Torpedo (2019) Script

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Lightness of Shu

They are there

what time is it? I don't know, I lost my watch You are really useless

We want to have fun there

Please don't kill me

I'm embarrassed Hi, new watch With stopwatch and everything

I surrender


This is the map

Great devils, great healings

Belgian Prime Minister Captain Miss has chosen you to lead the operation Admiral Goodfree agreed to provide us with British logistical support Before I know it, you need psychological support You may have other priorities But all we want is wrestling and imprisonment God! Where do you want to find the right crew?

We trained them We have selected a group of Belgian soldiers who are loyal and trained I want "black sheep"

The British military has been looking for these crazy people for months The situation in our cases shows: shooting in the eye Calm down, Admiral no one knows where they are

If you know where these people are, you will go to military court I probably survived more than one execution team They may be crazy, but this damn map is just as crazy

Great devils, great healings

Ask him out well if he is no longer absorbed in the connection We still need that Apples? Alan no, expect About you, the province? Later Alo? Alo, Werner?

Alo? Can you hear me Yes, we have the package, can you repeat?

I repeat: we have the package, so it was received The postman kills him at noon. Don't let the province reach the damage pack this time He just asks a few questions, I'm not kidding

Shish, Shish Ta I have with Shish Ta knife With a fat? Saw with a fat Don't joke with an obese man damn it Dad, so bad sex You promised not to be planned That's always the case The potatoes are young, go buy them yourself Not

He can't talk to the lungs full of water how much is it?

One minute and sixteen Come In fact, we are very good Yes, we are very good, a little water?

The answer is no Take five minutes away from there

Werner, what was that? Is everything ok Is the closed line good ??

I do not hear anything I heard ... all

Damn you idiot, they're looking for him The province takes up less space

Leave it

Without wanting to offend

Your son, Dieter

I see your resemblance

Dead during the operation

How about Sherplan :: Explosive bullet I don't know more

Why are you telling me this?

Do you think I want to betray my homeland?

This is a war We all lose our loved ones This is not about the dead But from those who can still be saved

His name is Franz

Yes, his grandfather's name

are you okay? No, I am not good I'm tired of buying and throwing bullets out of your body I want another job She just has to protect her beloved daughter Leave me alone, in fact I found something that might catch your eye look what? B. Patron, written method I found a complete case of it This caliber is suitable The first boss

let me see

These bullets are not hunting Come on, come on, come on Come on, von

The best left hand in Europe Kiel rats

Stop, were you playing for "Beershat"? ... show that you don't

Is that all Better a poor horse than no horse at all



A German war machine


Your wife I guess?


You can sell it to Judia

Where are they

Gunther Start the bath

I went to the post office nothing yet Did something happen mom...

Forget it, I've explained it to you before To keep the letter at the French border

I told myself that little Louis might already know how to walk

We have a meeting


Hello I need a suitcase and a German one. Yeah, everything is there. So...

And bush? He has very important information about the transfer of troops in Ardennes She is still in the bathroom

It is not true

His head should be somewhere

God, "They don't like it. I'm very happy."

Is there anything new?

Telling me you're a special mammoth

In Congo?

Finally, this damn forest is over But there are no Germans in Congo?

Forget it, we're happy here This mission is of vital strategic importance We don't care if we are against the Germans Get lost in our strategy What are these little numbers below? Wages Van Prague "You can buy the Birshat team Maybe you can play like that This has not happened until this round of necklaces

One more thing: I must not forget to say This mission creates a lot of dead Nazis

This is safer for him Not?

Yala, we all got up Damn, how are you?

You don't need to be drunk to take a nap Yala, everyone is loud

what's wrong with u? You are all green I don't like water, I can't swim There may be a floating object inside

Gentlemen, welcome to Africa

I said there is a special mission, huh?


Don't touch anything It smells here

Okay, guys For some of you who are not geographically good, We are here and our destination is here: America The purpose of this mission: to carry cargo It is the favorite of the allies Uranium Uranium?

And what is this ??

I know it's for painting glass In hours, bright hands are also uranium I want someone like this because it doesn't shine in the dark We are on a secret mission Are we in a German submarine to spend time with Roosevelt?

To make a bomb Not just one bomb, one bomb that can destroy an entire city Irradiation radiation a few kilometers German scientists are working on it They should not be ahead of the Americans Union Minière Shinkolobwe Mines in Congo They are the largest uranium reserves in the world And Roosevelt bought several of them with the agreement of the Belgian government Should we take it there?

Do we have to move these devices ourselves?

You will receive training theory and practice for three weeks. Which is very short Be prepared to burn beforehand because it is not a test to lose Fifteen minutes on the deck

We're just a truck driver, yes, a truck for hell

Can't you do it behind your back?

