Traffic (2000) Script

- [Officer Laughs, Remarks In Spanish] [Speaking Spanish]





[Man] This informant, paid by police, using taxpayers’ dollars... to continue his felony drug habit, was the link... that allowed the police to raid a private farm, a working farm where honest Americans make their living.

Now the government, in its haste, has hired an army of criminals...

- whose allegiance to the truth is at best questionable. Mr. Rodman... it's a shame that your client didn't use as much sense... in choosing what he planted... as he did in choosing his attorney, but, lately, the only variation...

I'm hearing in your argument is the name of your client.

You can stand here all day and argue the ins and outs of Illinois v. Gates, but you're not gonna convince me... that our government has not sanctioned the use of anonymous informants.

Furthermore, there is no sacred protection of property rights in our country.

You grow marijuana on your farm, be it an ounce or an acre, that farm can be seized... and that farm can be sold.


What the hell is that?

You can tell a lot about somebody from this stuff.

It's from your friends at Warren, Putnam and Hudson. A fishing rod.

What do you think they want? Depends what state they're from.

Uh... Arizona.


Medicinal marijuana initiative.

Or am I being cynical?

Mark... I'm gonna miss you.

Thank you for all your hard work.


[Judge] Hi. How are you today?

You've got a daughter. Why is it important to get a handle on this drug problem?

Because it's an issue that affects all families.

But I'm planning on being back here as much as I can. How do you feel about...

[Man] Okay, Gordon, no telltales: no scratching your nose, no clearing your throat, no crossing your legs.

- [Gordon] I got it. You got it, babe.

I'm cool, man. You just don't tell any jokes.

"Don't tell any jokes"? Don't tell jokes. It's a giveaway, Ray.

It's not a giveaway. Every time you tell a joke, it's a giveaway.

Don't tell any jokes. You know what the problem is? You are too uptight, man.

Why don't you loosen up, take a deep breath? [Inhales]

Breathe in slowly. A little stretching maybe.

Come on, man. They're looking at us. Come on, man.

We're gonna get these motherfuckers. We know our shit.

Can I get it? Can I get it?

Oh, baby, can I say it? Say it. It's show time.

[Ray] We're looking for Mr. Eduardo Ruiz. We have a 2:00 appointment.

[Woman] He's right down the hallway in the back room.

Thank you.

[Ruiz] Come in. Hey, fellas.

[D.E.A. Agent] Come on, you guys. Get him talking.

- Get him outside. [Door Closes] How you doing?

- [Ruiz] I'm well. How are you? I'm good.

Look, what's up, Ed? We gonna move some white or what?

You guys ever bought a quarter ton before?

- No? [Ray] I don't think so.

[Ruiz] It's a big fucking deal, all right?

It's not like you can stick it in a condom up some mule's asshole.

How many peasants is that gonna take? You'd have a line from here to Mexico City.

You say show up at a time, we show up at the time and we're fucking sitting here.

Sure I can't offer you something to drink? I can offer you a joke.

You want to hear a joke? I got a joke, I got a joke. Come on, bro.

It's just a joke. Let me tell one joke. I'm gonna tell you a joke.

All right, why are hurricane named after women?

I don't know. Because when they arrive, they're wet and wild.

When they leave, they take your house and your car.

[Ray Laughing]

It's true. You didn't find that funny?

I chuckled. Damn.

Fellas... that's us. Yo.

Okay, that's the van. Don't make your move until they get Ruiz outside.

[Ruiz] I told you there was nothing to worry about.

I got another joke.

Come on. Please. Just one more. Relax.

A guy goes, gets a tattoo put on his penis.

One side says yes, the other side says no.

- On his penis? Yeah. The words "yes” and "no."

So, his wife says, "Hold it. You tell me how to cook, how to clean the house..."

Who the fuck is that? That's local.

What the fuck is going...

Shit! Agent down!

Get in there now! Go!

[Confused Shouting]

- [Automatic Gunfire Continues] D.E.A.!

[Shouting, Gunfire Continues]

The vest caught it. Go ahead.

Go. Shit.


[Grunts] Shit!


[Door Opens]

- I think we lost him, Ray. Yeah, I think so too.

[Screaming] Don't fucking move! Get your hands... Move!

Get out, you son of a bitch! Get out!

[Girl] Is this what they wear to go to sleep... or do they hang out like this the whole time?

- [Boy] That would be sleep attire. It's like a smoking jacket.

He's gonna be smoking in a minute.

Okay, who's the father of Greek tragedy? Anyone? Anyone?

Okay, Aeschylus it is. His trilogy? The Oresteia.

This is fucking beautiful. Can anyone... Can anyone stop the Seth machine?

No. That's correct. Score.


And "tragedy" is closed out.

[Clears Throat, Sniffs]

- [Boy Laughing] [Girl] But wait.

Is he her husband? Yes.

Oh, hey, so, uh... you want to try something?


- What are you doing? Just watch.

What you're going to do is inhale the smoke and hold it.

What is this, like freebase?

Not "like." It is.

Okay, go. Go, go, go, go, go, go.

Hold it. Hold it.


Now you see.

[Woman] Oh, how... Oh, they're doing great.

Look at how cute they are.

- [Woman #2] Helena, he's doing so good. Little Tiger.

[Helena] Little Tiger, I hope.

We'll be very happy if he becomes the next Tiger Woods.

So will his bank balance.

- [Woman] My God. Duck? Duck. Thank you very much.

- Helena, you never order duck. I know, I know.

It's not me who ordered it. It's somebody else.

Well, he or she has very good taste.

I love duck, don't you? It's delicious. Do you want some, Nan?

Oh, yes. Thank you. It's such a fatty bird.

There's good cholesterol, and there's bad cholesterol, which is confusing to me.

Mmm, that's so good. You know what they say about red wine.

It's good for you. There's cholesterol in my wine.

You're allowed to have your red wine. The French do, don't they?

I'm European. I say that to my doctor.

"I'm European. I'm allowed to drink red wine."

Oh, my doctor said it was fine when I was pregnant.

- A glass a week. After my amnio, he said, " Okay, now you can go and have a glass of red wine."

I had two. [Laughing] [All Laughing]

Did you have fun? Yeah.

Thanks a lot. Can I bring the bag in the back with me?

No, sweetheart. How about just my putter?

Give me the putter. All right.

In you get. Come on. We've got to go.

Put this down here, okay?

That's where Tiger Woods keeps it. Thank you.

- [Valet] You're welcome. Okay.

