Torvill & Dean (2018) Script

Done. Good as new. Bostik!

Tube of that, roll of gaffer, decent screwdriver you can cope with most things in life, Chris.

Look, I'll see you later, Buster, eh?

This one's hanging off 'n all. Colin, you said you'd stuck it!

I did.

Look, I'm late.

I've gotta be at work in 15 minutes, I've gotta walk down there yet.

Well maybe if you didn't stop out till all hours of the morning you'd be able to get up a bit earlier. Alright.

I've got a stomach ache.

No, you haven't. Go and clean your teeth. Come on.

MAVIS: You must think I'm daft. COLIN: What're you talking about now?

MAVIS: Where were you? COLIN: You know where I was.

At the Welfare with the lads.

MAVIS: Out for more?

Told you.

Go on, Aidy'll be waiting for you.

Why you limpin'?

I'm not. My shoe's broke.

Me dad's fixed it though.

Jayne, I'm back, duck. Sorry I'm a bit late.

"My daddy works at Raleigh which was in a film at the Futurist which was where I saw Ring Of Bright Water.

I didn't see the film with Raleigh in it even though it was made all round Nottingham cos my mum said it was rude."

Mum says lots of things are rude.

Dad says she's his Player's Angel.

What you on about?

I won a prize, Mum, in English.

Tell you what, Betty, she's got a real talent for tellin' stories.

Tellin' stories? She wants shorthand and typing.

She's ten years old.

BETTY: I'm sayin'. In the future, for secretarial college.

Don't want her stuck in a factory like me.

Why don't you go and watch telly? You've earned it.

"The Flashing Blades" are on tonight.

Oh, yeah, the... the sword fighting.

And Lady Isabel. She's me favourite.

She's really beautiful. And she can ride an horse.

She's takin' us ice skatin'.

She's doing what?

Miss Fitzhugh, she said all the essays were good so we're going to the ice rink tomorrow afternoon.

Jayne. Will it cost anything, this trip?

Did Miss Fitzhugh mention anything about that?

You know them PG Tips monkeys, they're all dead and they stuff 'em and move 'em around, so they look alive.

Yeah, I did.

Right. See you then.


What you doing? It's his tea time so I'm gonna feed him.

We don't want-— It's his tea time.

Chris, come inside.

Come on, sweetie.

Come on, Chris. Mavis.


So? Where are we then?

Mavis... Don't "Mavis" me.

I want to know what's going to happen.

I understand that... Oh, you understand, do ya?

Love. Stop calling me "love."

COLIN: I'm sorry.

BRIAN: I think we all just need to keep calm. BETTY: I agree.

Of course you bloody agree. You've been having it off with my husband.

He ought to kick you twice round the garden and once up the stairs.

Mavis! Now come on...

"Come on" nothing. I am upset. I'm upset.

He shouldn't have done this. You shouldn't 'a done this.


# As long as we have done our best, then no-one can do more #

# And life and love and happiness are well worth fighting for. #

Size? -13.

Size? Three.

Excuse me?



Can I have white? Them there.

White's prettier.

Now... bugger off.


That's it. That's very good.

GIRL: Help me.

Not you, the rest of you.

Now, all you gotta do is let go of the rail.

Be fine. You bounce at your age.

On a count of three.

One, two...

There's always one.

Hey, you should have a word with Miss Perry.

Train her.

Younger the better as far as she's concerned.


Oh, she's seen her anyway.

You've lost her now.

She's like that Child Catcher in that respect.

Still, on the upside, she has trained half a dozen champions.

She's class, Miss Perry.

MAVIS: I hope you're happy now. I hope you're really happy.


COLIN: Sorry, Mavis.



BETTY: He might not be ready. Colin, please.

I'm not gonna know what to say.

Alright, you do the talking then.


This is Betty.

She's... she's like your new mum.

Say hello.

Say hello.


Hello, Christopher. It's nice to meet you properly.

I bought you a present.

I used to go when I was younger, and I asked your dad.

He... he said you had bags of energy and I thought you might like them.

He will like them, don't worry.

Cos I know how bloody dear they were.

And... jump!

That's it, dearie.

On the cymbal crash.

Here comes another one.

And... jump-

Alright. We'll leave it there, Jayne.

Public session.

You're doing very well.

People don't normally do tricks till they've been coming for weeks.

We'll make a skater of you yet.

Thank you, Miss Perry. Thank you, dearie.

Norman and I will have a sherry at the Flying Horse.


Bravo, Jayne.

The smile's lovely. Keep it.

