Astor!

There's shooting going on up on deck.


It seems only women and children can be saved.

Only women and children?

Yes, and any man who tries to get in a boat is shot.

Ismay, I sense you won't be able to keep your end of the bargain.

Maybe I'll find someone whose place I can buy.

Come. We're going up on deck.

I'll give you $150,000 for a place in a lifeboat.

It's useless. Women and children will be saved first.

Don't be stupid, man!

We can pay. I'll give you half a million.

Here's some advice: Get a life jacket and go on deck.

Nice to see you again, Lord Douglas.

I hope you're doing well.

Am I disturbing you, gentlemen?

On the contrary. I was about to look for you below.

Allow me to return your wife's jewelry case.

How did you get this?

Mendoz took the precaution of removing it from your cabin... and I took the precaution of relieving him of it.

So it was stolen.

Then I really...

You have the will to get through. I know you'll make it.

And you, Professor?

If I were 20 years younger, perhaps, but there's no point now.

My life's work is done. Just see to it that it gets through.


The Frankfurt at 153 miles? No.

The Olympic, 510 miles? Hopeless.

Not a chance.

Please, madam, we have to release the boat.

Please, the boat must go. There's no time to lose.

Let's go. You have to stay here.

Hedy, what a sight!

Franzl gave me the coat.

Ah, your Franzl. And the officer brought you here?

Yes, ma'am.

So we'd better make the most of it. Bon voyage.

Ready. Sigrid!

You're an amazing woman, my dear.

I would only have done it for you, darling.

You must get in the lifeboat and leave the ship.

No, I'll go only when you go.

As an officer I must stay to the end.

And in my capacity as officer, I order you to get in the lifeboat.

The people there need you.

Keep them going until help comes. I beg you! Go!

So you're ordering me.

Yes, and it's the most difficult order I've ever given.

All right, then.

I'll go.

Lower the boat!

I will use my influence to ensure... that nothing untoward happens to you as a result of this catastrophe.

If I am saved...

I believed nature placed you and your people above me.

I followed your orders to the letter.

But I was wrong, President Ismay.

You will do nothing to save me?

I cannot.

I demand a place in the boat, Captain Smith.

I demand a place! You understand me?

No need to scream, Ismay. I'll see to it that you're saved.

Really? Yes, but not to follow your orders.

To bring you before the Maritime Board to answer for your actions.



Captain, the last lifeboat is off. The passengers are all on the forecastle.


You have done your duty. I thank you.

You are now released from duty.


You have done your duty.

Now it's every man for himself!

Wait for me, Anne. I'll find some life jackets.

Don't leave me alone, John.

Don't leave me alone.

Every man for himself!

I'm sorry. The last lifeboat has left.

Look there!

It's Anne!

Have you seen my Anne? She left long ago.

She left? Let me go!


What are you waiting for?

Go now. I'll follow later.

I'm the senior officer. Don't make me get angry.

Go back. You won't make it through there.


Don't be afraid, little girl. I'll take you to your mommy.

Stop. It's Petersen!

And that's how the Titanic sank.

Your Honor, you expressed doubts as to the question of guilt... but there is no question here.

There is only guilt... and one man alone bears that guilt!

The president of the White Star Line.

Order! I thank the witness.

The board of inquiry will now retire for deliberations.

Hey, there's the one who lost his memory.


Now we'll see if there really is such a thing as justice.

After examining all relevant questions... including those of negligence... and of whether safety measures were ignored... and especially those emphasized... in accusations and statements made by the witness Petersen... the Board of Inquiry has reached the following decision:

On a ship, the captain alone is in command.

In this case, therefore, the fault for the accident... lies with the captain and only the captain.

He can, however, not be called to answer, since he is no longer among the living.

Thus, no accusation may be lodged against the White Star Line.

President Ismay's behavior cannot be considered incriminating... and he is therefore acquitted.

I hereby declare this Maritime Board of Inquiry to be adjourned.

"The deaths of 1,500 people remain unatoned for... an eternal condemnation of England's quest for profit."