To the Devil a Daughter (1976) Script




MICHAEL: Excommunicate.

It is not heresy and I will not recant.


Catherine, are you all packed? Come along, then.

Thank you, Sister.


This is the last time that we shall see each other here, my child.

EVELINE: Catherine! Father Michael.

Oh, Catherine, my child.

Oh, my child... She is not a child any more.

Margaret's expected this afternoon. Everything's prepared.

I'm sure that with your skill and devotion and our Lord's blessing, our work this day will be successful.



It's 20 years since I was in London. There'll be a lot of changes.

I wish we were coming with you, but Kollde will look after you.

And at the airport, your father's waiting to meet you, so nothing to worry about.

Oh, I nearly forgot!

Father Michael said it would be all right. But you mustn't open it till the day itself.


We must go.

You... You can dial direct now.


How time goes.

My life has been so much like hers, quiet and empty.

No more than that?

And full of expectation.

You look unhappy. I've always cared for you.

I have important work to do. Nobody requires me to be happy.

Shall I check with him about our plane? Yes, check everything.

I'll join you later. Right.

Mrs Lane died in the night. It was all for the best.

She didn't really want to hang on.

And Mr Conrad was in looking for his wife. Thought she might've admitted herself.

He was in a terrible state. Was he on something?

I expect so, but we didn't, er...

The main thing is Margaret. Yes. I'll bring her to the private wing.




Hello, John. How've you been?

Oh, sorry I'm late. It's all right.

He doesn't know. He lives in a time warp.

A what? Hello, darling.

How are you? Fine.

Smile, please. Thank you. Nice one, Mr Verney.

Is that the man who wrote the book? Yes, Roger.

Tell him I hate it. He can hear you.

Hate it. Do go away, Roger, darling.

I want to talk to him.

Still selling your books on sheer sensationalism, I see.

It's a living.

Okay, can I go now? I don't know what the hell's expected of me.

You know exactly what's expected of you.

What? To do your stuff.

To be eaten alive by rattled women and men...

But I've done that... -(INDISTINCT CHATTER)

DAVID: This is interesting. It's early. I don't mean it's interesting because it's early.

But the fascinating thing is it's a thing, a theme, that he comes back to again and again and again.

It seems to be a very personal sort of...

Have you seen the big one on the back wall? No.

Would you excuse me just for a moment?

Hello, can I help?

This is a private view, but we're open every day.

(STAMMERING) I want to buy a picture...

One of these pictures? Er...

No, no, I... Have you, erm, any other pictures?

Well, yes, I think we might have.

Would you like a drink? Hmm? Oh, yeah, thank you.

Er, look, I'm sorry to bust in on you like this, but the fact is I want to speak to John Verney.

Ah, I see, yes. Yes, most people do.

Oh, I'm sorry, do you know each other? Er, yes, indeed.

Oh, well, in that case, let's see what we can manage. There he is.

Come on.


This is later. You probably noticed the one in the hall in colour. Same thing...

Excuse me. Who's that squalid creature who's hooked himself onto John?

They've been at it for 20 minutes. The Daily Express man's furious.

You're responsible for all this. Six Hail Marys, or the salt mines?

ANNA: It all sounds quite mad.

You don't know these people. They could be dangerous.

I think you'd be a fool to do it. Well, I could be.

Then again, it might be interesting, and possibly lucrative.

You cold-hearted bastard.

Now, don't worry. You'll get your ten percent.

Don't do it, John. We'll see.

I'll see you later.

Car service? Thank you, no, thanks.

WOMAN: (OVER TANNOY) Lufthansa announce the arrival of flight LHO7O from Munich.


Margaret, we are nearly ready. How are you feeling?

I only think about the child.




Can you see him?

I'll telephone the Manor to see when he left.

You look after the suitcases in case he arrives.

Pardon me. Are you Catherine Beddows? Yes.

I'm John Verney. Your father asked me to meet you.

He's very sorry he couldn't come himself. He couldn't?

No, I'm afraid you'll have to make do with me. Here, that's from your father.


No, he has to go right back. Now, come on or they'll tow my car away.

Where's the girl? I don't know.

Where did she go? With the other bloke.

Was it a good flight? I think so.

You think so? Don't you know?