Now, when the clarinet comes in, and the step pattern?

That comes after the gong.

Barn. Then steps.

You alright? Yeah.

Yeah, felt good.

What, dearie?

The music, er...

More modern.

Norman's onto it.

Woolworth's have got some Carmen Miranda coming in.

He's left a deposit. Carmen Miranda?

Cha, cha, cha.

Ya da, ya da da, ya da, ya da da.

Rrrr, arriba!

I do love you, Miss Perry. Aw.


You require a man.


I'm not foolish, dearie. And I'm not oblivious to your needs.

For a man?

To emote.

I've spoken to Norman about it.

He has a Latin heart. He understands the flamboyant nature.

Your desire to give vent, Jayne.

To your passion and your soul.

You've wanted to do that ever since we started but I'm rather too regimented, I think.

So Norman and I believe that a partner might be the answer.

More than a record change.

He might become your conduit.


Do you have anybody in mind?

As a matter of fact, I do.

Hi, I'm Andrew.

How old?

Twenty-two. Twenty-two?

Almost. And you could tell, Mum, he's got that much experience.

Bet he has. George!

Are you saying Miss Perry suggested this?

She thinks there's competitions we could win. Does she?

Well, I better get down the bookies then.

What's his name? ls he from round here?

Dunno. I mean, it's Andrew.

Actually might have said Mapperley?


I don't want you getting any airs and graces.

What you on about?

Plains or Top?

I dunno. And that ain't important.

It's the partnership. He's gonna liberate me.

Oh, Christ.

George. Creatively.

He says we're gonna dance to David Bowie.

Is that the one in the make-up?

No Jayne, I'm sorry, I'm not paying good money every week so you-— But it's what I need, Mum. Can't you see that?

Like Miss Perry, she has rne jumpin' to cymbal crashes and spinnin' round whenever I hear a gong.

There's no feelin' to it, and I don't want that.

I wanna...

I wanna express meself.

Why? What have you got to express?


Hi. Ugh.

AIDY: Hang on!

Bloody hell, Chris.

Hey, actually, she's not bad, is she?

She looks a bit like her off Pan's People.

The red-haired one. Erm...

Does all the solos.

She's easily the best dancer.

Ski jump tits. Dee Dee.


Yeah, she looks like her.

Hey, come on.

Do you come here often, then?

What you havin'?


Batter bits, pickled onion.

You're not havin' chips?

So? This isn't Russia. It's Calverton.

You can have what you like.

I might just have the pickled onion. Alright, I'll get 'em.

No, you won't. No, Chris, look.

You can do it next time. Alright? When you're... you know.

Hey. You can even have a saveloy if you fancy?

Wait, I'll, I'll not be a minute.


Me mum's back. Wh... Chris?

Ey up, Chris.

Ain't you been in once?



You're lucky you didn't break 'em both.

Yeah, that's the way I'm lookin' at it.

I didn't mean it reassuringly.

I think you should find a partner.


Well, consider competing. I think it might...

Calm you down. good if you had a focus.

And skating with someone, that'd be even better.

Cos it'd mean you'd have another person to share all your feelings with.

About being on the ice.

You need to find a girl, Chris, I'm certain.

He's like Hitler.

He's like Hitler in ice skates.

I told him last week.

He maintains I weren't getting my leg up high enough when we was coming out the chasse, and it was basically a goose step.

So I said, "There's a reason, Christopher Dean, that you can do this and I can't."

But it never clicked.

I don't think he's the sharpest tool in the box, you know?

He's from Calvo though, in' he? Miners. I mean, they're born miners.

Hey! That's another thing.

How can he, coming from there, tell rne I've got no artistry?

And I don't interpret the music?

How're you going on, anyway?

With Andrew?

He's gorgeous, in' he?

D'you think he looks like David Cassidy?

I do.

Has he, uh... tried it on yet?

I bet he has! No.

We need to sort that out then.


Just get it out the way, or it handicaps the partnership, everyone knows that.

Do they?

I mean...

Right, erm, I just...

He ain't, you know? It's not been on the agenda.


You're probably not giving out the right signals. Never mind.


You're on. Andrew's waitin'.

Thanks, Miss Perry.

Leanne. Do you and...

I mean... does he say stuff like that a lot?


About being artistic and responding to music?

Like, is he ever so creative?


He's a pain. I'm sayin'.

Much sooner have yours.

Yeah, he... he can be very creative too.

ANDREW: And turn, two, three, four kick and two, three, four.


And kick and a feel and stretch.

And arch, big smile.

