Tokyo Knights (1961) Script


We are gathered here today with resolve for the ceremony to install the third head of the Matsubara Syndicate.

I express my sincere gratitude to all of you for your cooperation.

Our third head, Koji Matsubara, was studying at a high school in America, when our second head had his fatal accident.

He has only just returned to Japan.

He says he wishes to continue his studies, and as second-in-command, I will support him in this decision.

Although there may have been various points of oversight, I kindly ask for your continued guidance and encouragement.

Everybody, applaud, please.

Congratulations! Thank you!


Where are you going, young master? I have to see someone.

How can you not attend the investiture?

You grownups can take care of that. Young master!

Big brother! Hurry up!

Junko, what are you doing?

And don't call the young master "big brother".

From today, he's the young head of the Matsubara Syndicate.

Big brother's fine. Calling me the young head now doesn't feel natural.



He's late. Did he really play rugby abroad?

He says he's got experience, so I asked him to join as a substitute.

He sounded confident, and he's bigger than this guy.

Sure he's not a fraud? He probably made himself scarce because he can't play.




With Matsubara on the team, we'll do well. We'll win the high school tournament.

Captain! They took Matsubara to the fencing team.


Matsubara felt left out by you guys and just couldn't help it.

So he's joining our fencing club. Really?

I'm sorry for you.

Hey! Open up! Open up!

It's no use.

Who does he think he is?

Hey! What's up?

Matsubara's joining the kendo club. Really? What?

Matsubara's in the boxing club He's going. to the national high school championships.

Sorry, but he's with us.

I'm actually from the music club. The members ask if you'd like to join.

Absolutely tone deaf!

Otake, don't make those weird noises!

You're making the harshest possible sounds with your instrument.

But they just come out like that.

As if your voice wasn't weird enough on its own.

Right. Take this. It'll help your voice.

Cough Iozenges? You're making a fool of me.

You lot are so hard to handle. I don't know what to do.

But as a teacher you have to find a way. What?

We're your livelihood. That's right.

Well, that's true, but it's really unbearable.

Why on earth did I become a teacher?

You, returnee from America, what are you doing here?

I heard the music club is excellent. What?

Please let me join it. Don't joke about. Hurry up and go away.

I mean it. Please, sir. I just asked him.

Do you play any instrument?

Yes, a bit. What can you play?

A bit of this and that. Piano?

OK, give it a try.

What shall I play?

You'll regret it if I choose something harder than you can do.

So just play anything you like, boy.

I'm afraid that's the best I can do. Amazing!

Who taught you? The Jazz Messengers.

You've had some serious training.

You fool! Why didn't you tell me? Because you didn't ask.

No... You're right, I didn't.

Will you let me join? No doubt about it.

From today, you're my deputy.

What does your family do? We're general contractors.

Oh? Why did you go to America? For various reasons.

Why did you come back to Japan? Shut up!

It's because I want to understand you.

Why did you choose Elizabeth Academy?

There's no other school where you can pass with an average of 60, is there?

And you can do any club activity. Just like me! We'll be great friends.

Yuriko, wait a minute!

She's weird. Yuriko and I always go home together.


She's the prettiest girl here, but the others won't leave her alone.

That's why I've taken on the role of her knight in shining armor.

You're conceited. It's all in your head.

I respect beauty and strength.

From today, I'll protect you too.


Hey! Don't look at her in that dirty way!

I'm not looking in a dirty way. What are you doing then, stupid?

What right do you have to look at her? What?

I looked at her because I wanted to. What's wrong with that?

You bastard! You're getting too cocky!

Who you think you are? You bastard!


Sir! It's terrible, there's a fight! Sir!

What? A fight? Sounds fun!


Why are you here, Mom?

Why did you suddenly run out of the function room?

I promised I'd play in a rugby match. We won.

We have a problem.

You're a student, young master, but you're not like the others.

It doesn't matter that I'm my father's heir.

We can't overlook that. Please take a seat.

If your status isn't clear, competitors will talk behind our backs.

I'd actually like to ask you a favor. I'd like some old car parts.

