Torture Chamber (2013) Script

San Miguel Archangel, defend us in battle, be our protection against the wickedness and snares of the devil.

May God rebuke him We humbly pray.

And do thou, Oh prince of the heavenly host, by the divine power of God, cast into Hell Satan and all the evil spirits ...

... who roam throughout world, seeking the ruin of souls, Amen.

I'm burning up

I gotta get out of here.

No Mark, please, you can't go.

Please Mark.

That old abandoned castle ...

Saint Anthony's rectory That's where they found him.

In a cell, an old prison cell. - What?

I thought you knew.

There are underground tunnels everywhere.

I know, I know, the homeless people go there and drug addicts. But ...

Jimmy, my Jimmy is 13 I know, I was in handcuffs. The Police... and all of a sudden he was just gone... One moment He was here, in his cage Mark, I do not know what to do.

Could there be some rule about a brother getting his brother an exorcist?

No, no. Aas far as I know, no, no, no. I was about to tell you.

This is real holy water.

Let's try again. Okay. He needs us.

Yes, yes, I know



God, oh no my eyes!

My eyes, my eyes, oh no!

Oh God!

God, I can't see, Mark. - I'll call the police.

No. - I'll call the police.

No, no, you can't. - Mom, we have tol.

No, they'll take him away, no one can know this.



Oh my God!

O Mark!

Help me.

Lord, what happened to you? - Please, please, help me.

Come in, let me bandage that arm.

I'll get the first aid kit from the bathroom, but ...

You can sit down if you want.

That's my husband.

Where's your family?

Never mind

I'll get the first aid kit.

Open the door


Open the door Rachel. Open the door Somebody help.




Get me out of here

Hey What kind of joke is this? Open this door.



Oh no, no.


Masks have been featured for many thousands of years in cultures throughout the entire world.

You can say that ithey are some kind of wordless universal language ....

The main gist behind most masks, is to conceal..

... Your identity.

Or, you could show a different side of yourself. Like you could be... mad, or mean, or scary. Or you could be... happy and hopeful and beautiful.

Now, I have with me today materials. I want to create your own mask, and then we can see what's inside of you, and then we can talk about it.

But before you start, I want you to... I want you to feel the mask in your minds.

Ok, so I want everyone to close their eyes Come on, everybody.

Breathe in.

And out Focus...

Now, open your eyes.

Do you see a mask in your mind?

Masks can be sacred.

In some cultures they are used for religious purposes.

This is an ancient tribal mask from Mongolia.

It's called Balberaf.

The secretary of the archives of Hell.

Oh no!

...convicted murderer, Jimmy Morgan.

The 13 year old boy who killed his father six months ago, Flames destroyed his family's Smithfield, New Jersey home.

A crime for which he was found responsible.

Jimmy Morgan is back in the news for escaping from Westmount institution...

...earlier today. - Oh God.

Shortly after his escape, there were multiple explosions in the institution. and the east wing was set ablaze Firefighters were able to contain and extinguish the fire...

... before it spread to the rest of the building.

Oddly however, there were no traces of explosive devices ...

...recovered from the scene Westmount is a juvenile detention center for the criminally insane If you have any information, or ...

Yes ...

Could please have doctor Fiore, call Liza Moreno ... 555-34-78?

Thank you.


Hello, who am I speaking to?

This is Dr. Fiore, I was paged.

Hello Dr. Fiore is Liza Moreno, from Westmount institution.

We met a few months ago and you gave me your card.

I'm sorry to be calling so late.

I don't mean to bother you, but ...

I remember you, calm down.

It were the art therapy teacher, right?

Yes, I just saw Jimmy Morgan on the news.

Yes, we're down at the police station right now.

I heard there was a fire in the institution.

Someone detonated explosives, apparently Jimmy.

Are you sure it was Jimmy?

There is no evidence, but yes, I'm pretty sure it was him.

Are you OK?

It's ... It's strange ...