I've never flown before.

I see. How long have you been with the church?

All my life.

And always in Germany, huh? Of course. That's where our church began.

Oh. What's your church called?

The Children of Our Lord.

All this isn't what I expected.

(CHUCKLES) Well, you're not exactly what I expected either.

Hello? Is that the Radleigh Police?

This is Henry Beddows at the Manor.

What? Oh, no, no problem. It's just that I'm going away for a few days, and I've given my staff some time off so the whole place will be...

Will be unoccupied. Yes.

So... I'd like you to keep an eye on it for me, would you?

Right. Well, thank you very much. Goodbye.




Ah, missed it.

Do you think it was Father? If it was, he'll call back. Don't you worry.

Well, come on in. Make yourself at home.

Well, what do you think of my little retreat?

It's very nice. Thank you.

Er, would you like to take off your headgear?

No. Oh.

Well, could I get you a drink or something?

I'm rather hungry. Good. Coming right up.

Chef Verney at your service.

This has your name on it. Yeah, you wouldn't like that.

Come on, we'll see if we can put together... You can cook, can't you?

Only very simple things. Then simple it'll be. Come on.

Right in there.

Don't worry, Father. They're in safe hands.

Yes, indeed, Sister. I have no fears for them.

Then what worries you, Father?

That I may never return here to see our work finished.

Nothing can prevent that, Father.

In two days, I shall have done all that he has asked of me.


Then all your friends are with the church, too, huh?

My friends are Momma, George and Father Michael.

Oh. How often do you see your dad?

I only see him once a year on my birthday.

Then, er, your mother's with you, right?

No, she died when I was born.

Well, who's "Momma"? I told you, she's my friend.

Momma Eveline and George took me as their child.

Well, why didn't you stay with your father?

He wanted me to grow up at the church.

All children are given over to the parents who will best serve them.

I see... Oh, excuse me. -(TELEPHONE RINGING)

Hello. Oh, yes, Mr Beddows. Yes, everything's fine.

She's right here. When are you coming to get her?

Please let me talk to him. Here she is.

Papa, what's going on?

I'm sorry, look... Some very important business came up and I have to be away for a day or two.

Then can't I go back to Munich? Momma and George won't mind.

No, I don't care about my birthday.

Well, when will you be free?

But... But who's going to look after me?

Look, trust Verney. Believe in him. Do everything he tells you.

I know it sounds peculiar, but you must.

I can't tell you. There's no time, and you wouldn't understand anyway.

There was no time to make other plans for you.

Don't try to find me or contact me, and don't answer the phone to anybody.

Stay there until I come for you. Promise me...

I swear. Let me have a word with her.



Bloody maniac.

Hello? Hello?

All these belonged to Catherine. Mmm-hmm.

There mustn't be anything here that wasn't hers.




(SOFTLY) Thank you.


He said to stay here with you until he comes for me.

I promised. I swore.

Why does he make me stay here with you?

Well, I think he's having some trouble with his, er, business associates. They might play rough.

He wants to keep you safe. Now, look...

You just have to believe he knows what's best for you.

Who knows, you might get to enjoy it around here.

Come on. You'd better get some rest.



George... No.

Show it to her.

Tell her what it is.

GEORGE: It's morphine, Margaret.

Answer him, Margaret.

I know.


No reply from the Manor. Where can they be? Why aren't they there?

Quiet. Something must have happened.

Can't we give her something?

Margaret knows the only way it must be born.

It won't be easy. It won't be pleasant.

Here, take this. It'll help you sleep.

It's okay.

When's your birthday? The day after tomorrow.

Mmm-hmm. And where were you born?

At Radleigh Manor near Guildford. Why?

Nothing. I'm just interested in astrology, that's all.

Well, sleep well. I'll see you in the morning, okay?



DAVID: He's been divorced now for what, five years?

About time he found somebody.

Maybe a good woman could take his mind off this occult thing.

(SCOFFS) If it pays, no woman is going to get him off it.

I'm going to call him.

Oh, come on, leave him alone. Concentrate on the game.

I want to know what happened. He probably didn't even go.


Hello, John. How did it work out? What?

She's some sort of a nun.

What? Yes, a nun.

She doesn't seem to know much about anything, but she's very sweet.

