Tokyo Gore Police (2008) Script

My dad...

My dad is a police officer.

He is strong, kind, and like a superhero.

He helps those who get lost or lose something.

He works really hard for everyone.

I would like to become a police officer, just like my dad.


The criminal is Koji Tanaka, age 29.

Previous convictions for robbery and abduction.

He's kidnapped and held a female passer-by captive.

He has barricaded himself in an abandoned building.

There is no time to consider the circumstances!

Those of you in the riot squad, don't go easy and please kill him off!

Divine punishment!


It's an engineer!

Ruka, it's an engineer!

Tokyo Police Special Riot Squad Osamu Mifune Squad Leader We will protect you.

The crime extra-territoriality law is our ally.

We have no mercy for criminals.

Serial killer Yoshiki Takahashi Murdered 15 kindergarten children We will protect you.

Tokyo Police Corporation.

Serial killer Yoshiki Takahashi Dead Privatizing the police will lead to more plentiful lives for us.

For a better society Tokyo Police Corporation

Ruka always shows no mercy.

She's definitely a model hunter.

There's no mistake. This one is definitely an engineer.

Within these past few years...

These so called "engineers," criminals who have remodeled their bodies to turn into ferocious, fiendish murderers, have increased in numbers.

An engineer's main characteristic is that when they're wounded, their wounds become a dangerous weapon.

Also... a key-shaped tumor is always found within the body.

To kill an engineer, you have to destroy or sever that piece from the body.

Where did they come from?

What is their objective?

The only thing that is clear is that I have the duty to hunt them.

Because I am a police officer, an "engineer hunter."

Privatizing the police will lead to more plentiful lives for us.

Tokyo Police Corporation.

Privatizing the police will lead to more plentiful lives for us.

Tokyo Police Corporation.

Privatizing the police will lead to more plentiful lives for us.

Tokyo Police Corporation.


What would you like?

Orange juice.

I'm on patrol.

So hard-working.

You're always so serious.

What happened?

You're bleeding.

Are you okay?

Let's go to the hospital.

Let's go!

Let's go!

What are you guys doing?

Stop wandering around!

Don't ever come around here again.

Are you okay?

Mama, are you open?

I'll come back another time.

I'm sorry. I'll leave.

It's okay.

You have a righteous job, right?

Then you should sit here boldly.

Ruka, there's trouble!

Come back to the station immediately!

I have to go.

Privatizing the police will lead to more plentiful lives for us For a better society Tokyo Police Corporation

Tokyo Police Corporation

For a better society Tokyo Police Corporation

Happy birthday, Ruka!

Happy birthday!

Plus, congratulations on your achievement of hunting 50 engineers.

You have acquired a single badge.



♪ The Shouwa seesaw ♪

♪ It's a sad conclusion ♪

♪ If you close your eyes ♪

♪ the flower hangs and sways ♪

♪ The night butterfly ♪

♪ Palm of the white hand ♪

♪ on your chest ♪

♪ If we decorate it gently... ♪ When my father, a police officer, died at his post, the chief of this station raised me like his own daughter.

To me, this place is the same as a home with a waiting family.

It was supposed to be the same...


I'm home.

Welcome home.

Here, Ruka.

Happy birthday.

Thank you, Dad!

Come on, hurry. You, too.

What are you saying is wrong?

What are you doing?

What are you saying is wrong with me?

It's okay. It's okay, so...

Please! Please, just tell me, will you?

Let go of me!

What are you saying is wrong with me?

It's okay.

It's okay.

Don't worry.

It's okay.

It's okay. Calm down.

Did it hurt?

It was so good.

Do you want to do it again?

W-What is it? I didn't. This was consensual.

Extension fee.

Much appreciated. The next is also here at 307. Hurry up.

If it goes over, even one second, it's an extension.

I even made a "10-minutes left" call.

I was using a vibrator, so I couldn't hear the phone vibrating.

Hurry up and go!

I'm sorry.

