Trance (2020) Script

Today, my life will be eventful...

...fruitful, wonderful, beautiful...

...and successful.

Come on!

Oh My God! You guys are here?

Do you know who I was fighting with?

I was fighting with my fear.

Viju's Success Juice, Kanyakumari.

Are you failing in life?

Don't you wish to win at-least once?

If so dial 9-1-5-0-1-4-4-3-3-3 to call Viju Prasad...

...and add success to your life!

Viju's Success Juice, Kanyakumari.

(Radio City Theme)

I'm in the elevator, I'll call you back.

Could you please press twelve?

Claustrophobia can be treated.

I am Viju Prasad from Viju's Success Juice.

And you are?


Kavita Madam, I don't give free advices usually...

...but I'll give you one for free.

When you enter closed spaces, isn’t there a small fear you have?

I can easily cure that...

...with simple three steps.

Step one...

Hold you hands like this...

(Kavita Screaming)

Oh goodness! No no no no no… Ma'am... Ma’am… Ma’am… The power will be back on Ma’am, they will switch on the generator now.

Nothing to be scared about, please relax... please help!

Inhale... Exhale...

PLEASE HELP! Inhale, Exhale.

No no... don’t do that… Ma’am you are like a mother to me. Mother??

Very simple, very simple exercise. Repeat after me...

Very simple exercise… Inhale... inhale.


How're you feeling Madam?

Somebody help!

Madam, one more time...relax.

One more time, inhale...


Yes! Thank god!

Yes! Yes yes yes yes yes!

Thank you Viju, thank you so much.

Not just claustrophobia madam, you can get rid of any fear...

If you devote a little time for my class.

Thank you so much Viju, I would love to...

I live in Mumbai and I'm here only for a day.

Oh! My service is available over phone as well.

Sure, I'll call you. Okay Ma'am.

Thank you. Thank you Madam.

Good Morning friends.

Good Morning.

I humbly welcome each one of you to Viju's Success Juice.

Congratulations to you all.


... the day you decided to join this class... have all already won!

You have made a life changing decision... become a winner.

But first, let's take an oath.

Stand up.

When you pronounce these words...

...your body will tremble with excitement.

There will be a chemical reaction in your brain.

It will make you positive & confident.

Stand like this, and keep your hands like this.

Clench your fist...

Head straight.

Repeat after me...

Confident! Confident!

Confident! Confident!

Champion! Champion!

I am a Champion!

I am a Champion!

I am a Champion!

Look at each other and say...

You should be audible from ten miles away...




This is your chicken tandoori with fries.

Hope you enjoy your meal. Thank you.

Hello, Viju's Success Juice. How can I help you?

Colonel Shankar Nair here, can I speak to Mr. Viju Prasad?

Please hold the line...

Hello, Viju Prasad here.

I run a vocational training institute...

...for a bunch of poor kids.

To motivate our kids, can you conduct a workshop?

Good decision sir.

What are your fee?

I do five classes, two hours per day.

In India I charge Rs.1,05,000 inclusive of taxes...

...and outside India Rs.2,50,000 inclusive of taxes.

Your rates are a bit too much.

It's very expensive.

You tell me your rate sir.



3,000 is very less, this kit cost's 5,000.

Sorry for wasting your time. Sir, don't go. Sit down.

Don't go, sit for a minute.

I respect army officers like you...

You have protected our nation. Hence I can't say no to you.

Consider this as my service.

Money is not an issue. Thank you Viju.

Thank you so much.

Sir! Sir! SIR!

Though it is a service, there are some expenses.

3000 Rupees is okay, but can you throw in something along with it?

3,000 plus...

Tea & snacks.


Wish you could do a bit for the fuel expenses as well.

Brother, couldn't pay electicity bill.


Brother... When did the power go?

It didn't go. A guy from the electricity office came and removed the fuse.

When? Around 5:30…6. I'd texted you.

You didn’t say anything about the fuse. I didn't? Sorry.

I felt that you'd forget, I gave you the money right? I'll pay it myself.

It's that there's a new restaurant nearby.

You get fifteen varieties of biriyani.

Which one? New Biriyani Paradise.

So I went there for lunch and...

Had biriyani?

No, chicken noodles & soup.

What about the balance amount? Balance...

...on the way back from Ganesh juice stall I had two sweet-lemon juice.

Two juices? I had two friends with me.

Here's the balance.

I bought your favourite Mysore-pak sweet. Shall I get it?


What happened brother? Why aren't you asleep?

Thought I'd get some air outside, but too many mosquitoes. Can't sleep.

Sorry brother. For what?

Before I spent the money I should've thought about you.

I'm so bored of eating what I cook.

Next time you go, call me too. Let's go to bed.

(Vessels clatter)

Good morning.

Good morning.

When did you wake up? I didn't sleep.

Kept thinking about what I should make you for breakfast.

This will be ready in a bit, go take a bath and come.

Your clothes & shoes are on the table, ironed.


Shoes are polished and kept there.

Hey don’t go… Taste this.

Does anything come to mind?

Doesn't it taste like the tomato curry mom used to make...

...and stuff into bread for school lunch?

Didn't you like it? No, it's okay.

Just okay?

I meant that it's good.

You didn't like it.

I've noticed...

...that whenever I speak about mom, you don't utter a word.

Why are you so angry with her?

How can I be angry with those who are dead, Kunja?

You never speak openly, you're very secretive.

Don't cook it any further.

The knife's handle is loose.

I cut myself the other day. I should get these changed.

Let go… your hand may get cut.

Let go.

I said I don't want to leave.

I don't want to go, let me go!

Come with me...


You mentioned the tomato curry sandwich and I am hungry now.

I'll take a shower and come, five minutes. You sit here.

The knives… why are you taking them?

To shave.

Viju... Inhale confidence.


You will be confident...

You will feel confident...

...and you are confident.


Eat Kunja, don’t you have to take your medicines?

What's your problem? Tell me... We can talk about it.

Look at...

No, look at us...

How many problems have I had to face to get us till here.

Only if you have some goals can you progress in life.

We have to fight some bad days to get the best days of life.

Other than this rented house and congested room...

...we have a lot left to experience in life.

Don't you have a dream? I do.

Thousands of people packed into an auditorium, waiting to hear my speech.

In five to six years, Viju's Success Juice...

... will become a million dollar company.

Isn't that why I'm working hard now?

First you should stop lazing around here and step out.

See, start the day by thinking that it's going to be a good one.

For God’s sake can't you leave me alone?

Why are you irritating me?

Why do you want to start a fight with me?

Okay, I won't say a word.

It's not good to be lose sleep, have your medicine.

Take the Medicine... TAKE IT AWAY!



Why the hell do...

If I ask him to come to the hospital, he won’t come doctor.

Viju, I don't think it's a good idea to delay it any further.

During depression, he will have mood swings.

If possible,bring him here soon.

