To The Beat! Back 2 School (2020) Script

(music plays)

¶ No I don't wait for tomorrow ¶

¶ No I won't give it a break ¶

¶ Don't need to beg steal or borrow ¶

¶ Watch me as I walk this way ¶

¶ I'm busy building an empire ¶

¶ Don't really care what they say ¶

¶ I'm only here for a good time ¶

¶ Drown 'em out like namaste ¶

¶ Mind over matter take control ¶

¶ All my visions are set in stone ¶

¶ Don't kill my vibe ¶

¶ I'm flawless by design ¶

¶ Can't change my mind ¶

¶ Got too much on the line ¶

¶ Won't waste my time ¶

¶ You better recognize ¶

¶ Don't kill my vibe ¶

¶ I'm feelin so alive ¶

¶ I was born for this ¶

¶ Born for this ¶

¶ I was born for this ¶


¶ Born for this ¶


¶ I wasn't promised forever ¶

¶ But I'll keep fighting for more ¶

¶ I will not fold under pressure ¶

¶ Taking what I came here for ¶

¶ Flow like water Don't fit the mold ¶

¶ Nothing's stoppin this heart of gold ¶

¶ Don't kill my vibe ¶

¶ I'm flawless by design ¶

¶ Can't change my mind ¶

¶ Got too much on the line ¶

¶ Won't waste my time ¶

¶ You better recognize ¶

¶ Don't kill my vibe ¶

¶ I'm feelin so alive ¶

¶ I was born for this ¶

(music continues)

¶ Born for this ¶


Are you kidding me?


After all this time you're still obsessing over the music video?

No, I'm not!

Yes, you are!

I heard the song playing, Avery.

Okay. Maybe I was looking at it to see how no one even watched it.

And the comments... that's a whole different story.

[hums "Dance 4 Love"]


And, besides, why were you outside my door spying on me?

I was just coming into our room.

(scoffs) Don't remind me.

Don't you think it's time to move on?

It's been like forever ago.

It still makes me so-

Stop obsessing!

Besides, you know the twins are pretty cool.

I swear Em, you are acting more like Mom every day.

Maybe so. But at least my idol isn't Paula Abdul.

(gasp) Did somebody say Paula Abdul?

No, mother!

Oh, well... you two are gonna be straight up late to your own rodeo!

(music plays)

Back! [clap] To! [clap] School! [clap]

Daddy's waitin'!

(music plays)

I gotta get going.

See ya later. Maybe.

Vanilla latte with soy, no whip, at 175 degrees.

Spill, girls.

(girls giggle)

You said spill.

(girls giggle)

Desperate much, Nikki?

She meant she wants to know who you are and why you're here.

Oh, LOL!

By the way, we don't talk like that.

Like what?

Like "LOL".

Hey ladies, how was your Spring Break?

I was just saying to Nik Nik how great it is to be back to school together!

Sorry I didn't call you over break.

Looks like you were busy.

Yeah, we got to be really good friends.

See you in Mr. Bloom's class, Charlie.

Why do I still let her get to me?


If you remember, Nikki was on my team, Mia.

I mean, our team.

Ladies, you're good. It's good. No teams needed.

Now, me and Mia have something we forgot to tell you.

Didn't we, Mia?

It's nothing. Not right now, anyway.

Wait, what? What's going on?

You know, we better get to class.

Wait! I know what it is!

You guys got us tickets to see Shawn Mendes in concert?!

[screams] I love you guys!

Ehhhmmmmm, no.

Huh. It's official.

I mean, we're official.

Meet Chia.


Chia. That's a good one.


Wait, you guys are serious?

You shipped yourselves? Like, for real?

For real!

Wait, what? When did this all-

When you were busy dancing all spring break.

We were hanging out all the time.

And realized how much we liked each other.

But you guys have known each other forever.

Like fam.

Exactly! The basis for the perfect relationship.

And Alex?

Please, that was so last year.

And more his thing, not mine.

Okay then. Let's get to class, Chia!

(music plays)

(class chatter)

Okay, okay, settle down, settle down, settle down!

We have a lot to go over in the finale weeks of school!

So, you all know that I'm all about the drama.

Which brings us to our big unveiling!

Now, we touched on it a bit, but I thought it was really time to dive in.

So, drum roll please!

(slapping knees, imitating drums)

Yes! Are you ready, Audrey?

Aye, Mr. Oliver!

Okay, pull the fur?


I wanna be the ass.

(class laughs)

Excuse me?

Sorry, Lysander. The donkey.

Personally, I saw you more as Puck.

That is spot on Audrey!

Why thank you, Mr. Oliver!

Yes, Avery.

This is very cute and all, but can we get to the point?


Oh, and if this is a play, I nominate myself to be the lead role.

Here we go again.

Oh no you don't!

Alright, ladies, that's enough.

Don't kill each other, just chill out and let me explain how this is actually going to work.

Yes, Doug.

Is this a play or something?

Oh man, woah.

Are you serious dude?

Do I look serious?

If I may, Mr. Oliver?

Please. Wow, yes. Go, Audrey.

This poster signifies one of the most popular plays written by William Shakespeare, A Midsummer Night ' s Dream.

A comedy that portrays the events surrounding the marriage of Theseus to Hippolyta, the former Queen of the Amazons.

Done! I'm the Queen! That's my role!

(music plays)

Personally, I can totally see you as the Queen.

I'm glad someone's listening.

So we're gonna go ahead and continue Audrey, thank you.

As I was saying, there's a few interwoven plots!

The four lovers that flee into the woods!

There's also the impending marriage as Audrey mentioned, the fight between Helena and Hermia.

The play within the play.

Fairies, magic potions.

Enchanted lovers.

And a mysterious guy named Puck who turns the Bottom into the ass you see right there!

(class giggles)

I mean, the ass on the poster!

Ha ha ha ha. What is happening? Sit down.

(class laughs)

As you heard, there are many roles in Midsummer Night ' s Dream and lots of opportunity for you to show your acting chops!

So rather than do the whole play, I thought it would be fun to just do select scenes for the end of they year showcase.

Uh, I nominate Avery and Cassidy to play Helena and Hermia.

I think people would actually pay to see them fight.

I'm down with that.

Aren't you the funny one, Alex?

I think you should be Bottom.

It's certainly appropriate for you.

Hey, guys, uhm, how bout we let Mr. Oliver keep talking?


Thank you, Mackie.

You're welcome.

So! Your first assignment for the final quarter of the school year is to read it, study it, know it inside and out.

Here, take a handful. You keep those.

Everybody else gets one, Doug gets twelve, okay?

(music plays)

O.M.G! You do not want to miss lunch today!

There's a big announcement that's like crazy exciting!

Okay, students, back to class.

Shoo! Shoo shoo shoo! We're out! Later, Ruby!

Ruby, you've got to control your excitement.

You almost gave it away!

I'm sorry!

Nothing like this has ever happened to VPA before, I'm just so excited!

