Toni Erdmann (2016) Script

Hello. Package.

No idea what my brother ordered again.


Did you order something?

He just got out of prison, he does what he wants.

He was locked up for mail bombs.

Yesterday, he ate the dog's food.

Wait a minute.

Come here.

Get your ass out of the hammock.

Keep this up and I'll kick you out.

Did you order something from Venus Shipping again?

No, I didn't.

Don't be so mean to me.

Go to the door, the man's waiting. Where?

At the door! Man!


What, where's the guy?

My brother's lying, I've never ordered anything erotic.

I don't care what's inside.

Better that way.

Give it to me.

I'm looking forward to defusing it.

Do I have to sign?

Lukas? What's...?


My colleague, the defuser.

In you go.

I'll sign.

No, don't worry, it's...

It's just my blood pressure monitor.

That was both me. You knew, right?

No offense.



Be right there.

Let's get some air.

He can't see anymore.

But our lesson is tomorrow, right?

Yeah, well...

I wanted to tell you that...

I want to quit taking piano lessons.

I just don't have the time anymore.

We saw this coming, right?

Yeah, I guess.

What do I do with the piano now?

I got it just for you.

Just kidding.


There's this ball again.

I tried to Google something.

I need makeup for a school celebration.

Yeah, it froze.

Yes, my dear.

Don't be frightened.

Oh, Willi.

Why don't you put him to sleep?

He's only suffering. I don't put you to sleep either.

Yeah, I brought you tartes flambées.

They're really good.

Just have to warm them up.

You eat this?


Take them back.

Now sit down. But I...

...have to go soon.

The Dombrechts are cutting your hedges tomorrow.

You're blocking all their sun.

That's fine.

So I can shoot directly into their living room. Perfect.

I might bring Ines tomorrow. She's passing through.

She's here?

Don't be frightened, Mrs. Radica.

Everything okay? Yes, good, good.

Can I borrow this?

What's with the outfit?

So you are interested?

I've taken on a side job in an old people's home.

Fifty euros per killing.

Most won't fight back.

—your 34 years of service at the Laurensberg School.

For your new stage of life, this advice from an unknown poet:

"How glorious it is to do nothing and to then take a break."

Thanks to class 7B's art club.

Now we're looking forward to seeing 6D and 8B... a musical performance directed by Mr. Conradi and Mrs. Eikamp.

Three, four...

We're dead sad that you're leaving, Mr. Dudinger.

Here today, gone tomorrow Just arrived, gotta go I've never complained about that

My God, what's this?

I have an upset stomach.

What are you up to?

I was about to get my gun.

You have a gun?

Of course I do.

Were you at school like that?

No, I'm working part-time... an old people's home.


Bärbel, hello.


Winfried. Babette.

Winfried, hello. Great that you'll be parents.

Stay together, right?

Red, white or beer?

Whatever you're having.

Isn't she here yet? Yes, she's on the phone.

Here. Thanks.

Her flight was okay?

She was tired.

But things went very well in Shanghai.

Isn't she in Bucharest anymore?

Sure, but she had meetings there, she wants to go there next.

It all went very well.

They're opening a branch there. So she met managers of Siemens.

New clients.

Executives too.

It's incredible the heavyweights she's in the ring with.

Sure. And what does she do in Bucharest?

Oil. In the oil business.

She only advises an oil company. She's still just a consultant.

I have to write it down myself.

Whose birthday is it?

We decided to celebrate early.

Oh, come on. You have to...

You have to let me know.

Talking business again? Hello, Dad.


How's it going? Really well, actually.

Sorry, I didn't know we were celebrating your birthday early.

But I'll soon have...

...a meeting in Bucharest and will bring your gift.

Sure, anytime. Just ring the bell.

You might be surprised.

Everything sorted out? Yes, it was nothing.

Something's on your blazer.


Gall soap. No, Mom, I have a suitcase full.

That was me. Sorry.

It's just a tiny spot.

What's that?

My blood-pressure monitor.

What's wrong with you? Nothing.

Just routine.

And your outfit? Am I supposed to get it?

We were joking around with the kids at school.

I'll wash it off.

I actually have to get going.

Willi is at my mother's.

And? How's he doing?

Quite well, yeah.

Sleeps a lot.

Look here.

Can you fix this with your professional glue?

It's cracked.

For a private patient I'll do anything.


Can you make them permanent?

I mean, like, forever.

My crowns are so boring.

She's always on the phone.

We did something wrong.

Come back inside.

I'm still on the phone.

What else did he say? Almost done, Dad.

Yeah, that's good.

I'll call tomorrow anyway to...

...get in touch.

Good that we talked, bye.

Everything okay?

A bit of stress.

Leaving already? Yes, I have to.

Will you come to Grandma's for breakfast? I'm flying at 10.

Did you tell her I'm here? No, it doesn't matter.

I'll call Inge.


I've hired a substitute daughter.

Great, she can call on your birthday so I don't need to.

That was a joke, right?

I might still have makeup on.

Oh, I forgot. Thanks.

Let's Skype real long soon. My Skype's working again.

She should work less.

She's doing great.


Come inside.

To your basket.

Are you my dear Willi?



Are you sure you don't want us to call someone?

Oh, no. Thank you.

Excuse me.

Mr. Conradi?

I've found him. One second.

I'm Anca Pavelescu.