David, you're gonna have to promise me, no swinging the club in the car.

[David] Okay.

[Man] Until you officially take over the Office of National Drug Control Policy, under no circumstances will you speak to the press unprotected... without going through this office... or having someone in the room.

There are a lot of interests in this town.

Right now, they're scared of you.

The reason they're scared of you: Technically, you have veto powers over their budgets.

You'll also be meeting senators and congressmen, each with a specially prepared question.

They're questions designed for one thing... to make them look smart.

If you lecture them, they won't think you respect them.

If you treat them with utter humility, they will.

This is about your respect for them and the president's respect for them.

Speaking of which, when he gets back from Russia and China, we'll get you two together for some face time, let you two catch up.

Also, one month from today, you will give your first official press conference.

In it, you will outline the president's strategy for winning the war on drugs.

[Man #2] Judge, I just want to be clear about one thing:

I am not a partisan person, I am an issue person.

Over the course of the next few weeks, if you allow me, I will bring you up to speed on an incredible array of issues, the most important of which, in my opinion, Mexico.

I know everyone you're going to meet. I know what they want and why.

It is important that they like you.

It is not important that they like me.

That is why I can help protect you.

Like you protected Landry?

[Clears Throat] I see where you're going with that.

If I could say one thing: Basically, a guy like Landry is so autocratic, he doesn't even know how to let himself be helped.

There's a political component to this job that the general didn't have any patience for.

General, Bob Wakefield.

Judge, nice to meet you. Thank you. A pleasure to meet you, sir.

Jeff, you want to excuse us? [Stammers, Clears Throat]

Yes, sir. I'll be right outside.

Have a seat. Thank you.

You've done a fine job, General.

The Office of National Drug Control Policy... is in better shape than when you found it.

I'm not sure I made the slightest difference.

I tried. I really did.

I think there are some positive signs. The work's just started.

I plan on seeing it through. You can count on that.

You're here for two years, three maximum.

What'd they offer you, a court appointment?

District? Appeals? Not Supreme.

This is a tough enough job. I plan on focusing on this.


You know, when Khrushchev was forced out, he sat down, he wrote two letters and gave them to his successor.

He said, " When you get yourself into a situation you can't get out of, "open the first letter, and you'll be saved.

"And when you get yourself into another situation you can't get out of, open the second letter."

Well, soon enough, this guy found himself in a tight place, so he opened the first letter, which said, "Blame everything on me."

So, he blamed the old man. It worked like a charm.

He got himself into a second situation he couldn't get out of, and he opened the second letter.

It said, " Sit down and write two letters."

[Chuckles] [Chuckles]


[Woman] Don't you want to know what kind of car it is?

It's a brown Ford Explorer. It was here. It's been stolen. I want to file a report.

A report will not help you find your car.

The police won't find your car. You are the police.

You call this man... and he'll find your car. I don't get it.

How is this guy gonna know who has our car?

The police will tell him.

Why will they tell him, and they won't tell us?

Because we pay him, stupid.

Right? And he pays the police, and suddenly our car appears.

Es correct. Es correct.

Just give him the money. Give him the money.

Let's start moving to the sidewalk. Here, take it.

No. No, no. No, please, take it.

Let's start moving to the sidewalk. Let's go to the sidewalk.

Call the man. Have a nice day.

[Spanish] [Laughs]


- Javier Rodriguez. Si.



I would say one thing to you, Judge, and that's you're never gonna solve this problem on the supply side.

As long as that demand is out there in our cities, Mexico bashing is not gonna do a damn thing for you.

We in the legal drug business... Merck and Pfizer and the rest of my very important clients... realize that we're not fighting a war here with a traditional winner and loser.

I don't know that you can win this war.

Everybody says we want to declare war on drugs, but if 25% of high school seniors are using drugs...

If you reduce that to 10, that's a great improvement. Right.

I'll congratulate you. That would be a phenomenal achievement, but you'd still have 10% habitually using drugs.

Can I get a scotch and soda, please?

[Woman] The price of coke and heroin has dropped, but purity has increased.

All this law enforcement has really achieved is that kids get better stuff cheaper.

Education, rehabilitation, prevention... that's not significant to these reporters.

Mm-hmm. They want to see people in prison.

They want to see the gory aspect of the drug problem.

Thank you so much for sharing your point of view.

- I look forward to working with you in the future. Well, call me.

I have a good bill on treatment-on-demand. I could use your help.

- Wonderful. Look forward to it. Thanks, Senator. Okay. Great.

If a judge or a politician is willing to put a reefer in their mouth, I'll do a story on it. Right.

Stand up and be independent. Right.

I don't care who's president. I don't care who the members of congress are.

I don't care who you have to deal with.

If you're independent and you use that bully pulpit right, that's where your power is.

It's the stick of law enforcement that creates... the carrot of huge profit that is economic truth.

Addicts don't vote.

What the hell are you doing here?

You like your view?

TV screen big enough? How's the food?

Hope it's all good because this is as good as it's gonna get... for a long time, Eduardo.

I'm a legitimate businessman. I've got tuna boats. I'm a fisherman.

- Check it out! Shut the fuck up!

- Fucking can it, bitch! You can't come in here like that!

I want to see my lawyer. Okay.

It's cool, man.

Eddie... you're in a lot of trouble. It's cool.

[Door Closes]

You know what? The amount of coke we found on this creep... that's capital punishment in some states, right? Yeah, down in Texas.

They'll fry him. Definitely.

We've got him making the deal on tape.

We got him bragging about the quality, about his business.

We got this motherfucker. You're fucked.

No, no, he's fucked.

I only see one way out of this predicament.

You make us believe you got a boss, Eddie.


Look, no boss, it's all on you.


No, that's a death sentence. I'd never make it to the trial.

- Look, we're gonna protect you. [Ruiz Chuckling]

Who you working for? This is coercion.


That's a big word for a fisherman.

Big-ass word. Who you working for?

I know another big word.


Take it easy, will you?

What's going on in here?

We have a warrant to search your premises. What?


My husband!

Relax. Ma'am. Carl!

Ma'am, right here. You can't go any further.

- David, come here! [Agent] Ma'am, I have a search warrant.

He'll be back.

[David] Where are they taking Daddy?

He'll be all right.

He's all right. They're just gonna take him to the office and talk.

Just relax. They're not going to hurt him.

I don't understand what's going on. He'll be all right.

- [David] What are they doing to Daddy? Daddy's gonna be okay.