I mean, I'm not, even exactly sure why I callied you.

I am really rather embarrassed about it now.

I just had a dream about him.

Isn't that strange?

No, it's not so strange, Jimmy has a way of getting into people's heads.

He told me that I, that I reminded him of his mother.

My eyes.

Sorry to bother you, it's just that, I don't know ...I saw.. I saw the news and I just didn't know who else to call.

So I gjust grabbed your card.

It is not too comforting knowing that he compared you to his mother...

I mean, he did try to burn her up Doctor Fiore?

Dr. Fiore, are you there?

Yes Liza.

Yes Liza.

I couldn't hear you, what was that?

What was what?

My subconscious is telling me that Jimmy is still mad at me.

Maybe you should stay at one of your relatives ...

... Or at a friend's house for the night.

I'm here at the police station, and I'm trying to ...

... Talk to them about Jimmy and the rest of them.

What do you mean "the rest of them?"

During the at his detention center, he met some other burn victims.

And they formed some kind of a pact, and they escaped with him And these kids the burn unit, are ...

... in pain, they are vulnerable, they're angry and they look up to him. They will do whatever Jimmy wants.

He has sort of brainwashed them one by one without even saying a word.

He even go them to worship a a demon by the name of Balberaf.


It's a demon who teaches blasphemy and murder.

That's what is in the files.

That is what he is into.

In fact... one of the kids that was teasing Jimmy. one of them had holes for eyes... someone clawed his eyes right out.

What was that?


Hold on I want to see who is doing that.

Hold on ok? Hold on.

Nothing? - No.

Perhaps we should go see her. - Yeah, come on

Jeez, leave me some.

Come on.

Something just crawled over my foot, something very big.

We've got to get out of here.

This place gives me the creeps Just give me the bottle.

Come and get it.

Oh whatever


Are you OK? - What the fuck was that?

I don't know.

I guess so.

Can you get out of there?

Shut up!

Find me something to climb out with Like what?

Whatever, I don't know, something, whatever.



At least leave me the god-damn bottle.

Sit tightl. - Yeah.

What's going on?

Jimmy, Jimmy, please Jimmy.


What are you doing?

No no no no.

No, God, no.

No Jimmy, please.

No, no, no, let me go.

No, please.

Jimmy, please.

God, no.


Oh God.

Please stopt!

This is definitely Jimmy Morgan, without a doubt.

What's the motive here?

Liza was his art therapy teacher at the institution, he is very dangerous.

I saw on the news, alright? I read it on the blotter, He's a fire well that's the easy way of putting it, but yes. He killed his brother.

No, he killed his father.

I just found out over the radio... a house has burned down over on Sycamore They're saying it's arson A woman was killed in the building.

You know who the house belonged to?

It was a Larry Johnson... or... Thompson?

Thompson that's right. They're seeing if he was a suspect or not. Do you know him?

Dr. Thompson was a colleague at my institution. For Christ sakes!

Are you guys crazy? Rachel, the woman was his wife.

Doctor Thompson is no more a suspect than you or I He's probably in danger, he's probably dead.

Look, you know where we can find this kid?

No, I do not know where he is.

Well, you know where his mother lives?

She was homeless, She was in a mental institution.

The last time I heard, she was roaming the streets ...

... in Smithville, with nothing, no money, nothing ...

That's the last thing I heard about her. Jimmy, came to me.

At the institution, after he tried to burn his mother ...

... isn't that lovely?

His own mother.

Okay, maybe that's what triggered her... into her downward fall into psychosis.

She is a very religious person.

She believed that her son was born evil, that the devil sent him down here, to burn up the whole world.

The devil? - Yes, the devil.

She was a Holy Roller and then she vanshed.

She just disappeared.

Nobody's seen her, she could be dead, but we have to find her.

And we have to find every student that ever went to school with him And every teacher he ever had.

No one's safe.

Jimmy, you ever sniff that stuff?