Go see what the situation is at home and call me immediately.

If necessary, I will send the hospital staff.

I'll try myself once doctor.

It's better if he agrees to come, right?

I don't want it to be like the last time.

It's not easy to witness it.


Brother, It's when I was sleepless last night...

... that I had this brilliant idea.

My plan is to go on a long journey...

...only God knows where to.

If there is a god.

I know you have suffered because of me.

For madman like me, you are wasting the good days of your life…

...It's not fair.

I still remember that day while returning home from school.




Is this for me?


For me! (Giggles)

So many nights that you've spent sleepless, keeping me company.

I've always loved you.

Come, come. Brother, do you know?

Successful people walk five times faster than average people.

Come, come, walk faster.

The power of "I AM"

These two words are...

...what determines where you...

...and your life-path goes.

I am happy.

I am strong.

I am...

Get lost!

I don't want to go, don't let me go.

I said I don't want to go.

Lost all my health eating this!

Medicines that will kill me!

You never speak openly, you're very secretive.

Why do you want to start a fight with me?

I don't want to go!

This is not the end Viju.

This is not the end.

I am unable sleep at all doctor. Always hearing voices in my head.

I tried everything doctor, No doctor not able to, no sleep.

Please do something doctor.

This is not the end.

Truth Love Everything Divine Purity Path Liberation Heaven



Divine Purity Path Liberation Heaven He shall not gasp in fright He wins over fright Unto me is he born Unto me is he born Emptiness... leave!

Blindness... leave!

Darkness... leave!

Emptiness... leave!

Blindness... leave!

Darkness... leave!

Uncle, please give it to me. Yes child.

Give me this one & that one.


Did you recognise me? We had met in Kanyakumari, Viju...

Oh... yes Viju. Breathe in, breathe out.

Are you here now? I work for a courier service.

But you had a kick-ass job Viju, did you leave that?

Ma’am, can you please help me out? It's been two-three months since I am here.

Through your contacts if I could get a job....

Actually I'm a casting agent you know? For films & advertisements.

Great! I guide actors to create a better impression of themselves... that they can achieve their goals.

Madam, I'm a certified motivational trainer.

Do you know who I was fighting with?

I was fighting with my fear.

Oh my god! You again?

Listen to the music that will galvanize...

...energize, vitalize & dynamize you.

Viju's Success Juice, Kanyakumari.

Yeah, he seems like the one.

Good morning Viju Morning madam.

Have you heard of the Tripac group?

Tripac? No madam.

They're a huge corporate entity with their head office in Cochin.

They are looking for a corporate trainer to motivate their employees.

They're very happy after seeing your videos.

Thank you Madam.

I have fixed a meeting for you at 10 o'clock.

Traffic is quite heavy, can you reach Colaba by ten?

I'll reach there exactly at ten madam.

Viju? (Viju moans)

-What happened? Nothing.

Just had a fall, with the excitement.

I'm Solomon Davis, and this is my partner Isaac Thomas.

I'm Viju.

Coffee… Serve him some coffee.

Please... No, thank you.

When someone...

...offers something with love, you should learn to accept it thankfully.

Otherwise it just seems a little rude. You know what I'm saying?

Biju, right? It's Viju sir, Viju Prasad.

Sorry Sir. No, don't apologise.

Please drink your coffee.

This is a very informal meeting.

Just for the three of us to get to know each other.

Yes yes In every relationship... stability is the most important. Of course sir.

Only with stable and committed relationships…

...can employee productivity be increased.

I can assure you one thing...

After this programme...

...all Tripac employees will be 100% productive at their job...

...and a 100% successful.

Viju…are you 100% successful?

In this country what would a professionally qualified youngster...

…get as a monthly salary? Do you have any idea Viju?

Around forty to fifty thousand Viju, how much do you expect?

Eh...well... One lakh?

That's okay Sir. How about ten lakhs?


How about twenty-five?

One crore?

How much ever it is, money, will never be... to satisfy, Viju. More is never enough.

At that desk, do you see the person speaking to the guests?

His name is Selvakumar. He's the manager here.

Nice guy, well educated.

For thirty-seven years he has been at this restaurant doing his job dutifully.

But he didn't reach anywhere.

There was another person...

....who was a waiter in this restaurant thirty-seven years back.

He's studied only till eighth grade. Doesn't know a word in English.

Don't look. He's not here, he's in Paris.

Abraham Davis.

My father.

Then waiter, now owner of this hotel.

Oh What's the secret Viju?

He was driven by want.

You...get that? Yes yes.

You need to learn to be driven by want Viju.

We didn't select you for a motivational training programme.

But, for something greater.

We are all emotional beings Viju. We're always looking for a connection.

And that's why we have decided to start a new venture.

To feed people's emotions with a powerful drug.


Not the kind of drugs you are thinking of.

A far more powerful drug.


Religion is the powerful drug that I'm talking about.

Do you believe in god? No But the majority of the world population believe in God.

That faith, wherever it comes from, is always welcomed with open arms.

That hope is our business, and you...

...will be the face of our business.

I don't really get it Sir. Basically it is the same thing a...

...motivational speaker does.

But we are injecting a small element into it...


Is it to make me a spiritual leader or something?

Not a spiritual leader. But a...

...miracle worker.

To play the messenger of god...

...a pastor.

Pastor? Yeah.

You only need to touch and...

...the blind will see, the cripple will walk, and the deaf will hear.

Obviously it will all be staged.

Won't that be a problem Who would make a problem?

There are many in the Government to protect our interest, you have nothing to worry about. You're in safe hands.

I need some time to think Sir.


Your journey from Kanyakumari to Mumbai, we know it all.

A family with a suicidal history...

Your Mother, Kunjan... one is alive.

I really thought you had it in you.

You have two choices. First...

…you can forget that this meeting ever happened and go back.

Second choice has only one condition...

...there's no going back.

Let's call the next candidate.

I don't want to go back Sir.


Two weeks from now, a rigorous crash course on bible & theology will begin.

After the course, only if we are convinced... will be in.

Meet Avarachan. Your guide & mentor.

Bible, theology, Pastor’s body language, mannerisms...

... Avarachan will teach you everything.

So, pack your bags and get ready.

You're flying to Kochi.

The Bible, which has been written within a span of 1500 years...

...has sixty-six books.

Writings by forty people are now sixty-six books.

Among them are warriors, fishermen, shepherds, farmers...

...philosophers, physicians and kings.

But, what we must focus on...

...are the miraculous stories of Jesus.

Specifically the ones which talks about curing illness and prosperity.

Coming to the New Testament. Mathews, Marcos, Lucose...

Are you bored? That's okay sir.

It will be boring, but you absolutely have to learn it.

Yes sir.

Before continuing with our class, stand up, close your eyes and pray to god.

I'm not a believer Sir.

Whether you believe or not, you will pray.

It's that Sir... Silence!