It's okay, sweetheart. It's okay, baby.


Well... is this a surprise or what?

An honor. Thank you.

Hi, sweetie. [Kisses] Good trip?

How are you? Good trip. I'm good. I just can't believe this.

What's Washington like? It's like, uh...

It's like Calcutta; surrounded by beggars.

Only these beggars are wearing $1,500 suits... and they don't say "please" and "thank you."

[Mrs. Wakefield] So, we put the case before the arbitration panel, none of whom have any expertise.

"Superfund" is just one of those words.

People stop paying attention.

- It's frustrating. It's so frustrating.

Did you meet the president?

Honey, your father knows the president.

It just so happens... that the president of the United States, my new boss, the leader of the free world, has penciled me in for a little face time.

None of my friends can fucking believe my dad's actually the drug czar.

Caroline. I'm sorry, but, I mean, come on.

It's great. It's great, Daddy.

It's just amazing, that's all.

Arnie, thank God.

Helena, I am so...

Please tell me what's going on here.

What is going on? They came into the house. They just took him away.

They searched my home.

Let me tell you what's happening. All right?

First of all, Carl is not here.

The D.E.A. has got him.

They're gonna hang onto him until his arraignment, which will probably be tomorrow.

So here you are wasting your time. All right? Are you with me?

Yeah. Okay. Now, do not discuss anything... over the telephone.

Don't talk to your neighbors. Stay out of your yard.

What is he charged with, Arnie? I don't know, but under no circumstances am I going to talk about it here.

Now, you go home and be with your son. All right?



Can I have a Budweiser?

Excuse me. Yes?

Can you give me a cigarette?


[Howls, Continues Laughing]

[Caroline] All I'm saying... What I'm... What I'm saying is... it never seems like anyone ever says anything that matters to them.

We all look at each other and nod with these... these responses that we've been trained to make.

Responses... Not real responses.

Social conventions, like phony, fake smiles; surface bullshit.

Do I ever just say:

"Hey... I'm uncomfortable in this crowd."

"I don't know what the fuck I'm doing either."

"I know you're afraid, and that's okay, you know, because..."

Hello? Fucking... exactly.

We act like we have all the answers and we're totally invincible... like our parents seem and their parents before them.

I'm sorry I have to be the one to say this, but it's fucking bullshit.

- For instance? [Seth] I know you jack off to Caroline every night, instead of Vanessa, who you're supposed to be in love with.

Don't even get me started on that convention.

Because what is that convention?

We're this random collection of self interests, and all of a sudden we decide... that we're gonna walk two-by-two down the fucking aisle to Noah's Ark?

Actually, for your information, when I jerk off, I'm not just thinking about Caroline, I'm thinking about you with Caroline.

- So, how about that? [Vanessa Groans] Baby...

That is what I'm talking about... sarcasm.

Always fucking sarcasm.

You're afraid, and you think that if you admit that, people will think that you are weak... or they won't like you... or whatever it is you think will happen, but...

[Seth] Can you shut up for one second and listen to yourself?


Because you are so fucking right.

I'm so fucking high. [Laughs] Yeah?

Yeah. Okay, wait.

Why don't we... change this thing, this social pattern?

[Seth] Why don't we be different?

- Yeah. But then why are you even talking about it?

But we're making it, like, from now on.

You're like, "Why don't we do something?"

- Why don't you do something? That's what I'm saying, Seth.

- You do it yourself... I'm saying if you knew it, you wouldn't even say it.

[Vanessa's Boyfriend] Vanessa, I'm serious, I feel fucked up.

[Vanessa] It's a social pattern, you know?

Spence, baby, are you all right?

He's fucking blue. He isn't breathing.

Oh, my God, Fucked-up Bowman's fucked up. [Laughs]

Wait... What the fuck do we do?

Uh... Oh, God... Fuck!

Somebody call a doctor! Wait, your dad's a doctor. Call him.

No, he's a research... Call your dad. He's a doctor.

What kind of research? Mapping the fucking pig genome.

Call your dad! He's a neurosurgeon!

I can't call my dad! It's 3:00 in the morning!

He's gonna fucking die right here on the floor if you don't do something!

No, he can't die on the floor! His parents are in Barbados!

Move! Move!

[Siren Blares]

Okay, nobody has anything on them, right?



[Flores Screaming]

[Men Laughing, Chattering]

[Screaming Continues]


I'm on the board of my son's school.

I have fund-raisers for adult literacy at my own home.

I think I have a right to know if my husband is a legitimate businessman.

Of course he is.

I've known Carl for 20 years. He doesn't even jaywalk.

Carl is a very important member of this community, and when we get through... suing the police and the district attorney and the D.E.A., they're gonna be renaming the public parks after your husband.

[Turns On Stereo, Increases Volume]

Carl is very, very good at his business.

[Whispers] Which is smuggling illegal drugs into this country.

They're whispering. They're whispering. I know.

Can't hear it. I know. The fucking bug's too far away from the room.

It's halfway to the kitchen. We're not gonna get shit.

They're saying something.

Sounds like they're conspiring to conspire.

I can feel the lies vibrating from their home.


I don't think she's in on it, man.

Come on, I dream about this. I have actual dreams about this.

About busting the top people, the rich people.

White people. Hey. White people. I know, I know.

I don't think she's in on it, man.

She knows Arnie Metzger.

So does half of San Diego.

You want to bet? Get in your pocket.

I got... I love it. I love it when you do this.

How much you want to bet? How much? I got... I got 12 bucks.

Okay, give me ten. We'll make it even. Okay.

Beautiful. Wait a minute. What?

- [Woman] How old are you? [Caroline] Sixteen.

Live with your parents?


Parents still together?


Do you work? I volunteer.

I read to blind people, one day a week for two hours.

In school?




How are your grades?

I'm third in my class. What does that mean?

I get A's, all A's. You do?

What else do you do?

[Sighs] I'm a National Merit Finalist.

I'm on the Hi-Q Team and the Math Team.

I'm in the Spanish Club. I'm a thespian.

I'm vice president of my class.

I'm on the volleyball team.

You want to tell me what you're doing here, Caroline?


Oh, sweetie.

You okay?

It's okay.

[Wakefield] Caroline, how well did you know this boy that overdosed?

He didn't hang around us.

He was like one of those hippie kids.

I'm not part of that group.

How well did you know this boy Seth, the one that was driving?

He's a friend.

He's also the only one that was doing anything about the situation.

He definitely had a few beers, but... it's not like he wanted to drive.