Well, it will be life changing for a few of these little monsters.

Margaret! I am shocked! Why?

The fact that you would call them anything but students?

Oh, please, I could have called them a lot worse!

You know these kids better than I.

You know, the little artsy fartsy kids like you.


It hasn't been that many years since you were on that side.

That side? Mhm, a little monster.


(items drop)


(Mr. Bloom singing)

You gotta use this area, you gotta pull from here to make the belt work for you.

Like this!

¶ Do it...for love! ¶ I didn't know this was musical theater, Mr. Bloom.


¶ We'll fight for the people ¶

¶ we'll tear down the walls ¶

¶ We'll do it for freedom, ¶

¶ we'll do it for love. ¶

¶ Climb every mountain, ¶

¶ till the night march on. ¶

¶ Rain or shine, day or night we'll march on ¶

¶ So brothers and sisters. ¶

¶ (harmonizing) ¶

¶ The time has arrived. ¶

¶ It's now or never ¶

¶ Meet me by the river ¶

¶ Unite together ¶

¶ Before the sunrise ¶

¶ We'll do it for love ¶

¶ Come with me and take a stand ¶

¶ We will rise above ¶

¶ Come with me and take my hand ¶

¶ We'll do it for love ¶

(gasping for air)

Something big, something big is about to go down at VPA!

(music plays)

Big? Like what? How big?

Oh please, Pauly. Stop being so theatrical.

Better yet, you should transfer to acting class and put those dramatics to perfect use.

(music plays)

Speaking of VPA, you should transfer to acting class.

I think you'd really like it, Mia.

Ya know, that's not really my thing.

Seriously, it's kinda fun!

Yeah, and our teacher is-

Is also pretty cool.

Yeah, that too! But he's just sooo-


I think she's thinking something else.

Ya know what, now that you mention it I just might take you up on that offer.

Alright, thanks bro.

Hey, sorry Mr. Bloom I gotta head to the office!

(music plays)

It's lunchtime, Em, come on!

Earth to Emily!

(music plays)


What? I said, let's go!

Don't tell us you're still dreaming about that new kid!

What new kid?

Seriously, it's so obvious.

I have no clue what you guys are talking about.

I was just-

(music plays)

As I was saying, still dreaming about that new kid, Em?

And as I was saying, I don't know what you guys are talking about.

Uh-huh. Well then, I guess we're still going to the dance without dates, right?

Yeah, duh. Of course.

Sorry - oo! Dude!

Sorry, I gotta get to the principals office!

(music plays)

Office temporarily closed?!

Important announcement today during lunch, exclamation point!

Noon. Be there or be square.

(music plays)

That must be what they were talking about this morning.


What in the heck happened with Pauly?

Mackie happened.

What are you talking about, dude?

Stupid me put the idea in his head.

What idea? Acting class.

Now I'm totally confused.

So, it's obvious that Pauly had a thing for Mackie and I told him he should transfer into acting class cause he's so dramatic.

And he ran with it. Literally.

So let me get this straight.

You think Pauly wants to be in the acting class because of Mackie?

There's my analytical girl.

Wow, I get it now too.

It's pretty dumb of me.

Dude, she's not gonna know unless you tell her.

(scoffs) I've already lost two books!


Stop, you know I love you two together.

Mackie! We were just talking about you!

I mean, about acting class so like not really anything about you in particular.

Yeah, what about it?

(stammer) Nothing really, it's just, I might transfer in.

Really? That'd be so cool.

Actually, in fact, I'm gonna go up to the office right now and try to make that happen.

I'll be back in a couple minutes.


He could definitely be the ass.


Attention students!

We will be starting in about five minute!

Principal Rogers has a very important announcement that's going to affect everyone here at Valley Performing Arts!


(soft music plays)

What're you doing, dude?

What're you doing?

I need to talk to Ruby.

Get in line, I was here first.

Where is she? Inside, I think.

Okay, I'll catch her at the big announcement.

Gotta grab lunch with Mackie and Chia.

You say Chia?

Charlie and Mia?

Pretty cool for them! Later dude!

(music plays)

I don't know why everyone is so freaked out by this announcement!

I mean, what if it's bad?

Like what, Nikki? I don't know.

I don't know either, but I guess it's gotta be big.

Principal Rogers never does a lunch time announcement.


Maybe they're shutting down the school or something.

They're closing the school?!

(wheels squeak)

Good afternoon students.

Welcome back to the final quarter of the year here at VPA.

As you all know, we have our annual Spring Fling coming up next month which will be a tribute to the 80's and all that made it bad to the bone.

(laughs) Which is really good.

There's already flyers posted around the school with all the details and of course, we will be contacting your parents to help chaperone you little monsters.

I mean students, of course.


And finally, I have some news to share with all of you.

Life changing news. For all of us.

This is by far the most exciting thing to ever happen at Valley Performing Arts so listen up.

Our little school has been handpicked by Triad Conservatory of Fine Arts which will award three all expense paid, full scholarships to their immersive summer program this summer in New York City.

One student will be selected from dance, one from singing and one from acting.

These three superstars will spend two full weeks learning from the best at Triad.

Here's how it's going to work.

During our end of the year showcase, Headmistress of Triad Ms. Julia Hughes, will be sitting in to watch all of the performances.

She will also be given the 411 about your academics for the year at VPA.

Based on that, and your performance, she will award the scholarships at the end of the showcase.

The complete rules will be emailed to each of you and your parents, but keep in mind that you will be judged solely on YOUR performance.

And each student can only win one scholarship so make the most of your time and effort.

That's all for now, this is your Principal, Margaret Rogers, signing off.

And we're clear!

These little monsters don't know how good they have it.


An all expense paid scholarship in New York City.

I mean, come on!

I never got an opportunity like that ever!

I mean, when I was their age, I was lucky to get a dollar just to got to the movies on a Friday night.

The most elite performing arts conservatory in the whole world.

They should thank their lucky st-

And that concludes the very important announcement.

Eat now. Or whatever.

(music plays)

Hey, kids.

Oh, hi mom! I tried to call you earlier.

You won't believe what happened at school today!

It's pretty spectacular, Mrs. Castillo.

We're in total shock over it.

It's a dream come true for any performing artist.

Okay, guys.

Is anyone actually gonna tell me what's goin' on?

(both) We're competing for a scholarship to Triad!

It's a twin thing.

Triad? Another contest?

I'm not sure my nerves can take it.


It's completely different.

And a lot more meaningful.

They're giving away three scholarships for their two week summer intensive in New York City!

It's judged on our performance in the showcase AND our academics throughout the year.

Well based on that, you two have it in the bag!

Oh, no offense boys.

None taken, Mrs. Castillo.

We know the competitions gonna be tough.

So between that and the spring fling coming up, it's gonna be a busy couple of months.

Luckily, all of our rehearsals will be right at school.

Well that's good news!

You know, I never realized how much I depended on Mandy until she up and transferred to NYU.

Well, just think of it! If-

When we win!