For your car? It's well-built, but the engine's stalling.

I couldn't refuse such a request.

Everything that belongs to the company is yours, young master.

May I take it from the warehouse? Please do.

Thanks. Are you staying, Mom?

I need to consult with Mr. Mishima. Do you? See you later.

I'll wait for you by the main entrance.

I'm sorry he's always such an embarrassment.

Don't worry. He'll get the hang of it in two or three years.

Here's the seal you lent me. It's alright. Keep hold of it.

No, that's not right.

I'm merely the executive director.

Pia! Piago!

Welcome home. Thank you.

You have a visitor from Araki-cho. Mrs Sakae?.

Your friend? Yes.

I'll come and say hello later.

Mom... What?

What happened to the picture that used to be here?

I got rid of it. But it was Dad's favorite.

Koji, the succession cost a lot of money.

I didn't care about it. It's completely meaningless.

That wouldn't have done. It's for your late father's spirit.

Running the company is hard, and Mr. Mishima has been running around, getting it back on track.

That's true. It's also been very hard for you, Mom.

I'm alright.

But next time you see Mr. Mishima, please say thank you to him.

He's really doing so much for the company.

Please come in! Sorry to disturb you.

Did you wait for long? Not really.

Are you well? Same as always.

There's no leisure for the poor. It's better to be busy anyway.

I can't believe that my watchful father would die in an accident.

You've hardly used any of this. Yeah.

I came to ask you to come to the next assembly meeting.

No. I've lost all confidence.

What's happened? It's so unlike you.

I'm having a lot of troubles at the moment.

Is it not going well with your son? No, that's not it.

You're mother and son but very close in age.

There's no way it'll work out well if he gets married.

You'd better get out now and get a third of the property.

You're so glum. You're hiding something from me, aren't you?

What's that?

Koji is making a Noh arrangement of the modern jazz he learnt abroad.

Oh? What a peculiar obsession.

You know, Takuo liked Noh theatre. It does sound rather interesting.

How do you like this kimono?

I didn't know that Koji danced.

Maybe I should ask him to do a guest performance instead of you.

No way.

Hey! You're using dirty tricks!

We're just doing our jobs. You have a problem with that?

Hold on, wait! Wait a minute!

What are you doing, you bastards?

Hey! Stop fooling around and get back to work!

Hey! Yeah. Come on! Hey!

Sorry they're so short-tempered. Please let them be and reconsider.

Young master!

Young master! What's up?

What do you mean, "what's up?"

What are you doing there, Junko? Get out of the car!

Hey, guys!

The young head has come all this way. Aren't you going to greet him?

The Tokutake Syndicate? Yeah.

They're supposed to share the roadworks evenly with us.

They made a deal to finish the roadworks quickly.

They've agreed with the town planners to build the hotel on their own.

They've done well. They're just quick on their feet.

They're working at a forced pace, and when I tried to overtake them, then we got an order from Tokyo to suspend work.

From whom? Isn't it obvious?

That bastard Mishima. Mr. Mishima?

Yeah. Have you ever heard anything so stupid?


Mr. Mishima must have some idea behind it.

I wanted to go and find out, but this is your job as the new head.

That would mean trouble. Just let me have a drink.


You should have a serious word with that bastard Mishima.

As the successor, you're the only one who can get through to him.

Don't leave it to that bastard's whims.

Well, I'll try and ask him.

Today! Right now!

Actually, Jinsaku, I wanted to see the place where my father died.


Leave him be. He's thinking about the old syndicate head.

I wonder why Dad came here.

I am... head over heels... in love with that girl Won't you be tempted?

Won't you?

Won't you try an "I Love You"?

This man's got stamina! I love you!

It feels like my heart is fluttering about, as if on wings That's how you make me feel! I Love You! I Love You!

But even so...

All that girl gave me was the elbow!

You don't need to worry about that, young master.

But it's a matter of life and death for the workers.

They were shouting about fighting you. I'll think about other work for them.

It was almost done. Why did you stop the works?

Do you have any relations with the Tokutake Syndicate?