We just didn't know what else to do.

It wasn't my pot.

Okay, we understand, honey. We've got to talk.


I think she's lying. Me too.

So let's ground her, clip her wings: school, scheduled activities. That's it till further notice.

Robert, honey, Caroline clearly used very bad judgment, but don't you think spending a night in jail is punishment enough?

I mean, we've all had our moments.

Lord knows, I tried every drug there was... I don't want to hear about that.

You experimented when you were in college.

Shall we take the quotes off experiment and call it what it was?

This is different. Why?

She's 16 years old! I think she needs to find out for herself, on her own.

We have to allow her room to figure out... You want to give her room?

So she can O.D. like that other kid?

I am not sending out the message that our family will accept this behavior... because we do not.

- Correct? Of course, but we don't want to push her away.

She has to know that we understand what she's exposed to.

How long have you known about this?

How long have you known?

Six months.

Your Honor, this is a man who heads a large criminal organization... with international contacts we can only begin to understand.

Our case against him is very strong.

He is not a flight risk. His flight is assured.

The people ask that Your Honor deny bail. Thank you.

My client is no more a flight risk... than Your Honor or the able prosecutor.

He's a pillar of his community; a family man with a wife and child living in La Jolla, the community where he has made his home for the past 20 years.

As our defense will quickly show, my client is guilty of nothing more... than being the handy target of an admitted criminal.

Therefore, we ask that you release Carl Ayala on his own recognizance.

I'm going to deny bail.

[Wakefield] I appreciate you coming in so early this morning.

[Man] Judge Wakefield, it's an honor to handle it.

She's a minor. It probably would have expunged on her 18th birthday anyway.

Nevertheless, this is a sensitive issue for me. I'm sure you can understand.

Like I said, open container, P.I., misdemeanor possession.

It's easy to make it go away.

One thing bothers me: T he kid they dropped off had coke and heroin in him.

Serious amounts. He's lucky he's alive.

So I've got to ask: What's your daughter on?

I don't know what you mean.

I mean... have you asked her what kind of drugs she's tried?


I don't know.

- Is she in any kind of therapy, professional help? No, no, no. No way.

My daughter is one of the leading students in her school.

Well, I hope it stays that way.

[Wakefield's Voice] Yeah, hi, it's Robert.

I want you to clean out my schedule for the next three days.

Because I'm tired of talking to experts who've never left the beltway.

It's time to see the front lines.


[Turns On Shower]

[Water Running]

[Ruiz] Carlos Ayala started out in the family connection business... real estate in Tijuana, fishing boats out of Ensenada, hydroponic strawberries.

Then he met up with the Obregon brothers of the Tijuana cartel.

Using regression analysis, we made a study... of the custom lines at the border and calculated the odds of a search.

The odds are not high, and we found variables to reduce those odds.

So, you pay off customs officials?

Well, you know, in Mexico... law enforcement is an entrepreneurial activity.

Not so much in the States. Anyway, we, uh...

We hire drivers with nothing to lose and throw a lot of product at the problem.

Some get stopped. Enough get through. It's not difficult.

Look, boys, this has worked for years. It's gonna continue to work for years.

NAFTA makes things even more difficult for you because the border's disappearing.

Do you realize in the next year or two at the outside Mexican trucking companies... are gonna be able to go from the States to Mexico and back again... with the same freedom as U.P.S., D.H.L., FedEx?

- It's gonna be a free-for-all. - What, are we on Larry King or something?

[Gordon Laughs] Shit.

Tell us something we don't know, Eddie.

You guys remind me of those Japanese soldiers left on deserted islands... who think World War II is still going on.

Let me be the first to tell you, your government surrendered this war a long time ago.

I don't think all this attitude is gonna help in front of a jury.

- It's really a bad attitude. Very bad. Very bad.

Look, Ed, there's only one problem with all this math. You're in here.

Well, I got greedy, didn't I?

Yes, you did. Yeah.

Decided to bring a little in on my own and somebody tipped you off.

Carl never would have been so stupid.

Well, Carl hired you. That was a mistake.

Carl and I have been friends since we were little kids.

He was loyal.

[Speaking Spanish]

[Man] The port of San Ysidro, California:

45,000 vehicles on average, 25,000 pedestrians per day.

[Mechanical Whirring]

In the last six months, a threefold increase? Increase in narcotics seizures.

Would that mean, pro rata, three times as much drugs is getting in?

That's a scary way to figure it, but I believe that's true.

In my heart, I'd love to say that we were getting 60 or 70%.

In the reality, we're more like 40 or 50% of the total that's approaching us.

And it's all big-dollar issues now.

That's the reason you're seeing a lot of these murders taking place.

It's one organization fighting another organization.

When things are good, people don't kill each other.

When things are bad, when they're losing dope, when they're losing drivers and guys are going to jail, people start killing each other.

How's David? "How's David?"

Oh, he's terrific, Carl. Terrific. Oh, Helena...

He watched his father being dragged away by federal agents.

He's just doing fine. Okay.

I can't even begin to tell him where you are... and when you're coming home, if you're ever coming home.

Helena... we're gonna get through this.

I promise.

I'll make it up to you. Do you have any idea what's going on out here?

Huh? Our credit cards are maxed.

The people in the bank... you should see the way they look at me when I walk in.

I have a letter from the government telling me... anything I sell from the house will be taken against an income tax lien.

Our fucking friends...

Nobody will help us. Nobody will take us in.

Nobody wants anything to do with us, Carl.

So, you just tell me how you're gonna make it up to me.


Just tell me what to do.

I'm not bringing a child into the life that I was brought up into.

I won't do it, Carl.

I want our life back.

Know the day is comin'

When the party people Start their runnin' home

[Continues, Indistinct]

Leave it out to dry Hanging on for a line And I'll tell you no lie lie, lie, lie

Too much pressure Is sending me On the new drops in London Can't you see, can't you see Can't you see, can't you see I'm going under, I'm going under I'm going under Yeah, we're smarter. We know the difference.

Hello. Ding, ding, ding. We have a winner.

Hi, folks. - Hello. Hi. Room 310, please.

Okay, I need to see some I.D. s, please, and $28. Okay.

Man, I love this place.

I wish we could just stay here.

Just be here forever and ever and... make a little home here.

I want to, uh...

I want to have sex and then do a hit right as we're both coming.


[Gordon] The first time I got laid was on a beach just like that.

- [Ray] You got a what on a beach? Got laid, man.

Lost my virginity, was a sophomore in high school.