All three of your girls will be up in New York City at the same time!

(music plays)

Well hey there, Avery!

Seriously, what's your problem?

I don't have a problem at all!

In fact, I'm perfectly happy with my life!

(under breath) Unlike some people I know.

Excuse me?

You have something to say, you better say it to my face.


How come you go around this place thinking you're all that?

Acting like you're some kind of queen or something?

That was a joke in acting class. Geez.

Everyone here knows exactly who you are, Avery.

A spoiled brat, who for whatever reason, think's she's the best at everything.

I bet those little minions you call your friends can't even stand being around you.

They just feel sorry for you.

I'm not a spoiled brat!

Take a closer look in the mirror.

Maybe you'll find yourself.

(music plays)

(toilet flushes)

Are you okay?

I'm fine.

I'm not your enemy, you know.

I don't know what's gotten into Cassidy, but she clearly has it out for you.

She's probably just jealous.

Oh no, not this again.


Considering the fact that I'm not with Alex anymore, I'm not at Elite dance, there's really not much to be jealous of at this point in my life.

Are you kidding me?

You're one of the best dancers I know!

And an amazing singer and actor.

If anyone deserved to win all those Triad scholarships, it's you.

I better go.

Too soon.

(tap dance sounds)

Girl, I wish you didn't forget your tap shoes, that was almost perfect.

Almost isn't gonna win you a scholarship.

I don't need any dance pointers, thanks!

That's not a pointer, that's a fact.

The only fact is you need to learn to mind your own business.

I just hate to see you waste your time.

All this talent in the room, and you.


Ladies, ladies.

There's plenty of room in this dance world for everyone here.

Let's not bicker over some silly summer scholarship to Triad.

Honestly, it's not the end all be all.

But, didn't you go to Triad, Frankie?

Exactly my point.

I mean, don't get me wrong, it's a great school.

But learning the skills that you need as a professional are far more practical than you'll get at a two week summer program.

Besides, you have me!

Who needs a fancy scholarship?

I don't know about you guys, but I'm going for it.

I need that scholarship!


Good luck with that.


(music plays)

She seriously has it out for both of you!

Both of us?

You and Avery.

I'm so confused.

Mackie and I kind of called a truce.

At least when it comes to Cassidy.

When did all this happen?

Well she's pretty much been a royal bi-atch to me the whole year, so...

I don't mean when did all this happen to Avery.

I mean when did you to become friends?

About ten minutes ago.

And more like frenemies.

Cassidy was picking on her in the restroom and I kinda felt sorry for her.


I don't know, somethings going on.

Maybe she's finally over her brattiness.

If you say so.

Logan, Avery. You guys are up next!

(high fives)

(pop music plays)


Okay, so what are we hungry for tonight?

I need to ask the server about vegan options.

Why are they always around when you don't want them and when you do want them, they're never here?

Well, pumpkin, I am sorry that I haven't been around but if there is one, I mean, maybe the silver lining, is that I'm able to be here.

Given our current situation.

Dad, not you. Our server.

Oh, y-yeah, server.

Mmm duh.

You know Avery, why don't you try something new and not go vegan tonight?

Ya know? Eat some meat! Maybe some cheese.

Put some beef on your bones.

That isn't funny, Dad.

Being vegan isn't a part time thing.

I take it very seriously.


You take everything seriously.

They have a lot of salads.

I need protein, Em.

They should really get better options.

This is ridiculous.

Hey baby.

You know our little rule about cell phones at the table.

Oh, yeah yeah, I'm almost done.

Oh! There it is!


Twenty dollars off if you spend forty!


Great, so now you're a coupon clipper too, huh?

What has happened to our lives?

We all have to pitch in, Avery.

Okay, you guys just order whatever y'all like, I'm gonna go to the ladies room, and um, just keep it under fifty dollars, okay?

Evening folks. Good evening.

About time. Do you serve vegans here?

Uuh, of course. How would you like those cooked?

Are you kidding me?

Wait a minute, I know you. How...?

Uh, I-I-I-I've just got one of those, you know, faces.

No, I know you know you.

You do seem familiar to me as well.

Well, I, uh...

I have been on television for about twenty-five years.

No, I don't know you as some washed up actor.

It's something else.


Steven Miller!


Oh, you remember my daughter, Avery?

She's the dancer who lost the video contest you hosted!


Oh, this is my other daughter Emily!

Thanks for the reminder, Mom!

And this is my husband, Michael.

Hi Steven Miller, nice to see you again, man.

So hosting gigs all washed up now too, huh?

Actually, I'm, uh, researching a, uh, new role.

Oh, meaning no work.

That's about enough, Avery.

It's okay. I know I just probably brought back memories of when she lost the music video contest.


Okay, why don't we order some spaghetti with marinara on the side.

On the side, please.

Oh and a salad with the dressing on the side.

On the side.

And also a side of meatballs and I think that should do it.

And more bread please!

Uh, anything to drink?

I'll take a- No, we'll just have water, sugar.

Got it. I will be right back, uh, with uh, with more bread and uh, and your uh, sugar water.

Wow. What a loser. Working at a restaurant now?

Well Avery, you know what?

He, uh, he is at least working, isn't he?

Oh honey, you will be too I just know it!

See what you not gonna do is come up- Stop man, stop stop!

Shut up with your bootleg Shawn Mendes looking behind, if you don't take yourself up out this classroom, is that your gag?

Excuse me, who are you and what are you doing?

I'm James and this is Pauly-

Uh, don't do that. Don't do that.

I can introduce myself, thank you very much.

Pauly Pocket.

She means what characters, guys.

Exactly. You're disrupting our mojo.

Hey, easy, I'm just tryna get my scene, okay?

I'm paired up with Mackie.

Uh, I don't think so dude.

What character are you supposed to be, again?

The one that's paired up with Mackie.

I'm not finding either of these guys on this list.

We just transferred in.

This is a but of a quandary, but to be honest, I think we can make this work to our advantage!

We still haven't assigned the roles of Lysander and Demetrius, and with Mackie already rehearsing to portray Hermia, I think that we could- Done!

Your lucky day, guys.

We'll be pairing you with Mackie and Avery, Hermia and Helena, and the four of you are gonna play our star-crossed lovers.

Alright, sounds good!

Like I said, I'm paired up with Mackie.

You can have Avery.

If either of you had taken the time to learn about Midsummer, you'd know the story and realize that both your characters fall in love with Hermia.

So at this point, who plays Lysander and who plays Demetrius, is irrelevant.

Life imitating art.

So who does Mackie end up with?

I mean Hermi-uh?

Here's an idea, you could just read the story.

Check it out yourself. That's crazy, right?

Thanks. Got me.

(sighs) Thanks for clearing that up!

Oh yeah, they just needed some motivation.

Now they'll actually read the entire play.

(giggles) Very clever.

Ahh, one step ahead of your students!

You'll learn that some day.

That is, if you still want to be a teacher.

Oh, yes. And this is the best training ever!