Come on.

You're absolutely right.

That doesn't matter. Just hurry up and pay!

Thank you for waiting.

Yuka, right? I understand.

Then may I have the hotel and the time?


Okay, in 30 minutes.

I understand. I will make the girl head over. Please treat her well.

Yuka, in 30 minutes, SM play.

Don't be saying you don't want to do things that hurt.

SM play is good money, and you know that.

Right, right.

You just have to do it.

You want to do kinky stuff?

There are cuter and younger girls for that.

How about Yoko?

I can call her right away.

Also, from now on, please make reservations by phone.

There is a website and a cell phone site too.

I'm not available.


America Yokocho You. Yes, you. What's up with these documents?

Commit suicide by seppuku, harakiri!

Yes, I understand.

I'll commit harakiri.

If I was brave enough to stop the harakiri, then...

If I had the courage to say I couldn't do it...

If I was able to say my own self was more important than my job...

Ah, he's done it!

Harakiri is also suicide.

Stop the Harakiri

Heaven's Punishment

Incident occurrence.

Scene of the crime is the Tokyo subway Miyama station.


Once again, the body of a prostitute has been discovered.

She was broken, cut into pieces and packed up into a small box.

There wasn't even a drop of blood at the scene of the crime, but there was testimony that they heard a security buzzer, so the location of discovery and the crime are thought to be the same.



With the cases so far...

Our point of view is that engineers are generally simple berserkers and they usually don't think of evidence or their safety.

But the criminal this time is carrying on everything pretty calmly.

It's definitely the same criminal.

Even though he's an engineer, this guy is definitely trying to pick a fight.

If a newcomer like that has shown up, it means he's trouble.

Ruka, we're counting on you.

Let's go stylish with wrist-cutting.

It's cute!

The design is cute.

When you cut, it doesn't hurt that much.

The blood becomes tastier.


No, no!

Wrist Cutter. G!

New product!

It's a cutter with a cute design.

It hurts! It hurts!

I-It's a mistake.


It's a mistake!

I-It's a mistake!

It's not me!

You have the wrong person! I think that's enough!

It's not me... ouch!

Please, it's a mistake!


It really is a mistake!

Please forgive me!

It's a mistake! It really wasn't me!

An act of molestation is clearly a crime.



It cuts well. It cuts well.

The Japanese sword of Kohka.

It cuts well!

It cuts well. It cuts well.

The Japanese sword of Kohka.

It cuts well!

It cuts well. It cuts well.

The Japanese sword of Kohka.

It cuts well!

I thought they stabbed each other.

There isn't any particular abnormality in your body.

For now there's evidence.

Once you catch your breath...

...stop by the autopsy room.

Let's go.

From this part of the face, we didn't find the key.

But with this much evidence left, we should be able to identify it right away.

Granted that it's still alive after losing half of its face...

It's definitely an engineer.


We have to kill them by any means.

They are humanity's new enemy.

Yes, I agree.

Extermination is the only answer.

What's wrong?

Are you okay?

You should rest today.

Akino Miyama.

Died at the age of 24.

It says that he committed suicide.


His parents also died before and after that.

This college...

What's the KGE Laboratory?

That's the laboratory this one was at, but it's not there anymore.

For now, I need the laboratory's contact address.

There are countless numbers of them in the whole country.

Please print it out.



The number that you have dialed is not in service anymore

and has been changed. The new number is...

I'm sorry, but please check the number again and redial...

KGE Laboratory Branch Locations Listing

Fly to the right.

Fly to the left.

Fly south.

Fly north.

Go away...

Go away...

Go away...

I am an able eulogist...

About Megumi's disappearance... one knows.

Are your siblings, family, and friends safe?

Are they exposed to the threat of a madman?

This is not fiction.

For those of you that cried yourselves to sleep, you can relax now.

Remote execution.

The government is the ally of the victim.

Government Information

The volcano erupted, and the rain of ash poured down.