Young master, when you manage a business like ours, there'll be a secret or two that you can't share with people.




Do you sing here, too?

Yuriko, do you know Mr. Matsubara?

We're classmates.

You go to school with Mr. Tokutake's daughter?

I'm Mishima of the Matsubara Syndicate.

What a small world.

The young should be with the young. Please go and enjoy yourselves.

Yuriko, please...

Young master, please go ahead.

If I may...

Mr. Tokutake, having to stop the works was hard.

The guys on site are in an uproar. Let them make noise.

Once the bid's been rigged, the Matsubara Syndicate will be absorbed into ours.

Yes, but...

This is a token that you're a man of high quality. You're safe.

More than that, we have to decide on the bidding price.

Do you come here often?

It's my first time. I'm only here because my father invited me.

I see.

What about you, Mr. Matsubara? It's my first time here too.

I see.

I wanted to go home, but my father said he had to see someone.

So he had an appointment with Mr. Mishima.

I didn't know he was from your company.

The day after the head's accident, I picked this up on the cliff.

The cufflink where the insert had come off?

It's so beautiful, I kept it for a while.

But hearing all those things yesterday, I thought I'd better let you know.

Something's wrong. Dad wouldn't have gone to that cliff's edge alone.

Someone was with him. Otherwise, this wouldn't have fallen off there.

Someone's torn it off.

This is not a cufflink we stock.

I'm afraid it's not one of our products.

It was made to order. Someone once had one torn off and brought it for repair.

It was difficult job.

Do you know that person's name? Who was it? Please tell me.

Why are you investigating this?

I want to ask that person something. It's very important to me.

Please. If I learn who placed the order, that may resolve the matter.

I'd lose credibility if I did anything to embarrass a customer.

I'm sorry.

I'm back. Welcome home.

Where's my mother? She's in the master's room.

In my father's room? Yes.

I'm going for a walk with Piago.

Pia? Piago?


Alright, Pia.

It's Mom's birthday soon. What shall we give her?

There's something I want to talk to you about.

I'm very grateful to you, Mom.

If it's to do with the company, that's all Mr. Mishima's doing.

It's about the old days.

You put up very well with Dad, who was thirty years older than you.

I can no longer keep my feelings hidden from you.

Don't be angry with me.

I just couldn't love your father.

Maybe you should just have stayed as the enchantress of an old man.

Mom, was it a mistake to marry Dad?

But Dad seemed to be happy.

Pia! Piago!

Listen, Mom. If you're in love with someone, please remarry.

You've suffered a lot until now.

Don't think about what anybody says. I think you have to grasp true happiness.

"The gardener digs in the ground and snows seeds. "

How many times do I have to teach you to read it?

I was brought up in Japan, you know. I'm not Westernized like you.

"In the garden. "

Come in.

Your friends have come to visit. I'll join in too.

Keep at it till you can read it fluently. You're so nasty.

Hi! Hi!

Yuriko won't listen.

That's not true I got an imported record. I thought we could listen to together.

I brought lots of study aids. I'm just tagging along.

That's his excuse.

Is that girl from before a friend of yours?

Which girl from before? The one who came to school.

She's my little sister. So you're not an only child after all.

She's like a sister to me. What do you mean?

We're childhood friends. I guess you see her all the time, then.

Yeah, she's here now. She's studying upstairs.

Won't you introduce her to me? She's still a child.

The more the merrier, don't you think?

Or does it somehow not suit you?

You're acting weird. I'll bring her down if you want.

Shall we...?


Why have you called me to this place? Was it wrong?

I'll be in trouble if anybody sees me.

Koji has told you something, hasn't he?

Did he oppose it? No.

He said I should marry if I'm in love with someone.

He said I'm free to remarry at any time.

Well, who would prevent you from doing so?


You don't understand.

Koji is kind to me, but I can't take the plunge.

Stop having those silly thoughts.

I can't shock people the way you can.

I worry about what the staff and competitors will say.

I need you.

I suffered for you and brought the Matsubara Syndicate to where it is now.

My mind is made up. It's up to you.

We'll soon rig the bid for roadworks with the Tokutake Syndicate.