Thanks for letting me help out.

Of course.

But don't forget to study your Titania monologue, Audrey, okay?

You are still a student!

And we need to hear from the Queen of the fairies at the showcase!

You got it, Mr. Oliver!

Excuse me?

I don't think you assigned roles to us, either.

What are your names again?

I'm Macy. And I'm Lacy.


Uh, for this you'll be Mustardseed and Cobweb.

Ew, uch. Gross.

They're fairies.

(both) Great!

So have you contacted the parents for the chaperones?

Check! Yes, I have eight adults plus our teachers, so we should be good!

Okay, well I don't want any hanky panky happening.

No hanky panky, check!

How are we looking for eighties party decorations?

Ooh, I found this amazing website called Shindigz.

They have some pretty rad eighties stuff.

Everything we need should be here by Friday.

Rad, Ruby?

What? I'm just practicing my eighties lingo for the big night!

Which is just a little over a week away!

Stay focused, dear.

Oh my gosh, a week, okay, uh, yes ma'am.

What else?

How bout an eighties costume contest?

Ooooh, that could be fun!


Oh yes, I uhm, I have a candy table plus cupcakes.

I'm not sure about drinks though.

No punch bowls.

Those little monsters would be up to no good with punch bowls.

No duh!

More eighties lingo?


Gag me with a spoon!

Oh, don't have a cow!

I can be bad to the bone like you, dudette.

As if.


I'm sorry, Cassidy.

I don't have an answer for you.

Everyone's partnered up.

It's not my fault my partner up and moved to Fresno.

Fresno? Gross.

Well I'm so sorry that you are grossed about by Fresno, I'm sure he didn't mean it.

Considering that he had a family emergency.

Just go be a trio with those guys.

Oh no! Find another student that needs science!

Where's your other half, Mia?

English class, why?

Look, Cassidy, I know that you don't like-

I need another partner, that's why.

Like she'd ever want to be your partner.

Speak up! What?

I said, she would never want to be your partner.

Your sister has a problem with me, too?

Seems to be an epidemic!

Okay, okay, okay, alright.

Listen. Cassidy, go and be partners with Mia and Doug.

It's not the end of the world, here. This is a life lesson.

Think of it as a growing experience!

You'll learn, you'll talk, all it all be fine in the end.

Okay? Doug, I am so sorry.

If you need anything, just let me know.

I knew I should have taken science last semester.

Yes, Amber?

Can I please go to use the ladies room?

Can't you do that after class?

It's kinda personal.

Well, I-I get it, you know.

It's really terrible when school gets in the way of kinda personal things.

Fine, go! Go go go.

Just be quick about it because we're all patiently waiting, f or you.

(music plays)

(text sends)


You're gonna love this. It's like, so good. Really good.

What's the tea, Amber?

Oh, uh, Cassidy needed a new science partner cause hers moved to Fresno or something?

Anyways, Mr. Richards put her with Mia and Doug, even though they didn't want to.

Like, they were seriously almost fighting with each other.


And I thought you wanted to know.

Like Mia, was standing up to her.

She almost put her in her place.


That's kinda it.

And you're kinda reaching.

Total failure, Amber.

I mean, seriously!

Maybe Cassidy would like to know how you're trying to cause trouble.

Maybe we should tell her, Macy!

Ahh, maybe we should, Lacy.

(both) Hmmm.

(music plays)

'scuse me!

Oh, it's you Ukkk.

That's right, keep walkin.

You can sit here. If, if you want.

What's everyone having for lunch? I'm starving.

I have ham and cheese on rye!

Enough for the both of us!

Ew. Gross. I'm vegan.

I have some veggies we can share.


I've lost my appetite.

Mia, what has gotten into you?

Me? What about you?

What are you talking about?

"I have some veggies we can share."

You're upset about some carrots?

It's more than that.

Oh, sorry. The broccoli too?

It's not funny, Mack.

I thought we were best friends.

We are!

So that's why you're all chummy with Avery all of the sudden?

Well maybe it's because my best friend has a new boyfriend so she's never around anymore.

Are you kidding me?

It's the truth, Mia So let me get this straight.

You're hanging out with Avery because you're jealous of Charlie.

(group clatters)

First of all, I'm not hanging out with Avery, okay?

I offered her some food. That's it.

And she could use a friend.

And I'm not jealous of Charlie.

I'm happy you two are together. I like Chia!

It's cool and cute! Cute and cool.

That's it? Chia is cool and Avery needs a friend?

Have you forgotten how she's treated us?

That's what I'm talkin about.

What do you want from me, Mia?

I just want my sister back.

I'm right here.

I'm not going anywhere, promise.

I think I have some veggies we can share.

Have you worked up the nerve to talk to him yet?

No clue what you mean.

The new kid, you know, Drew.

I already told you, it's not a big deal.

Then you wouldn't care that he's walking toward you right now.


Yeah, I wouldn't turn you head around.

He's literally right behind you and you have peanut butter and jelly on your face.

Not a big deal, yeah right

And it was all over some carrots!

¿Que?? ¿Que?

Her getting mad.

Ana is so confused.

Me too!

(sighs) Ana is here for you baby.

Tell me everything.

Me and Mia were arguing at school yesterday.

Mackie! You two are like salt and pepper.

Wine and cheese.

Ana can't imagine you fighting.

Well, we weren't really fighting.

Things are just different.

Like how?

Like Mia has Charlie now, so we're not spending as much time together.

And I think she's okay with that, but I can't tell.

And she's mad at me cause I'm kinda friends with Avery now.

Avery next door, Avery?

Uh, they moved, but yes, the one and only Avery!

Ana thought she was your number one enemy?

She was, but I feel bad for her.

She's getting bullied at school and I don't think things aren't great at home.

Adios mio. Ana is so confused by all of this!

Try being me!

It sounds like you two are just growing up a bit and each one of you is exploring life independently.

I guess.

Which Ana knows can be so hard.

It's just confusing.

I'm sad because things aren't the same with me and Mia.

But you are Mackie. Deep down.

When Ana was your age my best friend was your Papa.

We were so close just like you and Mia.

Well, not twin close, but almost.

Ana adored him, and when he met your Mom and started spending more time with her, than with me.

Well, I had to find my own way.

But It didn't make me love him any less.

Our lives just started to separate a bit because we were growing up.

But we always knew that we'd be there for each other.

No matter what. Just like you and Mia.

Nothing will ever break that bond.

Ana knows everything is going to be okay.

Don't worry.


Okay! Now, tell me what else is going on.

Ana's been in Paris so long I feel like I've missed everything.

How's your Mom?

Why don't you can ask her yourself!

Hi Ana!

Camila - (speaking foreign language)

Good. Really good. When are you coming home?

Ana will be back next month.

And I have so much to tell you.

Well, the twins have their end of the year showcase in a few weeks.

Hope you'll be back in time?

June 4th at the very latest.

Perfect! The showcase is the June 7th.

Well, maybe I'll even be back on California time by then.