What, spray paint? - It's good man.

You might cough or sneeze, but ...

Do you have wood al (methanol)?

That shit will get you so buzzed.

I never tried it.

Let's go and see what kind of hair spray your Mom has There's this one brand...

You can not believe... all older women have it, but all deodorants are the same, no difference.

-You do you smoke deodrants - Yes, sniff them.

Or spray into your nose or mouth Fumes

Want to try?

I do.


Go get a cup of cold water from the bathroom Hurry I know how a way to wake him up

The water, where's the water?

What are you doing, man?

Fuck you Jimmy.

Fuck you, fuck

Let me out of here, please, Jimmy.

Jimmy, Please Shh! quiet down I'm sorry for what happened, they made me do it.

Doctor Thompson?

It is true that Jimmy has powers?

You know, there were several exorcisms, before coming to the institution.

There are many people who believe he has special powers ...

When Jimmy was in my science class, I saw what a little bit of what he could do with fires.

He can light fires with his mind?



Dear Lord, thank you for this ...

... gift of food you've placed upon our table.

And help us all to do your work, the best that we are able.

Make us truly grateful for the blessings of this day.

Thank you Father, for this food and pray That you will bless it to our good Help us live, your name to praise In all we do, through all our days.

Bless us Father, for the food we are about to receive.

Come dear lord, be our guest.

As we gather together, may our hearts grow with love.


Freindship and joy, may it bloom and grow Bloom and grow forever.

Bless our homes, bless our friends.

Bless each of us, forever.

Amen. - Amen.

Mark, why don't you show your father the pamphlets that you made?

Would you go get them?

Oh yes, so talented.

I have one in my pocket.

Well. you can show me again.


Why do you write this crap?

Now, Mark.

Please forgive your father, it is ...

It's just hard for him to understand and, well ...

What we do not understand, we lash out at.

Are you calling me retarded?

I not the one that...

You got a boy that does funerals.

And show up with some evangalistic bullshit.

You've got some nerve.

Fuck you No, please, please, we are having a wonderful meal.

What? - I just, I just want you to ... remember...

Fuck you

Look at me.

Look at me.

I can't.

But where will you go?

Jimmy... you

... haven't touched your food.

Come on Jimmy.

Come on eat. - I'm full.

Do you know how many starving, poor children there are?


I told you, to eat your dinner!

Right there.

You know Jimmy, don't you?

I can feel him on you.

He burned you

You're the doctor.

I know it Doctor Fiore.

Please, please, my son is coming for me.

You've got to save me, please.

How did you know it was me?

I have been waiting for.

You are all I can think about ever since I heard the news on TV.

Only you know.

He's got to be stopped, he's got to be punished.

If his father were here, this never would have happened.

Tell me again, what was the relationship with his father?

Oh, it was very bad He ...

It wasn't really my husband's fault.

He tried, but you know, it is in all the records.

Jimmy, Jimmy killed him.

He ...

How can a boy kill his own father?

His own flesh and blood.

One time, John was sleeping on the couch.

And he woke up to gasoline being splashed all over him And then ...

Jimmy had a match or lighter or something.

And ...

Sometimes my husband had to pput him in an animal cage Because he hurt us ... he hurt other people, you know?

He burned them.

maybe I had Jimmy when I was too old.

I was warned.

They say that sometimes when a woman is ...

... pregnant when she's 50, well ...

I don't know, maybe it had something to do with this Well, that's ...

That's what they say, you know?

But, you know, you're the doctor.

Where did you say you locked him up at?

Sometimes in his bedroom, or in the basement.

But mostly my husband did that He would always get out somehow, He always escaped, He was like Houdini, it was a mystery how he did it.

He ...

Nobody could figure it out, and then, you know...he'd

... just be gone And then ...

We'd hear about some fire somewhere.

And then ...

The police would come.

Well, just went on and on ...

Until the good Lord brought you to me.


Jimmy stop.


