Toomelah (2011) Script

Two dollars, Nana.

You going to school?

You gotta give me a sentence four up upon a board.

I rode a skateboard.

I rode a skateboard. That's right.

I rode...

Let's make... Let's take the skateboard somewhere interesting.

Where did you see most of the skateboards?

At the skate park.

A skateboard at...

Daniel, do what Sarah said or you might have to do it at lunch time.

But I'm not gonna know it.

Then why work then?

Why choose not to do your work like everyone else you leave behind?

That's what happens.

All right, so why don't you just give the ball?

The guys are coming in soon, we can start Lingo.

So can I just have the ball?

– Burbank. – Burbank.



Can I get it back?


Because it's mine.

No, it's not, it's the school's.

– Pass it back here, Tupac. – What?

Pass it back here.

Who wants, anyone?

Pass it back here.


I'm gonna stab you with these fucking pencils.

Hey, Daniel.

He won't give me my pencil back.

– Your pencil? – Yeah.

Can he just borrow it?


All right, that's the fourth time I've spoken to you today.

Let's go to the library, wait for us. We're going there in five minutes.

Hurry up, Daniel.

– Come, do you want some? – Come here.

It's driving me mad.

Dan, do you remember shooting me in the face?

Get out of my way. Get out of my way. Get out of my way.

Get out of my way.

I don't getting ammo.

– Daniel! – I don't getting ammo.

– I don't getting ammo. – Daniel!



Come watch us.


Where have you been?


Your teacher came here today, said you wasn't at school.

How many times I got to tell you?


Yeah, well, I'm gonna tell your father on you.

You gotta get a stick off Linden for me.

You okay, boy? Look, here come a real bad boy.

Want anything?


What, you can't come?

I just stand and paint here, try to make me money for ourselves.

What you want?

My mama want a stick.

Well, she's lucky, I only got one left.

Only one left.


Someone said you're fucking up at school.

Said you stabbed Tupac with a pencil or something.

Yeah, don't fuck around me, boy.

He's trying to be bad, all boxing like his old father would.

Hey, yeah, that's right, until we met them boys.


– Boxing matches? – It must have been.

Hey, hey, Daniel. Daniel.

Who you mad on?

No one.

Tanitia, eh?

Tanitia, eh?


Tanitia? What, you scooping her yet or what?

Say hello to your Aunt Cindy there.

Where's Nana?

She's in the room in there, laying down.

Come tell her to come out here and see her sister.


Aunt want you out there.

Well, she won't come out.

Well, take Aunt Cindy for a walk around the mission.

Show her where she used to walk around when she was little.

Go on, take her.

Daniel, what's her name?

Aunt Cindy.

Where she's been?


Who took you away?

It was a long time ago that they took people away from here.

How come they took you away?


Where the fuck you going?

Well, we going out of here, boy, we going fishing. What you doing?

What do you want to do? Come fishing or what?

Are you coming, you come for a ride? Go on, jump in.

Daniel, you little fucking shit.

See, I'm trying to catch a fish here.

Daniel, please go back that way. Fuck off, now, man.

I mean it, cunt. I fucking...

Jesus, man.

No fucking fishing out here, mate.

I ain't fucking catching anything.

I said move now!

No, please, Daniel.

Jesus, fucking stubborn mate, look.

And then...

What, your Aunt Cindy just came home last night, did she?

What, she's been gone a long time, too, eh?

My old aunt got taken away when she was little.

Some fellas came about and took her away in a bus, said they was taking her to a dentist.

She's been gone for 50 years.

That's a long trip to the dentist, don't you reckon?

You know what?

You know what, Daniel? I always dance around down here, boy.

I always did, probably down here.

Dance round here all night around the fire and...

I used to have a good time down here, you know.

Then we just dropped our lingo home.

Until our old managers come down, try to stop him and put him in jail.

Used to tell them to stop doing it all the time.

But then, they... Do you know the lingo?

They teach you the lingo at school?

Yeah, but I don't want it. Forget it, man.

The lingo that I know is the only one mom and dad learned me.

You know what a kangaroo is? You know what they call a kangaroo?

They call it banda.

What about a fish? You know what a fish is? A guya.

Bushtracker, see?

I don't know much about bushtracker in lingo words.

That's about it.

Fourth way down.