Feel me kneecap.

Singles, keep the beat ba-dooby doo bum-bum and turn and spin.

Dum, dum, and...



Lovely, well done.

What was that?

Eh? At the end?

Were you not listening to the music? What?

JANET: Yeah, the mid section is-— Yeah, I don't care.

Let it go. Nobody noticed. I noticed.

She didn't notice, cos she was on automatic pilot again.

Oh, don't you start with all that bollocks. What did I just say to you?

In there?

If I'm such a robot, how come I've had not one, not two but three different approaches from other skaters?

One of whom, and I'm not naming names but it was Gary Kingston who could kick eight bells of shit out of you if it did come to a fight over my services.

Leanne, just...

Gary Kingston, who actually said to me

"He's a nut job, Leanne. Ask his first partner, Sandra Elson why she ain't with him no more.

He's ice dancing's Billy Bremner, when he's not faffing about pretending to be Rudolf Nureyev.

So why don't you just ditch him and come and dance with someone who'll show you what appreciation really looks like cos the truth is, you're wasted on that Christopher Dean the stuck-up blond ponce!"



Sorry, I...

I thought you said "blond prince."

Blond ponce. Why would I say prince?

I'm havin' a go at him.

Cos he's a bloody pain who don't realise what he's got!

Yeah, yeah. Go.

Cos I am. I'm done with you.

And you!

You're both rubbish.

I'm glad you never tried it on with me. I wouldn't have let you.

And I let everyone.

Excuse me.

Do you know the lady that lives in there?

Mavis Dean?

I live in there.

Took it over a couple of weeks ago.

Is something wrong?


Counter duty is something all the girls look forward to.

Though I do have to tell you, Jayne that that is a privilege we grant only after staff have been with us for two years.

Having said that, you are given half a day during your training period, so... you will get a taste of everything that's on offer.

Corning straight over then?



First tour's this afternoon, innit?

That's an extra ton in your wage packet at the end of the month.

I'm not goin' down there.


I'm not goin' down pit.

Everyone goes down the pit. Yeah, well, I'm not.

DISCO MUSIC PLAYS One and star and...

So, we do jazz, tap, modern, flamenco swing, belly dancin', line dancin' ballroom, contemporary, Latin, ballet-— Ballet.

I wanna do ballet. OK.

I want one-on-one.

I mean, I, I'll need to know the cost but I've just got rne first job, so as long as it's not prohibitive then that's what I'm after.

I'm an ice skater.

But I don't think I'm very intense, you know? Fiery.

And I'm concerned it might hold us back in the long term.

"It takes two to tango", in't that what they say?

I just, I wanna learn how to make my body look how it feels.

That's it, really.

You know, I wanna transcend rne outside, basically.


He's a great skater.

Technically, he's one of the best I've ever seen.

But you see, the thing is, Jayne... we've met actually.

But perhaps you don't remember.

But I know you and you see, the thing is, for a partnership to work the chemistry has to be right.

And if it's not right, well, it doesn't really matter what you do cos you'll never make a success of it.

So you just gotta be brave and move on.

Ey up, buster.

You alright?

Hey, what's that song? "School's out forever."

I'll take you to the Welfare tonight, we'll have a pint.

You'll need to get to know folk-- I'm not goin' down there.

Why's everyone assumin' that I will?

Why, what's wrong?

I'm joinin' the cops.

I start in a month.

The police?

Yeah, I just thought, nice secure future.

And they're dead clear, ain't they?

What's right what's wrong.

I quite fancy that.

So all that business just now, the, the Welfare, the lads you can forget about that because we won't ever be strollin' down the street together.

Not ever, alright?

I forgot.

Janet rang. She wants you in at 6:30.

She thinks she might have found you someone.

You're here? Good.

And Jayne. Bang on time.

Excellent You've met Christopher, haven't you? Well, you've seen him around anyway.

Well, I've seen you both skate separately and I think you'd make a rather nice match.

So, into hold, please.

What? Straight away?

Aren't we gonna, I dunno, talk or...?

No, we're not.

I need to see you together.

Pelvis to pelvis, nice and tight.



So let's start with, um... oh, hold on, I've left summat in the locker room.

So, how long do you intend to give 'em?

Ten minutes should be plenty.

Feels like a lifetime out there.

But it saves months, you know, further down the line.

Get all that embarrassment out the way all at once.

And then you can just concentrate on the skating.

Mm. Marvellous.

Hey. 431 00:30:36,501 --> 00:30:37,548 Rich Tea? Yeah.



