Tomorrow, When the War Began (2010) Script

I'm not gonna hold back.

I warned the others that I wouldn't.

Recording it like this is so important to us.

I guess it's our way of telling ourselves that we matter.

That we mean something.

Maybe... some of the things we've done... and the friends that we've lost... hopefully it all makes a difference somehow.

There's only one way to do this.

And that's to go back to where it all began.


What, with Kevin? When?

Last night. He came over to help with the shearing.

Some sheep got out and dad went after them.

We were all by ourselves for, like, 20 minutes.

You did it in a shearing shed? -In the bed of soft pure merino wool.

My God, you're such a nympho.

You can talk, Ellie. What about you and Steve at rehearsals last year.

Oh please, we never went that far. -Now... pinky swear not to tell.

Pinky swear? Is that not something we stopped doing in second grade?

Corrie's been my best mate for as long as I can remember.

Whenever I had a problem, I'd go tell Corrie and somehow, she'd always fix it.

So, how was it? -Well, not how I expected.

I feel different somehow. Like a real woman.

I wanna do more, see more. I wanna be more.

What would you wanna do?

How about a trip before we get back to school?

We haven't been at the river in ages. -Sure.

Maybe dad will let us have a Land rover.

Maybe Kevin can come with us?

I see. You'd like to have more sex, is that it? -No... Well, yeah.

Look, we'll get a bunch of us together and... if your dad lets us have a Land rover, we should go further up the river than we've ever been before.

Even up to Taylor's Stitch. And all the way into Hell.

Hell is on the other side of Taylor's Stitch. Nobody goes there.

Yes. Why don't you go up the river again? You always loved that.

Because we wanna go somewhere we haven't gone before.

Make it a real adventure. -Why Land rover? Why not the bikes?

Or horses even. Like in an old fashioned camp out. That'd be fun.

Guys, I'm not ten anymore.

Besides, if there was an emergency, wouldn't you prefer that I had Land rover?

I don't know, Ellie. It's a pretty big ask.

Like it or not, dad, I'm turning 18 this year.

Don't you think it's time I started showing initiative and... independence and all those other good things?

C'mon. It's just a couple of days.

What's the worst that could possibly happen?

But the show is on this weekend. -So what?

Do you really care if your mom wins best decorated cake?


I always pictured Kevin in 20 years being president of the Show Society, and bringing up his 3 kids. -Alright.

With Corrie, if she got her way. -Anything for you.

And she usually did.

Please, tell him he can go to the bloody show if he wants to.

There's plenty of guys who'd kill to come with us.

Come on, who else can we ask? -Somebody fun.


I'll see you next weekend, sunshine.

Homer grew up on the farm next to mine. He was kind of like a brother to me.

He was always getting into trouble. Both in school and out.

The new police sergeant arrested him 3 times in one week.

Hey, sarge, how're you going? Good?

That didn't slow down Homer.

-Alright. -Yeah? How's the wife, is she good?

I think it was the proud rebellious greek side of him.

He just didn't care what he did. Or what anyone thought of him.

How about it? Are you in or are you out?

Yeah, I'll have a go at that. Just you girls going?

-Yeah, and Kevin. -It'll be good for you to have a man around.

To do all the hard work for you.

Well, that's four. Anyone else?

What about Fiona Maxwell?

Fifi, out in the bush? Seriously?

Oh gosh! You really want me?

Fi was the only person I knew under 60 who said 'gosh'.

Well, no. But our parents said we had to bring someone along with a little bit of class. To balance out all us inbred rurals.

She lived in town, but we liked her anyway.

Okay. Give me a sec and I'll ask mom.

Mommy, can I please go camping with the girls this weekend?

Camping, out in the bush? Seriously?

I'll admit it, Lee was an odd choice.

He was always working in his mom and dad's restaurant, or of course...

... playing piano.

Everyone else thought he was strange. I just thought he was interesting.

May I take your order? -No, sorry, I don't wanna order anything.

Is this for pick-up or for take-away?

No, I would like to speak to your son Lee. Is he available?

You have menu? -No. Yes I do, but I don't wanna order anything.

What you want? -I want Lee.

Your son Lee. I want Lee.

I want Lee. -This is Lee.

Good evening. This is Ellie Linton.

I sat next to you in geography last year. It was on tuesdays.

