Torpedo Run (1958) Script








Firing point, Captain.

Fire 1!

Number 1 running hot straight north.

Well, then we won't waste another one.

A solid hit, sir!

Want to confirm?

Nice shot, right down the middle.

You want to take another look?


Surface for routine report and wreckage examination.

Prepare to surface, look out to the conning tower.

Well, Barney, that's another one for the book.


Great hit, captain.

Nice shot, captain. Tankers hit them where they really hurt.

No word from comms up back yet, sir.

I'll be in my cabin.

You'll have it, sir, if I get it.

I-- I mean, when I get it.

Pretty rough on the skipper.

Sure is. Has he heard anything about his family?

Not a word since the Japanese invaded Manila.

Let's light them up.

Here we go.

One... two...

Close your eyes and make a wish. There we are.

Close your eyes. All right, make a wish, darling.

Make a wish. Blow.

Ooh, she has done it.

Well, here we go.

One for each year, this is for you, darling.


Well, it's her birthday, honey.

Isn't it?

You don't mind, do you?

Now some for everybody.

Teresa, as soon as they finish, take them inside and start opening the presents.

Thank you, daddy.

You want to hold it?

Well, it was a very nice party and we enjoyed being here.

Where do you think you're going?

Well, we have to get back to the base.


Oh, no, you don't.

You and Arch have sunk the whole enemy fleet five times this month in practice.

Six, honey, six!

I wasn't counting doubleheaders.

I just got word this morning they've commissioned the Shinaru.

Their newest carrier, is that straight dope, Barney?

That's why I was late.

You ought to leave them one carrier for the real war.

Arch... you can bring me back a piece of the Shinaru in this.

This afternoon we're going fishing.

Well, if you say so.

Well, if we're going fishing let's get in the mood.

Fair enough.


Commander Doyle! Telephone!

I'll get it.

Primo, I told you, no telephone calls for Commander Doyle today.

The naval base is very excited.

They have to talk to Commander Doyle, something about Pearl Harbor.

What was that about?

Oh, the base said it was important, something about Pearl Harbor.

Jane, I want you to take Dede and get out of Manila just as quick as you can.

Oh, Barney, now not that again.

Manila is my home, I was born here and-- and now it's our home.

You know as well as I do what can happen here.

You know what's coming now, don't you?

Yes, I know.

But if these islands are invaded, I'll take Teresa, Primo, Dede, we'll go up in the hills and we'll be waiting for you there.

Come on, darling, please let's not spoil her birthday.

All right.

I want to call the base first.

Nice big fat tanker, sir.

Plenty of room on that, sir.

Throw that net away.

What do you mean throw it away?

That's mine.

Let's quit kidding ourselves, huh?

Manila was captured 10 months ago.

That doesn't prove that Jane was captured.

Throw it away.

Barney, Jane knows what she's doing.

She's probably hiding out in the hills somewhere.

As soon as she can get word to ComSubPac, they'll let us know, believe me.

I said throw it away!

Yes, sir.

I'm sorry.

We're like a couple of kids yelling at each other.

Let me buy you some coffee, huh?

Al, bring us some coffee, will you?

Aye aye, sir.

He's too tense.


Well, he wasn't too tense to get those.

Well, I'll ride with him.

That's big of you.

Where would you get off?

I have a radar contact landmass bearing 256.


Got her.

Captain to the conning tower.

Captain to the conning tower.

Land contact, sir.

What's our position?

Good old Fujiyama.

Well, we're home again, captain.


Land is one half miles off, sir, bearing 273, we're in the mouth of Suruga Bay.

Well, you're a long way from England, lieutenant.

That's the advantage of ignorance, sir.

Lieutenant Redley, Royal Navy, assigned to Grayfish, for operational experience of new sonar equipment.

Well, it's our pleasure. We expect to show you something a lot more interesting than mountains.

You will, sir. We're overdue for some good clean fun, you've earned it, sir.

Left full rudder come to course 185.

Left full rudder, 185. Bensy!

No surface contact, no aircraft contact.

Down scope. Down scope.

Ready to surface, sir.

Belay that. Now give me a sonar check.

Sound heads are rigged in, sir, sonar not operating.

There are no minefields indicated in this area, captain.

Bring out the sound heads.

Stand by to surface. Bring out the sound heads.

The Japs could have a submarine here, Fisher.

That's right, I guess they could. I'm sorry, captain.

No contact on sonar, sir.

Surface. Surface, surface!

Lookouts to the bridge. Aye, sir. Lookouts to the bridge.

Break the hatch. Break the hatch.

Mr. Foley? Yes, sir?

You are the officer of the deck, aren't you?