Sorry, oh, uh...

I wasn't, urn... No.


I meant.

If you fancy a warm-up...? Definite.

You look a bit sad. You alright?

Yeah. Just... stuff at home, but...

I'm OK.

I've seen worse.

JAYNE: Sorry.

I'm here. I missed the five-to.

What were you doin'?

Oh nothin', I was just... just... nothin', loosenin' up.

JANET: OK, let's get going.

Look, I don't care how ragged it is, let's just work through it to the end and we can discuss it afterwards.

Oh, no. Please!

We've talked about this all week.

I can't spoon-feed you.

The OSPs and the compulsories, I can give you a nudge.

But your free has to come from you.

Fine, let's break it down.

What sort of music are you thinking of using?

A theme?

A mood, a story?

I mean, he was... you were, just, just now, weren't you?

No, I was just muckin' about.


Great. Well in that case, let's just call it a day, shall we?

What? Well if you can't be bothered.

That's wasting our time, that's a waste of time.

Well, you're wasting mine. Guess that makes us about equal, doesn't it?

I'm away for two weeks.

You need to have something to show rne when I'm back.

Flippin' heck.

Vitamin C.

Your immune system gets weakened when you're under stress.

Stuff your immune system, she's gonna dump us unless you can come up with some ideas.

Me? Why's it my job?

Cos that's what you do.

It's why you get people's backs up, always banging on about artistry and, and feeling it!

JAYNE SIGHS Have we got time?

CHRIS: Yeah, we've got time. 7:30.

Most people still be getting their mouths round a bowl of porridge.

Hey, what about the library?


Well, there's one on Market Square.

I ain't been, but... you know, for the story.

We should check out Selectadisc an' all, for music and the video store.

Yeah. Yeah, yeah.

I've heard people on telly sayin' how such-and-such-a-thing inspired them and then they bang on about all the books... Yeah, yeah!

...and films and that, that they use like a launch pad.

But what we finally put on the ice, that's, that's got to be us.

I mean, flippin' heck, Chris, you've seen them couples who are dead good technically but they ain't got any connection with what they're dancing.

We can't be like that.

And we won't be, as long as we don't just copy and we find something that we know about and we feel strongly about.

You know? In there.

And I'm telling you, if we can do that, we'll have cracked it.

Yeah. What?

No, it's just... oh, it's probably daft.

Course it's not daft.

Christ, Chris, don't you get it?

You're different to other lads.

I knew it the first time I saw you you're... you're passionate and stuff matters to you.

And I want some of that.

That's why I started skating, cos I wanna go somewhere.

Away from Farnborough Road and Clifton and... like, I wanna fly.

DISCO MUSIC PLAYS JAYNE: I love this song!

Look, watch me, watch me...


They really... they really feel the music.


CHRIS: These moves, we can be like...

Let's do like a side-to-side...

Dun... and then, ba-pa...


I think that's good. I think that's...




It's about the... closeness.

Yeah, that's nice.

She ain't coming, is she?

You're right, she's probably dropped us already.

No, no, she's too much of a pro.

You said that. She'd call or write or...

There's probably been an accident held her up.

We should just crack on. Run through it again.


One more time all the way through.

Then we run the new section on its own, OK?


You've done enough. Go and get changed.

I've seen what I need. I've seen you, at last.

Tomorrow, we'll go through it all.

We need to have something ready by Saturday, Bristol.

Sorry. What?

National Skating Association.

Selection meet.

An ice dance.

Just to be clear, we're gonna do that what me and Jayne have just come up with?

This weekend?

Well, I don't see why not.



THEY SQUEAL We came second!

Yeah, alright. You didn't win the Olympics.

Well done.

It was beautiful.

We hardly made any mistakes. No, you didn't, Jayne, you're right.

So much so that they've invited you back.

To compete at the Oberstdorf, next month.


In Germany. I mean it's not a full international but-— I don't care, it's... it's abroad!

It's... wait, hang on, who pays?

I'm still on a cadet's wage, and she's on probation till Christmas.

They take care of all the essentials, so what do you reckon?


Uh, it... it'll have to be, won't it?


MUFFLED: This is Betty... she's like your new mum.

Chris, Chris. Regoeczy and Sallay, over there, look, look!

CHRIS: Yeah.

JAYNE: Only ever seen 'em on the telly.

Think they're probably past their best now though.

Bestemianova and Bukin. Reckon they're top of the pile these days.

I don't think they're here. Have you seen 'em?


I'm tryin' to talk to you.