I have... sort of longish dark hair. -Yeah, I know who you are, Ellie.

Good. Well, some friends of mine and I are...

We're skipping the show this weekend and we're going camping instead.

I was... We were wondering if... maybe... if you wanted to...

... come with us? Or not?

No, that would be awesome. -Really?

Oh, good. I'll put you down then.

It was actually... -My mom makes me go help out now.

Can you text me the details?

Yes, I can... Yes. I'll do that.

Alright. See you. -B... bye.

Lee made it six. But dad said we had to have eight.

Eventually we compromised on 7, as long as Robyn was the 7th.

Sorry, Robyn. If it was just you girls...

... but with boys? Not without an adult present.

Of course, if parents ever had a daughter they could trust, it was Robyn.

Well, the boys will be in separate tents, dad.

And besides, this camping trip isn't about...

... romance or anything. It's more about getting back to nature.

You know, we're all kind of... cooped up in this modern environment, and I think this camping trip will help me to help my friends become closer to God.

Because we need to share a spiritual connection.

If parents were present, I don't think that I'd be able to reach these girls.

And these boys as much as I would like to.

Are you alright, Fi? You're looking a bit pale.

You look like you're gonna...

It's stuck in the back of your throat, isn't it?

You're trying to swallow it all down.

But it just keeps coming back up.

Okay, I got it.

How much stuff do you need? -Oh my God Ellie, look at this!

Wait, what is this? Makeup?

You never know who you're going to meet.

Hey, you can see Cobbler's Bay from here.

You can even see the Heron Bridge.

How far do you reckon we've come? -That was the easy part.

From here on, we walk.

Ready? On the count of three. One...

Give me a decent throw, sweetheart.

Let's go.

I meant to do that.

Homer, do you even know where we're going?

There's a clearing up ahead.

This is very pretty for Hell.

I wonder how long it's been since anyone's been down here.

I wonder if anyone has ever been down here, I mean... why would anyone else've bothered? -Maybe we're the first ones to see it.

There's no reception. -What were you expecting, broadband?

Couldn't hurt.

You, what's your name. Go get some firewood, will you?

It's Lee.

Ellie, what are we having for dinner?

Two-minute noodles. -Oh, great!

What are they?

You've never heard of two-minute noodles?

No, my mom is really into health foods.

It's an awesome feeling to realise you're about to change someone's life forever.

You haven't got 2000 dollars.

Wait a sec, not one guy asked you out last year?

No. Why would they?

Why? You're beautiful, Fi.

My mom is beautiful. I'm just...

You remember, I had braces for like two years.

I still wear glasses and it's not...

She was Miss Wirrawee three years in a row.

I actually asked her if I should enter this year, but she didn't think that was a good idea.

Anyway, I'm doing really well at school at the moment, so...

... doesn't matter.

And, you know, a guy will ask me out one day.

I just don't know when. Or who.

Which is exciting.

Boys are idiots. -Fun idiots.

You shall not pass.

What's that smell?

-Jet fuel. -What?

Just a bunch of army planes going somewhere.

El, what do you think of Fi?

I love Fi, you know that. She seems so perfect.

I guess she thinks I'm a total loser, huh?

I don't think she hates you. -Yeah, but... you know.

She lives in that big house. Talks like Mrs Hamilton.

Me and my family... we are just greek peasants to people like her.

Why don't you ask her out?

I don't know.

Girl as pretty as that must get asked out all the time.

Did anyone else hear those planes last night?

Yeah. There was six lots of them. They were flying really low.

No, there were dozens and dozens. We were counting them, Lee and me.

Lee and I. -But seriously, what do you think those planes were doing?

Maybe they weren't even ours.

It's probably the start of World War Three and we don't even know.

Alright, who's having rabbit?

Is there any chocolate left? -Sadly, we're all out.

Oh look, I found some. -Don't be a dickhead. Give it back!

Thank you. Kevin? -I was gonna give you some.

So beautiful out here.

I wonder why they call it Hell.

I guess cause it's so wild and untamed and stuff. Right?


Wild is difficult. And it's wonderful and fascinating.

But it's not Hell. People call it that. People stick labels on things.

Until nobody can see them for who or what they really are anymore.

Hey, what's going on? -There's a bloody snake in my sleeping bag.

Are you sure, mate? I can't see anything.

What kind of snake was it? -I didn't look.