Oh, okay! Ana loves you both so much.

Gotta run. See you soon!

Bye Ana - we love you too!

Thanks for the pep talk!

You okay?

I'm better now.

Ana has a way of making everything seem okay.

There's no one quite like her, that's for sure.


I think the word is "unique".


¶ That he's never done anything else like this ¶

¶ felt these feelings, these words ¶

¶ I can't take it, this hurts ¶

Oh, bravo, bravo, bravo.

Ahhh. Young lady that was magnificent.

You sound like an angel.

And what an amazing song choice.

Thanks, I wrote that one.

Oh, you all better watch out!

Summer is a star.

I believe you have a shot at winning the scholarship.


Ah, absolutely. I'd bet my book on it.


Alright, next.

I've been rehearsing that song for months!

¶ I said I fell in love with you ¶ And so am I!

No, you're not! It's my song! Check with Mr. Bloom!

I ain't gotta check nothin.

You weren't even here when I cleared it with him.

That's after I already talked to him about it!

No, it wasn't! Yes it was!

No, it wasn't! Yes!

Gentlemen! Your rudeness has disrupted my class.

And to be honest, that is grounds for being cut from the end of the year showcase.

It's just that- I don't wanna hear it.

But he just- Stop!

One more word out of either of you and you will both sit out of the showcase.

In fact, anymore disruption from anyone in this room and you will all sit out of the end of the year showcase.


Do you understand?

Yes sir.

Do you all understand? Yes sir!

Alright, ehh! Who's next?

A little piece of advice.

Save your squabbles for outside of the classroom.

You're both pretty good singers and could win the scholarship.

Of course, I'd have to drop out so you could win, but still. Toodles boys.


Set reminder to call Broadway.

I'm ready to come back.

One two, three four, spot, double turn, low chaine, squeeze the knees. Good.

That was really fantastic.

I think you've got a good shot at this scholarship, Mackie.


I wouldn't say it if I didn't mean it.

Wow, thanks Frankie!

You're up Avery!

Let's go over your counts.

5, 6, 7, you have one two, three four, five six, seven eight...

She's so good. Even better than before.

So are you! Way better than before.

Thanks? I've been practicing a lot.

It really shows. Unlike my lame skills.

You've been busy!

And besides, there's still time left.

The showcase is right around the corner, Mack.

So get working!

You've got more drive than anyone I know, you can do it.

Nice work, Avery! Serious skill.

Thanks! You did good too.

I have to agree, Avery. That was literally perfect.

I can't think of one thing I would change.

Except maybe her attitude.

Excuse me?

There's no excuse for you.

Dude, chill. What's your problem?

Aww, poor Avery has to have her enemy stand up for her. Again Sorry to disappoint, but we're not enemies.

And actually, it isn't poor Avery at all.

I just don't have a care to respond to your pettiness.

Nor should you have to Avery.

Be careful Cassidy.

Performing at the end of the year showcase is a privilege.

Is that a threat?

I learned a long time ago to never make a statement that I can't back up.

So no, that is not a threat. That's a fact.

(music plays)


Hey Mom!

I got the most amazing email from Ana Sophia and I had to tell you right away.

We're all here. You're on speaker!

Hi Mom!

Hey! Okay, real quick!

Ana has a good friend who has this really cool vintage shop in Burbank-

Long story short, she thought it would be fun for the two of you to go shopping there for the Spring Fling!

They have lots of eighties dresses.

And if you find something that works, Ana's gonna buy it for you.

That's amazing!

What about us guys, too?

I think it's a girls date. Sorry guys!

Oh, and!

She said her friend will let ya come in earlier before the store opens so you have it all to yourselves!

I'll text Ana later! That's super sweet of her.

Maybe we can go this weekend?

Is it just us or can we bring friends too?

It's be a fun shopping day for the girls!

That's what I was thinking, too.

Great, I'll invite everyone!

I have to go girls. I'll see you tonight!

Alright, Camila will get you all set up in the system.

Welcome to the team, Michael.

Thank you. Thank you.

So good to see you Michael!

So good to see you too!

I didn't know you worked here - this is crazy!

It's been five years. After Ricky died.

It's been five years? How you doin?

I'm doing really good, thank you for asking.

I was sad to see you guys move.

We were too. Avery especially.

She is not handling the down sizing very well.

I'm sure. But, things are looking up!

You know you can't go wrong with construction in Southern California.

I flipped a coin, and here I am.

And Robert and I are old golf buddies too, so-I think this is officially my mid-life crisis career change.


Trust me, I understand.

So what was your other choice?

Wha- The flip of the coin?

Ah you're gonna laugh if I tell you.

I would never!

Alright. [clears throat] Lounge singer.

Lounge singer?

Yeah, I-I took a few stabs at singing back in the day.

But lounge singer?

You know, like the Dean Martin, the rat pack thing, ya know?

I-I'm a little too old to be the next Justin Bieber.

I'm okay with that.


Well we all have our dreams. (laughs)

Let me get some paperwork for you.

(phone whooshes)

Welcome to Skyline Construction!

(birds chirp)

Hey Mr. Richards, you got a minute?


Is there something I can do for you?

You know, I'm only here because I need an outsiders opinion.

And, you're, well not to be rude, but pretty much as far outside as one can get without not really knowing me.

Does that make sense?


Great! Well, you know I have a twin sister named Mackie, right?

She was in my class last semester, Mia.

Right, silly me.

Anyway, she and I have always been super close.

And I mean, like, as close as you can possibly be without being the same person.

You're twins.


So you already are close as you can possibly be without being the same person, scientifically speaking.

Well, I mean, unless you were identical twins.

Or, oh, even better, if you were clones.

That would be closer, but-uh, uh uh uh, continue.

Right. Of course.

I just, I don't know how to handle not being so close anymore.

And you're like such a great listener, so here I am.

What do you mean by not being so close anymore?

I mean, like, I have Charlie, my boyfriend.

And she seems to have distanced herself and is best friends with our old neighbor, Avery.

We never liked her. I mean, like, at all.

And your point, Mia?

Like, how do I get her to be my best friend again?

You guys do know that I'm the science teacher and not the school counselor, right?

Right, but you give the best advice to all your students.

You're like that Mr. Feeny for my generation.

Mr. Feeny?

Boy Meets World?

Right, Boy Meets World.

Okay, uhm.

(clears throat) Okay, have a seat.

Come on. Here is my hot take.

Mackie's just probably feeling left out.

But- Ahhhbhhh, but, wai-wait a minute, just let me finish.

You have Charlie as your new boyfriend, right?

You guys spend a lot of time together.

Who does she have?

I guess no one. At least not yet!


You and Mackie are growing apart because you're developing new relationships.

And that is perfectly normal, there's wrong with it, it's a part of life.

And as far as who she chooses as her friends, you gotta let Mackie figure that out for herself.

Just like she didn't choose your boyfriend, you can't choose her friends.

I guess I never thought of it like that.