Yes, sir. Then you know that the OD is never the last one to the bridge.

Yes, sir.

Object sighted, fishing sampan, 10 degrees off port bow, sir.

It's probably a picket boat.

Let him send back a report, maybe they'll send us out a target.

Haven't you found it yet, Mr. Foley?

Yes, sir.

Sorry about being late to the bridge, sir.

Sorry is a word for funerals.

How late were you, Mr. Foley?

About 10 seconds. Ten seconds?

Well, I'm sure that you realize a torpedo traveling at 50 knots makes 1/7 of a mile in 10 seconds?

Yes, sir. Won't happen again, sir.

Say, cap, how about having some coffee?

That's a good idea.

Now that you have the deck, Mr. Foley...

Yes, sir.

Take care of it, huh?

Thank you, sir.

Great news, admiral.

The Shinaru?

No, sir, not a trace.

Negative in five areas but others haven't called in yet, sir.

What is your great news?

New list, sir. Confirmed by the Swedish legation of American civilian prisoners of war.

Commander Adams, this is an operational office.

Sir, as of 2 weeks ago, Barney Doyle's wife and baby are alive and well.


The internment camp at Callabo. Are you sure?

The Swedish reports have been very reliable, sir.

Yes, they have.

Crack it off to Barney as soon as you can raise him.

Get it through and make it move.

Yes, sir.



Why are the enemy telling us this now?

Well, the Swedes have been trying for weeks, sir.

You know how the enemy is.

That's it.

Don't follow, sir.

When they tell us anything, it's because they want us to know.

That's true, sir.

Why after all these months? Why now?

I don't know, sir.

Neither do I.

Shall I hold this information, sir?

No, Barney has a right to know.

Aye aye, sir.

"Alive and well!"

Who? Who? Who?

What? Alive and well!

Who's alive and well?

Captain's wife and baby!

Didn't I tell you?

Now all we need is a piece of the Shinaru!

That Callabo is still an internment camp.

But it's the safest place in the war, Barney.

We hope.

Well, you still want to get rest?

Rest? Now? Ha!

What about that operational stuff?

We're alerted to stand by, surface for something urgent from ComSubPac.

Well, you heard him. Right.

Adams, what's the matter with you?

Oh, I'm fine, sir.

Seen a ghost?

The Shinaru , sir.

Where? Where, show me.

Right here, sir, headed northeast.

We've had three good fixes and she outran them all, obviously headed for Tokyo Bay.

And Barney Doyle.

The Greyfish is right there.

He's got her, Adams!

He'll get a shot at her, sir.

Shot? He'll ram her if he has to.

Barney Doyle, if I could have picked my man.

She's going right down his throat.

This is going out to him, of course.

Sir, he's already got the operational data but--

But what?

I think you ought to read the rest of that, sir.


Those clever devils.

I'm afraid this explains our great news, sir.

Too well.

Barney got all of this yet? No, sir.

He's just getting the operational stuff on the Shinaru now.

They think they've hit the jackpot.


Message from Pearl.

The jackpot, sir.

McKay! Aye, sir.

Relieve Mr. Foley on the bridge.

Aye, sir.

Give me the shortest course between here and Tokyo Bay.

Tokyo Bay?

Yes, sir!

All ahead full. All ahead full, sir.

All ahead full.

Answer up, all ahead full, sir.

Mr. Foley! Yes, sir?

Run tests on the torpedo data computer to make certain it's operating perfectly.

Recommended course 061, sir.

Very well.

Down right to course 061.

061, sir.

Mr. Milligan, send this message.

Greyfish to ComSubPac.

Will do.

Captain to crew, upon reliable information we are moving to intercept the Shinaru.

The jackpot.

The Shinaru? That's right.

Hey, chief, what's all the excitement about the Shinaru?

It's just another flattop.

Just another flattop? That's the number one target of the whole United States Navy.

It led the attack against us at Pearl Harbor.

Well, that sets us up just great, Barney.

We've got plenty of depth there too.

Captain, another message from ComSubPac.

Take it, Arch.

Yes, sir.

Checks out all right, sir.

Captain, the Shinaru will undoubtedly have a destroyer screen. Undoubtedly?

Well, there might be chance to prang one of them, too.

Well, of course they're gonna be doing a little pranging of their own, lieutenant.

Yes, it won't be dull.

I'm sure of that.

Barney. Huh?

Read it to all hands.

This is the exec speaking for the captain.

I'm gonna read you a message just received from ComSubPac.


"Information considered reliable here verified screen of two destroyers for Shinaru and in addition, repeat, in addition, the transport Yoshida Maru, which is being used to screen the Shinaru ."

Go ahead.