Lot of red bellies out here. -Are they deadly?

No. Well... if they bite you.

Shake it.

The bag, Beyonce.

Don't lift it too high.

I got it, I got it!

I was just about to do that myself.

Christ, that's a big one!

Are you alright? -Yeah.


I'm not sleeping in that bag again. Jesus Christ!

-No need to swear. -Kevin, no need to bloody swear.

Is it dead? -Looks dead. Wait...

Nobody's laughing, Homer.

Hey, Fi. Why did you go into the river?

To get away from the snake, of course.

You do know that snakes can swim, right? -No, they can't.

-Yeah they can. -Snakes can't swim.

They don't have fins. They slither. -They slither through water.

-No, they don't. -What about sea snakes?

Oh my God!

I could've died!

Oh, Fifi!

Can I go home now?

Do we have to go back?

Well, I'm excited about a hot shower. And a pillow.

A pillow would be nice. Let's do this again.

Back here in the same place. -With the same people.

-If we can find it again. -We'll find it again.

Let's keep it quiet or everyone will start coming here and the place will be wrecked in no time.

Ladies and gentlemen... and Homer.

To Hell! -To Hell.

-Cheers. -Cheers.

Ellie, what's with your dog? -Millie!

Mom! Mom?

Dad! Hallo!

Where are you parents? -I don't know.

-Maybe they left a note. -Did they say they were going away?

-What's the story, El? -I've no idea. They should be here.

-Let's ring my parents. -No, ring Homer's. They're closer.

There's no dial tone. -What?

What about TV?

Maybe your grandmother got sick so they left... -And cut the phone lines?

-Some big electrical problem? -No, they wouldn't leave Millie to...

Oh, stinks! -Power must be out. I'll check the generator.

Where's your laptop?

-Shit! -Ellie, let's go to Homer's.

-Ellie... -What?

-Maybe not a good idea. -Stop the car. Let me out!

Mama! Papa!

Wait, where's Lee going? Lee?

What are you doing?

We shouldn't leave it in the open. -Remember the planes?

We weren't in the open. Are you serious?


I already tried that.

Real quiet out there. -Did you send out a call?

Wouldn't be safe.

No! I know what you're thinking and it's not possible.

Absolutely, completely impossible.

That kind of stuff just doesn't happen here. Not in this country.

We gotta be careful. It could be a lot at stake here.

She's right. We've got to assume something bad has happened.

Of course something bad has happened. My dog is dead.

-I didn't mean it like that. -Shut up! Everyone shut up!

Jesus Christ, what is going on?

Kevin's place was next. I don't remember who suggested it, but we decided to stay off the main roads.

Mom! Dad! Mitchell!



Looks alright. -He always has a bucket of food and some water. Don't you, boy?

You can't bring that.

You think I'm just gonna leave him here? I'm not leaving him!

Stop it!

I'm not leaving him!

He's got a point.

Let's take Flip to Corrie's and then we can make another decision depending on what we find there. Agreed?

Flip, let's go.


That's four out of four. The rest of you live in town.

Robyn's house is on Coachman's Lane. That's probably the closest.

Yeah, you can see most of Wirrawee from the hill at the back.

It might tell us something. -Then we go to Robyn's next.

Flip, sit. Stay.

Please don't touch that. -Let's go up that hill.

Something's going on at the Showground.

I think that's where everyone is. -What about those other lights?

Hospital. Must be using the emergency generators.

Maybe we should split up.

Split up? No, we can't. We have to stay together.

We need to be out of town before dawn. Just in case.

I'll take Fi to her house. Lee, you take Robyn to yours.

We'll meet back here at 5 a.m.

So we just stay here?

You get to go to the Show.

Whose voices are those? -I don't know.

I think we should go back. -No. Wait.

We have to get a better look before we leave.

Better look at what, Ellie? Let's go!

One of us has to get closer before we go. We gotta see what's going on.

I'm not leaving Corrie here.

-I'll go. -Ellie!

If anything happens, run.

Do not try to escape or you will be shot.


This is bloody ridiculous. I've been waiting in this stupid line for 2 hours!

Who do you people think you are?

Hands off me.

Are you okay?

Where's Kevin?

Quick! They're coming!

Ellie... -What? -Can we stop?

Corrie, c'mon! Please! Please.

Come on.