Yeah, and I had two boiled eggs in either cheek.

You probably not manage two, smaller mouth, but see how you get on.

It's all about maximizing opportunity.

Stop it.

We're in Germany.

We're at our first ever international competition.

Try and act like you've got a bit of class, will you?

You're not scrattin' round the queue at Calvo chippy.

Oh, I'm sorry. Should I be more like you then?

Wandering around all wide-eyed like a little school girl with my autograph book at the ready...

What? What is it?

It's Robin Cousins.

That's Robin Cousins!

He has honey. I'm havin' honey.


I'm just, I'm a bit nervous.

It's... it's not very nice, how it makes me, sometimes.

It's OK.

I understand.

I am too, but... we'll be alright, as long as we just remember what Janet says.

You know, we dance our dance. Nothing else matters.

Not where we are, or what anyone else does.

It's just us and our routine, right?



Yes! TV: Quite exquisite.

And surely, first place for Torvill and Dean.

CHRIS: Horne, sweet home.


You look ridiculous.

The cat suit.


You were so good.



You were, you were dead good.

No, you were.

You were.

Sorry. Sorry.

No, I-- I...

What you doing?

Nothing. Nothing, I...

It... it's something Leanne said a while back.

Leanne? About how it can come between a couple.

That can, unless you get it out the way.

Wait, hang on.

Did you just kiss rne as part of some... grand master plan?

No. That's not what I mean.

It seems as if it was.

Luau Look, I did it because...

because I, I really...

I really like you.

I do you.


I'm confused. I mean... of course I fancy ya.

You're beautiful.

Only what we do on the ice, that's such a feeling and I don't wanna ruin that cos of what I do, or don't do.

You're it.

You're my chance.

Girls like me don't get to be Ginger Rogers too often, you know?

Yeah. Yeah, yeah.

You're right. We...

I mean, we do need to be sensible.

Partners on the ice, and that's it.

Avoids any complications, I guess.

You're bang on.

Anyway, I can't get this off. Once it's on, it's impossible.

OK, let's go for the lift.

Tight. And... extend that body movement, finish off the move.

OK, I can straighten that leg more as well. lt needs to feel like one movement as if you're working together.


Yes, better. Chris, watch your legs.

They're coming in too close.

MAN: Psst, Janet.

How you doing?

What're you doing here? I just thought I'd surprise you.

Well, it is a surprise. SHE GIGGLES Look, let rne just finish off the guys...

OK, and again.


Third? I don't do third!

Still got us into the Europeans.

That ain't the point though, is it?

We won when we were abroad, so it's backwards.

And we can't go backwards, not if we're serious about this.

You know, this is her fault.

Janet wasn't the one skating out there. We were.

And we looked tired.

Chris, you're in the middle of your exams I'm trying to get through me phone etiquette course.

Christ, you wanna hear Shirley banging on about how I come across when I speak to our customers.

And she's right. I sound exhausted.

So it's not Janet.

You know, she tried to be straight with us.

She said we're set for bigger things now and we need a trainer who can really get behind us.

Which she couldn't. And we know, why don't we?

Cos of him! Her fella.

She didn't do anythin' wrong.

People fall in love, Chris, and they wanna be with each other.

Do they bollocks!

How can you be so ugly?

I read something in the paper.

Where are you living now?

Oh, here and there.

I've got a bungalow at the minute, still, you know, in the area.

He's not here is he? Your dad?

Or her? I can't-— No, he's not.

You're more and more like him.

You're handsome.

And the way you move on the ice you hold Jayne exactly as he held me in the ballet.


I'm pleased...

that it's all worked out.



You can't do that to me again.

You, you, you can't leave.

That is all you ever do is leave rne. That's all I can do now.

Time's moved on, Christopher. This is the present.

Everything's settled, I'd just upset it.

I adore you.



Vodka tonic, please.

Oh, you're thirsty.

Not surprised, the way you was flying about in there.

Ladies singles.

I don't think you was watching, but I saw you. Well impressed.

I'm Ella, Ella May.

But then again, I may not. Depends on you.


SHE SIGHS I thought you'd gone home.

With your mum and dad? No, no, they're still here.

Come with us.

I mean... we can talk on the way about new trainers and that.

It'd be quicker than the bus and...

I don't wanna fall out with you.

I hate rowin' and... we're a good team, aren't we?

We bolster each other and... it's horrible feeling like this.

Come on then, blondie, let's have ya.

Got me wheels round the front.

We can put the top down if you like, it's warm enough.

It's an ugly world, Jayne.