"Further information considered equally reliable here is that the screening transport Yoshida Maru is carrying all, repeat, all, 1,400 American prisoners of war from camp Callabo to Japanese mainland."

End of quote.

This is the captain.

I will remind every man in this crew that we're trained to penetrate the enemy's protective screens and shields.

Barney, ComSubPac didn't say we have to attack.

Why should they?

That's what we're here for.


Can I have a word with you?

Notify the bridge I'm going below.

Bridge, captain going below.


Barney, I came up through the hose pipe.

I've held every job in these boats, enlisted man to officer, except skipper.

You'd make a good one.

Well, this is something other people should say for me, but I can handle this boat right now.

Well, you wouldn't be here if you couldn't.

Barney, this attack is more than just routine.

Well, they all are.

The message said all 1,400 prisoners.

Your wife and baby are on that transport.

We are attacking the Shinaru .

Barney, this is not an accident.

Where do you think that transport will be when you have to shoot?

They're deliberately using her for a screen, and they've got two destroyers.

It'll be tough even getting close enough to shoot!

Don't you think I know that?

Barney, if we must shoot, let me do it.

That'll be all, Arch.

That big one sure could be our flattop.

The next big one, the transport, that's the destroyer ahead, another one astern of the force.

Range 9 miles.


Bridge, aye!

Dive the boat!

Little bridge!

Dive! Dive!

Well, that was fast.

Too fast.

Hustle and bustle, boy.

All ahead 2/3.

All ahead 2/3, sir.

Cycle the vents.

Cycle the vents!

All vents cycled and shut, sir!

Battle stations torpedo.

Battle stations torpedo.

Bearing, mark.


Range, mark.


Angle in the ballast starboard 10.

What about that transport?

Same speed, same range.

Estimate 1,200 yards and starboard beam.

That's close, Barney, too close.

The Shinaru's indicated at doing 23 knots.

True bearing of the carrier is 294.

We're 3 minutes from firing point if you plan on firing at 1,200 yards, sir.

Make it 1,000. Yes, sir.

Destroyer is changing course.

She's heading toward us.

She's pinging on long scale but I don't think she's picked us up yet.

Give her time, old chap. It's hard work up there.

Rig for silent running.

Rig for silent running.

Steady as you go. Steady as you go, sir.

Make ready all forward tubes except for outer doors.

Forward tubes are ready, sir, except for outer doors.

Very well. We'll try a spread of 6. Take the scope, Archie.

Aye, sir.

Bearing, mark!


Range, mark!


She's picked us up.

She's heading right down our throats.

Set all torpedoes for 12 feet.

High speed, 2 degree spread.

One minute to firing point, sir.

All tubes ready, sir, except for outer doors. Very well.

Destroyer approaching at high speed.

Open outer doors. Open outer doors.

Up scope, this is a shooting observation.

She's signaling.

Bearing, mark!


Range, mark!


30 seconds to firing point, sir. On the bow?

10 degrees port, but we can't shoot, we'd hit the Yoshida Maru. Confirmed, sir.

A six-torpedo spread would hit the transport.

Chance for another setup?

Doubt it, chief. 20 seconds!

How many fish can you fire without hitting the transport?

Two, sir, possibly.

Barney, you can't.

I wouldn't risk it, sir. Nobody asked you to.

It's too close even for two fish.

Destroyer approaching at high speed.

Bearing 042, range 1,500 yards.

Steady as you go.

Steady as you go, sir.

Bow tubes stand by.

Bow tubes are standing by, sir.

Barney, it's Jane and Dede.

10 seconds to shoot!

You-- You can't.

Firing point! Fire.

Barney! Barney!

Number one running hot, straight and normal, sir.

Number two running hot, straight and normal.

That's a bit of all right.

I hope so.

Either way he is right.

You want to take a look to confirm it, don't you, Barney?

We better take her down deep, sir, the destroyer is almost on us.

You've got to confirm, Barney.

Close the outer doors.

Close the outer doors.

Rig for depth charge. Rig for depth charge.

Down emergency, left full rudder.

Left full rudder. All ahead full.

Answer up all ahead full!

How deep can you go? We've got 96 fathoms.

Take her down to 300 feet. Take her down to 300 feet.

300 feet, aye, sir.

At least they're running straight.

What's the time on number one?

Ten seconds to go, sir.

Rudder left full, sir.

Number one missed!

How long to number two?

8 seconds to hit the Shinaru, sir.

How many to-- How many to miss the transport?

2 seconds, sir.

It could have been a premature explosion, captain.

It could have been.

No, sir.

I assume they've lost us for the moment, captain.

At 300 feet, sir.

Noise from the transport, sir.