There'll be big money flowing in.

Things will get easy for the Matsubara Syndicate.

The workers will be happy.

And I'll marry you openly and above board.

Please wait. I understand what you're saying very well.

I also want to marry you.

But, Mr. Mishima, when I think of Koji, I want to stay close to him and look after him as he grows up.

Don't be angry.

My feelings are just very confused.

Young master! Young master!

Young master!

Whatever you say, their methods are dirty.

The work has been stopped, and we've heard nothing from you.

I came because I can't stand it anymore. I'll speak with Mr. Mishima about it.

Speaking of that Mishima fellow...

The Tokutake Syndicate are boasting that they got the next roadworks contract.

What? The tender's not even out yet.

It's the same with the hotel.

Young master, you have to think carefully about this.

I got it! Mishima is colluding with Tokutake to take over the syndicate.

He won't hand over the syndicate he's been in since before the war to a spring chicken.

When's the bid taking place? Today.

What time?

It's about to begin!

Yoshida Construction: 3,580,000,000 yen.

Matsubara Syndicate: 3,575,000,000 yen.

Tokutake Syndicate: 3,570,000,000 yen.

That's all.

We're having a humble banquet tonight and would like to invite you.

Thank you.

The outcome of today's tender for the construction of Motorway No 2. is that Tokutake's bid wins the contract.

Please wait! Hold on!

I have evidence that some bidders colluded before this tender.

Young master!

What are you saying? Don't talk nonsense.

How could your people have known you got the road and hotel contract before the bid?

What? We know you rigged the bid.

But don't you think it could cause an unpleasant incident?

Sir, the tender should be re-run.

I'm head of the Matsubara Syndicate. I want the tender to be re-run.

The bids have been chosen already.

With these allegations from our workers, this tender should be cancelled.

What nonsense are you talking? The tender can't be cancelled.

Calm down. Please calm down.

What is your name? Koji Matsubara.

From the Matsubara Syndicate.

In light of this objection, the outcome of today's tender is deferred.

We will notify you when we reach a result.

Mr. Tokutake!

Young master, why did you do that?

Who do you think helped the Matsubara Syndicate survive the debts we had?

I'm grateful to you, Mr. Mishima. Never mind me. It's thanks to Tokutake.

As for rigging this bid, he kindly brought us in on it.

If we don't get this money, the Matsubara Syndicate will be bankrupt.

Let it go bankrupt, then.

If we can't survive without these methods, we might as well end it.

Are you saying we should put hundreds of staff out on the streets?

I can't do that as executive director.

Mr Mishima! Please wait!.

If we need money, I'll do what I can.

I can provide about a million out of what my father left me.

That kind of small change is just a drop in the ocean.

I'll sell the house and land. Please, cut your ties with the Tokutake Syndicate.

It's strange. Why do you hate the Tokutake Syndicate so much?

Because the workers misunderstand you.

I want you to become a proper executive director.

For my mother's sake, so that she won't be embarrassed about you.

It's too late. You've already done too much damage.

Please wait!

My honor in the industry will never recover.

Why don't you have more confidence in yourself?

What you're doing is deceiving yourself.

Mr. Mishima! What are you doing?

Stop it!

If it wasn't because my mother likes you, I'd beat you up.

Stop it, Koji!

Nobody has done more to revive the Matsubara Syndicate than Mr. Mishima.

I know it very well. Please don't be so reckless.

I even agreed to this deal.

There was no other way for the Matsubara Syndicate.

Please understand this.


Are you saying it's fine to throw hundreds of workers out on the streets?

There was no other way for the Matsubara Syndicate but to rig the bids with Tokutake.

Please understand this, Koji.


I know my thinking is not wrong.

But in light of what mother says, it may be best to apologize to Tokutake.

I see. It's fine, as long as you understand.

I did it with the interests of the Matsubara Syndicate in mind.

I'm sorry. I sincerely apologize.

Let's call it water under the bridge.

But I'm a man of honor.

There will be another tender soon.

When that time comes, you have to give me your seal with no conditions.