That's cool. Yeah, it was sweet.

Did he treat you good?

- [Gordon] Who's this guy? [Ray] I don't know.

I never seen him before. He's going right for the kid.


David, come back here!

Mom, Mom. Please, put down my son.

[Man Over Headphones] Shouldn't let your kid wander off with strangers.

[Gordon Over Walkie-Talkie] Karen, if he tries to move with that kid, you break cover.

Mrs. Ayala, your husband owes a lot of money. Snapping this kid's neck wouldn't cover it.

You better come up with it in a hurry or your kid is gonna disappear, and he won't turn up until the evening news.

You get only one warning. First payment is $3 million.

Javier. Yes?

[Speaking Spanish]


- John, how are you? Bob Wakefield, pleasure. Judge, welcome.

Good to see you. How are you? Long time, no see.

[John] EPIC is very unique.

It's a facility that has over 15 different agencies...state and local... that participate in gathering intelligence... and making sure that information gets out... to people in the field that need it to stop drug trafficking.

From here, we have the ability to track vessels, airplanes, boats, anything that carries drugs.

When the information comes in, we're able to check with different databases... to see if it's in the system or not.

And would most of that energy be focused on the two cartels?

The Juarez, the Obregon brothers... Are those the two that would be most important?

Those are the two clearest threats right now.

They are the dominant force in trafficking, both on the Mexican side and in the U.S.

How are the cartels achieving... the level of intelligence and sophistication that they're showing?

- [John] Craig, why don't you answer that? An unlimited budget.

So, you're saying, actually, that even a country of our size... and the budget that we throw towards this issue, - they can compete at the same level? No, they're way beyond us.

- "Way beyond"? Our budgetary process makes us pale in comparison.

[John] That house you're looking at over there used to belong to Porfirio Madrigal.

His nickname was Scorpion.

I'll let you figure out what that means.

Wasn't that the guy who died during plastic surgery?

Best of our information, yes.

Who do you interact with on that side?


Well, who has my job in Mexico?

Your position doesn't exist over there yet.

[Wakefield's Voice] I want everyone thinking out of the box... for the next few minutes.

What are we doing about Mexico?

- Come on, guys, out of the box. [Man] Unlimited funds?


From a D.E.A. standpoint, we need a vetted task force and matching funds.

And cut the red tape on getting them equipment and training.

Come on, guys, I want to hear from everyone:

F.B.I., customs, treatment.

Is there anybody from treatment on this plane? No, Judge.

Then, I want to know why there isn't anybody from treatment on this plane.

Yes, sir.

We need to take down one of these cartels... Juarez or Tijuana... not because they're a symbol, but...

Hell, they are a symbol. But because we need to send a message.

When Carlos Ayala hires Michael Adler as his legal defense, I send Ben Williams down to San Diego as a prosecutor.

Why? Because it's a symbol.

It's a symbol that we are sending the best.

It's a message that we're going after their top guys.

So... right now... on this flight only... the dam is open... for new ideas.

On a clear day, you can see Mexico City.

I have this place swept twice a day, so just feel free to talk.

I learned that back in Miami in '85.

U.S. shut down the entire Caribbean.

It's a big game of whack-a-mole. You knock it down in Miami... - Arnie, I need money.

Somebody... I think it was the Obregons... threatened David.

They want a first payment of $3 million.

Oh, Helena. [Sighs]

I'd give it to you myself, but I-I-I just don't have that kind of money.

Please. Does anyone owe us money?

Yes, there are people that do owe you money, but nobody's gonna pay.

Carl's got too much heat on him.

What about our other businesses, our legitimate businesses?

Don't we own a construction... Laundromats wash the money.

Just tell me something positive, Arnie.

Give me some good news, for Christ's sake.

I'm sorry.

I just keep wondering what's gonna happen if he doesn't get out.

Just never been on my own before.

Always had someone. Always.

I remember the first time that I saw you... little Helen Watts from the wrong side of somewhere.

Somehow I knew even then that your survival skills were pretty well honed.

Glad you think so, Arnie.

I just keep picturing a debt-ridden, 30-year-old mother of two... whose ex-husband is being compared to Pablo Escobar.

I don't know anyone who wants to be with someone like that.

Do you?

[Wakefield] I think we may have found our Mexican drug czar.

General Salazar.

Be nice to have somebody to work with down there.

Does this mean you're gonna be gone more?

Possibly, yeah.

You might want to pencil in a little face time with your daughter.

Barbara... Because I'm at the edge of my capabilities, Robert.

I think it's important we maintain a unified front.

If you start in on the war metaphors, I'm gonna drive this car into a fucking telephone pole.

I am as worried as you are. Oh, I don't think so.

"Leave me alone. Give me some money."

That's what I get from our daughter.

She has a way of shutting me out that seems very familiar.

Well, she has a way of self-medicating that I'm sure is very familiar to you.


I'm not the one who has to have three scotches... just to walk in the house and say hello.

I have one drink before dinner to take the edge off. It's different.

Oh, is it? Otherwise, I would be dying of boredom.

Why don't you go in and tell your daughter how bored you are?

[Caroline Flicking Lighter]

[Wakefield] Caroline, open this door immediately.

Who is it? I'm going to the bathroom.

- Open the goddamn door! [Caroline] One minute.

Excuse me. I have to go to bed.

Oh, Jesus.

You are not going anywhere, young lady.

You stay right there.

Where are they?

Where the hell are the drugs?

Where are they?

Fuck you.

Fuck you.

I wasn't doing anything. You're like the Gestapo.

Fuck me. Fuck me. Well, fuck you!

[Driver] Javier, good to see you. How you doing, partner?

Did you take the precautions we discussed about being followed?

Yes, of course. Will you move to the middle, please?

You're not carrying a weapon? No.

Of course not. Where are you taking me?

Somewhere safe. Where?

A place we have that we know is protected. He's good. Let's go.

- [Javier] No, no. No, no, no. Don't worry. It's really safe.

No, no, no, no, no. This is safe. This is safe.

Come on, Javier, close the door. Everything is cool, all right?

This is safe. Come on.

All right.

Where would you like to go?

Huh? Where do you want to go, Javier?

[Javier] I believe it's important that we work together.

Mexico and the United States. One hand washing the other.

We agree.

So, maybe you can tell me about your informants in our operations.

We thought that maybe you'd have that kind of information for us.

This is a very different proposition, my friend.

We pay for that kind of information.

[Driver] Is that what you're talking about, Javier?