She's breaking up.

Water's rushing in.

Bulkheads are crushing.

Reverse course.

Reverse course. Right full rudder.

Bring her up to 60 feet.

Bring her up to 60 feet.

60 feet, aye, sir!

The destroyers are waiting, captain.

I know that.

At 60 feet and holding, sir.

What about that transport?

Those destroyers are waiting for us to pick up survivors.

They're using them as bait.


Let's get out of here.

You take over, Arch.

Control room, 80 feet.

80 feet, aye, sir.

5 degrees down.

Passing 095, sir.

Steady on 125.

125, aye, sir.

That's enough, thanks very much.

Where's Arch?

Telephone he said.

Yeah, he's been gone a half hour.

31 minutes.

He's not coming back until I signal, I bribed him.

You what?

I bribed him. No, you didn't.

No, you didn't do that, that's impossible.

You can't bribe Arch.

You don't know what I offered.

Barney, what's the word you use when one of your ships protects the other?

Ah, it's called screening. Oh, yes.

You know, when you have one ship, you want to protect another ship--

The principle is very clear.

Ship in front.

I'm tired of being screened, Barney.

For 5 months, you've kept Arch between us like a chaperone, why?

Because I love you, Jane, that's why.

That's a good start, go on.

I'm a bad risk.

Who's taking it? You or me?


Is it because there is going to be a war and we'll be in it?

Well, I've thought a lot about that too, Barney, for the past 5 months.

And if it all happens just exactly as you say it will, I still want a duplicate of you.

I kind of figured that I'd like to have a little girl first.

Well, fine then let's get the family started before it's too late.

Are you sure?

Really sure that's what you want?

I've already promised Archie could be godfather.

Exactly 34 minutes and 10 seconds.

And 5 months.

And all the rest of our lives.


Watch it, it's a little hot.


Thanks, Arch.

Barney, can I say something?

Yeah, yeah, what?

I couldn't have done it.

Well, you didn't have to.

Jane would have wanted you to try it.


Hey, come on.

Come on, sit down right here.

Well, who-- Who has the deck?

Foley. Uh-huh.

Well, he's learning, that boy, huh?

So am I.

I gave those two destroyers a slip and reloaded and reported to ComSubPac.

What did they say?

Recommendation to return to Pearl Harbor at once.

What else? What else, sarge?

Nothing else, just a routine sinking report.

I signed your name.


Barney, let's head back to Pearl Harbor.

We still have 16 torpedoes left, haven't we?

That's right.

Well, they don't need them at Pearl.

Battle stations torpedo.

Battle stations torpedo.

Take a look at that setup.

If they spot us on the shoals, we'll be in trouble.

Let's head for deep water.


Are you going to attack?

Not that outfit.

Bearing? Mark!


Range? Mark!


Make ready all bow tubes. Make ready all bow tubes.

Hang on the bow, starboard 30, set torpedoes at high speed, depth 6 feet.

It's gonna be a straight bow shot.

We're on the firing bearing now, sir.

Range 1,000.


One fired, sir.

Captain, what are we shooting at?

Net tender.


Their nets are still open.

Give me the time, Foley.

6 seconds!

Solid hit.

Come to course 045.

Right full rudder, all ahead full.

045, right full rudder, all ahead full, aye, sir!

The destroyer's made a turn, captain.

She found us yet?

Through that?

Makes an open room.

We're going through.

Keep us in the clear.

Aye aye, sir.

We're going into Tokyo Bay?

Not going, sir, we are in.

Tell them, Jojo.

From captain to crew.

We've entered Tokyo Bay.

What if they find out that--


First American sub in Tokyo Bay.

How about dinner, Foley?

Great, if it's a round trip.

Mines dead ahead.

Take us down fast!

95 feet, left full rudder, come to course 005.

Left full rudder, 005, aye, sir.

95 feet, aye, sir.

Rudder is left full, sir.

Contact to stern coming up fast, sir.

It's a destroyer pinging.

Steady as you go.

Steady as you go, aye, sir.

Don't any of you chaps find it a trifle warm?

Do you want to go sightseeing, sir?

It seemed a good idea then.

All ahead dead slow.

All ahead dead slow, sir.

The tin can is closing fast, 700 yards, sir.

He's following us into the minefields.

He is a fool coming in here.

You could say he has guts too, sir.

Well, he won't have them long.

He's a happy warrior.

Left standard rudder.

Left standard rudder, aye, sir.

Better get back into the channel.

If we can make the channel, we'd have 150 feet of good water, captain.

Sounds like we fouled a mine cable up forward.

All stop, all back emergency, rudder amidships.