I'm Ms. Conradi's assistant.

Are you still there?

Just passing by.

I know it was a bit...

No, you don't need to come. I'll find a hotel somewhere.

No, no, nothing's wrong.

Then see you later.


So I should follow you.


And so here is the Radisson.

This is also one of the five-star hotels in town.

The restaurant here is excellent. There is also a very nice cigar lounge.

Great business lounges for drinks in the evening.

But I'm only the father.

Just holidays.


Yes, please?

Yes, I'm already here.

Sure, okay.

Okay, talk soon.

She asked if you'd like to join her... an American Embassy reception this evening.

Was that her? Yes, she's still in the meeting.

When she will.

I will let her know.

And how is my daughter?

As a boss?

She's very honest.

And she gives me a lot of feedback...

...about my performance.

"Performance," this means the...

This describes your job?

No, "performance" means my work in general.

For example, in meetings...

...with the team, dealing with clients.

And what's important?

Most important when in contact with clients?

No concept makes sense if the client doesn't want it.

It's an art to tell the client what he actually wants.

I'm sure my daughter's good at that.

It's here.

Look, she's coming.

That was a long day, right?

Sure, you have to work.

I've really invaded you here.

How long were you sitting there?

Three hours.

I wasn't even sure you recognized me.

I did, but that was the entire Romanian board of Dacoil.

How was it with Anca?

They were all terribly nice to me.

The driver too.

Concerning this event:

It's a business reception by the American Embassy...

...with speeches, appetizers, small talk...

That's it.

Can I go like this?

It's okay.

Right, one last thing, if there's a chance to have a drink...

...with the CEO Mr. Henneberg, our client, I have to go alone.

I've been fighting hard for our contract extension.

No concept makes sense without a client.

You can say you're... father, but...'re tired from your culture program.

Go through.

Come on.

Good evening!

We're late already.

—into the European Union was preceded by a series of government reforms.

Now, the requirements of membership, including EU directives...

...make up one of the driving forces... Romania's program of reform, modernization...

...and investment in infrastructure.

So again, why? Why Romania?

Romania offers significant opportunities to American businesses...

...with products, services or technologies...

...that either meet growing private demand...

...or contribute to the country's development priorities.

Ladies and gentlemen, the buffet is open. Thank you very much. Thank you.

He looks like Tiriac.


Could you grab us something from the buffet? Please. The buffet.

Oh, yeah. Sure. Thanks.

Our third time today, good evening. Right. Good evening.

A fascinating speech.

We're not where we want to be...

...but Romania has shown economic strength in overcoming the crisis.

I looked at our case again...

...and I'm sure we'll have a solid statement on Monday.


This is your specialist! I'm sure Ms. Conradi can help you.

Nice to meet you. Nice to meet you too.

Natalja needs to do some shopping tomorrow.

You're working in Bucharest for how long?

It's been almost a year now. You keep me busy.

I guess you can ask her any shopping question.

I'm sorry for that. I know that you are busy.

No, no. It's really okay. It's really okay.

What do you need?

I need to go shopping.

Because we have this wedding this weekend in Moscow.

And I would like to buy some presents.

Well, I don't do too much shopping here myself...

...but there are several big malls.

Plus, there is an area with exclusive shops. So it depends on what you need.

Great! Brilliant. Thank you very much. Be my guest.

So why don't you give me your number, and I'll find the best place and call you.

So I guess it's Natalja... Natalja Henneberg.

Good evening. I'm only the father.

Henneberg. Are you visiting?

A spontaneous decision.

Never been to Romania.

I'm actually here to negotiate with her.

She's hardly home anymore so I hired a substitute daughter.

Now comes the question who pays her.

That's a modern solution. Exactly.

Is the other daughter better?

The cakes are better.

She cuts my toenails.

But she's not your daughter, right?

I was really impressed by the Bolshoi Theatre.

Have a nice evening.


Did you arrange something?

I wish you a nice evening too. You too.

See you tomorrow.

He's the CEO I told you about. He's a really important contact for me.

I'm freaking out with these Chinese wannabe investors.

Are you coming on Monday? Text me where.

Yeah, the DaVinci, 9 p.m.? Yeah. Very good.

Very good. I'll see you later.

Hey, let's go to the restroom.

And you? Sorry.

You wanna join us for a drink?

We're going for a drink. Want to come?

What was your name again? Winfried.

Terribly nice of you, but I'm tired.

Busy program today. Cultural program.

But I'd love to grab a drink. Where are you going?

Your father might want you to join him.

One drink, come on.

I have to sleep.

I walked through the whole Ceausescu Palace today.

We have two cars. Think about it.

Come on now.

You want me to come now? Yes.

I don't know. At the moment, my wife is quite happy in Paris, so...

Bring your wife next time. Spend a weekend. The sea is very close.

There is a big French community here with excellent private schools.

Oh, really?

Romania is a lot better than its reputation. She can have a good life here.

Where you based at the moment? In Frankfurt and in France.

That's nice.

I really like Frankfurt.

I like countries with a middle class. They are relaxing me.

Yes, yes, I totally understand.

We just have to make them change their corporate culture more and more.

I just told Van Rompuy, letting Romania in...

...was one of the rare EU decisions that was actually good.

Tell me something about the young Romanian manager generation.

What do you want to know?