Yes, and I will also ask Mr. Mishima to do so.

Well, shall we have a meal? I don't know...

It's fine.

Today, you'll socialize with me as the head of the Matsubara Syndicate.

Please. I'm not allowed to drink.

Come on, drink.

What? It's not worthy of the reputation of the head of the Matsubara Syndicate.

Come on.

Call some more girls to show him some proper entertaining.

What? Waiter!

It's for Mr. Tokutake.

It's no good. The bastard just doesn't get drunk, no matter how much we give him.

Hey, give him another one.

Here you are.

He said he'd bring his seal, but we have to wait until he falls over.

With that, we can put him in debt.

We'll use the same method as we did with Mishima.

Nice cufflinks. What?

Those ones.

They give them to all who have served the Tokutake Syndicate with distinction.

What do you mean by distinction?

The top brass get these. Only four people have got them so far.

Dad was thrown over the edge by someone.

When it happened, the cufflink came off.

Young master, let me show you a fun place.

Well? What do you think? I'm no good at this.

Now that you've come, you can't leave. I don't have any money.

I'll lend you as much as you need. Please, go ahead.

Each of these chips is worth 10,000 yen.

You have a hundred of them, so play as much as you like.

You're not doing too well here.

Lend him some more chips.

Here you are.

Mr. Tokutake, shall I deal the cards?

Shall we play on?

I won't fall for those tricks.

I'm not as easy to fool as Mr. Mishima.

I won't rig the bid with you after all.

Please excuse me.

Boss, can we just let this pass?

Won't you let me take care of him?

I'll show him what happens if you go against the Tokutake Syndicate.

And then Mary said:

"My spirit hath rejoiced in God. "


Battle positions! Line up! Line up properly!



Why don't we have someone like that here? Really!

It's terrible! We're under attack!


Wait! Don't fight!

What do you want? Nothing. We just came to say hello.

You bastard! Hey, you!

Hold it!

Don't be provoked by this scum. What did you say?

Is that the best you guys can do? You bastard!

Tell your boss to get better henchmen if he wants to take me down.

Damn! Get them!

Everybody, stop it! Stop!


Stay away from...

Nothing like this has ever happened since this school was founded.

It's all your responsibility, Mr. Matsubara.

I'm very sorry.

You think I'm a gangster? You're mistaken.

Expulsion? Expulsion.

I'm Yuriko Tokutake from 3A. What do you want?

Mr. Matsubara is not to blame. It's my father's fault.

What are you saying? Never mind. I know what's going on.

My father sent them to harass Mr. Matsubara for upsetting his business.

Is your father a gangster? Yes.

I take responsibility.

Please revoke Mr. Matsubara's expulsion. Don't be silly.

It's alright. It will wake up my father.

Headmistress, please.

I dislike strife. So both you and Mr. Matsubara are expelled.

That's ridiculous! It's my fault! I'm solely responsible for this.

She expelled him in the name of Jesus Christ.

What? That's outrageous!

Wait a minute!

It's unheard of for children to be held responsible for their families.

What vulgar Japanese you speak.

I learned my Japanese from a Tokyoite!

In any case, this incident has nothing to do with those guys.

This is about harassment by a criminal gang.

Whatever the reason is, I cannot tolerate fighting.

If the ringleaders are in the school, it becomes my responsibility.

They all fought to protect the school and the girls.

You're annoying. Go away.

If you don't leave the room, I'll hold you responsible as a teacher.

What did you say, you old hag? Old hag?

Yes, you old hag! Right, I resign.

It's my pleasure to resign.

But remember this: I have 700 pupils behind me Look!.

Headmistress, resign! Headmistress, resign!

Headmistress, resign! Headmistress, resign!

What on earth is this?

Are you trying to threaten me?

Sister Elizabeth, do you revoke Matsubara's expulsion?

Or do you want the consequences? It's one or the other.

Headmistress, resign! Headmistress, resign!


I'm embarrassed about my father.

We two may become each other's enemies.

Has something happened between you and my father?

Tell me. I can't right now.

I don't want to tell you.

I understand.