All stop, all back emergency, rudder amidships, aye, sir.

All stop.

All stop.

All ahead dead slow.

All ahead dead slow.

Come to course 335.

335, aye, sir!

Beautiful, sir.

I wouldn't have missed that.

I would.

How do you feel, Benson?

I haven't felt for an hour, sir.

There's a faint sound, sir.

Nothing close anyway.

We got room to turn seaward now, captain.

Steady as you go. Steady as you go, aye, sir.

Bring us up to 62 feet.

62 feet, aye, sir!

Going through.

But if they close the nets behind us?

Oh, that's all that sound is, sir.


But... if the nets are closed...

Tokyo is a big town, sir.

We'll find a boarding house.

At periscope depth, captain.

Any contacts with stern?

No contact, sir.

Take it up.

Straight out ahead, minefield to port.

Mark it on the chart, Mr. Fisher, for the round trip.

Marking it now, sir.

You got her, huh?


The Shinaru, gentlemen.

Battle stations torpedo, make ready all bow tubes.

Battle stations torpedo, make ready all bow tubes.

All tubes ready, sir.

Bearing, mark.


Range, mark.


Destroyer cutting in.

Range will be perfect in 8 seconds.

We haven't got 8 seconds.

Commence firing.


All six fired, sir. Take her down fast.

Take her down fast! Left full rudder.

Left full rudder, aye, sir.

The destroyer is intercepting our torpedoes, captain!


We missed.

Rotten luck.

Contact, here we go again.

The upper hatch is sprung!

See if you can dock it down!

Get him up on the bunk.

Pharmacist's mate to forward torpedo room.

Ease your bubble to zero!

Buckeye, check for damage!

All compartments, report in!

Wait a minute!

Forward torpedo room to conning tower, we have one man knocked out and are taking water but we'll handle it.

You check on the damage.

Hallert, get 50 pounds of pressure in there, reload those tubes fast and clear the room except for yourself and one man.

Flooding under control, Barney.

Pressure in the room is holding, tubes are reloaded, Hallert and one man standing by.

Destroyer is all over us, captain.

I'm all right.

How close are we to the minefield?

Estimate 600 yards starboard, sir.

Well, run down the Bay, keep us close to that minefield as possible.

Aye, sir.

That destroyer is laying back, sir.

Maybe doesn't want to see his ancestors.

Captain, may I say something?

Well, if there's time.

In the Skagerak one night Germany boats chased us into a minefield and we made them think they'd killed us by exploding one of their own mines.

With what, good wishes?

Not that we were saving those.

We used our stern tubes, sir.

Stern tubes stand by.

Stern tubes stand by.

Stern tubes ready, sir.

Set gyro at 90 degrees.

Set gyro at 90 degrees.

Gyro set at 90 degrees, sir.

Fire all four.

All four fired, sir.

All stop. All stop.

All stop, aye, sir!


The destroyer is turning away, sir.

He is heading back up the bay.

The sound is fading.

I think we're okay.

By golly, it worked.

Hey, Redley.

I thought you came here to learn from us.

I have, sir.

But I'm expected to take the information back.

Well, Fuzz, we made it.


To the nets.

Forward torpedo room.

Open outer doors.

Forward torpedo room, open outer doors.

Nets 700 yards ahead, sir.

Fire all bow torpedoes, no spacing.

Close outer doors.

Close outer doors.

All ahead standard.

All ahead standard, aye, sir!

We're in the clear.

Well, thanks.

Thanks for all of us.

Thank you, sir.

Recommend course 185, captain.

Very well.

Come to course 185.

185, aye, sir.

Secure from battle stations, repair battle damage.

Secure all battle stations, repair all battle damage.

Keep me informed, Arch.

Aye, sir.

Oh, what did you say to daddy, Dede?

Thank you, daddy.

You want to hold it?

Yes, I know.

But if these islands are invaded, I'll take Teresa, Primo and Dede, we'll go up in the hills and we'll be waiting for you there.

Come on, darling, please let's not spoil her birthday.

He's still asleep, Al.

Yes, sir, I know, sir, but he ain't had a bite.

He'll eat when he wakes up!

I'm sorry, Al, sleep is what he needs.

Yes, sir.

I just looked in on him, Jennings.

He's still asleep, don't bother him.

Call it what you want, sir, we could help him.

Wouldn't you just postpone what he's going through?


Then let him alone, will you?

You better take it easy yourself, sir.

Nothing wrong with me, I'm fine.

Well, what do you want me to do?

Well, right now why don't you go topside for a smoke?

Ah, maybe you're right.


But leave him alone, huh?


Why did she love you so much?

I don't know, I guess it was my personality.