Look, at the end of the day, you guys are more than BFFs, you're sisters, you're family.

And nothing can ever change that.

Like it or not, you two are stuck with each other.

You are bonded for life.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go back to grading papers and hope that at least some of you have retained some sort of science knowledge.

Thanks, Mr. Richards.

You're welcome.

(music plays)

Everyone dressing up?

I'm not sure I have any eighties clothes.

What you see is what you get.

Besides, who needs special clothes when you're as charming as me?

Good one, Alex. You have a date?

Not yet, but I have my eye on someone.

Avery sucking you back into her web?

Nah dude, she's crazy. I'm good.

I think crazy's kinda cute.

I've got stories dude. Stay far, far away.

They have history man.

Yeah, summer break, a while back, before you transferred to VPA.

Maybe she's changed.

A leopard can't change it's spots.

Yo. But hey, good luck.


(music plays)

¶ You keep my dream- ¶ What do we think?

I love it.

It's stunning.

I mean, so cute.

You guys are too sweet.

Does it really look good?

The color is perfect on you.

There's so many dresses here!

I think I'll try this one on! Yes? No?

(both) Yes.

(bell rings)

You made it!

This girl never turns down a shopping invite.

What do you think?

Super cute, but definitely not your color.


Mia! Maybe you should try it?

She's right. It'll totally look good with your hair.

Exactly what I was thinking.

Uh, be right back. Mia's turn to model.

(music plays)

It's almost show time ladies and gentleman!

Stop right there!

Turn around and take that right back to the kitchen!


Yes ma'am?

Remember our talk about the punch bowl?

No duh! She wasn't kidding man!

I'm so sorry.

Yeah yeah yeah, it's okay Oh, okay! Alright

(music plays)

So, which is your favorite?

Oh, you know I don't play favorites.

The candy?

Oh, oh, it's funny, I-I must have kids on the brain.

I thought you were talking about the students.

I can't imagine any of them being your favorites.

You ready for tonight?

Yeah, sure, uhm almost, yeah.

Ya, I'm ju-but I'm looking for Mr. Bloom.

Oh, I think he's perfecting his wardrobe for the evening.

Oh dear, should I be worried?

Places everyone!

It's officially time to go back to the eighties!

Cue music! Here we go!

I thought Charlie was picking you up?

I'm just meeting him there.

Okay, I'm ready.

Hate to break it to you, Mom, but it's not a costume party.

But it's back to the eighties, right?


Perfect! I went right back to the one and only Material Girl.


Seriously, Mia?

You need to brush up on your pop culture.

You look amazing, Madonna.

Thank you!

You two look gorgeous - I love that color on you Mia.


Did I miss something?

You're not the first person to tell her she looks amazing in that color.

Aww, sisterly love.

Not quite.

Okay, well, let's get going, come on!

(music plays)

This is so incredibly embarrassing!

Can you go do your chaperone job?

Please? Earth to mother?

I am not your mother!

Tonight, I am straight up Paula Abdul!

Lord help us!

Hey Paula - when's your date gonna get here?

After work, oh, you're gonna love his outfit sugar!

Can hardly wait.

(music continues)

Told you. We're late. Everybody's already here!

Fashionably late.

Meaning right on time.

Look, there are the guys.

Come on, Mia. Have fun, Madonna!

Thanks girls!


Let me guess - Paula Abdul.

Straight up!


You must be Madonna.

I live to tell.

Hey pop stars!

I know who you are...wait, it's right here.



I'm so psyched to be here!

Me too! I was gonna say stoked, but Avery would die if she heard me talking like that.

Let's go show these kids how we do eighties.


Looks like Paula finally found her match!

What are you talking about?

Madonna over there.

That's cool our moms are hanging out tonight.


Aw, one big happy family!

What does that mean?

I can't anymore.

Well, you gotta admit, our moms look really cute and Frankie looks amazing too.


She must get those moves from her cool daughter.

Do you have a problem?

Since you asked, yes.

Mia and I were just about to have a private conversation.

So if you're done, vamoose.


Scram! Get out!

(music plays)

What are you doing?

Taking care of business.

By locking me in a bathroom with you?

By finally getting even.

Get out there, man!

I tried but he cut right in front of me.

Look at Alex - even he didn't wast any time.

Wait, why don't I know you?

Are you friends with Avery?

Yeah, like besties.

That's why.

Now get out there and cut in before a slow song comes on.

You've got this, dude.

I'm on it. Go!

What was all that about?

That joker took my date!

The girls came alone, dude.

I don't think Mackie was your date.

Whatever. You know what I mean.

And speaking of dates, looks like you've been stood up.

(music continues)

Never. Come on handsome.

(music continues)

I think that's enough.

We're just getting started!

Super sorry about that.

Told you she's the worst.

Who's what?

Who'd you come to the dance with, Logan?



Where's yours?

She's being stupid.

She likes that guys that's hanging out by them, but doesn't know how to tell him.

Oh yeah?

Yeah. Stupid.

Never happened to you I suppose?


Like someone and not really been able to tell them?

Shall we?

She'd love to!

You look like you're in a good mood.

I think everything is finally gonna be okay.

(music continues)

Alright, well it looks like everyone is enjoying our Spring Fling and I see a lot of you all dressed up!

In a little while we'll have a costume contest for those of you who really went for it, adults included!


Back to the eighties!


Uhh, maybe it's time to put the clipboard down and show these kids whats up.


Us. Come on! Ready?

Here we go. And.....see?

They got it!

(music continues)

Hey baby! You made it! Where's your costume?

Are your kidding me? This is my last minute Magnum P.I..

What do you think?

How do I look? You look perfect.

(music continues)

(music changes tempo)

This is good.

Yeah it is.

All four of us finally together.

The fab four.


Sorry guys. I'll be right back, Charlie.

Well, aren't you two cute.


Thanks BFF.

Nikki? Ooops. My bad.

You know what? I'm just gonna go get some cupcakes.


I'm allergic to peanuts.

Uh, then I'll get red velvet.

I don't eat fabric, Alex.

Hold up!

(music continues)

Woah. That's scary.

Definitely out there.

(music continues)

(eerie music plays)

You ready for the showcase next week?

You ready to get beat?

Never gonna happen.

I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

You're on.

I really need to talk to you.

Amber, now's not really a good time.

It's important.

Like before?

No no no, it's like really important.

[exhale] Sorry Logan, I'll be right back.

What is it Amber?

I think Cassidy's planning something.

(everyone giggles)


Since you asked.

What are you doing?


Michael, get the car. Alright, Emily! We're going!


(music continues)


What was that all about?

Avery dramatics, as usual.

It seemed pretty serious, Mia.

Looked pretty silly to me.

What do you mean?


Guess I'm not the only one that like to eat the frosting first.

(up beat music plays)

(no dialogue)

Disqualified form the showcase?

Come on, Mia didn't mean to do it.

What are you talking about?

I mean, I'm sorry you thought it was okay to embarrass Avery like that.

Excuse me?