-Sorry... -When I say silence...

...don't you dare utter a word.

You should find out who I was before starting this job!

I'm not your guide, mentor or anything they said I was.

I'm Jesus, your god...

...and you, my slave.

They will select you only if I say yes.

Jeremiah Chapter 29, Verse 11.

The Lord exclaims... Exclaims? Nonsense.

The Lord proclaims....!

Correct, correct. Sorry.

"The Lord proclaims...

...he has plans for you that"...


Stop it!

"For I know the plans I have for you,” says the LORD...

“They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope."

Were you really a motivational trainer? Yes.

I have membership at the Indian Society of Training and Development.

You have great potential to idiot.

Sir, Sir...

Can you do me a favour?

In the mighty name of Jesus...

I come against every spirit of sickness and...

...command it to depart in the name of JESUS!

There is power, wonder working power... the blood of Jesus Christ.




This is a miracle...


Blessed be the name of the LORD.


When you wear expensive clothes... perfumes and kneel in prayer.

There is a stench within you.

It's the stench of sin. Yes, the stench of sin.

Jesus will remove the stain of sin from your heart.

Jesus will remove the stain of sin from your heart.

When Jesus comes near you, he will free you from your sins.

He will set you free from sin.

Rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation.

Be consistent in your prayers.

Raise your hands and pray to Jesus.

Praise Jesus...

Glory! Glory! Glory!

Sometimes he acts a bit crazy, and can be a bit impulsive… But everything else is okay...



I'll give it to him.

It's Solomon Sir.

Hello sir.

From today, you are no longer Viju Prasad.

You are officially ordained as Pastor Joshua Carlton.

Better start getting used to it, okay?

Congratulations, Pastor Joshua Carlton.

Thank you sir.

How's the new name?

At first these lowly local names came up… Viju, Biju, Shiju, Shyju etc.

Joshua was my suggestion...

Joshua Carlton.

J C Jesus Christ.

Oh illusory being… the Holy light’s flame… thee shall praise Him

The Lord, His hands That heal, thee shall beg Him

He who is your protector Camera One, zoom in.

He who is your world Joy...

How many lambs have come? 2000 have registered.

Around 1500 have already entered the auditorium.

1500? That's not enough.

Oh illusory being… the Holy light’s flame… thee shall praise Him

The Lord, His hands That heal, thee shall beg Him

Pastor Joshua...

You are on in a minute.

An auditorium packed with thousands, waiting to hear my speech.

Isn't that why I'm working so hard now?


Praise the Lord, God Almighty!

And praise his mighty name!

Dear brothers & sisters...

...this is glorious.

Today... the day the Lord has prepared for us.

A day he arranged for us to be happy and rejoice.

Let us all be happy & rejoice.


Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah!

Good morning, Sir After spending lakhs on this programme...

… is it only 1500 people there?

If the target we intend is not met… Avaracha...

Understood Sir. How's his performance?

Not bad Sir. After six months of training… it is “not bad”?

You… call me after the programme. Yes Sir.

Jesus. I know, I can feel it in my spirit.

I want to tell you all a story...

...that of a donkey...

A donkey?

Yes, a farmer's donkey.

Once the farmer’s donkey slipped and fell into a well.

Seeing the donkey struggling in the deep well, the farmer was in despair Not knowing what to do, he asked his neighbours for help.

Many of them gave many suggestions.

All the while, the poor donkey was crying in great pain from the well.

Finally everyone decided to seal the well with mud ...

...and stones and free the donkey from its pain forever.

The poor donkey hopelessly looked at his owner...

Tom, slowly cue music...

Let the donkeys hear.

When the mud, stones and dirt fell on him...

...the donkey shook it off his body and stepped aside.

The men continued to throw, but the donkey kept ignoring it all...

...and continued to shake it all off his body and step up over the mud & stones. shake it off, step over it... shake it off, step over it.

Using the the mud, stones and dirt that had been thrown on him...

...the donkey, step by step, arose and stepping over everything he got out of the well!


Pump the music! Pump it!

All the problems & hurdles in our life...

...should be faced with hope.

We have to find ways to make our difficulties into stepping stones!

Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah!

He is rocking it here Sir! Extraordinary!

Our Jesus is a miracle working god.

How many of you believe that a miracle will happen tonight?

If you believe in Jesus, you will have to believe in miracles as well.

Hallelujah! Hallelujah!

(Chanting continues)

Those who need a cure for illness, raise you hands.

Many, many types of diseases, but some of them are not really illnesses…

...they are possession. Possession by demonic forces!

That too shall depart now!

Call out to Jesus!

Jesus! Jesus!

Do not utter that name with fear, When you say it with faith…




Place your hand on the area that the illness manifests.

Your body is the temple that the Lord resides in.

There is no place for a disease there.

So Diabetes - you don't have no right on my body!

(High) Blood pressure, you have no right over me!

No right!

Cholesterol counts - you have no right over me!

Now, miracles will happen here… I believe in miracles!


Pastor, the patients are ready.

The Holy Spirit has revealed to me...

…that on the right side of this gathering, sits a sister… She is seated as she is unable to stand.

The many months of her prayers, will bear fruit today.

Below her knee on the right leg, There is a growth since many months… there a sister like that here?

Her name is...


Yes, thank you Jesus. Latha!

Someone give her a microphone.

Sister, how did you get here?

My sister Suma suggested that I come here...

Is Suma here?

What is your problem sister?

It's cancer Pastor...

They said she needs surgery Who said?

Doctors… Doctors… aren’t they mere men?

Jesus is greater than Doctors!

Where science gives up, the hands of Jesus will save you!

Hallelujah Hallelujah Soft Tissue Sarcoma, isn’t that the disease?

Soft Tissue Sarcoma, Leave this sister’s body.

Get out in the name of Jesus!

Hallelujah! (Chants of Hallelujah!)

(Chanting continues)

Now show us how you can walk without crutches.

I can't pastor.

It's not me who is saying this, but living Jesus himself!

Walk to me sister.

Take the crutches away.

Now walk towards me.

Everyone, praise Jesus. Hallelujah!



This day...

Right now...

You are all going to...

Witness a great miracle.

Praise the Lord, Hallelujah!


Sister Latha, till yesterday you couldn't even stand up.

Even till you reached here.

Brother bring me the crutches.

You don't need this anymore because you have been healed. Hallelujah!

Thank you Thank you Lord Guardian of kindness You no longer have the growth on your knee... Check!

Thank you Thank you Lord Bless us with kindness Lord The growth...

The growth has disappeared Pastor. Praise the Lord.


Thank you!


Show them how you can run.

Go on, show them. Run...

Praise the Lord, run faster...

Try jumping now, yes!

Come on, raise your hands and shower praises to Jesus.

Pastor, for the past nineteen years, she has been struggling...

...with diminishing eyesight.

She can't read the bible, paper or even see television.