I understand what you're thinking.

Whatever it is, I won't be shocked.

But in exchange, please be my friend for ever.

Short-range 70, short-range 70.

Coming through loud and clear.

Short-range 70, short-range 70.

Would you like to place your orders? We already have.



This is for that customer. Yes, sir.

Just saying sorry is not good enough, Mr. Mishima.

I've lent you almost 10 million yen personally.

And I did that because you're in the Matsubara Syndicate.

If that whippersnapper stirs things up, I'll change my mind.

I will make sure you save face tomorrow at the repeat of the tender.

Can you do that?

His mother has the seal. She'll do whatever I tell her to.

At least I have that woman under control.

I'll put my faith in you once more, then.

In return, after we have crushed the Matsubara Syndicate...

We have a post ready for you.

Haven't we given you the cufflinks?

Do you distrust me? No, no!


It was you who lured the former head of the Matsubara Syndicate to the cliff.

So you can't wash your hands of it. You know too much, you see.

Hell! What kind of prank was that?

The old head of the Matsubara Syndicate performed Noh theatre.

So it's that brat who's harassing us? Yes, probably.


He's a child after all, playing such a silly prank.

But I don't think the brat would steal the cufflinks for no reason.


When you threw the old head off the cliff, you said your cufflink came off and we had to get you a spare one.

You fool! Even if a cufflink fell off, how would he know it was mine?

Actually, boss, the kid asked me about my cufflinks.

What? He asked how much gold was in them.

Did you tell him? Yes I'm sorry..

I never thought he'd ask because of that.

You idiot! Leave it.

Even if he got hold of one, it won't constitute conclusive evidence.

But boss...

Our main problem now is the seal for the tender tomorrow.

Make sure Mishima takes good care of that.

Let's take our time and think about how to punish the lad once the job's done.

I thought we could have tea together.

Mother... Yes, what?

Why are you collecting all those identical cufflinks?

I've seen these ones somewhere before.

It's nothing.

Mr. Mishima called and asked to have the seal sent over.

Would you like lemon?

I was going to give it to him, but I thought it'd be better if you did it.


If possible, I'd like you and Mr. Mishima to get on a bit better with each other.

I know how you feel, but there's something I want to make very clear to Mr. Mishima.

It's delicious Did you make it?. Yes.

That's right. I forgot I got a present for you.

What could it be?

It's a birthday present.

You must be tired from worrying so much about the company.

I thought you could take a relaxing trip for two or three days from tomorrow.


I'll mind the company, so you can go away with peace of mind.

I'm so happy.

There's also something I want to think about on my own.

There's also something I need to tell you when you come home.

Is there?

I think building roads is a proper man's job.

So I want the Matsubara Syndicate to become a solid company.

Come in.

You have a phone call from Araki-cho. Thank you.

It's Mrs. Sakae. It's a problem. What's a problem?

She keeps asking for you to join a dance performance.

What? Are you worried about that?

It's fine. I'll do it. Really, Koji?

Are you sure you don't mind? Thanks.

It's so stylish. Your father would be impressed if he saw this.

You'll miss your train if you don't leave soon.

After I've seen you on stage is soon enough.

I can't dance well with you watching.

Don't say that. I'm worried for you.

Will you please leave?

Yes, yes.

Mother, this is Mr. Tokutake's daughter.

I'm Koji's mother. Pleased to meet you.

I came because Koji called. I'd like to ask you a favor.

Just a minute.

There's something I'd like you to look after.

It's my seal. Guard it, not as Tokutake's daughter but as my most trusted friend.

I'll look after it.

I thought you didn't want to be my friend.

Didn't we promise to be friends forever? I'm so happy.

Take good care of it. Yeah.

Koji, my father is here too.

Yuriko, you can go to France.

Our takeover of the Matsubara Syndicate will be decided on today.

So I can pay for you to study abroad.

Are you taking over Koji's company?

All I'm waiting for is his seal. Mr. Mishima's going to bring it here.

Mr. Mishima.

We have a problem. The tender's at 2:00, but you haven't sent me your seal yet.