What's the matter? The other guy had more personality?

No, all he had was a car.

So why didn't you get a car? Yeah, why didn't you get a car?

And drive around all that traffic?

Hey, I think he's right.

Hey, knock it off, you guys.

How's the captain, sir? He's coming along fine.

Oh, that's good. Good.

Mr. Sloan, have you ever had any trouble with dames?

Well, yeah. Once in a while.

Good morning, gentlemen.

Morning, sir. Morning, sir.

Good morning, sir.

Why don't you boys get some coffee?

I'll take over the watch.

Yes, sir.

Aye, sir.

What's our position?

8 days, 16 hours and...

10 minutes from the bar of the Royal Hawaiian.

I was out that long?

Why shouldn't you sleep?


We're going home.

What did you report?

I told ComSubPac to have the Royal Hawaiian put out another bartender.

What else did you tell them?

Nothing else.

Arch, you know that... sleep as you call it, that could put me behind a desk for the rest of the war.

You know that, don't you?

Everybody sleeps.

Who knows how long you slept?

You do.

If ComSubPac should ask you anything, what would you tell them?

Why should they ask? What would you tell them?

If they ask, Barney, I'd have to tell the truth.

Arch, you are the only man alive who can keep me from getting the Shinaru.

Don't you think I want it too, Barney?


When he gets here, let's really pour it on him.


Here's your hat.

You're looking for me, Benson?

You were the last one to look at the slides yesterday?

Yeah, and they were the greatest--

Look, don't try to worm out of it.

You know what you did? You touched it.

Touched it? And smudged it!

Smudged it? Left your big fat fingerprint all over it.

Look at that!


You know where. You mean right by--

No, down in the right hand corner.

Oh, yeah, I think I see it.

You think you see it? Of course you see it!

First time I let some jughead handle the slides, he ruins my business. Metcalf, put this down.

Garrity, no slides for 2 weeks!

No slides for 2 weeks?

Hey, Benson, wait a minute, I want to talk to you.

Permission to come aboard, sir.

Certainly, sir.

Barney. Admiral.

Hello, Adams. Hello, Barney, how are you?

Nice to see you.

Any further news, sir?

Sorry, Barney, no, not a word.

No survivors were picked up, huh? No report of it.

They've put a blackout over the whole thing.

You know as much as we do.

How soon can I get back, sir?

Barney, submarines work better without holes in them.

Well, these aren't too bad, admiral, if I can have first priority in dry dock.

Well, we'll do our best.

Meanwhile, your orders are take it easy.

We have rooms for you at the Royal Hawaiian, commander.

That's fine. Thank you.

Are you joining me for luncheon, commander?

Thank you, sir.

What's the matter? Can't you sleep?

Are you kidding?

You're keeping me awake.

Look, Barney, you won't sink the Shinaru in here.

That admiral has given us the run around.

You know that, don't you?

He gave us first priority in dry dock.

That's right, that...

That he did.

He didn't ask you anything else, did he?


For the last time, no.

Are you sure?

Now will you get to bed and get some rest?


Okay, buddy, okay.

Lieutenant Sloan reporting, sir.

Good morning, Arch. You sent for me?

Sit down.

Thank you, sir.

Arch, what would be the best possible news I could give you?

Sailing order, sir.

Greyfish is ready.

That is news.

It'll do very nicely, sir.

How would you like your own boat, Lieutenant Commander Sloan?

My own command?

Your promotion has just come through.

That's a long haul from apprentice seaman, Arch.

A brand new sub waiting at New London for a top skipper.

The record says that's you.

Funny, I-- I don't know what to say.

Every skipper you've served with has said it for you.

Well, thank you, sir.

May I ask a question, sir?

All you like.

Is Barney taking the Greyfish out again?

Arch, that's a different problem. Not to me, sir.

You've earned the command, Arch.

And Barney has earned another crack at the Shinaru, sir.

He's overdue for a desk job and a good rest.

He's still the best skipper you've got, admiral.

There's more than one factor in duty assignments, Arch.

You've got them all for your own boat.

I'd still have the same as Barney's exec, sir.

If you want to remain his exec.

I do, sir.

Arch, are you covering for him?

Covering what, sir?

Was he knocked out after you came out of Tokyo Bay?

3 days, sir.

But you know what he'd been though.

Of course I do.

But only you know what came out of it.

Well, he's passed his new physical exam.

Perfect, the problem is not physical.

Is he fit, Arch?

He's tense, of course, but...

I'd be worried if he weren't.

I think he's fit and I want to sail with him.

The Shinaru is still unreported.

The best I could give him would be a long shot hunch.

I'd like to try it, sir.

With Barney.