How much is this? One This? Three This? Hallelujah! Two And this? Five She can clearly see now. Hallelujah!

Heal! Heal in the name of Jesus, Heal in the name of Jesus! Heal!

The man with a slip-disc problem, watch him doing the disco.

Praise the Lord!

Miracles are happening.







Let God & the Holy Spirit reside in you!

The power of Holy god. Thank you god for the kindness.

Thank you Jesus, for your love.

Thank you Jesus for your miracle touch.


If anyone has any kind of illness, you can touch...

...the TV screen right now and pray.

I was an alcoholic & a complete drug addict But after meeting Pastor, Jesus is my addiction.

My husband had seven cases against him including two murder charges.

Pastor changed my mind. Now I go for work...

We didn't have children for twenty years after marriage...

As a result of Pastor Joshua's prayers, we have now been blessed with two children.

Once people have fallen for the curing of illnesses.

The next step is to introduce a simple investment plan, like a money back policy.

Give and you shall receive.

Have a blast!

Have a blast in your soul.

Who all here needs financial blessings?

Those who do, raise your hands.

But before you receive them, invest in God's work.

You will receive an envelope like this from our volunteers.

Special evangelic programs are conducted through Glorious Church And It is time to contribute to them.

When you contribute offerings for God’s works, you and your family will be blessed...

...for generations to come. Hallelujah!

Since we understand the inconvenience of carrying cash in these times...

...we happily inform you that our church has now introduced card swiping machines.

Our volunteers will now approach you with card swiping machines.

Please be seated and try to remember your security pin number.


Praise the Lord, God almighty, Hallelujah!



My body was vibrating.

I'm healed! I'm healed! I'm healed!

We are really excited to be partnering with Tripac...

...on this mega miracle show.

The largest event ever seen in this country.

But I believe, there is a name behind every successful partnership.

And that name is...




Good morning Pastor. Good morning Debbie.

Should I run you through the schedule for the day?


9:00 a.m , recording for the Glorious TV show.

1:00 p.m, lunch meeting with our overseas partners at Grand Hyatt.

6:00 p.m, minister M.G. Joseph's daughters engagement function...

...and at 7:30 p.m, your first interview for a private TV channel.

Don't confirm the interview yet...

We haven’t managed to contact Solomon Sir for the permission yet.

Who removed my counseling session for the believers from today’s chart?

I did. Since there are important meetings today including the one with the Minister...


I will not be attending the ministers function today.

But the Minister called again just now.

For me, more important than the Minister's function is the counselling for the believers Change the programme.

What is it mother? They threw me out of the house.

This mother is from Ettumanoor. Her kids threw her out.

She came early morning to see you.

What happened here? They hit me.

Arrange for her admission to Grace Home. Sure Pastor.

Jesus is with those who have no-one.

Thank you sister. Since you passed the exam...

...will you be interested to donate Rs.1500 for god's work?

Pastor, Mr.Jacob from Mirage light designing company has come...

His son has studied stage designing from abroad...

If our mega miracle fest tender could be given to them… They are useful people… Useful for whom? For everyone.

This is Mr. Jacob. They have launched many new equipments.

What mapping was it son? 3D Projection Mapping.

Oh 3D! These are my works Pastor.

Danny… Jesus will not ignore Danny’s potential.

The stage effects will be boosted, a different level altogether.

When you see the presentation, you will be surprised.

The effect that the believers wait for...

...that's me Avaracha.

Mathews brother?

The Pastor is here...

Praise the Lord Pastor Praise the Lord.


How is mother? Mother is much better Pastor.

She has started cooking now. Glory to God!

Come Pastor...

Pastor, I'm Mathews. Mathews, am I late?

Not at all, I'm the one who is late. It's an honour that you agreed to come.

Sir, you can sit here. Thank you.

Mathew stand by...

We're on in...

...four three two one cue.

Welcome again to "One to One"

The main man of Glorious church &...

Glorious international ministries…

...Pastor Joshua Carlton is our guest today on One to One.

Greetings Pastor.

I am sitting in front of possibly India's youngest and...

...most successful...

...miracle worker and evangelist.

Where did this journey begin?

Without going back about ten-fifteen years, I wouldn’t be able to...

…recount how my spiritual journey began Mathews.

I was around eighteen-years-old then.

At that age I lost my father.

Father’s death really orphaned our family.

I had only my mother and little sister with me then.

The debts that my father created became my mothers responsibility.

One day, when I went out looking for work... mother & sister...

Consumed rice with… It was a suicide.

Sorry Pastor.

Father's death, mother's death...

...such unfortunate events back to back.

How did that eighteen-year-old hold on through it Pastor?

He couldn't Mathews, I was...


I started asking who I should live for.

I didn't have anyone, I was lonely.

On one such night...

...I made a decision… end my life.

Ours was a small house close to the railway track.

It was about...

...two or three at night.

I went to the track and laid my head on it.

I cried myself to sleep.

After a while...

I felt someone’s touch waking me up.

I opened my eyes.

It was overwhelming Mathews...

...that light… Mathews…

...and then came the moment.

From within the light, came a voice.


“Joshua” Whose was it?

It was Jesus!

All praises to him.

He then went onto say...

"The life I gave you..."

In Malayalam?

There isn’t a language that God doesn’t know Mathews.

Then? Then he said...

“I have given you this life, you have no right to end it…

...your life is mine. You are not an ordinary person.

You are the chosen one."

You, the light; just the thought of it... me goosebumps.

You heard Jesus's voice. Did you see his form?

I did, Mathews.

I saw him.

I'm asking out of a common man's curiosity, Please don't mind.

When you say you saw Jesus...

...did you see the figure that we common folk are familiar with? From books and paintings… The handsome man with long hair and a beard.

Did you see the same figure?

I'm not common folk, Mathews.

Hence, I didn’t witnessed what a common man would have imagined that night...

It's like love.

God is love, Mathews.

Love does not have a physical form.


Within a short span of time... have grown exponentially, Pastor Joshua Carlton.

Let's see some images.

Within a short span of time, Pastor Joshua Carlton...

...has become a rage within the hearts of believers worldwide.

He is the philosopher & guide for millions of people today.

Not just in spirituality.

Combining medical, educational & social services...

...Glorious church has three-hundred establishments... over a hundred-and-ten countries.

Including the French Legion of Honour and... the U.N award for social work, Pastor Joshua Carlton has received...

...several national and international recognitions and continues his spirited journey.

Awards, recognitions, educational institutions...

...and centres around the world in the name of Glorious church.

You might be easily Kerala's richest spiritual leader.



But then and now, Jesus is my only earning.

Let's see a few more images.

Rolls-Royce, BMW, Porsche, Benz, and a private jet.

A luxury apartment in the heart of Kochi worth ten crores.

In Bangalore & Munnar you have estates, resorts and villas.

Investments in international corporate companies.