You might as well join in.

TED: I've recorded everything you've ever done.

Just listen, in a minute, what he says.

TV: And now, the darlings of British Ice Dance Jayne Torvill and Christopher Dean.

Currently lying 11th after their original set pattern and compulsories but very much hoping to improve on that here with their free dance.

We didn't.

Which means we should really get on the ice when we're supposed to, eh?

So we can get a bit more practice in.

I'll go and check on the Zamboni.

Are you alright?

Yeah, course I am.

Why Wouldn't I be?

I dunno. You just... seem a bit, not yourself.

Chris, the reason we're together is to dance together, right?

So why don't we just concentrate on that?



I was on two till ten.

I didn't have a chance to get changed properly, so.

At least you're not wearing your hat.

Betty Callaway wants us.

I was gonna tell you after we finished last night but, um... she's indicated she'd be happy to take over our coaching.

You're kidding?

Jayne, she's number one!

Yeah, I know.

You're both very shy. Which is fine, but we will need to work on it.

Your accents too.

There's gonna be more and more press from now on.

Also, at the Worlds, and when I saw you at Oberstdorf--

You were at Oberstdorf?

Yes, I train there a lot.

Chris, I remember that you smelt of egg.

I was in the lift with you.

And you were rather too pairs-y.

Too many side-by-side runs to get up speed and...


You've got it, my dears.

I know you have, or I wouldn't be having this conversation with you.

And Janet got an awful lot right in getting you focused.

But... you need a little refining.

You need a finishing school, and I'm it.

I must have this height at the front.

SHE ENUNCIATES: "Must have this height at the front."

"Height at the front."

All that money on elocution.

See, I think that's good.

Yes, actually, you're right.

Wait, their eyes are drawn...

You see, I think gold...




You're nicked.

Er, am I keepin' you from summat?

No. No.

I mean... ice rink, but... same time, how long's a booking take?

Back at the station? It's about an hour, isn't it?

Least that.

I'm gonna caution you.

Eh? You didn't get anything, I know you didn't.

I got there too fast.

And you ain't been arrested before, have you? Ah, well... a couple of times. Right.

Well... this is final caution, yeah?

Be a better thief. Do not get caught.

Well, go on. Piss off.



HE SIGHS JAYNE: You alright?



Had to be done, didn't it?

I mean, I was knackered all the time.

And it was mind-numbing.


I like this job.

But it isn't an option, is it?

Not if we wanna make a proper fist of the skating, Betty said that.

So what do we do now then?

Might as well get down the rink.

Got all afternoon, ain't we?

What is going on? How'd you mean?

That. It's, it's like Oxford Circus.

Is it school holidays or summat?

No, that's next week. Hey, you think it's busy now.

I'm sorry, but I can't believe you didn't check before you jacked your jobs in.

Access to the rink ain't gonna be any different.

Very early or very late.

Any other time, forget it. We're busy.

CHRIS: We can train without being on the ice, alright?

JAYNE: Yeah. I know.

JAYNE: How much further are we going? CHRIS: I dunno.


Oh, that's miles. Yeah.

That's what you do, isn't it? You increase your mileage.

JAYNE: Oh... over time.


Chris! Oh, I'm serious.

SHE SIGHS It's burning, right round rne ankle.

It's cos you're not stretching out. You're running all hunched up.

That's just how I run.

Oh, sod this.

I'm going home. What?

I've done enough and me leg's killing, and you, you've got a bad attitude.

Oh, come on.

No, you never encourage people. You just moan when it ain't right.

That is not true. It is.

You're all stick, you are. Some people need a bit of carrot.

You might as well run if you're gonna go back the way we've come.



Where've you been?

Look, Betty's got held up. So she reckons we should start without her.

Try and come up with some ideas for the new free.

Cheers, Ted, we've got it now.



What was it? It was horrible.

Oh, it's Ravel. 20p. Library was flogging old stock.

It's perfect for the warm-up.

It does a job! Alright? Anyway, it's not important.

You go and get changed.

We've got tons to get through-- Wait.

Been down Casualty. That's why I'm late.

Strained me Achilles.

It's not torn though, so that's good.

Well, you can't skate with that on. You need to take it off.

No, Chris, I can't train. I've gotta rest.

We've gotta work out the new programme! You serious?

We're behind, Jayne. Betty says so.

I'm injured.

I'm injured cos apparently only a lunatic runs nine miles in plimsolls especially when the furthest they've gone before that is 500 yards to the shop and back. OK, so you're blaming me?