Are you kidding? I want to swim Hey province This is not the first time we have seen him naked

But isn't that sex?

Only when he was washing in the room We are innocent, province And from a distance, yes, very far You can't see anything without a binoculars What about pigs?

My God, where did you get this? It is confidential Ok come here Farfari, thank you as you asked Who's this?

German captain Franz Jagger is going to teach us If you think I'm close to a Nazi, you're wrong I told him he was teaching me to be a captain He was the commander of a submarine, he knew the submarine like his own pocket State...

Do you think the same as I think? Yeah There is no place for him in the ship

Hello gentlemen, I have been asked to teach you To launch this submarine in three weeks That is impossible

This is suicide This is suicide It takes at least a year for intelligent German officers But since I don't come with you, I don't care Well, we're in front of the ship, the bow This room is the front of the torpedo Very heavy torpedoes. Each weighs 1,000 kilograms But that doesn't worry you What if you don't shoot with this?

This is a transport mission, not an attack mission What if we have to defend ourselves? We are diving Toilet, Captain's cabin, officers' bed Woe to the soldiers or passengers of the officers The radio room has a 200 watt transmitter Control room, ship's heart The captain decides everything here, except tides.

Your destiny is in their hands stop it

We divided your bedroom into two teams You see, there is no shortage of space The kitchen is the second most important room Be friends with the chef You can start peeling potatoes

Diesel engine house?

Diesel on the surface, underwater It should be 1,200 horsepower and 3,200 horsepower mwm The best engines of this are changing my father's tractor Is it still long?

This dragon room With two electric motors, a torpedo and a torpedo tube.

Well based on that You see, this is a very ... very complicated thing. One wrong move and This is crazy!

Well, go for the cartoon, guys you only have three weeks

Well, the division of labor Province, your second command, you will be assured that they will follow my orders Tom and Kilis, engines Werner, Radio and Sonar Philippe and Fons in Controls Van Praag, upstairs, okay? Well, let's go to class what about me? I have no post Can you explain it to him? What?

I arranged this with Miss

When to transfer uranium between They take you back to a farm near the forest It's safer there. I'm not alone in Africa I will not take you to this coffin

The crew must work together like a well-oiled machine Do you know this phrase one for all, all for one?

In the submarine, this is not insignificant, but a fact Spool spool system

... this pheromone pheromone hydrophilic This is the receiver

... This button to change the frequency in bandwidth Reaction circuit

Starbucks 20

.... torpedo lift It's very complicated, guys, the language is German as well

To immerse, air is released from the balusters that are filled with water And to go back up, on the contrary The water is pumped and the air is compressed at high pressure. you understood?

If we are going to do a big mission and be immersed

....... The stool can be high or What?

No, that's not a stupid question ... because of the high pressure underwater

Don't you take a shower Not Maybe I'm going tomorrow

Short, short; short Short, short; short And what does that mean?

Very beautiful point


Stupid Is this what you learned?

That's all I remember This is the last night we are together

I can still try to convince him it's not working

She convinced my mother to stay without me

At least we can say goodbye it's true


Jinga, close the end

Do you have anything against blacks? I don't want a black man to touch me Isn't he going to turn it off? I don't want to know anything

Don't move, guys, we're leaving here careful

This bamboo is so lazy that it doesn't want to travel twice

We found their position We are approaching from the west what? A German radio message Here? VHF in the band In the breadth of our vision These radio waves are not transmitted from mountains and trees Rather, it comes from the sea. The ship is less than 100 kilometers away Find the signal

.... names of ships where is it? there

Damn, we have to go To America?

They have no choice but to turn to us We just had a theory that we would start practicing Move, guys

what are you doing? Let's go to America Without even knowing how to immerse yourself? What about me?

You came with us, this was not our appointment We decided to think about it You don't have a chance to survive this suicide, you know I have no choice

State You found the boat received. Twenty minutes shooting range Who are they talking to?

Okay, right away

Everything is in the ship

damn it

damn it

what is this?

My God, Miss Miss

it was not my fault

Good bye Province, no! We still need that Who will lead this ship?

Take us out of here

I keep this for Grandpa

Am i coming too Or do you prefer not to get caught?

Don't start, everyone is here? Not

Is this black shell going to come too? We don't throw it in the water Take it Engines

ready Let's get out of here

Set the course for 3-10 At the helm of Star at 8 p.m.

Both engines are slowly moving forward

There is not enough pressure What is a semi-open valve?

Open the main valve halfway damn it!

Can i pass my friend

Nothing changes, wait

Well, the grades are changing All in all, we have a backup Is war a machine? Yes! Yes welcome

Then ?

They are still a long way off, but we better not be available Take us under the water

Ready to flow Depth: 30 meters

Front more than ten, back, five Five degrees below

Down Yes...