Reminds me of my kid. What, she's still there?

I thought he was going to collect her. Hey...

Hey, John. Where does all the black magic stuff come in?

Well, she obviously doesn't know what's going on, so I could hardly tell her that her dad's in trouble with a bunch of Satanists.

God, it all sounds so sick.

Yeah, I know. I know how you feel.

Ninety-eight percent of so-called Satanists are nothing but pathetic freaks who get their kicks out of dancing naked in freezing churchyards.

They use the Devil as an excuse for getting some sex.

But then there's that other two percent.

I'm not so sure about them.

Anyway, if Beddows is right, by just taking care of the girl I'll have a hell of a book on my hands.

If he comes through with that information he promised.

Listen, John. Listen, I think we should come over tomorrow and give you a hand.

Good. I could use a little help. Er, make it early. Come for breakfast.

Okay, fine. Right, I'll see you then. Bye.

I'm dying to see this nun.

Hmm, I always thought you were kinky.

You knew I was kinky.

Darling, let's not get involved in it.

I'm not getting involved. I'm just curious, that's all.

Please. Leave it to John.

Do you want to finish the game?

No, I want to play something else.














Margaret, you shall die now.


MATRON: Everything is ready for the trip. Good.





Catherine? Catherine.


Morning. Morning.

Sorry to wake you. Oh, that's all right.

I thought you'd like some breakfast.

Thank you. You're welcome.

There we are.

How'd you sleep?

I had a horrible dream.

I dreamt I was being born. What happened?

I was clawing my way out.

I was hideous, inhuman.

They were sick and revolted when they saw me.

When who saw you? George and Momma.

But Father Michael...

He wasn't sick.

He looked joyous.

(SIGHS) I don't want to think about it any more.

All right, you just forget it. Eat your breakfast.

Tell me, er, what did they teach you at your church?

Why, all about our Lord, of course, the problems of the world and languages.

I specialised in languages. Mmm. Which ones did you pick?

Everything's picked for one, or there'd be chaos, wouldn't there?

One is chosen to work in a particular part of the world and communicate to all the people of the world when the time comes.

"When the time comes"?

That will be soon, so Father Michael says.

The youth of the world has lost its way. It's in a vacuum.

They need something to believe in, to follow.

Something new and powerful.

We will provide it, very soon. What will you provide?

I don't know. I simply believe and obey.

I see. Who's Father Michael?

You don't know anything, do you? -(CHUCKLES) Not too much.

Father Michael Rayner, the leader of our church.

He's also my godfather, so I suppose I'm rather privileged.

Yeah, I suppose you are.

-(DOORBELL BUZZING) Oh, excuse me.

Hi! How are you? ANNA: Hello! Fine.

DAVID: Good morning, good morning. Hi. Good to see you.

How did it go? I've got something to tell you.



I have a feeling I'm dealing with that other two percent.

What are you talking about? I think Beddows conned me.

It's not him they want. It's Catherine.

We've got to find her. What does Henry think he's doing?

We've got to get back to the Manor. No, not the Manor.

Henry is trying to recant, but it's too late. The pact was signed 18 years ago.

VERNEY: So that's it.

And tomorrow also happens to be All Hallows' Eve.

What's that?

It's the most important date in the Satanist calendar. It's like Christmas to us.

Are you telling us they've brought Catherine here

-to celebrate All Hallows'? I don't know.

But this Father Michael is Catherine's godfather, and he's also the leader of their church, which must make her very special to them.

Now let's suppose they plan something special for her, tomorrow, her 18th birthday, All Hallows' Eve.

Something which so horrifies her father, and he's one of 'em, for God's sake, he comes to me.

Well, all right, John, but why you?

Because I'm supposed to be an expert on this stuff, and he's desperate.

Ah, it sounds like a fairy tale to me.

But even if it's true, whatever it is, she's safe here.

Nobody knows you're involved. Beddows does.

And so does Catherine.

I thought you said the girl didn't know what was going on.

On a conscious level, she doesn't.

But what happened to her last night...

Well, it's a little worrisome when she sees herself born as some hideous creature.

Oh, come on. That's just a Freudian nightmare.

I hope to hell that's all it is.

Ah, Catherine.

I'd like you to meet Anna Fountain... Hello.