For a spiritual leader and a self proclaimed servant of god like you...

…is it a bit too opulent?

All these are... The answer to this question, after the break.

This is Mathews, live with Pastor Joshua Carlton.

Mathews, is this recording live? Yes.

Why didn't you inform us that this was live?

Sorry, is it a problem if it is live?

You should've run the questions past us.

Who is this? Is my identity the problem here?

No it's not, if Pastor doesn't have a problem, why do you?

You... Avaracha!

Mathews, this is my first interview for a secular channel.

I came only because you said you were a big fan and Paul here insisted...

Don't worry Pastor, I didn't ask anything controversial right?

What about the last question then? What is with this guy!

Those are just to clear the doubts in people’s minds, right?

Pastor, shall we go.

Where is the washroom?

I'm not getting through to Solomon Sir, Lord!

Why do you need to call him now? What else then?

I need to convey that I am not responsible for this.

How many times did I tell you not to do this show without asking them?!

Why did I ever agree to this?

Why do I need your permission?

Exactly, exactly. You please tell them the same directly.

I should punch my own face.

Welcome back to One to One.


Repeating the question. BMW, Porsche, Benz, a private jet...

Two private jets. Sorry Pastor...

Mathews, instead of counting the number of vehicles I own...

...why don't you quantify the charitable works that I do?

We are educating sixty-thousand kids.

We have built homes for three-thousand poor people.

We feed around two thousand people at our church everyday.

You and channels like yours turn a blind eye towards all these.

Have you helped anyone Mathews?

Have you bought food for someone else?

"What the right hand does, the left hand shouldn't know" (Old saying)

That is what my mother taught me.

Mathews, you have learned a few sayings.

Talking about spiritual sayings, there is an allegation against you...

...regarding your spiritual saying.

People like Pastor Joshua, for their selfish needs...

...are changing the meaning of spiritual sayings.

His donation seeking policy and its related saying is the best example.

Give him five-hundred rupees and God will give you a thousand apparently.

Is this gambling?

Earlier one used to go to the hospital when one got sick.

Now they run to the Pastor.

Miracles it seems!

Starting from piles and psoriasis to now tumour, cancer...

...and other deadly diseases.

How do you miraculously cure them, Pastor?

I do not cure the illness, God does.

So you shouldn't be asking me this question.

I can't invite God for an interview Do you believe in God?

At my show, shouldn't I be asking the questions here?

So you're not a believer, that is the difference between us.

No matter what I say you have come with the prejudice that I cannot be believed...

I don't think I can convince you. I don’t think I need to convince you.

No no, you can definitely convince me.


You should create a miracle here, I'll be convinced then.

Miracles are not created...

...they happen.

That's enough, only that a miracle should happen here.

Pastor is creating history here.

As an answer to non-believers and his critics...

Pastor Joshua's live miracle. For the first time on One to One show.

Mathews, I'm warning you...

What about? It's not me...

...but the Creator himself, that you've questioned.

Okay Dear Lord in heaven...

Let your greatness be showcased here.

You're a very sharp TV journalist, Mathews.

I am.

You're an energetic...

..and brave young man.

Thank you Pastor.

At first sight, you appear completely healthy Yes.

This healthy body is God's blessing.

Are you sweating, Mathews?

Feeling dizzy?

Feeling dizzy?

Do you have trouble standing up?



Jesus... Oh Jesus, please forgive him Lord.

Oh Jesus, please forgive this child.

Lucose chapter 4, verse 12 Do not test your god Jesus.


Onto further news… During an interview with Glorious Church's Pastor Joshua Carlton, Metro-News anchor Mathew Varghese collapsed.

This happened during live telecast of the interview show One-To-One.

It was while questioning the Pastor's miracle work, that the anchor fell unconscious.


Oh Mathew, how could this happen upon you?

Move, move.

Oh Mathew, how could this happen upon you?

As they say Experience is the best teacher, as provern by the unwilling student Mathew.

Anyway Mathew came to his senses when he lost consciousness!

Oh Mathew, how could this happen upon you?

We operate in the shadows...

Our operations & investments are not meant to be discussed...

...on a television channel!

What the heck was he thinking?

Well you decide everything, is it?

In a secular channel, we would get more publicity...

Not we...


The miracle was fake...

The miracle that Joshua Carlton performed during the interview was fake.

Anchor Mathew fell unconscious due to…

...a drug in his system that restricts blood flow.

For more details, Shani joins us from Medical Trust Hospital.

Sharafu, Mathew Varghese's blood test report is out... says that he had traces of a chemical called Furosemide in his system.

During the break-time Mathew was served a juice that might…

…have been laced with the chemical, is what the police infer.

In relation to this, a worker at the channel's canteen called Paul... being searched for by the Police.

Paul who has been missing since yesterday, has not been tracked down by the Police.

The Police have strengthened the investigation Following this, Glorious church's activities should be investigated thoroughly… .

…is what the Action Council proposed.

There are only two kinds of people on earth.

There are masters & there are slaves.

You don’t have any confusion about which one you are, right?

Take off everything & get out as you came.

Slaves, obey your earthly masters with respect...

...and fear.

I don't fear anybody.

What a killer blow man.

You hit him at a sensitive spot in the temporal lobe.

Let twenty-four hours go by...

...only then can we evaluate.

Catherine, there's been a small change.

Our programme on the fifteenth will have to be postponed by two weeks.

The Pastor has gone to London.

No no...

Ok ok ok.

Twenty-fourth hour.

Forty-eighth hour.

Situation looks grim...

Nah, he's not responding to any medication.

I think...

...he's almost finished.

You have two choices...

One, go back now and forget that this meeting ever happened.

There's only one condition in the next choice...

...there's no going back.

I don't want to go back sir.


The news of his death should not go public, that's your responsibility.

There are a few media people lurking outside.

I'm worried if they will smell the news.

When Pastor was in meditation, God took him as he is to heaven.

That is how the news should come out.

Pastor Joshua from here on will be knows as...

Saint Joshua.

To take the body, our boys will arrive in an ambulance tomorrow morning.

The third day.

Reach the dead end of the corridor and take a right.

Anybody here?

chengis, just wait there.

There's a problem. Come only when I tell you to.

Yes Debbie. Sir, please come down to the I.C.U What happened?

Pastor's awake. WHAT?

Please come fast. Oh ok.

There seems to be a problem What problem?

He's...He's sounding abnormal.



I think it's problematic Sir.


Where are they?

Who? The ones from the devil.

The ones who sin...

...the progeny of poisonous vipers.

Do you mean Solomon sir & Isaac sir?

Yes, them.

Take me to them.



I am back!

Enjoying the party, eh?

For all our upcoming parties...

...I was planning something special!

I meant Glorious shows & my programmes.

That's very proactive.

I'm always one step ahead Solu.

That's why I put you all in the guest list, let's rock the party!

But there are three rules.

One, obey only what I say.