Thanks, Arch, you've helped me.

Thank you, sir.

But what about Barney?

You've helped him, too, to one more trip.

Get that Shinaru this time or you'll have to kill her with your own boat.

Yes, sir.

Admiral, you know Barney.

If he knew I'd been offered my own command, he'd make me take it.

Yes, he would.

All right, I won't tell him, because after this trip, I'm making you take it.

Yes, sir.

What's wrong?

Kiska... approach patrol.

You know what that means, don't you?

Well, they put us right, right in the deep freeze.

Easy, Barney.

After all he isn't running the war just for one boat.

You reading his mind now?

Well, no, I talked to him.


Barney, the Shinaru is unreported.

He said he's giving us the best long shot hunch he has, and his hunches are based on good intelligence.

What else did you talk about?


Go on.

He wanted to know how long you'd been knocked out after Tokyo Bay.

I told him.

What else did you tell him, hmm?

I told him I wanted to sail with you.

You go shoot your mouth off to the admiral and next thing you know we're headed for Kiska.

Steady, boy.

You could have quit me, you could have asked for a transfer, why didn't you?

Yes, I could have quit you!

Well, why didn't you?

Don't you know that yet?

Just a minute, Mr. Sloan.

Now you get this straight.


I'm gonna get the Shinaru in spite of what you think, in spite of what the admiral thinks, in spite of what anybody thinks.

Now you got that straight?

Yes, sir.

I got it.

That's all.


Captain! Yes.

The Shinaru, she is heading for Kiska Harbor.

Give me the shortest course between here and Kiska Harbor.

Aye aye, sir.

Recommended base course 085, Captain.

Come to course 085!

All ahead full.

085, aye, sir.

All ahead full.

All ahead full, sir.

Message to Bluefin:

Follow us, base course 085.

Aye, sir.

Answer up, all ahead full, sir.

Mr. Sloan, come to the bridge.

What does this mean?

About bringing you back for your own boat?

What does it sound like?

When did the admiral offer you your own command?

Why should you care?

I wish you'd taken it, Arch.

That makes two of us.

I want to follow in your footsteps, Barney... but one of us has changed.

We're here, sir, part of the entrance to Kiska Harbor.


There's the headland, sir.

The Bluefin, 500 yards astern of us.

No more going on the surface.

Clear the bridge.

Clear the bridge!

You men, go down and get yourselves some coffee and get warm real fast.

Foley? Yes, sir.

Foley, stand by the TDC.

Yes, sir. How about the hatch?

Lock it down! Lock it down!

We're attacking, of course. We are.

I'd dive the boat, sir.

I'm aware that we have no visibility, that's why I want my radar to help my sonar.

Radar is already icing, and this is a tricky entrance, sir.

Left full rudder, come to course 225.

All ahead 2/3.

Left full rudder, 225.

All ahead 2/3, aye, sir!

Contact. Broad contact.

This is all across both bars. Radar?

No contact to head, sir.

My antenna must be iced.

All I'm getting is a faint headland.

Got it now!

Look at all those blips.

Half the Jap navy must be in there.

I count nine ships, sir.

Range? 3,000 yards.

That big blip must be the flattop.

It's not the same contact, sir.

No, sir, mine's a broad contact 200 yards ahead.

It could be the log and chain boom imported by intelligence, captain.

How close? Coming fast, sir.

We'll stay for one more confirmation.

It's a bad risk, captain.

It's parked at 1,200 yards, just coming around the headland tip.

She's attacking, sir.

Hard boom dead ahead, sir.

Dive! Yes, sir.

Dive the boat.

Come on! Come on right away!

Mr. Buckeye reports pressure building up in the boat, sir.

How much pressure? How much pressure?

Eight pounds, sir. We got a ruptured air line but we can handle it!

How much depth do we have here?

30 fathoms, sir.

Take us down to 90 feet.

Take it down to 90 feet.

90 feet!

We've lost both scopes, sir.

Radar inoperative, sir.

Antenna must have been carried away.

Steady as you go. Steady as you go, sir.

All compartments report in.

What's the matter, Barney?

Pharmacist, right to the conning tower on the double.

Pharmacist right on the double, aye, sir!

Come sit over by the chart table, Barney.

Bluefin is calling in for a check, sir.

Tell them we're proceeding with the attack.

Aye, sir.

90 feet and holding, sir!

Get his arm on the table.

Take a look at this.

How is it?

It's broken above the elbow, captain.

I can handle it.

Go ahead then.

Benson? Aye, sir.

Give Mr. Fisher the first bearing you had on that flattop.

295, sir.

What's that for?

Morphine, sir.

The shot would help you, sir.

It wouldn't help my shooting.