David Kennedy. How do you do?

They're two good friends. Er, look, Catherine, I've got to go out for a while.

Maybe Anna and David keep you company, okay?

I would like that. Is that all right with you two?

Yeah, sure. Fine.

Good, good, be back before you know it.

Oh, David? DAVID: Excuse me.

I'm sorry about this, but stick with her, will you?

Yeah, sure. I won't be long.


We should have heard from Henry by now. And Kollde. What has happened to Kollde?

MICHAEL: Telephone Henry Beddows.

No, wait.




Hello. Henry?

The cord.


We've always been very close, haven't we?

We're very close now. Don't you feel that?


We're so close that I can hear your pulse beating.

It's beating very fast, Henry. Too fast.

I don't think you have very long to live. Where is Catherine?

(PANTING) She's with Verney. John Verney.

You'll have to speak a little more clearly, Henry.

(PANTING) John Verney!

Verney. Thank you, Henry.


This man has Catherine?

Where is he? MICHAEL: I can lay my hand on him.

Henry Beddows has betrayed us to him? It would seem so.

Verney lives in London. I'm quite sure of that.

You will find his telephone number and his address.

GEORGE: Henry Beddows has betrayed us to him?

MICHAEL: Henry is trying to recant, but it's too late.

The pact was signed 18 years ago.



I name this child Catherine, and baptise her into the communion of our Holy Lord.

May He cherish her and protect her, so that in due time, His great purpose and her great destiny shall together be fulfilled.

Who is this man? GEORGE: Her husband.

Have you... Have you killed her?

She died as she wished to die.

You were nothing to her.

And I will not have this sacrament profaned by any drunken tears.

Look at me!

There is nothing in you, Henry Beddows, of any strength or grace or value at all.

Therefore, be grateful that you are the father of this child.

Now turn and look behind you.

No, Henry. I don't want you to die.

Take this. My element is fire.

There's the emblem of fire.

Never betray us, Henry.

If you betray us, the pact will be put to fire.

And fire will kill you in that same instant.

Unless you can keep hold of the pact.

Hold on to it tightly.

Hold it tightly.

Isabella! She is here.

-(BABY CRYING) You have a poor grip on reality.

I shall keep this in my care. You are one of us now.

And this child will always know you as her father.

Live in dread, Henry Beddows. Mend your ways.

I watch my sons carefully.



Welcome to our house.

I'm sorry to interrupt you. I must have the wrong place.

Perhaps I can help you find your way.

I'm looking for the Children of the Lord.

Surely we are all children of the Lord.

True, true, but the group I'm looking for is supposed to be at this address.

Oh, I remember, but they moved about a year ago.

They did? Oh. No doubt they hadn't paid their rent.

That's why we got these marvellous premises so cheaply.

Yes, I see. Strange are the ways of the Lord.

That's true. But please stay and listen with your heart, and join us in song.

I'd love to, but some other time. The Children of the Lord.

Thank you. The Children of the Lord!


# Are you looking for the children of the Lord #

Catherine. I've always wanted to see what I'd look like in a wimple.

May I try it on? Oh, please.

I promise to be good as long as I'm wearing it.

Yes. Thanks.

Darling? Would this go with wellingtons?

Wellington's what? -(ANNA LAUGHING)




ALL: (CHANTING) Catherine. Catherine.

Catherine. Catherine.





VERNEY: Catherine!

Catherine! Catherine! Catherine!

(GASPS) Leave me!



Oh, thank God. Where have you been? Lock the door.

John, we've been looking all over the place for her. Where...



Who gave you this? George did, it's a present!

VERNEY: Who is this? Astaroth!

The Devil. He is our Lord. Lord Astaroth!

He is evil. He is good!

I want to do good for the world, to serve my Lord!

They've chosen you, haven't they?

Astaroth has chosen you and baptised you in his ways.

What do you see? -(GASPS)

What did you see? -(GASPS)


CATHERINE: I was sleeping. But a strange, deep sleep.

As though I had been drugged.

It's as though, even though I was unconscious, I could see everything.

As if I were inside everyone there.

MICHAEL: Astaroth has chosen you and baptised you in his ways.

Protect her and favour me by letting your spirit walk amongst us tonight.