Where are they now? -I don't know. -Guys!

Kevin! Oh my God! What happened to you?

I thought that you're ahead of me, so I just... I just ran.

Ellie said that if anything was to happen to run.

-Oh my God! -Go!

C'mon, c'mon...

Let's go.

-I hurt my knee. -C'mon, we gotta keep moving.

Are you alright? -No. I cut it. Jesus!

Give me your shirt. Quick.

Singlet, it's better. Quick. Get me a stick or something.

Stay here.

Ellie, hurry up!

Quick, get back!

-Will this do? -Yeah, quick.

Ellie, they are coming. -Alright.

Light it.

Light it.

Corrie, we gotta get out of here. Get up, c'mon. Ellie, let's go!

Hang up.

She wasn't much older than I was.

And she looked just as scared.

I'll never forget her.

Ellie, we don't have time. -Come on!

Thank God! We heard an explosion.

-Yeah, that was us. -Are you alright? -Yeah.

Flip! There he is. Good boy!

Where did all those soldiers come from?

Where did you get this thing?

Wait, where's Robyn and Lee?

They haven't come back yet. -It's almost 6 a.m.

We were just about to give up on all of you.

We have to go and find them then, don't we? -Ellie...

Homer, we have to go find them. -It's daylight now.

-I'm not leaving them. -We're not leaving them.

We'll come back tonight when it's safer.

Yeah cause there'll be soldiers crawling all over town by now.

I mean... after what you did.

We will find them. Ellie, I promise.

El... El... come on.

-Wait, just... -No, don't touch me.

Sit down over there. -Are you alright?

I'll get us some food. -Thank you.

So, any idea whose army it is? -We didn't exactly stop to ask.

We'll ask Robyn. She's good with flags and things like that.

All I can say is they are not greek. -It doesn't matter who they are, because they're here. We just got to deal with it.

Alright, mate. Calm down.

No, seriously, what difference does a flag make?

Fi made this for you.

Her house is empty too? -Yeah.

There are soldiers everywhere.

We crawled all the way back to Robyn's.

Not bad for a first date.

The others told me what happened.


It's not your fault.

It's not your fault. It's theirs.

It's all theirs.

You're changing. -Yeah?

-For better or worse? -Better. Definitely better.

Looks good.

Fi'd always say she'd be a doctor.

You're gonna have to forgive him sooner or later, you know.

He just left us, Ellie.

He just ran and left us.

I thought he loved me.

Do you remember how many hours we used to spend up here?

You mean the tea parties?

We were so innocent back then. And now I...

I feel like we were innocent right up until yesterday.

We didn't believe in Santa Claus or anything like that.

You know, we believed in other fantasies.

We believed we were safe.

I guess that was the biggest fantasy of them all, right?

Do you ever think we'll see Robyn and Lee again?

That's one of ours!

How many planes do we have?

One less now.

How's this?

I'm going to Wirrawee with Ellie and we look for Robyn and Lee.

You three go back to my place and load up the Land rover.

Seems a hell of a risk going back into Wirrawee.

What if it was you they're going back for?

Don't ask me to go with you. -He's not.

Good, because I'm not bloody going.

Jesus, Kevin. Everything is a risk from now on.

We can't sit around here forever. The biggest risk is to take no risk.

Alright. But if we can't stay here where do you want us all to go?


We're not taking your teddies. -Not all of them, just one.

We can't take things like that. -Why can't we?

This isn't a picnic, El. We have to start acting like soldiers.

One mistake and... it's all over.

Can we take my mom's crowns and sashes? -Yeah, and photos. Don't forget photos.

Geez, we're gonna need a trailer pretty soon.

Look, if you can take teddies, crowns and photos, I might aswell take my dad's bloody football trophies.

Oh, and dog food for Flip. Lots of dog food. Write that down.

-He can eat rabbit. -What about wire cutters?

Now that's a great idea.

Two T's.

What about guns? -We'll take our own guns.

Just turn it off. -No, I can fix this. Hang on.

The pipe's burst again.

So, we've got plenty of ammo for the rifles, and a full magazine for that.

I got it!

What's that?

We forgot to have someone on watch.

Don't touch the curtains.

Spread out! Go into different rooms.

If you see anything, yell out. But stay hidden.


Flip, get inside!

It's here!

Did they see you? -I don't know.



Stay still!