I mean, how they work, how— We have a specialist here. Ms. Conradi knows all the insights.

Ms. Conradi.

When I started I was really surprised...

...because almost everyone did a master's degree abroad.

They speak several languages.

They're all very dedicated.

Most of them have a very international way of thinking, which is great.

Yes, but they don't understand Romania anymore.

They are faster than the rest of the country, don't want to stay here.

If you want my opinion...

...I'm not exactly a fan of international perspective.

Yes, Mr. Dascalu. I was just trying to say that knowledge is international... I agree with that, of course.

Excuse me, what exactly do you do at Dacoil?

I'm a consultant at Morrisons and we are working for Dacoil right now...

...evaluating if it will pay off to outsource some services.

Interesting how you see it.

Sorry. Please say it in your words.

Actually, Ms. Conradi is evaluating a way to improve our maintenance service...

...but we see outsourcing as the very last option of many.

Of course, yeah. This is what I tried to say. I'm sorry.

But her father had a great business idea for Romania.

He— May I say that?

He hired another girl to be his daughter...

...because this one is never there and he needs somebody to cut his toenails.


Don't you dare steal my idea.

I like to make jokes.

We're incredibly proud of her.

What she does here and stuff.

You've every right to be.

We are talking on the phone?

Good night, everybody! It's late.

I'm tired.

Titus. Bobby. We'll see you tomorrow.

Good night. Good night.

Good night. See you tomorrow.

What do you say to a change of location?

Check out a little bit of the famous Bucharest nightlife?

Find a reason to leave your wife in Paris.

Let's dance. Cheers.

I'll see you tomorrow. See you tomorrow.



I had to make it clear it was a joke.

What was that anyway?

What is that... Outsourcing?

What is that?

A transfer of work to another company. He wants to...

...transfer the maintenance of the oil installations.

So, what was wrong? Nothing.

I shouldn't have let it slip out.

Why not?

He wants us to prove it's right, but doesn't want the responsibility.

That's why he needs us.

What would you be responsible for?

Dad, it means hundreds of employees being transferred and later released.

It's a very unpopular decision, which is why he needs us.

So you can read again in the paper that a consulting firm ruined everything.

So... long are you planning to stay?

I took a month off.

That was real fear.

I just have a massage tomorrow, then I'll show you Bucharest.

Your present.

Now already? Yeah, open it up.

If you don't like it, throw it away.


Why didn't you come on my birthday?

Flight was so cheap.


That's a really good cheese grater.

A French one.

From Designo.

That there is your real present.

Buy yourself a new blazer.

Or something else. You don't have to give me money, Dad.

Hey, where did you leave Willi?

Well, Willi...

Willi unfortunately died.


Man, Dad, I'm really sorry.

He was an old dog.

Why didn't you call me?

I don't always have time either.

Should I cut up some sausage?

Not for me. Thanks.

It was so bad, I walked out.

I'm not paying 100 euros to be petted.

We're really, really sorry for the inconvenience.

Who was the girl?

It was a blond, skinny woman.

Mariella. I'm sure she is very sorry right now.

Anyway, there's a time slot in 30 minutes, with another masseur, Dragos.

Just bring someone who beats me up.

Can I bring you something to drink?

At your expense?

We'd like to have two glasses of champagne...

...two freshly squeezed orange juices...

...and two club sandwiches.

Be right back.

Wasn't that a bit much?

No, it's fine.

My company spends so much money here.


Are you at least a bit happy here?

What do you mean by "happy"? "Happiness" is a strong word.

I mean, if you have a bit of a life too.

Like going to the movies or what?


...just doing something that's fun.

Lots of words buzzing around, "fun," "happiness," "life"...

Shall we sort it out?

What do you find worth living for?

If you want to discuss the big topics.

I can't say that right away.

I just wanted to know how you are.

Sure, but then have your own answer.

I know, I've been waiting for your call.

You're not disturbing at all.

You're already there?

I can be there in, I don't know... Fifteen, 20 minutes?

I know, I know. It's crazy, it's crazy. Stay where you are.

Your sandwiches.

See you, bye.


I have to meet Natalja, Henneberg's wife, at a mall.

Sorry, it's important. When?


Now? Yeah.

It's more interesting and Romanian than the Ceausescu Palace.

It's Europe's largest mall and no one has money to buy anything.

And tonight, I'm gonna show you my...

I'm so sorry, Mr. Conradi. This is such an awful place!

Poor thing, you had to wait ages.

Ines, I'm leaving you now.

Thank you very much for everything. You saved my life today.

I really enjoyed it. Really, I did.

Man, was it very terrible?

Are you really a human?

No, it was great.

I saw wonderful ice-skating.

I went to Lidl too.

So you still want to do something? Visit the palace?

Or go home?

I could make spaghetti, I went shopping.


Everything okay, spaghetti?

Already hungry?

No, not yet.

Sorry for my stupid comment earlier.

What stupid comment?

Whether you're a human.

Oh, yeah, it's okay. It's obvious you'd think that.

I'm taking a nap. I probably have to show the Hennebergs a club later.

See you later.

I wasn't sure you were still alive. What?

What time is it? Nine thirty.

You slept for ages.

Why didn't you wake me up? You were so fast asleep.

But you wanted to wake me up for dinner.

I tried.



I missed four calls from them.

Do you know what this means for me?

I have a presentation on Monday I've worked on for weeks.