All right, Dan, hey, boy. You back on to something, huh?

Hey, fucking heavy shit this time, eh?

I'm trying to see...

Hey, you now look more fucking shit to me.

Bring it around here, give me a round.

I'm not used to this shit, it's that one rap.

You're always wasting it. This costs money, you know.

It's fucked up.

I'm not used to that shit, see? You wasting it.

Oh, that's fucking heavy shit.

Who done this painting?

That's my painting there. Done it when I was in jail.

What the fuck, man?

That's my painting. I done that in jail.

What do you call it?

That's "Porcupine Dream," my brother.

That's my totem.

That's my totem, bro.

Who the fuck just said that's your totem?

I just know it here. I just know it in me.

Hey, you don't fucking know.

Yeah. What's your fucking totem, bro?

Fucking emu, bro.


Who the fuck taught you that?

My nana.

What would Nana know?

– Now, what would she know? – Everything, cuz.

How would she know more than me? Who told her that, then?


Jesus? What the...?

Who the fuck...? Jesus who?

No, Jesus, everybody knows Jesus.

Your fucking totem cheap, man.

– Shit. – It's fucking Jesus, he reckons.

How the fuck can Jesus know this?

Who talks to Jesus?

Fuck Jesus.

Yeah, fuck Jesus, that's what I said.

Fuck Jesus.

Daniel, what's your fucking totem?

Daniel, what's your totem?

Yeah, fuck them. Now, say, what's your fucking totem?

Your fucking ancestors never told you that shit before.

Fuck, dead.

Daniel, you raising the bong or what?

Daniel, you raising the bong or what?


Boys, Daniel tough as shit.


– Yeah, he... – Nah.

You have a fucking problem there or something?

Heard you've been fucking up at school.

How come you been messing up, boy?

Fuck around that school bus or fucking live here.

Don't laugh at me, man.

I'll fucking drill you.

You know I'll do it, eh?

Be at school, mate, look like... Learn.

Nothing like your old man, good for nothing now.

It's the worst, I tell you.

Where you been?

Down there with the boys.

Come here.

Was you in the room smoking yarndi with the boys?


You don't wanna be.

Don't look like that, you look like your father.

Go inside and have some soup on the stove.

I made it for aunt but she went walkabout.

Little Daniel, where are you going?


Tanitia been looking for you.

What for?

I don't know, that's your woman, ain't she?


Linden, your little gangster friend is here.

Daniel, how's it going, bro? Where you going?


You know how to get this made or what?


What you...?

See? Just watch, man.

Use this there, bro.

You keep doing that for me, huh? Put it in the bag.

I'm gonna make a cup of tea.



How come you're hanging around those fellas?

Because they're my friends.

Tyson said that that you said that we was together.

Did you say it?


Anyway, I'm going with Tupac now.

What for?

I don't know.

Mr. Damien said that you can come back to class if you stop playing up.

Will you?

Daniel, are you gonna stop playing up?

Anyway, I'm going to school now.

Uncle, how come she always go down there?

That's where she used to live...

when she was a little girl.


Daniel, they want you, I think.

Ask them what they want.


Tupac gonna fight you.


Tupac, you deaf cunt.


Ask him what for?

What for?

He said you're a big knob like your father, and stay away from his woman.

He reckon he can drop you in one hit.

Daniel said he'll drop him like Muhammad Ali.


Tupac said he'll drop him like Jackie Chan.

Daniel said he'll drop him like Bruce Lee.

Tupac said, "Yeah? Come and try it."

Come, boys, get it in here.

Come on.

Come on, Daniel.

Come on, Daniel, you can do it.

Come on, fight.

Smash him, Daniel.

Okay, Tupac.

You fucking fight back or...

Want your nose split or what?

Don't come messing around me, bro.

Tupac. What's going on?


Tupac! What did I tell you about fighting?

Now, stop your fighting and get home.

Right now.

Is Tupac coming back?

I got it all on here anyway.

Tupac, bro, Tupac.

Who's that?


Who knocking?

Saw a car coming.


Just up the road back there.

Yeah? Where?

– How far? – Just there.

Well, thanks a lot, bro.

Hey, Daniel, Daniel...

Look out that window over there for me.

All right, tell me what. Is that them? Did you see them?

– Yeah, they're at the dump now. – At the dump?

– You see them? – Yeah.