The snow of death falls and accumulates.

Everything is buried under rubbish.

Akino Miyama Like ruins...

Just like this town of cruelty...

How everything is going to be buried...

Ruka Am I also going to be buried?

Haruka Yoshioka

Recorded by: Akino Miyama Subject: Haruka Yoshioka

There is something I need you to look into.

Haruka Yoshioka.

Find all apartments under the name Haruka Yoshioka in the last 10 years.

Haruka Yoshioka Address Listing

Ah, so tired.

I can't do all-nighters anymore.


Is anyone here?

At times like this, I wish I had speed.

This feels so good.

It soaks into my body.

I wish I had never been born.

You guys...

If you're going to end up like me, then die while you can!

For our future. Now recruiting police officers.

Tokyo Police Corporation.

♪ At the show hut ♪

♪ the light comes on ♪

♪ It's what that child put in ♪

♪ Hanaichimonme ♪

♪ I don't understand words ♪

♪ I cannot hear you ♪ If you are lonely, you should come eat some tsuruko.

If you are lonely, you should come eat some sushiko.

♪ A moon with wrinkles cuts through the night ♪

♪ With the dripping device it draws the red down ♪

♪ The hide and seek that child was watching ♪

♪ There is a night that you don't know ♪ Let's gather flowers Hanaichimonme.

I bare your secret.

Did you forget the gold fish's eyes?

My feelings, do you know them?

Come on, let's fight with soldiers.

Number 31.


Thank you.

In use

In use

We will be starting human body-restructuring surgery.

What! Hey, hey!





You like being chewed on, right?

Take this.

You will become one of us.

Welcome to the world of engineers.

Haruka Yoshioka Address Listing

Old lady bit my leg and it's satisfied.

Older brother licked me, so my eye has a sty.

Are you really going to do it?

Yeah, I'm going to do it.

That guy made me incomplete.

For a better society Tokyo Police Corporation That guy made me into the devil.

Before the night ends...

Before I fall to hell...

With a red light bulb dangling.

Let's go out.

Let's go kill.

Pomegranate tastes like blood, tastes like sin.

We are incomplete lemons.

The two of us makes one whole lemon.

Yesterday, the bird that I had as a pet died spitting out blood.

Its small beak was dyed red, without knowing the sky, it died.

Where did my little bird go?

Where did my purity go?

A canary that forgot its song.

A canary that lost its virginity.

Let's throw them away to the back mountain.

I know about Hirohito, that you are not a virgin.

I know.

You slept with Masako.

You slept with Old Lady Matsuki.

You slept with Anesa.

I know.

What is resistance?

You and I shall never be tied together.

You are useless!

From here on...

...we're going to have an engineer hunt!

If they are even a little suspicious, kill them all without mercy!

All of them!

It took quite a while.


Come on, come on...

Here, sit down.

The man with a license to kill

A long time ago, there was a man with a license to kill.

He was a sniper for the police, and his shots never missed the target.

Once, he aimed from the summit of Mt. Fuji.

Once, he aimed from Tokyo Tower.

He was able to kill the criminals every time.

The moment the criminal's eyeballs fluttered in the air, the man savored a supreme sensation.

Even to a man like this, there was a family.

He had a wife and a young boy.

One day, another order to kill came to him.

The target this time was a criminal who barricaded himself inside a building.

The man resigned.

He was barely paid any of his severance.

That is what an organization is like.

His son continued to grow.

The mother worked hard until she no longer could.

Their son's mind structure was so different that he was called a "genius."

He said that he wanted to study the specific field of genetic engineering.

But there wasn't that kind of money in this family to let their son get the education he wanted.

That was when the man's old boss showed up in front of him.

We want you to kill a certain individual.

That was what the boss said.

And the man took that request.

That individual was the leader of the group against police privatization.

He was also another police officer.

When the man succeeded in the murder of the leader, that man was also killed.

And his spurting blood was poured down on his son.