Good thing you're so skinny.

Hey guys, I think it's coming back.

Flairs. They're marking the house.

-Thanks a lot, Homer. -No one asked your opinion, mate.

They know we're here now. -Of course they know. They saw us through the window.

But they didn't know we had guns!

Let's get out of here. C'mon, let's get out of here, now!

Go, go, go...

Go, go, move it!


Run! -Flip!

Leave him! -No!

Homer was right.

Hell was the only safe place for us now.

But first we had to find Robyn and Lee.

What's wrong? -The Heron Bridge!

Jesus, look at them all.

They are coming up from Cobbler's Bay.

I bet you this is one of the first places they captured.

It's probably full of ships right now.

Yeah. And our bridge gives them direct access to it.

I've always hated that bridge.

Come on, we have to get to Robyn's house.



How did you know it was her? -That's her dad's walking stick.

What was she gonna do, beat us with it?

Ellie, thank God!

-Are you hurt? -No, no, I'm fine.

Where is Lee?

He's been shot.

Wait here a minute.

Someone should go with her.

All clear. Let's go.

Robyn. Go, go, go...

Don't point that thing at me. -This is dr Clement.

It's okay, he's my dentist. He works across the street.

-Dr Clement, it's me. It's Robyn. -Quiet down, the lot of you.

Don't you know there's a bloody war going on?

Shine that here.

How is it? -He was lucky. The bullet went right through.

Thank you. -You picked the hell of a weekend to go camping.

We heard the planes, but we didn't see any...

That's how they did it. Freighter planes and container ships.

Took all the ports and runways in the first 24 hours.

News said there was some kind of explosion at the airfield.

None of us paid much attention to it. Next thing you know, they are rolling across the bridge in their tanks and trucks, rounding up everyone, taking them all to the Showground.

Lee's whole family. Yours too.

And mine? -Yours I don't know anything about.

What about my parents? George and Martha Yannos.

Did they ever get their teeth fixed? -No.

Then how the hell would I know who they are? -I was just asking, doc.

I've been hiding in the closet for three straight days, living in my own piss and shit, just waiting for them to come and find me.

I thought I'll finally snap when I saw you carrying Lee in here.

-You carried him? -Yeah, I had to.

If his leg starts to hurt, you gotta give him another shot.

Wait, you're not staying with us?

Look, I took a hell of a risk coming down here for Lee, alright?

I've done enough. I've gotta go.

Wait, dr Clement. Are there any others out there? Like us?

Oh, yeah. I've seen few people try to do some things.

Try to be heroes.

Apparently one group even tried to blow up Heron bridge.

To stop all those bloody convoys coming up from Cobbler's Bay.

They all paid the price.

Are you okay?

I think we should get a vehicle. -We always had two.

First one you dump somewhere. Second one is a getaway car.

-So, you had practice at this? -Great. I'll just go get mom's car, park it at the front and ask soldiers to look the other way, shall I?

Sorry. I'm just... tired.

How about if we get something silent?

Golf carts, shopping trollies... -Prams, pushers...

Wheelchairs? -Yeah, could you ride in a wheelchair?

I could, but the more I move the more it hurts. -Wait...

What if we're going about this the wrong way?

What do you mean?

We're thinking of quiet sneaky little things, right?

What if we went to the other extreme?

Rock up in something so indestructible that it wouldn't matter who saw us.

Such as?


Let's go!

Are you alright? -Hang on. -What?

-I can't climb up there. -Get in the bucket.

-In this? -Yeah.

I thought you said you could drive this thing.

I said I can drive a tractor. Get in.

Oh shit.

Drive, Ellie. Drive!

Take this, shoot back at them! -No, I won't do it.

This is no time to get religious. -I said no!

You're bleeding!


I hope Homer's got a getaway car. -I hope he remembers where to meet us.

Even Homer knows how to find a bloody church. -Ellie!

Start praying again.

Lord, forgive us our sins...

Hold on!

I think we lost one of them.

We lost a tire!

You're driving in circles! -I'm doing the best I can!

You are dangerous. -That's what my driving instructor said.

He's still chasing us!

How do you dump the rubbish? -That switch, I think.

Who is dangerous now? -Do you think any of them got hurt?

Don't worry. God will understand.

Where's Homer?

He's supposed to be here. Where is he?

Maybe he got caught.