No, I'm not blaming anyone. I'm defending meself cos you seem incapable of thinking of anybody but Christopher Dean.

That is bollocks!

I'm thinking about Torvill and Dean, I'm thinking about us.

No, you never think about us. Ever!


Ey up, duck, you alright?

MUSIC STOPS Oh, what have you done?

Oh, Jayne, come here.

Alright, lean on me. Let's get you sat down.

That's it, just there. Ooh, there.

Do you want me to get you a cuppa tea?

Or I could fetch you a battered sausage from up the road?

I'm fine, Dad. It's just a strain.

What about some Vicks?

That's for colds.

Well, you can rub it on anything.

I'm alright, Dad, honest.

It's nice though, how you fuss. I like it.

So, Mack And Mabel?

I know, yeah. Your mum bought it.

Yeah, we went to see at the Playhouse. Dennis Quilley.

Cracking night.

Mack was Mack Sennet, this big Hollywood producer and Mabel was Mabel Normand, she's like his leading lady.

Oh, yeah? Love story, was it?

More of a broken love story, really. Cos he was a sod.

Right tartar, you know?

Laying down the law, cracking the whip. She just adored him.

Yeah, she could see he was a genius.

Plus, she wanted to make these great pictures with him which they both dreamed of.

And he were that relentless, just about killed her in the end.


Is that right?

INDISTINCT CHATTER Jayne, you're here!

Chris said you'd had to go home, that you were injured.


I'm raring to go. And, I've got our new free.

Mack And Mabel. It's perfect for us.


Can you just go back and do that turn again, Chris?


That's it, I thought so.

Just nice and soft.



You look wonderful together.


ANNOUNCER: Jayne Torvill and Christopher Dean.


ANNOUNCER: In first place, Jayne Torvill and Christopher Dean.



6.0, 6.0, 6.0.


ANNOUNCER: In first place and gold medal winners Jayne Torvill and Christopher Dean.

TV: There they are, Jayne and Chris with Betty Callaway...

Get in there!

TV: ...understandably ecstatic. A magnificent performance.

ANNOUNCER: British European, and now World Champions.


Come in.

You alright?

My strappin', I'm strugglin' to get it off.

Do you want a hand? No.

I mean, I'm fine.

Take a bit of time, that's all.

Well, just one more to nurse it through now.

Olympics. And then we'll have the full set.


What's wrong?


I'm thrilled. lam.

World Champions.

I can't believe it really. Us two.

Jayne, please, tell rne.

I dunno, I just, I just thought... this like gettin' here, I'd feel happier.

Look, all I know for sure, is that we are on track and if we can find a decent routine for Sarajevo, then... then we can do it.

We can have everything that we have ever wanted.


I think...

I think maybe we want different things now.

Why're you saying this?

This is, this... is what we've been fighting for all these years.

I'm not bothered about this. Not more than anything.

Cos this ain't the reason I started skating with you.

And I'm prepared to admit that, just like I'm prepared to admit that what we're doing now...

I'm not sure I wanna carry on with it.


There's no joy to it, Chris. There's no feeling.

I don't know what else I can do. Cos you won't tell me what's wrong.

You don't talk to me anymore. And it's sterile because of it.

What we put on the ice.

It's brilliant, and awe-inspiring and it wins medals.

But it's not us.

Us, Chris, deep down.

I want it to be how it was. Otherwise-— Otherwise you...

you're packing in? No, I'm not.

You're saying it.

I know the way you're looking at me.

I can tell.

You know, I thought you were different.


I thought you were different from all the others.

Janet Leanne.

My mum.

And you say it's sterile well, you know what, Jayne? You're right.

You're right, it is sterile.

Because every second that I'm out on that ice I'm holding back a bloody great tide of... of the real world.

Where we wallow in shit, and we get bored and we find the relationships around us unsatisfying and, and unremarkable.

So of course we just drop them like that.

So excuse rne if I prefer to put my efforts into making something flawless and sparkling and that sticks around!

Except I thought you got that.

I thought that you understood that whenever you let your guard down whenever you let someone close to you, whenever you love them...

they just piss all over you in the end.

And I thought you wanted to help rne make it better.



What you got there?

First pair I ever skated in. When I went with the school.


Did they present them to you?

No. Ted stole 'em.

He were just being thoughtful.

He knew how much they meant to rne. These were the start of it.

Everything alright?

You're meant to be in Oberstdorf, aren't you? Training?

Uh... SHE SIGHS I've just had a rough few days, Dad.

Since the Worlds, I just need a bit of time, that's all.