Yeah, they're coming right here right now.

– Right there? – Yeah.

Shit, man.

Have some.

Thanks, bro.

You know, I don't give a fuck anyway about them.

I don't give a fuck if they all fucking know who the fuck is selling.

When I go fucking down, that's not gonna make me fucking stronger anyway, boys, you know? Fuck.

I don't give a fuck if they all know. Who gives a fuck?

Who the fuck told me in?

Which cunt fucking told me in?

You send me to fucking jail!

All my cousins there. All my cousins there.

All my cousins there.

Oh, what do you want, girls? What do you want?


We're trying to get men's business done here, what is fucking...?

Go back inside there or something.

Nobody fucking knows you cunts anyway. What...?

You know I'm a bad cunt when I'm drunk.

You know the deal, women not allowed to sit around us when we talking.

Because I can't sit here while you're sitting here, too, listening to our shit.

Can't you fuck off inside?

Fuck off, you, fuck off!

Fuck, you know that, huh?

Daniel, listen. Listen.

As long as I'm fucking selling my yarndi, I'm gonna fucking do what I gotta do when I'm selling my yarndi.

I fucking do what I gotta do.

– I gotta sell my Yarndi. – Jail. You gonna go back to jail.

If you wanna go to jail, you'll fucking live in jail.

They handing you the rope.

When the neck fucking be tied, I'm hanging.

And then, what we're supposed to do? Cry for you?

– Maybe. – No fucking hell.

What sort of fella come out of this land?

What do you reckon?

I know what I reckon. What do you reckon?

Fucking emu, mate.

That's why we're not allowed to fucking eat the shit.

Yeah, I fucking...

– I love to eat them. – I love it.

– I eat my emus every day. – It's not allowed in, my brother.

Fucking kiss my whole family, we do that shit.

Think you can kiss your whole family if you eat emu?

Of course.

– Because of your family... – It's magic stuff.

Magic what?

Black magic.

Black what?

Fucking grab you and eat that shit.

Listen to him, man. Fuck that.

Yeah, you eat emu, that's what's gonna bug and eat you, ain't it?

Fucking will. That's your problem.

That's one fucking... Man, I am scared of that cunt.

– Well, listen... – Play something. Your mouth.


How you going, cuz?

Hey, good bro. Man, you didn't hear about anyone fucking dealt me in?

Got coppers up my ass yesterday, you don't know that?

It could be anyone, cuz.

I don't know. Any mad cunts around here, cuz.

Could be any cunt on this mission, cuz.

Or some cunt jealous because you're making money, cuz.

Yeah. What you wanna draw?

You ain't got 15, eh?

How much? What...?

They fucking selling it for 15, are they?

– Bruce selling for 15. – Who is fucking Bruce?

The fella who got out of jail the other day.

Bruce, Staby's boy.

Oh, Bruce, that mate cunt, Staby's boy.

We don't wanna fucking see that mate cunt for a draw of 15.

Well, don't worry about it then, cuz.

Hey, don't worry about a thing, cuz.

Don't worry about a thing.

I'm not worried.

– Don't worry about it, all right? – Hey, don't worry about it.

That's his house over there, right, bro?

He was staying over with his grandmama.

– Really? – Yeah.

And what did he do?

What was he in for?

Home invasion, bro.

He was in jail for home invasion.

And he raped that woman and her husband.

– Shit. – Fuck, her husband?

Fucking what? Poofter cunt?

– True? – Yeah, true.

Is that him there or what?

That's him.

– That's him there. – Fuck him.

He's angry.

– What's this cunt doing now, bro? – I don't know.


Look at him.

Think he's giving him something.

Wonder what he's got there.

Let's get a hold of him, man.

No, just check him out, see where he's going.

He might be taking all your customers.

Dan, is that your mother there, young fella?

Is that your mummy? He's talking to your mummy.

Yeah, Dan.

He used to go with your mother a long time ago, before you was born.

He might've been your daddy.

Hope that's your daddy, he got grace.

– Now we know, then. Yeah. – Yeah.

Okay, we don't need that many. We only need fucking one.

Oh, fuck, no, fucker. And now what? Fuck.

– Hey, man. – Hey, boys, where you going?

Yo, this one, man, we're in a fucking hurry, too, bro.

Yeah, we're kind of always in a hurry to getting, are we?