We have to keep going, get out of town.

No. Ellie, we've got to wait for Homer.

How long do you think it's gonna be before they send another vehicle?

Or even a helicopter? We have to leave now!

Sorry I'm late. I forgot where the bloody church was.

Why are we stopping? -I have to rest.

Move over, I'll drive. -No, dad said only I...

Just don't, okay?

This is Chris Lang's house.

Oh, that guy is such a weirdo. -He's a genius, Kevin.

-He's a bloody stoner. -Stoners are people too.

I don't really care as long as there's a soft bed in there.

And maybe a toothbrush. -I've got a spare toothbrush.

Chris says his father was born on the corner of Straight and Narrow.

And that he was born in the other end of town.

The day before it all began, mom and dad left for Saudi Arabia.

So, here I am. Alone.

And the power goes off at like nine...

... or ten. Nine.

Yeah, nine. So I think, okay.

I better ring up and find out what's going on.

I'm an idiot. The phones are down too.

So, I'm so bent by this point. Like, I'm really stoned. I'm baked.

Anyway, I walk down to the car...

... and dad, get this right, dad has locked the car and taken the keys with him.

I think he's such a wanker for doing that.

You know, like he didn't even trust me with a car for one week.

So now, I have to walk to the Ramseys' place.

And it is far. Like, take what you think is far, time it by like 10, say.

And that's how far it was. And when I get there...

... nobody is at home. And it's like... oh, great!

Because the next place is even further.

Anyway, I walk around the corner.

And I can see the Ramseys in their truck.

They'd hit a tree.

But that's not what has killed them.

They've been shot.

They've been shot?!

Like no one gets shot. And I mean, heaps of times.

Mr Ramsey, Mrs Ramsey, even baby Jessica's been shot.

So, I think to myself...

Either I've been smoking some really weird shit, or this isn't your typical day in Wirrawee.

Anyway, I've just been by myself ever since, really.

Just chilling out. It's been nice.


How funny are dogs?

How does it feel to get shot?

I didn't even feel it at first. But by the time I got back to the restaurant, it felt like my whole leg was on fire.

Like somebody was pulling a barbed wire throught it.

They wrecked your restaurant?


I used to hate that place.

Working there, being there. Just living there.

I felt like I was in prison or something.

But you know, I helped make that place what it was.

So when someone smashes a window, they are smashing glass that I hand-polished a thousand times.

Or they are tearing curtains that my mom and I hand-stitched.

You get a certain type of attachment to the place.

It's weird. Takes on its own kind of beauty.

You know, I always used to look forward to geography.

I should go back and check on Chris. -Chris?

Yeah, I left him on watch.



Chris? Hey!

Get up. Get up!

Are you awake now, you little shit? -Geez Ellie, take it easy.

-Take it easy? -Yeah, I just shut my eyes for a second.

Don't you understand how it's all changed, Chris? Don't you get it?

-Yeah, I do. I do get it. -If we take it easy any more...

We might aswell shoot each other now and get it over with.

Okay I get it. I do.

I'm sorry. I'm really really sorry.

Must be that time of the month.

Shoot me. -What are you doing? -Go on Chris, shoot me!

-I don't wanna shoot you. -You can't kill me while I'm awake?

-Geez Ellie, it was an accident. I'm sorry. -Bullshit you're sorry!

People are dying out there, Chris. Families have been split apart.

We've seen homes blown to pieces.

Yet you're up here having a fuckin vacation.

So, go on. Don't wait for me to fall asleep.

Buck up, be a man, look me in the eye and pull the trigger.

Ellie, please... -No? -What are you doing?

Do you know what penalty is for falling asleep at your post?

Do you know what they used to do? -No, Ellie...


Put the gun down, please. I said I'm sorry. Please!

He risked all our lives.


It's Chris.

It's just Chris.

How long have I been asleep?

About 16 hours.

How's Chris?

Still pretty shaken.

You gave him a hell of a fright, you know.

I'll apologize when he wakes up.

I promise.

Actually, he wants to apologize to you.

You were right, El.

You went a little overboard about it, but you were right.

You're a good mate, Corrie.

And you're a bloody nutcase.

-Good book? -Better than the movie.

Yeah, books usually are.

The general repeated his claim that the Coalition nations can no longer support their booming populations.

And that Australia must be made to share her vast land and extensive natural resources with her less fortunate neighbors.