We only have an hour left. Please give it to me now.

Mr. Mishima, I have the seal, and I won't give it to you.

What? What are you saying, Koji?

I asked you last night to give him the seal.

Junko, may I ask you to step outside?

Little Junko...

Young master, I don't know what's on your mind, but if we don't bid this time, we'll be shut out of the industry.

It's as Mr. Mishima says. Please give him the seal.

What will happen if the Matsubara Syndicate is shut out?

Please go ahead of me, dear. I'll get the seal to you later.

Stop it, Mother.

Don't be fooled. The only one who's in trouble is Mr. Mishima.

What are you saying, Koji? I didn't want to have to tell you this.

That's why I wanted you to go travelling.

That man has no value as a human being!

I'll make sure you save face at the tender tomorrow.

Can you do it?

The lady has the seal.

She'll do whatever I tell her to do. At least I have that woman under control.

I'll put my faith in you once more, then.

In return, when we've crushed the Matsubara Syndicate...

We have a post ready for you.

Didn't we give you the cufflinks?

I don't want you to hear what comes next.

No matter how miserable a person you are, I respect self-awareness.

Please turn yourself in to the police. Hold on!

Please! It wasn't me who killed the old head. It was Tokutake.

Tokutake threw him over the cliff. I know.

Tokutake threatened me and I lured the head to the cliff.

It's true. If I knew Tokutake would kill him, I'd never have done it.

Please! At least believe this. Please!

Everything I told Tokutake was untrue.

I only rigged the bids for the sake of the company.

I would have cut ties with him for the company.

Mr. Mishima, this is undignified.

It's true. If you don't believe me, ask your mother.

She knows very well how I feel.

Please leave.

When I see you, I feel ashamed of myself.


Get lost! And don't ever show your face at the company again!


Sorry about this.

Koji, you're on soon.

Let's get you ready.

I'll watch you perform.

I'll be right back.

Please give me the tape.

Were you going to have me arrested? I don't know.

It was you who lured the former Matsubara head out.

You can't wash your hands of it.

Mother's in trouble! She's in danger!

Where are you going? Your father killed Koji's father!

He lured him to a cliff and threw him off it.

Your father's a murderer!

Do you believe what she says? There isn't a shred of evidence.

Mrs. Matsubara?

It's on Koji's tape recorder.

Daddy, what will you do to them?

I'd never do anything bad. I just need young Koji to keep his promise.

That's all.

All you need is Koji's seal, right? Yes.

If I get his seal, I won't have to do anything unpleasant.


Shall we kill them? We have to, for our own survival.

How about using the same method we used for the old Matsubara head?

We could push the car off the cliff with these two in it.

The police will think they drove over the edge by accident.

Shoji can deal with the young punk.

Where did that bastard go?

What seems to be the matter? Well...

Hey, Mishima.

Where do you think you're going?

OK, let's go.

What's up?

Something's underneath! What?

What are you waiting for? Hurry up and finish Koji off!

Junko! Junko!

Junko! Junko!

Koji! Mother!


Watch out!

Daddy, don't! Please! For my sake, don't do any more bad things.

Madam, what's wrong with you?

Daddy, I have Koji's seal.

If you want it that badly, I'll give it to you.

But what will you do? If you get the seal now, what will you do?


Confess what you did to Koji's father.


Please confess!

The police are coming. I called them.

Watch out!


It was me who put pressure on your father.

I'm sorry to have made you sad.

I should have kept the unhappiness at bay and suffered it alone.

Koji, please forgive my father.

Yuriko doesn't seem to be coming.

She's here!

So Yuriko doesn't seem to be coming. Shall we start rehearsing?

Who will play the guitar? You don't understand how we feel, sir.

I understand.

I understand very well.

Whether it's in Japan or America, friendship is the same.

We were all waiting for you.


Well, it's time to practice.

Bright red and burning That's a man's optimism That's right, that's so!

Just follow the Knights They run at the speed of light through the shadows Who are they? Who can they be?

The Tokyo Knights We knights will punish all evil And defend you Come on, let's go!

The young Tokyo Knights THE END