I'll be alright.

I did ask him to wait downstairs, but he was quite insistent.

CHRIS: I'm sorry.

It's important. Chris?

Hello, Mr Torvill.

Hello, Christopher.

Oh, right then, duck. Let's go and check on the crisp situation.


She's taken over a newsagent. Why aren't you in Germany?

Because you're not.

Look, I needed to see you.

How we left it, some of the stuff that I said...


I want you to dance the Bolero with me.

Please. The warm-up?


Just, just think about it.

OK, it's one rhythm that builds and it builds into this incredible climax and we could dance in and out of the beat and it'd be like this continuous, sinewy throb.

Go on.

It'll look simple, only it won't be.

It'll be the hardest thing we've ever danced, but we'll strip it right back and, and... we can do all the crazy jumping, lifting stuff, you're right we've shown that, so now we do the opposite.

This'll just be you and me, laid bare.

And it'll be raw, and it'll be beautiful.

What's the story?

This doomed love.

I mean, right the way through it, it's one story.

We don't cut away, have different sections like we normally do.

This is a single narrative, start to finish to match the music.

And it's about this young couple who, who... they meet, and they fall in love only... for some reason, they can't be together.

But they can't be apart neither.

So... so in the end, they take their own lives.

They jump into this volcano and... they die in each other's arms.

And the last beat of the music will just be... it'll just be you and rne lying in the centre of the rink.

It'll be complete silence.

Get down on the, on the floor. Like this.

Just down here. Right, um.

Rock right knee, yeah, have that... yeah, have that down like that.

That's beautiful.


BETTY: We have another view here with the different neckline.

I think this should be gold. I think that's perfect...

Unless we have a contrast somewhere, but I think probably just...

You could play around with going shorter?

Have you thought of that?


Thank you.

You know, we're not actually...

HE SIGHS You haven't even spelt my name right.

Chris, just do it.

Talk about making an entrance.


Now that's making an entrance.

That's Bestemianova and Bukin.

TV: As the 14th Olympic Winter Games finally gets underway here in Sarajevo.

At last, we see the British team coming into the stadium now.

Oh, ffff...

TV: Turning slowly across this vast disc of white led by Christopher Dean and right beside him as ever Jayne Torvill.

Ready, finally, to do battle. ls it on?

TV: They really have been a winning combination.

I bet you wish you'd stuck with him.

Could have been you stepping out at the Olympics.


He was sex-mad.

He wouldn't leave us alone. I had to draw a line in the end.

Where did he say? Block C.

He didn't get any more specific.


Dad! You made it!

Hello, Christopher. Mr Torvill.

Good luck, son. I'm that proud of you.

MAN: Great Britain, minibus!

BETTY: Good luck, Christopher.

Just the skating bit now then.

KNOCK ON DOOR Miss Torvill?

Phone call.



Been knocking on your door.

Why aren't you in bed? I thought something had happened.

Sleep? Bloody hell, Jayne, it's tomorrow.

Everything is tomorrow.

How many sugars have you got in there?

You gotta calm down.


Yeah, you're right.

So how come you came looking for me?

Nothing's happened, has it? No.

I mean...

Me mum's coming out. I got a call from her just now.

What? Daily Mail.

They heard she was manning the fort back in Nottingham so they arranged for someone to go in and replace her and they're flying her out. And she's agreed, has she?

They even negotiated.

Said, they had to refund me Dad's coach ticket and arrange it so that he could jet back with her afterwards.

They want your mum to come too.

That's the angle. Sort of.

Two adoring mothers in situ at the 11th hour.

She turned 'em down, don't worry.


They asked my mum to try and persuade her.

She couldn't make her change her mind anyway.

She said she didn't wanna put you off.

My mum said that?

Tell her she can come. What?

That's the number.

They gave it Betty, ring her.

No. Why?


You know, I told you.


She what?

She got caught up in something horrible and the only way she could cope was cutting herself off from everything.

And... she's your mum, Chris.

And she loves you.

That's all that matters.

That's what I think, anyway.

You're really gonna do this then, aren't you?

We need to make sure. One more time.

At half four in the morning?

Then we come back to centre and you drop your behind leg.

That's it.

Got it. And finish on the flip over.


See you later then.

Oh, yeah.

We're all set.



There you are.

Good luck.




BETTY DAWSON: Oh, there's Betty.


I know Jayne Torvill.

I used to work with her.

Always got on really well.

WOMAN: Miss Torvill, please.

Mr Dean, sir.




What are you doing? We never do that.

You and me.