In this way, general hopes the invasion will balance the economic scales within the region and eventually lead to a new era of peace and stability.

Meanwhile, more than half a million Coalition forces are pouring into Australia though three captured ports.

These ports have now being identified as Townsville, Port Headland and Cobbler's Bay.

-You heal well. -I have good genes.

There's something I've been meaning to ask you.

You know at Chris' house the other day when I was... playing with your hair and then... -Yeah, all right.

I know what we did. -Okay, I thought you might have forgotten.

What, do you think I do that stuff so often that I forget about it?

But you've hardly spoken to me since then.

-I'm just confused. -About me?

Yeah, about you, about us. About this war.

About this mess that we found ourselves in.

The truth is, half the time I have no idea what I'm doing.

So then, I do these things, and they don't always mean what I think they mean. Do you know what I mean?

No, I've no idea what you mean. -Okay...

Look, it meant something then and it does mean something now, but... I don't think it means what you'd wanted it to mean.

-Do you just not like me? -No, Lee. I like you, okay?

I like you very much. But right now, you're driving me crazy.

I don't know why I was talking the way I was.

All I really wanted to do is hold him and tell him that everything is gonna be alright.

I just didn't know if it was.

None of us did.

All we could say for sure was that for now, we were free.

But we've done nothing to earn our freedom.

Not yet, anyway.

The way I see it, these are our choices.

One: we can sit here and do nothing.

Come out when the war's over. I don't know about you guys... but I'm not so good at doing nothing.

Two: we can all try to be heroes.

Rescue our families from the Showgrounds.

But like dr Helpful said, we'll probably pay the price.

Or three: we can go out there, at night. Guerrilla style.

Using hit and run tactics and take back Wirrawee.

Maybe even help win this thing. -Yeah, you're right.

We were born here. We know this country better than they do.

We can use that to our advantage. Plant traps, ambush them, pick them off.

-You're talking about murder. -It's not murder if it's in a war.

What about the Bible, "thou shall not kill". What about that?

David killed Goliath. -That doesn't apply in a situation that is a metaphor.

Do you think it's fair, do you? -No. -Just let them walk in, take everything they want and our parents worked so hard for?

No Kevin, I don't think it's fair. I don't think it's fair at all.

Are you in or are you out?

Well, I feel like I should be out.

But I can't stop thinking about the coincidence that... from all the weekends that we could've chosen to go camping, we chose that weekend. God spared us for a reason.

And I think he wants us to do something.

So I will help you Homer, but I'm not going to murder anybody.

All this talk scares me to death, but...

I think we have to fight back anyway.

We'll never sleep again if we don't. -We'll never sleep again if we did.

-What are you chicken, Chris? -You'd know all about that, wouldn't you?

There's nothing chicken about staying alive, mate.

We're not even trained for this stuff. What would our parents say?

They'd say the most important thing is our safety.

They wouldn't want us dead in exchange for them being alive.

I suppose when the time comes, I'll do what I have to do.

What worries me though is that...

I can't guarantee that I'm not gonna pack up under pressure.

I'm so scared and...

I think that I might just stand there and scream.

None of us knows how we're gonna react when shit hits the fan.

You've done alright so far. Well, for a townie.

We have to do something. I'm not just gonna sit here.

And do nothing.

I'm different to all of you. I have blood on my hands.

I can't tell if what I did was right or wrong.

I'd like to think it was to save my friends, or as part of some noble crusade to save my country.

Really it just comes down to the fact that I valued my life over theirs.

How many people is it okay to kill in order to keep me alive?

At what point do we lose our souls, if we haven't already?

In the end I think we just have to trust our instincts.

After all, it is all we have left, isn't it?

What do your instincts tell you?

That it's time to go to war.

What are we gonna do? Blow it up?

Cobbler's Bay is one of their key ports.

And this bridge is the only way in or out.

It's the key to everything.

If they can't resupply their soldiers, then they can't fight.

They've got sentries. -We have to find the way to distract them.

Remember what dr Clement said?

About how other people tried to blow up that bridge before?


Couple of years ago me and some mates came up with the way to take this bridge down. Just for fun.

That's hardly reassuring, knowing your mates.

Can you drive a petrol tanker?

-Hurry up. -Okay.


-Big one? -The big one.

There! They are there. In the window.