Two, obey only what I say!

Three... Obey what you say Pastor.

Let's get things started.

Avarach! Yes?

Read out the chart with our list of mega shows.

The first...

The first one is on December 25th Mega miracle Fest YES!



To grant five hundred thousand believers. health & prosperity...

Answering my call...

The Holy God, for the first time appears & blesses believers...

...with good health and prosperity.

Fifty Crores.

Fifty Crores comes into our pockets with...


From now onwards there's a small change in the percentage share between us.

Twenty percent for you and eighty percent for me.

Come again?

Eighty percent. Nothing less, nothing more, nothing else.

Because I don't live in your reality.

I'm from the heavens & it's going to cost you.

Just one punch is enough to shake your reality.

Yes! Yes! Yes!

You! What is it?

(Pastor screaming)

Dude, he's gone completely cuckoo.

With the blow to the head & the side effects of the drugs we have been... him over the years, his brain is a mess.

The half-mad is completely mad now.

Madness? Him?

He's the type to drive us mad Jayce.

Exactly, how else can madness be cured in a day?

He chased me all of last night , but this morning, he is completely normal.

That's what he is...

God today, the devil tomorrow.

Day after, he might say that he is the Indian President.

Oh! You mean split personality.

What if all this is him acting?

If he indeed is acting...

...he deserves an award.

Hey Kavita! Looking for a girl who fits a certain profile...

I want you to consider this a high priority.

Sure sir.

Early twenties, naive, starry eyed... graceful...


And a smile that lights up the freaking room, yeah.

There is one sir.

Esther Lopez.

She is more intoxicating than the night She currently resides in Mumbai, in Bandra.

She's been on the scene for a maximum of eleven months.

What's the story?

It's the usual boyfriend scene. He cheated her, her family...

...kicked her out of the house. Then there was alcohol, drugs & depression.

I've heard that she even has a child.


Sir, this girl is just superb.


She's a high maintenance chick. Sounds good to me, bring her in.

In those long eyes is there a blue whirlpool?

On moist lips is there a wave of silence?

Are you that ocean...

...into which anyone can sink?

Suffused with heat...

...are the sky and all the suns melting and diffusing in your redness?

Hello! Hi sir.

Your job is actually very simple.

You just need to get really close to him.

Is he really mad? Or is it all an act? That's what we want to know.


Everything else, Avarachan will take care.

He'll be in touch with you.

Hello Esther?

Avaracha... Yes?

Anyway to get some alcohol?

Today is the 1st of the month. You won't get alcohol.

The Pastor has woken up, he didn't quite recognize me.

He asked me who I was, like in the film Anniyan.

Ask Esther to start off Okay sir.

Good Morning Pastor. Good Morning...

I'm Esther.

Debbie had a family emergency and had to leave for France.

Just for a month, till then I'll be assisting you.

Pastor, I assure you Debbie’s absence won't be felt.

I'll take care of everything.

May I read the schedule Pastor?

What day is it?

Dry day.

Sorry Pastor, today is October first.

At 10 a.m, meeting with the team of Glorious mining corporation.

4:30 to 6:00 p.m, Miracl...

4:30 to 6:00 p.m, Miracle service in church.

6:30 p.m to 7:30 p.m, prayer conference.

8:00 p.m to 9:00 p.m, dinner meeting with delegates from South Africa.


You haven't had the pills you were supposed to take in the morning.


Just like you predicted Pastor...

...the profits projection are looking great.

Mineral extractions, overheads & the royalty to be paid to the Government.

Beyond that we have still made a profit of 200 Crores.

Good, good!

Very good, good enough...

But not...

Big enough.

In the next quarter, our profit...

1000 Crores.

A plan to make it 1000 Crores is what we need.

1000 Crores?

You can ask me how. How Pastor?

Brother, pull up our site photos. Yes.

Hold that, at first glance they are just rocks.

But I see a paradise in between these rocks.

Ask me how, how how? How?

In between the rocks up to this level, we fill water.

We fill water to this level.

Then we set up around fifty boats over here.

The kind of boats you can pedal.

Daily, there would be a minimum of a thousand tourists.

Families, children, couples, and it goes on.

For fun, we can even put some fish in the water. Fish!


...with fishing.

Boating with fishing, WOW!

For tickets, we charge a minimum of 200 dollars for an hour.

How is that? How is the idea?

How is the idea?

How is the idea?

How is the plan?

How is my plan?

Out of this world.




Start the work tomorrow.


Can I?

Okay Amazing.


Please don't beat my child Child...?

Is this something a child will do? Get out of this place.

What was your job before?

One second, friend calling.

Hello, tell me.

How're you dude?


The Pastor cannot sleep without the pills, he has a show tomorrow.

He will say no...

...but you will have to convince him to take it and go to bed early..

Don't worry, it will be done.

Okay? Okay.

Pastor, from the green container in the morning you need to take one tablet.

At noon, from the yellow, two tablets.

And at night from the red, three tablets.

Think of the traffic signal, simple.

Here, take them.

Excuse me.

Just relax and take a chill pill.

Esther, do you know who I am?


The miracle worker.

I know, I know that you're a miracle worker and that... don't need any medicine.

But these are just vitamin tablets.

What vitamins are they?

Vitamin A,B,C,D,E,'s all there.


Vitamins. Will you have it, Esther?

Will you have it if I do?

I will.

Please have it.

Goodnight Pastor.

Sweet dreams.

Sweet dreams.

Hello? What happened? Were the pills taken?


Slept well?

Extremely well.

Super, see you at church.


The signs of a good night's sleep are showing on the Pastor.

Very good.

If you love god, do not stand silently.

You should clap your hands.

You should dance.

The Bible says it...

The Vedic scriptures say it...

With dance, Praise the Lord.

Praise the Lord as you dance.

Even if no human likes your dance...

Jesus, your creator loves it.

Isn't this the Garden of Jesus?

Aren't we the flowers in his garden?

Filled with frenzy, let's sing and praise Jesus.

Come, let's dance and sing.

Let's dance and sing on the stage with Jesus.

Let's jump, dance & sing praises to God.

Isn't this the Garden of Jesus?

Aren't we the flowers in his garden?

Filled with frenzy, let's sing and praise Jesus.

The one who best knows mercy, is Allah!

Please rid this sister & family off all her troubles...

...and give them peace of mind. Amen!

In some of your bodies...

In some of your bodies... a wave of electricity, Gods soul has started vibrating.

Like holding a live electric wire in your palms!




High voltage power, will pass through your body.

And miracles will happen.

Wheelchair, I see a brother on a wheelchair.

Both of his legs are paralyzed, a brother who is unable to stand.


He's on the left side of the hall, that's what God has shown me.

Not the left, right, right!

That brother has come along with a friend.

Is such a brother here?

Praise the Lord Pastor. Praise the Lord.

My name is Mathews.

You all might know me.