Hey, boy, they said you lifted Tupac there.

Yeah, I knew you had all the moves like your old man, eh?

Where you been?

In town there.

– You're on metha or what? – Nah.

He was.

Twenty dollars there.

– Twenty dollars. – Twenty dollars.

So you say you fucking want money?

You can ask your fucking mother there.

She's got none.

You got some yarndi, then?

Have you got any money?

– Pay you next week. – Go away.

Oh, come on, before the stick go in.

No, man, can't do it.

Keycard either.

Wednesday I get paid.

Fuck on, with a keycard? We don't want your fucking keycard.

I'm thinking of going there Wednesday.

Well, I can't book you up next week.

One stick, take it out of the keycard here.

No, fuck. Look, man, I don't want your fucking keycard.

Bugger out, no.

Already got one. Just one stick there, Linden.

I mean, just can't do it, man.

Oh, fuck on, Linden.

Yeah, man, look, I'm on empty, man. You wasting my fucking petrol.

Wasting my time, I gotta go.

We gotta go, man, we gotta go.

– Linden. – Man, you're making me late, man.

Oh, fucking, Linden, now come on, will you?

You're making me late. I'm on empty now, man. Petrol.

– Well... – No, man, fuck off.

– Let go, man. – Hey, hey, hey.

Hey. Come here.

Hey, hey!

Boys, who gonna go in up there?

Jerome, you gonna go in for me or what?

No, fuck that. I'm not going in there.


How about you, you scared? You gonna go in for me, bro, or what?

Fuck that. You fucking go in there.

Well, what's up your ass?

You do it. Fuck a gangster? He just came out of jail, that cunt.

I don't know what he could do, you know?

Fuck that, man. You scared of the cunt?

I will.

What's that?

– I will. – What's that?

– You sure? – Yeah.

I'm not scared of that big cunt.

Oh, boy, look.

Wait. Dan, you sure you wanna go in there?

You know what you gotta find when you get in there?

– Yeah. – Where is it?

Just go in there and find it, okay?

When you find it, I'll be out here waiting for you, I promise.

Well, go on, then.

You think I'd do this?

Hey, Dan, man, I thought you were gonna get busted there for sure.

What, did you find it or what?

– Yeah. – Well, where was it?

In the first room under the bed.

And there's a big fucking knife there, too.

How big? How big?

– Fucking no, that big, dog? – A fucking knife?

Nah, fuck this shit, boss.

Jesus, I told you he's a mad cunt, boys.

Come on, bro, let's get the fuck out of here, eh?

Fuck. Always.

Yeah, well, Daniel, thanks for fucking doing that here, because...

– You got it, man. – Let's get out of here, let's go.



Do you still love her?



You do?

Tanitia, you love him?

You don't?

Daniel, she don't love you no more.

Still love her?




Daniel, come here.

Where you been?

Nowhere. Where you been?

What do you wanna know where I've been for?

I thought you had no money.

What do you wanna know if I got money for?


Go on see your aunt in there.

Why should I when she don't take no notice of me?

All right, just go inside.

Don't remember at all what he wants, but he doesn't wanna be that way.

What the fuck you doing?

– The fuck you doing? Eh? – What? What?

Saw you at school there.

Fucking up all the time. Look, he can't leave...

You'll get him suspended.

Yeah, what do you care?

Oh, I don't fucking care. The boy fucking fun.

Don't laugh. That boy ever come and live with me, he'll be a different man.

– He'll be a fucking man. – He'll be drunk.

Fucking get a life or something. No fucking...

He'll get a life? Have you got a life?

– Yeah, I got a life. – What doing?

Well, then you snap the fuck out of whatever and look...

And look after him.

But do you act... Do you act like a father?

Do you?

Well, I try to.


I'll have to fucking take him out one day, eh?

– Him and his fucking mates. – Who?

– His mates. – Who?

The mates he fucking hangs around with.

You don't know anything about that.

Know about what?

Big old prick, it ain't real fucking all the fucking drugs.

Not a real druggie.

So what you fucking trying to prove?

– Getting on their favour, hey? – That's right.

– What, are you into drugs too, cunt? – That's right.

– You into drugs, too, cunt? – What if I am?

You fucking don't wanna be because if I find out...

And if my kids are on them, pity up you.