Wait! -What? -Can I do it?

I've always wanted to smash a window.

-One more. -Fi! Just...

Do it!

Fi, run!


Turn around!

Do not move!

-Guys, are you there? -We're all set. We can see you.

Don't come any closer. Wait there till we get the word from Homer.

Lee and me are almost there. -Lee and "I".

Okay, we're in the position too. I can see 10 soldiers on the bridge.

We've only got about 15 minutes before the next convoy comes along.

We'll call you when we're ready. -Okay honey, we'll be waiting.

Did you just call him 'honey'? -Homer. I called him 'Homer'.

No, you just called him 'honey'. -I didn't. -Yes you did, I heard you.

It may have sounded like 'honey' but I definitely said 'Homer'.

-Go. Go. -You gotta hiss like a snake.

No, no, like a snake.

So, princess Fifi has the hots for a rough as guts Homer.

Have you kissed him? -Would you mind if I had?

Me? Are you serious? Of course not.

I just know that you two are close.

-No, never like that. -Okay, good.

Well then, yes I have.

Is he a good kisser?

Actually no, I don't wanna know. Don't tell me. It's kinda gross.

-He's a great kisser. -Great. Now I know.

But he's so down on himself.

He's got this weird thing about my parents being lawyers.

And he always used to joke about it.

But I don't think he's really joking at all.

Jesus, Fi, how long did it take to figure that out? -What do you mean?

You know the kind of guys he knocks about. They're just... more at home hanging out at the pub than playing croquet with your parents.

My parents don't play croquet.

Ellie. Ellie!

Fi! Behind you!

Homer is like two people. He's so confident with a group, and then he's super shy with me. I just don't understand.


If I could understand Homer I'm sure I'd understand all guys.

Like Lee?

How did you know about that? -C'mon Ellie, everybody knows.

God, this is worse than recess.

They can't hear us.

Homer, you have to go now. -But we're still not ready.

There are soldiers creeping up behind tanker and Ellie's not answering me.

Ellie, pick up.

Just think about it. The eight of us are living out in the bush.

And the entire world is completely turned upside down.

I'd just hate to be responsible for ruining whatever little good we did have by Lee and me having a falling out.

Look, Ellie. I'm no expert on relationships or anything.

But I do know that you have this tendency to reason everything through all the time, and I just think the future is the future.

It has to take care of itself.

And by the way, it's Lee and 'I'.

Get out of the truck!

Move! Drive!

Here goes the brilliant plan.

Ellie, I'm so sorry I turned it off. -Doesn't matter.



Ellie, we need the lighter. -You were to bring it.

No, you were to bring the lighter.

I don't have it.

Christ, the soldiers!

Where the hell is Kevin going?

Robyn, we can't get to you. -Don't worry about us, just go!

You guys take this one. Corrie, you're with me.

Run Homer, let's go! Hurry up, they're coming!



Corrie? Corrie!

Get away!

Come on.



It was so much bigger than I expected. -That's the biggest joint I've ever lit.

Did you see the bridge?

Corrie! Oh my God, what happened?

She got shot as we were driving away.

I can't... I can't stop the bleeding.

We'll take her to go see dr Clement.

He can fix her the same way that he fixed Lee.

-She needs a hospital, Fi. -I'm gonna get the Land rover.

-Ellie... -Hey. Hey!

You have to leave me.

No, I'm not leaving you. -She's right.

It sounds cruel, but the only thing to do is ring the bell and run.

-What? -No!

-No I can't leave her. I won't. -We have to be rational about this.

If we take her to the hospital, we will get caught.

No, I don't give a shit what's rational. Alright?

Corrie is our mate.

She is our mate. And I...

I love her.

I'm taking her in.

I'm staying with her.

I'm staying.

Good luck, mate.

I'll come get you when you're better. Okay?

Pinky swear.

We've hit them.

Hit them hard.

They are gonna be coming after us now with everything they've got.

And they did come after us.

For three weeks now, we've seen... dozens of planes and helicopters and search parties.

But they haven't found us yet.

Which means Corrie and Kevin have told them nothing.

A month ago, we were just an average bunch of teenagers.

Studying for school and complaining about our parents.

Now we're soldiers.

Trapped behind enemy lines and fighting to survive.

We won't run. We won't hide.

We'll fight and keep fighting.

And never give up.