Are you making a sound attack?

That's right.

You know the chances of getting a hit with sound are about 1 in 8?

Not very good odds, are they?

You want to quit? Uh-uh.

Just checking your plans, in case you pass out.

I'm getting some strange sounds, captain.

What do you make of it?

I don't know.

Pretty faint yet.



Come to course 295.

All ahead 1/3.

That's an anchor chain.

Of course it is.


Sure, she's getting underway.

She's trying to bail out of there before she gets caught.

At 295 and holding.

Very well.

Target still stationary, sir.

1,800 yards.

Battle stations torpedo, make ready all bow tubes.

Can you shoot?

I can.

Take the sound.

Destroyer coming up fast.

Right in the groove again.

Dive and lose the shot or stay here and take the beating.

Maybe lose the boat.

What would you do, Mr. Sloan?

Your choice.

I came here to learn, remember?

That's why I'm asking you.

What would you do?

I'd stay up and shoot.

That's what we're here for.

Group's ready, sir.

We'll fire 6 at 1,000.

We can fire anytime now, sir.

Every second improves the shot.

You can't, Arch.

She's yours, skipper.


You do it.

Go ahead and shoot, Arch.

Go ahead.

All away, captain.

Running through the target so far?

I hope.

What if I missed?

That'll be two of us.

We aren't gonna miss the shellacking.

They're unloading the rack on us.

How long to target, Foley?

6 seconds to go, sir.

Move it! Move it!

All right! Get up!

Hurry! Up!

Can't close it, Barney!

Put 50 pounds of pressure in there!

Aye, sir!


Forward battery rooms are all right, we still got lights.

Now, Goldy? Sir.

SOS Bluefin to stand by, we're abandoning ship.

I can't get anything, sir.

All, I can--


Listen, torpedoes!

She's fired at that destroyer, sir!

Keep calling the Bluefin. Keep calling!

What's the count, Mr. Buckeye?

Twenty here, sir, and the lot should be safe in the forward torpedo room.

Keep calling.

I'm broadcasting, sir.

Captain, I have an SOS from Greyfish.

Where are they?

Right here, sir.

We must be directly over them.

All stop!

Now we can call.

Aye aye, sir.

I got them.

I got them, captain, I got them!

Tell them to stand by. We'll start escape.

Break out the battle lanterns.

Fisher, break out the Momsen lungs.

Aye, sir.

Foley, Benson, break out the ascending line, we're going up.

Aye, sir. Aye, sir.

Captain! Captain!

It's the Bluefin, sir.

Now let's go.

Now let's move.

Aye! Come on!

Arch. See if you can get the torpedo room.

Aye, sir.

Fisher, charge the Momsens with oxygen.

Aye aye, sir.

Let's move in.

They have access, sir.

Tell them to escape. Aye, sir.

Ever felt anything this cold?

Lord, yes!

Brighton in August.

Open the front valve.

That's it.

That's it, sir.

All right, now listen to me.

Go up steady and take it easy.

Breathe in and out real slow so you don't hurt your lungs.

You hear me back there?

Yes, sir. Aye, sir.

Everybody set?

Yes, sir. Aye, sir.

Come on, let's go.

This is a standard drill.

And I want to see every one of your ugly faces up there.

Waiting for us.

Part the hatch.

Hurry it up!

The fog is lifting!

Coffee, captain?

Coffee to the conning tower.

Coffee to the conning tower.

Steady on 025, sir.

Very well.

Thanks, Benny.

Thanks a lot.

Here you are, Barney.

Thanks a lot.

How about the men?

Chief Hallert says six men unreported from the aft torpedo room.

Who are they?

Philips, Owens, and Hughes, Abrahams, Sherman, and Howard.

Look, Barney, two of you better get below, get some rest. He's right, Barney.

Let's go down and get that arm fixed.

No, no, wait a minute.

Did you get any confirmation?

From the Shinaru?

We couldn't see anything up there.

Solid fog.

Well, look again for me, will you?


All right.

We heard a couple of hits we thought, but we didn't know with that beating you were taking.


Barney, look at that.

Pass the word to the rest of my crew, will you?

Pipe this through the ship.

Aye, sir.

Captain to the crew of the Greyfish.

Here's a periscope observation.

Bearing 285, range 4,000 yards.

The flattop Shinaru is sinking.

She is listing about 30 degrees to the port.

And she is going down by the bow very fast.

She's down by the bow now.

Gears rolling off of her decks.

She's slipping, fast.

There she goes.

Scratch one flattop.

It's confirmed sinking.

Well done, Greyfish.

Down scope.

All ahead full, let's get out of here.

All ahead full, sir.