Mia, you know I was just joking.

You planned it.

It was your idea! You told me what to do.

I think you must have misunderstood.

Misunderstood? You gave me specific instructions.

It was your flipping idea!

Principal Rogers, this is clearly a big mistake.

I merely suggested to Mia that I saw a joke like that with a cupcake done in a movie.

She musta completely misunderstood my intentions.

Are you serious?

Alright, that's enough!

I can't remember when I have been this disappointed in any students behavior.

You two can sit out on the sidelines and watch your fellow students get a chance of a lifetime.

That should be sufficient punishment.

I'll be letting your parents know.

(music plays)

What gives?

Excuse me?

You're like a nervous cat about to take a bath.

You know this is huge.

I know!

But the kids are so deserving and they're all so talented!

I know, I know. I just can't help-

-she's here. Listen.

(drums roll)


Oh my gosh, Ruby!

Well this just took a turn.

(clears throat)

Oh my gosh, where are my manners?

Sorry, uhm...

Julia Hughes Headmistress of Triad Conservatory of Fine Arts, this is Principal Rogers and my long time friend Ruby.

And you two know each other, how?

Oh, Penelope and I were best friends throughout our days here at VPA.

And uh, Principal Rogers was our Principal too!

And why wasn't I made aware of this?

I thought you knew.

I hope this is not gonna be a conflict of interest or a problem.

No, no problem. I just don't like secrets.

I'm sure I mentioned my alma mater.

It's irrelevant at this point. We're here.

And our kids are ready for you!

Surprisingly enough, we have some major talent here.

I think you're gonna have some tough decisions.

We'll see about that.

I'd like to review their academic transcripts at this time.

Ooh! I-I-I have those.

(music plays)

I'd like some privacy to thoroughly examine them.

I don't imagine that you've set aside a green room for us in this place, have you?

Uh, uh, yes, yes, we have! Follow me!

(music continues)

I can't believe you had to leave like that.

I know. I'm sorry.

My Grandma's really sick.

Besides, I can't beat you.

What are you talking about?

You're so good!

Stop, if you were here you totally-

Family first, Avery.

Dance will always be there for me, but my Grandma won't.

You're pretty awesome, ya know?

What do you mean?

I mean, I can't wait till you get back.

And I'm gonna miss you today.

And maybe miss you tomorrow too.

You're pretty awesome too.

I gotta get going. You're gonna do great. Good luck!

You okay?

Yeah, it's just weird, ya know?

I get that.

I know what she did was wrong, but Mia really is a good person.

I don't know what happened.

She said it was all Cassidy's idea and that she caught her in a weak moment.

I can see that happening.

I'm really sorry.


Don't be. It wasn't you.

(door handle rattles)

She's here, they're here!

The showcase starts in fifteen minutes!

(girls scream)

Hey, good luck man.

You too.

Whatever happens.

It's cool.


Hey. Hey.

You good?

Yeah. Not really.


Yeah. I just, I thought I knew her.

But I guess not.

I broke up with her.

So you're not sure now?


Just talk to her. We're kids. We all make mistakes.

You're right. Thanks, man. Yup.

Some of these grades are certainly less than desirable.

They are artsy kids!

But that does not dismiss their lack of academic focus.

Even you know that, Penelope.

Yes ma'am.

It's time!

So exciting!

(sighs) Let's get this over with.

Good afternoon friends, families and students.

Welcome to the Year End Showcase for Valley Performing Arts.


Before we get started, I would like to take this opportunity to welcome our illustrious guest of honor from Triad Conservatory of Fine Arts, Ms. Julia Hughes.

Ms. Hughes has already reviewed all of the students academic records.

So she knows who's actually trying at this school and those that are just here to expand their creative repertoire.

So without further ado, let's find out who's going to win those scholarships and spend their summer in New York City!


¶ If his plan was just to leave me ¶

¶ behind, ignore my words ¶

¶ Pretend my feelings are nothing ¶

¶ And I just want him to feel my hurt ¶

¶ He told me I am something new ¶

¶ But I just keep on missing ¶

¶ Those late night we were kissing ¶

¶ Everything was so simple ¶

¶ And you would lay your head down ¶

¶ My music was your best sound ¶

¶ And everything would be alright ¶

¶ I just wanna go back ¶

¶ To how it was ¶

¶ Say I just wanna go back ¶

¶ And fall in love¶

¶ And I'm looking for someone ¶

¶ Someone to paint the sky again ¶

¶ I've been looking for someone just like you ¶

¶ Yeah you got me seeing color ¶

¶ Cause now that I've found you ¶

¶ It's falling into place ¶

¶ Too good to be true ¶

¶ It's written on your face ¶

¶ This must be right ¶

¶ Don't you believe me ¶

¶ If you do then ¶

¶ Don't ever leave me ¶

¶ Cause now that I've found you ¶

¶ It's fallin into place ¶

¶ Too good to be true ¶

¶ It's a new day ¶

¶ Ain't no use in lookin back and ¶

¶ You know we can't change the past ¶

¶ But I wanna make something that lasts ¶

¶ Everyday I'm gonna find a way ¶

¶ I know you're love can't wait for me ¶

¶ Don't you know you've gotta ¶

¶ Look both ways before you cross the ¶

¶ street ¶ Hey!

¶ Before you leap ¶

¶ Baby take a look at me ¶

¶ I'm young and ¶

(argues with microphone feedback)

¶ I don't care what they say ¶

¶ I'm doing it my own way ¶

¶ Uhhhh lot to learn But I'm- ¶

(microphone feed backs)

I just can't believe this is the one day I had to get up and get sick!

I'm just so bummed, y'all.

It's okay, Mom. Dads here.

I just saw him out in the audience.

Oooh, good. Show me sugar.

I can't show you mom. Trust me, he's there.

Yo! Where's Avery?

She's waiting for her turn to perform.

Is she singin, or or, actin, or dancin?

I just can't believe I'm missin this!

It's okay, Mom. You're right here with us.


Well you know it's just not the same, is it?

Darn doctor tellin' me I'm contagious.

I mean what does he know? (dog barks)

Pepper! Pipe down there Pepper!

Take you out later.


Anyway, I think you should just prop me up on that chair right over there and then maybe I can see everything.

Are you serious?

Yes I'm serious.

I am not missin this for nothin!

Alright, I gotta go mom.

(coughs) I heard you!

¶ There's lies and there's rumors ¶

¶ just covered by humor ¶

¶ yeah all of our mistakes are just jokes made ¶

¶ and you can't trust any of us ¶

¶ cause we'll turn around and show you that we're fake ¶

¶ there's jealousy in all of our eyes ¶

¶ yeah we're jealous of your hair, clothes, face, ¶

¶ and even your lives ¶

¶ now you know what's really the truth ¶

¶ do you wanna join the group ¶ Wooahhh wooahh

¶ The group ¶ I am a spirit of no common rate.

The summer still doth tend upin my state.

And I do love thee, therefore go with me.