Hey, come back here.

Come back, you hear?

Come here, Daniel.

Who do you want to live with?



Because you're drunk all the time.

What? What does it look like?

Well, I'd rather drink than her here, you can go around and...

Smoke my shit, what your fucking mother does all the fucking time.


Fuck you and your mother.

He already told you who he wants to live with, Michael.

What, you wanna live with her?

If you wanna live with that woman, that's your case, but lad, don't come back to Daddy no more.

Fuck you, then.

No fucking... I ain't doing it, motherfuckers, no.

Fuck them.

Boys, look here, look, he's fucked now, boys.

A cop has got him, huh?

Fuck, look at him. Coppers going in there now.

They'll get the cunt. They'll get him this time.

What the fuck?

Come out smooth, the boys.

Now look here, look.

They're shaking his hands, the cunts. Look here, the fuck?

He going around fucking shaking coppers' hands, the cunt.

He going.

Smoke then, Nan'.

How long you been smoking?

Another one to take my smokes.

Nana, how come my aunt went away?

Daniel, what are you hanging around them boys for?

What you gonna do with yourself?

I don't know. What can I do?

Daniel, come here.

This my little boy, Daniel.

The Champ, I call him.

Hey there, little cousin.

How you going, all right?

Bruce's a good fighter, too. See his muscles there?

Go on, Daniel. Show him how you shape up.

Hey, little Daniel, come for a drive.

We're gonna check out the river.

Go on, Daniel. Go for a drive there.

Come on, little cuz.

You have a girlfriend, little Dan?

You will. You wait, little bro.

Wait till you get older and they'll start fighting over you.

You'll start acting silly, too, with them girls.

And they'll make you silly, too.

You'll start slapping bitches around, too, soon enough.

You wait and see.

People say you wanna be a bad cunt.

You wanna be a bad cunt?

See this eye?

I was shot with an air rifle when I was little just like you.

Did it hurt?

Fucking oath, it did.

Can't see fuck all out of it.

This fucking mission.

No one come and see you in jail.

And when you get out, all they want is your fucking jail money.

How come you done all them bad things that they said you did?

What bad things, little cuz?

I suppose I'm just a bad cunt.

Everyone in this fucking mission wanna be a bad cunt.

Well, here I am.

You wanna be a bad cunt?

Well, you gotta do bad things.

And when they lock you in jail, you won't be no virgin in the bum no more either.

You know what a virgin in the bum is?

I know you was in the house.

Little Tupac saw you go in there.

You tell Linden and them little plastic gangsters they wanna be real careful.

You tell Linden, bub...

You tell Linden if I fucking see him in here again, if he fucks with me again, I'll slash his fucking throat.

Who's there?

Get out of here, you little bitch!


Get out of here!

Don't talk back and get out of here.

You wanna get, I'm telling you.

I'm gonna kick his little ass.

You just take off, boy. Go on.

Yeah, well, I'm coming back for you, Tupac.

Tupac, I'm coming for you next time, bro.

– Linden. – Hey.

Where did you go?

Bruce knows that you called the cops on him.

How did he know?

Who told him?

Tupac did, the little motherfucker, he got back in.

He saw me going in there.

Fucking little prick.

Bruce said to stay out of his way or he's gonna slash your throat.

– Slash my throat? – Yeah.

And he was holding a big fucking knife, too, when he said it.


There's always some cunt to fuck things up.

And he said you're all plastic gangsters, too.

Fucking plastic gangsters? What else the fucking cunt say?

Yeah, and he said there's only one bad cunt on this mission.

One fucking bad cunt? Bad cunt?

Who the fuck does he think he is, come back here, taking over?

Can't let it go, eh?

He done fucked up, bro.

He gonna wish he never got out of jail, that cunt.

Luke, where are the fucking golf sticks?

In the van there.

Get the clubs.

What do you kids want?

Who the fuck's a plastic gangster now, cunt? Come on.

Fucking rapist cunt.

Who do you think you are, fucking come back here?

What's this all there?

What you looking at?

What you cunts looking at?

What's this all there?

What? What you all looking at?

What you all fucking looking at?

What, you want some, too?

No, they not here.

They all gone.

Coppers took them last night.

Now, show me Greenland.

– Sail. – Sail.

That's the front and the back of the sail.

– Now this? – It's something long maybe.