Getting paid?

You like baseball?


We need lights for the parks so kids can play at night.

So it's safe.

So they can play baseball.

So they no become... [Spanish]

Everybody like baseball.

Everybody likes parks.


I believe it's important that the United State take an interest... in Tijuana now.

That's what I'm talking about, my friends.

[Helena] Account number...



A cash advance.

How much can I get?

That's it?

You ever try the patch, man?

The what? The patch.

That shit doesn't work, bro. It worked for my cousin.

No shit? Yeah.

He had to wear five or six at a time, but it worked.

So, how's he doing now? Oh, he's dead.

He's dead? It wasn't from the patch, man.

[Agent Over Headsets] Okay, she's coming out. On it.

What did he die from? His wife shot him.

[Agent] She's leaving her property.

[Gordon] Where the hell is she going?

Maybe her neighbors.

No, I don't think the neighbors are fucking with her too much right about now.

What does she have in her hand there?

[Agent] She seems to be headed for the van.

Oh, shit.

What... Wh-What do we do? I-I don't know. What do we do?

What do you think she wants, man? She's your girlfriend.

You think she'll invite you to her baby shower?

- Just say hello. Work it. All right, all right, all right.

[Agent] She's waiting outside the van.

- Hello? [Helena] Would you like some lemonade?

- I was just making some. You want some lemonade?


[Helena] I know this is a difficult situation, and you're only doing your jobs.

I don't wish you guys any ill will or anything like that.

But I have a favor to ask you.

You're asking us for a favor?

Some man threatened my child.

These charges have created so much attention, it seems to be bringing all the nut jobs out of the nut jar.

Would you keep an eye out for anything out of the ordinary?

Sure. Yeah, of course we will.

I'd really appreciate it. Sure.

Thanks. Thank you for the lemonade.

You're welcome.

I'm gonna get this analyzed right away, bro.

[Man's Voice] So, it was my birthday... and my ex-wife was getting remarried... and I was in some church basement telling a bunch of strangers... it was a good day because...

I didn't have to eat out of a Dumpster.

That was enough to send me out on a pretty big one.

I've been thinking a lot about the first step... that I came to believe I was powerless over alcohol... and that my life had become unmanageable.

My disease tells me that I don't have a disease, that it's my birthday and I can have one little beer, one little line, a little Valium.

Six months later, I wake up in a sober-living house in Philly.

I'm from Dallas, people.

It's a disease, an allergy of the body, an obsession of the mind.

So, my name is Marty, and today I'm a grateful, recovering alcoholic.

And it's a good day because I didn't have to eat out of a Dumpster.


Hi. [Clears Throat]

I'm Caroline. I'm not sure I'm an alcoholic.

I mean... I don't really like to drink.

For someone my age, it's a lot easier to get drugs than it is to get alcohol.

I guess I'm angry.

I mean, I think I'm really angry about a lot of stuff.

I'm just... not sure what.

Listen to me. I built our house... and I'm not gonna lose it.

[Carl's Voice] My business... that would take a lot of private study.

I suggest... you look into the Coronel.

The painting? Into selling it.

If you can stomach it, you should look into it.

Oh, my God.

[Salazar's Voice] Dear Judge, I recruited the best men in Mexico for my task force.

I make the selection, putting them under a rigorous screening process.

And not only physically, but also psychologically.

Judge, I'm sorry for boxes and the paintings and things, but I have been too busy to completely settle in here.

I know you've made very good progress with the Tijuana cartel.

- Congratulations, General. Muchas gracias.

I am confident that before the end of the year, Juan Obregon is gonna be taken into custody.

But you must understand that it's going to be a very difficult task... because of the corruption in the police force.

Hopefully, the exchange of training methods and information... between our two countries will help.

I hope so.

On another note, General, we were talking about supply.

Mm-hmm. What about demand?

What are your policies towards treatment of addiction?

"Treatment of addiction."

Addicts treat themselves.

They overdose, and then there's one less to worry about.

[Counselor's Voice] What I want you to do right now is write down five triggers... that could lead to your relapse, that could jeopardize your recovery.

Five triggers. Your parents, something they could say.

Anything that's a trigger for you. It varies from person to person.

Some of us have already discussed...

Linda, we talked about it the other day.

I know you have trouble with your sister, how she's always kind of outshining you.

[Ray] Hey, sugar foot, how do you like your new home?


You got to be kidding me. This is not what my lawyers negotiated. [Scoffs]

Please. Fuck your lawyers.

You're not getting any goddamn cappuccino or...

- [Ray] Biscotti. Yeah, you ain't getting none of that shit either.

- Pick a bed. Stay off the phone, Eddie.

No long-distance calls, all right?

Use 1-800-CRI MI NAL if you do. [Laughing]

[Laughing Continues]

[Man] Mr. Ayala first came to see me in January.

That would have been 1987.

He wanted to rent warehouse space along the harbor.

I didn't ask too many questions. I am a businessman also.

I was the company's secretary from 1991 to 1994.

I supposedly worked for all six companies, but they weren't...

I mean, it was just an empty office with a desk and a telephone.

I never sold anything the whole time I was there.

Sometimes people came in, and they got paid.

I- I don't really know what they did.

- [Prosecutor] Didn't Mr. Ayala say where the money came from? No.

- Did you ask where the money came from? No.

Where do you think it came from?

- [Lawyer] Objection. Speculation. [Judge] Sustained.

[Prosecutor] I'll rephrase, Your Honor.

Did you feel like you were engaged in a legitimate enterprise?

No, not really.

Thank you.

You were followed by the police, but they won't be able to hear us over the children.

[Camera Shutter Clicks]

I want to use a bomb.

Are you kidding?

Can't you just shoot him or something?

I don't really like guns.

You shoot somebody in the head two, three times... and some pinche doctor is trying to keep him alive.

When are you gonna do it?

I don't know.

Eduardo Ruiz is the only real witness against Carl.

Security will be very tight.

I may not be able to get to him. You'll be able to get to him.

If they can get to the pope and the president, you can certainly get to him.


Careful. You're starting to sound like your husband, Mrs. Ayala.

[Sighs] Nobody saw her leave?


No, I understand.


[Hangs Up Receiver]

I gotta go.

I've got to go home.

Did you want me to resch... [Clears Throat]


[Siren Blaring, Horn Honking]

What you want? Pot? Rock? Hey, what you want?



- [Knocking] Fuck!


What the fuck do you want?