Hey, don't be nervous. You're a natural.


Natural loser.

Why would you say that?

Who am I kidding?

I talk a good game and I can fool just about everyone, but to be honest, I have the most deep rooted case of stage fright.

I'm literally terrified to my core right now.

I had no idea.

No one does. Except Mr. Oliver.

I'm just trying to learn all I can here so maybe one day I can be a great teacher. Someday.

That's seriously epic.


As in, you learning everything.

Studying so much.

You, Audrey Snow, are anything but a loser.

You're inspiring.

You're gonna be great and I am your biggest fan.


(music plays)

Therefore, go with me;

I'll give thee fairies to attend on thee, And they shall fetch thee jewels from the deep, And sing while thou on pressed flowers dost sleep It shall be called Bottom's Dream, because it hath no bottom; and I will sing it in the latter end of a play, before the duke: peradventure, to make it the more gracious, I shall sing it at her death.

Now I but chide; but I should use thee worse, If thou hast slain Lysander in his sleep, o'er shoes in blood, plunge in the deep, And kill me too.

The sun was not so true unto the day as he to me: would he have stolen away from sleeping Hermia?

I am, my lord, as well derived as he, As well possess'd; my love is more than his;

My fortunes every way as fairly rank'd, If not of vantage, as Demetrius';

And, which is more than all of these boasts, I am beloved of beauteous Hermia.

(music plays)

To her, my lord, Was I betroth'd ere I saw Hermia:

But, like in sickness, did I loathe this food;

But, as in health, come to my natural taste, Now I do wish it, love it, long for it, And will for evermore be true to it.

O, I am out of breath in this fond chase!

The more my prayer, the lesser is my grace.

Happy is Hermia, wheresoe'er she lies;

For she hath blessed and attractive eyes.

How came her eyes so bright? Not with salt tears:

If so, my eyes are oftener wash'd than hers.

Over hill, over dale, Thorough bush, thorough brier, Over park, over pale, Thorough flood, thorough fire, I do wander everywhere, Swifter than the moon's sphere;

And I serve the fairy queen, To dew her orbs upon the green.

Trust me, sweet, Out of this silence yet I pick'd a welcome;

And in the modesty of fearful duty I read as much as from the rattling tongue Of saucy and audacious eloquence.

Love, therefore, and tongue-tied simplicity In least speak most, to my capacity.

Those be rubies, fairy favors, In those freckles live their savors:

I must go seek some dewdrops here And hang a pearl in every cowslip's ear.

Farewell, thou lob of spirits; I'll be gone:

Our queen and all our elves come here anon.

So, good night unto you all. Give me your hands, if we be friends, And Robin shall restore amends.


You've got this girl.

I'm going back to watch from the audience.

It's good to see you Mia.

Thanks, Frankie.

Ana Sophia made it.

She's in the audience with Mom.

That's great.

I don't know what to say anymore, except, I'm sorry.

I'm sorry for being jealous of you and Avery, I'm sorry for listening to Cassidy, I'm sorry for everything.

I'm not the one you hurt, Mia.

I know. I talked to Avery.

You did? I did.

That musta been hard.

It's what I had to do.

I'm proud of you. Thanks.

For old times sake?


(music plays)

(upbeat music plays)

(music continues)

(music continues)

Avery! Hey, what's goin on?

Oh will you just move me a little bit to the left.

I can't see anything.

Avery? Avery! You come back here! You-

(music continues)

(music continues)



Now that wasn't so bad, now was it?

(laughs) I'm just kidding of course.

Let's give all of our performers another round of applause.


While our Ms. Hughes figures out the scholarship winners, we have a little surprise.

Please welcome to the stage the younger sister of our very own Nikki and a future VPA star, Miss Natalie Johnson.

(music plays)


Now wasn't that delightful.

That was phenomenal.

So Ms. Hughes have you made your decision?

Yes, our decisions are finalized.

Ahh, I have here in my hand, the names of three winners-

What? What are you talking about?

Excuse me?

One boy and one girl from the three categories in the performing arts.

Voice, dance, drama.

You clearly did not get my very explicit email.

Well, now, uh, this is an awkward moment.

And, uh, if I did screw it up, at least it benefits the students!

Let's get on with it!

Oh isn't this interesting. I-I guess that works. Oh, sorry.

Well here we go!

Well here we go! In the category of acting, the winners are Alex Waller and Audrey Snow.


Our next two awardees are from the singing class.

Congratulations to Charlie Roberts and Summer Snyder.


And finally, the scholarships for dance are being given to.. are we sure here?

Alrighty then.

And finally the dance award scholarships go to Rocky Frank and Mackie Castillo.


Miss Hughes would like to speak.

Oh, okay.

Uh, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, as much as we're very excited for these six on the stage, Miss Julia Hughes herself has another announcement.

Thank you.


After watching the performances today I was quite literally astonished at the level of talent at your meager school.

I'm announcing something unprecedented in the history of the prestigious Triad Conservatory of Fine Arts.

Today, we're awarding two additional full summer scholarships for students that we feel are triple threats.

Now, not only do these two have absolutely stellar academic transcripts, but they have the talent to match in all three categories.

So without any further ado, Principal, you may do the honors.

I can't believe this is happening!

The triple threat scholarships go to James Grant and Avery Adams.

(screams and cheers)

¶ Close your eyes and don't look down ¶

¶ Can you feel the thunder inside of us? ¶ This is certainly a history making day for Valley Performing Arts.

Let's celebrate all the winners. Congratulations.


¶ Ooooh ¶

¶ Do it right now Do it right now ¶

¶ Ooooh ¶

¶ Don't look back now Don't look back now ¶

¶ 'Cause we're young We're free ¶

¶ Let me take you higher ¶

¶ Let me take you higher than you've ever been before ¶

¶ 'Cause we're young We're free ¶

¶ Let me take you higher ¶

¶ Let me take you higher than you've ever been before ¶

(music continues)

¶ Let me take you higher than you've ever been before ¶

¶ Can we stay here in the lights? ¶

¶ Finally found a place where we're beautiful ¶

¶ Ooooh ¶

¶ Trust the future in your eyes ¶

¶ Time to dive into the unusual ¶

¶ Ooooh ¶

¶ Do it right now Do it right now ¶

¶ Ooooh ¶

¶ Don't look back now Don't look back now ¶

¶ 'Cause we're young We're free ¶

¶ Let me take you higher ¶

¶ Let me take you higher than you've ever been before ¶

¶ We're young We're free ¶

¶ Let me take you higher ¶

¶ Let me take you higher than you've ever been before ¶

(music continues)

¶ 'Cause we're young We're free ¶

¶ Let me take you higher ¶

¶ Let me take you higher than you've ever been ¶

¶ We're young We're free ¶

¶ Let me take you higher ¶

¶ Let me take you higher ¶ t's called a trash can, people.


What're you doing here? School's out.

Go on! Go outside, go play!

Get off your phones!

Go jump in a pool or somethin.