Immersion . Open the valves

Open the treatment valve

Diesel, turn off the power. Both engines are slowly moving forward

War Now

Depth We are under water. Like Jules Verne This is a very special boat, Janga Underwater, not on water, underwater

Take this away from me, I need my hands I open them when I trust you Until you stop breathing

How can I be sure that you will not kill me in New York?

What reassures me that you don't want to kill us all?

We are all in the same boat State?


what? look Strange whispers

They are looking for us

As long as we are under the web, no problem

what was that?

I don't know anymore

Leak in the toilet Damn, do I have to do everything alone?

Stupid do you want to kill us all?

L7, B5, L6.

C3 and B1.

Hard to keep in mind? Put c3 and b5 between your heads Which piece of toilet seat?

Batteries! Battery and .b do not fit together

Leave it

Leave it to me

Chlorine gas, flow this way, let's go up Is the plane gone? If the air does not flow right now, we will die Faster

Well, the sky is the limit

Damn it Why not attack? It does not take risks with this anti-aircraft It's going to take us around until we get underwater Train them to target submarines that want to go underwater So we don't go underwater to run out of fuel He's going to be on the radio right now


Hop Hop closed valve, Hop, kids.

damn it

Damn it

State State State

It was lucky

Sleep here Come

Come on, that's it

Man, are you kidding?

Who told you he could sleep there?

Janga has worked ten times more than you, my knife Enough torpedo room

Come on, hop

Yes sir

Take your nature

Uncle Kritchbaum wants to support you

It's like he likes it

Please have nothing to do with it, I think Baba will save you

is not it? Upstairs, behind the fireplace go and see In nature, sometimes A special population needs to be reformed So that a stable balance is established And that's why we do it We strike a natural balance In nature

And that's very important to him for learning? Not Not already balanced No, please don't go! Don't put it there. I beg

Louis, Louis

how is it possible?

Why did you deviate 50 degrees?

We were 90 degrees. What?

What should I do, pig? Philip is usually here.

Your vacation cost us eight hours

What are you doing there?

I check the axles, you have to lubricate them

Hey, hey, stop, calm down Calm down, calm down Open the 5th tube

Province, calm down A candidate for the torpedo test? stop I only listen to my commanders You want to swim

Enough to let me live, he has no right to touch you My body. It's up to me to decide if you're too young Oh yes And at what age will I be right? How old are you?

When you got married. Until then, you will obey me all right A captain can formalize our marriage Come

Captain, we want to get married

Come on, guys Gentlemen, the bride is waiting

The Bible, so let's do it Baby, this is not a good idea

Put your hands on the Bible Nadine, you love Philip Accept as a legal spouse? Yes Philip, do you want to accept Nadine as your legal spouse?

No liver, nothing. Come

damn it We go home, we move Fast, it may be a submarine Come on, no Fast

Hey go

It is difficult to hold a wedding celebration on a ship that the enemy is not far from You could say yes ten times He was looking at us, so what?

Can we wait to be in America?

I really love you, you know But the province ... it's a real bastard

Mom didn't react like that

You can't understand how eager I am to see him again And let me introduce you to her as my husband

He was proud of me

what has happened?


Nothing What?


That man, Nadine Your mother is dead, I saw her

And Louis what are you saying? They are in France. Not


The province went a million ways to say, But how can he tell his daughter?

That her mother and little brother are dead?

He could not bear to break your heart into a thousand pieces Sorry

Torpedo Warning!

Dragon, towards 2-3-2, 500 meters We go down 15 degrees Philip Yes come come Let's go down

Be prepared to deal

Two hundred meters

Fifty meters wait

They are losing us. They fail Silent

Both engines are off

absolute silence

Adjust 20 to the right

Then? nothing yet

He can't find it That's right Come with me


Do you have a guidebook with technical drawings of torpedoes?

Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either Go to the dragon's back room and cut the 4th and 5th torpedo wires OK Be careful not to touch only 4 and 5 others

what is this Turn it off Engines

Is there a problem with the torpedo? We arrange it hurry up He is behind us

The rear torpedo of the children

Aside from see him I have it

distance? Four hundred meters Location? 1-8-0, right behind us Now or never A torpedo?

Good fast, fast Come

Wait, wait, I'm stuck

What the hell are you doing?



Get him out of there higher

We need a torpedo now

Five tubes are ready Shoot that submarine

What are you waiting for Throw it out

Undisputed blow

Torpedo One hundred meters, speed 40 knots Change your position too late

Fifty meters

now what? We pray Ten meters

What happened?

..We were very close not to cut the security distance mechanism But we did

What is the damage?

Bad orders Loaded load Can we go up Liver?

We go up

Oh ... guys?

Van Prague is very good

Sugar cane . Eat again

I have to eat, man

There is no other way ... I know What?