I can't afford to stand up someone like him.

I don't know either.

If you're doing as well as you always say.

Even if I wanted to jump out the window... and the cheese grater wouldn't be the combination to stop me.

Do you have any plans in life other than slipping fart cushions under people?

I don't have a fart cushion.

I know men your age with ambitions, but who cares?

Here's your shampoo.

If you need it, you can keep it.

It's one of the best shampoos in Aachen.

Anyway, it was really nice.


Let's fix a date next time and I'll have time.


Did you get caught?


Move it.

I don't think it's broken.

I can't leave you like this.

It's not that bad.

I'll come down with you, okay? No, no way.



Call me if anything's wrong.




Ten percent...

For option two for one year...

For option one...

...are at 10 percent already in the first year of the implementation.

Yes, of course, Mr. Dascalu, I totally agree with you.

Of course we need to go further into the details of each scenario.

Morning. Hello.

Tarom or Lufthansa?

Always Tarom. I love Romanian prosecco.

Henneberg came earlier.

How was that?

Boring, or annoying. I had to shop with his wife for three hours.

But we had dinner.

I put out my feelers, and... impression is that he's more cautious of outsourcing.

Or that he has new opponents.

That topic definitely caused tension.

That comes as a surprise.

So I reworked the presentation and think we should definitely...

Use a softer touch?

May I finish? Thanks.

I think we should be more aggressive.

I think he's hoping we decide for him. That we order it.

He can't speak in favor, so I'd like to present three options.

A full outsourcing in all assets, a radical cut.

Then our option in the middle, which in contrast seems almost harmless.

And a minimal solution in one pilot field with almost no change.

First, we can't change strategy so close to a meeting. That's impossible.

Where did you eat? DaVinci.

I'm not convinced. Argument two is Iliescu.

We have to make an issue of him blocking us.

All figures from Buzău are incomplete.

For a clear business case, we need much more from Iliescu.

Every table is flawed... But, Ines— I'm not criticizing you, Tim.

We can't make a clear statement anyway, so that's why: three options.

Iliescu isn't an issue for the steering committee.

We'll put this in a comfort zone.

The three options are okay if you have a good feeling— Absolutely. Last point: Dascalu.

It's still difficult with him, he'll definitely be against us.

Hey, will that little Anca be there?

Yes, she'll push the buttons, Gerald.

Do you want me to be there?

I think it's better if I do it alone, but let's talk later.

I'm sorry, this is not my best.

It's really fine. It's really nice, thank you. It's just because of the presentation.

She's coming.

I wanted to ask if you're pleased with my work in general?


Absolutely, yes.

I think you've really improved.


Just try to speak more German.

I know, but it's not enough for work.

Wait a minute. Sorry.

I think this one is better.

For option one, we assume that it will take one year for the implementation.

The implementation cost, internal and external...

...will be around 5 to 6 million euros.

The advantage of a full outsourcing are the contractor rates.

We will have a strong competition here, resulting in lower rates...

...and this is why we will end with a 10 percent cost reduction in the first year.

Sorry, but I have big doubts...

...that we will have such a strong cost reduction so quickly.

It will take years to transfer the knowledge to our contractors.

I totally agree with you, Mr. Dascalu.

Of course we need to go further into the details of each scenario.

Anca, your hair.

But you cannot outsource maintenance services in only 10 months.

It is impossible.

You know, we have the...

We have 200 workers there.

A lot to...

You must consider high price also for our part. You know?

For supervising, for training and these kind of stuff. Sorry, but I didn't saw them there.

What we should also put into account... that Dacoil didn't even realize... HSSR standards in all assets, so— I absolutely agree with Mr. Dascalu that there are many open questions.

There is a lot that needs to be analyzed in more detail.

But I would like to support Ms. Conradi.

The big picture will not change...

...and is absolutely in line with my experiences from other countries.

Thank you, Ines.


Now we need directions, Titus.

We need a fully waterproof and positive business case...

...before we can start anything.

What you are proposing, speaking of, option one...

...would mean a too-heavy change for our operations.

Option two seems more realistic to me at the moment.

But that also has to be verified legally...

...and we all know how difficult this will be regarding the unions.

Absolutely, Titus. Absolutely.

But it is a very interesting proposal anyway.

At the end of this month, we should have all calculations done.

Sorry, but I think we cannot promise anything... long as the cooperation with Buzău won't work better.

That's why I would like to discuss with you, Mr. Dascalu... we can improve our cooperation with Mr. Iliescu.

How we can work more closely together with him.

I'll see what I can do.

Gents, get that solved.


I think we're done. Thanks a lot.


I don't like that you don't stick to agreements.

The Iliescu issue wasn't very elegant.

The next steps are clear.

But please inform me of any more problems.

Okay, I will.

But otherwise...

Well done.

Thanks. You're an animal, Ines.

Can I pull up the screen? Up? Yeah, sure.

It's me, I just wanted to...

...make sure you got home okay. I hope the flight was okay.

I think you still have my key, but that doesn't really matter.

Talk soon. Bye.

And how did it go? It was good.

Come on, don't be offended.

Be happy you weren't there. I'm not offended.

To quote Gerald: It's all included in your price.

Gerald's prices are different than mine.

So, what are you doing tonight? Meeting Steph de Boer and Tatjana.

Women's group.