For questioning Pastor...

...and collapsing on the floor of the studio...

I've been shred apart with trolls on social media.


There's a day that God appears in front of everyone.

I had eyes which saw the world only with distrust.

Those eyes were opened by Pastor. Praise the Lord!

Four years ago, in an accident...

My friend Soji's lower body was paralyzed.

Praise the Lord.

He's been wishing to see the Pastor for a long time.

When I came here with him, we never expected that we will be called up on stage so soon.

Thank you Pastor.

From being able to stand here...

Do you believe you can walk back home Soji?

Yes Pastor.

Do you honestly believe that? Yes I do.


For sure.

This brother will walk back home, how many of you believe that it will happen?

I believe it.

If you have faith as big as a mustard seed, you can move mountains.

Praise the Lord! praise the Lord!

The legs of this brother, is in the clutches of the devil.

This morning, the presence of God is going to touch you brother.

Dear God!

I'm offering both of Soji's legs for your greatness.

For the rest of his life... jump & dance in your name...

...strengthen the legs of this brother, dear Jesus!

Brother, try to stand now.

I'm not able to Pastor. Not able to?

Try again.

I can't Pastor.

But you still believe that you can stand right?



With him, you have come here to trouble me, is it?

Honestly no, both of my legs are paralyzed.



Can I get a long stick or cane?

Would the Mic-stand suffice? Yes


Dear Lord! Through this stand, may your miracle reveal itself.

Hallelujah! Hallelujah!

Today morning...

Today morning, God is saying a powerful sentence.

To chase away a few evil souls, I have come down from heaven.


No, no you will not destroy him.

There's no use begging me now.



Within your body...

... all the demons that are possessing it...




I will free you from your demons.

I will destroy them.

Get out in the name...

My legs are fine, My legs are fine. Praise the Lord!

Praise the Lord!

Now show us how you can walk.

Now run.

I'll show you.

Praise the Lord!

Praise the Lord!

Praise the Lord!

Those who are at home watching this programme, If you have any kind of illness...

Right away, touch the screen and pray.

When we pray with one mind...

...miracles will happen.


I praise you with gratitude.

Father, I praise you with gratitude.

In the name of Jesus Christ Let all physical & mental...

Let all physical & mental… ailments be healed... ailments be healed...

Let all discomforts vanish Let all discomforts vanish Amen Amen


What is wrong with all of you Sheeba?

It's been a month since Hanna attended school.

By just praying and fasting her illness will not get cured.

Take the child to a hospital Sheeba.

The fever has come down?

Apparently the fever is dropping.

Then may we step in and see her?

Not now (by sign) Why?

Her dad?

The child’s father is inside.

She has high fever. Let's take her to a hopsital. (by sign)

In Jesus's name I command you...

Fever! Leave Hanna's body.

In Jesus's name I command you...

Fever! Leave Hanna's body.

In Jesus's name I command you...

Fever! Leave Hanna's body.

Hallelujah! Praise the Lord Glorious Holy Water, Glorious Holy Oil sales counters will now be open... 6:30 a.m instead of 10 a.m. and will stay open till...

Two holy waters & one oil.

Two holy waters, two oil.

In Jesus's name I command you...

Fever! Leave Hanna's body.

In Jesus's name I command you...

Fever! Leave Hanna's body.

In Jesus's name I command you...

Fever! Leave Hanna's body.

In Jesus's name I command you...

Fever! Leave Hanna's body.


It's past 3 a.m. Shouldn't you get some sleep?

God does not sleep, Esther.

After creating heaven & earth in six days, even God slept on the seventh.

When Debbie was around, you used to take your medication on time.

Do I...

...seem like I have some kind of problem, Esther?

What problem?

Goodnight Pastor...



Have your medicines.




Psychotropic drugs are more dangerous than we think they are.

They may cause personality change and mood changes.

Fyprexa, Sanax, Disperdal and other such medication on long-term usage...

...damages brain cells and leads to the patient hallucinating...

...and have anxiety & lose memory.

In short, these medicines slowly kill a person.


I was charting tomorrows schedule.

What happened to your hand?

This? It's a long story Pastor.

Started with depression & reached suicide.

But it all failed.


The knife's handle is loose.

I cut myself the other day. I should get these changed.

Let go… your hand may get cut.

Let go.


Yes Pastor?

God created you like an angel.

You're so precious in the eyes of God.

You shouldn't ruin yourself anymore.

Say no to drugs... alcohol.


Oh moon who came leaning on the sky Oh moon who came leaning on the sky Depression Everyone has depression these days... sadness.

What were you searching for in the dark Oh this happened to me! No one loves me!

No one is with me Hey idiots!

See the God sitting with you!

You stand before me like a broken statue.

Oh trust in your Lord God, Esther!

You will no longer destroy yourself, promise me that.

Say no to drugs, no alcohol.

Repeat after me Esther, No drugs! No alcohol!

What did you quietly lock away from my vision Drifting into the atonement fire you within your eyes.

From the soul, let it come from the inside. Real, real!

Not like that, it should look real.

Mother, with more energy from the inside.

Exactly, let it come from the inside.

This madness, is it imagined or real, will it transform into pain?

All these are plastic.

These secrets, will the reluctance to reveal fade by itself?

We stand on sharp edges Watching each other’s every move We stop being ourselves Pastor...

Who is Kunjan?

In some thoughts that flow today

It's very dusty upstairs.

I need to sleep.

I need to sleep.





I need to tell you something, please open the door.

Pastor, please.

J.C here...

Praises Pastor.

Praises, praises.

Pastor, this is Thomas...

I've been trying you over the phone for a few days, you weren't available.

Which Thomas? Thomas, Hanna's dad.

Yes Thomas, tell me.

Pastor, my daughters health has worsened.

Her body is boiling with fever.

Everyone is asking me to take her to the hospital.

What should I do Pastor?

There is no need for that.

God will work miracles Thomas, he will.

Pastor, please open the door.

I need to tell you something.

The punishment for your sins are being suffered by Hanna now.


Don't cry Thomas.

Don't cry.

You feel guilty for the sins you have committed.

Right, Thomas? Yes, Pastor.

This fever...

It is merely a test on your belief in God, Thomas...

Jesus, you know the pain & tears of a father...

Pastor, please open the door!

In this second...

At brother Thomas's house...

We believe a miracle has taken place.

Tell me you believe Thomas. I do. I believe.

Hallelujah! Hallelujah!

Sir, the Pastor has problems.

He's really sick.

I can see Thomas...

...that when you get back home...

...Hanna will be up, in good health jumping around.

Glory to God! Hallelujah! Praise the Lord.

Praise the Lord Pastor.

How sure are you Esther?

Very sure.

The medicines that he takes has a lot of side effects.

He really needs help.

Thank you, I think your job is done.

Let this Viju Prasad...

…continue his madness...

...till the end of this Miracle Fest.