You're crazy, you can't ask me you're the only one with experience Yes, with cows and pigs If you don't do that, he will die You can't ask me

The first German to come, I cut off his legs and arms Ask me anything, but not about Van Prague I can't look him in the eye anymore No, guys, it's not possible Not

Expect it

Wait, I'm going to eat a little more, man This is in your favor what are you doing?

عدالت بگیرش This is in your favor

Make a groove at the top of the knee Then lower your knees Fons, here? Here? Yeah Beside The ship needs to be repaired. Come on, come with me Shake. you are alright? Yes! Yes

ready? Yala kids I'm ready to go continue

To be able to repair your engines better

I understand

That's what you had to do to save her life

He can no longer play football

Another useless talent

All the big clubs were fighting over it He had many choices

Did you play football

No, as far as I can remember, I was always a soldier

And a soldier doesn't choose his team

Werner, radio

A German destroyer Can we go here We only have one engine what do we do?

If we move without identification, they will open their heads to Rome State?


Introduce yourself to Captain Max Schultz Beside What happened to Captain Franz Jagger, U-235, Fleet 8?

Fleet 8?

What are you doing here?

We hit a rock and we're repairing it A stone? I am sending a team to help you No, thank you, it's not worth it Don't worry, everything is under control

Don't argue, we're getting ready We are waiting for you all right. We have all the whiskey here damn it Bastard If we didn't allow the expression to be suspicious, they would shoot if they were suspected You have to surrender it's impossible Damn, they threw a boat into the water

Okay guys, you go with your friend Nadine, go to the toilet Vaughn, heels

You are the one who speaks

Comrades, this is not a good time to get to know each other Actually


Did you hit a rock? The saw caused us a lot of damage This is a submarine, there is always a way to fix it He can wait, but not whiskey It's a good idea An enemy submarine is in the area To the United States, full of uranium We have to open our eyes

Did you say uranium?


I don't know what it is, but everything is beyond our power

Gentlemen, whiskey is waiting for us

we arrived? Hess, Germany inside the ship Can you steam my right foot? itchy Its steam is like an ant

In this way?

Yes that's fine

Health health

Liver, it's a good whiskey, I told you How long have you been here? Yes, we are waiting for orders it is nothing. He came to his senses Lightness of Shu Germany hears your voice

An accident happened to him and we had to operate in an emergency I'm going to take a look at it, I don't need to take good care of it Mayer, a nurse, can help go and see

Let's eat another one Lightness of Shu

Did you have to cut both legs? Yeah I understand how this happened.

How ... saw .....

Did the amputation occur on the ship? Yeah

We can only alleviate the pain by giving morphine Yes, yes, I'm going to bring one Bring my legs back Where are my feet?

Their danger is not German

I once saw a test performed by a Jewish scientist

The man was trapped in the ice bath You are zero degrees After five hours of torment, he died His body was warmed By filling his stomach with boiling water His intestines

And get a bladder

محمولتون Uranium, I've heard rumors about it As a weapon of mass destruction

I saw what they could do with a cold bath What can they do with a weapon of mass destruction?

I closed my eyes once

I will not repeat the same mistake again

God help us If Hitler was the first to have this weapon


Let's get the ship out of here

Damn, they're making trouble

They want the crew back Their guns are pointed at us. Hurry up

R u sure? This is an impossible move Not for you

Okay, be quick to open the door Fast We have to move I need ten seconds to file

Just a fuse Saw, saw, ok, it works again Hess, what's that sound?

Sit tight


Close the valve.

Close the valve or we will die quickly The church?

The church?

We have to close it

Come to church


Come on, come on Beside

Come Come

Nadine, Nadine, damn

push Help

Your liver has passed through it Thank you for letting this happen

Let's get to it

We have to do something

Nadine is stuck

Calm down. do not be afraid Damn, what can I do?

Calm down This is madness, he is dying

what are you saying? Daddy is coming

Don't do this, suicide I can't let it sink


Calm down

It doesn't pulse

Be quick baby

Be quick baby Beside Beside

hurry up

Be quick baby fight

Yala, damn it Listen to me once Beside fight Enough, province

Astana ...

Let's go Not


She ... she ... she is Damn it

We are almost in America, comrades

We have no choice, this is a one-way ticket, you know?

I know this from the first moment I got on



Sorry, we ...


Don't wait long time till next time

I promise

God, he succeeded

Mom ... Louis Hess, Dad If you could not save them, then no one else could

Four years later Miami, August 6, 1945

You won, oh, Kish and Matt Awali Yalala

Come on, let's go swimming The program was suspended due to a special statement by President Truman A few hours ago, a US plane bombed Hiroshima And destroyed the enemy's military base This bomb has a power of more than twenty thousand tons of TNT With this new bomb We see no progress and no new revolution

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