What's on the agenda?

Stuff like gender quotas, sexual harassment at work...

Business nail polish? Exactly.


I'm sorry I'm late. I had to get changed after work.

You look great. Thank you. You too!

You work way too much, Ines.

I know, I know. But it's really busy at the moment. I had this big thing today.

Well, we still don't have a table.

They said it's coming, but...

How was your night with the Chinese?

Well, after 30 minutes they were drunk.

So I sat there for five hours, listening to Mandarin.

But I sold one flat, at least. So that's good.

Oh, yeah, because we were just fighting over...

...who had the most horrible weekend.

Steph was in Naples.

How was it? What happened?

It's filthy, the food was disgusting.

Even the kids were dying to get back, so, you know.

Well, I probably had the most horrible weekend of my entire life, actually.

Yeah. My father visited me spontaneously, without any warning.

He was there standing in my office...

...pretending he wanted to bring me my birthday present...

...but actually he was just having a crisis because his dog died at home.

Henneberg was wanting me to go out with him and his wife the whole time.

Henneberg's still in town?

I should invite him and his wife to our relaunch.

And my father was sitting around, making spaghetti...

...trying to talk with me about the meaning of life, whatever that is. Strange.

So that was your father?

Yeah, in the— But now he's home.

So how was the new wife?

Very Russian, very skinny, very blond.

Better be careful.

May I offer the ladies a glass of champagne?


Do we want champagne?

Please! I cannot drink all that alone.

Please, will you?

Okay, let's go for it.

Three glasses for the ladies, please, and one beer for me.

Yes, I'm waiting for two hours now for Mr. Tiriac...

...and I think it's enough. Please.

Ion Tiriac?

I'm Toni.

Toni Erdmann.

Ines Conradi.

Nice to meet you.

I'm Steph de Boer.

Steph, nice to meet you.

I'm Tatjana.

Tatjana, nice to meet you. Nice to meet you, Toni.

Here we go. Finally, something to drink!

Thank you very much.

You work here in Bucharest, Toni?

Yes, and no.

I'm here for shopping.

And for spa.

And also I'm here because of a famous dentist, you know?

He made all new. My teeth are too small.

And I wanted something more wild.

More dangerous.

Good. So who's your crazy dentist? Who's that?

This is the International Dental Design Clinic.

Bucharest. Very famous.

But the doctor is Italian.

And he is not a dentist.

He is more an Italian architect.


No, it's not true. It's a joke.

No, these are my own.

So you're friends with Tiriac? Just friends?

Has no friends. No.

I'm a tennis partner. We play tennis together in Germany.

Wow, that's cool. That's interesting.

Yes, but now he doesn't answer the phone.

No, because he has a crisis.

His Schildkröte died.

Sorry, what's a Schil—? Schil...?

It's a turtle.

Oh, yes, yeah, yes. The turtle was very, very old.

They lived together for 45 years.

And now, suddenly, then he:

He's completely down.

Heart attack.

It's very sad, isn't it?

Oh, that's really sad, I feel sorry.

I'm sorry I have to laugh, but I feel so sorry for him.

For me, it's just a turtle, huh?

Can I ask...?

What's your profession?

What's my what?

What's your...?

Your profession.

My profession is I'm a businessman.

Businessman. I'm a consultant and coach.

That's great.

And what's your focus, then?


You say you're into coaching. What is your focus?


Have you finished your dinner, sir? Pardon?

So my Hummer is waiting.

Do you want to sit together? Yes, please.

No. Thank you.

So your table is free too. Please. Finally?

It was nice meeting you, Toni.


What was that?

Oh, the teeth.

No, but the thing with the turtle.

Yeah, I know, but— Well, you know, some turtles, I think they live really long.

Would you like something to drink?

Yes, please. A bottle of sparkling water?

Sparkling water, please.

Oh, God, that's disgusting.

He's definitely not waiting for Ion Tiriac.

Well, you never know.

The limo is waiting?

You had the carpaccio? Yeah. I've had that.

With the octopus. Is it good?

It's... No, not really.

Let's go!

I've had it better.

Oh, risotto. I'm gonna go for that.

My limousine is waiting.

Very nice to meet you.

Sorry, just one moment.

My husband has a headhunting company here.

If there's anything we can do to help you or Mr. Tiriac, we'd be very happy to.

Oh, that's for me?

Good night!

You're a real pro. Yeah, well, he didn't even have a card.

Excuse me.

Gabriel just texted. "Tiriac. Cool." I didn't get his card.

The speaking went well. I have no needs there anymore.

I made good use of the space. I was there before.

And how was your breathing?


- Did you try out the technique? No, I didn't need it this time.

That went well. But I...

...would like to work on my body language.

It slips away sometimes.

Do you have a concrete example?

It's more often while I'm listening.

- I suspect you're really listening. Yes, sure.

That's noble, but focus on your own message.

Sure, I understand.

Sorry, may I interrupt? Sure.

I have the feeling the team isn't so tight anymore.

Tim thinks the same.

Do something for the team spirit to prevent a gap between the Romanians and us.

They've somehow lost their morale.

I think so too.

That's in line with my feeling.

I'm doing a brunch for my birthday. I'll invite everyone.

Something personal. Good, good.

We'll work with the numbers we have and won't make a fuss.

Your idea to build up pressure through Dascalu backfired.