At the time my father was murdered, I was at college studying the genetics of murderers.

We collected genes from murderers all over the world to research and to lower the occurrence of crimes.


My father was killed right in front of me.

And my motivation changed.

I took all the killer genes they had stored at the lab and injected them into my body.

I couldn't forgive them.

The ones who killed my father.

I planned to turn myself into a complete killer and seek revenge.


I fell into a state of confusion and stood on the lab's rooftop.

Then I jumped.

When I regained consciousness, I was in front of an enormous door.

Did I die?

Strangely, I didn't have any sense of fear.

The next moment, I woke up in the hospital.

The professor said that it came out of my head.

I researched it.

The more I researched, the more I came to see how amazing it was.

It surpassed all other killer genes.

So I reproduced and cultured it.

That's when I started coming up with an innovative idea.

The man who killed your father is dead.

So at this point, personal revenge is meaningless.

The problem is the man who ordered your father killed.

And in addition, killed my father...

Just to protect the enterprise called the police...

The first thing is to kill that man.

This isn't revenge.

It's preparation for a revolution.


The time that we were showered with our fathers' blood!

Against privatization!

I will become the king of murderers!

I will unite this country.

That is, the country of engineers!

We will not lose to anyone.

You and I are allies.

We are comrades.

Let's fight together!


Yeah, yeah.

That's right. That's the best.


Thanks a lot for telling me.

You insane bastard...

Kill anyone that resists.

Rock out, everybody!

Mt. Fuji Tokyo Tower

On sale right now! The Japanese sword of Kohka

It cuts well!

Right now, we Tokyo Police are the ones with the advantage.

Continue as is and keep on killing, killing, killing!

Please stop, Master!

Welcome home, Master


You are impertinent!

Who do you think I am!?

That hurt!

I like killing Japanese.

That's the right side.

Don't lick that.





You work too slowly.

This is the left.


Don't underestimate the Chinese.

Privatizing the police will lead to more plentiful lives for us For a better society Tokyo Police Corporation You came to kill me, huh, Ruka?

You remember now.

I had no choice with your father.

He was very much against privatizing the police.

It was for the organization, no...

I meant to protect this huge corporation called the police.

Your father was in the way.

As atonement, Ruka, I gave you shelter at a lodging house and raised you to become the strongest engineer hunter.


But life is full of irony because you've sunk to becoming an engineer.

Ruka, you've become an engineer, huh?

I'm half disappointed and half happy!


You perverted bastard.

It's over already!

Easily, easily!

The engineer hunter...

The engineer hunter...

...has become an engineer, huh?

Game over.

The end.


Can you...

Can you kill me?

I was the one who raised you with great care.

Engineers are our enemies!

We will definitely annihilate them!

Once we wipe out the engineers completely our power will become much greater!

This one, here... I have raised her with care.

A prisoner... And this one... she's different from you in that she will never betray me.

Manic-depressive Prisoner 639


Are you okay?

Are you going to repay kindness with evil?

I don't remember raising you to be a rude girl like that!

You devil!

You allowed an engineer to rape you.

And fell to the level of becoming their slave.

I have no intention of showing any sympathy to a woman like that.

I don't need any sympathy.

Even if this body has been taken over by a devil, as long as I am myself, I will not become a devil.

Because I am a police officer who protects the citizens.

I will not forgive your evil deed!

Here I come!

I wonder which one of us is a devil.

I will not lose!

I am the one who's going to change Japan!

Here I go!

Ruka, we're not done yet!

You engineer!

Go to hell!


For all your hard work...

Thank you very much!

The Tokyo Police Corporation has taken over the Japanese Army We will protect you.

The crime extra-territoriality law is our ally.

We have no mercy for criminals.

Serial killer Yoshiki Takahashi Murdered 15 kindergarten children We will protect you. We, the Tokyo Police Corporation.

Serial killer Yoshiki Takahashi Dead The new Tokyo Police.

From now on, we will be making a great effort to become everyone's...