CATHERINE: (YELLING) I am Catherine!

I am Catherine!

I am Catherine!

Catherine is mine!

Catherine is mine!

It... It was Margaret! It was Margaret! But it was me!

Astaroth's body touched me!

-(GRUNTS) His spirit filled me! -(SHATTERS)

I am Catherine! Catherine is mine!

I am Catherine! Catherine is mine!

I am Catherine! (SOBBING)






Anna. Leave it alone.

Leave it? He knows what he's doing.





John, what the hell have you been doing? Take care of her, please. Now.

Hello. May I speak to Miss Catherine Beddows?

Who is this? I'm afraid that her father has had rather a serious accident, so he wants to see Catherine as soon as possible.

He's in St Margaret's Hospital near Gilford.

I'm sorry, I think you have the wrong number.

I'm speaking to Mr John Verney, am I not?

In which case, I don't have the wrong number.

I've never heard of a Catherine Beddows.

Come, come, Mr Verney, I know who you are, and I know that you have Catherine with you.

And I know you. Michael Rayner, isn't it?

Oh, I beg your pardon. Father Michael Rayner.

Why are you holding Catherine? For what reason?

Because her father asked me to.

I assume that, by now, you know something of the forces that I can control.

I would've thought you'd be only too anxious to return Catherine to me.

Yeah, I know. And Catherine stays here.

Very well, Mr Verney.

On your head, be it.

John, for God's sake, what's going on?

We've got problems. Yes, I can see.

Would you make these calls for me? I've got to see someone.

Yeah, sure. Thanks.

John, do you know what you're doing?

I hope so.


Is she all right? I think so.

Don't leave her.


I don't begin to understand all this.

I don't know what's going on with that child, but get rid of her.

Yeah, I will. Just watch her for a while. I'll be back soon, okay?

Okay, but make it quick.

Thanks, Anna. You're an ace ten-percenter.

Hello, St Margaret's Hospital? Yes, it's about a Mr Henry Beddows.



BISHOP: Father Michael Rayner.

You're not in league with him, are you, John?

(CHUCKLES) Well, not exactly.

I seem to have drifted into becoming his, er, opponent.

It's not a direction of drift that I would recommend.

I'm finding that out.

Have you got yourself into trouble, John?

I don't know about me, but there's trouble.

Many years ago, I was given the task of persuading Father Michael Rayner to recant heresy.

And what was his heresy?

The Church puts her trust in the absolute capability of God.

Father Michael desired to worship the absolute capability of man.

That sounds harmless.

It is, er, oh, what do they say now...

(SCOFFS) Liberating.

But, you see, mankind is a freak of evolution.

I mean, his brain is partially programmed for catastrophe.

And that, without God, is the absolute capability of man.


Terminal chaos presided over by...


How close are you to Father Michael? I don't know.

He has great strength of will. Why exactly was he excommunicated?

His ultimate purpose was to create an avatar.

The personification of a god that would renew the vital spirit of the world.

You mean the personification of the Devil. He said, "God."

I did not persuade him that the word was "Devil."


I'd like your permission to read the grimoire of Astaroth.

I know there's a copy in the Black Room.

Do you, now? Yes, I do.

Please, sir. I think there's a life at stake.

Yes, now, what was it?

The grimoire of Astaroth, please. Yeah.


What page? What's that?

Well, as I'm sure His Lordship must have impressed on you, no one comes here to browse.

Now, Mr Verney understands the gravity of your duties, Mr Pardoe.

Er, please help him as he asks. Yes, My Lord.

You keep a record of everything read here, Mr Pardoe?

Our records go back to 1603.

Page by page? Most certainly.

Well, Mr Pardoe, I'd be very grateful if you'd show me the pages read by Father Michael Rayner.

That would be about 1950.

Bookworms, Mr Pardoe.

(SIGHS) Perhaps it's just as well.






Catherine. Catherine.

Yes. Yes.

And the Manor is unoccupied and you've no idea where he went.

Yes, thank you. Thank you very much.







Darling. Here you are at last.


Oh, my God.

My God.

Get away from her.

Your girl did well, didn't she?

Where is she?


Oh, David, I'm so sorry.

(STAMMERS) You're sorry?

You son of a bitch! You did it.