Our project won't be a topic between him and Iliescu.

Why not?

Dascalu trusts Iliescu and sees no need to act.

Mom, I have to work.

And Henneberg wants to keep Dascalu out of it so he can talk to the unions.

Yes, I did.

So how should I go on? I mean...

The transport data was all wrong. You can't cut enough staff there.

Sure. The good news is: Henneberg wants you to do the radical cut.

I'm eating fruit, yes.

But that had no basis. You know it was just speculation.

And to sell such a big restructuring, I need even more details from Iliescu.

This will annoy the feminist in you...

...but Henneberg said Ms. Conradi has enough charm... manage Iliescu by herself.

I'm not a feminist or I wouldn't tolerate guys like you, Gerald.

I'll take that as a compliment.

But Henneberg really believes in you.

He wants to keep you here.

What did you say? What I said? That I'd talk to you.

But that I'm sure you'll finish the project.

And our deal? Our deal. Always this deal.

We're talking one year max and you'll start from a whole new level.

I've heard that a few times before.

I can manage Bucharest from Shanghai.

That's not realistic.

This here is your partner case.

Did he just fart?

So think about it.

You can go anywhere afterwards.

But first we finish this project.

Can we continue somewhere else?

I need a decision. Sure. Absolutely.

I'll think about it. I'd like a coffee now.

I was just wondering where we met.

Excuse me?

What are you doing here? Working. We have a meeting now.

Me too. I have a supervision with Mr. Henneberg.

I hope he's not so stubborn today.

Marburger. Also from Morrisons.


Is that hand lotion?

No, that was probably me.

Mr. Erdmann is a freelance coach.

I'll contact you about the workshop.

A workshop. For us or...?

Yes, the idea was in the air.

We will see. If you're "villing."



Are you villing?

Forget it.


Goodbye. Goodbye.



I'll be right back.

Yeah, of course.

Are you insane?

You want to ruin me or what?

Dad, I'm talking to you.

If this is about your father, I'm not the right man...

...but if you want to work on your charisma...

...or if you notice you're talking to no one on the phone...'re welcome to contact me. Anytime.

There's my man.

That's fine, that's good.

Please, come, let's go.

No way I'm taking an electric car. Forget it.

Great. Looking forward to it.

We might need two, right?

I can deal with that. No problem.

You sure about the two-masted boat? It'll be really hard work.

For five of us?

You can forget Daniel. He'll be in the bar, making drinks.

Just send me a few pics.


I'll call you.

Goodbye, my friend.

It'll be such a stupid sailing trip. They want a dual-mast.


So the maid hasn't come yet?

Only Bogdan! Romanian lover for you!

Can you sign this, please?

Thank you very much.



Gerald found out about us, by the way.

So what?

He said not to fuck you too much so you don't lose your bite.

I said, but that's why I fuck you.

I want to fuck you in every corner of this room today.

What's wrong?

I have to catch up. I'd rather watch first.

Hurry up, then.

I don't want to lose my bite.

Don't be so humorless.

I'll fuck you strong.

My sperm has superpowers.

Come on, now.

No, my bite is really more important. I'll just watch.

I want you to hit one of the petit fours.

I'll eat it afterwards.

You're serious?

Which one?

Whichever you like.



I'm cumming.

You're so stupid.

Hi, Steph. It's Ines.

Yeah, I know you're really busy. I'm sorry to disturb you.

I just wanted to tell you that I got the number of the Tiriac coach.

Yes, I met him again.

Well, no, it's up to you, of course.

Yeah, but why not? You know.

I'm already getting dressed, yes.

So I'll text you and then...

Great! Okay. See you.

Look at this.

Gerald's lady.

What a mama!

He puts barbecue pictures online.

Hi, Gabriel.

Good evening, Mr. Erdmann.

Have you calmed down a bit?

Is Tiriac still coming?

He said he was, yes.

But today was the funeral.

Of Angelina.

The turtle, yes. Exactly.

Did a lot of turtles attend? Yes, masses of them.

Turtle band was there too.

Am I supposed to... anything particular here?

Want a drink? Yes, sure.

Who's that guy?

A colleague.

Here. Thanks.

Tim Trauter, Mr. Erdmann.

Erdmann, nice to...

Everything okay?


Friends, right? Sure.

What do your parents do? For a living.

My parents? Yes.

We have a car dealership.

BMWs. Terrific, yes.

You can learn a lot from parents, I have to say.

I learned from my father, for example... to use a cheese grater.

We pass this down from generation to generation.

Is it a special cheese grater?


...just an ordinary, little cheese grater.

Don't believe me, then.

And you?

Do you like grating cheese?

I don't have the time.

You have to be incredibly relaxed to handle a cheese grater right.

What a show they're putting on here. Yeah, no expenses spared.

This is Dana.

Tim, nice to meet you.

And... Erdmann. Hello.

You're here too.

Is Henneberg here? Yeah, sure. We just had dinner.

He must still be...

I'm incognito today. We'll speak tomorrow.

You must meet my husband.

I have to phone my mother.

Henne lets a guy like that coach him? Funny, isn't it?

Let me hold your plate.

Car party?



I'll join in a minute.

Let's do it.

I tell you, I'm one of the best egg painters in my country.


I just learned a bit about Romanian traditions.

Mr. Erdmann, we're going to the club and would love you to join us.