[Sighing, Moaning]


It has come to our attention that Your Honor, while in private practice, previously represented the town of Seal Beach... in their stop-work suit against the police department of Seal Beach.

We believe this disqualifies you from hearing this case, and we, therefore, move for a temporary suspension until it's investigated.

Mr. Adler, this is a most unusual motion.

Nonetheless, Your Honor, we feel our client deserves every fairness afforded under the law.

I hope this is not in any way designed to delay the testimony of Eduardo Ruiz.

We will recess until 9:00 a.m. on Monday morning, and I will see counsel in my chambers.

[Flores] They are coming this way.

[Speaking English] They are passing me now.

Boy, there's a lot of them.

Listen, would you mind if we walked back to the hotel today?

Walk back? Yeah.

[Flores] They're not getting into the car.

What are they doing?

They're arguing or something.

[Ruiz] It's two blocks. I could use the fresh air.

I've been stuck in that piece of shit hotel room for two weeks.

I don't give a fuck. Let's just stop standing around.

I want to walk 'cause I want to walk, not 'cause he wants to walk. Let's walk.

I like that. Okay, we'll walk.

[Flores] They're going past me.

I-I-I do not know. I think they're going back to the courthouse.

This could be the last chance to do this! Get out of the car and shoot him in the head!

[Ray] You're a fucking big man?

I'm a real fucking man. I don't fucking deal drugs to little fucking kids, you...

- [Ruiz] You think you're a badass? [Ray] I am a badass!

[Agents Shouting] Move, move! Get down!

[Gunfire, Shouting]

- [Agents] Go, go, go! We need an ambulance. Go, go, go.

Ray. Ray! Ray! Wait a minute, Ray!

[Siren Approaching]

Manolito, Manolito, Manolito.



[Horn Honking]

[Door Opens]

Sorry about the other night.

Me too.


[Brakes Screeching]

Thank you for coming down here, though I suspect it has been a pointless journey.

- Why would you say that? Bueno, pues, I hear these stories.

Your husband in jail, his business in chaos, various people fighting over the scraps.

My husband was a victim of an informer in your organization, not in ours.

That is not true, Mrs. Ayala.

Your route has been compromised.

Perhaps it is time for me to deal with other distributors in California.

I don't think you're gonna do that. You don't?

No. [Laughs]

My husband was working on something he called the Project for the Children.

Are you aware of this? I don't know. Perhaps I remember something.

If you want to smuggle narcotics in Senor Espastico Jacobo, that is nothing new, Senora.

No, not in. The doll is cocaine.

High impact, pressure-molded cocaine.

It's odorless, undetectable by the dogs.

[Sniffs] Undetectable by anyone.

I don't believe you, senora.


I'm six months pregnant.

I won't do it.

Then we don't have a deal. Yeah, right.

We don't have a deal.

Sorry to waste your time, Mr. Obregon.


Okay, okay.


That's good coke. It should be. It's yours.

I want our debt forgiven, I want to be the exclusive distributor of Obregon brothers' cocaine in the United States, and I want the principal witness against my husband, Eduardo Ruiz, killed.

Have you told the complete truth during this interview?


Alex? Solid.

That's good shit, Javier. You know, Javier, they dump those cell phones every 24 hours.

Yes, but I have a contact at MexTel... who can get me his new E.S.N. in 12 hours.

That's good to know.


So, now that you have what you want, let's talk about how I get what I want.

Oh, you don't have to worry about that.

You're not gonna have any problems there.

Yeah, but first let's talk about what precautions you're taking to protect yourself.

You worry about getting me what I want.

I'll worry about myself.

Oye, Javier, you should feel good about this.

I feel like a traitor.

Helena Ayala just left Club Platinum, the Obregon brothers' place in Tijuana.

Yeah? She got stopped at the border.

She was clean, and she's back in San Diego now.


[Phone Rings]

Hello? Robert, it's Jeff Sheridan.

D-Did I wake you? I'm sorry. No, it's okay.

General Salazar has been arrested.

It turns out he has been working for Porfirio Madrigal... and the Juarez cartel the entire time.

That is why he was trying to push the Obregons out of Tijuana... so he and Madrigal could move in. What?

I thought Madrigal was dead. I thought that had been verified.

[Sheridan] Apparently not. It is a shitstorm here, but the D.E.A. supplied the information and was part of the sting.

So, maybe we can spin this a little, but I don't know what to tell people.

- So, when are you coming back? I'll try to get there as soon as I can.

- [Sheridan] Yeah, okay, but... Robert.

Robert? Robert?

I gotta call you back.

- [Sheridan] What... [Disconnects Line]

- [Barbara] My Leica's missing. She got the video camera too.

At least we know she's still alive. Where are you going?

Pawn shops open in an hour. Ten minutes after that, she'll be at her dealer.

If I can find him, I should be able to find her.

[Door Opens, Closes]

[Teacher] Although ser and estar both mean "to be," they have very specific uses.

May I help you, sir?

[Teacher] Excuse me!

Seth has to be excused. He's going on a field trip.

I can't believe you brought my daughter to this place.

Whoa, whoa. Why don't you just back the fuck up, man?

"To this place"?

What is that shit?

Okay, right now, all over this great nation of ours, 100,000 white people from the suburbs are cruising around downtown... asking every black person, "You got any drugs? You know where I can score some drugs?"

Think about the effect that has on the psyche of a black person, on their possibilities.

I... God, I guarantee you, you bring 100,000 black people into your neighborhood, and they're asking every white person, " You got any drugs? Know where I can score some?"

Within a day, everyone would be selling... your friends, their kids.

Here's why: It's an unbeatable market force, man. It's a 300% markup value.

You can go out on the street and make $500 in two hours, come back and do whatever you want with the rest of your day.

You're telling me that white people would still be going to law school?


What do you want? I'm looking for my daughter.


She's been here.

This is a business, man. Why don't you get the fuck out of here?

I need to find my daughter, all right? I'll pay you.

All right. Okay. Hold on.

Who in the fuck do you think you are? Where the fuck do you think you are?

Why the fuck shouldn't I just put your ass in a Dumpster? I got money.

I got money! I got $1,000 in my wallet.

It's for you. If I want your money, man, I will take your money.


Just tell me where my daughter is.

Please? Please?

Don't do that shit again.

Look, Jesus, man, I'm telling you, don't do this vigilante thing.

Either the cops are gonna find her, or she's gonna call you.


I promise.



[Seth] I know she's in there. Just let me talk to her.

Look, I know she's in there, man!