Book of John, Chapter 5, Verse 25 Amen! Amen...

“Truly, I say to you, an hour shall come, and is now here, when the...

...dead will hear the voice of the Son of God, and those who hear will live.

On hearing the Voice, thy child too shall be resurrected.

In the hope that we shall see her in that glorious body, let us bury the child's mortal remains.


Thomas Kutty!

Pastor! Thomas Kutty!

Thomas Kutty!

Thomas Kutty, please stop.



Please touch her and pray Pastor. Let my daughter wake up...

Please touch her and pray. My daughter will wake up Pastor.

Please touch her and pray Pastor.

My daughter is not dead.

Pastor, please do something. Let her wake up.

Pastor, please.




The child is already dead.

Pastor, please leave.

Pastor, don't forsake me!

Pastor, please don't forsake me! My daughter!

We will talk...

Pastor, please don't leave me!

Pastor, please don't leave me!

Let us discuss. Please...

-Dear Lord! Don't leave me... -Now come outside.

Let's talk outside...

Pastor, can I see you just once. Please?

Praise the Lord Pastor.

Where did Esther go?

Esther, which villa was she in? This one.

No, this one has been shut for maintenance the past few days. Is it the next one?

This is the one.

No Pastor, I'm quite sure that no one lives here.

The number you are trying to reach... temporarily out of service. Please try again later.

Where is Esther?

Who Pastor?



Let's take a short break...

Which Esther is it Pastor?

Debbie's replacement, Esther.


Where did Debbie go?

It's been a month since Debbie left Avaracha...


Just like you wanted Pastor, your suit colour has been changed.

Try it out please.

We'll decide it tomorrow. Pastor needs little rest.

It's been quite a day, right Pastor?

That child’s corpse and her father. Really messed my head up too.

Pastor, you need to relax.

Take your pills & get some good sleep.

I'm not mad Avaracha...

I'm going to reveal it all.

Solomon, Isaac & you who made all of this happen. I will expose all of you.

Go ahead...

Reveal it all...

Solomon, Isaac...

Do you even have a photo of them with you?

Who they are...

What they are...

Their address...

Do you know any of it?

Their identities do not exist Pastor.

There isn’t even a company called Tripac group.

But it's not the same for you...

All the businesses that are owned by Glorious Trust... alone are heading it J.C.

Only you will be screwed.

Millions of believers across the world are going to come day after.

Finish the job, make them that money...

...and leave.

Any other thoughts at this time is useless...



I'm Viju Prasad...

...not Pastor Joshua Carlton.

I'm not a miracle worker.

I do not possess any special talent or knowledge whatsoever.

I'm a fake.

Mathews brother...

Pastor asked me to give this to you.

I'm Viju Prasad...

...not Pastor Joshua Carlton.

I'm not a miracle worker.

I do not possess any special talent or knowledge whatsoever.

I'm a fake.

(People praying & chanting)

He seems a bit weak Sir...

In this state, I have no idea about how his performance will be.

I'll send across a pill, alright? Okay.

Give it to him twenty minutes before the programme.

Yes Mathews brother? I have got a bomb.

In between the 8 p.m news, keep aside five minutes for me.

I've mailed you the material.

Okay, okay brother. I'll check it right away.


What is it brother?

Watch the video & keep it on standby.

Air it only once I confirm.

(Viju screaming)

You're going to get screwed Avaracha.





Blessed in the name of the Lord God, King of kings...


The king of kings, the leader of leaders...

...Jesus, is among us.

His presence is felt here, today!

God's power, like a lightning bolt is going to strike you now.

How many of you believe that you will witness a miracle today?

I do! I do!

Louder, say that you believe.

I believe! I believe!

Just like that, say it.


Welcome to the Mega Miracle Fest!



Watch the 8 p.m news tonight There's a breaking news.


It's not with knowledge...

...but with experience that you are going to know God.

Are you ready to feel his presence?!

I am ready! I am ready!

Say it out loud, I'm ready!

I'm ready!

I'm ready!

I'm ready!

Behold the power of God!


That Mathews had called me...

He told me that there's a flash news at eight.

Get out in the name of Jesus!

Heal! Heal! Power!

Oh yes, power!


Thank you Lord, Thank you! Power!

Yes! Yes!

Help me Lord! Get out!

Five Crores sir...

Five Crores?

Sir, for you Five Crores is not such a big amount.

Pastor has given accurate details about your quarter income predictions.

And I've been insulted quite a bitover this. You know right?

Let me survive on the side sir.

Where can we meet?

I'll let you know the place Okay.

What's up?

There's an exclusive item. Will you be here soon?

Of-course, I'll be right there. Hang up!

Are you ready to experience the presence of a living God?

Yes! yes!

Are you??

Yes! yes! I'm ready!

I'm ready!


Yes, Mathews... where have you reached?

I'm almost there, two minutes away.


Yes, you pimp of dead!


Mathews brother...

What should we do? It's time, shall we air it?

Air it.

Air it Got it, okay.

News in detail...

Glorious church & Glorious international ministries...

…have indulged in spiritual & financial fraud as revealed by Pastor Joshua Carlton...

…in a confession before the public.

A very powerful mafia is working behind it, and he was coerced into obeying them states Pastor Joshua Carlton.

The visuals of the confession was handed over to Metro news.

Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing...

... inwardly they are ferocious wolves.


Hello? Sir...

We're finished...

Turn on the news...

They recruited me in Mumbai.

Then there was six months of training.

A person by the name Avarachan, was in-charge of my training.

Then they changed my name.

And in a new name, Joshua Carlton...

...I was presented to you.

When this video comes out... creators would themselves kill me.

Solomon Davis...

Isaac Thomas.

Like me, hundreds of mentally disturbed people...

...have been trapped by them.

Piece of sh*t !

Touch us!

Change us!

Transform us!

Heal us!

(People chanting & praying)

Here is our leader!

Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing...

... inwardly they are ferocious wolves.



Pastor Joshua Carlton arrested.

Pastors confessions in the court end his miracles.

No more Pastor Joshua Carlton, I am Viju Prasad from now.

Glorious trust's assets will be frozen.

Viju Prasad proven to be mentally unstable. Trial comes to a dramatic end No punishment: Pastor is under treatment.

Two years later...

This is not the end.

Dear Pastor...

Do you remember me?

I'm not sure if these letters will reach you.

Even if it does, I'm not sure if you're in a state to read it.

Hoping it will reach you.

I lost track of the number of letters I've written to you.

If this reaches you, please reply back.

I'm lost.

It's hard for me to sleep at night.

I have started taking anti-depressants again.

I'm leaving this country Pastor...

I'm unable to stay in one place.

Sometimes, I feel like I'm constantly running away from my past.

Pastor, you have told me...

...that God does not always work miracles.

He does not free us from pain.

But He gives us strength to endure such painful times.

In the hope that I will get to meet you at least once.