In which embassy do you work for?

Translation, please.

In which embassy you work.

The German one.

In the German, yes.

I am Ambassador Erdmann. Yes, and this is my...

...secretary, Ms. Schnuck.

Thank you.

What's with that guy? Just fun.

It's him. Hello, Tatjana.

Oh, is it okay?

Welcome. I saw you in the restaurant thing. Great.

You know each other?

Yeah, we met once.

Yeah, great.

No... heart...


I pay that.

With a credit card?


From this...

Don't be scared.

Sorry, I was just checking in on you.

Man, have you gone insane?

Ms. Schnuck...

...I have to arrest you...

...because of drugs.

And now unlock them, please.

No, no, I can't risk that.

Where did I put the key?

Unlock them, I have an appointment. I'm getting picked up.

I don't have it.

I don't have it.

I'm sorry, Bogdan. My father made a stupid joke.

We have to solve this problem.

You can wake her up now.

Come on. And take that thing off.

What? Take it off!

Take a seat. Thank you very much.


Would you like a coffee? No, thank you. Not for me.

Good morning! Morning.

Good to see you. How are you? Yes, I'm fine. You?

I'm fine, yeah.

Mr. Erdmann, Mr. Iliescu.

Iliescu. Nice to meet you.

Thank you so much for taking your time.

I'm sorry for not getting in touch with you earlier.

Mr. Erdmann just joined NWG.

And as he is on a visit with Mr. Henneberg...

...he wants to take the opportunity to get a personal impression of our project.

So please have a seat.

How can I help you?


...Mr. Erdmann implemented a similar project... one of the major Russian oil companies recently.

And today he just wants to listen and get an impression...

...of how we work together on this project.

Oh, do you mind giving me a pen?

I'm sorry, I'm not so well-prepared.

First of all, I am looking forward that the project is going to continue.

So am I.

And that we will work closer together than we did so far.

Which is a pleasure. Yes, it is.

As you know, I presented your figures in our last steering committee.

Unfortunately, a lot of questions came up about some of the data you provided.

So I defended your work since I know...

...that the things we ask you to deliver are complicated and— I'm surprised to hear there are problems.

Mr. Tamaric is in Bucharest today.

I know, I know, but it doesn't matter.

I wanted to talk to you, personally, of course.

It's a complicated business case we have here.

And because of that, we have to decide...

...if you have the capacity to work closer with us.

As you know, it's very risky. You could easily lose a lot of your workers.

Or, if you prefer, we could send some of our consultants to work here in your office.

I don't think that is necessary.

I also prefer to try it this way, Mr. Erdmann.

If you say so.

I'm sorry.

It's strange. I'm really sorry.

It's the last of the drill holes that we will close.

Hope to finish it by the end of the week.

We use an artificial lift system.

That is not good.

But this is really not good here.

He knows our security standards.

Please don't fire him.

I will. I will.

No, I said don't fire him!

But I will!

Hey, can you tell him not to fire that guy?

He can fire who he wants.

And the more he fires, the fewer I have to fire.

Listen, listen.

That was just a joke.

But you're right. He knows our security standards. Please.

No, thank you!

Really good!

I'm sorry.

I said that we are going to modernize everything here.


I have only euro.

That's nice. Thank you.

Don't lose the humor.

Translate, please.

I translated.

I couldn't believe you told them not to lose their humor.

That's really bitter.

It wasn't about that.

It was a nice encounter.

How can we modernize...

...if you pee your pants when only one of them is fired?

Take a short break, please.

In every step you make I can tell you your economic connection to these people.

Your "green" attitude won't help you.


You're doing everything just great.


It's here.

Shall I drive her home?

Yes, please.

What's here?


Ambassador Erdmann.

Your apples!

Oh, thanks.

Should I stay?

Just a moment.

Let's stop now, Dad.

Hello, Erdmann. My secretary, Ms. Schnuck.


Please, let's go.

You really came.

Spontaneous decision.

But only if we don't make problems?

Sorry for my sister.

Yes, this is Ms. Schnuck, my secretary.

You already know her.

Yes, of course.

And these are apples from embassy's garden.

Come in, please!

You know, I had a vision of the painting on the Easter eggs.

Oh, the eggs!

Please come in.

These are friends, family, and...


You remember Mr. Erdmann from the party.

You remember him?

Yes, good to see you again.

Oh, the eggs!

You know...

...these are the professional.

We didn't really paint them.

It's very complicated.

But we did it with the children.

We can show you, if you want.

Please come in.

Ms. Schnuck, come. Come in.



She's my sister.

She will explain to you.


Shall I help in the kitchen?

It's for the colors.

I thought you want to try.

Yes, I'd love to.

You have a seat. And I bring the coffee. Just a moment.

So please sit down, here.

Yes. Thank you.

We take this tool.

And you put it in hot wax.

Do you want some cake?

Yes, would be nice.

And you draw a pattern. You draw a pattern.

Ms. Schnuck, it's your turn.

Yes, you should try it. No.

Go on. It's very...


Well, sit down.

And write some stuff down too, okay?

A few notes.

That's so nice, thank you. Sorry.

I'll try, but this is too...

This kind of...

Thank you that we can be here.

Cake is good.

Thank you.

Orthodox Easter is when?

Next week, but we come together before, usually.

I will put it in the color bath.

You have to keep it three to five minutes.