No, I fucking know she's in there!

Jesus Christ!

I- I haven't touched her.

You get the fuck out of here right now.


Hi, Daddy.

Hi, sweetheart.


[Crying Continues]

[Woman On TV Chattering, Indistinct]

[Agent] Hey, good morning, Eddie.

- Good morning. Big day.

You're a star. [Snickering]

Why don't you go take a shower, man? You smell.


- Who is it? [Man] It's the Mafia.

- I've got his breakfast. [Agent] Coming.

- So who's this going to? [Ruiz] Over here.

Ooh. Fuck off.

- Relax, Eddie. - Yeah, where has the love gone? Good-bye.

You know, you're gonna be testifying for about ten days.

We could just decide to stop feeding your ass.

You expect me to be grateful for spending the rest of my life looking over my shoulder?

Wow, that's... that's heavy, Eddie.

Can't you for one second imagine that none of this had happened, that my drugs had gone through?

What would be the harm?

Huh? What would be the harm?

A few people get high who are getting high anyway.

Your partner's still alive.

We don't have to have breakfast together.

Don't you see this means nothing?

Your whole life is pointless.

You're really breaking my heart.

The worst part about you, Monty... "Monty"? [Laughing]

The worst part about you, Monty, is you realize the futility of what you're doing, and you do it anyway.

Wish you could see how transparent you are.

This food tastes like shit.

So, take your stank ass and go get a shower already.

Let me tell you something.

You only got to me because you were tipped off by the Juarez cartel... who's trying to break into Tijuana.

- You are helping them. Uh-huh. Mmm.

So, remember, you work for a drug dealer too, Monty.

- [Ruiz] Fuck me. [Knocking]

- Who is it? [Man] Breakfast.

Hurry up. It's getting cold.

Okay. One second.

Get the fuck down! Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey!

Get down! Get the fuck down! Hey, hey, I'm on your side!

- What the fuck? Oh, shit. Call an ambulance.

Call an ambulance! Fuck! [Agent] Palms up. Spread your damn hands out.

Shit! Eddie! [Groaning]

Hold on.

Oh, shit! Hurry up with that ambulance!

Shit. Hold on. Hold on.

Your Honor, ladies and gentlemen of the jury, because of the sudden death of Eduardo Ruiz, the people have determined that we cannot continue our case against Carl Ayala.

Oh! Oh!

Thank you so much. Thank you, thank you.

- [Knocking] Yeah?


I got a copy of your speech.

It's fantastic.

So, Robert, my genuine thanks.

You're my choice. You're gonna be great.

The president's sorry he hasn't been able to spend more time with you.

After the press conference, he wants to really sit down.

Oh, and I got to the Post too.

Don't worry about that thing with your daughter. It's not news.

They're willing to treat it as a family matter, personal matter.

Anyway, if it came out, we could turn it into a qualification.

"I've been in the trenches of the drug war.

I've seen the face of the enemy. Et cetera, et cetera. "

[Woman] A sterling reputation and close friend of the president, [Woman] A sterling reputation and close friend of the president, recently confirmed into the Office of National Drug Control Policy, our new drug czar, Robert Hudson Wakefield.

[Camera Shutters Clicking]

The war on drugs is a war that we have to win, and a war that we can win.

We have to win this war to save our country's most precious resource... our children.

Sixty-eight million children have been targeted... by those who perpetrate this war... and protecting these children must be priority number one.

There has been progress, and there has been failure.

But where we have fallen short, I see not a problem, I see an opportunity.

An opportunity... to correct the mistakes... of the past... while laying a foundation for the future.

This takes... not only new ideas... but perseverance.

This takes not only... resources, but courage.

This takes... not only... government, but families.

I've laid out a...

I've laid out a ten-point plan that...

I can't do this.

If there is a war on drugs, then many of our family members are the enemy.

And I don't know how you wage war on your own family.

[Reporters Clamoring]

National Airport, please.

Hey, Arnie, it's Saturday. You're working too hard, my friend.

Carl, I'm running late. I'm coming right over.

No, no, no, don't bother, Arnie. Let me ask you something.

When were you gonna tell me about the $3 million... we got in from San Francisco two days after I was arrested?

Um... I was waiting for the right time.

Oh. You didn't think you could trust my wife with that information?

I didn't want to risk it.

That could have been frozen along with everything else.

You had it all figured out, didn't you?

You were gonna move into my house, raise my kids, sleep in my bed... with my wife.

Sounds like a nice plan.

Oh, is it insane?

Just think about it, okay? If I was gonna rip you off, why wouldn't I just leave town after Ruiz was killed?

Why would I sit next to you in court and listen to a dismissal?

Let me ask you something. You think there's a difference between a reason and an excuse?

'Cause I don't.

Good-bye, Arnie. Carl...


Come on, sweetheart.

Come outside. Everyone's waiting for you.

Who was that? Arnie. He's, uh...

He can't make it to the barbecue. Oh.

Come on. Hi, Helena.

- [Carl] Hello. It's a great party.

Who is he, a friend of yours? Oh, I'm a nobody.

I'm the nobody who arrested you.

You're... [Laughs] How you doing?

What are you doing in my house? Oh, just looking around.

You got nice shit. Drug money buys a lot of nice shit, Carl.

Listen, you don't want to talk that way in my house.

You're fucking a murderer, Carl.

Fuck you and fuck your wife. Hey, you can't be in here.

[Helena] Get him out. You put me out, Carl.

I'm a cop. I don't care.

- [Helena] Get out. Hey! Hey, hey!

Is that what you wanted? A nice little bedtime story, Helena.

Tell him how you murdered my partner!

You got the wrong... His name was Ray Castro, Helena!

Ray Castro! You remember that!

What's his problem? The carpet, sweetheart.

No, no, no, I got it. I got it.

- Where did he come from? Outside, honey.

What do you want to do, man?


[Caroline's Voice] On the good days, I feel like I get it.

Like it all makes sense.

I can stay in the moment.

I don't have to control everything in the future... and I believe everything is gonna work out fine.

O-On the bad days, I just want to grab the phone and start dialing numbers.

I want to pull my hair... and run through the streets screaming.


But thanks to the people I've met in these rooms, like Margaret and Jim... and Sarah, um...

I'm pretty sure I'm gonna make it... through today.


Would you like to share?

Uh... [Clears Throat] my name is Robert.

My wife Barbara and I... are here to support our daughter, Caroline, and we're hear to listen.

[Crowd Cheering, Whistling]