You brought that monster here and you're sorry?

This should make you very happy, you... You greedy bastard.

This story will make you a fortune. Please forgive me.

I didn't realise what I was getting into.

Now you know.

Yeah. Now, I know.

But it's not Catherine. It's not me.

It's them.

I don't give a damn about them.

They've got her now. I've got to find her.

There's not much time.


I'm coming with you. Don't, David. Don't get in any deeper.

I want to find Catherine.

Catherine. Don't touch her.

Everything she does now must be of her own free will.

You understand, Catherine, what your future is to be?

Yes, and I am content.








Mr Beddows?


Mr Beddows.

You know me?

Verney? That's right.

We've come to help you, you understand that?

Do you understand?

Yeah. They've got Catherine.

Do you hear me? They've got Catherine. Catherine's with you.

No, they took her.

And we've got to get her back before it's too late.

Where are they?

He doesn't hear you. Did you hear me? Where are they?

I can't tell you where they are! Now, listen.

You listen to me carefully.

I know what Father Michael plans to do with Catherine.

-(WHIMPERS) Are you listening?

(GASPS) Yeah.

He's going to baptise her again. In the blood of Astaroth.

If we don't find her, for the rest of her life, she'll be Astaroth.

Now, where are they?

You're wasting your time.

All right.

I'll tell you where to find Catherine if you fetch me the pact.

What? The pact.

I told you in London, I've got to have it back.

I must have a pact. Where is this pact?

It's in a cavity behind the centre panel of the altar front of Radleigh Church.

Yes, you. (STAMMERS) I recognise you.

You fetch it for me. I must have it back.

You pathetic bastard.

Do you think all this rubbish is going to help you?

Take it easy. -(GRUNTS)

Catherine. Where is she? Come on.

Where's Catherine? Knock it off.

It's all right, Mr Beddows. Just relax. -(WHIMPERING)

Just relax. It'll be all right. It'll be all right.

It'll be all right, Mr Beddows.

Mr Beddows, can you tell us where they are?

Mr Beddows?

That was a bright move.

We're not gonna get anything out of him now.

Let's try the pact.

What kind of a ritual?

They baptise a baby girl in the blood of her dead mother.


Then they bring her up in seclusion, like a nun.

Then they baptise her again as the Devil.



Don't move.


Here I am, Henry.

Henry, here I am. -(GASPING)



Take it, Henry. Don't.

Hold it tightly.

Stay right there.

Have you any...

Any other pictures...

I want to buy pictures...


You... You fetch the pact for me. I... I must get it back.

David. Take it easy. You fetch the pact for me. I...

Sit down. -(FAINTLY) I must get it back.

You just stay there. Stay there.

You'll be all right, okay?



Give it to me! Don't!



(SOFTLY) Oh, no.

(SIGHS) No, no, no.

Damn you!

Damn you!

Damn you! Damn... (CHOKING)




MICHAEL: She gave her lifeblood for the protection of our great work tonight.

Mr Beddows.


Here's your pact.

Look at it.

Come on. Look at it.

Now, take it. I can't.

Take it!


The pact is broken.

Now, where's Catherine?

Well, they would take her to the Mausoleum. It's their temple.

Where's that? The hill above Warburton, the Farnham Road, about six miles.


Catherine. Catherine.

Wake up.




Mr Verney. Mr Rayner.

Why subject us both to all this strain and waste of energy?

Why not enjoy life, Mr Verney?

Why not enjoy Catherine?

You know the powers that I possess.

Think of the power that Catherine will have.

Think of the power that you could have if you obeyed her spirit.

When this ceremony has been performed, I shall destroy you, John Verney.

You are meddling in things beyond your knowledge.

I read the book of Astaroth. And you just butchered Astaroth.

The demons hate you, Rayner. They're waiting for you.

The circle of blood protects me, as you know, if you have read the book.

Very soon, Astaroth will live on in this child and all will be well.

No, I'm taking her.

Then why don't you come into the circle and take her?

You really think this circle will protect you, don't you? It won't.

But it will, because this circle stands upon a hill of flint, and flint is the sacred stone of Astaroth.

But this stone of Astaroth has the blood of your disciple on it.

Now the demons will protect me.




Catherine? Catherine.