It's a bit cold. It will not be a good result, but...

We came just from the countryside. For fun?

Yes, we visited an oil field.

Oh, really?

This one worked.

Oh, let him!

I learn more and more about your wild country.

I think that's enough.

Do you think it's wild?

Thank you very much for your time and your kindness.


A pleasure.

I'll finish it. I'll bring it to you.

I'm going now.

I have to leave now. Thank you very much.

It was really interesting with the painting.

Maybe we can sing a song for you...

...and for your family?

Just to say "thank you."

Why not? Okay. It will be nice.

I will arrange, here.

Let's be polite for once and bring this to an end.

Mon secrétaire and I...

...we will sing a song for you.

Give an applause to the fabulous...

...Whitney Schnuck!


Is everything okay?

You can play very well.

What is this, here?

It's a mask from Bulgaria.

Do you want to stay for dinner?


Yes, why not?

Embassy is, äh, sowieso, closed now.

You know I'm not the German ambassador?

I know the German ambassador.

It's so stupid of me.

I'm so sorry.

All that was fun.

Yes, I'm here for holidays.

Visiting Ms. Schnuck. She's my daughter.

And I came to see... it is here and how she lives...

...and it's very complicated.

I know. Family.

I'm so sorry. I mixed up the time.

Oh, it's okay. I'm Lili.

I hope it's okay that we started bringing the stuff up?

Of course. It's totally okay.

I'm so sorry.

No problem.

We will bring the food tomorrow.

So thank you very much that you choose Darius Catering.

No, thank you! It's great.

Am I early?

Come in. Come in.

Thank you so much!

That's nice.

This is nice.

Darius did a good job.

Everybody was really nice. I mean, it's a super-small event.

So who else is coming?

Basically, my team from the office.

That's good. It's new people.

Here you are.

Like this?

I'm kind of a last-minute girl too!

Do you want me to help you choose something?

I mean, I bet your closet's bursting.

No. Thank you.

Shall I help?

Shall I get that? I'll get the door, and you get dressed, okay?

Nothing's wrong, Gerald, I just have nothing on.

It's a...

...naked reception.

Interesting, okay.

For team building, because you...

Stupid idea, I couldn't think of anything better.

You don't have to join in.

Just ring if you change your mind.


Who was that?

That was your boss.

So, what are we gonna do with you now?

Well, I'm definitely not getting undressed.

It's not my deal, you know.

Sorry, but then you have to go.


Have fun, you two.

Am I early?

It's a...

It's a naked party.

Gerald had the idea, he got it from college...

For team building and stuff. Sure.

And who's there?

No one.

I know they're all in there. I'll come in naked, then funny and stuff.

Call me when the fun's over.

Thanks, Tim.

Tim said you won't answer unless we're naked.

But it has nothing to do with sex, right?

No, no, no.

So just a challenge?


I brought this.

Unfortunately, I couldn't...

...wash that out.


It's totally fine. It's...



I'm sorry, I am...

Am I the first?

Happy birthday.


I just thought because you always ask for mine...

But it didn't cost much.

Is everything okay?

It's just that at work...'re always so serious and now... come up with this idea.

So do you like the apartment?

Are you pleased?


I searched for it so long.

Oh, yes.

God, I didn't know that.



So would you like a drink? Yes, please.

What? Perhaps...


Who is that?

I have no idea.

It's not Gerald, is it?

Are you Gerald?

Had a beer first.

Come in?

Happy birthday.

Hard-core. So hard-core.

This is nuts.


Where did you get that?


I think it's Bulgarian.

It's supposed to scare the evil spirits away.


That's good for the team! I think.


Is he leaving?

So there's...

...salmon with lemon remoulade and stuff like that.

Serve yourselves. I have to pay him.

Hi! Come in.

I'll be back in a second. I'm sorry.

Please enjoy.

Gerald and Anca are here as well.

I'm sorry.


Excuse me?

Can you help me?

With the head?


You pull.

Like this?



There you go.

Everything okay?

Serious occasion.

May I? Yes, thank you.

I'm sorry I didn't see her again.

The line is long.

They still want money from her.

Are you ready? Yes.

Close the coffin, then, please.

Can I help with anything?

It's almost done, thanks.

If you see anything you like here...

...anything you're attached to, Benjamin's making a list.

I'll think about it. Thanks.

Go visit him. He'd love that.

I will, spontaneously.


Where are you these days? Budapest?


But I just quit. I'm going to Singapore for two years.

New company.

How are such companies called?

Maybe you know the new one: McKinsey. The old one was Morrisons.

Great how you get around.

Winfried, can you come here?

And you're still in Málaga?

No, we've been back in Remchingen for a while.

I'll be back. See you.

That song...

...Irma's crazy, isn't she?

They were supposed to play something by Harry Belafonte.

She liked him.

Although it was "Negro music."

You know...

All the stuff she kept...

Steel helmet.

Full of hats, look.

You know...

...your question there, in Bucharest...

...about life...

...what I find worth living for.

The problem is...'s so often about getting things done.

You have to do this or that, but in the meanwhile... is just passing by.

How are we supposed to hang on to moments?

Now I just sit sometimes and remember... you learned to ride your bike... I...

...once found you at a bus stop.

But you only realize that afterwards... the moment itself...'s not possible.


Wait there.

I'll get my camera.

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