God damn it! You little bastard.


Didn't you say he had a problem with his brother Mark?

Oh yes it is ...

Yes, he tried to kill Mark many times well just... just like he did to me, but ...

Well, he doesn't know where I am.

Where is he now, Mark?

He is a priest, his ... at Saint Anthony's rectory, it's just 5 minutes from here.

Maybe we should go pay him a visit Dr. Fiore, can I go with you? to visit Mark.

Yes? - Good Evening Father My name is Dr. Fiore, and this is Mrs. Morgan.

We were wondering if we could have a word with Father Morgan Mrs. Morgan's son ...

My only son.

Her only son.

Nice to meet you, but he has just left

-Would you like to wait for him? Could you tell me where he went?

He went to the old abandoned castle, someone contacted him for assistance but should be back in about an hour.

You like to wait for him? Thank you, thank you, we have to go.

Thanks. - Ok.

It is the Father Morgan. I'm here.

I can help you?

Help me.

Where are you?

If you've done something wrong, you can tell me.

Tell me your name.

I can help you

Come on, come on. I'm here to help, but ...


Here, here.

Hurry, hurry

Come here, here, I have to help them, I've got to help them ...

What's the matter?

I am going to help you.


What is happening?

He's OK.

He's OK Here, here. What is this?


Help I'm going to get you out

I've got it Here. Come On.

Oh my God His ankles are chained I'll be right back, I'lve got to get something to take them off Please hurry Please Mark.

Mark. - Mom, mom

Mark, Mark.

Oh Mark.

Oh, my baby

Ma, ma, there is a sword. - A sword?

There's a sword in the corner, okay? - Oh God. Ok.

I need you to stand up and get it for me I'm going to guide you right over there. OK, alright Ok.

Turn around.

Calm down mom. You are safe.

Where? Where do I go?

You have to go five paces at a time, okay?

1, 2, 3, 4, 5. Good.

I need you to take one step to the right. - Right.

Perfect, okay, five more paces

1, 2, 3, 4, 5.

There is a wall right in front of you. Just reach out Got it. Now reach down. It's right below you.

I've got it. I've got it

Now turn and come right back to me. - Ok.

Where are you Mark? - Just follow my voice, I will keep talking Keep talking to me Mark. Keep talking. We're going to get out of here I hear you Mark. I hear you.

1, 2... 3 more... 1... 2.. I've got you

Jimmy, Jimmy help me get out of here.

Jimmy, what are you doing? Help me out get of here Jimmy.

Jimmy don't

alright. We're getting out of here

I'm just going to look around, okay? - Ok.

It's all right. - Ok.

What's that?


Oh dear God Oh thank god.

Come on, we're out of here. - Ok.

Stay close and don't let go of me, ok?

Oh thank god.

Right here.


Oh my God




Mark? OK

Start the car. - Just a second.

I think it's flooded Oh god, what's that?

What is it?

What's that? What's happeining?

It's okay mom, I'm here.

Oh God. Oh God. Oh God!

My God. Oh God. Oh God.

Come on.


Please start it Mark?

We must do something.

Why is this happening?

Oh God.

I can't see. - What?

I can't see anything.

What do you mean, you can't see anything?

It's all steamy. - Oh no.


I can't see anything. - Oh my God.

It can't be. It can't be. That means ..uhm Oh my God Mark, Mark...

This means that Jimmy is here.

Oh my god, here!








Please help me.

Please, please help me.

Oh, Mark.

Oh, Mark.

Where, where is Jimmy?

I killed him, Ma He is dead.

He will never bother again Mark, no.

I want my Jimmy. - He will never bother us again Ok?

But ... I want my Jimmy. I do. I want Jimmy.

He's gone Ma Mark.

But, I want my Jimmy.

Shh, ok?

What happened? Where is my Jimmy?

Why would you hurt Jimmy?


Oh Mark.


I want my Jimmy.

I'm so glad you're here.

... glad.

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